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Deep Currents 8D 0351

Crystal River 8P 1826

Sophisticated glamour Subtle shimmer

Just Barely 1P 0561

Pearly White 8P 1729

Stone Wall 8T 1725

Good Fortune 8T 1739

Using the colors

Restrained yet reflecting good

and furnishing to blend in. Chic

Berger Silk colors from the palette

sophisticated glamour in their city homes. Urban and stylish,

taste the style brings together those with urbane sensibilities.

colors of ‘Crystal River’ and ‘Deep Currents’ subtly define the curated

of Chic Glam may be used at home for rooms that are personal

there is a muted expression that permeates the interiors of these rooms.

Smoky Colors


and for places that are for stylish entertaining. The smooth high sheen finish is magnificent in smoky

The home becomes a cocooned


shimmer in the atmosphere.

‘Wine Country’ colour on the walls brings the smoldering tones in the room together. A calm neutral in ‘Stone Wall’ allows the main elements of furniture

Cool Crystal The plush furniture is decadently comfortable. The softness is in

gray tones.

contrast to the crystalline surfaces of faceted mirrors on Silk walls and cut glass on tables that catch

Silk Illusions is a range of textured wall art that combines luxuriously as a feature wall in Chic Glam. In metallic or with subtle gleam the mesmerizing effects underscore the

multiple reflections

good life. consumerfeedback Call Toll Free 1800-345-8800 or SMS ‘BERGER’ to 56767

color codes are from the color palette of Berger Paints

“Classic chic �lirts with lavish living to create alluring rooms for indulgent living”

Chic Glam is for those seeking

Ethereal sophisticated tones blend with the shine of metallic

Wine Country 8D 1775

Silk sophistication delivers chic glamour with understated lavishness.

light. It tinkles off the glass droplets of the chandelier and glitters discretely on the silken walls.

Silk Smooth

fashionable homes

Being a silent story, the only sound here is the flicker of iridescent

Silk Illusions

Chic Glam,

Arable 8P 1753

Shimmer of Chandelier

indulgence where one enjoys the good life. Materials are soft to the touch; velvet, suede and chenille. Deep pile carpets run underfoot; crystal mirrors reflect back the

Safe Passage 6T 1195

Hushed indulgence

Berger ad final artwork chic glam better homes  
Berger ad final artwork chic glam better homes  

Berger ad final artwork chic glam better homes