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Eating @ Work.


veryone knows the feeling of endless hunger and those peckish paw that you evolve whilst you’re at work. All of the sudden those sprinkled doughnuts and cherry gumdrops at your desk side seem terribly unavoidable. Trim & Toned surveyed 50 people and a shocking 70% of you are guilty of bad eating habits whilst at work. It’s time to break the office fad and become a trimmer and toner you.

Office Workers' Eating Habits self hungry until dinner time. Give survey for BaxterStorey shows your body the energy it needs to only 63% of workers have breakget through the rest of the day. fast five times a week. This affects And no, we didn’t mean that your productivity levels at work cheeky chocolate bar! Nesrine and could also greatly affect your says “Once you’re on a high, soon health and well-being. The lack after eating, this follows a crash of energy you typically around have will cause “As women it can 3-4pm where our you to have be particularly hard blood sugar levels limited learning have dropped. We to control eating abilities, poor are surrounded habits as we are memory and a by convenience, lack of coordina- often very hormone so it’s very easy to tion. If you’re a grab something in a breakfast skipper, driven and led by packet.” combat this by emotions” making sure you eat something in the morning. Porridge, being low in GI (Glycemic Index) and known as the ‘new power breakfast’ of 2012 will provide you with enough energy to get you through half your day without snacking. Porridge is a great option, because it’s quick to make and easy to combine fresh fruits and nuts with. If you’re on the go, grab a cereal bar and banana to keep you going.

Nutrition BSc Honours graduate, Nesrine Dally says “As women it can be particularly hard to control eating habits as we are often very hormone driven and led by emotions, which have a big impact on what choices we make. First of all the best thing to do is write a food diary so you can see your daily intake of snacks, water, and coffee, which you can then begin to make changes on.” Try to write down everything from your cuppa in the morning to your bedtime snack. Once you acknowledge where you’re going wrong you can begin to take those bad hab- Once we get through lunch and its on and make sure they’re gone the late afternoon arrives so does for good. our appetite. Don’t starve your-


less organized bunch, Graze is here to rescue you from those bad eating habits and lead you on the way to a healthy eating lifestyle. Get guilt –free snacks delivered to you by post to your work of home. You can mix and match eveFresh Fruit: All fruit is a good rything, from olives to pistachios and only from £3.79 a enough candidate to snack on, but lower GI fruits would be ad- box! Visit to visable as the release of glucose is order your first box now. slower leaving us fuller for longer. No, means no: You’ll Low GI fruits include: apples, pears, berries and melons. Com- always be confronted by the office feeder, which for some bine them together to make a fruit bowl and save it for the late may be a heavenly god-sent, but for most of us afternoon they are our worst crash. enemy. When you’re offered their muffins Rice or croissants make cakes: sure you make it For those clear to them that who have after you’ve said no, nut allergies there is no turning or simply back. Most office are not so keen on the idea of feeders will try to guilt trip you nuts, we have another option for into taking one, even you. Rice cakes. They are an exafter you’ve made your cellent source of wholegrain and decision. Make sure you are low in sugar and calories too, put your foot down. making them the perfect snack. Make sure you purchase the ‘natural’ rice cakes or the original ones as many are made with added sweeteners. a good sort of healthy omega 3's and 6s, but also the vital nutrients you need. Nuts, such as, walnuts have a high omega 3 content making them a great option. Almonds contain calcium, and cashews, pecans and macadamia nuts have a good balance of healthy fats and protein to keep you satisfied throughout your working day.

What our readers say…


•Don’t skip breakfast. •Drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid confusing hunger with thirst. •M&S: Simply Fuller Longer range is a good option for lunch. •Ditch anything labelled ‘low fat’ and go for fresh produce. •Start a new tradition by bringing in healthy snacks for everyone and encourage your colleagues to ditch those bad eating habits and share the same goals.

Davernia Kilpin, 24, Market Researcher: “When at work I try to ensure I eat healthily so make my own lunches. I snack a lot during the day, because I don’t eat breakfast so get hungry quickly. I mostly eat crackers with hummus and sour cream and chive dip. I try to ensure I’m eating healthy at work by only buying healthy stuff when I go shopping. Within my office we have a desk where people bring sweets and chocolate. As there are readily available, I always tent to snack on these things, because they are in your face so you want it. I think if they weren’t available, I probably wouldn’t crave for them as much.”


Healthy Eating at Work  

Feature on healthy eating habits at work

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