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The Hanging Men Y ou may have heard of the hanging man, but have you heard of the suspended men? Digbeth’s Custard Factory invites creative minds in with many weird and wonderful things, one of which greets you at the door. Seven very life like, levitating men, harmoniously float just above the entrance. Suspended by nothing more than fishing wire, the sculpture creates the sensation of falling or the lucidity of freedom. Although odd, the dangling casts entice people to play and interact with them. So, if you go down to the Custard Factory today, will you drop by and say hello?

The Custard Factory D

igbeth’s hard to miss, Custard Factory contains various vintage clothing shops, a bar, a music library, cafe, art shops, T-shirt printing factory, graffiti paint shops, an indoor skate park accompanied by a skate shop, and hosts a number of exhibition halls displaying a wide range of funky indifferent art from all shades of life. Digbeth’s Custard Factory is the heart of art and fashion. Shops, art and fashion line the creatively structured pathways and walls, leaving nothing to the imagination. Everywhere you turn there’s more and more art and fashion, such as the thirty foot stature of Esus just outside the exhibition hall doors. Made entirely out of wood, wire and willow the statue towers over passersby. Fancy a shopping trip? Vintage is all the fashion this year, high-waited denim shorts and silk shirts are on every girls shopping list. As the vintage fashion rises out of the ashes once again, so do many vintage fashion shops. Some of the best shops are in Digbeth’s Custard Factory, crammed rail upon rail crowds the isles of shop floors, selling everything from buttons to fur coats at reasonable prices. If you fancy customising you own clothing however, head down to the T-shirt printing shop tucked in next to the graffiti shop. Using quality printing machines and graphics, they can make you old clothing look brand new. They’ll print anything for an acceptable price. Digbeth is renowned for its ever changing colourful graffiti art, spanning from stencil art to writers, all with the intention to make their name as big and bold as possible. On most days graffiti artists can be seen painting new pieces

on a vast wall just around the corner from the Custard Factory. Anyone looking for ideas and help can visit the area and speak to the artists. Tucked away in a small corner of the Custard Factory is a graffiti paint shop, only visible by the brightly coloured segments wrapped around the top of the cans, peeking out from their shelves. The place is ideal for Graffiti artists to grab an extra can, caps and extras. The shop is also a brilliant place for a novice graffiti artist to ask questions about shading and can control. Feeling parched? Just inside the exhibition hall is a sophisticated cafe that serves up as many different teas, coffees and cakes you can think off. Grab a seat and chill whilst browsing the art in the adjacent exhibition hall. For those who want something a little more alcoholic, there are two bars around the Custard Factory. One of which is called the music library, it offers live bands from around the area and beers on tap. The other sits above the exhibition halls, it offers a more sophisticated and relaxed feeling. Braced for a skate? Check out the indoor skate park right at the end of the Custard Factory, with an immense amount of ramps, kickers and spines to skate it’s the next best thing to street skating. Just off to the side of the skate park is a skate shop, decks, trux and bearings are all on display. There are always ever changing exhibitions and shops down at the Custard Factory, it has something to offer everyone, take a wander down to Digbeth and lose yourself in the Custard Factory.

EAT FOR £5!!! Cafe Soya S

tudents are you feeling peckish? Head down to China Town. With a vast range of cheap traditional Chinese restaurants to choose from, and student offers, it’s a great place to grab something that isn’t pasta. While investigating the art culture within China Town, the ARTiculate crew stumbled across Cafe Soya, which smelt and looked too good to pass up. The menu offers a variety of dishes that aren’t just rice and noodles; of course there are the favourites and the well Chow Mains. If you’re feeling traditional however, there are a lot of traditional Chinese dishes on offer and the chief’s specials. Here’s some of the dishes the ARTiculate crew tried; Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice A gigantic plate appeared, piled high with enormous pieces of chicken coated in a traditional Chinese sweet and sour source, partnered with stack of long grain egg fried rice. Believe it or not we paid less for the whole dish than at a Chinese takeaway!

Chicken Chow Main Noodles A safe dish, which is what it says on the tin, however it was presented with equally enormous pieces of chicken and a colossal nest of noodles, bean sprouts and bamboo shoots. Although a safe dish, if fills the empty stomach! Chicken Noodles with Lemon Source WARNING: starving students only!! The sheer size of this dish put the other two to shame! This dish is similar to chicken chow main, with the titanic pieces of chicken, noodles and veg. This monster however comes with, oodles more veg and a traditional lemon source. Is your stomach big enough to take on this titan?

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