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Founders’ Day Proclamation

130 Y EARS

Dear Sarah,

One hundred and thirty years ago, you founded an organization that was built on the ideal of being “kind alike to all.” You envisioned a community and a culture. You created our kind of membership, and you started our kind of sisterhood. With earnestness of purpose, together with your dear friend Eleanor, you became the architects of an experience that you desired for yourselves and for other women seeking something distinctive, something dynamic and something worthy of the best that was in them. You would have no way of knowing just how relevant that would be today - 130 years later. Your vision for Tri Delta came at a time when the world was unkind toward women. Few were educated, many did not have professional careers and their voices went unheard. You led with bravery and boldness, and all you asked was that we bring ourselves. When members’ voices were being shaped in smaller rooms, you dreamed of those voices being projected to the largest spaces. Today, Tri Delta thrives in a world where women matter, and we speak up for ourselves as strong, educated and empowered citizens. The society you and Eleanor created has become a movement, which resonates in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of women who wear the very same Stars and Crescent badge you designed in 1888. It’s as beautiful and meaningful today as ever. And while the world has changed quite a bit since 1888, it can still be very unkind. Our challenge as Tri Deltas is to show the world what kindness and compassion is. For kindness to prevail, it will take all of us making the commitment to be brave and bold as we live kind and lead kind. Kindness has the capacity to overcome our greatest challenges. It is more powerful than hazing. It would eradicate sexual harassment and assault. It is the very essence of inclusion. And it will defeat rising, anti-Greek sentiment.

Inspired by your vision of kindness, your words have brought new life to our passion for serving others. In 1947, our alumnae sisters became champions for the cause to end childhood cancer forever, and our impact since then has changed the way the world


The Trident Fall 2018

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And you knew it from the beginning.

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Kimberlee Di Fede Sullivan, Pepperdine F R AT E R N I T Y P R E S I DE N T

Photo: Scogin Mayo Fall 2018 The Trident


treats and defeats this disease. And when it comes to helping our sisters in every way, Tri Delta boldly leads the way in supporting our members with academic scholarships and in meeting their most urgent needs with benevolent, life-changing grants. And drawing on your powerful words in our Ritual and Oath, we remain committed to our sisters’ growth and development, focusing on the ideals of truth, self-sacrifice and friendship. We promote self-confidence, thoughtful reflection and resiliency. We render willing service to others and continue to spread Tri Delta’s influence abroad. Our sisterhood continues to flourish because of the meaningful relationships and lifelong friendships nurtured through loyalty and fealty to Tri Delta. We challenge each other to respect ourselves and others and their contributions to the world around us. At the heart of Tri Delta is love and “Our Kind of Kind.” Our kind of kind has the power to change the world. Our kind of kind seeks truth and is humble. It is genuine, listens to others and celebrates the joy of others. Our kind of kind is patient and gracious and courteous. Similarly, our kind of bold is fearless when it comes to doing what’s right. And our kind of brave? Our brave cares first about who we are as women and sisters. Understanding that we are stronger together than we could ever be alone, we embrace our individual differences. We have opened our hearts, our eyes and our minds to steadfastly love those who are different from us – because it’s our differences that make us unique and whole. We celebrate the opportunity to “Bring You” and to become the best version of yourself in and through Tri Delta. Sarah, we honor from where we came and what you founded and hope that you would be proud of today’s Tri Delta – an assembly of women who share the values you identified; women who are brave, bold and kind; who are passionate about serving others and committed to becoming our best selves. And in doing so, today we step forward - together - in a moment that is deserving of Our Kind of Kind. In this moment of pure growth and love, we are proud to say that we can help take it from here.

With gratitude and loyalty,


The Trident Fall 2018

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Sarah - once, we came to join. Now, we come to lead... In accordance with our Purpose and your vision for a society that would be, indeed, kind alike to all.

STAY CONNECTED Membership in Tri Delta is for a lifetime, allowing you to be yourself and belong to something bigger – something distinctive, something dynamic and something that is worthy of the best in you. Join an alumnae chapter today to receive unique benefits and continue to share in the treasured friendship and growth that comes from Tri Delta sisterhood.

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BENEFITS OF ALUMNAE MEMBERSHIP: • Events with Tri Deltas in your area • Regular updates and communications from Tri Delta’s Executive Office • An annual subscription to The Trident • Philanthropy and service opportunities • Town Hall Webinars with Fraternity President Kimberlee Sullivan

Together we are one of a kind, and stronger than we could ever be alone.

Foundation Scholarships 2018 - 2019 Foundation Scholarship Recipients The Tri Delta Foundation awarded 144 academic scholarships to deserving undergraduate and graduate members for the 2018-19 academic year. These scholarships, totaling over $361,000, are funded by donations from generous Tri Delta members, and recipients include collegiate and alumnae members furthering their education and lifetime learning. Tri Delta remains committed to our Purpose by assisting our members in every possible way through the Foundation’s academic scholarships. Ryleigh Navert, Oklahoma, is a senior working on her bachelor’s degree in political science and accounting. Upon graduating from the University of Oklahoma in May 2019, she hopes to continue her education by earning a Juris Doctor Degree or a Master of Business Administration.

“The Leona McKie Muse Scholarship allows me to spend less time in my on-campus job working to pay for school expenses, and more time focusing on developing my skill set, resume and professional network,” says Ryleigh. “The financial assistance extended by the Tri Delta Foundation is just another way in which Tri Delta shows that it cares about its members and wants to help them succeed.”

U N D ERGR A D UAT E S C H O L A R S H I P S Delta Lambda Scholarship Sydney Neglia, Butler

Eastman Memorial Scholarship Alyssa Arndt, Nebraska

Alpha Lambda Chapter Scholarship Julianne Larsson, South Carolina

Delta Mu Chapter Scholarship Patricia Calkins, Alabama Claudia Hogan, Alabama Kendall Hudgins, Alabama Rachel Naumann, Alabama Camille Studebaker, Alabama

Edith Scandlyn/Sammie Lynn Scandlyn Puett Memorial Scholarship Magdalene Fruehwald, Tennessee

Amanda Judice Scholarship Kamryn Robinson, Louisiana State Atlanta Alumnae Chapter Achievement Scholarship Evelyn Gould, Furman Avery Bayle Barth Scholarship Britt Jacobson, Southern California Taylor Wilcox, Southern California Barbara Downey Freson Undergraduate Scholarship Namrata Srikanth, William & Mary Cheryl White Pryor Memorial Scholarship Paxton Masengill, Tennessee 12

Delta Omega Chapter Scholarship Lily Fontenot, Louisiana State Delta Omega House Corporation Scholarship Kelly Robertson, Louisiana State Dodge Theta Beta Undergraduate Scholarship Rachel Iliff, Colorado Donna Axum Whitworth Scholarship Katie Gardner, Arkansas Dott Henggeler Memorial Scholarship Ally Thompson, Virginia Tech

The Trident Fall 2018

Jacksonville Alumnae Chapter Scholarship Caelyn Gessler, Jacksonville Jane Folkrod Scholarship Kiera Deal, Iowa

Ellen Gignilliat Arts Scholarship Claire Harvin, Clemson

Jean Wiggin Roach Phi Lambda Scholarship Carly Crossman, Texas Christian

Erin Kumelos Heard Memorial Scholarship Daisy Corona, California/Davis

Jeanne Ryland Collegiate Scholarship Morgan Davis, Auburn

Gamma Eta House Corporation Scholarship Erin Sorady, Richmond

Laura Burckel Peterson Memorial Scholarship Hailey Nichols, Louisiana State

Gamma Iota Chapter Scholarship Amanda McGowan, Purdue

Laura Stenovec Scholarship Amanda Ormonde, California/Davis

Houston Alumnae Chapter Scholarship Jordan Hoye, Stephen F. Austin

Lauren Savoy Olinde Memorial Scholarship Kylie Cronin, Louisiana State Leona McKie Muse Scholarship Reaganne Coile, Georgia Emily Daniels, Arkansas

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Alpha Beta Chapter Scholarship Taylor Meyer, Cornell

Changing Lives Katie Gardner, Arkansas Caelyn Gessler, Jacksonville Andrea Gracia, California/Merced Brady Kaucic, Ohio State Brielle Kolpin, Coe Amanda McGowan, Purdue Ryleigh Navert, Oklahoma Amanda Nelson, Nebraska Alyssa Silvas, Southwestern Katherine Thomas, Texas/Austin Alyson Waite, Toledo Live Learn Lead Scholarship Brooke Bierling, California/Irvine Danielle Bodette, Texas Tech Kali Boydston, Kansas Madison Brandt, Wyoming Amanda Bruchhauser, Adelphi Emily Colvin, Louisiana Tech Beth Cunningham, Southern Mississippi Sarah Eisner, Cincinnati McKenna Ford, Idaho Morgan Forteith, Southwestern Lisa Griffin, Drury Madison Heher, Denison Emily Hines, Millsaps Jill Kleinkauf, Chapman Tiernan Kolpin, Coe Diem-Thi Le, Texas/Dallas Rebecca Leuschen, Simpson Jameson Miller, Millsaps London Moore, Oklahoma Kelsey Morihara, Creighton Ashlyn Parkhurst, Mississippi State Danielle Pham, Creighton Macy Randle, Kentucky Patricia Sanford, Mississippi Sierra Stevens, Florida Gulf Coast Emily Stevenson, Florida Jane Tullis, North Carolina Jessica Waters, Kentucky

Elizabeth Whitlock, Southern Methodist Sarah Wry, Vermont Ally Zamer, Maryland

McKinney Sisters Undergraduate Scholarship Reanna Robinson, Millsaps

Phoenix Alumnae Chapter Scholarship Sara Chartier, Northern Arizona

Louise Bales Gallagher Scholarship Amber Johnson, Millikin

Melissa Hamman & Molly Hamman Bielamowicz Scholarship Taylor Husman, Texas/Arlington

Rachel Spelman Memorial Scholarship Mary Owens, Texas A&M

Luella Akins Key Scholarship Cara Cattafi, Stockton Margaret McFarlane Alkek Undergraduate Scholarship Katherine Thomas, Texas/Austin Margo Robb & Cindy Robb Lites Scholarship Madeline Foreman, Louisiana State Marguerite Bernice Hunt Brun Scholarship Amanda Carver, Oregon Makayla Herbert, Oregon Sadie Kavalier, Oregon Brittani Lancaster, Oregon

Minneapolis-St. Paul Alumnae Chapter - Alice McNeely Scholarship Madisen Kuppich, North Dakota State Mu Chapter Scholarship Tristan Jensen, Wisconsin Jennifer Podgorski, Wisconsin Bella Works, Wisconsin Lexi Johnson, Wisconsin Nancy Ashley Adams/Ashley Adams Koetje Scholarship Amanda Panchery, Florida State Nu Chapter Scholarship Brady Kaucic, Ohio State

Marjorie Herndon Hines Beta Phi Scholarship Stephanie McClain, Centre

Parker Theta Zeta Scholarship Stephanie Keeling, Texas/Austin

Martha Helen Conner Byrd Memorial Scholarship Elizabeth Guinn, Louisiana State

Peg Hart Harrison Memorial Scholarship Kendall Attwood, Central Florida

Martha Sale Ferman Scholarship Evelyn Gould, Furman

Phi Lambda Program Sales Scholarship Fund in Honor of Mary Ruth Robinson Rylie Hayes, Texas Christian Haley Malloy, Texas Christian

Martin Sisters Scholarship Julianne Larsson, South Carolina Mary King Scholarship Faith Bellas, Miami/Florida

Phi Upsilon Chapter Scholarship Carolina Quijada, Oklahoma State

Sarah Shinn Marshall Scholarship Faith Bellas, Miami/Florida Lexi Johnson, Wisconsin Shannon Torrance, Centre Shirley Crawford Leadership Scholarship Savanah Day, Mississippi Greyson Keel, Mississippi Sisterhood Scholarship Heather Roesinger, Pittsburgh Susan E Riley Foundation Scholarship Tatiana Swenson, Oregon State Angela Tran, Oregon State Upsilon Chapter Scholarship Giz Belkaya, Northwestern Virginia Hartfod Saharov Memorial Scholarship Corrin Klapacz, Illinois Brooke Horvatin, Illinois Virginia Stewart Nicklas Scholarship Abigail Kennedy, Michigan Zoe Gore Perrin Scholarship Amber Johnson, Millikin Greyson Keel, Mississippi

GR AD UAT E S C H O L A R S H I P S During Sisters Scholarship Kelly Church, Washington Founders’ Anniversary FundMary Margaret Hafter Fellowship Margaret Kelly, Transylvania Founders’ Anniversary Fund Margaret Stafford Fellowship Ramsey Schultz, Colorado Gabriel Jackson Renstrom Scholarship Andrea Meagher, California/Berkeley Harriet Erich Graduate Fellowship Holly Adams, Alabama Maxine Walters, Alabama

Hazel D Isbell Foundation Scholarship Mikayla Rowe, Oregon Houston Alumnae Chapter Graduate Scholarship Courtney Favaloro, Texas Christian Katie Cooper & Veronika Weiss Memorial Scholarship Noelle Steele, California/Santa Barbara Leona McKie Muse Scholarship Alexandria Hansen, Coe Rachel Harp, Georgia Darci Lambeth, Oklahoma Caroline Pellegrino, Centre Elizabeth Ruehl, Louisiana/Lafayette

Linda Garrett Whitson Graduate Scholarship Hollie Bowers, Southern California Live Learn Lead Scholarship Breanna Bober, Oklahoma Annalise Castner, Washington Shelby Larson, Drury Allison Malcom, Baylor Sydney Reid, Mississippi Hailey Robles-Holmes, Florida Haley Simard, Florida State Lindsey Templeton, Richmond Shelby Ulrich, Millikin Anissa Zimmerman, Creighton Luella Keys Scholarship Courtney Favaloro, Texas Christian

Reginald Lyle Mack Graduate Scholarship Claire Keaton, Louisiana State Sarah Shinn Marshall Scholarship Allison Brockette, Oklahoma State Lisa Evanoff, Oregon State Madison Hoover, South Carolina Katrina Overton, Virginia Danielle Peach, Southeast Missouri State Second Century Scholarship Erica Forbes, Millikin Mikayla Rowe, Oregon Zoe Gore Perrin Scholarship Kelsey Baker, Franklin Jeshanah Johnson, Mississippi State

Tri Delta Foundation

Creating a Legacy in Tri Delta KATHRYN (KATHY) MILLER MCKEE, Kansas State, joined

Tri Delta as an upperclassman. She had planned to leave for nursing school after her sophomore year, but wasn’t ready to leave the chapter so quickly. She chose to put off nursing school and get a B.S. in psychology so that she could fully embrace Tri Delta and Theta Iota.

In addition to being a Life Loyal Tri Delta and giving back to Tri Delta in her volunteer roles, Kathy also became a member of the Heritage Society, after making a planned gift to the Tri Delta Foundation. Kathy shared more about what prompted her to give back to Tri Delta and leave a legacy for future generations of sisters. Why is giving to the Foundation important? It has always been important to me to give back to the organizations that have shaped who I am. I want to be able to have even a small part in helping provide that opportunity to those who follow. The Foundation offers so many different ways to provide for Tri Delta and her members. What encouraged you to become a Foundation donor? I started donating to the Foundation as soon as I could after participating in Circle Degree. The vows and promises of all the degrees of Initiation are a part of me. Giving to the Foundation allows me one way to keep those vows always. It has always been the right thing to do. What drew you specifically to planned giving and becoming a member of the Heritage Society? When my husband, Tom, and I revised our estate plans, we wanted to set an example for our children that it is important


The Trident Fall 2018

to leave a legacy to others, as well as to family. We chose to recognize some of the organizations most important to us. While we make regular contributions to each now, this will ensure that we will be able to make a contribution after we are gone. What legacy would you like to leave for future generations of Tri Deltas? I would like to see Tri Delta continue to be a strong influence in the development of women who lead, as well as a place where strong and lasting bonds of friendship are formed. I treasure my Tri Delta friendships! I hope that future members will have that same feeling I have: there’s always more to learn from membership and there’s always more to contribute to our chapters and our sisters. Why would you encourage other Tri Deltas to consider planned giving? It comes back to those vows we all took. We need to assist Tri Delta sisters in every possible way. We can give our time and talents and make regular donations to the Foundation now. Planned giving assures that we will continue to keep those vows long into the future. Among the many ways to support Tri Delta is through planned giving. Members who designate the Foundation in their wills or estate plans are recognized as members of our prestigious Heritage Society. For information on giving to Tri Delta through your will or estate plan, please contact Tawnya Braeutigam at 817.471.1908 or

Copyright 2018 Delta Delta Delta Fraternity

She eventually went on to nursing school and joined the Kansas City, MO/Shawnee Mission, KS Alumnae Chapter. Marriage took her to Starkville, Mississippi, where she became active in the Golden Triangle Alumnae Chapter and served as alumna advisor to Beta Mu Chapter at Mississippi State University. After returning to the Kansas City area, she found a role as a collegiate district officer (1991-1995) for Baker, Kansas State and Wichita State, and she returned to the Kansas City, MO/ Shawnee Mission, KS Alumnae Chapter.

Tri Delta Foundation

Heritage Society

Copyright 2018 Delta Delta Delta Fraternity

More than 150 generous members have remembered Tri Delta in their wills or estate plans. They are recognized as members of our prestigious Heritage Society, sustaining our sisterhood for generations to come. Join us in celebrating these loyal and steadfast sisters. Elizabeth Gowans Ahrens, Michigan State June Rickard Aldridge, William & Mary Mary Estelle Kanning Amberg, Minnesota Gail Anderson, Iowa State Marilyn Muldoon Arendt, New Mexico Gael Salter Baggett, Louisiana State Dorothy Coseboom Baker, Maryland Evalyn Torppa Baker, Idaho Roxanne Barnes, Southwestern Judith Barth, Cornell Erika Loen Beatty, Minnesota Maureen Laffey Bills, Cornell Bethany Blakey, Pittsburgh Mary Gray Bolin, Louisiana State Lynne Cellio Brown, Transylvania Beth Burkes, Wake Forest Harryette Campbell, Missouri Tori Campbell, Wyoming Jeanne Carlson, Oregon Barbara Schutt Castano, Texas/Arlington Camille Clark, Michigan State Marilyn Kotter Clauder, Nevada Gayle Knight Colman, Auburn Joan Meland Dana, Minnesota LuAnn Riegl Daniel, Villanova Kelly Hyde Delattre, Florida State Athina Eslick Dever, Butler Nancy Devine, Minnesota Isabelle Harner Donahey, Ohio State Angela Hackett Driver, California/Berkeley Diana Druley, Texas/El Paso Vivian Wilkinson Dunnaway, Arkansas Susan Pert Earley, Cincinnati Carolyn Mullenax Edwards, Tulsa Molly Maloney Evangelisti, Nevada Roberta Messic Faigle, Syracuse Jan Griffin Farrington, Mississippi Georgianna Schuyler Fernandes, Cornell Adelaide Gonzalez Few, Randolph-Macon Angela Ficht, Cal State/Long Beach Leslie Eisen Fort, Colorado State Ellen Quarterman Friedman, Pacific Jan Purdy Futhey, Ohio Wesleyan Jean Hunt Gaines, California/Los Angeles Polly McWherter Gast, Ohio State Mary Bayless Greenlee, Denison Nancy McDonald Griggs, Florida State Emily Bourne Grigsby, Vanderbilt Barbara Bock Guerra, Florida Beverly Nelson Gunsenhouser, Indiana Tricia Halamandaris, California/Berkeley Susanna Currie Harper, Texas Carol Knoche Helmus, Millikin Debbie Wahl Hembree, Georgia Pam Herring Hicks, Franklin

Barbara Snyder Nelson Hinds, Texas Tamara Marinkovic Hines, Southern Methodist Cora Peters Horger, Cal State/Long Beach Paula White Huffman, Pennsylvania State Andi Hughes, Vanderbilt Nicole Hughes, Washington State Chrys Grafrath Hyde, Coe Rebecca Jackson, Stephen F. Austin Jeanne Jamell, Arkansas Deborah Johnson, Nevada Darlene Dahl Jones, Washington Jennifer Ritter Kelly, Cornell Joyce Gottschalk Koehler, Cincinnati Tasha Kostantacos, Arizona State Sandra Williams Young Krieger, Mississippi Marian Hummel Kurz, Miami/Ohio SueBeth Crockett Lain, Texas Tech Dawnell Dean Lamb, Washington Neilanne Parker Lange, Louisiana State Mary Ann Shriner Lillie, Iowa State Mary White Lott, Oklahoma State Kelly Clarkson Loy, Oklahoma State Sue Malmberg, Simpson Mary Lynn Manning, Kansas State Deborah Daley Martin, Iowa Kathy Salisbury Massie, Minnesota Rhone Moore McCall, Southern Methodist Michele Stephens McGeeney, Texas Tech Kathryn Miller McKee, Kansas State Linda Wolf McLinden, Pittsburgh Mary Haley McWhorter, Tennessee Anne Parsons Michael, Minnesota Milly Bland Miller, Maryland Meredith Nye Moran, Kentucky Yvonne Gardner Newhouse, Ohio State Ginny Nicklas, Michigan Sherry Shrout Norton, West Virginia Linda Glascock O'Bryant, Missouri Joan Kalmanek Overbeek, Illinois Mary Kay Linzell Palmer, Ohio State Karen Metzger Parry, Colorado Peggy Marshall Payne, Miami/Ohio Debbie Lawton Pickens, Florida State Judith McCutcheon Pownall, Toronto Penny Purviance, Mount Union Kathy Ragan, Wyoming Becky Haas Ramsey, Syracuse Cathleen Snider Raymer, Texas Christian Janice Kent Reish, Oregon Eve Woods Riley, Southern Methodist Jane Chaffee Ripp, Wisconsin Jean Wiggin Roach, Texas Christian Patricia Arthur Rouse, Colorado State Susan Abrahamson Routh, North Carolina

Brooke Pearson Sanders, Arkansas J Kim Scholes, Tennessee Jeri Sedlar, Michigan State Kelly Shacklett, California/Los Angeles Michelle Popp Shimberg, Florida Laura Simic, Oregon Ginger Hicks Smith, Emory Lynn Zoll Smith, Michigan State Robyn Rever Smith, Mississippi State Jean Smith Snodgrass, Southern Methodist Sandie Wood Spain, Mississippi Jane DeWald Spikes, Texas Tech Kathy Hamilton Steinwedell, William & Mary Jackie Thurber Stenger, Puget Sound Laura Stenovec, Denver Judy Hutchison Stevenson, Florida Mary Martha Gibson Stinnett, Southern Methodist Christine Wilson Strom, Ohio State Margaret Sulkowski, Pennsylvania State Kimberlee Di Fede Sullivan, Pepperdine Ann Michele Shaffer Sweeney, Richmond Shirley Shull Tart, Texas Nancy Teich, DePauw Joyce McEwen Therkildsen, Iowa State Donna Burger Thoelecke, Colorado State Barbara Derr Thomas, Texas A&M Janet Tomlinson, Beloit Laura Shapiro Torrey, Florida Brenda Hester Towe, Oklahoma State Joyce Krogen Ursin, Wisconsin Linda Vedane, Simpson Dr. Nancy Guinn Vitola, Texas Charlene Rulifson Voge, Pennsylvania State Nancie Clouser Waldron, Miami/Ohio Barbara Walters, Stetson Elizabeth Ware, Idaho Sally Watkins Ware, Louisiana/Lafayette Ann Clark Webb, Georgia Rebecca Wynn Weiler, Rhodes Elizabeth Hankins Wendorff, Baker Karen Hughes White, Georgia Dr. Linda Garrett Whitson, Duke Donna Axum Whitworth, Arkansas Karen Williams, Virginia Tech Martha Toler Williams, Texas Kathy Kruger Wilson, Ball State Mary Ann Heyser Wright, William & Mary Lois Cone Wtulich, Syracuse Karla Yale, Northwestern Fall 2018 The Trident


Kicking off a

Photos: Scogin Mayo

Year on the Road

Chapter Development Consultants

Katie Kennedy, South Carolina

Lauren Bedal, Oregon

Lexi Leggs, Millikin

Kirby Fitzpatrick, Centre

Hannah Patterson, South Florida

Dominique Mendoza, California/Irvine

Saara Hassoun, Southern California

Arden Smith, Rhodes

Holly Connor, Iowa

Anna Lee Painter, Oklahoma

Mare Kemp, Towson

Lexi Garcia, Chapman


Led by Volunteers 2018 Volunteer Engagement Survey Results By Content Manager Amanda Milford, Texas/Arlington Tri Delta has been fortunate to have dedicated volunteers give their time, talent and passion to the organization throughout its history. These women have supported members and chapters through difficult times, created vibrant living and learning environments, balanced budgets, facilitated training seminars and built a premier women’s organization over the past 130 years. Today more than 3,000 dedicated volunteers assist Tri Delta members in every possible way by providing experiences that create lifetime friendships, develop unselfish leaders, and cultivate brave, bold and kind women. In 2014, in an effort to better support and engage volunteers, Tri Delta launched a Volunteer Engagement Survey to examine our volunteers’ greatest needs, challenges and to determine how we can offer a more robust volunteer experience.

• • • • •

Collaboration with Executive Office staff Empowerment and recognition Enhanced communication Volunteer recruitment Additional training and resources

Tri Delta’s Executive Board created the Volunteer Innovation Team (2015-17), followed by the Volunteer Task Force (201718), to address the changing face and needs of today’s Tri Delta volunteers. The goal: To provide a premier volunteer experience and a strong, well-trained and satisfied volunteer force. To accomplish this, Tri Delta’s volunteer leadership called for a new and improved regional volunteer structure. The new structure, launched in 2018, now includes 10 smaller regions instead of five large regions, allowing Tri Delta’s volunteers to offer stronger and more focused support to a smaller group of

Copyright 2018 Delta Delta Delta Fraternity

Results were collected as a baseline measurement for volunteer engagement, and several areas of improvement emerged

as priorities for our volunteer leadership and staff over the next four years: Fall 2018 The Trident


Volunteer Engagement: By the Numbers In 2014, in an effort to better support and engage volunteers, Tri Delta launched a Volunteer Engagement Survey to examine our volunteers’ greatest needs and challenges and to determine how best to offer a more robust volunteer experience. We repeated the survey again in Spring 2018 to measure our progress. The information below was gathered from both of those surveys.












22-70+ YEARS OLD












AS OF 2018...
















“I get to experience the joy of lifelong

friendships that was promised to me when I joined Tri Delta.


Information presented is based on data from the 2014 and 2018 Volunteer Engagement Surveys.

Creating Wins and Identifying Opportunities Since 2014, volunteerism in Tri Delta has seen tremendous growth in the areas of communication and engagement, resources and training, proficiency in roles, expectations and overall appreciation. This was proven accurate when the 2014 and 2018 survey results were compared.

area collegians and alumnae and allow for regional collaboration between collegiate and alumnae chapters and volunteers.     In spring 2018, the Volunteer Engagement Survey was re-launched. Quantitative and qualitative responses  were collected  from a diverse pool of our current volunteers  to measure how far Tri Delta volunteerism has progressed since 2014. The results were overwhelmingly positive.

Who are our volunteers? One area the 2018 survey explored was the demographics of Tri Delta volunteers today. According to survey responses, on average our volunteers are between ages 26-44 and are juggling many other priorities.

Copyright 2018 Delta Delta Delta Fraternity

Many are parents or caretakers to family, have full- or parttime jobs and volunteer one to five hours per week for other organizations in addition to Tri Delta — but none of that stops them from giving back to their sisterhood. They volunteer because they want to be part of the continued success of the Fraternity and its chapters, because they had a positive membership experience and because they get joy from giving back to Tri Delta and our members. Our volunteers are also Foundation and philanthropy donors and are involved in their local alumnae chapters. And, on average, they spend about five hours a week volunteering for Tri Delta. According to the Independent Sector, the value of one volunteer hour is $24.69. That means that in one week, our 3,000 volunteers provide more than $370,000  worth  of their time and talent to assist our members in every possible way. That’s more than $19 million per year!  

One respondent noted, “Improvements in training and development have been amazing! I feel so much more prepared for my role. The in-person trainings are exceptional!” Moving through 2018 and beyond, Tri Delta will harness the growth seen over the past four years and continue to build upon the vision of our volunteer leadership to create an even better volunteer experience.    This will be accomplished through additional trainings, enhanced role expectations, communication and transparency, continuous volunteer feedback and EO staff education. In the coming year, Tri Delta will also focus on enhancing and elevating Volunteer Leadership Conference, creating a comprehensive volunteer on-boarding process and expanding the volunteer recognition plan. Volunteering for Tri Delta gives each individual the opportunity to continue their personal growth and development throughout their lifetime membership. As one survey respondent so beautifully shared, “I get to experience the joy of lifelong friendships that was promised to me when I joined Tri Delta.” The intangibles of friendship, multi-generational connections and service to our sisterhood are inherent to Tri Delta volunteerism. Tri Delta volunteers have front row seats to the accomplishments of our members, as they live, learn and lead for a lifetime. Tri Delta and our members, guided by our Purpose, are truly led and inspired by volunteers. Interested in giving back to Tri Delta? Join us and Bring You to Tri Delta’s volunteer team! Update your volunteer profile on My Tri Delta or email your questions to Fall 2018 The Trident


After completing her Master of Arts degree in philosophy in May, Megan Young-Schlee, Knox, is serving as the George Santayana Edition Research Assistant at the Institute for American Thought (Indiana University School of Liberal Arts). “Partly thanks to my study of philosophy, I have become very invested in everyday life and what it means to live well in this world. I try not to let any part of my experience go unappreciated or un-scrutinized. I care intimately about this world and this life – this includes all people which reflects Sarah Ida Shaw’s quote that Tri Deltas are ‘kind alike to all.’” Megan also believes in the power of women’s organizations – like Tri Delta – to foster and inspire young, passionate women and help them live their most genuine and fulfilling lives. For Megan, being Life Loyal means supporting and empowering young women, inside and outside of Tri Delta. “Part of the Purpose that really speaks to me is the cultivation of a ‘stronger and more womanly character.’ Women, if they are encouraged to be authentic and strong, are powerful beyond measure and it is important to me to help support young women any way I can... Women who are empowered, empower others. I want to be a part of that.” With a donation of $300, Life Loyal donors help support the Tri Delta Foundation’s commitment to helping our members live, learn and lead through scholarships, needs-based assistance and leadership training and development. Life Loyal Tri Deltas receive a subscription to The Trident, an exemption from national alumnae dues, a 10% discount on Tri Delta Shop merchandise and exclusive Life Loyal updates.

caring Megan Young-Schlee, Knox George Santayana Edition Research Assistant at the Institute for American Thought Foundation Graduate Scholarship Committee

To learn more about becoming a Life Loyal Tri Delta, call (855) 713-0655 or go to foundation.

Photo: Harold Lee Miller

tri delta

Thank you to these Life Loyal Tri Deltas who pledged their support to Tri Delta by making an unrestricted gift of $300 or more to the Tri Delta Foundation from July 25, 2018 through Sept. 15, 2018.

Arizona Joan Manes Lane

Creighton Meghan Bullard

South Florida Erin Dye Lastra

Arizona State Barbara Vasos Hallin

Georgia Joanna Cooke Hancock

Southern California Pamela Hillings Tegtmeyer

Jacksonville Tala Farah

Stephen F. Austin Kate Murray Langston

Kansas State Holly Long Devlin

Texas A & M Candace Bayles Walker

Louisiana State Leah Salsbury Duval

Texas Christian Sonya Goeldner Shore

Mississippi Melissa Bruce Gholson

Texas Tech Misty Neely Cable Shelby Guest

Bucknell Molly Reed Carroll Butler Allie Parker California/Davis Lindsey Shrout California/Irvine Teri Fitzgerald Moran Central Florida Kim Harwood Uhing Coe Kayla Musgjerd Cornell Ann DiBiase

Mississippi State Laura Nicholas Wilson Oklahoma Susan Sharp Vaughan Simpson M.J. Wipperman Gibney

Vermont Janice Daley Foss

Topley Edenton (far right) and her brother, Bruce, (far left) are pictured with hotel staff as they present a donation to the Community Foundation of Puerto Rico.


Topley Edenton, Mississippi, has been going to Puerto Rico for most of her life. Her father’s work brought the family to the island in the 1950s, and in 1997, she and her brother built a hotel there. That hotel became a place of refuge for many during the hurricane and in the months following the storm. On Sept. 4, 2017, just days prior to Hurricane Irma, Topley boarded a plane headed to Puerto Rico to prepare the hotel for the approaching storm. “When I got on the plane and started looking around, I thought it was odd that there weren’t a lot of people on the plane,” she recalls. “I hadn’t thought about the fact that we were flying into a hurricane. I was thinking about all the work we had to do when we got there.” Once Topley landed, she set to work, making sure the hotel was prepared and the building secured by the time Irma arrived.


The Trident Fall 2018

On Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017, Hurricane Irma hit Puerto Rico. Just two weeks later, Hurricane Maria made landfall, devastating the island, destroying homes and leaving all 3.4 million residents without electricity. Over the course of the coming months, two kind Tri Deltas with deep connections to the island would step up to help rebuild their community, demonstrating what it means to passionately serve others. Because Hurricane Irma wasn’t a direct hit, the hotel didn’t experience much damage. Although Topley didn’t realize it at the time, what Hurricane Irma did do was to better prepare her and the hotel staff for what they would experience with Hurricane Maria just two weeks later. “What it did was remind us of what the perfect hurricane response is. We realized we didn’t have a satellite phone, so the first thing we did after Irma was go out and buy one.” They also bought what Topley describes as “a Rolls-Royce of a generator” and had it delivered and installed 24 hours later. They had a fuel truck completely full of fuel parked next to the generator that sat there until Hurricane Maria arrived.

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Kindness Amidst the Storm



We have an incredible team at our hotel, and it makes us proud that we were and are able to serve the good people of Puerto Rico in their time of need.

Topley was back in the States by the time Hurricane Maria made landfall but was able to stay in touch with the hotel’s management team via the satellite phone purchased beforehand. As the storm battered the island, the hotel proved a safe haven for staff members, their families (including pets) and the guests, keeping everyone safe and protected during the storm. The hotel staff even provided entertainment, activities for the kids and hot meals throughout the day.


Christie Curie Zoba, Southern Methodist, has lived in Puerto Rico for 29 years. She moved there only a few years after graduating from college, and her children were born there. Christie and her husband, who is the pastor of the Second Union Church in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, were in Florida visiting her mother when Maria hit. With the San Juan airport shut down and

While the hotel incurred some damage from the hurricane’s forceful Category 5 winds, and most of the exterior landscape was blown away, they didn’t get any flooding in the rooms or public areas.

Christie Curie Zoba (far right) delivers water

While most buildings that had been built to withstand Category 5 storms made it through, the rest of the island—particularly the poorer areas—was devastated.

filters in Naranjito, Puerto Rico, along with Pastor

Immediately, Topley and the hotel management reached out to provide support to staff members whose homes were affected. The hotel provided cash donations, as there were no working ATMs. They also provided staff with the necessities that had become scarce in the aftermath of the storm, including ice, water, flashlights, batteries and canned food. And four hotel staff members who had severe losses from the hurricane received donations to purchase home appliances and make needed repairs. The support went beyond the hotel’s staff to the greater San Juan community. Topley’s hotel provided food to the inner-city homeless, as the homeless shelters were closed after the storm. They also offered complimentary rooms, ice and hot breakfasts for the local San Juan police as well as many first responders who were unable to find lodging.

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In another effort to help their community, the hotel worked with the Community Foundation of Puerto Rico to give hotel employees $63,065 to donate to their favorite charities. For Topley, witnessing the extraordinary compassion that the hotel staff has shown to each other and to the guests has given her hope for the future of Puerto Rico moving forward after the storm. “We have an incredible team at our hotel, and it makes us proud that we were and are able to serve the good people of Puerto Rico in their time of need.”

Nelly Carmona (center) and Nelly's husband, Rafael. The area of Naranjito did not receive running water until March 2018.

no commercial flights back to Puerto Rico, Christie’s husband had to get a private plane to get back to the island. Christie remained behind, waiting until the airport re-opened, and doing everything she could to help her community from afar. She made the most of her time in Florida, immediately setting up a website, Facebook page and Amazon wish list to request donations for the people of Puerto Rico. She watched the donations pour in: monetary donations exceeded $200,000, and people donated more than 100,000 items from the Amazon wish list, including lanterns and air mattresses. Fall 2018 The Trident



still have people who don't have electricity, and there are still a lot of homes that don't have roofs.


When Christie finally got back to Puerto Rico, she found what she describes as “devastation everywhere.” It was much worse than what she could have imagined. “Maria hit so directly,” she explains. “It went through the complete center of the island and affected so many people. We’ve never had a hurricane like that before. People lost everything.” She describes seeing one home that just had a toilet left standing— all the walls and everything else was gone. “It breaks your heart, and you want to do what you can to help.” For Christie, helping meant distributing items to people who needed it most. Sometimes that included driving to remote areas of the island to reach those who were stranded and in need of supplies. She also helped establish a network of community leaders, including social workers, other churches and agencies, that she and the Second Union Church worked in collaboration with. She reached out to these organizations to let them know she had funding, and they provided her with the names of people who most desperately needed assistance. “We would let the people tell us what they needed, and we would go out and purchase it for them. Every penny we got from donations went 100 percent to people who needed it.” 26

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Another organization she worked closely with was Samaritan's Purse, who provided 1,000 tarps that the Second Union Church distributed. “They were so responsive and they continue to supply solar generators and small refrigerators to areas that are still without power.”

ONE YEAR LATER... September 2018 marked one

year after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, and there is still much work to do to help the people there. “We still have people who don’t have electricity, and there are still a lot of homes that don’t have roofs,” says Christie. “You look around and see blue tarps everywhere.” Today, Christie remains hard at work providing much-needed materials to residents around the island. Not only is she helping those with blue tarps to build new roofs, but now as electricity is restored, many families are in need of new appliances, which she goes out and buys for them. “Today I spent time at a hardware store buying materials and spending time with a family, taking measurements to get them new doors and windows.” “It’s been a lot of work, but it has been very rewarding,” she says. Christie believes showing kindness and helping those in need is the most natural thing for a person to do. “It comes from my love for the people here. I read something that said we’re hardwired to be generous and to want to help others…that’s how God made us. We want to reach out and help.”

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Much of it came from people in the United States and from previous members of the Second Union Church. “They wanted to support what we were doing and were so anxious to find some place to send money.”



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Photo: UIdaho Photographic Services

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One-hundred and thirty years ago, Tri Delta was founded as a society that would be “kind alike to all.” As we prepare to celebrate 130 years of kindness this Founders’ Day, we are asking Tri Deltas to share how their sisters have touched their lives with kindness. Six brave and bold Tri Deltas share their stories on the following pages.

Reagan Rockholm, Idaho

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It took just three days for me to understand that sisterhood was more than a label ­— it was a promise. My sister was diagnosed with cancer the summer that I went through recruitment at the University of Idaho and I was looking for a support system. I hadn’t even been given a bid yet when a Tri Delta member showed me complete compassion and was a shoulder for me to cry on, more than friends from home that I had known since the second grade. Three days after Bid Day, I was astonished when a $1,500 donation hit the GoFundMe set up to support my sister’s treatment. These women who I called my Tri Delta sisters, without understanding what that meant, chose to take on my burden as their own. The support I got went beyond money. They were the ones to celebrate the victories of my sister's successful treatments and hold me during her re-diagnosis. It was texts sent on the mornings of surgeries, flowers sent to hospital rooms and comfort given to my parents in knowing that I was being taken care of when their focus was centered on my sister. Tri Delta held me together for over a year, not because of the label of sisterhood, but because of the promise of unconditional love and self-sacrifice that sisterhood means to our members. Fall 2018 The Trident


Kristi Anderson Horner, Denison It was May 30, 2014, the day my life was changed forever. The day my brother died by suicide. It was just four weeks until Tri Delta’s Convention, and I knew my Tri Delta friends were going to try to talk me out of attending. Here is an excerpt from the email I immediately sent to my Tri Delta colleagues and friends: “You all know me pretty well by now, I don't 'hide' much, if anything. Tri Delta has also offered me much in the way of strength and support, love and kindness. While I imagine that everyone will want to allow me time and space to heal ... please allow me this 'normalcy' that my DDD volunteer work provides in the face of difficult days ahead. I promise to ask for help when I need it (like now!), and I promise to not take on too much or more than I can handle, and I promise to fill you in on what I can and cannot do/handle. But, allow me the opportunity to do what I can, as this little bit of 'normal' may be all that I have to get through some rough days. Convention will provide me a nice distraction (and bright light) amidst the chaos. Seeing each of you will bring me great comfort and joy. I'll need joy.”


The Trident Fall 2018

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What followed were moments, weeks, months and years of unconditional love, support and kindness on levels I never thought possible. From meals to texts, calls, notes and hugs, I’ve been buoyed on days I didn’t think I had it in me to carry on. I absolutely would not have gotten to this point (you don’t ever ‘get over’ losing someone you love to suicide) without my Tri Delta sisters.

Photos: Keith Berr; opposite page: Travis Bell

Shaylyn Smith, Clemson Clemson was my dream school, and when I was with Tri Delta during recruitment, it felt like my dream home. I was so nervous that I was not going to get Tri Delta, but my favorite moment was when I found out that I got Tri Delta. I was in shock because I didn’t know if they were going to choose me to be in their sorority, but when they did, I was really happy. I love hanging out with my sisters and have enjoyed getting to meet everyone. They have invited me over to hang out with them, get dinner with them, and get to know each other. I never had a sister before. I only have brothers, and I have always dreamed of having sisters. The best part about having sisters is they are always there for me. 

Beth Applebaum, Texas Christian That day in March 1991 had begun before dawn with a chilling blow. My pediatrician called us at 6 a.m. to inform us that our 7-year-old son had been diagnosed with leukemia. Our doctor then set up an appointment for us to meet with oncologists at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas that morning to start treatment. While we were sitting in the crowded waiting area at Children’s trying to keep our son occupied, I was surprised to see my Tri Delta little sister walk up to the checkin desk. It had been nearly 14 years since we had seen each other, but she looked the same and greeted me warmly. She was there with her daughter who had just completed her final checkup after treatment for leukemia, and we sincerely appreciated her words of empathy and encouragement at the time. I have never forgotten her kindness and the reassuring example she gave us on an extremely dark day.

Photos: Scogin Mayo, opposite page: Marc Oliver le Blanc

Brittany Bustos, Pacific Spring 2016 was a wonderful, yet difficult, time in my life. I had just joined Tri Delta the semester before, was living in the house, and began dating my now boyfriend. But, his mother fell ill that semester and he had to drive home five hours, weekend after weekend, to stay with her in the hospital. His entire family was spending day and night taking care of her. They were also spending countless dollars on hospital bills, often being left with not much money to pay for food, toiletries and other necessities. I wanted to help as much as I could, but it was difficult being 300 miles away while enrolled in school. So, I told my sisters about my situation. There was an outpouring of support from women who donated food, offered to put a care package together, and who paid money out of their pocket to provide for someone they had never met or knew. But their kind hearts and support reassured me that these were the women I would be lifelong friends with. Even now as an alumna, it is a memory I will never forget and will always cherish.Â

Kate Davis Shasha, Wake Forest When my company offered me the opportunity to take a new job in Hong Kong, I was overjoyed – and overwhelmed. I had never lived outside the United States before, let alone tried to figure out how I was going to pack up my life in New York and start a new chapter in Asia. I shouldn’t have worried. At the time, I was serving on Tri Delta’s Leadership Development Committee, and its chair, Michelle, reassured me that she saw no reason I couldn’t continue in the volunteer role that I loved. Dawn, another sister, handles employee relocations for a living, and reviewed my employment contract so that I could strengthen my negotiating position. My friend Stacey shared stories of her own family’s travels to Hong Kong and helped me feel excited (rather than nervous) about the adventures ahead. My closest friends from my collegiate chapter flew around the world to come visit – and gave me some of my fondest memories from my three years in Asia.

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It was one more reaffirmation of what I’ve felt since the day I joined: that whether the venture is big or small, Tri Delta always will be a safety net, a network of support, and an unfailing source of kindness.


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Thank You Tri Delta! Tri Delta raised $7.8 million for St. Jude Children’s Research HospitalŽ in 2017-2018. This money could provide:

113,043 platelet count tests, or

15,116 hours of physical therapy, or

Treatment for 27 patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, or

1,783 outpatient visits, or

5,045 days of chemotherapy


St. Jude patient Azalea


The Trident Fall 2018

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