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LONGVIEW JR. TRIATHLON INSTRUCTIONS AND INFORMATION Welcome to the 2016 Longview Jr. Triathlon. Below are some last minute instructions to help everyone have a fun and safe race. Parking: Parking will be available in the lot to the south and east of the transition area. When you reach the corner at View High and 3rd street, follow the road farthest to the right (it passes west of the shops and east of the grassy field where the running course is located). Turn right at your first opportunity which is the entrance into the Longview college parking lot. Cars will not be allowed on the course or in the transition area. Information Table/Volunteer Check-in: Tables will be located on the circle in front of the recreation center. If you need assistance in any way, someone at that table can help you. Volunteers will also check in at this table to receive their t-shirts and assignments. Restrooms/Locker Rooms: Restrooms are available at all times in the lobby of the Recreation Center and can be accessed from the pool through the east doors. Locker rooms will be closed during the event until volunteers can be freed up to supervise those areas. Swimming: The swim will be done in a serpentine manner, one person at a time starting at a projected average interval of 10 seconds. o Estimated start times will be posted by age group. Kids will need to report to the staging area (outdoor deck behind the pool) 15 minutes prior to this time. o Kids will be lined up in order of their race number, highest to lowest. o The swim leader will hit a start button on the timer with each kid so if she sees a need to adjust the spacing, she will. o A cone will mark where the swimmers enter. We will start with the longest course and move the start cone as we shorten the distances for the younger kids. All swimmers will exit at the same place. o Volunteers will be placed where the kids make their turns to help them stay on the correct course. Bicycling: Helmet check is no longer mandatory, but they can still be checked at packet pick-up upon request. Bikers will not be allowed to leave transition unless their helmet is securely fastened and in its proper position. From the transition area, the bike out will be on your right. NO RIDING IN TRANSITION. Walk your bike to the bike mount line. Stay on the right side of the road at all times. When coming back in, get off your bike at the dismount line and walk it to your rack 10 & under: bike one lap, 11-14: bike 2 laps, 15-17: bike 3 laps. Teams – Total age 27 & under: run 1 lap, Total age 28+ run 2 laps

Run: All runners MUST wear their bib on the front. Be careful not to pin the tear-off strip at the bottom. 10 & under: run one lap, 11-14: run 2 laps, 15-17: run 3 laps. Teams – Total age 27 & under: run 1 lap, Total age 28+ run 2 laps Teams: All team members must be body marked with the same number. Only the runner will wear the numbered bib. The swimmer will receive the timing chip on the back patio when lining up for the swim. The biker and runner can wait in the team box, but must stay out of the traffic flow of the transition area. The swimmer will pass the chip to biker in the team box. The biker will pass the chip to the runner in the team box. Always be sure that the chip is secured before leaving the team box. Teams – Total age 27 & under: swim 100, bike 1 lap, run 1 lap. Total age 28+ - swim 200, bike 2 laps, run 2 laps. Spectators: The kids need our cheers and encouragement. However, they also need to complete the race on their own without outside assistance. In the interest of safety and fairness for the participants, ONLY PARTICIPANTS AND VOLUNTEERS WILL BE PERMITTED ON THE COURSE OR IN THE TRANSITION AREA WHILE THE RACE IS IN PROGRESS. IF A PARENT ENTERS THESE AREAS WHILE THE RACE IS IN PROGRESS, THEIR CHILD WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. There are several volunteers who can provide assistance for your child should the need arise. For Your Safety  The greatest danger to participants is when spectators get too close or attempt to enter the racecourse. PARENTS and FAMILY MEMBERS, please remain in viewing areas and make certain that friends and other family members do the same  The Longview Jr. Triathlon is a USA Triathlon sanctioned event, meaning that triathlon professionals have approved our safety plans.  No vehicles will be allowed on the course  An ambulance will be on site to provide emergency medical assistance if needed.  Trained volunteers will be strategically placed throughout the course to provide directions and assist as needed.  If you become tired, or dizzy, or feel sick during ANY part of the event, STOP and ask a volunteer for help.  If you become tired in the swimming pool, you may hold onto the side of the pool or lane rope.  Apply plenty of sunscreen before the event  Drink plenty of water before and after the event.

USAT Rules During the Event  Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Foul, harsh, argumentative or abusive language or other unsportsmanlike conduct is strictly forbidden. PENALTY = DISQUALIFICATION  Outside Assistance: No assistance other than that offered by race and medical officials may be used. Parents are NOT allowed on the course or transition area after event has begun. PENALTY = DISQUALIFICATION  Helmets: No modifications may be made to the helmet. Helmets must be worn as they were purchased. Helmets must be worn at all times while on your bike.  Chinstraps: Chinstraps must be buckled at all times when on a bicycle. DO NOT unbuckle your chinstrap unless you are off your bicycle.  Headphones: Headphones, headsets, walkmans, ipods, mp3 players, etc., are prohibited.  Transition Area: All equipment must be placed in the bike corral assigned to you and return your bike to an upright position in the bike corral. You may not interfere with another participant’s equipment or progress. You may not bring ANY glass containers into the transition area.  Course: All competitors are required to follow the course and to stay within all coned lanes. Cutting the course is an obvious violation and going outside the course is a safety issue.

Longview Jr. Tri Swim Courses

Timing Mat

6-8 Pool Exit

9-10 Pool Exit

11-14 Pool Exit

Elite Pool Exit

Note: Only Elites swim full lap in first two lanes


____________________________ To Transition

Longview Jr. Tri Transition

Longview Jr. Tri Bike Course

Course is shown as a single lap. Full lap has turnarounds at View High Drive and Shelter #3. Short course lap has turnarounds at View High Drive at the back parking lot of the Rec Center.  Ages 15-17 do three laps (Elite)  Ages 11-14 and 28+ Teams do two laps (Long)  Ages 9-10 and 27 & Under Teams do one lap (Intermediate)  Ages 6-8 do one shortened lap (Short)

Longview Jr. Tri Run Course

Course may vary somewhat based on mowing patterns Course is shown as a single lap.  Ages 15-17 do three laps (Elite)  Ages 11-14 and 28+ Teams do two laps (Long)  Ages 9-10 and 27 & Under Teams do one lap (Intermediate)  Ages 6-8 do one shortened lap (Short)

TRiKC Longview Jr Triathlon Rules and Regulations 2016  

Virtual packet for the TRiKC Longview Jr Triathlon.

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