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spring 2012 january 17 - may 12

coming soon! A Brand New Suzuki program for our Beginning Strings Students! See details on pg. 2.

dance. music. theatre. training for all ages in preparation for college.


welcome. coming in fall 2012

A brand New Suzuki program for our Beginning Strings Students! The ArtsPrep Orchestra Program (T.O.P.) is proud to announce the start of our NEW T.O.P. Suzuki Program! Beginning in the Fall 2012, this New Suzuki program will be taught by certified Suzuki instructors of the very highest caliber. Students Ages: 3*- 8 who are brand new to string instruments can quickly learn to play through the Suzuki method. T.O.P. Suzuki will be held at all three main Tri-C Campuses, and there are a limitednumber of spaces at each one. Enrollment for the Fall is being accepted now, and students are admitted ona first come-first serve basis. T.O.P. Suzuki includes both a weekly private lesson and ensemble sessions. Atthis price spaces will go fast, so don’t delay. Call 216-987-6145 to reserve a space for your child today! Parental involvement is essential to a student’s success in this program. Parents are required to attend sessions for the first three weeks on how to support the training at home. *all students must be completely “potty-trained” in order to start this program. No exceptions. Price: $295 21


The ArtsPrep Dance Academy provides students with opportunities to gain necessary skills for success -- in school, college, further dance training, and in whatever their future career choice may be.   Taught by the area’s top professional dancer instructors, the Dance Academy’s course offerings emphasize discipline, commitment, focus and fun!  All full-session classes will showcase their work during a performance on May 12, 2012.

early childhood: dance exploration classes


Students in the ArtsPrep program will be challenged to do their best by our faculty of world-class teaching artists. All faculty members have performance degrees in the disciplines they teach or have long professional careers of distinction. All instruction is college-level quality, tailored specifically to the age and experience of our students. Our commitment is to develop students into “competent craftsmen” who have the opportunity to fully realize their talent at any level they choose.

Give dance a try with this introductory class. Students will experience the joy of dance while exploring fundamental movement concepts of space, shape, and time. Through creative exercises and active learning, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of movement that will prepare them for further training in various dance techniques.

The ArtsPrep Program of the Tri-C Division of Creative Arts provides a clear pathway to success through the arts for students of all ages. ArtsPrep offers affordable and accessible training in the arts with the goal that participants who remain in the program, regardless of artistic talent, will be fully prepared to enter the college of their choosing. By focusing on rigorous, professional training, ArtsPrep develops confidence, mastery of craft, creativity, self-discipline and familiarity with a college environment.


artsprep dance academy

Dance FUNdamentals (Ages: 4 - 6) (Metro Campus– CCA 017) January 21 - May 12, 2012 Price: $125 Saturdays , 10:30am – 11:20am (No class on March 17 & April 17, 2012)



youth: dance foundation classes Ballet/Modern Dance I (Ages: 7 - 9) (Metro Campus – CCA 017) January 21 - May 12,2012 Price: $150 Saturdays , 11:30am – 12:30pm (No class on March 17 & April 7,2012)

In addition to classical Ballet technique, this class will emphasize contemporary techniques to develop coordination, musicality, strength, flexibility, and proper alignment. Students will be introduced to basic ballet and modern vocabulary, floor work, center work, and movement across the floor.  They will learn to creatively solve problems, express their personal choices, and work with others while being guided in creative improvisation and performance games/exercises. 

Ballet/Modern Dance II (Ages: 10-13) (Metro Campus – CCA 017) January 21 - May 12,2012 Price: $175 Saturdays , 12:45pm – 2:15pm Wednesdays, 6:30pm – 7:30pm (No class on March 17 & April 7,2012)

This class will continue the work in Ballet/Modern Dance I, with emphasis on classical Ballet technique, and a mixture of contemporary techniques to develop coordination, musicality, strength, flexibility, and proper alignment. Students will continue practicing ballet and modern vocabulary, floor work, center work, and movement across the floor. They will continue to have opportunities to creatively solve problems, express their personal choices, and work with others while being guided in creative improvisation and performance games/exercises. 

youth ballet/modern dance


The Dance Academy is expanding to include Teen Ballet/Modern Dance as a two-day-a- week class to allow for more advanced level work. 4


teen: dance foundation classes Teen Ballet/Modern Dance (Ages: Teen/Adult) (Metro Campus– CCA 018) January 21 - May 12, 2012 Price: $250 Saturdays , 1:00am – 2:30am (No class on March 17 & April 7,2012) Wednesdays, 6:30pm - 7:30pm (No Class on March 14, 2012

In addition to classical Ballet technique, this class will emphasize contemporary techniques to develop coordination, musicality, strength, flexibility, and proper alignment.  Students will learn basic ballet and modern vocabulary, floor work, center work, and movement across the floor.  They will also be guided in creative improvisation and performance exercises to develop performance, choreography and composition skills.

hip hop & world rhythms (8 week special workshop) This Spring, we are continuing our special workshop for dance students ages 8 and up (classes divided by age). teen ballet/ modern dance

Hip Hop & World Rhythms (Ages: 8 & up) (Metro Campus – CCA 018) January 28 - April 28, 2012 Price: $150 Saturdays , 2:30pm – 3:30pm (No class on March 17 & April 7, 2012)

Each semester this class will combine instruction in Hip Hop and two other World Rhythms dance forms. These sections will run 4 weeks each, and may include Capoeira, Jazz, African and  others.  The class is divided according to age.  The forms are subject to change based on instructor availability. *Students enrolled in a Tri-C credit dance class, or ArtsPrep’s Ballet/Modern I, Ballet/Modern II, or Teen  Ballet/Modern will receive a special 50% discount for this Workshop.



private lessons

Lessons are arranged at mutually agreeable days/times between instructors and students. Call 216-987-6145 to register for lessons. (No lessons the week of March 12-18 & April 7-8, 2012)

Private Lessons (Ages: 4 - Adult) (West, East & Metro Campuses) January 17 - May 6, 2012 Price: 30 min. lessons - $295.00 45 min. lessons - $440.00 60 min. lessons - $580.00

Students in private lessons work toward the mastery of instrumental or vocal techniques and the aesthetic and creative aspects of music. Instruction is available for most instruments including piano, voice, guitar, drums, strings, brass, woodwinds and ethnic instruments.

artsprep music academy The ArtsPrep Music Academy nurtures appreciation and passion for one of the oldest and most popular forms of art. From classical piano, to jazz or rock and roll, our classes and individual instrument lessons examine all aspects of music: music reading, development of technical skills, sense of rhythm, and all of the elements that contribute to a successful performance. With additional activities such as concerts, lectures, and master-classes, students will learn the great beauty of the art of music and participate in an end-of the year recital. We invite you to discover the emotional power and intellectual stimulation of making music through the many opportunities provided by the ArtsPrep Music Academy. 6

From beginners to competition-ready virtuosos, our dynamic faculty, flexible schedule and exciting learning environment gives our students the opportunity to examine in depth all aspects of vocal and instrumental playing and the basics of music theory. Our curriculum includes lesson plans for students who are studying for pure enjoyment, as well as a more traditional “conservatory-like� program that prepares students with professional aspirations for college auditions or competitions. Prices for the most advanced level are higher than those listed above. Please call 216-987-6145 to inquire about these very specialized lessons.

Private Lessons in Recording Arts & Technology This exciting program provides an opportunity to learn the inner workings of the recording industry on new, state-of-the-art equipment in the Tri-C Center for the Creative Arts. (Only offered as 60- minute lessons at the Private Lesson Price listed above.)


music courses

Music Theory (Beginners & Intermediate/Advanced) (Metro Campus – CCA 304) January 21 - May 12, 2012 Price: $150 Saturdays , 10:00am – 11:00am for Intermediate/Advanced Saturdays, 12:30pm - 1:30pm for Beginners (No class on March 17 & April 7, 2012

Students will learn the elements that regulate the language of music. Our Solfege class will teach traditional music notation, ear training, melody, pitch, scales, modes and rhythm. All Theory students will be evaluated on day one to determine the appropriate class level. Music Theory class, though not mandatory, is strongly recommended for all our music students. This class will be made available on other college campuses should interest dictate.

Vintage Rock Band (Ages: Teen to Adult) (Metro Campus – CCA 312) January 21 - May 12, 2012 Price: $300 Tuesdays, 6:00pm - 9:00pm (No class on March 13, 2012)

Have you ever dreamed of being in a rock band? Well this is your opportunity! Develop your musical and performance talents through interaction with peers while discovering the creativity of performing in a band. Our instructors are award-winning professional musicians who lead popular rock and blues bands. They provide instruction in all components involved in being a member of a rock band. Band members will perform a concert at the end of the semester. Band members Additional Bands may be added will perform a concert at the end of the semester. as interest dictates.

vintage rock band

the arts prep highschool rock off academy For 5 years Tri-C has been the sponsor of the High Scholl Rock Off at the International House of Blues. This year the Rock Off semifinals begins on January 14, 2012, and the deadline for entry is Thursday, December 8, 2011 at 5:00 PM. Email questions about the Rock Off to

This year ArtsPrep will be developing classes that will allow any high school rocker to learn the ins and outs of the music business. All participants will have the opportunity to learn how to record killer tracks in a world-class studio, tips on how to market their product, and instruction on how to develop their skills in creating music. Details will be available in January, so check for updates at or 216-987-6145.



the orchestra program A world–class opportunity for students interested in string instruments. The Orchestra Program (T.O.P) (Ages 8 - 18) (Metro Campus - Auditorium; MAM 110, 113, 114 January 21 - May 12, 2012 Price: $200 Saturdays, 12:30pm - 3:30pm (No class March 17 & April 7, 2012)

* Made possible through the generous support of the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation.

Entering its second full year at Tri-C, T.O.P. includes multi-faced classes presented in a dynamic, vibrant, intense, and fun way that will incorporate instruction in all the elements necessary to play in a full orchestra. The program consists of coordinated classes in Orchestra Rehearsal and Theory/Group Instrumental Lessons. After a first day evaluation, students will be placed in the level appropriate to their experience. In the Orchestra Rehearsal, students will learn to be responsible for their  individual parts, and will learn to work collaboratively with their fellow students and the conductor. In the Theory/Group Instrumental Lessons students are introduced to the basic performance techniques for their instruments. These techniques include correct instrument and bow position, note reading, development of aural skills, rhythm and pitch. Qualifying students in T.O.P. will also be given a discount for private instrumental lessons, and every effort will be made to schedule those lessons at the most convenient times for each individual.


the orchestra program

Younger students and beginners are encouraged to enroll in our new

T.O.P Suzuki Program See details on page 2.


jazz program JazzPrep (Ages 12 - 18) (Metro Campus - CCA 310 January 21 - May 12, 2012 Price: $200 Saturdays, 1:00pm - 4:00pm (No class on March 17 & April 17, 2012)

Tri-C’s JazzPrep program gives students an opportunity to develop their skills and perform in both large and small ensembles, with focus on repertoire development, jazz theory and improvisation. The students engage in workshops and clinics often lead by national artists, throughout the year and during Tri-C JazzFest. Students from both JazzPrep and the Tri-C JazzFest High School All-Stars also perform each year during the JazzFest Education Days and at the Downbeat Invitational Concert as a part of the Tri-C JazzFest Cleveland.

An exciting and unique opportunity for advanced students in Jazz.

tri-c jazzfest high school all-stars This unique program bridges the gap from the non-credit to the credit side of Tri-C’s music program. Students from JazzPrep can be recommended by their instructors for the Tri-C JazzFest High School All-Stars band.  They will initially be part of JazzPrep, and over time will be guided into the Jazz Studies program where they can apply to participate in the All-Stars for college credit through the PSEOP program.  Through an articulation agreement with Berklee College of Music in Boston (the preeminent contemporary music institute in the nation), students who successfully complete the full course of study of the Jazz Studies program are guaranteed admission into Berklee at the junior level.

Contact Stephen Enos at to apply for this world class program.


The Tri-C JazzFest High School All-Stars is one of the top bands in Ohio, and boast alumni who have gone on to Juilliard, Berklee College of Music, and Oberlin Conservatory, among other schools with great jazz programs. Internationally renowned recording artists Sean Jones, Dominick Farinacci and Jerome Jennings are all alumni of the group.  The All-Stars perform regionally in venues such as PlayhouseSquare, Tri-C JazzFest Cleveland, and Tower City.

216-987-6145 216-987-6145


artsprep theatre arts program ArsPrep Theatre Arts Program (T.A.P) (Ages 11 - 18) (Metro Campus - MTA 10) January 21 - May 12, 2012 Price: $200 Saturdays, 10:00am - 1:00pm (No class on March 17 & April 7, 2012)

In T.A.P., members will be able to explore the exciting world of Theater. Students will explore the depths of their creativity in a nurturing/supportive environment which promotes their intellectual, artistic and personal growth. Working with top theater professionals in the industry, students will experience the joy of live performance. If you love theater or you just want to improve communication skills, join T.A.P. for the experience of a lifetime. Each week, T.A.P. students will take stimulating classes in Acting and Character Development, followed by focused rehearsal on a production to be presented at the end of the term. Students who complete the program will be fully prepared to audition for a college and or conservatory of their choosing. 

artsprep theatre academy In the ArtsPrep Theatre Academy students can explore the exciting theatre world. Special workshops in performance, design and technical theatre will be introduced to expand the experience for our students. Students are guided to challenge their perceived limitations in a supportive environment designed to celebrate their accomplishments. Students who complete the program will be fully prepared to move on to a college or conservatory of their choosing with all the skills needed to succeed.



lessons and programming are open to all. call 216-987-6145 email: or visit

artsprep financial aid Families may qualify for a need–based scholarship for all private lessons and course offerings. Contact the ArtsPrep office @ 216-987-6145 for a scholarship application, or obtain a Financial Aid Application Form online at


enrolling is easy

artsprep college credit Any eligible high school student can take college level courses for both high school and college credit simutaneously through the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEOP). There are 2 types of PSEOP programs available during the academic year (the program is not available during summer): Option A - Funded by the student/family Option B - Funded by the state For information contact John Fousek at 216-987-4064. *Be sure to check out all of the world-class offerings presented by Tri-C Presents and the Tri-C JazzFest ClevelandÂŽ at



Visitors can reach the campus by traveling east or west via Euclid or Carnegie Ave. to East 30th Street and then south to the campus. From I-77 northbound take the Cuyahoga Community College exit (East 30th Street) onto Woodland Ave. From I-90 eastbound and I-71 northbound take the exit to I-77 south and immediately exit onto East 30th Street. Free, secure, underground parking is available from Woodland Avenue between E.30th and E.22nd streets. Enter through parking lot #5 or #6.

The Western Campus is bound by Pleasant Valley Road to the south and York Road to the east. The campus is accessible from I-77 using the Pleasant Valley Road exit and traveling west on Pleasant Valley Road to the campus or from I-71 exiting at Bagley Road and traveling east on Bagley Road (its name changes to Pleasant Valley Road) to the campus. Motorists traveling I-480 west should exit at Ridge Rd. (exit 16), turn left and proceed to Pearl Rd. Turn right and proceed to York. Turn left and proceed to the Western Campus entrance on your right.

ArtsPrep is a certified member of the National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts.


Eastern is bound by Harvard Road to the north, Emery Road to the south, Richmond Road to the east and Green Road to the west. Motorists traveling south on I-271 should take the Harvard Road exit (Exit 28B). Turn right off the exit ramp and travel west on Harvard (about a quarter mile) to Richmond Road. Turn left on Richmond Road and travel south (about a quarter mile). The entrance will appear on your right. Motorists traveling north on I-271 should take the Harvard Road exit (Exit 28B). Turn left off the exit ramp and proceed (about a quarter mile) west on Harvard to Richmond Road. Turn left on Richmond and travel south to the Eastern Campus entrance (on your right). Motorists traveling I-480 east should merge onto I-271 north (use local lanes) and then follow the directions above (north on I-271).



Center for Creative Arts Metropolitan Campus 2900 Community College Avenue MCCA 109 Cleveland, OH 44115


important dates December 8: Entry Deadline for the Tri-C High School Rock Off January 16: Martin Luther King Day - All Buildings Closed January 17: Spring 2012 Session Begins February 11:   Tri-C High School Rock Off Final Exam at the Houseof Blues March 12-18:   Spring Break - No classes orlessons April 7-8: Easter Break - No classes or lessons April 19-29:  33rd Annual Tri-C JazzFest May 5:  Spring Metro & West Campus Recitals May 6: Spring East Campus Recitals May 12: Spring ArtsPrep OPEN HOUSE at Metro Campus All classes perform


ArtsPrep Spring 2012 Brochure  

Arts Prep is Tri-C's dance, music and theatre education and training for all ages. These programs offer excellent small-group education by...

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