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Summer 2017: Issue 15


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HOW TO GET WHAT YOU DESIRE IN LIFE the wellness trifecta: achieving optimal results in three aspects of health; the mind, body and soul

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Image by Anne Baird. See her story on Page 16.

We are Summer Lovin that Bev Janisch is on the cover of this issue. You will want to check out her story on page 14 because she reminds us the importance of being present and giving the people in our lives our full attention when they are talking to us. Summer is about being carefree and fun loving, but we still need to be mindful and present. Bev is the founder of The Compassionate Mind and has developed the "ignite your inner sparkle" coaching program. Trifecta Magazine focuses on three aspects of health; Mind, Body and Soul. Achieving optimal results in these three areas is considered a perfect balance or trifecta, hence the name of this publication – Trifecta. Inspiring well-being and mindful living through community connection right here in Calgary, Trifecta Magazine provides a channel for community members to both share and learn from each other’s experiences in a solution-based forum of expression. Trifecta Magazine attracts readers, writers and advertisers with a desire for betterment and provides exposure to the many types of therapies, products and practitioners throughout Calgary and surrounding areas that can help people advance on their personal journeys. We hope you enjoy the experience and we look forward to sharing our passion in many issues to come.

For information on advertising opportunities or to contribute to Trifecta Magazine, email sales@trifectamagazine.ca or phone 403-589-5060. Trifecta Magazine can be delivered quarterly directly to your home or office for only $24.95 + GST for a one year subscription. Email sales@trifectamagazine.ca for more information. Published by Allison Cartwright and Cindy Drummond

What Makes People Happy By Abe Brown

Ultimate Creativity: How To Become The Alchemist Of Your Life By Serge Mazerand


Transformation Through Mindfulness

By Judy Boychuk


Summer Lovin'

By Wendy Olson-Brodeur


5 Surprising Benefits Of A Plant-Based Lifestyle

By Susan Hoy


Waking Up An Empath

By Kim Wuirch


Four Aspects Of Creativity

By Krystyna C. Laycraft, PhD


Presence: The Ultimate Expression Of Love

By Bev Janisch


Summer Lovin'

By Dr. Partha Nandi M.D.


Continuing The Passion

By Anne Baird


My Destiny Was In The Cards

By Cartomancer Craig


Tricolour Quinoa Salad

By Marsha Hebert

20 Himalayan Hot Salt Treatment

By Jill Burk

20 How To Get What You Desire In Life Through Faith

& The Law Of Attraction By Christine Nicole

22 Nourish: Ayurveda-Inspired 21-Day Detox

By Stephanie Hrehirchuk

23 The Pursuit of Gratitude

By Laura McKinnon

24 Lovin' The Journey

By Roxanna Pullan

24 Love Your Skin

By Lois Hamilton

26 Spiritual Progression with A Courteous Heart

By Alice Wheaton

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from the publisher. Welcome to the Summer Lovin' issue of Trifecta Magazine.


Why Summer Lovin'’?

Well, when you live in Alberta, it seems like most years winter can last forever. Mother Nature will occasionally tease us with a bright blue sky for a day, or throw a warm chinook wind our way, but truthfully, some winters can last for six months. This was one of those years! So this issue, we are celebrating summer! It’s the season of running wild; the time of year to take chances and let your hair down. Summer is short, so don’t waste a minute! We’ve got lots of stories in this issue to inspire you! Cindy Drummond


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graphic design

By Abe Brown

ad creation

The quest for “happiness” is well-known and experienced differently by each one of us. Fundamentally, there are several things that make people happy. When I look at my experience, and listen in on the experiences of others, it is 100% clear to me that just one thing doesn’t do it. Happiness, satisfaction, and contentment is not the by-product of just one thing, but it is the weaving together of many things.

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However, here I’d like to focus in on just one critical element of what makes people happy. That element is Connection. Human beings are social animals, hard-wired to connect with others. Research across a wide variety of disciplines consistently demonstrates that social support enhances productivity (we get more done!), psychological well-being (we feel more complete and fulfilled!), and even physical health (our body breaks down less!). In fact, George Vaillant, Harvard professor of psychiatry, who directed the world’s longest continuous study of physical and mental health, when asked what he had learned from his 40 years of research, said that, “the only thing that really matters in life are your relationships to other people.” This recent science is supported by the legend of Khan Kubrat. Khan Kubrat was born around 600 AD. He was the father of the founder of Bulgaria. According to legend, on his deathbed, Khan Kubrat commanded his sons to gather sticks and bring them to him, which he then bundled together. He commanded his eldest son to break the bundle. His son failed against the strength of the combined sticks, and so did the other sons in turn. Khan Kubrat undid the bundle and broke each stick separately. He then proclaimed to his sons, "unity makes strength", which has become a common Bulgarian folk slogan and now appears on the Bulgarian coat of arms. Your “bundle” is that network of caring relationships which wrap you in support, and give you strength which you do not have alone. It is crucial in life that we take time to identify and then cultivate our bundle, to build partners. Your bundle replenishes you. Your bundle supports you. Your bundle challenges you. Relationships are a crucial key in unlocking your destiny. So, how do we build our bundle?

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First, focus on building the bundle of others. Be others’-first, others’-focused, others’-motivated. Remember that if you are looking for a bundle, so is everyone else! Be a bundle for others and they will return the kindness.


Second, don’t pre-judge your bundle. Sometimes, bundles come from places we would never guess! Several years ago, I went through a difficult personal season. I remember thinking that my

Trifecta Magazine MIND | BODY | SOUL

support would come from certain friend I had at the time. Not only was I shocked that the help I needed did not come from those particular friends, but I was pleasantly surprised when it came from another set of friends I didn’t think it would come from. True happiness is not about having a large quantity of friends, but about having quality friends. I had pre-judged that some would be in my bundle and others would not. I was wrong. A new bundle began to emerge and thankfully, my new bundle helped me through! Third, people skills are crucial. Nobody owes you or me anything. In other words, every friend we have is a precious treasure and a privilege. The moment we take our friends for granted, and lose an attitude of gratitude, is the moment that we make it difficult for people to be in our bundle. It is so true that the only way to truly have a quality friend or bundle is to be one. I remember, with aching clarity, a time in my life when I REALLY failed. This was not a normal failure, but a pretty spectacular crash, which led to all sorts of collateral damage in my life and those I deeply cared about. Like most of us, I had failed in the past, but this particular failure was so significant, that it profoundly affected the lives of family, friends and others that I was authentically attached to. The good news is, I overcame my failure. One critical piece, which helped me overcome my own catastrophe, was my bundle. Actually, part of the reason I am still alive is because of people;

Summer 2017

my bundle who wrapped me in support, nurture, and kindness. There can be no doubt that at some point in our lives, something will attempt to break us. Don’t try to stand alone. Cultivate a bundle. The support of a bundle will enable us to stand far longer than we could on our own. One final thought: Every adversity, every heartache, and every challenge is an opportunity to reach out and strengthen our connections to others, and to build our bundle. Let people know when you face adversity. Reach out. I believe people will be there for us, and I hope you do as well. Go out there and build some authentic connection! Build the bundle of others. Don’t pre-judge your bundle. And use great people skills!

Abe Brown is the Coach’s Coach, and is the Founder and President of Momentum Coaching momentumcoaching.ca, and the President of the Certified Coaches Federation (certifiedcoachesfederation.com). Momentum Coaching has experienced triple digit growth for several years running, and the Certified Coaches Federation has trained and certified over 12,500 Life and Executive Coaches in the last 10 years. Abe is the best-selling author of the transformational book, Getting Where You Need To Go, and has developed life and business coaching tools which have been put into use all over North America and the world. If you would like to discover more about becoming a Certified Life or Executive Coach, please reach Abe at abe@certifiedcoachesfederation.com


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holistic oasis studio improve health • resolve pain • optimize performance

In the previous two articles, in my musical perspective on life, I have shared with you how awareness empowers us to attune to our internal music and how our belief system determines the music we play. Let us now see how we compose the notes–– our thoughts–– and consequently, how we can create our reality instead of letting reality create us. Creating Thoughts

a place for balancing, rejuvenation and healing Saturdays at 1pm: Yoga May 30: Chant, Meditate, and Breathwork. Techniques to balance the body. June 2: Learn to do EFT June 7- 8: Reiki Masters Training June 23: Reiki Level 2 July 1: Reiki Level 1 Reiki Master Bowen Therapy EFT Sound Therapist Certified Yoga Trainer “I’m 100% committed to helping you attain better health.” -Sandi Melnychuk

For appointments, consultations or information on Holistic Healing services: 403-852 1200 • sandmel@telus.net holisticoasisstudio.ca 6 |


How do we create thoughts, will you ask? Don’t they just occur? Don’t they just jump into our minds like crazed monkeys, especially at night, when all we want is to sleep? How can we create them, and assuming we can, how do we ensure we create the right ones? As a matter of fact, it is no different than programming and reprogramming a computer by introducing new software. The brain too, can be updated and reprogrammed, its neuronal landscape modified, and thoughts––after all, just bits of information implanted into our grey matter–– can be created and changed. To stay with our musical metaphor, the brain could be likened to an electronic keyboard, on which we have recorded a number of notes and melodies that can be deleted at will. The science of neurosplasticity clearly demonstrates that we have the ability to literally “change our minds” about our lives. The brain is highly malleable and amenable to the creation of new pathways. How is this done? First we must make space in our minds for new thoughts. This is done by making pauses, by practising controlled breathing, silence and meditation. Then, through focused mindfulness we choose not to feed the disempowering thoughts that invade our minds. Then again, we replace them with the empowering thoughts. The key is to anchor them into the grey matter. That is achieved by repetition. As in learning to play music, repetition is key. What is repeated again and again, sticks. We create a groove. In neuroscience this is called wiring. The more often the same synapse of a neuron fires with a given thought, the more it wires itself. So this is in fact how we create habits, attitudes and mindsets. Many are dictated by the subconscious mind. Let’s take the area of healthy living, for example. If, to begin with, we do not believe in our hearts that a healthy lifestyle is essential to a happy life, chances are we won’t change any of the unhealthy habits we may have accumulated over time. We need to consciously make a choice to live a healthy life. Every day then, we create and reinforce the thoughts that are aligned with that vision. We let go of thoughts revolving around sweets, alcohol, junk food, soft drinks etc…and instead, we concentrate on thoughts about health and wellness, vibrant, fresh food, energy, exercise and movement, positivism, selfempowerment, discipline, self-esteem to name a few. This

Trifecta Magazine MIND | BODY | SOUL

warrants a high level of awareness, effort, some discomfort to be sure, and even restraint. By the combined magic of visualization, intention and positive emotion, we literally embody our thoughts, giving them shape and life and, in the process, we create our reality. High level athletes use this technique consistently with great success. Through this powerful thoughtcreating capability, we are in essence, the alchemists of our lives. In other words, we have the power to transform the reality we live in. The question is: what is it that we want to create in our lives? That is a matter of choice. Creating Choice and Change In a world filled with paradox and puzzles, conundrums and dilemmas, choice isn’t easy. Many choices are rather hard to make, some even seem impossible. Most of them create discomfort or pain, but the pain that ensues by not making a choice is likely to be much greater. Choice is what determines the “music” we compose, its key and time signature. So far, we have learned how to compose harmony within by choosing our beliefs and values accordingly. Now comes the conducting of the music, the implementation of the overall vision. Every single day calls us to make a number of choices in our thoughts, words and actions. But how are they made?

In book stores & online keystoserenity.com

Many choices are of subconscious nature. Our senses tend to make us choose pleasure over pain. Our emotions often listen to fear. So this raises the question: how do we make the right choice? It isn’t always obvious, is it? Some choices we thought were bad, end up being good ones and vice versa. Rationale and common sense aren’t always enough of a guideline. Nor is reflection, assuming we have the benefit of time. More than anything else, it is about trusting our hearts. Don’t we often say: ”I knew it in my heart”, meaning there was no room for doubt? Scientific research has shown evidence that the heart possesses an inherent “intelligence” and that it is even studded with its own neurons. This heart intelligence enables us to manage the decision-making process by involving intuitional awareness. So, at the end of the day, the right choice is really the one that feels right, the choice that speaks to the heart, not to the ego. Finally, choice needs to be implemented to create change. So many of us make choices but we don’t do a thing about it. The key to implementation is motivation––finding the why–– and discipline. It is true that there are times when, despite our best efforts, unseen forces seem to take charge. However, no matter the endless discussions about how much or little choice we really have in life, the fact is we can always make a conscious choice. Conscious choice is ultimately at the heart of empowering change. Namaste Serge Mazerand Pianist – Composer – Recording Artist – Keynote player Author of new book: 7 keys to Serenity keystoserenity.com/book/7-keys-to-serenity

Summer 2017

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I remember that day as if it were yesterday. It was 38 years ago and I can recall exactly what I was wearing. It was one of the most significant days in my life. When I recall that day, it’s not one with happy memories. I had such uneasy, unfamiliar feeling and I didn’t know what to do with it. I was 14 years old and it was my first day of high school and looking back I now know it was my first day of anxiety. I still don’t know why it happened on that particular day. Looking back, maybe on some level I knew I was moving closer to adulthood and all of the responsibilities that lay ahead. From that day forward, I worried about everything. I was constantly asking myself, “What if this happened? What if that happened”? I accepted this as my normal life, but it was exhausting. After several years, the anxiety started to have negative effects on my health – pain in my entire body, constant headaches and stomach issues. A friend invited me to a drop-in mindfulness meditation class. I had heard that meditation was great for stress management, so I went. I was simply tired of living my life this way. I attended the class each week and started to meditate daily at home. I began to  feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and even happier. By being mindful of my thoughts, I was  able to do something that I could never do before; catch myself having a negative or worried thought and change that it to a positive one. Practicing meditation and mindfulness helped me to gain control over my thoughts and because of this, my anxiety lessened. Adolescence can be a difficult time for teens as they battle mixed emotions and hormone changes. Today, teens are under more pressure and are experiencing more stress than ever before and the impact of stress hormones on the still-developing brain is a growing concern. Prolonged stress can lead to fatigue, reduced concentration, anxiety, irritability, low mood and depression. Mindfulness is a tool that can be very effective in managing stress and anxiety. Research shows that by practicing mindfulness, teens are less anxious, better at regulating their emotions, feel more empathetic, happier and optimistic, experience improved self-esteem, are more creative and perform better academically. Mindfulness is about training your attention to be present to what is happening in the moment, so you can pay attention to what is happening as it takes place. Learning to be mindful (aware) of what’s happening in the present moment can help

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teens make thoughtful decisions rather than being ruled by their emotions. They can learn to notice unwanted thoughts and feelings and not react. Many of us think that someone else or something else is causing our stress, but stress is how you perceive and interpret the events of your life and your thoughts are what trigger your body’s stress response. Here are some ways in which you can help your teen practice mindfulness: Become Aware of Your Thoughts/Feelings Have them begin to notice things in the world around them (what they see, hear, feel, smell and touch). Silently saying things like “I see a dog”, “I hear a bird”, “I feel gravel under my feet”. Another way is to pay attention to routine tasks like brushing their teeth – notice the way the brush feels on their teeth, the taste of the toothpaste, the repetitive motion of the brushing, etc. After some practice with that, then they can start paying attention to their thoughts and feelings. Just simply start to notice what thoughts they are having during the course of their day. Don’t try to change anything, just notice the thought or feeling. Sometimes keeping a journal of their thoughts is helpful too. Label it (You Have to Name it to Tame it) When a thought or feeling comes up, simply name it: irritable/sad/ annoyed/embarrassed/judging/criticizing/planning/worrying, etc. Don’t run from it, just name it and accept it. View Thoughts/Feelings in a Non-Judgmental Way Accept the thought/feeling. Don’t try to change it if it’s uncomfortable or unwanted. Just be in the moment. By being mindful of their thoughts, they can start to identify thoughts and behaviours that are negative and unwanted without just reacting to them. So many thoughts are habitual and when they really start to question a thought, they will find that a lot of their thoughts/worries are not even true. Mindful Deep Breathing This is the point when your teen can do some mindful deep breathing while focusing on their breath. They can either focus on the sensation of the inhale and exhale just under their nose, or notice the rising and falling of their chest or abdomen. Soon the thought or feeling will drift away without activating the stress response in the body. Judy Boychuk is a Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher and Coach. She has a particular interest in working with teens with anxiety by teaching them mindfulness and meditation tools to help them as they grow and develop into well-adjusted, healthy, balanced adults.

Trifecta Magazine MIND | BODY | SOUL

SUMMER LOVIN' By Wendy Olson-Brodeur

Summers are for lovin'. Kicking back, enjoying the summer sun, laughing and just having fun. But that may not be reality for you or someone you know. Relationship and marriage issues may be putting a spoiler on that. But wait!!! It doesn't have to be that way. You can make a choice to move on and do it in a healthy and respectful way and still have time for lovin' life again. Education is key. Finding out that there are better ways to move forward than the traditional litigation model is your first step. Our passion is to promote a Collaborative process. You engage a team of professionals and as long as both parties have an interest and healthy respect to move forward, then it is very possible and likely to have a positive outcome. Separation and divorce are very emotional on many levels, so part of the team is an emotional coach. Their role is to help you with knowledge and strategies that will work for you and your family going forward. Money also plays a major role, so having a Certified Financial Planner and Financial Divorce Specialist just makes sense. These roles are neutral and work with both parties for the good of the family. We can be creative with strategies and make sure more money is kept in the family than spent on fighting over things your can not control. You will both have your own lawyer, both of whom are specially trained in the Collaborative process. Their legal role is to give you ILA (Independent Legal Advice) and put your agreement in a legal contract that is binding. Children are precious beings and the last thing we want is to have any child used in the process of negotiations. There is no room for any of that. What often happens is parents have different views and parenting styles, so also part of the team can be a parenting coach if needed. Another neutral party to help you navigate a plan that makes sense for the children and their well being. The question we get all the time is ``This seems like it will cost so much with all the professionals``. The fact is, we are often able to have a meeting and it is very possible to get settlement on several items, were in a traditional model that might take months and many letters back and forth and still no agreement on just one item. The team is motivated to keep meetings to a minimum and get agreement in a timely manner. The real cost is a healthy respect and a plan for your family that can move through the years. Call The Financial Divorce Specialist Inc. and find out more. You will never regret the education you will receive. 403-873-0292 or wendy@tfds.ca

Summer 2017

Free your mind, body and soul let us save you stress, time and money! A Financial Divorce Specialist can: • educate you on your options. • assist you in complicated processes such as True Income, Back Support, etc. • analyze your past, present and future values. • prepare your proposals for support and division of assets. A Registered Family Mediator can: • be a neutral 3rd party who can help you negotiate. A Certified Financial Planner can: • Offer you Financial Planning for your future • Provide Insurance quotes to cover support interruption such as death, disability, critical illness, accident etc. A Collaborative Professional can: • as part of your specially trained team help you reach a mutually respectful and healthy agreement. • ensure the interesets of all family members are heard and addressed. • help to keep you out of court.

www.tfds.ca 403-873-0292 • wendy@tfds.ca Centre 70, Box 133 Suite 120, 7015 Macleod Trail SW




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CynergyThought s Crohn's


By Cindy Drummond


H Iebet a r ift we d i asked s e a s100 e What's the purpose of social media?

5 Surprising Benefits of a Plant-based Lifestyle By Susan Hoy

people this question, they would all have a different Foo d a l l eanswer. rgies

It seems like everyone is adapting a plant-based lifestyle these days.

Weight loss

Mark Zukerberg, creator of Facebook tried to convey his mission

o l opportunity y c y s t i c tooget vary and tells us "There is a huge needPand

It’s not surprising, considering the multitude of health benefits that come with eating vegetables, fruit, beans, nuts, seed and grains.

everyone in the world connected, to give s y neveryone d r o ma evoice and to help transform society for the future. We hope to strengthen how people relate to each other. Even if our mission sounds big, it starts small — with the relationship between two people. Personal relationships are the fundamental unit of our society. Relationships are how we discover new ideas, understand our world and ultimately derive long-term happiness." (source:

Summertime offers the perfect opportunity to adopt a healthier lifestyle. During summer, many of us want to feel great in our bodies and naturally change the way we eat. In addition to the timing being perfect, summer offers so much variety to choose from it’s virtually impossible not to create meals that are delicious and satisfying.


More and more people are learning that eating plant-based is not only easy and convenient but it’s having a beneficial impact on their health. Large numbers of people are trading in their steaks for mushrooms, lentils and yes, kale. In fact, 8% Free 30 minute consultations I agree 100% with Zukerberg's ideals. I love seeing amazing of Canadians are now vegetarian up from 4% just 9 years ago and a further 25% are actively trying to eat less meat. places that my friends have visited, engagements (403) they are 540 - 9331 facebooks-purpose-values-social-mission2012/2012)

announcing, birthdays they are celebrating, graduations, culinaryskillsandnutrition.ca births, deaths, funny stories, sad stories, really anything that will build the relationship between us by allowing me to see what they are sharing with the world. I am not however, deriving the long-term happiness that Mark had hoped for me when all that I am reading on my news feed are posts about Trump, Trudeau, Notley and any other number of politicians who are not my friends. Please share your funniest cat videos, baby's first steps, weight loss goals, events, milestones and anything else that you would tell me over lunch when you are sitting across the table from me. I love supporting my friends in business, but please don't hijack my page and only try to sell me something. I am asking you to think before you post and continue to use social media to strengthen how we all relate to each other. Just a thought...

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Research links a plant-based diet to a lowered risk of certain cancers heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. Those with autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s, IBS and Rheumatoid Arthritis have found that adopting a plant-based lifestyle often improves symptoms and some even experience remission.


Plant-based foods are high in fiber and often lower in calories compared to meat, dairy and processed foods. While most meat is high in saturated fat, centering the majority of your diet around vegetables, pulses (beans, legumes, peas), fruit, whole grains, nuts and seeds is healthier which in turn may result in weight loss.

3 CHANGES YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD You will discover that while you are not eating as much meat, dairy and processed foods you are motivated to have more fresh foods on hand. You are likely to discover new and different ingredients that once did not appeal to your palette and begin to prepare them in ways that inspire you to begin a whole new relationship with your food.

Trifecta Magazine MIND | BODY | SOUL

REMOVE PROCESSED FOODS 4 EASILY AND ADDED SUGAR When you base your food decisions on health benefits, processed foods with added sugars such as cakes, cookies and pastries naturally disappear from your diet with little effort. You discover the benefits of sweeteners such as unpasteurized honey, maple syrup and dates. Often used in smaller quantities and each loaded with nutritional benefits you can still have your cake and eat it too.

5 WILL SAVE YOU MONEY A plant-based lifestyle is hands down less expensive than eating a traditional Canadian diet. Getting caught up in the marketed aspects of the lifestyle, obsessing over expensive superfoods or sourcing hard to find unique ingredients will blow any budget and leave you frustrated. Be aware that a plant-based lifestyle is different from catching the latest food craze. Compared to $15-$30/Kg for meat, beans and lentils are pennies on the dollar. Nuts, although comparable in price, pack a nutritional punch and are used in smaller quantities thereby saving on your weekly bill.


So, how do you get started? Commit to making one change at a time. Although some people can jump in with both feet and never look back, taking that approach may set you up for failure. Pick one thing at a time to focus on. For example, decide you will no longer eat any food items with artificial flavours or colours. After a few weeks, when that feels comfortable, add something else and continually create better choices. If you are a meat-eater, start by cutting back. If you typically eat meat or dairy at most meals focus on being plant-based a few days out of the week. Or, pick one meal where you will continue to eat as you normally do and be plant-based for the other two. Think about your meals. Focus on vegetables and pulses as being the center and round out your dishes with grains and other plant-based foods.

Crohn's IBS / IBD Diabetes Heart disease Food allergies Weight loss Polycystic ovary syndrome

Decide that you enjoy cooking. If you do not naturally enjoy spending time in the kitchen that is okay. Plant-based meals can be quick to prepare and use simple ingredients. You do however, need to come to terms with the fact that our love for, and reliance on convenience foods is negatively impacting our health. Seek out like-minded people. Whether you find a community online, hire a health coach, take a cooking class or make a commitment with your best friend, surrounding yourself with others that have successfully made the changes you wish to achieve or are as committed as you are is important to your success. Susan Hoy, Lifestyle Chef Culinary Skills & Nutrition culinaryskillsandnutrition.ca

Summer 2017

Free 30 minute consultations (403) 540 - 9331 culinaryskillsandnutrition.ca


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A year in the life of an empath from awakening to spiritual healer, is the honest, often comical year in the life story of Kim Wuirch. Having been labeled as ‘sensitive’ throughout her life, even by her mother, Kim finally finds out the reason why her emotions and moods are often heightened. She discovers that she is an empath. Based on one year of Kim’s life – from the shock of finding out she was an empath and learning what that meant, to the journey through spiritual awakening, and finally to becoming a healer, psychic, and medium. Her story is relatable to many people who are too afraid to let the world know of their abilities, or who are only just discovering who they really are. Kim wrote this book to help other empaths realize that their thoughts, feelings, and sudden mood swings are all a normal part of being an empath. And how difficult it is for those on the outside to fully understand what life is like for an empath. In the pages of this book, Kim is like the good and knowledgeable friend who empaths can confide in when it comes to their own spiritual awakening and the fears and challenges that brings up. There are not only words on the pages of this book. There is also love and compassion for a journey Kim knows all too well.



In the spring issue, I wrote the article under the title “Why do we need to create? In this article, I would like to go deeper to the process of creativity and present the four aspects of creativity. Aspect 1: Solitude Art is the acceptance of solitude. You express your solitude by being artist if you can. If you have it in you. -Louise Bourgeois To foster the growth of imagination in children, we should ensure that they are given the time and opportunity for solitude. In this way, young people, who enjoy the solitary exercise of their imagination, may develop creative potential.1 Solitude played an enormous role in my own life. After many years of running the International School, I was exhausted and nearing a dangerous state of breakdown. I needed to retreat temporarily into my internal world so as to recover and to be myself again. By escaping to the Rocky Mountains each week and immersing myself in creative pursuits, I found the tranquility I was looking for. I fell in love with being alone in nature and found it to be very therapeutic. In the book “Creativity as an Order through Emotions,” 2 I present five stories of young people who were actively involved in creative pursuits such as music composition, circus arts, painting, journaling, and writing. These young artists have demonstrated a different relationship with solitude. For one of them, solitary creative activities gave her the strength to deal with a brutal external world during her early adolescents. Later, in young adulthood, her solitary practice of doing art helped her to understand her obsession and to learn how to deal with it. For another artist, the capacity to be alone gave her the opportunity to find what her passion was and overcome the difficult period after her serious injury. Solitude is an essential condition for creativity. The capacity to be alone is directly linked to self-discovery, self-realization, and selfawareness. The ability to get in touch with one’s deepest thoughts and feelings is an important aspect of the creative process. Contemplating and meditating is also a powerful way to relieve stress and promote mental health. Aspect 2: Negative Emotions Man’s extraordinary success as a species springs from discontent, which compels him to employ his imagination. It is always the dissatisfied who triumph. -Antony Storr During their early and middle adolescents, young artists from my stories displayed some symptoms of increased psychic excitability, nervousness, anxiety, and depression. They experienced loneliness and dissatisfaction with themselves and the external world. They often felt hopeless, doubtful, and confused. This was a very painful period in their lives, but turned out to be essential for their psychological growth. All these negative emotions created states of self-observation, self-awakening, self-evaluation, and self-criticism, and self-awareness. Young people, by using their imagination and creativity, brought changes into their lives. They learned about themselves, made life decisions, and connected to something meaningful.

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For example, one of the artists experienced loneliness, confusion, disappointment, and doubt during the period of his middle adolescence. He felt that couldn’t continue his schooling and needed a break so as to find solutions for the problems in his life. This encouraged him to use his imagination and make a decision to travel to Europe and then to open himself up to new experiences. He expressed it in this way, ” I went to the Louvre. But it wasn’t just the Louvre that got me really interested in art. It was a wider vision of the human condition. I watched how people live their lives, especially in Paris. They lived close to ‘the edge.’ I saw poverty, people living on the street, and people talking to themselves. After trip, I felt more alive, more human. I could feel things deeper…” Aspect 3: Positive Emotions It is not an image I am seeking. It is not an idea. It is an emotion you want to recreate, an emotion of wanting, of giving, and of destroying. -Louise Bourgeois Creativity can be understood as the source of emotions such as interest, joy, acceptance, surprise, love, resourcefulness, curiosity, and delight. Interest can be triggered by excitement, fascination, and awe. One of the young artists was fascinated with the performance of Cirque du Soleil. This emotional event had a great influence on her life. The circus arts became her passion and her future profession. Another person’s interest in underwater environments was sparked by a scuba diving experience. She was fascinated by the silence and tranquility of infinite space. Her scuba diving experiences, she expressed in her paintings. Interest opens individuals’ mind and body to new experience, which bring feeling of joy. Joy creates a special kind of bond between themselves and their world. Joy connects with interest to create enthusiasm and passion, which pushes them into further exploration. Creative individuals accept and deeply fall in love with the creative process. They become curious about what is unexpected and want to incorporate it into their work. They often overcome obstacles by applying their imagination and resourcefulness. Finally, in certain unique moments, they experiences “pleasant surprise” that is a link between joy and surprise. Everything they have experienced is the compressed into moment of delight, satisfaction, and gratitude. In this moment, they realize that they have created their vision and it has enriched their lives. This is how the young artists expressed the moment of delight: “I was so happy I was jumping around. It looked so great. It looked so good. It made me feel so good.” “When I performed, it was really me, and it took what I trained very hard to do and brought creativity into it. I really connected with the audience and expressed myself doing something that I loved.” “I was not necessary joyful but I was satisfied. It was one of the best feelings that I knew. It was something I created and continually being drawn back to it.” Aspect 4: Self-identity Formation “Creative imagination is only creative when it transcends the personal. The personality is merely the locale of the endless struggle the scene of the wax and wane of forces far greater that itself.” -Lawren Harris in the letter to Emily Carr

Summer 2017

Multiple occurrences of emotions experienced during the creative process lead to the stabilization and formation of self-identity or traits of personality. Creative people become resourceful, openminded, confident, and optimistic human beings. Their positive experiences stimulate the healthy development of brain and body, great social skills, highly developed cognitive abilities, and emotional and spiritual development. One of the young artists, worked hard to explore her own psychological growth and expressed it in this way, “I have seen myself grow and take risks that would not have been imaginable even a year ago. I feel as through I am pursuing my life’s work and that I could be genuine. There is still more exploration to be done, but I am willing…” In her late adolescence, she was fascinated by the mind-body connection and realized that creating art was the only way to link both. She discovered a new way to express herself through writing by deeply immersing herself in internal states and allowing her writing to emerge spontaneously. Storr, A. (1988). Solitude. A return to the self. New York, London, Toronto, Sydney: Free Press. 2 Laycraft, K.C. (2014). Creativity as an order through emotions. Second edition, Victoria, BC: Promontory Press. 1

Krystyna C. Laycraft, PhD and Certified Life Coach, has expertise in identifying and understanding emotions, interpersonal skills, decisionmaking process, personal growth and career/life transitions. She helps clients achieve meaningful and satisfying lives.. If you need her help, please email her: krystyna@platinum.ca

KL Emotional Consulting Greater Awareness - Meaningful Life

Krystyna Laycraft is a Certified Life Coach who helps people who need to experience new freedom, novelty, and understanding. She offers seminars and workshops on the emotional needs of adolescents and adults, the role of creativity in their psychological growth, and the importance of decision-making.

Krystyna Laycraft, PhD Certified Life Coach Consultant/Author/Speaker For information or registration email: krystyna@platinum.ca



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see into their souls. People that have met him, say that this deep connection and his ability to be fully present is something very profound and healing.

By Bev Janisch

When my daughter was young she would say to me, “Mom, you don’t love me because you’re not listening to me.” I would reply, “of course I love you honey, I’m just busy or distracted right now.” When I look back on those times, it actually breaks my heart, because although there was no doubt I loved my daughter, in those moments she didn’t feel loved. In the words of Maya Angelou: ”People won’t remember what you said, they’ll remember how you made them feel.” I, like many parents found that when life was busy and I had a lot on my plate, I was quite poor at listening and being fully present for the people that mattered most in my life. I have since learned to forgive myself for being an imperfect parent and know that at the time I did the best that I could. Because I have such a busy mind, I continue to find this challenging and so I decided to set an intention; 2017 is my year for being “present.” After all, there is no better way to express and experience love, than to be fully engaged and connected with the people in our lives. We all know how it feels when we’re sharing something about ourselves with someone and their eyes are darting around the room as if looking for someone else to talk with. Or those times when we are sharing from a deep and vulnerable place and the person flippantly gives us advice, minimizes our experience or shuts us down. We also know how nourishing and deeply healing it is when someone listens from a place of compassion and connection. When we know that we’re not alone, that we matter and that we’re loved. Virginia Satir, one of the most influential modern psychotherapists and founder of family therapy put it so beautifully when she said: “I believe the greatest gift I can conceive of having from anyone is to be seen by them, heard by them, to be understood and touched by them. The greatest gift I can give is to see, hear, understand and to touch another person. When this is done I feel contact has been made.” There is perhaps no better example of how to be fully present with someone than his Holiness the Dalai Lama. Truth be told, I’m actually quite obsessed with him. I watch every video that he’s in and read all his books. I realized that one of the main things that intrigue me about him is his ability to connect with people and

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It’s no wonder that I’m so inspired by him, since being fully present is always something I’ve struggled with. There is also no doubt in my mind that the Dalai Lama’s spiritual practices of meditation and prayer have cultivated this beautiful quality in him. He has trained for countless hours to be fully present and focused on each person he meets from a place of acceptance, compassion and with a deep desire to understand his or her unique experience and perspective. Imagine entering into every conversation with the people you care about and meet on a daily basis from a non-judgmental, open and kind perspective. No judging, advising, comparing, minimizing or being distracted by our monkey minds. Just pure presence with a deep and compassionate connection. A world made up of people who bring this ability and intention would create a different world. And if there’s one thing that people need right now is a deeper connection with other people. In a world of around seven billion people, how can so many people report feeling lonely? At a time when we have so many devices to keep us connected, we have never felt so disconnected. It is even a greater challenge to be fully present with others, at a time when many are more connected to their devices than they are to other human beings. As Mother Teresa expressed: “The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.” So what do we need to do to regain connection in a meaningful way? We need to first decide that it’s important and set the intention to value people over devices. This will require that we’re honest with ourselves about our relationship with our devices and each other. We need to train our minds to focus and be fully present when people are sharing. This takes practice and self-compassion, as we’re not always going to be successful. And lastly, we need to learn from inspiring people like the Dalai Lama how to open our hearts and notice when we’re being judgmental, intolerant or coming from an egoic place. We need to make an agreement with ourselves that we will continually strive for progress without expecting perfection. I realize that I can’t turn back time and get those early years back with my daughter, but I can create a more connected future with the people in my life, by taking steps today to value and enhance my ability to be present and connected. Bev Janisch is the founder of The Compassionate Mind and has developed the “Ignite Your Inner Sparkle” coaching program, which includes meditation and mindfulness tools for people who are ready to live more peaceful, connected and fulfilling lives. thecompassionatemind.ca

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SUMMER LOVIN' By Dr. Partha Nandi M.D.

I’m issuing some serious doctor’s orders today. Ready? Here it is. Have more sex. Hug more. Kiss more. Make more time for intimacy. Can you handle that? I hope you’re up for the challenge because these actions do more than you might realize. You already know that they make you feel good (ok, amazing!) physically, but these acts of intimacy come with huge health benefits that go beyond the physical. And every aspiring HealthHero™ should know about them.

Respect yourself, and extend that same respect to your partners, friends and loved ones. And remember … have fun! You can enjoy these moments and improve your health at the same time! Add more intimacy to your life, wrap your arms around someone you love, share a passionate kiss with your sweetheart and spend some quality time between the sheets! Doctor’s orders.

Partha’s Prescriptions •

Boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure and add years to your life by carving out more time for intimacy.

Remember to practice safe sex. Protect yourself (and your partner) while reaping the health benefits.

Kiss for at least 30 seconds a day to lower stress levels.

Have fun and enjoy yourself!

Intimacy is a key component to a healthy life. Every hug, every kiss, every touch triggers an emotional connection and strengthens your relationships. It builds trust and makes you feel valued. You create genuine partnerships and deepen the bonds you share with those you love. This is what intimacy is about. Yes, it’s about physical pleasure at times, but it’s those undeniable connections we make that impact our lives – and health – the most.

Intimacy improves your health.

Getting intimate on a regular basis boosts your immune system. Your body’s defenses go to work and help you to fight off infection. Your risk for heart disease and prostate cancer decreases. If that isn’t reason enough, it’s been proven that frequently hugging people you love can lower your blood pressure almost as well as prescription medication. And if you want to improve your dental hygiene, pucker up for at least 30 seconds each day.

Intimacy helps you live longer.

Healthy sexual relationships can prolong your life up to 8 years. Let that sink in. You get to enjoy a great relationship, have sex frequently … and live longer because of it. It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it? Being married increases your odds of living a longer and healthier life. Your spouse is a life partner, a tribe member. And those who have tribes live longer and suffer from fewer health ailments.

Intimacy keeps you happier.

Less stress, better sleep and more relaxation lead to a happier you. Orgasms, hugs and kisses release feel-good hormones that give you a natural high and a feeling of closeness to those around you. Physically, your muscles relax and release tension. If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your health, I highly recommend giving someone a big hug after you’ve read this article.

It all comes back to personal connection.

Intimacy is a source of pleasure. It adds fun to your life (can you think of a more fun way to get exercise?). But its benefits go so much deeper. You’re building trust. You’re strengthening emotional bonds and showing your commitment to a partnership.

Summer 2017

Dr. Partha Nandi M.D., F.A.C.P is the creator and host of the internationally syndicated medical lifestyle television show, Ask Dr. Nandi seen in over 85 million homes daily across the US and in over 80 countries. Dr. Nandi is the Chief Health Editor at ABC Detroit, a practicing physician and a renowned international speaker. After immigrating to the United States at the age of 9, Dr. Nandi and his family moved to Columbus, OH, where he pursued his dream of becoming a health hero, graduating at the top of his class with a medical degree from Wayne State University. Dr. Nandi has been in practice as a gastroenterologist for more than 20 years, currently practicing full-time in Detroit, MI. He is the author of several publications in peer reviewed journals. Dr. Nandi has partnered with the Ministries of Health Jamaica and India, and collaborated with The World Health Organization, meeting with global health leaders and speaking at international conferences and symposia on his quest to improve healthcare quality, access and advocacy; to empower the world in his mission, "To Be Your Own Health Hero." In September 2017 Dr. Nandi will be releasing his first book with Simon & Schuster, Ask Dr. Nandi, 5 Steps to Becoming Your O ​ ​wn Health Hero for Longevity, Wellbeing and a Joyful Life. askdrnandi.com facebook.com/AskDrNandi instagram.com/askdrnandi twitter.com/askdrnandi


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I grew up among goddesses! The women of Trinidad, where I lived as a child, KNEW they were goddesses! Their self-confident strut proclaimed it. That confidence eluded my daughters who grew up in Los Angeles. Amanda and Tracey’s feelings of “not being enough” to attract and hold love drove me crazy. They were both amazing and accomplished women! How had this happened? I made a birthday card for Amanda called “You’re a GODDESS not a nymph!” She loved it. That spurred me to create GODDESS CARDS in 2002. Every card and its narrative drove home my simple message to women: “Embrace who you are! You’re beautiful!”

Now, I am looking for someone who shares my vision of celebrating and affirming women, and the people they love. I am interested in offering an inventory of 38,000 paper Goddess Cards in mint condition, and my egoddesscards.com website, with its entire virtual inventory of images, stories and music. Are you the person to carry on and expand that vision? If so, please get in touch with me. I would like to talk with you. Anne Baird, Owner/Author/Designer/Artist goddesscards@gmail.com GoddessCards.com and egoddesscards.com

As my card line grew, it gathered a wide and diverse interactive community of women. They loved the message of Goddess Cards! But they asked that their special needs and concerns be given a place in the line. Moved, in response, I designed cards for them: •

Chalchihuitlicue: the Aztec “ goddess of the gentle rains,” for women battling the 2013 Colorado Springs fire. The women printed this image on their fire-fighting t-shirts. The image was also used for Alberta’s 2015 Fort McMurray fire.

A card for women who LOST their baby: (It Hurts So Much!)

Cards for women to send to their men. (Gods for the Goddess)

A Mothers’ Day card with a refugee mother. (Refugee Madonna & Child.)

Celebrations of multiculturalism.

Cards celebrating specific ethnic and faith traditions. (Christians, Iranians, Africans, Muslims, Jews, Pagans, Ukrainians)

As this unfolded, I gradually switched from building an inventory of paper Goddess Cards, (to meet the demands of distributors and merchants) to creating a line of musical e-cards for individual women wanting to send unique, multiple cards instantly, at an affordable price. I transferred the images and stories of my entire paper inventory of cards to a virtual format in 2008. I added music to the narrative developed for each card. Women now had the flexibility of sending unlimited e-cards for a modest yearly membership fee of $19.95. In 2011, I was awarded the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Award for the Best Home-Based Business. The new format has been very successful. But I have had little time to promote it due to the long terminal illness of my husband who died in July of 2016.

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Vacation Home Check Plumbing Repairs Light Fixture Installation Ikea Furniture Assembly Pick-Up & Delivery Service

GEOFF GORAI 403.880.9211 goraigeoff@gmail.com Summer 2017


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My Destiny Was In the Cards By Cartomancer Craig

A question I am often asked is, “how did you get started with the cards?” I find this a hard question to answer because, in my case, it is lengthy. So I think an article is a great platform to provide the details. I recall a time in my home when I was about seven or eight and I was playing on the floor with a deck of regular playing cards. No video games or internet back then so naturally it was all about the imagination. I remember feeling very engaged and starting to really feel there was more to the cards than just being flimsy pieces of paper with symbols imprinted upon them. I also recall paying particular attention to the suit cards and then talking to them and engaging with them in a “pretend” way as a child might. It is at this point that I believe I was overheard and a comment was made to the effect “that was enough of that.” I did not see the cards again. Taken away and not to be seen again for some time I slowly forgot about how I had interacted with cards and later only played with them as most of us do. Then as an older teenager I was with a friend who was into rock music and started talking to me about symbols musicians like to use on album covers. During that conversation this friend suddenly turned to me and said, “Oh man, I don’t know why I feel so compelled but - you and tarot. I don’t know what it is, he said. But you and cards - you should look into them. I don’t even know why I am saying this, he said – I just know you should be learning about cards.” And that was it. Nothing more was said and I can’t say I went and purchased cards at the time either though it may have rekindled something and I just wasn’t yet aware. Overtime, I did get a deck of cards but they were different. Different enough to throw me off from realizing what they were - tarot cards all seventy-eight of them. There may have also been a cryptic book to go with them and I somehow felt lost in it all. Confused may be a better word. Tarot cards were confusing to me. I later learned that I was not alone in this confusion. Tarot cards were actually made to be confusing and even scary. Why? Well it used to be that those engaged with cards could also find themselves in trouble with certain establishments and quite a bit of trouble at that! In fact, this is still the case in parts of the world.

Now to read cards for other people I knew I needed to have a much more solid understanding of what the cards meant and represented. So I pursued that knowledge and worked hard to get much of those meanings into my mind. But then there is a different aspect to the cards that comes without formal training or learning. This is the strangest but most fascinating part of cards, or any other form of divination out there. And that is simply just letting go and saying what you are seeing for the person sitting before you. Where the learning continues, and never ends, is with people actually validating the truth in what you are saying. And just like I said before about not having the internet as a kid - I provide readings without the use of the internet as well. I often think to myself and sometimes even remark to the person I am reading for “all that came up simply looking at cards and for sure I did not Google any of that information.” People agree. It is fascinating that even specifics can come up around a person that they cannot deny and even fully understand for themselves as true. So when I reflect on the past I can see that cards have had a presence in my life from an early age but for whatever reason there was also a hiatus until, it seems, I was supposed to hear about them again. I am glad I did. I have now seen through numerous readings the positive and life affirming impact a reading can have on a person. As a form of guidance and also a realization of a connection to something even greater than ourselves – it is important for all of us to know that there IS a connection to something greater. Ironically enough that connection is also just like the internet we all know understand. Strong signal or weak signal – it is up to us to learn how strong of a signal (connection) we want to experience in life and one method to strengthen our connection is through a card reading with someone who works to help us understand that energetic connection.

What eventually cleared the air was to rediscover the regular deck of playing cards is actually tucked right into a tarot deck. Once I knew what I was looking at I felt a sense of familiarity settle in again.

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with Black Beans, Brussels Sprouts and Corn By Marsha Hebert

Essential nutrients: Complex carbohydrates, Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Applicable for better health: Cardiovascular disease, Weight gain, Diabetes, Celiac disease Tasty and good for: Vegan, Vegetarian, Allergy-Free Eater Ingredients: Salad 1 cup (173g) tricolor quinoa, uncooked 1 cup (156g) canned black beans, drained and rinsed 1 cup (120g) brussels sprouts, trimmed and quartered 1/2 cup (80g) canned sweet corn Dressing 3 tablespoon olive oil 1 tablespoon whole grain mustard 2 tablespoon honey 1/8 teaspoon salt Directions • Cook quinoa according to package directions. • Cook beans, brussels sprouts and corn in a medium pot of boiling water for 2 – 3 minutes or until tender. Drain and cool under cold running water. • Whisk the oil, mustard, honey and salt in a small bowl. • Add quinoa, bean mixture in a large bowl. Add dressing, toss lightly and serve.

Essential Nutrients Nutrients Per Serving Basic Components Gram Weight (g) 215.00 Calories (kcal) 467.41 Calories from Fat (kcal) 145.40 Calories from SatFat (kcal) 19.24 Protein (g) 12.81 Carbohydrates (g) 67.57 Total Dietary Fiber (g) 9.52 Total Soluble Fiber (g) 0 Total Sugars (g) 13.50

Summer 2017

Monosaccharides (g) 0 Disaccharides (g) 0 Other Carbs (g) 44.55 Fat (g) 16.85 Saturated Fat (g) 2.14 Mono Fat (g) 10.50 Poly Fat (g) 2.17 Trans Fatty Acid (g) 0 Cholesterol (mg) 0 Water (g) 41.25

Vitamins Vitamin A - IU (IU) 376.68 Vitamin A - RAE (mcg) 18.83 Carotenoid RE (RE) 37.67 Retinol RE (RE) 0 Beta-Carotene (mcg) 0 Vitamin B1 (mg) 0.08 Vitamin B2 (mg) 0.07 Vitamin B3 (mg) 0.34 Vitamin B3 - Niacin Equiv (mg) 0.99 Vitamin B6 (mg) 0.03 Vitamin B12 (mcg) 0

Biotin (mcg) -Vitamin C (mg) 28.71 Vitamin D - IU (IU) 0 Vitamin D - mcg (mcg) 0 Vitamin E - Alpha-Toco (mg) 0.34 Folate (mcg) 63.22 Folate, DFE (mcg DFE) 33.26 Vitamin K (mcg) 61.17 Pantothenic Acid (mg) 0.10

Minerals Calcium (mg) 66.00 Chromium (mcg) 0.00 Copper (mg) 0.10 Fluoride (mg) 0.00 Iodine (mcg) -Iron (mg) 3.99 Magnesium (mg) 19.09 Manganese (mg) 0.23 Molybdenum (mcg) -Phosphorus (mg) 58.89 Potassium (mg) 167.97

Selenium (mcg) 0.71 Sodium (mg) 294.77 Zinc (mg) 0.29 Poly Fats Omega 3 Fatty Acid (g) 0.03 Omega 6 Fatty Acid (g) 0.04 Other Nutrients Alcohol (g) 0 Caffeine (mg) 0 Choline (mg) 12.65


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So Spectacular! Himalayan Hot Salt Treatment, is slowly taking the spa world by storm, it has been around in various ways for a couple of years, and when you have looked at spa menus at dream vacation spots or the world's leading spas you may have seen it. Now it has finally arrived in Calgary. The treatment starts in a similar way to a hot stone massage, but instead of inert black basalt stones, the therapist uses instead blocks of Himalayan Salt to gently massage away muscle tension, and to deeply relax the body and spirit of the client. This massage also has a slight scrub effect leaving you whole body glowing with good health for bathing suit and short weather. These salt stones emit negative ions balancing our moods, blood sugar, energy levels and helps our bodies fight infection, and even allergies, studies show that halotherapy (salt treatments) help with bronchitis, sinus congestion and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease . There are 84 minerals found in pure Himalayan salt that are found in our bodies, and massage with the stones helps our bodies balance and absorb these nutrients. So in addition to being incredibly relaxing, we are nourishing our bodies, and unlike table salt which is dehydrating, the gently movement of the stones, helps support the body's water balance and barrier functions by attracting and keeping moisture in the skin. After the massage with the warm stones, your therapist will mix ground Himalayan salt with a proprietary blend of oil, containing lemon and bitter orange for draining, stimulating and tightening skin, and jojoba oil for deep nourishing moisturizing effects. This is a perfect treatment to combat the excess of Stampede or just to get your skin ready for its summer debut! Jill Burk, Owner Health Span Inc, and Health Span North yourhealthspan.ca


If you haven't heard the term "law of attraction" by this time you've probably been living under a rock. The truth is that this concept is becoming more and more mainstream and it is no longer being viewed as just "woo woo" for spiritual people. Many people first heard about this idea with the best selling book, The Secret (which was published back in 2007) and eventually went on to become a movie. I personally, however, didn't start to learn about the Law of Attraction until the end of 2013 after a series of cataclysmic events that really flipped my life upside down. These events included a divorce, loss of house, friendships changing, fractured skull/brain injury + loss of smell and the icing on the cake.... being cat-fished online (that is when someone pretends to be someone they are not through identity theft and using pictures of someone else). Yes, so in a nutshell, I had a rip-roaring and life altering summer in 2013 which served as a catalyst to get my life back on track and made me want so deeply to feel happier, healthier and supported in my life. I no longer wanted to rely on getting black out drunk to "think" I was "having fun" when in fact I was just drowning my sorrows and falling deeper into my disconnection from spirit. The truth is my life changed SO MUCH and SO FAST when I finally got it and understood (and implemented) the Universal Law of Attraction. This shift in mindset and belief really took hold in my life at the beginning of 2015. Looking back, it is incredible to see how much I was able to manifest into my life simply by becoming aware of my thoughts and feelings. I became mindful of the dialogue going on in my head. I realized that what I thought about affected how I felt and my feelings. I realized that when I ruminated on a thought that made me feel stress, anxiety, resentment or angst, I then drew in more life experiences that made me feel those same ways. I also realized that when I chose to change those thoughts and not give them anymore time and attention (by changing my focus and thinking about something that felt good); I was then able to attract in life experiences that reflected those improved states of being. By being aware of where my thoughts went, I was able to direct my energy to good feeling places that allowed me to, at a rapid rate, create my organic skincare line (despite the socalled "barrier" of no longer having a sense of smell), followed by my energy healing business (Reiki and crystal healing) and most recently my Holistic Lifestyle & Goal-Crush Empowerment Coaching practice. I would envision the way I wanted to F E E L in my life and my business and (in less than a year) I manifested it into my reality...and it turned out even better than I had planned!

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This is evidence that the Universe goes to work and lines things up in our favour based on where our thoughts, intentions and energy flows.

BODYCHERISH by Christine Nicole

By being mindful of the Law of Attraction and how to gradually cultivate new belief systems to deepen our faith in what could go right rather than what could go wrong, miracles start to unfold in our lives. Remember, the Law of Attraction can work against us if we ruminate on what could go wrong but, rest assured, it will and it DOES work for us when we focus on a positive outcome. I can speak from personal experience, that when I realized that my internal world (thoughts, beliefs and emotions) determined my outer world, my entire life changed. I became an energetic match to my wildest dreams, including my healthiest body, most nurturing relationships and deeply rewarding business endeavours...and I know with certainty, YOU CAN TOO. This is a Universal LAW that works for everyone! Remember, it is your thoughts and feelings that create your reality and it is YOU who has the power to determine your thoughts. YOU are a powerful creator and have the ability to manifest the most grandest vision of your life and are worthy of experiencing the life of your wildest dreams. Christine Nicole bodycherish.ca facebook.com/cherishyourbodyandadoreyourlife

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Indeed, if you have ever struggled to detox, summer is the season for you!

By Stephanie Hrehirchuk

One of the key channels of detoxification is the breath. It is always with us and doesn’t cost a thing. Sitali breathing, Sanskrit for cooling or soothing, is a beneficial breathing practice for summer. If you feel overheated in the body, or find you have an overly sharp tongue or temper this summer, once you befriend Sitali breathing; you will have found a cool friend indeed. Practice this breathing exercise and feel a cooler body and head prevail this season:

AYURVEDA-INSPIRED 21-DAY DETOX A regular detox program is like hitting the reset button for the body. Detox is designed to lighten the load on the organs and lessen inflammation before it contributes to chronic disease. An Ayurveda-inspired detox program, however, is like hitting the reset button for the body, mind and spirit. This program is designed to lighten the load on the body as well as the emotions and mind. It is intended to assist you in creating a nourishing daily self-care ritual. Over the years, we accumulate residue from undigested and unprocessed material in the body. This residue effects not only the physical, but also the mental and emotional bodies. In Ayurveda, this accumulation is called ama, and Ayurveda cites ama as the root cause of all disease. Seasonal detoxes are used to rid the body of ama and restore balance to the whole person. Although spring and fall are the recommended seasons for detoxification, there is no rule against enjoying a delicious detox during summer. In fact, summer may be the most naturally encouraging time to cleanse the body, particularly in a colder climate such as Canada. Summer inspires us to move our bodies, to soak in natural springs and lakes, and meditate on a star-filled sky. Summer bursts with color, making nature a natural mood booster. Increased hours of daylight offer a generous window of time in which to indulge in nourishing morning and evening practices. Fresh produce is plentiful. Gorge on blueberries and sweet strawberries. Pick lemon balm leaves straight from your garden, and enjoy herb-infused water all day long. Devour juicy cucumbers, sugar snap peas and succulent melons. Add bright, bountiful blackberries and raspberries to salads. Toss in fresh mint and dress with a squeeze of lemon or orange. Sip sweet berry smoothies like lemonberry longevity tonic: In the evening, fill 1/3 of a mason jar with dried lemon balm, then fill the remainder of the jar with hot water. Loosely cap the jar and let it sit overnight. In the morning, toss 1 cup of fresh blueberries into the blender and strain 1 cup of the lemon balm infusion over top. Add a squeeze of lemon and a touch of honey if you wish, then blend. Enjoy immediately (unless you fancy blueberry jam). If you use frozen blueberries, steep your herbs for 15-20 minutes in the morning and add the hot tea to your frozen berries before blending. Makes a brilliant breakfast. Enjoy daily.

Sitting comfortably, extend the tongue out from the mouth. Roll the sides of the tongue by curling the edges upwards like a taco shape. • With this taco-tongue extended, draw a long, slow inhalation deep, down into the belly, like sipping through a straw. • Pull the tongue back into the mouth and exhale through the nose, long and slow, drawing the belly back toward the spine to empty the breath. • Extend the taco-tongue and take another slow, complete inhalation. No straining. Relax the belly. • Exhale again through the nose, drawing the tongue back into the mouth. The air drawn in should feel cool while the air exiting through the nose releases heat from the body. • Continue this breathing, allowing the inhalations and exhalations to gradually lengthen as you relax and begin to cool down. Closing the eyes will assist with the calming and cooling process. If you cannot roll up the sides of your tongue: • Make a small o shape with your mouth. • Allow your tongue to float in the middle of your mouth, not touching teeth or gums. • Draw a long slow breath through the o-shaped lips and into the belly. • Press the tip of the tongue against the roof of the mouth and exhale through the nose. • Sitali breathing can be done anywhere; however, it is safest to do while seated. Use this breathing practice to pacify pitta conditions: excess heat, including hot flashes in menopause, anger and agitation. • Caution should be used if you are pregnant or have low blood pressure. Discontinue if dizziness occurs. Additional suggestions for summer: • Exercise in early morning or evening, avoiding the heat of the sun. • Cooling stones for pitta are pearl and moonstone. • Pitta benefits from essential oils that are both cooling and sweet: mint, jasmine, lavender and sandalwood. • A rose hydrosol, or rosewater, is a simple and luxurious way to soothe both skin and mind on a hot day. Keep your hydrosol in the fridge and spray often. Close your eyes and spritz over your face, inhaling the delicate aromatherapy. Or spray your entire body after a shower or bath.

For the full 21-day detox program, an Ayurveda-inspired plan for daily ritual, visit stephaniehrehirchuk.com and pick up your copy of Nourish.

This article is meant to inform, not diagnose or treat health conditions. Always consult a physician before beginning any wellness, nutrition or exercise program.

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Gratitude is a word we all know and to its core means many things – love, sincerity and expression. Showing gratitude can be incredibly vulnerable as it exposes your values and beliefs, but practicing it can change your world. I know this because it has changed mine. Being thankful is a two-way gift and when used genuinely, it can strengthen relationships and make both the person giving and the people receiving feel amazing and truly loved. Years ago my life looked quite different. I was the happy-golucky girl who was always “People Pleasing”. The majority of my time was spent doing tasks for other people. I was always happy to help in any way I could; now reflecting on those times I realize what made me happy was being appreciated. I was the leaning post that people relied on whenever they needed something – but what it meant for me was that my time, my authenticity and my purpose came second. I didn’t know how to let go of feeling like someone needed to NEED me – to feel valued and important. I also didn’t know how my authentic self would be enough. I know, I needed a hug. After diving into the world of self-help, what I realized was that I CRAVED gratitude. I lived for the moments people would say things like “I don’t know what I would do without you” or “you’re my saving grace”. It was these comments that made me feel valued even though I knew it was holding me back from doing bigger and better things. I also made the connection that I valued others’ validation over my own and didn’t know what I could do to change. After speaking with a friend about this, she recommended that I just simply flip it: show endless amounts of gratitude to other people and see what would happen. So I did. I started a gratitude journal, I expressed gratitude to people the moment I felt it and I also showed gratitude anyway I could. My life quickly changed. I was a servant no longer. I felt so much more at peace with myself because I was expressing my truth and declining the things that no longer served me. It was so much easier to do when I came from a place of authenticity and self-love. I even began to build a company on the foundation of gratitude because it was such a powerful shift in my life. THE shift that I needed.

Summer 2017

Drops of Gratitude was built with multiple passions that I was able to combine. I am free to be creative, to explore and teach and also, to help people. It was my personal journey that this venture was built on – the story of finding me. “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty” – Maya Angelou. This is such a beautiful quote because it’s so necessary to experience the not-so-good things in order to find the greatness in our hearts. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for being the peoplepleasing, lost girl who didn’t know who she was. I am grateful that I experienced every hardship because I can say with every ounce of my being that I belong here, right where I am. I still don’t have it all figured out but I know that all the little hiccups along the way help to shape and mold me into something bigger than myself. I feel so blessed to live this life. It took me such a long time to realize that we are all so strongly connected. That the thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves are often omitted into the world even if we don’t realize it. I no longer feel “needed” by anyone and it’s so freeing. Rather, I express, give and receive gratitude when it is felt and I now feel loved by both myself and others. That’s all we really want isn’t it? To find love from within, cherish our life and value our people? I can say without a doubt, that gratitude is your turning point. Feel it. Express it. Receive it. And I promise you, you will grow. I live each day with a full heart knowing that I am my true self, that my purpose on this earth is larger than me and that I am here to help (and now, for the right reasons). I believe that everyone has a duty to serve in the best way they know how and I think for me, that it’s in the expression of love. Gift giving is such a beautiful act and it can mean so many things – like love, gift giving comes from a place of gratitude. I implore you to show gratitude to the people you love and do it genuinely, whole-heartedly. It doesn’t have to be by giving a gift, but just expressing it via your words, your actions and your thoughts. It will not only benefit the recipient, it will change your life. Drops of Gratitude is a unique company that uses essential oils and lava stones to create beautiful gifts which allow you to reap the benefits of aromatherapy. The ability to smell is our most primitive sense. That, along with affirming goodness in our lives, has proven to be the perfect combination to showcase the gratitude we hold in our hearts. Specializing in gemstone jewelry, Drops of Gratitude is sure to have something to fit any occasion. dropsofgratitude.ca


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LOVIN' THE JOURNEY By Roxanna Pullan

When it came to deciding that I wanted to spend my life with my spouse, I was certain. I had dated extensively, been in a few longterm relationships and knew who I was and who I wanted to be with. When we first started dating, we had been friends first and knew each other fairly well before jumping into a relationship. On some level, my romantic relationship was the most important part of my life. My career, on the other hand, wasn’t given the same careful consideration. I’ve recently been reflecting on the last 10 years of my life since I’ve completed my undergraduate degree. While I chose my degree (a BA in English) intentionally, what came after was a series of accidents, missteps, luck and general learning. Now in my early thirties I’m taking a conscious and deliberate look at my career. My biggest goal for the year is to “discover my purpose,” and the best way to do this is to go out and try different things. In the past year I’ve started volunteering at an animal shelter. This happened before I decided on my big goal, but it helped me narrow down my scope by showing me the pure joy spending time with the animals brings me. Based on what I learned from working with animals, I decided to focus on jobs that fall into the realm of nurturers. At the time of writing I’ve interviewed or job shadowed with: a massage therapist, a veterinarian, a few teachers and a career counsellor. I’ve also fostered a dog. My point in sharing this is to indicate that it’s OK to no have your career figured out and that there are steps to take to hone in on what you love. While it took me approximately 15 years to learn about myself and relationships, the heartache, ended relationships and feeling of “always a bridesmaid” have been worth it. I am in a happy, loving, committed relationship that feels like a team and a secret society at the same time. I wouldn’t change the journey for anything, because I know any change would alter the results. A happy, fulfilled and satisfying life comes from being engaged in what we do. The formula for engagement is simple: do what you like and what you’re good at. If half of this formula is missing, a person is not engaged. If we’re not engaged, it is unlikely we will be fulfilled and satisfied. Rather, work will burn us out. Cliches exist for a reason. “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” has a point. I’m not suggesting you work for free, but do something that engages your interest. At this time, if that means spending a Saturday volunteering, researching or trying something new, I compel you to do it. If you’re not doing what you love, I challenge you to discover your purpose through a structured process of participating in activities or conducting interviews in an area that fills you with joy. Just as I stayed the course in finding my spouse, finding purpose, and all aspects of life for that matter, are a journey. We might as well enjoy the ride. Roxanna Pullan is a certified executive coach from Royal Roads University and a scheduling and planning maven. Her goals and inspiration come from a group of like-minded people part of a business club. Roxanna does take on a few private coaching clients each year to help them get clear on their goals and she helps them set up a plan to achieve their goals.

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Love Your Skin By Lois Hamilton

Our skin, which is our largest organ, is nourished from the inside out. We have the power to protect our skin from sun damage by simply limiting our sun exposure, choosing nourishing foods and drinking quality water. UV rays along with other environmental factors stimulate free radical production. Free radicals are damaging to all cells including skin cells. Free radical damage alters skin cells, leading to premature aging of the skin and in some cases, cancer. Our first line of defence is to drink at least 2 litres of quality water daily to help rid the cells of toxins. In the heat of summer we may need more water depending on the amount of time spent in the sun and the amount of activity one is participating in while in the sun. Also influencing water requirements is the consumption of caffeine or alcohol, both of which are diuretics. For each caffeinated or alcoholic beverage, 2 glasses of additional water are required. Note as well that alcohol metabolizes into substances that cause free radical damage. TIP: Put frozen grapes or mint or basil ice cubes in your water for a refreshingly chilling antioxidant boost. The next most beneficial thing that you could do for your skin is to consume lots of antioxidants. Foods that are high in antioxidants include: • GREEN VEGGIES kale, dark green lettuces, mustard greens, sea vegetables, broccoli, etc. • ORANGE VEGGIES carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, yellow peppers, etc. • RED VEGGIES tomatoes, red peppers • HERBS parsley, dill, mint, cilantro, basil, thyme, oregano, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, turmeric, etc. • VITAMIN E FOODS asparagus, avocados, nuts, seeds and whole grains. • FLAVONOID FOODS citrus, berries, grapes, legumes (chickpeas, lentils etc) • OMEGA 3 FOODS flaxseed, hemp hearts, walnuts, salmon, herring, mackerel and sardines.

Trifecta Magazine MIND | BODY | SOUL

Putting all these yummy choices together: KICKSTARTER BREAKFAST (serves 4)

• 1/4 cup quinoa • 1/4 cup millet • 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon • 1/2 tsp. ground ginger • Pinch of sea salt • 2 tbsp. freshly ground flaxseed • 1/4 cup crushed walnuts • 1 cup fresh blueberries • 1/2 cup fresh cherries  Rinse grains well. Cook quinoa and millet together with spices in 2 cups water until water evaporates (about 15 mins). Remove from heat and stir flaxseed in. Place cooked grains in bowls; add walnuts, berries and cherries.


• Green leaf lettuce, chopped • Mango chunks • Strawberries, hulled and sliced • Cantaloupe, diced • Avocado chunks • Roasted cashews • Hemp seeds • Alfalfa sprouts • Fresh basil to garnish Arrange in large bowl and dress with freshly squeezed orange juice, avocado oil and freshly ground black pepper and sea salt. 

PINEAPPLE WHIP for an afternoon treat (serves 4)

• 1/2 cup coconut cream • 4 cup frozen pineapple chunks • 1 tbsp. unpasteurized honey  • Zest of one organic lime ( set some aside for garnish) Cut fresh pineapple into chunks and put on parchment lined baking pan. Put in freezer overnight. Next day, add all ingredients to blender until smooth. Pour into glasses, garnish with lime zest.

A holistic nutritional approach can provide improvement for: • digestive disorders • stress related issues • allergies/intolerances • dietary restrictions • acid/alkaline balance • weight management • candidiasis

• asthma • liver health • cardiovascular health • hormonal health • bone health • fibromyalgia • chronic fatigue syndrome

Book a free consulatation or view a full list of services at www.holistichealthwithlois.com

Chemical-Free Living IS Possible


• 1/2 cup dulse or other sea vegetable, rehydrated for 30 minutes • 1 large salmon • Bunch of dill • 1 lemon, sliced • Freshly ground black pepper and unrefined sea salt Cut a large piece of parchment paper, enough to wrap the salmon in. Place hydrated sea vegetables on the bottom. Place salmon on top. Sprinkle with pepper and salt. Add dill and lemon slices on salmon. Wrap, sealing tightly and place on baking sheet and bake on BBQ at medium high heat or oven at 400 for about 15 minutes depending on thickness of salmon. Serve with a fresh green garden salad. Enjoy this yummy food, knowing that you are taking care of your skin! Thank the sun for providing all that beneficial vitamin D that is helping your bones, muscles and immune system! Relax and soak in the goodness of summer! Lois Hamilton, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner Holistic Health with Lois holistichealthwithlois.com


Independent Distributor

TOXIC FREE. PLANT-BASED. ESSENTIAL OIL-INFUSED. For more info email Allison at aecartwright@me.com


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Most people do not see themselves as a perpetrator …someone who inflicts harm onto others. To that end, waiting for someone to admit their mistakes and ask for forgiveness is the same as someone else wanting you to change so they will be happier. Therefore it is important to be the pioneer, the one with the courage and consciousness, to forgive and let go. Not to do so means you will have this person on your back weighing you down. I forgive early and fast, no matter the infraction, because then my mental, emotional, and physical energy is freed up and focused on my life instead of others’ lives.

It is vital to go through life with a forgiving attitude. This applies to the big things and the small. Forgiving people, places, and circumstances is the best technique for living in the moment and staying in the now. When you obsess about the past, or worry about the future, you are not able to access your vital energy. When you go through life with a forgiving attitude, you develop a courteous heart. Because a courteous heart does not interfere with another’s character, it may appear detached. This is not so. A courteous heart feels no need to criticize, regulate or improve another person. It does not search for a reason to make others feel guilty. It does not say: Why didn’t you do that? or You made me feel bad. A courteous heart simply looks at the other person or situation with discernment versus judgment. A courteous heart knows that to judge is to limit the ability to learn. More than anything, your heart wants to be open to the experiences and gifts of others. A courteous heart knows that

Clinically demonstrated to help you lose weight Promotes the growth of good gut microbes Increases Lactobacillus by 365 times and Bifidobacterium by 290 times Increases the metabolism enhancing Akkermansia microbes by 250 times Supports healthy glucose metabolism


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Trifecta Magazine MIND | BODY | SOUL

it cannot learn from someone it judges to be less than it is. A courteous heart knows that to recall a hurtful event from the past is to instill fear and cause pain to itself. A courteous heart knows what you need to know and will communicate that to you!

current moment where you neither long for future nor obsess about the people in your past. Freeing up this energy creates an opportunity to live more fully in the now. This ability to remain exceptionally focused will enable you to make decisions with greater clarity than ever before.

Having a courteous heart does not mean you will tolerate the intolerable, or accept the unacceptable. Instead, it means you will change what you can and let go of (forgive) the rest. If someone is in your face and you feel uncomfortable or want to retaliate, contain your emotions with the mantra: God bless this him/her and improve me. This releases the person to a power greater than you, and frees you from the limiting emotion of judgment. It also causes you to admit to yourself that you, too, are imperfect, in need of help and blessings. Adapting a forgiveand-forget attitude frees you. It gives you more focus and energy to get off the other person’s case, and to get on with your life. It frees the other person from being accountable to you.

How often have you made choices based on your projection of the past onto the current situation? Why not live in the moment and choose according to what is actually going on right now? Just consider the lightness and joy created by being free of those old patterns of anger and resentment. This will allow your heart to create a new space—where anger once lived there is now room to fill that void with joy, love and laughter. This is a conscious choice: to let go of something old; to clean out the garbage you were holding onto; to unclutter your emotions and make room for new beginnings.

Adopting a completely forgiving attitude does not mean you do not have boundaries. Quite the reverse is true. However, when you do create a boundary it is elegant, instead of defensive. The boundary you create is about the behavior, not about the person. When you attack a person, you lose your power. If you do not let others know your boundaries, they may offend you by what they say or do. However, they are not responsible because you have not taken the time to identify your boundaries. If you have educated them, and they continue the offensive behavior, you will have to make a decision to remain in contact or not. Boundaries usually need to be emphasized and repeated a couple of times. If we have been in a relationship over an extended period without healthy boundaries, we have taught our friends and family how to treat us. No one will abandon this pattern of attack without resistance! Your persistence in creating elegant boundaries will eventually cause them to respect you and your boundaries. When you become angry while maintaining a boundary, you are effectively moving from a boundary to a defense. Typically, a defensive posture only stimulates more defenses—attack is met with attack. This is not uncommon. The gift you give yourself by going through life with a forgiveand-forget attitude is that you develop a courteous heart, and you become spiritually elegant instead of spiritually arrogant. One who is spiritually elegant does not feel snobbish or superior but is able to learn from everyone else. The divine spirit of the universe works through people—all kinds of people, from all kinds of lifestyles. A courteous heart embraces all, and therefore experiences the divine in all. The positive results show. A courteous heart allows you to stay more emotionally present by not getting stuck through holding onto the past with resentment and anger. Letting go of this fear will place you in the

Summer 2017

Something amazing happens when you forgive. There is an increase in your understanding of what it means to be human with all your frailty and all your strength. When you find it in your heart to accept and forgive others, you will discover that it becomes easier to forgive yourself for what you perceive are your own shortcomings. We are often our own worst critic. Judgment of us and others creates a world of limitations. Through forgiveness and letting go, you will experience an increase in human compassion. This new love for all beings will open a door to a grand future filled with a level of peace and contentment that is unparalleled. In looking back at the experience of your interaction with others you will eventually be able to access the wisdom and the lessons that a particular person or situation created that caused you to grow. When the cloud of anger has lifted you can acknowledge the benefit of the experience overall and remember what it was that originally attracted you to this person in the first place. By taking the path of forgiveness you will become self-empowered; there is no other possibility. In fact, to have money and success without peace of mind is like having the icing without the cake! You will no longer need to give your power to others to gain their love and approval nor will you unnecessarily source power from others to provide a sense of self that personal doubt had stolen from you. You will be totally secure within your own being and will not look to anyone else to create it for you. By opening our hearts we receive the gift of inner peace and contentment. In my humble opinion, to live with an open heart is as close as a human being can come to the state of divine spiritual love. As you open your heart to practice forgiveness, you will experience the gift of inner peace. This gift can neither be bought nor sold; the path to it is through forgiveness. Alice Wheaton is a bestselling author with books translated into several languages. Her book, Imperfect Forgiveness: The Miracle of Releasing Hurt bit by Bit is endorsed by Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson. Alice works with her clients to help and support them to create new opportunities and achieve challenging goals.


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M A R K YO U R C A L E N DA R Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj

Sri Swamiji has come to help us on the path of meditation. He does not give lectures. He silently teaches the practice of Dhyan meditation. His gift of mediation is given as a friend without obligation June 14, 2017 June 20, 2017 shivabalayogi.ca

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Profile for Trifecta Magazine

Trifecta Magazine Issue 15: Summer 2017  

Trifecta Magazine inspires well-being and mindful living through community connection while focusing on three aspects of health; Mind Body a...

Trifecta Magazine Issue 15: Summer 2017  

Trifecta Magazine inspires well-being and mindful living through community connection while focusing on three aspects of health; Mind Body a...