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START FAST with STA-BIL Performance & Peace of Mind.

Fuel Stabiliser

If you cover it, moor it or store it for more than a couple of weeks, you need STA-BIL. Any vehicle or petrol powered equipment you use infrequently is at risk from stale fuel. Petrol begins to deteriorate after a little more than one month. Running contaminated petrol through your engine can result in difficult starting and reduced performance at best. At worst, you could be looking at a very expensive repair bill. STA-BIL keeps fuel fresh for 12 months or more and stops the formation of gum and varnish in fuel system components. It contains corrosion prevention additives to fight the damaging effects of ethanol in fuel and cleans fuel injectors and carburettors. 473ml - Treats 150 litres PN 27228



236ml - Treats76 litres PN 27223

118ml - Treats 38 litres PN 27222

If it runs on petrol, look after it with STA-BIL®

STA-BIL® prevents the separation of fuel and oil in 2 stroke mixture.

What makes fuel ‘go stale’? Petrol is made up of organic compounds. Reactions between these compounds and molecules in the air (oxidisation) or within the fuel mixture itself, lead to fuel going stale and the development of residues or varnish like films that can be harmful to the engine and fuel delivery system - resulting in difficult starting and reduced engine performance.

How do I use STA-BIL? STA-BIL is very easy to use. Simply add 30ml per 9.5 litres of fuel directly to the fuel tank or jerry can each time you fill up. Run the engine for 5 minutes with STA-BIL treated fuel before storing your vehicle or equipment for any length of time.

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STA-BIL® eliminates the need to drain fuel prior to storage as it prevents fuel system corrosion.

Distributed in Australia & New Zealand by: Trico Products Pty Ltd Unit 1/80 Fairbank Road Clayton South VIC 3169 Tel: 03 9271 3288

1300 MYTRICO (1300 698 742)

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STA-BIL Flyer  
STA-BIL Flyer  

If you cover it, moor it or store it for more than a couple of weeks, you need STA-BIL.