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SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY SPRING 2008 NEWSLETTER ∆∆∆ Katina Dale Mathews We have some fun #3, a little boy, is on the way and due in mid-June. I was pregnant at homecoming, but it was a little too early to spread the word (and not so fun to not drink)! Anyway, we are all excited and will keep you posted with his arrival. We are going to start building our home this spring and are looking forward the fun, but a crazy project! Anna turned 3 in December and Constantine will be 2 in April, and they are keeping me busy and happy. I've attached a recent pic of them. Delta Love, Katina

Amber Atchley Cokins I have a new little one to report. Anna Claire was born on Nov. 1, 2007 weighing 6lbs. She joins Cole (turns five March 3) and Caroline (3 on April 28). Life is crazy, but fun. Life with three is surprisingly calmer than life with two. Not sure why but life just seems easier now. Chris and I are still running a residential construction company and enjoying it. Austin is great. We are looking forward to teaching Cole to wake board this summer and Caroline is a pro at the jet ski fear (yes...she is riding with an adult!). Looking forward to hearing from everyone...hope all is well. DL, Amber Atchley Cokins -

CHECK US OUT ON THE WEB!!! Why go online? It is the easiest way to stay in touch – we lose addresses/email addresses and FINALLY – each other. If you need help setting up a page, please contact, who will be happy to assist! I’ve done it for several others – and now they are hooked!

JENNIFER HANSON GANTT Hey Deltas! Hope all is well with everyone. I love these newsletters JJ puts together – they are so fantastic!!! Things are great in Kansas City for me. I have a wonderful son now – Trevor Thomas Gantt – who will be 2 years old on August 30. He has become the love of my life and has been since the day he was born. I absolutely love every minute of motherhood and cherish each day with my son. Difficulties during pregnancy and then the fact that Trevor was 4 ½ weeks early make the miracle son I have even more precious to me. Trevor is at a great stage and has been the happiest child ever. He has been so easy for me and we are blessed. Our favorite pastime is playing ball – any kind – basketball, football, tennis…we just love to throw those balls and have quite an arm! After I had Trevor I decided to have a little “fun” with things – as you may be able to tell in my holiday picture! I’m very excited to actually feel like a real woman and have a reason to wear a bra!!! I’m not at all shy about it and love showing off my new “girls”. I have been working at Coventry Healthcare for almost 6 years now and have a wonderful job. I’m an underwriter which means I look at medical applications evaluating them for the risk and set the insurance rates for companies. My hours are very flexible which allows me more time with my son. I am married to a wonderful man, Patrick, and have been for almost 7 years. He is one of the Captains at the Fire Department here in Merriam, Kansas. This year we will travel to Hershey, Pennsylvania for my work and then to San Diego for fun. Any hints for flying with a 2 year old? Pat and I enjoy being just minutes away from both our families who we see quite often and just love their grandchild to death. In our spare time – LOL – we enjoy entertaining our friends, photography (the evidence is in how many pictures I take of Trevor – thank goodness for digital cameras), watching movies, working out and playing with our son. If you are ever in the Kansas City area give us a ring. We’d love to get together with you! When JJ comes to town to visit her in-laws we are able to get our boys together for play dates which is just priceless – who would have thought 10 years ago we would be doing this? Delta Love, Jennifer Hanson Gantt - or 913-541-1085

JAMIE SINGER ADDRESS: 3505 Turtle Creek #12G Dallas 75219 #214-738-0250 I received my Master’s degree from SMU in Art History. I really loved being back on campus! I also just graduated from a program here in Dallas called Leadership Arts. I have dedicated myself the last few years to doing community work. I chaired two events in Dallas this year, An Affair of the Art Gala for the Dallas Museum of Art and Partners Card for Family Place. I also volunteer with Junior League of Dallas, Children's Medical Center and Paws in the City. Even though I moved back to Dallas about 5 years ago, I still visit Chicago once or twice a month. It has been nice to be in Dallas and share time with all of my Tri Delt friends who still live here. As many of you know, I have three sisters. I am a very proud auntie of two new nephews & two new nieces. I look forward to hearing how everyone else is doing! Delta Love, Jamie -

Amanda McRitchie Park My husband Bill and I had a baby boy on October 19th, 2007. His name is Matthew Richard Park (picture attached). We still live in Dallas; having lots of fun and enjoying Matthew. We would love to see any of you if you are living in or visiting Dallas. Delta Love, Amanda

JJ GRISSOM MACKLE Still living in Orlando, FL and need a LARGER house! We are searching, but now that we have kids…there are all these factors like not a major street, no pool, etc. Every time we find the dream home, there is SOMETHING off. Oh well, hopefully by next year…we’ll find something! We will be in our current house at least for a year because I’m pregnant and deliver via scheduled c-section on July 3rd! Yes, we will have another son, Hayden Robert Mackle to join Colin Grissom Mackle (age 1 year). We are both thrilled and nervous…2 boys, so young…but so much fun!! And we live in a city of entertainment and Disney…so Mickey Mouse will be there when it gets rough. Still working part time in marketing/consumer research and Rob is doing investments/commodities and now, currencies. So, obviously, with our current economy (YIKES), he’s glued to the computer with the latest in updates. We visited Jen Hanson Gantt and her son, Trevor in Kansas City where it was COLD – but had a blast playing together. Trevor was holding his piggy bank and Colin kept trying to steal his $$$...and then eat the coins. Colin...invest them…don’t eat them! I am very involved in the community which is a curse and a blessing. It is sometimes hard to find balance. I am very involved with Univ. of Central FL in the alumnae group and Town & Gown, which bridges business relationships between Orlando and UCF. UCF is a growing school, a newer school – so it is amazing to see what it has turned into – and what it will become. We are finally in SMU’s conference – YEAH, and yes, I’ll be wearing my pony colors – but at the UT versus UCF game, I had on my gold and black! We love to travel, go out and do anything fun – and we love visitors – stop on by if you are in FL. We also miss our pal, Julie Day, another SMU Tri Delta who was in Orlando – and has moved back to Dallas. So, look her up! DL, JJ Grissom Mackle 43185

COURTNEY BANKLER GERSTENHABER I can not believe our 10 year reunion is just around the corner. I hope to see everyone in Dallas. I left Thompson & Knight LLP the Spring of 2006 to take advantage of some time before Greg and I started a family. During that time, we traveled, visiting alot of family and moved into our new home in Dallas. It was so nice to have time off to do the things that I ordinarily would not get to do because of lack of time. I am a stay-at-home mom, or as my husband says, a "Domestic Engineer". I had a little boy, Andrew, on July 8, 2007. We were so close to having our baby on 07-07-07, but he decided to wait until the next day to arrive. It did not matter what day he arrived because he is just the love of our lives. We are having an incredible time with him and looking forward to expanding our family! Hope to see you soon! Delta Love, Courtney Gerstenhaber –

JULIE DAY I’m back in the big “D!” I left my job at Land Resource in Orlando and signed up with Texas Instruments in Dallas working on marketing and media relations for their power management group (think going Green). I bought a house in Dallas which Hailey Khan found for me and I bought sight unseen. Good news is I love the house. In the middle of all of this I also managed to turn 30. Yes, life changes…when you hit 30…you move, get a new job, a new house – so far, so good! My only kid right now is my Yorkshire terrier, Miller and I am having fun experiencing Texas life once again. Julie Day 4343 Delmar Ave. Dallas, TX 75206 Home phone: 214-484-3944 Cell: 407-466-6604 work email is

Alison Ream Griffin Paul and I welcomed Nicholas Owen Griffin on September 23, 2007. I have decided to stay home with Nicholas and have recently started some part-time independent consulting work in the higher education field. I have found staying home to be both rewarding and exhausting! In addition to playdates, zoo outings, lunch with friends and occasional trips to visit family, I am cochairing our 10 year SMU class reunion. So...class of 1998, please make plans to attend our reunion gathering this fall in Dallas. Mark your calendars for November 8! You can keep up-to-date with the Griffins by visiting: Delta Love, Alison

AMY FRIEDMAN SCHEEL Hey Girls! Scott & I are still in Dallas and have two girls- Hannah is 4 and Meredith is 2 1/2. Between Mothers Day Out and gymnastics and music and all our other activities we stay busy. We are so ready for summer and the pool everyday they ask if they can wear their swimsuits! Girls in Dallas - I am playing a ton of tennis while the kids are in school - email me at if you ever want to play!! DL, Amy 118213457

SUZANNE McGUIRE WILSON Our family is finishing up 3 years in Philadelphia. We will be moving to the great state of New Jersey in July and do hope life’s path sends us back to Texas in the not too distant future. (Ah, how we miss tex-mex!) We have enjoyed the communities at Travis’ business school and our church while here. While in Philly we added two boys to our family, Joseph – 2 and Jack – 4 months. Joseph is in full swing of all that it means to be 2 – but does give great hugs and is a great big brother. So you all know (and aren’t surprised to find out later), Jack has trisomy 21, or down’s syndrome. He is superbaby, though – sleeping through the night, and rarely cries, giving great smiles and giggles. So, despite his busier social calendar, seeing a few more doctors than the average kiddo, he is a great addition to our family and we look forward to the unique perspective he will bring to us. We hope to make it to the 10 year reunion this November and hope to see some of you there! Suzanne Wilson 882 North Taney Street Philadelphia, PA 19130 215 850 7782


KELLY ADELS HESS Hello all!!! I hope this newsletter finds everyone well, and I am so sorry for missing those of you that went to our class reunion. There is not much to report for things here in Houston and in the Hess Household. Zoey just turned 4 years old in March and Juliette is now 1 1/2 years old. My new motto is .......'The days are sure long...but the years are extremely short!!!' On a fun any of you remember our song....'I Put My Blue Jeans On'??? I play it all the time with my girls, and they love it!!!!! It brings back so many memories of our Tri Delta meetings!!! My new hobby is playing tennis, and I do love it! I get to play once or twice a week, and I am trying to improve so Clive and I can have a tennis date night. My Dad has not been well, so I try to spend as much time with him as well. So for now....that is my life!!! All my love, Kel -

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Tri Delta SMU - Spring 08 Newsletter  

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