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Long County High School Blue Tide

2016 LCHS Roster Number, name, grade, position 1 Dazo Mills 10 DB 2 Tariq Carpenter 12 DB 3 Deondrae Volcy 12 DB 4 Elijah Wright 12 QB 5 Justin Carryl 11 DB 6 JJ Eller 11 RB 7 Donte Calhoun 12 DB 8 Dominic Roschmann 9 QB 9 David Sikes 9 QB 10 Aron Nevarez 12 K 11 Jack Lauver 12 WR 12 Tavon Anderson 10 WR 13 De’Shaun Dixon 9 RB 14 Treyon Davis 9 WR 15 Maurice Carter 9 DB 16 Elijah Montijo 12 WR 17 Tripp Stapleton 12 QB 19 Dwayne Singleton 11 DB 20 Cody Cox 11 DB

21 Justin Floyd 12 DB 22 Mkiyah Folston 11 DB 23 Eric Crawford 11 RB 24 Hunter Sizemore 10 LB 25 Jamin Davis 12 LB 26 Christian Guinn 11 DB 27 Chris Wells 12 DB 28 Corey Taylor 10 DB 29 Shane Fleck 11 DB 30 Jaylen Brant 10 LB 31 Gavin McNeel 10 DB 32 Garrett Bleyman 9 LB 33 Jason Carter 9 LB 34 Gerald Williams 12 LB 35 Austin Keller 11 DB 36 Michael Maldonado 10 DB 37 Jose Nevarez 9 K 39 Reece Wigal 10 DB 41 Marquese Bacon 11 DB 42 Dustin Ellerbe 12 DB 44 Liam Kelly 12 DB 44 Xavier Carlton 9 WR

45 Kolbie Sanford 10 DB 47 Rayquan Dixon 12 DB 48 William Wright 9 DB 50 Lamar Lawrence 12 LB 51 Quentin Facen 11 DL 52 Jordan Rhodes 11 OL 53 Layton Woods 9 DL 54 Kyree Coprick 12 DE 55 Kai Loehnert 9 DL 56 Joey Guadalupe 11 OL 57 Johnny Izzard 9 DL 58 Raymeion Butler 9 OL 59 Dillon Lopez 9 OL 60 Bowen Smiley 11 OL 62 Justin Groover 10 OL 63 Jose Boyd 10 OL 64 Isaac Abram 11 OL 66 Quainelius Bacon 10 DL 67 Michael Ross 12 OL 70 Chris Robinette 9 OL 71 Jashaun Cochran 11 DL 72 Branden Edwards 11 DE

73 Holden Riddle 11 DL 74 Hunter McPherson 10 OL 75 Maico Chihuahua 11 OL 76 Doug Brooks 11 OL 80 Chris Nelson 9 WR 81 Christian Bass 11 HB 82 Jordan Ostram 9 WR 83 Noah Ellison 9 DB 84 Michael Smith 9 WR 85 Gabriel Kelly 9 DB 86 Travis Williams 11 DB 88 Daniel Scheck 10 DB 88 Anthony Lopez 9 WR Coaches Head coach: Eric McNair Assistants Jeff Miller Paul Austin Deshon Brock JT Brown Wade Peterson Mike Stanford

Spread is Long’s ‘bread and butter’ By Mike Riddle Coastal Courier correspondent

Last season the Long County High School football team posted a 3-7 overall record. The Blue Tide offense looked great at times, putting up 46 points against New Hampstead and 40 against Groves, but then anemic in a shutout loss to Vidalia and only managing 14 points against Tattnall County and McIntosh County. This year the team will look to improve and show more consistency by having a quicker pace, hoping to catch opposing defenses off guard and unprepared. The Blue Tide’s breadand-butter for the upcoming year will be a multiple spread attack using three to four wide receivers with one or two running backs in the backfield. One of the advantages to using this offense is that it allows a team to get more of their quality athletes on the field at the same time. Coach Eric McNair said that the team will also be using a quick attack with a no-huddle offense most of the time. “We want to stretch the field vertically and horizontally to make opposing defenses defend the entire field, also out of this same formation we can reduce the amount of defenders in the “box” to open up our running game,” McNair said. McNair said Jack Lauver and multi-talented Tariq Carpenter at at wide receiver, and E.J. Crawford at tailback, will be the key skill position players for the offense. He said the quarterback position is still up in the air with

Tripp Stapleton and Elijah Wright both battling for the starting job. McNair said he and the other coaches are also still trying to find the right mix on the offensive line. “The offensive line is still a question mark as well, we believe we have identified a starting group, but it is subject to change,” McNair said. McNair expects Lauver and the starting quarterback to be the leaders for the offense on and off the field. “I expect Jack to be the vocal leader and rally the troops, he is a leader by example, and he always does his job to the best of his ability, whoever the starting quarterback turns out to be he will have to take command of the offense,” McNair said. Though starters and co-starters are subject to change, McNair said the tentative offensive starters are Deondrae Volcy, Elijah Montijo, and Lauver at wide receiver, with Christian Bass and Jamin Davis being co-starters. The offensive line appears to be Isaac Abram at left tackle, Justin Groover at left guard, Joey Guadalupe at right guard, Kyree Coprick at left tackle, and Michael Ross at center. The backfield will consist of Crawford, Stapleton, Wright and Gerald Williams. McNair said that if the offense is going to be successful, it will have to limit its mistakes throughout the season. “We need to be more consistent on both sides of the ball, undisciplined play leads to a lot of mistakes, and in football the teams who make the least usually win,” he said.

Patty Leon

Jamin Davis (25) is one of the reasons Long County is optimistic about its defense this season. Both Davis, a linebacker, and safety Tariq Carpenter have been named preseason All-State.

Blue Tide’s 3-4 defense relies on speed By Mike Riddle Coastal Courier correspondent

Last year the Long County High School football team struggled on the defense giving up almost 30 points per game. It is no surprise that the team gave up 91 points against powerhouses Benedictine Military School and Vidalia, but what was a surprise was when they allowed Bryan County to score 42 points and Bacon County 46 points. Though Bryan and Bacon were much improved last season, no one expected the Blue Tide to be this porous against that level of competition. Long County head coach Eric McNair said that his defense will have to be more disciplined this year if the Blue Tide is going to be

successful. “Undisciplined play leads to a lot of mistakes, and in football the teams who make the least usually win,” said McNair. According to McNair this year the team will be using the 3-4 defense, and he expects the team to be much better. Some of the strengths in using this set is that it only depends on three down linemen, which allows the secondary to have more speedy players on the field. It also has the qualities of the 50 defense, in that the defense can apply additional pressure where it is needed. “We need more speed on the field, especially with the spread teams we will see in Region 2-AAA, it also allows us to run multiple coverages

and disguise them to keep opposing offenses off balance,” McNair said. Two players who McNair will be relying heavily on to lead his defense are linebacker Jamin Davis and safety Tariq Carpenter, who both were recently named to the class AAA preseason Allstate team. “Jamin should command the defensive interior and make it tough for opposing offenses to run inside, along with Gerald Williams as the linebacker duo. Our secondary will be anchored by Tariq at safety, who will fill multiple roles in the pass and run game, the entire defensive line will be highly important to the success of the defensive front,” McNair said. McNair will depend on

Davis to be the leader on the field and help hold all players accountable. “I look for Jamin to lead by example, he is another player who does the best of his ability all of the time, he will also hole other players accountable if they are making mistakes,” McNair said. McNair said that starters and co-starters are subject to change, but the tentative starters are Kyree Coprick and Holden Riddle at defensive ends, Quentin Facen at nose guard, M’Kiya Folston, Williams, and Davis at linebackers; Deondrae Volcy, Jonathon Elder, and Cody Cox at cornerbacks; and Carpenter at safety. Co-starters are Dazon Mills, Christian Bass, Jack Lauver, and Chris Wells.

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