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May Annual Meeting – We Recruit, We Celebrate & Salute a Good Year! By JJ Mackle With celebration on their minds, members came to

more in love with the League’s work. Garris also

the May GMM to remember the 2009-10 League

thanked her family for their support and her mom,

year and anticipate the start of another League

for getting her involved in the League. Kitty Hull,

year. The May GMM was held on Tuesday, May

Website Chair and Kirstina Bouwmans worked on

25 at the Country Club of Orlando. A Recruitment

a photo presentation for Garris and when technical

Event was held beforehand at 6 PM and the

difficulties with the sound struck, a helpful

annual meeting started at 7 PM. We had more

Elizabeth Hughes both sang and held an iPhone

than 70 prospective members attend and 25

up to the microphone solving the issue! Kitty is

completed applications to join.

already working on booking Hughes’s talent for Blue Note Ball!



125 N. Lucerne Circle, East Orlando, FL 32801 Address Service Requested

5/5/10 10:58 AM

The Presidential gavel was passed amongst past

Besides emotional and funny moments, awards

Presidents offering words of wisdom for our next

were a

President, Kirstina Bouwmans. Bouwmans


was honored to have her work colleagues from


Disney’s Animal Kingdom Education program


in attendance showing support. She also said


of her husband, Roger, “What do you say about

the Special

a man who never says no.” To be President,

Service Award and a standing ovation. Double the

you really need the whole family on board, and

action, double the fun – Louise Borsei and Susan

it was clear that they were – her sons attended,

Hoover, Sustainers, received Sustainer of the

along with neighbors and their kids! Stephanie

Year awards. Great Oaks Village was presented

Garris offered several human moments of when

with a plaque and then presented us with artwork

she was wheelchair bound with broken legs and

of the campus right back! They emotionally

how the Leaguers rallied to help her out, women

thanked our members for our support and told us

connecting when marriages were in trouble or

to not be strangers and come back often! The

kids were sick or when a girl who had made a

evening was action packed with updates and

mistake was in jail, and it really didn’t need to be

check presentations from Bargain Box, recognition

there asked

of transfers,

for prayers.





awards and

make us

much more.

stronger and

Summer 2010

To learn more about our specialty care, visit, call 321.8HEALTH (321.843.2584) or join us at

membership matters

Summer 2010

At Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, we have a 20 year history of providing the families of Central Florida with quality care and superior service. We make sure compassion is part of every healing environment we create. We are on a constant mission to improve our specialized service offerings. We’ve made it a habit to always have the latest stateof-the-art medical technologies. And while all of this may make us a great hospital, everything we do, everything we are, everything we have is designed with one purpose in mind—making kids feel better.

The Board Room

My last entry in Membership Matters is one that

Community Program that was overwhelmingly

Our work has just begun to alleviate childhood

As I close, I want to recognize the 13 women who

is bittersweet. On the one hand, I must honestly

supported by the membership.

hunger and poverty and improve childhood health.

served alongside me on the Board of Directors.

This would not be possible without you. It requires

These women are a true gift and serve the League

every member of the League to achieve lasting

unselfishly and effectively. Sir Isaac Newton once

community impact.

said “If I can see farther than others, it is because

say that the toll of running JLGO – an organization with a $350,000 budget and 4 employees – on a

• Launched a Pilot program with the Callahan

volunteer basis is one that I am ready to turn over.

Center. Created a six-session program to

In addition to a full-time job as mother and a full-

encourage young “tween” girls at the Callahan

time job as the Executive Director of Grace Medical

Center to incorporate healthy and positive life skills.

Home, it is “sweet” to give up my full-time job as President of the Junior League of Greater Orlando.

• Offered 158 DIAD opportunities that 283

I stood on the shoulders of giants.” Friends, you As we transition, thank God we are in the very

are my giants and I thank you for providing solid

steady hands of Kirstina Bouwmans and Allison

ground to stand on.

Hudson who will lead us so effectively. And

members participated in resulting in just over

to Kirstina, I have enjoyed our midnight chats,

And to ALL members of the League, please know

On the other hand, it is with a heavy heart that

1,000 of community service hours donated by

our coffees after board meeting and our hugs at

that your membership matters. It is only because

I let go and turn the League over to the very

our League. At the volunteer rate of $20.25,

important moments. The League could not be in

of your commitment, that we are able to achieve

capable women who are prepared to follow. It is

this means we contributed more than $20,000 in

more capable and steady heads, and I treasure our

our success.

indeed “bitter” as I think of

volunteer service!

friendship this year.

a future when I will not be attending Board meetings

With much love, admiration, respect and gratitude,

monthly or required to attend

what was budgeted last year and experienced new

every GMM. It is in these

membership growth in our provisional members of

meetings that I see my

46% over what was budgeted last year.

have guided me and become

Stephanie Garris, my light and inspiration these President of JLGO last 10 years.

• Traveled to 10 different locations for our “Community Plunge” board meetings to learn more about nonprofit agencies that we can partner with.

The year began with a favorite quote of mine by William Faulkner which says “The man who

• Experienced a projected $20,000 revenue surplus

removes a mountain, begins by carrying away

even though last year’s Budget Review Committee

small stones.” Well, all of you picked up your

budgeted for a $30,000 net operating loss.

stones and together we moved mountains! • Launched Cinderella’s Closet – a partnership Our results of our combined accomplishments are

between the Provisionals, Community Council,

too numerous to report, so please indulge me an

and Bargain Box Committee. Gave dresses,

opportunity to highlight just a few. Together, we:

accessories, and a wonderful experience to roughly 20 disadvantaged girls and raised money

• Developed the framework for HIP Kids – Healthy, Informed, Playful Kids – as a new JLGO

we remain One Community, Serving Together,

• Achieved nearly a 7% membership increase over

League friends – women who

for the Bargain Box (more than $900 during the day-after sale alone)!

Our Mission The Junior League of Greater Orlando, Florida, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.


The Board Room

President’s Perspective

Junior League of Greater Orlando, Florida, Inc.

Board of Directors


President Stephanie Garris President-Elect Kirstina Bouwmans Recording Secretary Allison Hudson Treasurer Heather Gantt Vice President of Active Membership Loretta Hawkins Junior League of Greater Orlando

Vice President of Community Sharese Pace Vice President of Finance Andrea Balanzatugui Vice President of Marketing & Communications Beth Wilson Vice President of Research & Development Elisha Contner Vice President of Sustainer Membership Lynn Moharam Member-at-Large Wendy Adelson Parliamentarian Vicki Pietrack President’s Assistant Kelly Schupfer President’s Pick Suzanne Tagman

Table of Contents The Board Room


Active Menbership


Community Sustainers Finance

10 11-12 13


The Board Room

In fact, it was because of the League that JLGO Past-President (and current Chair of the Board of Grace) Marilyn King initially met. Another PastPresident of the League, Cynthia Wood, also serves on the Grace Board of Directors. She has been married to Joel Garris, an executive VP of Nelson Investment Planning Sustainer member June Nelson & Stephanie Garris (and Stephanie’s mom) are pictured here at AJLI Annual Conference. Nelson has been in the League for 40+ years! She has been a member of the Dayton, Ohio, Washington, DC, Houston, Boston Leagues and a current JLGO Sustainer member. Garris credits her mom for getting her to finally join the League and as we know, moms always know best!

Services for 10 years. In the past, she has been an attorney, lobbyist, nonprofit executive and a

Get to Know your Board Lynn Moharam, VP of Sustainer has been

Kelly Schupfer, President’s Assistant has

a JLGO member for 32 years! Moharam has

been a member of JLGO for 5 years. She has

previously served as VP of Sustainer (08-09),

her BBA from the

Advisor to Nominating Committee, VP of

University of Georgia

Finance and Treasurer. She enjoys working on

and is married

fundraisers, including auction events, home tours

to her husband,

and cookbooks. Moharam, who has a flare for

Rob. Schupfer has

drama, performed in the Junior League Follies in

previously served as

professional fundraiser. The makings of a President, Garris held previous positions such as Transfer Chair, Recording Secretary, VP of Finance-Elect, VP of Finance, Kids in the Kitchen Chair and President Elect.

Passing the Gavel, Stephanie Garris Moves on to her next League Adventure

Her favorite League memory was Chairing Kids in the Kitchen Committee when it was a new program to the League because of the rewarding

As the League year closes to an end, we wish

nature of

our President, Stephanie Garris, a farewell. But

helping kids to

for all of you Garris supporters, no worries, Garris

establish better

will be serving as an advisor to the Nominating

health and

Committee. Just in case you didn’t know who

nutrition in their

Garris was, here is a little about the girl that

diets. Garris is

would one day become League President. She

committed to

is a League legacy, her mom has been a lifelong

working on improving our community and taking

member and supporter of the League! And for

an active part in trying to make a difference. Your

those of you who might have had a year in the

leadership and personal nature has made us

League that hadn’t met up to your expectations,

treasure you as one of our beloved Presidents!

even Garris considered quitting, but re-considered

Thanks for the time you dedicate to all of us.

after her mom said to keep with it!

Lynn Moharam

both Atlanta


and Orlando!

Co-Chair, Assistant

She is a

Co-Chair and

proud parent

committee member

to a daughter,

of Blue Note Ball and as VP of Active Membership.


Schupfer enjoyed being MAL and learning how

who is at Rice

the Board operates. She also had the opportunity

University and

to go to ODI in Charlotte, NC. Professionally,

Kelly Schupfer

a son, Andrew, who attends Trinity Prep and is a

Schupfer is a Realtor with Re/Max properties and

basketball player. Moharam’s furry kids are Miss

works part time at Lilly Pulitzer on Park Avenue.

Mittens, a cat and Gallant Lark, a horse. Her

The League has had a blast having meetings there

husband, Jim, is a professor of Optics at CREOL.

and Special Events! In the past, Schupfer has

Moharam is active in the Orlando community as a

been a Product Developer at Disney, MGM Grand,

Town & Gown Council Board member and works

Victoria’s Secret and Limited Too.

The Board Room

her “dream job” with Grace to the Junior League.

with Habitat for Humanity. Professionally, she is trained in industrial engineering, sales training and meeting/event management and holds a B.A. in Sociology. Moharam knows her Leagues! She has been a member of four different Junior Leagues; two of the smallest (York, PA and Charlottesville, VA) and two of the largest (Atlanta, GA and Orlando, FL)! Moharam says, “Moving from city to city, the Junior League put me in touch with individuals with whom I had something in common and gave me a sense of community.” Moharam has definitely taken


Garris leads an active life, raising three young

advantage of the opportunities in Junior League

boys (Nelson, Ethan and Connor) and recently

and the League has flourished with her warm

went back to work as Executive Director of Grace

nature, intelligent outlook and fun spirit. Lynn gives

Medical Home -- a medical practice for the working

110% in everything she takes on and is very active

underserved in Orange County. Garris enjoys

in all aspects of League membership.

working in the nonprofit arena and credits getting

The JLGO Board held its April meeting at the Bargain Box where Alison Register, Bargain Box Chair gave a brief history and update on budgeted sales being on target!


The Board Room

By Cynthia Obenland The 88th annual Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) conference was held April 15-17 here in Orlando. The last time Orlando was asked to host Annual Conference was over 10 years ago. Talk about an outstanding event! Picture close to 1,000 women representing 293 Leagues from 4 countries (the United States, Great Britain, Mexico and Canada) all gathered together for the purpose of strengthening their organizations, sharing ideas and generating or rekindling friendships.

BET (Black Entertainment Television) and an owner

April GMM – Powered Up Panel Gives us State of the Community

of 3 professional sports teams, including the WNBA Washington Mystics. She expressed her admiration for all that AJLI and the individual leagues have done to benefit local communities. She stressed

A dynamic panel of 4 community leaders (Cindy

the importance of working together, even if it is slow

Heroux, author of The Manual That Came with

going, to help bring about positive changed within

Your Body, Dave Krepcho, President & CEO of

communities. Johnson said, “If you want to go fast,

2nd Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, Lee

go alone – if you want to go far, go together.” In addition to being great hosts for the conference, JLGO was also awarded Honorable Mention in the Vision Award category! The Vision Award is only one of four that AJLI gives. Other awards are given at the Conference, but there are 4 Junior League awards. AJLI recognized JLGO’s hard work in reversing declining membership and engaging members in lasting community impact. Way to go JLGO! But the conference would not have been successful without the hard work and dedication of Elizabeth Hughes. She was the Orlando site committee chair and poured her heart and soul into making this a memorable event. From getting donations

Pates, Senior Director of the Community Service Center and Deb Watson, VP of WP Health JLGO was awarded Honorable Mention for the AJLI Award for Vision! The award was made at AJLI’s 88th Annual Conference in Orlando on April 17. Through its annual awards program, AJLI celebrates the outstanding accomplishments and significant contributions that Junior Leagues make both internally within the 293 individual Leagues and externally, working to solve some of the toughest and most urgent problems in their communities. “Vision ensures the future of The Junior League and gives the organization an opportunity to flourish as a major force in the development of women volunteers and in meaningful and lasting community change,” said AJLI President-Elect and member of the Junior League of Monmouth County, Delly Beekman. “We applaud The Junior League of Greater Orlando for demonstrating 20/20 vision in their successful efforts to fully engage members and develop a strategic plan for the League that had community impact at its core.”

Foundation) spoke at the April General Membership Meeting about childhood health, hunger and poverty. Member Development Committee put together a great group of community leaders who

The Board Room

After a Decade, Orlando Successfully Hosts the 88th (AJLI) Annual Conference

shared some very real challenges we face in our community. The April GMM was the first time we held this type of meeting and roughly 150 members attended in support of it! This was just another way of showing the community that JLGO shows up in numbers to learn more about how we can all work together for real change in the community.

for 1,000 goody bags (which were a conference The excitement generated during a spirited opening session (where delegates from each League marched in side-by-side, welcome messages from the heads of the 4 countries were read, and Orlando’s own Jones High School Color Guard presented the

favorite - thanks to EVERYONE who got donations) to all of the various related tasks that she has been handling for the past year, her energy and enthusiasm were contagious to the AJLI staff, the JLGO volunteers and the conference attendees.

colors) continued throughout the 3 days. Workshops, along with engaging general sessions, kept the attendees busy and provided great training and development opportunities. Of course, playtime is always important and the opening reception was held at Universal City Walk. One highlight of the conference was the keynote speaker, Sheila C. Johnson. Ms. Johnson is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, a founding partner of



Active Membership

honored to be included in the event. Pace helped communicate the event to our community partners. She said, “I believe that is the most memorable

By JJ Mackle

and rewarding experience that I have ever had in the six years that I have been in Junior League. I

“You are my little princess,” Sarah’s father tells her.

‘m very proud to be a Junior League member!”

To Sarah, every girl is a princess, regardless of

Lynn Moharam, VP of Sustainer Membership, said

what kind

of the event’s hype, “Envision this as an on-going

of house she lives in

event. Reach out to area high school students to

with sales throughout the day! (The dresses

provide clothing. What a great source of publicity

that were not chosen by the community partners

or whether

individually labeled and it included make up and

or not her

for the

were sold after the event at a reduced cost.) The

literature on date safety and date abuse. Each girl



Provisionals (in addition to completely planning and

had a personal shopper who assisted in running

are full

out different styles/sizes to the girls while they try

of holes.”


was sent out to the guidance counselors of local

things on. Also, furniture was brought in to bring a

(A Little

Box Chair,

high schools advertising the sale of the dresses.

swanky feel to the Bargain Box. They ended the



Register said, “I believe this advertising drove

evening showing off their beautiful gowns down the

1995) The


customers to the Box on Saturday in search of a

nicely decorated red carpet walk way! All 20 girls


gave props

dress for their special night at a reduced cost.”

received a fabulous dress, accessories, shoes and

quote was

to the

even a matching purse! They even had amazing

about a little


Thanks to Sharese Pace for helping with the

door prizes for all the girls. Nine girls were from

girl from privilege, who lost her status briefly, like

around the

vouchers, Kitty Hull for taking photos of the event,

Great Oaks Village and our Footsteps to Success

Cinderella. With help from her friends and a good

event, “Sue

to the Provisionals for spearheading such a great

program, the remaining from The Boys and Girls

spirit, eventually found the Princess in everyone.


event, and for the Board for your support!”

Club. The Footsteps to Success committee was


This event truly hit the League on all levels.

on hand to join in the fun and help assist the girls. You have to hand it to the Spring class of Provisionals, making high school prom girls feel like the bells of the ball with Cinderella’s Closet evening dress drive. Anna McPherson,

executing the event) also developed a flyer that

me on Saturday afternoon to let me know that

Thanks to all who were involved! After all, we do

the store had record sales of almost $900 just on

live in the magical city of Orlando, where dreams

Saturday, in large part a result of advertising the

come true and Fairy Godmothers do exist…as

prom dresses and having 6 Provisionals helping

JLGO members!

Active Membership

Sharese Pace, VP of Community, was thrilled and

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, Provisionals Have a Gown for YOU!

Provisional Chair, addressed schools with a letter of our intentions. JLGO membership gave it their full support, donating 80 dresses to the Bargain Box at the March GMM. Provisionals marketed the event by wearing evening attire to the meeting. It brought Councils and committees together to join for such a fun and important cause about enjoying rites of passage in the Orlando community.

Clarissa Camillo, Case Manager for Great Oaks Village said, “We had an awesome time, the girls


The Provisionals left out no details, as they took

came home and had to show all the other residents

on their roles as Fairy Godmothers for the event.

and staff their dresses and accessories. Thank

Every girl was given a special gift bag that’s been

you ladies so much, you’ve all been so great to my

made for her by their accessories team. They were

girls. That means the world to me.”



By Cindy Waddell

her success. Demings shared with the girls that her mother was a maid and her father a gardener and maintenance man. Her parents worked hard even without high school educations so that their

Sustainer Luncheon & Derby Party By Cynthia Obenland

current League members about the recipients as she introduced them. Louise Borsoi has served for the past two years

children would know to work hard and that they

as Sustainer Advisor to the Admissions-Provisional

could be successful. The Chief closed by asking

Committee. Her historical perspective of the

the girls to “dream big and reach for the stars.”

League and the Orlando community marveled

She was inspirational to the girls as well as our

Actives Anna McPherson, Emily Sharpe and Han

League volunteers. We hope that we are helping

Truong. They said that her ideas and contributions

to prepare the girls for their futures and to open

helped them keep their committee’s ambitious plans

opportunities for them through their experience

in check!


Callahan Center – HIP Kids, Hooray!

with our League members. We are excited that Several new JLGO Actives have been busy at the Callahan Community Center working with pre-teen girls who have been identified as high risk of future problems. They have had guest

HIP kids will be located at the Callahan Center and that several girls that live in that community have expressed an interest in joining our current girls at future programs.

Susan Harris has been an Advisor to the Bargain The Sustainers capped off an incredible year with two recent blowout events – the annual Sustainer Luncheon and the 3rd annual Kentucky Derby party.

speakers each week and then serve the girls dinner. On May 4, Police Chief Val Demings of

On Saturday, April 24, the annual Sustainer

the Orlando Police Department spoke with the

Luncheon was held at Interlachen Country Club.

girls. Demings emphasized that God made all

The theme for the Sustainers this year was

of us special people and that success was within

reconnecting – reconnecting with the community,

our reach. She stated that it took three things to

the JLGO Sustainer mission and each other.

be successful:

Stephanie Garris welcomed everyone and expressed her gratitude to all of the Sustainers.

1- Courage. You must have the courage to

Garris complimented the Sustainers on the current

be the best you that you can be. You must be

state of the JLGO, giving credit to the hard work

courageous enough to push yourself beyond your

done before and

comfort levels and to risk putting yourself out there

that it continues

in order to succeed.

2- Preparation. You must prepare yourself for the obstacles you will face.

SAVE THE DATE! 2010 HARVEST HUSTLE – “Race to End Childhood Hunger”

to grow strong because of its strong history. Incoming JLGO President,

3- Opportunity. The opportunity will present itself

Mark your calendars now, the JLGO, partnered with

and you must be prepared for it and courageous

Fleet Feet Sports, will host its third annual 5K in

Bouwmans reiterated the importance of the

enough to accept that opportunity and run with it.

Baldwin Park on Saturday, October 23 at 8 AM.

Sustainers to the League and stressed her

Demings also told the girls “that when these three

If you or someone you know is interested in

commitment as President to continue to strengthen

things come together, you can be anything you

sponsorship opportunities or hosting a booth please

this bond.

want to be or do anything you want to do.”

contact Kim Jessup at

Box Committee for a number of years. Alison Register, Bargain Box chair, said that she never anticipated how her Sustainer Advisor would become such an integral part of the team and that Susan always had great words of encouragement, particularly in trying moments. Lynn Moharam was recognized and thanked for her role in helping to bring Sustainer activities to the forefront. All League members have really felt connected to the Sustainers because of this active involvement and incredible communication. Holly Vanture will be stepping into this role next year and will continue the great work Lynn has done.


The surprise of the luncheon was that not one,


Chief Demings used her experience with humble

but two individuals were recognized this year for

beginnings and a strong worth ethic as keys to

their Sustainer involvement! Lynn Moharam, VP of Sustainer Membership shared comments from



Actives Going Sustaining

Corporate Sponsors ARE the Real Deal!

Lisa Blackwelder, Wendy Brodeur, Joan Carrol,

By Lisa Sheppard

Susan Coughlin, Alisa Turner-Delinger, Loretta

Kentucky Derby party on Saturday afternoon, May

Hawkins, Abby Holmes, Elizabeth Hughes, Autumn

With deepest gratitude we need to thank our 2009-

1. This event was even better than being at the

Kanistras, Andrea Rickheim, Kim Roberts, Nancy

2010 JLGO Corporate Sponsors for their financial

actual Derby, complete with a hat contest, betting

Sell, Lisa Sheppard, Wendy Wilson-Stringer, Wendy

and in kind donations that make it possible for us

window and mint juleps to boot! Lisa Slade won

Tumlin, Shannon Woodrow

to fulfill the JLGO mission and vision. We had a

the award for Most Stylish hat; Brenda Marshall

39% increase in corporate sponsorship thanks to

won for Most Ornate; and Diane Sandquist won for

the generosity of so many people. Please take a

Most Bizarre.

moment to look at our Corporate Sponsorship List and remember the names.

this event, and even though she unexpectedly

We are most appreciative to Winnie Palmer

had to go out of town, her husband, Bill, and

Hospital for Women and Babies, our “Champion

their friends were amazing hosts. Everyone in

for Women and Children” for their continued

attendance had a great time and is already hard

support for the last five years. I hope you had an

at work thinking about next year’s hats! Thanks

opportunity to attend the special interest meeting

to all of the Sustainers who came and celebrated

before the April General Membership Meeting and

the Derby!

hear Jessica M. Vaught, MD - Director of Minimally 8:33 AM

Page 1

Invasive Surgery speak. Next we couldn’t do it without our “Guardian for Women and Children” -

Florida Resident Special at your tropical island hideaway that’s not too far away! Florida residents save an additional 15% off already discounted summer rates when staying 2 or more nights. Plus, you’ll get a Surf n’ Sun Scratch Off Card at check-in. Every card’s a winner with prizes ranging from a beach bag with two towels or High Tide Slide passes to free Fall Night Certificates or $500 TradeWinds Gift Cards.

exciting journey to “Live to a Healthy 100”. Florida and League members had an opportunity to have a complimentary blood pressure screening and take the longevity calculator. After working with our corporate sponsors this year, changes to our sponsorship benefits are being recommended. We hope that these changes will benefit both our sponsors and the membership. The Board will be reviewing the proposed changes

Carol Rosenfelt graciously opened her home for


meeting to tell us how you can join them on this Hospital’s Chief People Officer Sheryl Dodds spoke

An equally great time was had at the 3rd annual

TWOrlandoJrLeg June2010

join us before our March General Membership


Horsing Around with the Sustainers – Derby Style!

P.U.G.S. (People Utilizing Gifts Sensibly) and their continued support. Nelson Investment Planning Services and Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc. continued their support at the “Partner of Women and Children” level which we are most grateful for. Also we were pleased to welcome our newest corporate sponsor - Florida Hospital as a “Partner

in early July. Once approved, the new benefits package will be posted online and communicated to our returning and new sponsors. As a JLGO member you can help us keep our current sponsors and make new ones. First if you do business with our current sponsors please thank them for their support. If you are looking for services in these industries please think of them first. As far as new sponsors, if you know of someone or have a company contact that has a similar interest in the area of “health, hunger and poverty” please send their name and contact information to Lauren Carmody, Corporate Sponsorship Chair for 2010-2011 so that we can approach them about sponsorship for next year. It takes a village to make it happen!!

of Women and Children”. They were able to

Offer is good May 1 – September 30, 2010. Reservations must be made directly with TradeWinds at or call 800.360.4023.

Publications Committee JJ Mackle, Chair Proof of Florida residency required upon check-in. This promotion cannot be combined with any other special offer, resort credit, coupon or group rate. Offer subject to change without notice.


Amy Parker

Cynthia Obenland

Leigh Ann Vogel

Publications & Website Committees Thanks for the wonderful year and many happy, Happy Hours!



Tuesday, March 22, 2011 – GMM

Congratulations are in order for Sustainer member

Little Leaguers

Michelle Carlton, an award recipient from Glamour magazine’s “Best of You Award!” Carlton has taken her League training into the Central Florida community and her service is inspirational to JLGO members. Carlton shared her sentiments with the League and thanked us for our support. “Just wanted to thank everyone who supported me and participated in Glamour Magazine’s “Best of You” award voting. It is a real honor to be selected and to have the opportunity to bring awareness to the plight of abused, neglected and abandoned children. There will be a feature in an upcoming Glamour Magazine and $2,000 will be donated to the Foundation for Foster Children!”

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 – Cluster Meetings Council Tuesday, May 24, 2011 – GMM Annual Meeting

Nicole Parker and her husband, Whit, welcomed Elizabeth (Ellie) Ann Parker, weighing 6 pounds, 13 ounces, 20” long on December 24, 2009. Congratulations to Leaguers and their new additions.

Elizabeth (Ellie) Ann Parker

Congratulations to Community Council members Megan Fryzel & Robyn Barnes! Fryzel and her husband welcomed a March baby girl, Savannah Grace Fryzel, weighing 6 lbs, 12 oz and 18 inches long. Everyone is doing fine. Barnes, her husband

Congrats to Community Council for participating

Other March Madness babies was a baby boy,

and big brother welcomed a baby boy named Austin. He was 9 lbs, 7oz!

Sean Joseph,

Garris’s Community Challenge!

born to member Shannon Batal

Meeting Schedule for the 2010/11 League Year

and husband, Joe on March 11 weighing 8 lbs

instead of our normal 4th Tuesday of the month.

Sean Joseph Batal

and 10 oz.

Our Deepest Sympathy

Tuesday, September 28: Cluster Meetings


Corporate Sponsors Thank you to our 2009-10 sponsorships!

in the most DIADS this year, winner of Stephanie

guest speaker! *Please note this is the 5th Tuesday

League Paparazzi


Community Challenge Winner Announcement:

Tuesday, August 31: Kick Off GMM with special


Sustainer Michelle Carlton is Awarded Honor from Glamour Magazine

Tuesday, October 26: GMM

Our deepest sympathies go to the families of

Tuesday, November 23: Cluster Meetings Hosted

Sustainer member Jane Hurst, who passed

by Sustainers

away on February 9, Sustainer member Dorothy

December Holiday Party – TBA

“Topsy” Kirkland, who passed away on March

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 – GMM

1 and Past President Linda Chapin, who lost her

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 – GMM

mother, Patricia (Patty) Hill on April 17.

Champion for Women and Children Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies Guardian for Women and Children P.U.G.S. (People Utilizing Gifts Sensibly) Advocate for Women and Children Florida Hospital Nelson Investment Planning Services Publix Super Markets Charities Partner of Women and Children Alexander Hair Dressing Mary Kay Cosmetics Robert S. Hughes Supporter of Women and Children Arthur’s Creative Events & Catering Dairy Farmers, Inc. Hudson Law Firm Rumberger, Kirk and Caldwell, P.A.

Friend of Women and Children Bagel King CornerStone Construction Services, Inc. Eidson Insurance Frito Lay GrayRobinson, P.A. Group RCI Hilton Orlando Jason’s Deli K-12 Kirkconnell, Lindsey, Snure and Yates, P.A. Lake Baldwin Dental, Dr. William Dunn and Dr. Leonard Glass Umansky Law Firm Additional Inkind Donators Adver-T-Screen Printing Bella’s on Park Avenue Barefoot Wine Brio Tuscan Grille/Bravo Cucina Italiana Cabot Cheese East Coast Entertainment Freestyle Nutritional Front Running Sports Patchington Simply Well


Membership Matters Summer 2010  
Membership Matters Summer 2010  

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