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This heartwarming and inspirational story is about a dog named Princess that lives at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Although Princess is a pampered pup she always looks for adventure and invariably finds it.

My name is Princess. I’m a Maltipoo and I’m three years old. I live at the Beverly Hills Hotel. I’m often called the Princess of Beverly Hills. I love my life and my Mommie. She’s a beautiful and glamourous human that loves pink and jewelry, just like me. She takes me everywhere she goes.

I’m a pawfectly, pawmpered pooch. You can find me at the “dog salon” once a week for baths, trims, and pink highlights! I have a collection of collars and they match all of my necklaces and jewelry that I wear. I also wear matching bows in my hair everyday.

I love to play with my toys and I love to watch TV. Every time I spot other pooches on TV I want to talk to them, of course. Most of all I love adventures. There are lots of adventures at the Beverly Hills Hotel and you never know who you might run into‌ movie stars, politicians, athletes, con-men‌ all sorts of good people and even a few shady ones.

I like to know everything that goes on at the hotel and it keeps me very busy. I know everyone that works there and they know me. I have free run of the hotel...even the restaurants. My favorite is the Fountain Coffee Room. I also like to spend some time in Beverly Hills. I know my way around and I know all the best shops and places to find adventures.

Even though I’m beautiful and pampered I believe that all us girls need to be admired and respected for what we do, not what we look like. So, I do my best everyday to be the most pawfic pooch in the 90210 area.

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