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Saying Yeah to YEAH! Burger West Midtown By Trikarri Bates YEAH! Careen down Howell Mill Road, and there it is in big, bold, orange letters. You can’t miss it. When you’re a place that’s named by Bon Appétit Magazine as one of their “Favorite Burger Spots in America”, you have to live up to your ranking on the list (which is number one). YEAH! Burger does just that. With an exciting menu that gives customers free-reign to put just about anything they want on a burger, YEAH! Burger is becoming a staple of Atlanta’s newly popular burger scene. The traditional burger toppings offered to diners are ketchup, mustard, mayo, pickles, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce. However, YEAH! Burger redefines how creative one can be. With toppings such as jalapeños and bacon jam (yes, this exists and is extremely delicious) to satisfy the daredevil in you, or sunflower sprouts and Napa coleslaw for those who dare to be different, YEAH! Burger has you covered. You can even get sauced. No, not drunk. Though if you’d like an alcoholic beverage, there is a fully stocked bar. Getting sauced is choosing from thirteen premium sauces to top the culinary masterpiece that will later be brought out to you by a cashier wearing a smile. Each sauce is drastically different from the last, so be prepared for something new and exciting for your taste buds. However, YEAH! Burger isn’t just beef. The restaurant offers other options such as; the bison burger, turkey burger, veggie burger, and chicken breast. All of which are flavorful and all natural for your enjoyment. Not only are the burgers good for you and delicious, but the entire menu is either organic or gluten-free. YEAH! Indeed. YEAH! Burger’s other location is in the Virginia-Highlands. You can visit their website at, and follow them on FB (/yeahburger) and Twitter (@yeahburger).

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