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Resources for October Holidays:

calendar from this area.

Check out these online resources: Teacher resource and student activities site

Halloween: Origins and Myths

Black Walnut Festival Internet Site:

Holiday Lesson Ideas for K-12 Art Classes

A wonderful video showing a second grade lesson for teaching math measurements View at = 98_CCDE_B4_DToom2_Unit.mp4

Vicki Blackwell’s Best: October Facts An free online resource site for middle school teachers. Age appropriate Webquests, Online Field Trips, Lesson Plan Ideas, and much more! Visit it at:

Lesson ideas for K-12 Music Classes:

If you need help with individualized work with your interactive whiteboard or specific software, e.g. Microsoft Office, Edline, etc., please email me to schedule an appointment. I will need to know your planning period time. Thanks!

“Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly.” (Robert Schuller)

Please refer to the TechSteps schedule for project deadlines. Please remember: ****Projects should be utilized within your lesson units. These are not items you should stop teaching to complete.****

A Wealth of Resources: Visit To find information for many subject areas, as well as free apps for Ipad and Android systems.

Lesson Plan Ideas for High School Teachers: View at Social Studies, Literature, Math, Science, Technology, and more!

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