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Dear Parents and Family, It is both my privilege and pleasure to welcome you and your student to Tri Delta! This fall has marked a new phase of life, as many college students are back together in-person and on campus for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began. And Tri Delta is committed to providing a meaningful, memorable and, most important, safe experience for our members in our rapidly changing world.

OUR PURPOSE The Purpose of Delta Delta Delta shall be to establish a perpetual bond of friendship among its members, to develop a stronger and more womanly character, to broaden the moral and intellectual life, and to assist its members in every possible way. It shall also be the Purpose of Delta Delta Delta to promote and develop mutually beneficial relationships between the Fraternity and the colleges and universities where the Fraternity has established chapters, to develop qualities of unselfish leadership among its members, and to encourage them to assume, with integrity and devotion to moral and democratic principles,

Our membership experience is designed to meet our members where they are—from offering transformational programming that helps them “better their best” to providing the necessary resources and support to tackle today’s unique challenges. The Tri Delta experience remains as relevant to today’s college student as ever before. Tri Delta was founded by women, for women at Boston University in 1888, when our Founders created a new organization that would “be kind alike to all, and think more of a woman’s inner self and character than her personal appearance.” It was a society in which three ideals—truth, self-sacrifice and friendship—were authentically woven into the fabric of our sisterhood. Fast-forward 133 years and Tri Delta is an assembly of women with shared values where you can be yourself and belong to something bigger. We are brave, bold and kind. We are passionate about serving others, committed to becoming the best version of ourselves and dedicated to helping women live, learn and lead—with Purpose—for a lifetime. By the numbers, Tri Delta is a dynamic force of more than 18,000 collegiate members in 140 chapters across North America and more than 225,000 alumnae across the world—a powerful network of sisters and friends. We’re thrilled your student has joined us. In this publication, you’ll find information designed to introduce to you the Tri Delta experience, from the first year through college graduation and beyond, and share with you all the ways Tri Delta supports the growth and development of our members throughout their lives. As your student begins their time as a Tri Delta, please know they’ve been welcomed with much “Delta Love” into a sisterhood that is distinctive, dynamic and worthy of the best of each of us. Kindest regards,

the highest responsibilities of college women. Megan Shaw James, Millsaps Tri Delta Fraternity President


Bid Day was the first step in lifelong membership for your student, as they were welcomed with open arms by the women they will now call sisters! Bid Day is a time for chapters to celebrate new members by engaging in fun activities to begin building relationships and a sense of belonging.


Following Bid Day, your student will participate in Tri Delta’s Pearl to Pine: First Year Experience, designed to build a strong foundation for new members as they begin their lifelong journey of development and growth as a member of Tri Delta. Pearl to Pine focuses on Tri Delta’s values, virtues and principles that all members should aspire to in their daily lives, including kindness, friendship, personal responsibility and unselfish leadership. The experience also offers opportunities for new members to develop a sense of belonging, create meaningful friendships and connect to Tri Delta through a hybrid of in-person meetings, online learning modules and small group meetings.


As a new member, your student will be paired with a sponsor—an initiated chapter member—who will mentor, guide and teach them about membership in Tri Delta. The sponsor is there to advise, support, develop, listen and contribute to their journey through Tri Delta membership. Some organizations refer to this person as a “big sister,” or “big,” but Tri Delta uses the term “sponsor” to indicate the significance of this role.


Delta Week is the week leading up to the Initiation ceremony for a new member class. This week is designed to gather the new member class together to celebrate the end of their new member program and the beginning of lifelong membership while focusing on the ideals and Rituals of Tri Delta.


First Year Experience

Initiation includes two degrees: Trident Degree and Stars and Crescent Degree. The Trident Degree focuses on the individual development of each member provided through the collegiate years, while the Stars and Crescent Degree reveals how the individual development is dependent upon relationships. Both ceremonies were carefully crafted and worded to welcome new members into lifetime membership in Tri Delta. A third degree of Initiation, the Circle Degree, will be celebrated by your Tri Delta as they transition to life after college.

Lifelong Growth and Development LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES

The Tri Delta member experience provides your Tri Delta with opportunities to develop qualities of unselfish leadership— whether serving their chapter as an officer, leading a committee or mentoring new members as a small group leader or sponsor. These experiences will help prepare them for life after college.


Tri Delta and its members have focused our philanthropic efforts on changing the way the world treats and defeats childhood cancer for more than 70 years. In 1999, Tri Delta established a national partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and our collegiate members play the largest role in fundraising for St. Jude. Your Tri Delta will have the opportunity to help organize and participate in virtual fundraising and philanthropy events.



Online and in-person events, programming and on-demand training are all available throughout your Tri Delta’s lifetime, helping her develop new skills and grow as a leader and woman. • is Tri Delta’s online platform that offers dynamic learning and development opportunities, including on-demand, self-paced training for collegiate chapter officers and volunteers, and exclusive personal and professional leadership content for all members. See “Taking on Tough Topics” in this publication to learn more about some of the important programming available to your Tri Delta on • Brave & Bold Dialogues is an interactive online diversity, equity and inclusion course offered to all our members on, using real-life scenarios to increase their awareness and understanding of the complex issues surrounding racism. • Created by women, for women, LEADDD offers dynamic personal and professional learning and development opportunities for Tri Delta’s members. From dynamic keynotes, interactive workshops and panel discussions to online, on-demand courses, members are encouraged to build new skills, develop existing strengths and expand their networks as they better their best!

As an upperclassman, your Tri Delta will have the chance to participate in our Life After College Series, designed to launch our members from college to career by providing tools and resources to confidently navigate this exciting, but often stressful, transition. The series has three major components: • On-demand professional development through • AAUW Start Smart Salary Negotiation Workshop • Career Connections and Informational Interviews through CONNECTDDD, Tri Delta’s virtual network- ing platform As your Tri Delta begins their career, they will have access to a network of dynamic and accomplished sisters to mentor and support them through every stage and phase of life.


Tri Delta has more than 230 alumnae chapters worldwide. Alumnae chapter membership offers the opportunity to build friendships, serve unselfishly and continue to grow. Tri Delta alumnae have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, participate in philanthropic and community service projects, and assist Tri Delta’s collegiate chapters–all while receiving the benefits of lifelong growth and friendship.

Assisting Our Members in Every Possible Way

Transformational programs: Donors to Tri Delta’s Foundation help fund educational initiatives and our premier leadership conferences that enable a lifelong journey of development and growth for Tri Delta’s members. From leadership essentials and communication skills to positive body image and salary negotiation techniques, these powerful programs help empower our members for a lifetime. Click below to learn about our mental health initiative, Behind Happy Faces. WATCH NOW

Need and merit-based scholarships: With the rising cost of higher education, we are grateful to be able to provide more than 150 undergraduate and graduate scholarships each year to sisters through the generosity of our donors. For many, these scholarships mean the difference between taking out additional student loans or working extra hours to cover college expenses.



TRI DELTA’S FOUNDATION The changing higher education landscape, rising cost of college and the challenges women face throughout their lifetimes are major concerns for Tri Delta, as it relates to our ability to “assist our members in every possible way.” As our philanthropic arm, Tri Delta’s Foundation invests in women by providing transformational programs, scholarships and emergency financial support to empower our members for a lifetime. Tri Delta’s Foundation is 100% supported by the donations of Tri Delta sisters and their friends and family.

Emergency financial assistance: A grant from Tri Delta’s Crescent Fund is a lifeline for a collegiate or alumnae sister facing an unforeseen financial crisis such as unexpected medical expenses, a job loss, or a natural disaster. Click below to learn how we supported our sisters affected by COVID-19. WATCH NOW

Living in the Tri Delta House TRI DELTA HOUSING Strong friendships grow stronger when members have the chance to live among their sisters in one of our chapter houses. We are proud to be able to offer safe, comfortable and competitive living, learning and leading environments for Tri Delta members. Depending on the size and capacity of your Tri Delta house, members should expect to support the chapter by living in the house for a year or more. When it’s time for your Tri Delta to look for her next home away from home, we encourage you to consider the unique opportunity Tri Delta Housing offers:

• A turnkey experience for your family—one bill, fully furnished spaces, no utilities to set up

• Beautiful homes created with world-class interior design that fits the spirit of the property and the campus community

• A live-in Tri Delta employee, commonly known as a house director, who truly makes the Tri Delta house a home, providing oversight of the facility and its operations and assisting members in every way possible

• A full residential meal plan, consisting of approximately 10-15 meals/week, prepared onsite

• Professional housekeeping services

• Competitive pricing and amenities relative to other on-campus and local options

• Ongoing professional property management and oversight


Florida State Interior

Illinois Remodeled Living Room

Illinois State Remodeled Bathroom


Sharing the Experience MEMBERSHIP EXPECTATIONS Your Tri Delta will be required to meet and exceed certain expectations outlined in our Obligations of Membership. These expectations are set forth by their chapter and include personal, academic, financial and housing requirements to be met over the course of their collegiate membership. As part of our membership expectations, Tri Delta has a zero-tolerance policy for hazing. As a new member, your Tri Delta will be asked to review and sign the Obligations of Membership, as well as the Statement of Financial Obligations prior to being able to participate in chapter activities. If your Tri Delta is under the age of 18, an additional parent/guardian signature will be required. These documents effectively serve as the contract of membership and financial commitment between your Tri Delta, their chapter and the national organization.

TRI PSI MOTHERS’ SORORITY For 107 years, Tri Delta has been the only sorority to have a Greek letter sorority for their mothers. Our mothers’ organization, Tri Psi, consists of dedicated mothers who come together each year to support their Tri Delta daughters and assist our members in every possible way. Tri Psi awards $1,000 undergraduate scholarships to selected members entering their junior year. To learn more about Tri Psi, visit

SUPPORTING YOUR TRI DELTA As a parent and family member, you can help your Tri Delta get the most out of their experience. College is a time for self-discovery, and in Tri Delta we provide a place for them to belong, as they become the best versions of themselves. Tri Delta and our host institutions offer abundant opportunities for meaningful experiences, inside and outside of the classroom. It may seem overwhelming to them to balance all of these priorities. Talk with them about how they can best create balance by making healthy and thoughtful choices. Check in and ask questions about Tri Delta, using the First Year Experience section to help guide your conversation.

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