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Serving Families in South St. Paul School District 6

Join us at our new location for classes and fun! South St. Paul ECFE has moved to the FAMILY EDUCATION CENTER

102 5th Ave. S, South St. Paul

Mark your Calendar and Join us! Open House 5:30 - 7:00 pm Thursday, September 7 Watch for the announcement of the grand opening celebration.

Need more information? Give us a call! 651-457-9418

Fall session begins Monday, September 25 Mail-In, Drop-off and Online Registration Begins August 21.

Información en Español en página 6.

WELCOME TO EARLY LEARNING Are You On Our Mailing List? All residents of the district should be listed on the school district census, including: * New babies * All toddlers and preschoolers * New families in the district. CALL 651-457-9418 Having your name on the district census will ensure that you receive information on: * Early Childhood Family Education * Early Childhood Screening * Community Preschool * Kindergarten Registration * Other pertinent District news as your child becomes school age.


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ECFE Office: Early Learning Advisory Council They are amazing!

The Early Learning Advisory Council (ELAC) is a very vital piece of ECFE, sponsoring family events, outreach to our community and fundraising. Since the council needs your voice, family members are invited to attend to engage in program planning. Family life with young children is busy and any commitment you can make to your program is greatly appreciated. For more information, email ELAC at

Family Education Center 102 Fifth Avenue South, South St. Paul Open Monday-Friday, 8 am - 3:30 pm 651-457-9418

ECFE Staff:

Director of Early Learning/Equity Connie Garling-Squire Early Learning Coordinator Dawn Rehn

Our gratitude to each past and present ELAC member for their involvement and continued support.

Early Learning Secretary Rosie Krumrie Parent Educator Patty Cooper

In the event of severe weather A decision to close school or a delayed school opening is made by the SSP superintendent of schools and announced through the website www., Facebook, on WCCO 830 AM radio, KSTP (channel 5) and WCCO (channel 4) television stations. Morning classes are cancelled if there is a delayed opening.

Early Childhood Teachers Jana Beck, Judy Marty Instructional Assistants Lu Campbell, Diane Czeck, Carol LaBore

Visit us at our website:

On-Line Registration: 2

WELCOME TO EARLY LEARNING Programs include: • Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) • Early Childhood Screening • Community Preschool You are your child’s first, most significant teacher! Check out our programs to support you.

ECFE is . . . • for all families in the South St. Paul School District with children from birth up to kindergarten. • a fun, informal place to meet, learn and play with other children and parents. • creative play and learning activities for all families. • here to provide the best possible start for children and for you.

Program Goal The goal for Early Childhood and Family Education is to strengthen families through education and support. The foundation of early learning is building close relationships between caregivers and children. Creating a rich learning environment by talking to your child and allowing them to explore is essential to physical and mental growth.

Why begin at birth? A baby is born with 100 billion brain cells which are not completely developed. The work of early learning is to strengthen these cells by interactions and nurturing relationships with caregivers who engage the child in everyday experiences. After the age of 5, the connections of these cells slows down dramatically. You are your child’s first and most important teacher!

Registration begins August 21

See pages 10-11 for registration forms and information.

Online Registration will receive an email confirmation your class. There is no confirmation for mail-in and drop-off registration. However ECFE will contact you by phone if a class is full or if there are changes

What are ECFE classes like? Separating Classes include: Begin with Parent-Child Time...activities and playtime together appropriate to the age of the child. Then, Parent Discussion…meet with other parents and a licensed parent educator to share, learn and gain support on parenting, child development, discipline and current issues. Children remain in the early childhood classroom and participate independently and learn through guided play; individual, small and large group, including snack time, stories and songs to promote growth in all areas! Parents and children end class together at circle time.

Non-Separating Classes Parents and children play, explore and learn together. ECFE rooms are designed with learning centers so that children learn through interaction with their environment and you.

• Talk and sing to you baby daily (while changing diapers, in the car, etc) • Sit your baby on your lap and read a book (they may not be interested at first but the repitition and the physical closeness will remind them of pleasant time). Soon they will anticipate this activity. • Come to ECFE classes to further extend learning for you and your child.

Proud of our staff All ECFE teachers have as a minimum a four-year college degree and have fulfilled the Minnesota teaching licensing requirements in Parent Education and/or Early Childhood Education. Our educators are all experienced, nurturing teachers.

For registration and information call 651-457-9418




All babies and families are welcome. The staff looks forward to meeting you and your family! The first year is filled with lots of questions, incredible discoveries and first experiences. Share joys, concerns and gain parenting tips in your new role. Find out how to stimulate your baby’s brain and development! Listen to a story, sing songs and have fun together.

Join anytime during the session. Register online or call the Early Learning office to check class availability. Baby & Me - Morning Class - Non-separating Class

Baby & Me - Evening Class - Non-separating Class

8000 - Baby & Me - Morning

8001 - Baby & Me - Evening

Ages birth to 12 months.

Tuesdays, Sept. 26-Jan. 23 10:15-11:15 am (No class Oct. 17, Dec. 26, Jan. 2)


15 weeks

Ages birth to 12 months.

Mondays, Sept. 25-Jan. 22 5-6 pm (No class Oct. 16, Dec. 25, Jan. 1, 15)


14 weeks


Parents, expectant parents, guardians, Grandparents and babies up to one year old are invited! Están invitados los padres de familia esperando bebé o con bebés hasta de un año de edad. Los abuelos están invitados también. You are invited to a free baby shower for South St. Paul parents who have or are expecting a new baby in their lives.

Los invitamos al baby shower de South St. Paul si están esperando un bebe o tienen un nuevo bebe.

8106 - Community Baby Shower

viernes 13 de Octubre 10 - 11:30 am

Friday, October 13 10 - 11:30 am

Each family will receive a complimentary gift bag. Please call 651-457-9418 to register, so that we have gift bags for everyone. The following specialists/community resources will be available to share information and answer questions: * ECFE Program Information * Birth-to-Three Specialist * Dakota Pediatrics * MOMS Club * Public Health Nurse * SSP Library * Dentist * Car Seat Safety 4

8106 - Baby Shower de la Comunidad

Cada familia recibirá una bolsa de regalos.Por favor llame al 651-306-3644 para registrarse, así tendremos suficientes bolsas de regalo. Los siguientes especialistas/recursos de la comunidad estarán disponibles para dar información: * Información de Programas de ECFE * Especialistas de Birth-to-Three * Pediatras del conderdo de Dakota * Club de Madres de Familia * Enfermera de Salud Pública * Biblioteca de SSP * Dentista * Seguridad para asiento infantil en coche.

PARENT-CHILD DAY CLASSES Young Toddlers - Gradual Separating Class

Tiny Tots - Non-separating Class

Ages 18-30 months.

Ages 12-24 months.

Your one-year old is busy, curious and ready to play! Enjoy playing with your little one in a safe enviroment designed for exploring and lots of movement! Important social and emotional skills are developing during this time. Learn the hows and whys of this stage. Parents and children do not separate in this class.

Young toddlers are full of energy, independence and curiosity! Join us in activities designed for self-discovery, developing confidence in talking, self-help skills and a variety of sensory experiences. In the first few weeks, parents and children will remain together in the classroom and will gradually separate for longer periods of time as children become more comfortable.

8002 - Tiny Tots - Morning

8003 - Young Toddlers - Morning

Tuesdays, Sept. 26-Jan. 23 9-10 am (No class Oct. 17, Dec. 26, Jan. 2)

Mondays, Sept. 25-Jan. 22 14 weeks 9-11 am (No class Oct. 16, Dec. 25, Jan. 1 & 15)

15 weeks

Terrific Twos and Threes - Separating Class

Mixed Ages - Separating Class

Child must be two by September 1, 2017.

Ages 20 months to kindergarten enrollment

Children learn through hands-on and movement activities especially in this curious, busy and on-the-go age. Explore, create and delight in the new discoveries in the child’s classroom. Meet your need to find out more about two and three-year old development stages and how to better respond to everyday challenges with your child.

One child or more, learn together in our mixed ages class! A variety of hands-on learning opportunities promote growth in social skills, language and literacy and problem solving with peers. After separating, relax and focus on discussions around your child/ren’s development.

8005 - Terrific Twos and Threes

Wednesdays, Sept. 27-Jan. 24 9-11 am (No class Oct. 18, Dec. 27)

Thursday, Sept. 28-Jan. 25 9-11 am (No class Oct. 19, Nov. 23, Dec. 28)

15 weeks

8006 - Mixed Ages - Morning

16 weeks

Home Visits Home Visits for all families during pregnancy, infant adoption or that important first year of life! Free home visits to help you prepare for your new baby and/or help when the baby arrives. Visits may begin during pregnancy or soon after the baby’s birth. ` You will receive a welcome package, baby weight check, and information on bonding, feeding, sleep habits, infant cues, general baby care/development, community resources and your concerns. For information or to schedule a visit, call 651-457-9418. For registration and information call 651-457-9418


FAMILIAS LATINAS Para inscribirse o para más información llame al 651-306-3644. Clases Para Las Familias Latinas Educación temprana para sus hijos de cero a 5 años de edad. Experiencias positivas que influyen en el desarrollo de los niños donde aprenden habilidades sociales/ emocionales, desarrollo del lenguaje y matemáticas. El aprendizaje es a través del juego, leyendo, cantando y divirtiéndose.

Comienzos Sanos

¿Embarazada? ¿Un bebé recien nacido?

En esta clase los Padres de Familia aprenden como construir un mejor futuro para sus hijos y como involucrarse más su educación. También obtienen información sobre áreas de Desarrollo infantil, Relaciones entre Padres e Hijos, Desarrollo Familiar, la Cultura y Recursos de la Comunidad e inglés cotidiano.

Queremos darle la bienvenida a usted y su bebé al distrito escolar #6! Las visitas de bienvenida se pueden hacer en casa o en nuestro centro de educación infantil para: • • • • •

Prepararse para su bebé Consejos e información sobre el desarrollo del em barazo y cuidado del bebé Supervisión del peso del bebé Contestar sus preguntas en general Recibir una bolsa regalos de bienvenida

8015 - Miercoles de 12-2 pm

En Family Education Center 102 5th Avenue South, South Saint Paul 27 de Septiembre - 24 de Enero (No habrá clases 18 de Oct, 27 de Dic)

Registrese en su distrito escolar Todos los residentes del distrito escolar deben registrarse incluyendo: • Bebés recién nacidos y niños en edad preescolar • Nuevas familias en el distrito • Tener su nombre registrado en el distrito escolar ase gura que `usted reciba información sobre: • Programas de ECFE • Evaluación del desarrollo infantil • Preescolar de la comunidad • Inscripción para Kínder y más


La Evaluación del Desarollo del Niño: • La evaluación se realiza entre los 3 ½ y 4 años de edad, antes de entrar al Kínder. • Son gratis y se ofrece una variedad de horarios para las citas. • La evaluación consiste en los siguientes ex ámenes: - Oído - Vista - Comunicación y lenguaje - Desarrollo social y emocional - Habilidad motriz - Registro de Inmunizaciones • Recibirá información de: - Desarrollo de su hijo(a) - Cómo prepararlo para el Kínder - Recursos para la escuela y para los padres

FAMILY LEARNING Family Learning - Separating Class

Family Learning is an educational program for parents and their children, ages birth to five. Learning for the whole family!

Family Learning includes:

8014-Family Learning

Tuesday and Thursdays, 12-3 pm Sept. 26 - Jan. 25

Adult Basic Education

• Build your skills in reading, math and writing. • Improve your English speaking and writing skills.

(No class: Oct. 17, 19, Nov. 23, Dec. 26, 28, Jan. 2)

Attendance both days is required.

Parent Education • Hands-on learning through fun activities together. • Gain ways to support your child’s learning. • Focus on parenting strategies with other parents.

Family Education Center 102 5th Ave S., South St. Paul For more information or to register call 651-457-9418.

Children • Explore and participate in readiness activities, stories, songs, snack time and large muscle games and activities! • Nurturing sibling care available for children birth to 18 months (limited space available).

DROP-IN PLAY & GYM TIME Just Drop-In; No Registration Necessary Drop-In Play & Gym Time Information

Family Education Center Friday Drop-In

Sept. 29 Oct. 6, 27 Nov. 3, 10, 17 Dec. 8, 15, 22 Jan. 5, 12, 19, 26

9-11 am and 12-2 pm

$3 per family per time. Families from South St. Paul are welcomed on a first-come, firstserved basis until room capacity is reached. Parents are responsible for the care and supervision of their children. No strollers please! Come anytime during the first hour; leave when you need to. IMPORTANT! Please bring your child’s Immunization Record to the first Drop-In Play or Gym Time you attend.

SSP Lincoln Center Gym 3 Thursdays Sept. 28 Oct. 5, 12, 26 Nov. 2, 9, 16, 30 Dec. 7, 14, 21 Jan. 4, 11, 18, 25

Licensed teachers are available to share parenting tips, child development, community resource information, and answer questions.Child care providers, see page 12.

6-7:30 pm

Gym Time FREE on Sept. 28

Drop-In Play and Gym Time Cards!

Drop-In Play and Gym Time cards are available for purchase, which can be used at any drop-in play or gym time for the 2017-2018 school year! The cards are $15 for six times - pay for five and the sixth is free! For registration and information call 651-457-9418


PARENT-CHILD EVENING CLASSES Tiny Tots - Non-separating Class

Thursday Night Specials

Ages 12-24 months.

Your one-year old is busy, curious and ready to play! Enjoy playing with your little one in a safe environment designed for exploring and lots of movement! Important social and emotional skills are developing during this time. Learn the hows and whys of this stage. Parents and children do not separate in this class.

8012 - Tiny Tots Mondays, Sept. 25-Jan. 22 6:15-7:15 pm (No class Oct. 16, Dec. 25, Jan. 1, 15)

14 weeks

All classes held from 6-7:30 pm at the Family Education Center. For parents and their children ages 2-kindergarten enrollment.

Fall Family Fun

Check out how things are changing outside. It’s Fall and we will read Picking Apples and Pumpkins as one of our special books. Activities include making prints and a seed collage; be a cook and make our own mini pumpkin pies! Other great reads: It’s Pumpkin Time and 10 Apples Up on Top. Register for our field trip to Carpenter Nature Center on Mon Oct. 16 to see and experience more fall fun.

8101 - Fall Family Fun

Book Time Fun - Evening - Non-separating Class Ages 2 to kindergarten enrollment.

An exciting book each week with lots of related activities and props. Pete the Cat will be on hand to join the fun. New books which will be shared include: The Dot, Mix it Up (an interactive journey with colors) and Boy + Bot (about robots!)

8011 - Book Time Fun

Tuesdays, Sept. 26-Jan. 23 6-7:30 pm (No class Oct. 17, Dec. 26, Jan. 2)

Sept 28, Oct 5 and 12

Animals and Winter

It’s cold outside. What do animals do to stay warm? Learn new vocabulary like hibernation and migration. Books we will read: Owl Babies, The Busy Little Squirrel, Chipmunk Song, and Bear Snores On. Will you be able to figure out where the animals are?

8114 - Animals and Winter 15 weeks

Oct 26, Nov 2, 9 and 16

Aren’t Grandparents Grand?

Spending time together with the grandchildren is the BEST. And why not do it in our early learning classroom? Make a craft to take home and read some great books like When I go Visiting and Grandpa and Me.

8113 - Aren’t Grandparents Grand?

Music and More! - Non-separating Class Ages 20 months to kindergarten enrollment.

Research in early learning shows that music, rhythm and rhyme strengthen language and reading success! Join us to play instruments, move to the beat and express ourselves. We will learn about fast and slow music and calming with some Yoga skills.

8009 - Music and More Wednesdays, Sept. 27-Jan. 24 6-7:30 pm (No class Oct. 18, Dec. 27)

16 weeks

Nov 30 and Dec 7

Kids’ Workshop Night

Children will use our special tools to create a wood project of their choice. And the book, Not A Box will spark your child’s imagination. What can a box be? (Something to try at home!)

8115 - Kids Workshop Night Dec. 14

Little Scientists

(STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Enjoy the books: Freight Train, How Many Trucks can a Tow Truck Tow?, Mouse Paint, and The Doorbell Rang. Hands-on experiences to find out what two colors make orange. How can you share one cookie? And problem solving techniques create more learning fun.

8116 - Little Scientists 8

Jan 4, 11, 18 and 25

SPECIAL EVENTS Registration required for all special events listed below South Metro Fire Department Tour - Free

Join us and see the fire trucks and the fire fighters that help keep us safe all year long. Take a tour of the fire station to see where the fire fighters sleep, eat and the fire pole they use to slide down and get the fire trucks! Registration is required.

8103 – South Metro Fire Department Tour Tuesday, Oct. 3 6:30-7:15 pm Meet at the Fire Station, 310 Marie Ave.

Carpenter Nature Center Field Trip

How can you tell when an apple is ready to eat? Let’s explore the apple orchard together to find out about that and about how to pick an apple. Our friends at Carpenter Nature Center in Hastings will read us story about the apple orchard and what it takes to help the trees grow apples. Next on to the orchard where we will find 2 juicy apples to pick and take home. Like apple cider? We will taste apple cider that we will help to make! Then to the pumpkin patch to pick your own small pumpkin. We will be going rain or shine.

8117 - Carpenter Nature Center Monday, Oct. 16 $6 per child, ages 1-5 years Children 0-11 months are free Bus leaves parking lot at 11:30 am Bus returns at approximately at 2 pm Registration required Limited seating on the bus.

Bumper Bowling is back! All kids age 7 and under are welcome

Bowling is a great way to see old friends and make new ones. Concord Lanes in South St Paul offers bowling ramps, light balls and automatic scoring for those just learning to bowl. Children get the experience of rolling the ball and guessing how many pins will fall while their family cheers them on. Bowling can be a great way to spend time together having fun. Sign up for one or both sessions!

8100 - Bumper Bowling Monday, Nov.13 and/or Monday Dec. 11 $2 per child per time includes bowling shoes Noon – 1:00 p.m. Concord Lanes 365 North Concord Exchange, SSP

St. Paul Children’s Museum Trip

Play is how young children learn best. Learn with us... Let’s visit the newly remodeled Children’s Museum in St. Paul! Children will love using their creativity and imagination to explore the museum and all the great learning centers.

8118 - Children’s Museum Friday, Nov. 17 Bus leaves Family Education Center, 102 Fifth Ave. S, at 9 AM sharp Bus returns around noon. $4.50 each child ages 0-Kindergarten enrollment. No charge for adults. REGISTRATION is required to plan for space on bus.

For registration and information call 651-457-9418


REGISTRATION INFORMATION Class Cancellation/Refunds/ Full Enrollment

To register on-line:

• The program reserves the right to cancel classes or sibling care due to low enrollment; your fee will be refunded and you will be notified by phone. • If you cancel a registration before class begins, a full refund will be made, less an $10 handling fee. • If enrollment in your class choice is full and we are unable to fit you into another class, a full refund will be made. • No refunds are given after the first class is held. • Fees for cancelled days due to district closing, staff professional days or emergencies are not refunded.

Beginning Friday, August 21, on-line registration is available only when using a MasterCard, Discover or Visa credit card at Bring a completed Immunization record to class or fax to our office.

Immunization Requirement: See page 12.

To register by mail or in person: Send or bring completed registration form (page 11) and payment to: Family Education Center 102 5th Ave. So., South St. Paul, MN 55075.


• Payment options - you may pay with a personal check, cash or with a MasterCard, Discover or VISA credit card. • The class fee scale below applies to ECFE sessions. Fees for other programs, activities and sibling care are listed at the end of each class description. • No one will be denied participation due to inability to pay. All families are welcome!

ECFE Office Hours: 102 Fifth Avenue S., SSP Monday-Friday, 8 am-3:30 pm Phone: 651-457-9418 FAX: 651-306-3640

Use the Class Fee Scale below to determine your class fee for one child in one class for a 14 to 16 week class.

BABY CLASSES = FREE 2017-2018 Class Fee Scale Household Size

Total Yearly Household Income


Up to $20,709

$20,710 - $29,471

$27,472 - $38,233

$38,234 and up


Up to $26,117

$26,118 - $37,167

$37,168 - $48,217

$48,218 and up


Up to $31,525

$31,526 - $44,863

$44,864 - $58,201

$58,202 and up


Up to $36,933

$36,934 - $52,559

$52,560 - $68,185

$68,186 and up


Up to $42,341

$42,342 - $60,255

$60,256 - $78,169

$78,170 and up


Up to $47,749

$47,750 - $67,951

$67,952 - $88,153

$88,154 and up


Up to $53,157

$53,158 - $75,647

$75,648 - $98,137

$98,138 and up

ECFE Class Tuition


80% Discount

50% Discount

Full Pay

1 hour





1.5 hours





2 hours or more





Sibling Care (per child) or Additional Child in Same Class


1 hour





1.5 hours





2 hours or more






Date _______________ Fecha Parent/Guardian’s Name _____________________________ Parent/Guardian’s Name ________________________________ nombre del padre/tutor nombre del padre/tutor First Last First Last Imprima

Nombre de pila

Nombre de pila



Home Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Calle y número (incluya el número del apartamento) Street Apt. # City/Zip Parent Attending Padres asistiendo Ciudad/ Código postal Mother Madre Padre Home Phone _____________________________ Cell Phone ______________________ Father Teléfono (Casa) (Cel) Other___________ E-mail address ____________________________ Origen Étnico Esta información se usa para reportar la composición étnica para propósitos administrativos y para la Oficina de Derechos Cívicos. Será tratada de acuerdo a Federal Data Privacy Act de 1974 y de la Ley de Privacidad del Estado de Minnesota. Es estudiante Hispano/Latino? ___Si ___No

Ethnic Ethnic Information is used for reporting ethnic composition for administrative and Office of Civil Rights purposes. It will be treated in accordance with the Federal Data Privacy Act of 1974 and State of Minnesota Privacy Law. Is the student Hispanic/Latino? _____Yes _____No Regardless of your answer above, please continue to answer by checking one or more boxes to indicate this student’s race:

Además de su respuesta anterior, por favor continúe checando lo siguiente para indicar la raza del estudiante: ___Indo Americano/Nativo Alaska ___Asiático ___Negro/Africano Americano ___Hawaiano/Islas Pacífico ___Blanco

___ American Indian/Alaska Native ___ Asian ___ Black/African American ___ Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander ___ White

Class #

Class or Event

Número de clase

Clase o acontecimiento







Fee Cuota $

Child’s Name


Nombre del niño/a



Fecha de Nacimiento

$ $ Sibling Care (Available only when indicated in description)

El cuidado de hermanos (Disponible sólo cuando se indica en la descripción)


Sibling Care-Child’s Name

Nombre del niño/a




Fecha de Nacimiento




Solicitud de beca. Yo puedo pagar

Tuition support request. I am able to pay $ ___________ I would like to donate the fee for another family $ ___________ Me gustaría donar el pago par otra familia

Total Due $ ___________ Total a pagar

~ Method of Payment ~ Forma de pago Cash Efectivo Check or money order enclosed, payable to: Special School District 6

Cheque o giro postal adjunto, a nombre de: Special School District 6

Credit Card:

Tarjeta de crédito:




Credit Card # _______________________________________________ Número de Tarjeta de crédito

Expiration Date_______________________ Amount $_______________ Fecha de caducidad


Signature __________________________________________________

Return Completed Registration Form and Immunization Record with payment to:

Entregue formulario de inscripción, registro de vacunas y pago a:

ECFE Office Family Education Center 102 Fifth Avenue South South St. Paul, MN 55075 ECFE Office Use: TCE


Session __________________________


Class fee scale found on page 10. Escala de pago en la p.10

For registration and information call 651-457-9418 Para registrarse e información llame al 651-457-9418and information call 651-457-9418 For registration

Online registration available at


GENERAL INFORMATION Immunization Requirement

Minnesota Immunization Law Details Minnesota requires that all children entering child care, early childhood programs, and elementary or secondary schools (public or private), have up-to-date immunizations on file with the provider. Children enrolled in SSD 6 ECFE programs will be required to provide a copy of an immunization record for each child enrolled prior to the child attending the program. The school district will be following up on each and every child enrolled as required by law. You may use the print out from your physician's office or utilize the form provided online at www.ssppreschool. to record your child's immunizations. You must bring your child's immunization record the first day of class. Any child who does not have up-to-date immunizations on the first day of class will not be allowed to attend.

School District Resident Priority:

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to South St. Paul school district families.

Sibling Care:

• All babies must be registered: infants under eight weeks old may remain with parent. If you will need sibling care during the session, you must reserve a spot with your registration. • Please bring along a blanket or any other “comfort” item your child uses at home. • Make sure your children in sibling care are fed and dry before separating. If necessary, we will call you. • Registration and payment are made at the same time you register for class. • If we are unable to provide care for your child, you will be notified by phone before the session begins. • Sibling care is offered on a limited basis. • If you need to bring an extra child to class or sibling care, this must be approved by calling the ECFE office at 651-457-9418. (This is for the safety of the children in class and to assure that we have correct ratios for our staffing.) There is a fee of $6 per child per time for the extra child and this is payable to ECFE office or to the classroom teacher.

Child Care Providers:

Full-time child care providers may attend with their child and enroll one other child in class, if space is available. If the class has full enrollment, a parent attending with their child will be given priority for registration.


COMMUNITY PRESCHOOL Get Ready for Kindergarten ... at Preschool! For children age 3, 4 or 5 by September 1, 2017


Rated Program South St. Paul offers preschool classes at:

Highest Possible Rating

Kaposia Education Center 1225 First Ave. So.

Community Preschools are Four Star Rated!

Lincoln Center 357 Ninth Ave. No.

Due to our excellent staff and their trainings, the Minnesota Dept. of Education has designated all our sites high quality early education programs! Check us out! Threes Preschool • Learn to share/take turns and take direction • Encourage speaking and sharing ideas • Separate from family and learn school routines • Expand attention span • Stimulate brain development by moving and hands-on experiences • Work on name writing, letters, numbers, colors, shapes and rhymes

For information and to register, call 651-457-9418.

Fours Preschool (in addition to skills listed above) • Targeting specific Kindergarten readiness skills: letter names, sounds, writing, and number know-how • Learn problem-solving techniques • Work with MN Reading Corps protocol to meet Kindergarten aligned targets for success We support children in developing a lifelong love of learning and to promote exploration, creativity and inquiry. We partner with families to encourage the development of the whole child.

For information on scholarships for preschool and other funding for the 2017-2018 school year call 651-306-3642 The goal of the Minnesota Reading Corps is to help every child become a successful reader by the end of third grade. Research has shown this starts even earlier than preschool! To expand your child’s development, each classroom will implement strategies from Reading Corps in large and small groups. Some classroom will also have Reading Corps members to work with students. All classrooms will have a literacy rich environment and schedule to promote skill building and active learning. 13

EARLY CHILDHOOD SCREENING Screening for children at 3 1/2 years of age to be ready for school success! Make Your Early Childhood Screening Appointment What is screening?

It is a snapshot of your child’s growth and development and can identify any health or learning concerns so your child will be ready for school success. Children attending school in Minnesota must have a record of completion. During screening we will check vision, hearing, cognitive and motor skills, speech and language, social/emotional development, and an immunization review.

Lincoln Center

357 9th Ave. N., SSP 651-288-6897 Room B03A - Lower Level

Goals: • Find out how your child is growing and developing • Answer parent questions and address concerns • Connect families with resources In order to screen children at an age when we can provide service to your family, it is critical for you to make an appointment and attend. Missed or cancelled appointments make it difficult to get all children screened at the appropriate age. Thank you for your commitment to your appointment time. To make this free appointment it is best to call when your child is about three years three months. Please call if your child was screened elsewhere. Thank you.

There are several programs available to help children who are showing delays in understanding concepts, speech and language, motor development, vision or hearing and social skills. Your child may be eligible for a developmental assessment and services designed to help him/her grow. For information call your school district’s program.

Ages Birth-to-Three 651-306-3682 Ages 3 to 6 years 651-457-9497




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• Early Childhood Family Education • Community Preschool • Early Childhood Screening • School Readiness • School-Age Care


651-457-9441 It is never too late to learn!


Community Education offers programs and services for all ages, including:

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Inver Grove Heights: 651-306-7870 South St. Paul: 651-306-3631 West St. Paul: 651-403-8313


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Serving Residents of the South St. Paul, Inver Grove Heights and West St. Paul-Mendota Heights-Eagan School Districts

• Youth Enrichment • Adult Enrichment • Adult Basic Education • Older Adult Programs

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For more information on the two TriDistrict events listed, contact Hayley at 651-403-8312

Boo Bash - A Halloween Movie Night

The witching hour has begun! Join us for a little “Hocus Pocus” while wearing your creative costumes. We’ll have a costume contest with prizes for the top three fan favorites. Concessions will be for sale at the event. All ages are welcome, pre registration is recommended due to limited space but not required. Friday, Oct. 27 6:30-9 pm #6957-F17 1 session - $2/person Heritage E-STEM Magnet Middle School, WSP

Marvel Universe Live!: Age of Heroes

Free classes with South Suburban Adult Basic Education • • • • • •

English Language Learning General Educational Development (GED) preparation College Readiness Work focused English & job skills Reading, Writing and Math skill building Family Learning (see page 12 for more information) South Suburban Adult Basic Education is provided by the Community Education Department through District 6, 197 and 199.

Rock, Rattle and Rhyme at the South St. Paul Library - 106 3rd Ave. N. For parents and children birth to 36 months.

Enjoy rhymes, songs, sign language, books and play time to learn early literacy and socialization skills. No registration necessary; come when you can.

8105 - Rock, Rattle and Rhyme - Evening Mondays 14 weeks Sept. 11, 18, 25 Oct. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Nov. 6, 13, 20, 27 Dec. 4, 11 Jan. 29


6:15-7 pm

The Avengers and many more join forces to defeat Loki in his eternal quest to crown himself ruler of Asgard and Earth. Marvel’s greatest Super Heroes including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, Hulk and Black Widow will go against some of the most threatening villains that the universe has to offer. Witness cutting-edge special effects, aerial stunts and video projection in this incredible adventure. Fans of all ages will be immersed in the Marvel Universe and experience it all with their family, LIVE! Discount tickets are available through Community Education. Transportation is not provided. Children 2 years and older are required to have a ticket. Tickets must be ordered by Wednesday, November 22 and picked up the week of December 4 at the SSP Adult Basic Education Building, 517 Marie Avenue, South St. Paul. Please call 651-306-3631 for office hours. Sunday, Dec. 10 5-7 pm #5950-F17 1 session - $20.50/person Xcel Energy Center 199 W Kellogg Blvd, Saint Paul

For registration and information call 651-457-9418


Family Education Center 102 5th Avenue South South St. Paul, MN 55075

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IT’S BACK TO SCHOOL FOR EARLY LEARNING! AT OUR NEW FAMILY EDUCATION CENTER! Minds are under construction and develop through activities in early childhood. The best way to build minds...talking, listening and being involved! Simply put - early experiences matter! Join us for learning, fun and friendship.

Fall Open House

Thursday, September 7 5:30-7 pm

Family Education Center 102 5th Ave. S, SSP Attend the open house and sign up for a chance to win $50 off your fall class or a FREE Gym Time or Drop-In Play coupon.

Join us to:

Meet the Staff Register for Classes Family Fun Face Painting Make it & Take it Activity

Need more information? Give us a call!



South St. Paul ECFE Fall 2017  
South St. Paul ECFE Fall 2017