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1 Northern Dakota County TriDistrict Community Education

Brain Builders Crazy Chemworks

(Grades 1-6) Start your chemistry career off right with Mad Science Crazy Chemworks. Observe chemistry that happens in the blink of an eye, learn how to work in a lab, tell the difference between acids and bases, and identify chemical reactions. At the end of each class, you’ll add to your own lab by taking home a Graduated Gear, Reaction Tube Kit, Action Flask and a set of Atomic Coins. Instructor: Mad Science Kaposia Education Center Tuesdays, Jan 31,Feb 7,14,21 #4149-W17KEC

3:40-4:40 pm 4 sessions-$63

Lincoln Center Elementary Thursdays, Feb 2,9,16,23 #4149-W17LC

3-4 pm 4 sessions-$63

Engineering: Crazy Gears and Wheels

(Grades 1-6) If you love legos, making things move, building and experimenting – this class is for you. Learn about engineering and the physical science principles behind different action machines. Working in teams, students will build crazy wheeled and geared contraptions that spring into action. Have fun while you learn the principles of mechanical engineering and simple machines. Make tops, spinners, zip lines, rubber band powered cars, crimping cars, and other crazy contraptions. Instructor: Computer Explorers Kaposia Education Center Tuesdays, March 7,21,28 #4151-W17

3:40-5:10 pm 3 sessions-$60

Lincoln Center Elementary Wednesdays, May 3,10,17 #4151-Sp17

3-4:30pm 3 sessions-$60


(Grades K-8) GRASP is a nine-week correspondence program which helps students maintain reading and math skills while they are on summer vacation. It should take you and your child approximately one hour per week for nine weeks to complete each weekly lesson. We suggest parents order the grade level just completed. If there are extenuating circumstances, order the level that is appropriate for your child. Prices include curriculum packet, completion awards and scoring service. Deadline to register is April 17, 2017. GRASP books will be sent to your child’s school after Memorial day. SSP students in grades 7-8 may pick up their books at the Youth Enrichment Office located in the SSP ABE/Community Education(CE) office located at 517 Marie Avenue. #4115-W17 KECMath #4115-W17 KECReading #4115-W17 KECBoth

1 subject-$36 1 subject-$36 2 subjects-$56

#4115-W17 LCMath #4115-W17 LCReading #4115-W17 LCBoth

1 subject-$36 1 subject-$36 2 subjects-$56

#4115-W17 CEMath #4115-W17 CEReading #4115-W17 CEBoth

1 subject-$36 1 subject-$36 2 subjects-$56


Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Lincoln Center/Kaposia Newspaper Club

Brain Builders

(Grades 2-5) Our Newspaper Club is dedicated to the making of a school newspaper solely by students. Students will create a printed newspaper for their school using their own creativity and design through the help of the instructor. Our final objective will be to have a printed newspaper and end with a "Hot off the Press " party. Instructor: Sadie Benson Kaposia Education Center Fridays, March 24-May 26 (no class April 14 & 28) #4116-W17KEC Lincoln Center Elementary Tuesdays, April 11-May 30 #4116-Sp17LC

7:50-8:50 am 8 sessions-$48

7:10-8:10 am 8 sessions-$48

Video Game Coding: Super Mario

(Grades 3-6) New Class! This course will give you hands-on experience developing your own game using Scratch 2, a visual coding platform. Students will learn how to think like a programmer, and learn coding concepts while creating a 2 dimensional arcade-style Super Mario Brother’s themed game. The first part of the class will be instructor led; with the time remaining students will have the opportunity customize their games. Games created in class will be available online, or students can bring in a USB drive for immediate access. Instructor: Computer Explorers Kaposia Education Center Tuesdays, April 4,11,18 #4152-Sp17KEC

3:40-5:10 pm 3 sessions-$60

Lincoln Center Elementary Wednesdays, Mar 22,29, April 5 #4152-Sp17LC

3-4:30 pm 3 sessions-$60

Science at Work

(Grades 1-6) Join Mad ScienceÂŽ for after-school fun with interactive, hands-on activities that get you revved up about science. Experience Science at Work in the Mad Science crime lab and toy factory. Discover science working in nature through storms! Make science work for you as you manipulate magnetic forces. Take home your Personal Profile Kit, Yo-Yo, Magnet Lab and UV Sensitive Keychain. Instructor: Mad Science Kaposia Education Center Fridays, April 7,21,May 5 & 12 3:40-4:40 pm #4150-Sp17KEC 4 sessions-$63 Lincoln Center Elementary Thursdays, April 6,13,20,May 4 #4150-Sp17LC

3-4 pm 4 sessions-$63


are available for most classes. Please call 651-306-3631 for more information.


Brain Builders Schoolhouse Chess (Grades 1-6) Squires Level I – Intermediate I

Learning chess helps develop math skills, selfconfidence, critical thinking, and creative problem solving skills. The Schoolhouse Chess unique learning method uses engaging characters and personalities to bring chess pieces to life in a fun, kid-friendly way. The Squires Level I is designed for those who have taken the Pages class or know how the pieces move and capture, check and checkmate, castling, and material value. In Squires Level I you learn how to use your pieces together as a team, control the center of the board, and chess notation. Prerequisite: Pages Level for beginners or equivalent experience. Instructor: Mad Science Lincoln Center Elementary Mondays, March 27-May 1 #4142-Sp17

Imagine & Design Art Studio –Emoji Craze! (Grades K-5)

You've texted them, now you can paint and sculpt them! This 3-week session will be all about your favorite emojis or creating new ones! Now you can make emojis with your own style and flair in this super fun class! Your emojis will be painted on real canvas boards, and sculpted with clay - all ready for display after each class! Instructor:Watch Me Draw Kaposia Education Center Mondays, May 8,15,22 3:40-4:40 pm #4419-Sp17KEC 3 sessions-$49 Lincoln Center Elementary Tuesdays, May 9,16,23 3-4 pm #4419-Sp17LC 3 sessions-$49

3-4 pm 6 sessions-$81

Wacky Water (Grades 1-5)

Investigate the concept of density, predict which object will sink and which will float. Simulate an oil spill and experiment with the different techniques available to contain it and clean it up! Learn about ocean waves, convection currents and buoyancy. Build your own Rescue Diver to take home. Instructor: Mad Science Kaposia Education Center Friday, Jan. 27 #4148-W17KEC

12:30-1:30 pm 1 session-$12

Lincoln Center Elementary Friday, Jan. 27 #4148-W17LC

12:30-1:30 pm 1 session-$12

Kid’s Choice SAC available after class. Call 651-306-3631 for more information

Finding Dory Art Class (K-5)

Dive right into 3D art! During this class, your child will create a 3D ocean themed diorama featuring their favorite fish friend from Disney’s movie Finding Dory. Dory and Nemo would love this class! Instructor: Kidcreate Studio Kaposia Education Center Wednesday, March 29 #4418-W17KEC

3:40-4:40 pm 1 session-$17

Lincoln Center Elementary Friday, March 24 #4418-W17LC

3-4 pm 1 session-$17


are available for most classes. Please call 651-306-3631 for more information.


Health & Safety

Beyond Pinch Pots (Grades K-5)

Every kid loves making pinch pots! But let’s go beyond that and learn super cool techniques to transform pinch pots into puppy pals, silly rabbits, playful penguins and much more. Not only will the kids learn the basics of working with clay but they will create amazing clay creations that are way cooler than a plain old ordinary pinch pot! Instructor: Kidcreate Studio Kaposia Education Center Wednesday, April 12-May 3 #4420-Sp17KEC

3:40-4:40 pm 4 sessions-$56

Jewelry Making (Grades 3-7)

Join us for a fun jewelry making class! Materials are included in the class fee. Instructor: Sadie Benson


2 sessions-$29

Lincoln Center Elementary Design a Valentine Theme necklace, bracelet and earrings!

Mondays, February 6 & 13


Lincoln Center Elementary

Design a necklace, bracelet and earrings for someone special for Mother’s Day!

Mondays, May 1 & 8


Paper Mache (Grades K-5)

It's messy, sloppy and oh so much fun! Come join us for a class full of papier mache. The kids will create bugs, bowls and monsters too! This class is going to be a messy good time! Dress accordingly (Parents, you might want to send an old t-shirt with your child on class days) (This is a gluten free art class) Instructor:Kidcreate Studio Kaposia Education Center Fridays, Feb 10-March 3 3:40-4:40 pm 4421-W17KEC 4 sessions-$56 Lincoln Center Elementary Wednesdays, Feb 8, 15, 22 & March 1 3-4 pm 4421-W17LC 4 sessions-$56

One Day Class! Certified Babysitter’s Training

(Ages 11 and up) This course is designed to provide youth who are planning to babysit with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and responsibly give care for children and infants. Youth will learn skills in four core areas: leadership and professionalism, safety, basic care for infants and children and first aid. Babysitter’s Handbook is included with the fee. Please bring a nut free bag lunch and a beverage. Instructor: Deb Gutzman

9 am-2:30 pm

1 session-$70

Central Square Community Center #4202-W17 Saturday, Feb. 11 #4202-Sp17 Friday, April 28

Safekids 101-Preparing Kids to Stay Safe at Home or in the Community

(Ages 8 and up) Safe Kids 101 helps kids with the next step in independence and helps parents rest in the knowledge that this course will help their child stay safe at home and in the community. The class focuses on safety for children regardless if they are home alone or not. Topics Include: Responsibilities when staying home alone, how to decide whether to answer the door (even if a parent is home), simple first aid and identifying fire and tornado safety rules including getting to safety. Understanding safety in unfamiliar scenarios: around guns, online safety and near aggressive dogs. Knowing the truth about abuse, abduction and stranger danger. Instructor: Deb Gutzman

9-11:30 am

1 session-$30

Central Square Community Center #4203-W17 Saturday, March 4 #4203-Sp17 Saturday, April 8


Sports & Recreation

Kung Fu CheerAmerica

(Grades K-7) Cheer America is an exciting cheerleading and dance program. Students learn popular cheers, chants, jumps, leaps, choreographed pom pom/ dance routines, parade marching techniques and other skills involved in performances, competitions and school cheerleading team tryouts. The program also promotes improved coordination and physical fitness, personal esteem and working as a cooperative team member with other children on the cheerleading squad. Please call Jeff Wood at CheerAmerica for pricing on pom-poms and uniforms(optional) 952.997.7732 Instructor: CheerAmerica Kaposia Education Center Tuesdays, March 7-May 16 (No class March 14) 4800-W17(ages 5-8)

6-6:45 pm 10 sessions-$71

Kaposia Education Center Tuesdays, March 7-May 16 (No class March 14) 4800-W17 (ages 9-13)

7-7:45 pm 10 sessions-$71

Need Childcare? See page 9 for details!

(Ages 5 and up) Kung Fu is the art of fitness and self defense. Learn practical Kung Fu techniques that will benefit you throughout your life, through a skill building progressive training program for beginners through Black Belt. You will become more aware of self and surroundings, improve your self-esteem and confidence. This is a noncompetitive, full participation and fun class which will strengthen the mind and body, promote leadership, discipline, concentration, coordination and balance. Optional uniform and certificate for white to black belt are available. Instructor: National Treasure Kung Fu Lincoln Center Elementary Beginner-White Belt Mondays, Jan. 30-March 27 (no class Feb.20 & Mar 13) #4802-W17A Lincoln Center Elementary Yellow-Black Belt Mondays, Jan. 30-March 27 (no class Feb.20 & Mar 13) #4802-W17B

6:15-7 pm 7 sessions-$81

7-7:45 pm 7 sessions-$81

Lincoln Center Elementary Beginner-White Belt Mondays, April 10,17,24,May 1,8,15,22 6:15-7 pm #4802-Sp17A 7 sessions-$81 Lincoln Center Elementary Yellow-Black Belt Mondays, April 10,17,24,May 1,8,15,22 7-7:45 pm #4802-Sp17B 7 sessions-$81


Vertical Endeavors

Performing Arts

(Ages 6-12) These half day camps offer kids the opportunity to learn proper climbing techniques in a controlled setting that is fun, safe and exciting! Activities may include top rope climbing, knot tying, rappelling and climbing games. Your child will leave camp with a renewed sense of self-reliance and accomplishment, as well as a deeper sense of respect for the rock climbing community. Please bring snack/lunch/beverage and water to the camp. *All participants need a waiver signed by a parent or a court-assigned legal guardian. Waivers available online at stpaul/waivers St.Paul Vertical Endeavors - 855 Phalen Boulevard Monday, Feb.20 9 am-1 pm #4804-W17 1 session-$55

A.C.T. Awesome Childrens’ Theatre Presents: Robin Hood

(Grades 3-8) The mysterious Robin Hood and his Merry Band continue to reign in Sherwood forest as the Sheriff of Nottingham fights to capture the notorious bandit. As their witty battles ensue, Maid Marion secretly joins forces with Robin, becoming the Sheriff's new target. An archery contest puts everything on the line, including the very fate of Robin Hood himself. Directed by: Cassidy Hall Kaposia Education Center Rehearsal dates: April 10,11,12,13,17,18,19,20,24, 25,26, May 1,2,3 6-8 pm Performances: May 4 & 5 at 7 pm #4722-Sp17 16 sessions-$100 Advance tickets available after April 11 at the Community Education Office 517 Marie Ave. SSP (Hours M-F 8 am-3:30 pm) or from the director during play practice hours. $4 in advance $5 at the door


Performing Arts BEAT GOES ON (Grades 2-5)

By the use of rhythm instruments, hand clapping, musical games and songs you'll be introduced to the rhythmic side of music. You'll leave this class with your toes tapping. Instructor: Homeward Bound Theatre Company Kaposia Education Center Mondays, April 10-24 #4716-Sp17

3:40-5:10 pm 3 sessions-$45

Glee Club (Grades 2-5)

If you like to sing and dance, join us as we sing and dance to fun and energetic songs. Our final class will be a performance for family and friends! Instructor: Sadie Benson Lincoln Center Elementary Thursdays, April 6-June 1 (skip April 27) #4706-W17

3-4 pm 8 sessions-$50

Group Piano Lessons Level 1 and 2

(Grade 2-5) Join us for piano lessons using Yamaha’s Music and Education Program. Piano is offered before school at Lincoln Center and Kaposia Education Center. We will provide the keyboards, instructions and music during class. The music book is included in the fee. Instructor: Lori Lencowski Kaposia Education Center Mondays,Feb 27 -April 24 #4700-W17KEC

7:50-8:50 am 8 sessions-$79

Lincoln Center Elementary Tuesdays,Feb 28-April 25 7:10-8:10 am #4700-W17LC 8 sessions-$79

Private Guitar Lessons Musical Fun! (Grades 2-5)

Theater and Voice come together in a short, fun musical. Students will all play a part by acting, singing and performing in a show at the end of the session. Instructor: Sadie Benson Lincoln Center Elementary Tuesdays, January 31-March 28 (skip March 14) #4717-W17

3-4 pm 8 sessions-$50

(8 years and older) One-on one weekly half hour guitar lessons. (electric or acoustic accepted) Suitable for students of any level. Content of class is geared to each student's goals and interest. Students must bring their own instrument. Make-up lessons for missed lessons are to be arranged with the instructor. Instructor: Drew Druckrey Thirty minute individual lesson times begin at 4 pm. To schedule a lesson time please call 651.306.3631 On-line registration is not available.


are available for most classes. Please call 651-306-3631 for more information.

8 sessions-$130 30 min. private lesson

Kaposia Education Center #4708-W17 Thursdays, Jan 26-March 30 (no lesson Mar 9 & 16) #4708-Sp17 Thursdays, April 13-May 1


Kids’ Choice Preschool Care For 4 year olds

Kids’ Choice Preschool Care is offered before and after preschool for children enrolled in the SSP Community PreSchool program. Full day care is offered on most days when Preschool is not in session. Engaging activities support learning through play and school readiness. Child care fees are in addition to preschool fees. Flexible scheduling is available most days.

Kids’ Choice 2016-17 Program

Kids’ Choice is a before, after and non school day program offered at each of the elementary buildings. Kids’ Choice offers a variety of STEM activities, service learning, gym time, outdoor play, computer time and time to work on homework. A healthy afternoon snack is provided. Flexible scheduling is available.


Monday-Friday 6:30 am-6 pm

Located in:

Kaposia Education Center and Lincoln Center

Kids’ Choice Summer 2017 Program

(Entering Grades K-6 fall of 2017) Kids’ Choice summer program will begin on Wednesday, June 14 and end on Friday, August 25. The Kids’ Choice program allows youth to participate in fun indoor and outdoor activities, go on field trips and socialize with friends, all in a safe and engaging environment. Activities include STEM based projects, physical fitness, wellness, sports, cooking service learning and more. Flexible scheduling is available. Call 651.306.3631 for more information. Register online at beginning in March.

Packer Pad Summer Youth Center (Students entering grades 6-8)

This is an awesome place to spend your summer! Hanging out with your friends, going to the pool, playing games, doing crafts, listening to music, going on field trips- who could ask for anything better! Plus you have the freedom to come when you choose- spend the whole day or part of the day with us, it’s up to you! Watch for more information in March regarding Packer Pad dates, time, field trip information and fees.

FAMILY EVENTS Family Fun with the MN Zoomobile

Bring the whole family for a morning of fun and STEM learning. The MN Zoomobile will be presenting their program All Things Connected, where they’ll bring their animal friends to show families how all living things are connected to life on planet Earth. This program will be FREE to all but preregistration is required due to capacity. We’ll also be collecting non-perishable food and hygiene items at this event to donate to the Neighbors Inc. Food Shelf. Saturday, March 25 10:30 am - 11:30 am #5752-W17 1 session - FREE Kaposia Education Center, SSP


Would you like to save money on your grocery bills this month? Fare For All is a smart way to save up to 50% off fresh fruits, vegetables, and frozen meats. We pass on our bulk savings to anyone who wants to stretch their food budget.

OPEN TO EVERYONE! • Fare For All is community supported. The more people who participate, the more saving passed on to customers. • There is no need to register in advance. • Fare For All accepts cash, credit, debit and EBT cards. • Come between 4-6 p.m. to participate.

WE OFFER 4 FOOD PACKAGES: Produce Pack $10 – Often contains potatoes, onions, along with additional varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables.

UPCOMING DATES Jan 24 Feb 21 March 28 April 25 May 23

Mini Meat Pack $11 – (Formerly known as the Meat Only) Includes a variety of 3-4 frozen meat items such as: turkey, beef, chicken or fish. This pack is often pork free.

Central Square Community Center

Combo Pack $20 – (Formerly known as Regular Pack) Save an extra $1 by combining the Produce Pack and the Mini Meat Pack.

100 7th Ave. North, South St. Paul Tuesdays 4 - 6 p.m.

Mega Meat Pack $25 – Includes a variety of 7-8 Frozen meat items such as: beef, chicken, fish, pork or turkey

For more information visit or call 763-450-3880 or 1-800-582-4291.

A dult B asic E ducation C lasses ABE CENTER:

(GED Prep and Basic Skills)

Math: Monday & Wednesday Reading/Writing: Tuesday, Thursday & Friday Math, Reading, College and Career Readiness: Wednesday Reading/Writing/Math: Monday & Wednesday

9 am - 12 pm 9 am - 12 pm 1 pm - 3 pm 5:30 pm - 8 pm

NORTHERN SERVICE CENTER: Math: Tuesday & Thursday Reading/Writing: Monday, Wednesday, Fridays

8:45 am - 12 pm 8:45 am - 12 pm

INVER HILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE: Reading/Writing/Math: Tuesday & Thursday

5:30 pm - 8 pm

English Learning Language Classes ABE Center: Levels 1 & 2: Monday-Friday Levels 3 & 4: Monday-Friday

10:30 am - 12:30 pm 8:30 am & 10:30 am

WEST HEIGHTS ALC: Levels 1, 2, 3, 4: Monday & Wednesdays Pre-Lit ELL: Tuesday & Thursdays

Call to Register: 651-457-9441

6 pm - 8 pm 6 pm - 8 pm

Register Online:

A proud partner of the American Job Center network

4 Easy Ways to Register...  -

South St. Paul Youth Registration Form

Online: By Phone: 651-306-3631 In Person: Mon. - Fri., 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. By Mail: Community Education 517 Marie Ave South St. Paul, MN 55075

Child’s Name: ___________________________ Grade in Fall 2016: _______ DOB: ___________School:____________ nombre del nino

Grado en Otono de 2016

Fecha de Nacimiento


Parent/Guardian’s Name: _________________________________________ Teacher:___________________ profesor

nombre del Padre/Tutor

Address: _____________________________________________City: _______________________ Zip: ____________ DirecciĂłn


CĂłdigo Postal

Daytime Phone: _____________________Home Phone:_______________________ Email:_____________________ Emergency Contact Name: _________________________________________ Phone : _________________________ telĂŠfono (other than parent/guardian) En caso de emergencia llamor a (diferente de Padres Ăł tutores)

Members only ID #: ________________

â–Ą Check here if you would not like your child to be photographed for media use by Community Education. Indique aquĂ­ si NO QUIERE que su niĂąo sea fotografiado por los medros de Community Education

sĂłlamente miembros ID#

Please list any concerns you have or the registrant has that the instructor should be aware of: __________________ Por favor anote la informacion que a usted le preocupa de su nino y que el Instructor deba sa bor

_______________________________________________________________________________________ Course Title

Nombre del Curso

Course Number


NĂşmero del Curso

Course Dates


Feches del Curso



Voluntary Questions: Collecting this information helps us provide programs/services that meet the needs of our entire community. Preguntas Voluntarias: Al obtener esta informaiĂłn, usted nos ayuda a proveer programas / serviciĂłs que cubran las necesidades de toda la comunidad.

Race of Registrant: â–Ą Asian â–Ą Black/African American â–Ą American Indian/Alaska Native Raza de la persona AsiĂĄtico Negro/Africoamericano Indioamericano/Nativo de Alaska que se registra â–Ą Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander â–Ą White â–Ą Two or more races Nativo de Hawaii/otra Isla del Pacifico

Gender of Registrant:

GĂŠnero de la persona que se registra

â–Ą Male



Dos Ăł mĂĄs razas

â–Ą Latino/Hispanic â–Ą Unknown/Other______ Desconocid/otro

â–Ą Female Mujer

Complete if Paying by Credit Card - Type of Card: â–Ą Visa

â–Ą Master Card

â–Ą Discover

Si paga con tarjeta de crĂŠdito, por favor complete lo sĂ­guienta

Card Number: __________-__________-__________-_________ Expiration Date: _____/_____

Amount charged: $___________

nĂşmera de la tarjeta

Cantidad $

Fecha de ExpiraciĂłv

Signature:______________________________________________ Firma

*Please make checks payable to Community Education

*Si paga con cheque por favor hĂĄgolo a nombre de Community Education

Signature____________________________________________________ Firma

Date:___________________________ Fecha

TRi something NEW today! WWW.TRIDISTRICTCE.ORG LOCATIONS Kaposia Education Cente r 1225 First Ave. S.

For more locations visit

Find SSP Youth Programs on Facebook!

Central Square Community Center 100 Seventh Ave. N.

Lincoln Center 357 Ninth Ave. N.

Winter/Spring 2017 South St. Paul Youth Enrichment  
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