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Car Horoscopes To find out your car's astrological sign - look for a sticker on the inside of the driver's side door that gives you the exact month and year the car was manufactured. Car horoscopes are based month to month because they are created and assembled over a period of weeks and not just on one day. •

Aries (April) These cars are among the most reliable you can buy, but they do have aggravating characteristics. They commonly have squealing brakes and may be slow to start in the winter. Paint durability is not the best. Taurus (May) Taurean cars are strong, but cooling and electrical systems are troublesome. Engines are more durable than most and withstand considerable abuse. Heaters and airconditioners are tip-top. Gemini (June) Cars manufactured under the sign of the twins tend to lead a dual life, running flawlessly one day and sputtering the next. They are extremely durable however and with a little elbow grease and mechanical know-how, you can keep them on the road forever. Cancer (July) Cancer cars tend to be well-crafted and rarely develop squeaks, leaks or rattles. On a low note, performance is middle of the pack and power options are fickle. Leo (August) These cars tend to be unreliable and have engine, brake and suspension woes. But they can be a good buy if the price is right and you do very little driving.

Virgo (September) Cars built under the sign of Virgo are excellent highway cruisers but perform poorly in stop and go traffic. Clutch problems are a real nuisance. Best purchased with an automatic transmission. Libra (October) Libran cars are born to run and are top choices for harddriving teens and hot-rodders. Excellent paint, but leaks and rattles are a given for autos made under the sign of the scales. Scorpio (November) These cars combine reliability, performance and durability to rate among the best of all autos. They tend to guzzle more gas than other cars. But they are still considered the "best-bet" for any driver. Sagitarrius (December) Sagittarian cars are timid performers regardless of engine size and are slightly less reliable than average. The good news is these autos love long trips, so they are best-suited for people who like to travel. But beware, they tend to be sluggish in city driving. Capricorn (January) Look out! Shoddy interiors and premature tire wear mar these otherwise strong performers. Reliable and responsive, Capricorn cars are a good choice if you can afford to keep them in rubber. Aquarius (February) Aquarian cars are slick performers and are extremely reliable in the short run. Rust can be a problem and dashboard readouts tend to be inaccurate. These cars are a great buy for people who plan to trade in for a new one every couple of years. Pisces (March) Piscean cars are the cream of the cop but require more

maintenance than most. Engines and transmissions are always strong performers and brakes are flawless. These cars are an excellent choice for motorists who like to tinker, visit auto parts stores and change their own oil.


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