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“Six months over like a helicopter six by Dhoni” It was fast, but did this six (months) contribute to the winning run? Yes, of course. When I recall our meetings from January to June 2013(“term”), my mind flashes celebrations, special meetings and unique classroom sessions. To highlight few, Valentine’s day Contest, Women’s day- Special meeting with DTM. Nina john, Grand 75th Meeting Speeches by DTM. Saro Velrajan, DTM. Adithya Maheswaran and DTM

Lalitha Giridhar followed by Roasting & Toasting Contest, and the recently held Pacha Kucha Contest- one of the first in the world of Toastmasters, Educational sessions at classroom by TM. Arun Sridhar about Story telling & Evaluation, TM. Pranshant’s Book review, Back to basic-Grammar by TM. Patt, “Understanding the Speaker”, Educational session by DTM. Rajeev Nambiar, Joint meetings with Infosys Toastmasters and the list go on. These enthusiastic and vibrant meetings reflected in our club roaster by adding 15 new members during this term. It is time to show my sincere gratitude to my entire Executive team for its contribution and team work, Special thanks to TM. Arna Chugani for guiding us in all important moments and last but not the least thanks to all our club members and Toastmasters across the city for their constant encouragement and support. Also it’s time to welcome and support our new Executive committee team. My best wishes to TM. Aashish and his team to upscale CSF further. One question I encounter from my fellow Toastmasters is “What I learnt from my last 21 Months Journey as a club officer? One thing that I learnt is “WE CAN CONTRIBUTE RIGHT NOW”. Let it be our country, family, or Toastmasters, if we want to show your gratitude we got to show it now, right now, else we may never find time in future. Thanks again, TM. Vivekanandan President

HISTORY OF PUBLIC SPEAKING By TM. Karthikeyan Elumalai Before anything‌ history first About 2,500 years ago in ancient Athens, young men were required to give effective speeches as part of their duties as citizens. There were no Lawyers then, and since people sued each other frequently, it was important that each citizen be able to represent himself and his family. Aristotle identified the basic elements of good speech and persuasion as ethos (credibility, believability), logos (logic), and pathos (emotional appeals). Rome succeeded Athens and in the first century, Marcus Tullius Cicero rose to power. He developed what we call the five canons (rules) of rhetoric: invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery. He urged his students to seek all possible means of argument (invention), put those arguments in the order best suited for the situation (arrangement), use the best and most expressive Page | 3



language (style), memorize the presentation (memory),and present the speech with the best gestures, expressions, and volume (delivery). Public speaking is presenting your thoughts and feelings in a meaningful way. Generally, there is a wrong perception that only people in sales or mass media need to be good at public speaking. However, the truth is that individuals from all walks of life have to speak in public at one time or the other. A kid reciting a poem in school or citizens expressing their opinions on any national issues or the president of a company addressing the staff are all different forms of public speaking. Public speaking also helps overcome fear, builds your personality, and improves relationships. Yes, once you develop good public speaking skills, a marked improvement can be seen in your interpersonal skills, which in turn, will help you maintain a healthy relationship with your friends and family and effective interaction with your boss, clients and subordinates. It will enhance your advancement in your chosen profession. Finally, speaking with full confidence, credibility and conviction distinguishes you a leader!

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DTM. Nina John

1. You are seen as an inspiration to the women in toastmasters. What is

2. How does it feel to have led D82 to the No. 1.Position in the world.

your advice to the young women in

What/who made this possible?


Women, as much as men, need good communication skills in their professional and personal lives. Joining Toastmasters is an investment in your own learning curve, and it will pay off in the long run.We need more women in leadership positions -so ladies, please step up! Page | 5

It feels wonderful to be President’s Distinguished District , more than the Number One, because it means more individual clubs worked harder at raising the bar for themselves. The earlier Number One position was dependent on a few clubs gaining more awards, among other things. This way,



3. What is the secret of your success as a leader?

Didn’t take things personally,

was not afraid of making decisions, and


If you could do your term as Dis-

trict Governor all over again, would you change anything?

May be this time I would push a

kept the TMI values- respect, integrity,

little harder!

lights, integrity being the most impor-

7. How did you manage taking care of

service and excellence as the guiding tant.

4. The first division Governor from Chennai, the first DTM from Tamil

Nadu, the first lady Governor of District 82. What inspired you to break barriers?

Didn’t know they were barriers!

Just happened to do a few things, and

later somebody else realized I was the

family and work given that being Dis-

trict Governor is virtually a full time job in itself?

Quite a tough proposition; sacri-

ficed a lot of family social time. But that’s life and my family is proud of me so it balances out.

8. After a year like the last one, it

would appear that you’ve achieved

first lady to do so. Incidentally, there


were four of us who did the first CC




achieve. What continues to drive

around the same time, the rest did it a

you as a Toastmaster?

week later, together; the fact that all

four were ladies was something to cele-


Other Toastmasters! It’s wonder-


ful to see how individuals are impacted

5. What are the key moments you’ll

ment in that transformation is truly a

cherish from your term as District Governor?

The meetings with individual

club members at club meetings across

by the movement, and to be an instrublessing. Giving back to Toastmasters can be done in many ways; I will al-

ways cherish the relationship and I am proud to be a Toastmaster!

the District; the outpouring of good

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How is your dating life after the publicity Darren gave

you in Ovations?

Haha.. that's a secret! :D

How often do you think challenging situations present them in one’s

life and how often do you find you in such situations and do you think they increase as you move higher up in life?

You will face challenges when you venture out of your comfort

zone. Every day presents a challenge in professional, personal life! Challenges will never cease until you decide to stop learning!

When a challenge presents itself and you panic, what is the next thing

to do?

Try to calm down. If you are not going to calm down and trust

yourself, it’s not going to go well but again that's another challenge! :D When you are calm, you will know what to do and things will fall in place! Trust and believe in yourself and the universe!

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How to face difficult situations in a level headed manner?

All hell is going to break loose at some point or the other if you

don't know where you are going or what you want. In any situation, if you can believe and see the end picture of what you are doing, that is

all you need to maintain a level head. It doesn't matter what’s happening around you, stick to the course. Don't worry if it is not happening the first time, it will come around.

How long does it take from being a nervous wreck in the face of difficulties to being a graceful person who takes everything in his stride?

Some people let things roll off their back, others cling on to

things. While it is not easy to take everything in your stride, one can always make an effort to not take things personally. There is nothing that cannot be worked out. Some things take time while some don't come around the first time. The transition comes when you realize it’s not THE END.

If everything comes with practice, do you have to create difficult situations for you or how does it work?

Yes, everything including confidence comes

with practice! When an opportunity presents itself, take it. It might be difficult but the learning through it will prepare you for the better.

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The A's of Leadership By

TM. Pranav

True leader is a person who looks at thingsfrom various perspectives and puts himself in the shoes of various people. He takes decisions keeping not only himself, but others too in mind. A leader is not a super human, he is as normal person. The main problems a true leader faces are the lack of clarity while making a decision and tendency to bungle under pressure when a wrong decision is taken. We are not a master in all fields so we tend to

have confusions and we tend to make mistakes and take wrong decisions. When such situations occur, a true leader must follow the two A's.

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When in doubt, a leader must Ask (1st A) for help. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness. It is a stepping stone to great strength. When you ask for help there is a chance

that you might get a solution to your problem. The chance might be

as low as 1% or 0.1%. But if you do not ask for

help, the chance you will get a solution to the problem is 0%. So, when confused, ASK for help.

When a wrong decision is taken, a leader must Apolo-

gize (2nd A). When a leader apologizes, it does not mean he

is a loser. It means that he really cares for the affected people and he has the will to correct his mistakes. Apologizing

makes the leader mentally stronger. Making mistakes may not be in your hands. But Apologizing is very much in your hands. There are many types of leaders, but the leader you need to become is a true and credible leader. To become that follow the two A's.` Page | 10




e t t e g o g e th f o g n i k a M By

TM. Arun Sridhar Q. What tips and sneaky ways can one use to get people to respect them? (Or) How would you have people to follow you when they have a difference of opinion? I follow the 'Goodfellas' (or was it 'Godfather'?) slogan: "A kind word and a gun go further than just a kind word". Nothing works better than a bit of threat of physical harm :)

Seriously though, there are no short-cuts to get

people to respect you. You have to be inclusive, take everyone's inputs, listen carefully before making decisions. As long as people feel you've actively listened to them they would appreciate you taking a different course of action; they may not be happy about it but they may eventually see your point of view. Q.

What are the benefits of being a

leader? I firmly believe that 'The hottest fires produce the hardest steel.. You put yourself in situations that you never thought you could handle. As a result of this you become a better, stronger person.

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Q. How do you handle it when a person who had been under your leader ship is suddenly above you and you have to do what they tell you? The honest answer is that it will be difficult in the beginning. As long as the person is good at their job there should be no long term damage.

Q. What are the 3 most important traits you look in a person to call him a leader? a) They should definitely have clarity of thought. When you don’t know where you are or where you are going, you don’t have a chance of leading your team there. b) They should be action oriented; anybody can talk and strategies but one should be able to follow through on plans. A conference chair or contest chair who can get the job done is an example. c) Ability to deal with diversity is also very important for me. By diversity I mean diversity in thoughts and styles. It takes different kinds of people to make a team successful; if you only look for people like you, you are setting yourself up for failure. Q. When do you think a leader should give up? Or should he? I would recommend the book 'What got you Here Won’t Get you there' by Marshall Goldsmith for an exhaustive list of bad behaviours that a bad leader exhibit and how to correct it. It was a life changing moment for me to read this book. I believe a leader should get rid of the need to always get it right. When you make mistakes, accept and move on. Page | 12



r e d a e L Leadership is nothing but social influence where one person supports and

influences another to accomplish a task.

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a moulder of consensus” There are 3 key qualities for a leader: Honesty:

Whenever you are responsible for a team of people, it is important to raise

the bar even higher. Your business and its employees are a reflection of yourself. So, if you make honest and ethical behaviour a key value, your team will follow suit. Confidence:

Whenever things don’t go according to your plan, the most important thing is

not to panic. It is the job of the leader not only to put out the fire but to also maintain the morale of the team. Keep up your confidence level, and assure that setbacks are natural but the important thing is to focus on the larger goal.

Once a soldier said to Hitler.... Sir, enemies have surrounded us... and Hitler answered "that's the best... we can attack all around". This is the Confidence you need to show. Commitment: If you expect your team to work hard and do a quality job, you’re going to need to lead by example. There is no greater motivation than seeing the boss down in the trenches working alongside everyone else, demonstrating to them that hard work is done on every level.

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y and l d n e i r f a very s i er with h e h o t S e n had had go I e r h e s v , d whene oblem r me an p d e t a e v ti som vince nd mo n a o d c e t o r t y comfo anaged m s han m y t a r w e l g a on had am str a. I n r t a A h t . me s TM i e h S m. proble to her. t s a o t aise a and I r


TM. Vignesh


An enthusia stic person w h o s e e n th u s ia s m a lw a ys catches on m e. She motiv ates in such a mann er that when she is finished, I n o longer nee d any motivation from an o utside source becau se she had in duced self-motivatio n in me. My toast is to TM. A rna.

rabha P a adm

TM. Jeyaram My toast is to beautiful and spontaneous TM. Arna.

TM. Viveka


I raise a toast


the Toastmaster s Magazine

from which I Page | 14

have learned a




TM. Goutha

n Varma

One person who I have always looke d up to, wh o has helped me s hape my dec isions and helped m e raise my b ar. A very good fr iend, someon e who holds up a m irror with com plete honesty. He had the belief in me which I didn 't have in m yself. Got a proble m? Go to him . He will give the best solution that is possible. Tha nk You for fu elling me with the confidence an d the belief which I didn't have b efore. My raise a toast to T M.

Pravin Man


He has alway s called m up and motiv ated me to gro e w a person. Wh at I like the m as ost about his is h is cherubic sm ile and the ease w ith which he ta lks about anythin g and everyth ing. My toast is to TM. Pra


TM. Kavith




I am raising a toast to TM. Pravi n Mani. I so admire his g ift of gab. I am so thankful to him for ta king valuable time to help me o ut so very much w hen I was n ew in toastmasters and also for giving me very many opportunities .

Page | 15

TM. Hamda

DTM. Rajee v Nambiar My toast is to TM. Gabriel. He is no more n ow but he is the person who ta ug me to look a t life in the li ht ghter side and tau ght me to mo ahead no ma tter I win or ve los He saw the leader in me e. a coached me a t a time when nd I had self-doubts a nd would shy aw from leadersh ip opportunitie ay s.




a TM. Priyan

My toast is to


. He is a

an Saro Velraj

from whom I n o rs e p le p o e p motional received my e ave me so g e H . rt o p p u s nities and all u rt o p p o y n a m nces are the e ri e p x e e s o th e me perform k a m t a th s e n o better.

TM. Rajesh Natarajan

to DTM. My toast is me jan. Every ti

Saro Velra

y is a takeawa re e th , s k a e he sp ation and I ir p s in n a is value. He just like him. r e d a le a e b want to

TM. Uday


joining f o e s u Beca e gotten v a h I , s r Toastmaste likewise e r a o h f r i e n d s w rsonal growth and pe invested in roup I am g r e tt e b e th because of is drastic t n e m e v o r p in, my im moving up. is r e e r a c y and m Sasthri is a y e n a h c n TM A uced me to d o tr in o h to the one w d my toast is n a s r te s a Toastm

ya Sast e n a h c n A M.

T Page | 16



TM. Suresh

dly person He is a very frien ly gets along who immediate He puts in so with everyone. into whatever rt fo ef f o ch u m takes up. Just responsibility he spires me to do observing him in my confidence better and boosts pposition. My to take on any o TM. to is toast


TM. Anjana



My toast is to TM his frank Aashish. I so like e go to one and clear ways – th ce. Also, he for personal guidan me so many is the one who gave opportunities. CHENNAI SPEAKERS FORUM

TM. Arna I raise a toa st to DTM. Aditya. He is the best m entor one could ha ve. he was th e one who saw the potential in m e, made me see it m yself, and co nverted me to this con fident person .

TM. Milton

TM. Sandee p Kanabar

My toast is to DTM. A d i t y a . He had been a motivating fo rce who bro ught out the speak er in me. He is a river of know ledge and I li ke the flow of his sp eech the most.

Every tim e he speaks – whe ther as a role player or in Table Topics, I ge t my weekly dose of inspiratio n in those few m inutes. All th e selfhelp books te ach me the th eory but he teache s me the pra ctical. He is a guy who h umbly summons up all his streng th to fight the odd s against him and that is TM. Ka

E and I raise a


toast to him.

TM. Rajesh

My toast is to TM.

Pranav. He is a person w ho

TM. Ramesh

He has an op inion of his own and h e c o n f id e n tl y expresses it w ithout botheri ng about anyth ing. I am both inspired and challenged b y his s i n c e r i t y, maturity and enthusiasm. M y toast is to T M



has the kille r instinct. He does not give up ea sily and is on e step ahead of the o thers.

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TM. Kannan

This toast is to a very special person..... She has alwa ys been the pass ive supporter who has always forced to create a unique identity for myself. She was always there to help me with whatever I need, whenever I need. She was my path to CSF and now my way to exce llen ce. She is TM .

TM. Jananee My toast is to DTM.

Karthik Srinivasan.

When I joined Toastmasters, I was in my lows. Karthik, through his caring mentoring brought out the real, confident person in me

Anjana Venkataraman.

TM. Trilokesh TM. Karthikeyan Balasubramanian Whenever she got on the stage, she had the audience spellbound just by the way she presented herself and by her voice tonality. She modelled good leadership which is my constant inspiration. She is TM.

Vasupratha and to her is my toast.

Page | 18


A smile is what you will always find on his face when you go to him for help, a person who I always long to see in the audience, his honest attention gives me extra fuel to cross boundaries. When I go to him with self-doubts he will tarnish them. A friend, brother, and a leader I look up toast goes out to TM. Rajesh




Spills his Time Management Secrets By

DTM. Saro Velrajan 1. What is the secret behind people liking you from your very first interaction?

I treat people, as if I’m meeting a good old friend after a long gap. I genuinely

listen to them and try to help them in whatever little way possible.

Even if I see a district governor or a division governor standing near to me when

I’m talking to a new person, I don’t divert my attention towards the “biggie”. I continue

to talk to the new person or will introduce the new person to the “biggie”. I’ll make sure that the new person gets my fullest attention and service, when I’m talking to them.

I think I had picked up this skill by playing the role of the SAA religiously.

2. What according to you is time management?? What is your secret?

“Time management” is not just about using your available time effectively. It is

also about learning to say NO to certain things, prioritizing the critical vs. not so criti-

cal tasks, spending time on tasks that are in line with your long term goals/aspirations, setting right expectations, keeping others informed when you anticipate slippages etc.,.

3. You are known for your mentoring skills, tell us how you manage to find time for your mentees in your packed schedule?

I allocate at least 2 hours for toastmasters every day and most of my time is spent

in mentoring members and clubs

Consciously, I’ve stayed away from district leadership roles because it would

prevent me from spending quality time with my mentees. I also don’t waste my time in “non-core toastmasters activities” like weekend picnic with fellow toastmasters J

Looking back, toastmasters has become more of a habit to me like walking, bath-

ing, and eating.

Page | 19



4. What inspired you to be a time lover?? What is your routine for the day? Tell us about the time that you did so much work because of time management that you felt like superhuman?

I’m a strong believer of “Small, but continuous improvements done over a long

period of time will produce HUGE results”.

I get up at 5.30 am and go to bed at around 9.30 pm. In the morning, I exercise,

check my personal emails, read newspapers, FB comments, and review speech scripts. I leave home by 8 am sharp for my office. At office, I try not to get distracted by Toast-

masters activities– If I know that a particular call is going to take 30 mins or so, either

I don’t pick that call or I tell them that I’ll call them in the evening. I leave from office in the evening by 4.45 pm.

I spend 1 + 1 hour on my commute everyday and I use my commute time for

Toastmasters calls. I reach home by around 5.45 pm. I spend some quick time with family (hardly 30 mins!) and start taking care of office emails & personal/toastmasters

emails. When I find time in the evening, I write blogs ( or read books.

I’m yet to become a super human. May be, I was pretty close during the days that lead to our district conference - Ovation 2013.

5. If someone wants to manage time in the best possible way, but is not sure how to do it. What advice would you give that person with dreams to manage time?

Read “7 habits of highly effective people” by Steven Covey. He does a brilliant job

of explaining how effectively you can manage time and prioritize your tasks. The book also tells you ways of achieving your dreams/goals in a systematic way. 6. Time and tide wait for no man; have you ever missed a tide??? So far, NO! But, I have a big dream to achieve in my life. You should ask me this

question 10 years from now.

Page | 20



7. What is the reason behind you to continue being a Toastmaster? Before I joined toastmasters, I was not good in spoken English. But

now it has changed. The credit goes to Toastmasters. People who watch

me speaking today wouldn’t believe that I had the problem of speaking in English once upon a time.

Toastmasters have given me so much in the last 7 years. I feel that

being part of Toastmasters and helping youngsters learn communication/ leadership skills is a way of serving the community. I continue to learn new things, by serving our members and clubs. These are the things that keep me active in Toastmasters.

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t s r Fi


e m Ti By TM. Rajesh Velpandian

Date: 05:06:2012

Time : 7 am

Day: Sunday “Morning”

I was in a deep sleep. Someone dragged me from my bed. It was my uncle. He

asked me to join him to the Toastmasters meeting that he always talks about.

I was scared of public speaking and told him I would not come. But my uncle in-

sisted that I join him. Knowing my uncle, I knew there was no option left for me. “Ruby Hall”

“Table Topic Session”

The moment I was called for table topics, I felt the whole world collapse around me. I could feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach... I blabbered something and quickly ran to my seat. But, to my surprise, I could hear claps for my speech. I was not sure if i

had spoken well. Those claps, however, were definitely encouraging enough for me to come for the next meeting.

For a school student like me, Toastmasters was a very different experience. If I had

given the table topics speech in my school, I would have been ridiculed and my classmates would have ensured that I will never return to the stage for the rest of my life.

But in Toastmasters when I speak well, everybody appreciates. When I don’t speak

well, nobody ridicules me. Everybody understands that it is a learning ground.

Thanks to the encouragement given... I won a ribbon the second time I gave a ta-

ble topic speech. I may not be a seasoned speaker like DTM Rajeev, DTM Karthik Srinivasan, or TM Arna. But I admire them and want to become an accomplished speaker like them.

When TM Kavitha requested for an article from me, I refused like a typical “schoolish” kid. But Kavitha said “Don’t miss opportunity that comes your way”. That gentle push made me write this article. In Toastmasters, you are never forced to do things. You are gently nudged.

Page | 22




Let your Body flow By

DTM. Karthik


1. You say you have accomplished all the things in your bucket list. If a boon is given to you, that you can add one more to it and you will be granted that for sure, what will it be? Everlasting energy and cheer, so that I can spread it around 2. Can you break the ice for us and tell us what body language really is, everyone speaks about it but no one has a clear definition of it? Body Language needs to be differentiated from Bharatanatiyam. It’s the natural movement of Page | 23

the body in support of your words and thoughts. To quote a great man”, the harmony of thoughts, words and actions leads to happiness.” Anything beyond in the name of body language becomes artificial. 3. What was the kind of body language did the leaders you admired had, can you elaborate on why you admired that particular body language? The only leader I admire is the one that I meet on the other side of the mirror. Let me tell you something everything about him is picture perfect.



4. You are known for your impromptus speech, how can one exhibit confident body language in an impromptu speech? Let you body follow your words and thoughts. 5. How to find one’s body language style, what are the techniques you would suggest to realize ones style and improvise on it? Not everyone has a smooth body language and hence the need to practice. Ideally, present your script in front of the mirror and observe your body movements, actions and expressions. Once done repeat it again. This time exaggerate the same movements, actions and expressions. Practice these exaggerated movements regularly. At the time of presentation, duly complemented by your nervousness, they will come out in the natural form.

6. Generally people get influenced by their most favourite person’s body language and they try to imitate it. What’s your opinion on this? Imitation is the best form of complement. So if you really admire someone please do go ahead. You’ll be putting the person on a pedestal, but you will still remain an imitation never the original. You want to the best… CREATE your own brand. Be Original!! 7. Does a person develop body language over a course of time? Some people try to be conscious about body language and it will be clearly shown that they are faking it….is it ok to fake it till one achieves it? Fake it till you make it – plus refer to Point #6 above. 8. What is the reason behind you to continue being a Toastmaster? People like you - energetic, enthusiastic and educating

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TM. Darren LaCroix

1) Everyone is a good speaker, what it takes to be the best speaker? Be committed to be uncomfortable. Learn from the best, it saves you time. Champion’s think different, so think like a champion. 2) You are already a world champion of public speaking, why still in Toastmasters? Toastmasters is a workshop where I practice my new scripts before I deliver them in front of the clients. 3) What is one suggestion you want to give to Toastmasters? Stop writing new scripts. Repeat the old speeches and incorporate the feedback every time you do. Because the great speeches are not written, they are rewritten. Page | 25



Talk With Mala INTERVIEW WITH THE PRO DTM. Mala Mary Martina Q. As the PRO, you are the face

of District 82. Is this a burden or a privilege? It started as an element of

surprise which turned into a sense of pride that privilege that people trusted in the fact that I could be the face of D82. I have enjoyed working as the PRO, more so because I have really benefited from TM and hence it was easy to be an ambassador.

Q. What visible differences do you see in the Toastmasters of D82 over the past year? Are

they more PR savvy? Absolutely,



been TM’s who did not want to miss out the fun on FB and personally I have sat with some of them helping them create accounts, signing them up for

Q. What targets did you set yourself at the start of the year. Did you achieve them all? We had distinct targets 1. Flash mob- To attract the youth of TM. 2. Use the social media platform.

3. Try New age

advertising by creating a teaser. We did achieve our targets.

the D82 group etc.

Page | 26



Q. Please elaborate on the most interesting request/ date you’ve received/been on with a Toastmaster? Interesting requests have come in the form of dance requests on fun night, movie dates but what I loved most is the fact that all the times I Q. What plans do you have after hanging up your boots as PRO. We were witness to a

wonderful curtain raiser/PR s for Reverberation at Ovation last month. Is this your new baby? I




doing Reverbs. It is a challenge and a journey I am looking forward to. The best thing about TM is that the opportunities are unlimited and I am just looking for more. [ I can feel the adrenaline rush while typing this out ]

have been to Chennai, I have also made friends who have turned out to be friends for life.

Q. After a year like the last one, it would appear that you’ve achieved

almost everything there is to achieve. What continues to drive you as a


I love TM and have benefited and is benefiting from it to a great extended. Some of my very close friends are Toastmasters. I started two biz ventures out of what I have learned from TM. I have learnt to be a better mentor, listener, Evaluator etc. because of TM

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Impossible By TM. Vignesh Karthik The common attitude is, “If you got to establish yourself, show no mercy” but there is a fact most people forget. “Positive people don’t pull others down”. Quite a while back, Japanese, in spite of being experts, had to present their product in US global market but the Americans allotted them very little space to showcase their product. They were dejected. Adding misery to misfortune, the same night their products was stolen. The Japanese, instead of being crestfallen, came back strongly and said in spite of a huge array of products why is that only Japanese products were stolen. They raised this question and the news became sensational. The market value for the Japanese product shot up over night. They didn’t pull others but they conquered the market. They did this by just being positive. Stay positive whatever the situation, and you will conquer the world.

Page | 28





DTM.Rajeev Nambiar

1. Tell us about your split personality- one in FB and one in Toastmasters Ha ha ha. Well to be honest you may call it split or something else but yes in FB

I am a person who loves to live and see life on the lighter side but in TM I am a bit more reserved and inclined to myself.

2. How does mentoring help in your growth? Mentoring is a two way process because the quality time you spend with your mentee the more it is the learning’s for a mentor. 3. What are the frustrations of mentoring? I wouldn’t call it frustration but disappointment that the mentee at times doesn’t read the project objectives before writing their script. Another area where I find it alarming is when a mentee tries to be an exact clone of the mentor.

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4. When and how can a person start mentoring? The day you feel and are ready to be one, in other words the day you are self

-confident and feel that you can help a speaker or leader to enhance his or her

own levels of performance that day you move into the shoes of a mentor. So the

writing on the wall is to ask oneself this question- Am I really ready to be a mentor???

5. Does a person choose someone and mentor them or do you wait for them to come to you and ask you to mentor?

Let the individual come to you because the most important aspect is for that

person to have the confidence in you to become his or her mentor.

6. When you have so much on your plate how can a person balance and be a good mentor?

We are always having our plates full in our daily lives but you still find a hand full of individuals coming out on tops. If you really look at them closely you will realise and understand that they have a sound and solid plan of action. They prioritise and balance things very well

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TM. Rajesh Natarajan


How has your sense of humour

helped with girl friends?

If you meant "girl" as "friends" ;),


How much effort do you put in to

develop your sense of humour

On a contest perspective, yes. I

I try to bring in smile on other's face

work on various genre of humour

reason for someone's smile is the big-

a routine day, i don't allot time to de-

through humour. After all being the

keeping the audience tastes in mind. On

gest gift one can receive.

velop sense of humour. The best way to


be very cautious about what other's will

How important do you think sense

of humour is in any interaction? Explain

People generally don't want interactions to be soo serious, too technical all the time. In fact they consider it to be boring. Humour is a powerful tool

develop your humour sense is by not to think about you. Be as you are in a con-

versation and you will uncover the humour quotient within you.

4. Do a top leader need a sense of humour at all?

which has the power to bring people

Not just top leaders, humour is an im-

close to each other.

portant ingredient of everyone's life.

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5. Does humour help with the higher ups? Or should one be serious with them? Humour helps in any conversation. With reference to the question, it depends on

the conversational style of higher ups

6. What are the advantages of having a rich sense of humour? With rich sense of humour, you are bound,

- to cut deals easily,

- to establish rapport with people,

- to make an impact on other's lives by making them laugh and - to be mistaken as a expert in humour by people like Kavitha

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