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Vision Focus Dedication

Nov. 19th



About Mae Reid

Mae Reid is a widow with grown children, a background in business, and a history of commitment to Coquitlam. Mae has proven herself to be a busy, energetic, and effective member of Council. In the 21 years she has served as Councillor, Mae has demonstrated her competence and experience, both at the Council table and in the community. Growth As Chair of Land Use & Economic Development these past few years I have been very busy. Burke Mountain is moving ahead with a winning selection of housing. We asked for the “WOW” factor and are getting some innovation in design. Austin Heights is on its way, thanks to the persistence of the BIA and residents. One new building is on the books and others are coming forward to re-invigorate the area. Burquitlam is getting a new facelift as well, with Skytrain Änally on its way! This term I hope we will see the start of the Waterfront development on the Fraser River and that the French Village in Maillardville will make some leaps forward with the Tax Incentives offered to Developers for the area. All in all this term we hopefully will see housing options for everyone from Waterfront to Mountain top and everything in between!

Core Services, Police & Fire When we discuss Public Safety, it does not just mean Police & Fire. It also means safe roads and intersections and quality underground services. Unfortunately this year our Metro Van costs for water have increased by 7% and sewer by 4% further adding to our tax burden. We are also in the middle of negotiations with the RCMP through the Provincial and Federal governments. There has to be an acknowledgement as to what we as taxpayers can afford to pay y and what the demands by the RCMP are with respect to their budgets. Our new Äre station for the northeast is in the planning stages now and we hope to see a shovel in the ground within this next term.

Taxes & Fiscal Responsibility Planning our community’s Änancial future is a huge challenge. Issues such as growth, transportation, infrastructure, roads and the environment need to be tackled with the ever present knowledge that we are taxed to the limit. Our business taxes are amongst the highest in the Province. This is unacceptable. We are very limited by legislation as to how we raise revenues. The Municipal Auditor General could be a good idea provided that this watchdog can “bark” both ways. If they are interested in monitoring the ways we do business - all our processes, not just Änancial - they also need to be able to comment on the responsibilities being downloaded to the City that we do not have funds for.

Environment & Riverview Lands My friends, the Riverview lands are our heritage site. We have an irreplaceable arboretum with a tree collection valued at well over $50 million dollars. We need to keep these lands intact for health services, mental wellness, research and education. This would provide a wealth of jobs and education. Our citizens are demanding that the environment takes precedence in all our planning and development. Although we are not perfect, we have come a long way toward respecting our water courses, Äsh habitat, and green spaces more than ever before, and we must continue to do so ... especially in light of new pressures on our Colony Farm lands.

Sports, Recreation, & Culture We are happening! Town centre park has added Äelds and facilities. The new fountain in the lake is receiving rave reviews. The Poirier ice facilities and pool are up and running. We are in the Planning stages for the North East Sector Parks plan and have announced the launching of “Celebrate Coquitlam” to position us as an event destination. The New Library space is under active reno’s ... Lots to do but a good start!!!


Mae Reid’s community record includes: • City Councillor - 21 years • Coquitlam Maillardville Heritage Trust - Director • Chamber of Commerce - Vice President • Coquitiam/PoCo Crime Prevention Committee - Chairman • BC Crime Prevention Committee - Director • Westminster Credit Union - Chairman and Director • BC Central Credit Union - Director • Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation Donation Committee • BC Real Estate Association - Director • PoCoMo Youth Services - Director • Coquitlam Foundation - special events committee

Council Appointments: • Riverview Task Force - Chair • Coquitlam Aggregate Task Force - Chair • Emergency Measures Committee • Administrative & Corporate Services Committee - Chair • Growth Management Committee - Chair • Recreation Cultural Services Committee - Chair • Evergreen Cultural Center Board • Place Maillardville Board • United Way - Board of Governors • Family Court & Youth Justice Committee • Gateway Committee - Chair • Coquitlam Library - Trustee • Business & Economic Development Committee - Chair • Community Liaison Committee - Chair • Metro Vancouver - Board of Directors

Business Background: • Seven years Business Administration and OfÄce Management • Eight years Paralegal • Thirty three years Real Estate

604.464.0414 • Email: maereid@ • Website: My Absolutely Favourite City Building I am so proud to have taken a Lead Role in this project… many other jurisdictions are following our success and animals are finally getting the care and respect they so deserve… thanks to all our animal welfare caregivers in the community who help us along the way and a special thanks to all our volunteers and Animal Shelter Staff and Bylaw Officers for their care and compassion of our "guests."

November 19th





Who are you supporting for mayor? I think Richard Stewart’s done a fine job and I don’t see a need to change.

Who is funding your campaign?

Friends, developers, the Coquitlam firefighters’ union local.

You are a Burke Mountain resident and are a past president of the Northeast Coquitlam Ratepayers’ Association. Do you like the way Burke Mountain is developing?

There are changes that are happening, some I agree with and some I don’t. With the loss of single-family homes, we have to control that and ensure that we have a community with different types of housing for everybody.

Some of developers are building beyond the neighbourhood plan limits. How can that be managed?

Continuing to make sure that staff is tracking the densities and that council is keeping an eye on that to make sure it is balanced.

As engineering committee chair, you know there have been some hiccups with Burke infrastructure.

Yes, but I have led a change in site-development practices to get better control. We increased fines, have kept boulevards clean and provided better notification to residents.

What should the Partington Creek village core look like?

It’s always been the highest density area that will help support the commercial surrounding that.

In the past three years, what have been council’s greatest achievements?


Age: 56 Number of years living in Coquitlam: 23 Occupation: Burnaby fire department captain Civic committees and community volunteer work: Lacrosse coach for more than 30 years, including minor, junior and senior; director and vice-chair of the Burnaby Hospital Foundation for six years; president and treasurer of the Burnaby Fire Fighters Charitable Society for 11 years. Campaign funding: Individuals, unions and businesses.

Tri-City News Friday, November 11, 2011, C3



Involved. A record of professional accomplishments and community activism.


What makes you stand out from other candidates?

Awarded for journalistic integrity & distinguished citizenship.

I have much experience with municipal government, having been a public sector employee for more than 33 years.


Do you believe that Coquitlam residents are getting good value for their tax dollars? Yes, I do. The city has good employees who supply many services.

Supports CFIB’s Taxpayer Pledge & Municipal Auditor-General.

When it comes to budgeting, are you more likely to support cutting services and staff in favour of keeping taxes low? I am not likely to support cutting services and staff because the city is going through a rapid growth phase and will likely need more service for a growing population.

If you were elected, what services would you like to see added? What services would you like to see reduced or eliminated? I would like to see residents in new or growing areas receive the same level of service provided to established neighbourhoods.

Seeing the funding committed for the women’s and children’s transitional housing unit [on Como Lake Avenue] and [the planned homeless shelter at] 3030 Gordon Ave.


Age: 54 Number of years living in Coquitlam: 46 Occupation: photojournalist Civic committees and community volunteer work: Riverview Hospital Task Force; president of the Tri-Cities’ Chamber of Commerce; BC Chamber of Commerce; economic development, and traffic and safety advisory committees; traffic calming committee; Burke Mountain Scouts; coach U-12 boys; Theatrix Youtheatre; Coquitlam Historical Society (president). Campaign funding: Friends and businesses.

What makes you stand out from other candidates?

As a photojournalist for The Tri-City Newss (where he worked until June), I covered every major event in this city and saw the issues first-hand.

Do you believe that Coquitlam residents are getting good value for their tax dollars? I’d like to see the appointment of a municipal auditor general to do an independent audit to see if we are receiving good value for our tax money.

When it comes to budgeting, are you more likely to support cutting services and staff in favour of keeping taxes low? Residents continue to demand more services but taxes are increasing at a rate that is unsustainable.

If you were elected, what services would you like to see added? What services would you like to see reduced or eliminated?

The city will have to expand existing services such as fire, police, snow removal and garbage collection just to maintain current levels of basic service throughout the city.


Who are you supporting for mayor? I can work with either one. They both bring something to the table.

I have come to respect Terry greatly as he has served Coquitlam for many years with insight, commitment and integrity. He has used his talents to inform and enrich our community. He has been a leader that listens. I have no doubt he will be an excellent City Councillor.

Who is funding your campaign?

- Sharon Hayes, former Member of Parliament, Port Moody-Coquitlam, board member, Affordable Housing Societies.

It’s coming in from all over the place. I have been endorsed by the Coquitlam firefighters’ union.

What happened to the sport field strategy that was introduced earlier this year? It’s been put on hold because it didn’t take into account our new strategy for events tourism. We want it in place in the new year.

Terry O’Neill is the kind of person we need in politics today. I am proud to support him for the Coquitlam City Council.

As chair of the recreation committee, would you be willing to change council’s current policy to allow only sports activities at Percy Perry Stadium, especially if the city’s efforts now are focused on events tourism?

- Dr. Gary Mauser, Professor Emeritus, Marketing, Simon Fraser University

Everything is on the table with events tourism. We need to look at a festival location in Coquitlam. We will also have events at Town Centre Park. Whatever happens, we have to do this as an economic standpoint.

If I’m the organizer of a sporting event, why would I choose Coquitlam over Langley and Surrey, which have top-notch sports venues with hotels and restaurants nearby?

We’re going to make it easier for people to come here with a one-stop shopping office for organizers. We’re going to have rapid transit here soon with direct access to the airport. It’s all very accessible.

Why have we had no consistency at city hall in the economic development office?

Here’s the issue: For so long, we’ve been a suburban bedroom community. We’re not that way anymore. We’re becoming an urban community. The big thing that people need to understand is that we have to be prepared.

Throughout his distinguished career, Terry O’Neill has been a journalist of great integrity and a man you could really trust. These qualities, along with his sure grasp of public-policy issues, make him an ideal candidate for council.

- Senator Gerry St. Germain


C4 Friday, November 11, 2011, Tri-City News


Age: 34 Number of years living in Coquitlam: 21 Occupation: business owner/operator Civic committees and community volunteer work: Confrattelanza Italo-Canadese; Michael Cuccione Foundation; Zajac Ranch for Children. Campaign funding: Myself.

What makes you stand out from other candidates?

I am honest, dependable and hard working. Working as a restaurant manager and now for myself taught me how to be a team player and work alone. To be fiscally responsible when managing a budget. I know clearly who I am working for and that’s the taxpayer.

Do you believe that Coquitlam residents are getting good value for their tax dollars?

No, I do not. Taxes seem to increase at a rate of double that of inflation and I do not see services increase with that increase. Spending needs to be controlled and that starts with in the four walls of city hall.

When it comes to budgeting, are you more likely to support cutting services and staff in favour of keeping taxes low?

The problem is that many projects are funded by the taxpayer, when alternative resources could have been found (public/ private partnership).

If you were elected, what services would you like to see added? What services would you like to see reduced or eliminated?


Who do you support for mayor? Barrie Lynch

Who is funding your campaign?

CUPE, developers and individuals.

You said in January that you wouldn’t accept the 4% remuneration hike and would be donating the increase to the Douglas College Foundation. Did this happen? Yes.

You’re the chair of the Maillardville revitalization task force. Why are things taking so long to re-develop in that neighbourhood?

As an accountant and city councillor, you have seen the budget crunch at city hall yet you voted in favour this year of spending $50,000 of surplus funds for “Welcome to Coquitlam” signs. Is this a decision you still stand by?

Absolutely. There are too many places where we are bordered by Port Coquitlam and Port Moody. And there are way too many places where you move from one city to another and you don’t realize it. I’m proud of being in Coquitlam and I would like people to know when they come into Coquitlam. I don’t think it’s a luxury item. They’re simple signs.

Are you still in favour of having the city have an in-house garbage pick-up service?



What makes you stand out from other candidates?

The combination of my extensive professional accomplishments and my record of community activism and volunteerism.

Do you believe that Coquitlam residents are getting good value for their tax dollars?

Generally, yes. But, looking down the road, I fear that the current rate of growth in the city’s annual expenditures, which is felt in the pocketbooks of the citizens of Coquitlam by way of fast-rising property taxes, is unsustainable.

When it comes to budgeting, are you more likely to support cutting services and staff in favour of keeping taxes low? What’s needed is a reasonable and tangible reduction in the annual rate of growth in property taxes in order to have minimum impact on necessary services and staffing.

If you were elected, what services would you like to see added? What services would you like to see reduced or eliminated? By far the most common comments [at the door] are about high and fast-growing property taxes. Few people are asking for new services.

Coquitlam City Council

I think we’ve been working at it for a long, long time. At the same time, we’ve had other areas that are easier to develop in. I think the decision that we made to provide tax incentives to Maillardville commercial property owners is good and I look forward to it moving quicker.

Services added or reduced should be looked at with what the taxpayer wants and needs are.

Age: 60 Number of years living in Coquitlam: 31 Occupation: writer and editor Civic committees and community volunteer work: Coquitlam Foundation; Alzheimer Society of BC’s Walk for Memories; Pregnancy Concerns; St. Joseph’s Parish; Crossroads Hospice’s Treasures of Christmas gala; Canadian Diabetes Association; Heart and Stroke Foundation; Mothers’ March; t-ball coach. Campaign funding: Businesses, friends and family.


I’m in favour of the city doing a real, solid analysis when it comes time to consider re-contracting. Port Moody and Port Coquitlam saved money when they went inhouse and they did that because the city and the union worked together to make it work.

Age: did not answer

Who are you supporting for mayor?

I’m an independent candidate and I will work well with either one.

Who are you being funded by?

Business, candidates.

How do you see Coquitlam developing over the next 10 years?

I wish I knew in these recessionary times what exactly is going to happen. Right now, the development industry is trying to get the HST situation straightened out so that they know their actual costs. I would expect to see Austin Heights redeveloped — at least 30%, if not more — with a good mix of rental housing and a lovely village-like atmosphere, like we have in our plans. I believe the City Centre will have a mix of retail and housing like you see in Vancouver, only a bit smaller. Burquitlam will be a stop-off point with the SkyTrain [Evergreen Line] station.

As the land use committee chair, you’ve pushed for adequate parking in new apartments. Why haven’t you also lobbied for other amenities like energy efficiencies, adaptable units, better building materials and better designs?

Our developers follow best practices, especially in the large commercial buildings. It’s handled by staff as we go along. And if [the amenities] are not there, we ask for them.

You’ve had 21 years on city council. You’ve said if you’re re-elected it will be your last term.

Most likely, yes. I have things that I would like to see finished and like to see started next term, like Maillardville commercial [development].

In the past three years, what is council’s greatest achievement?

I think we’re trying to move the development forward that we want — and not what the developers are trying to foist upon us. Because we’re a city that’s accepting high growth, we shouldn’t be accepting everything that comes our way.

MY PLEDGE TO YOU • To be open and honest • To have open discussions about your issues and concerns • To be accessible to all residents • To consult with you about the happenings in City Hall: NO decision will be made without your input

@massman44 massimomandarino

cell: 604.218.4090

Tri-City News Friday, November 11, 2011, C5

My message to you: GOOD GOVERNANCE is achieved through engaged public process, cooperation and the leadership to see projects through. I AM HONOURED to have been chosen to serve the citizens of Coquitlam. I am hoping to be fortunate enough to continue my service to you on November 19th, 2011.

Linda Reimer as City Councillor is committed to: ■

Greater citizen engagement and improved voter turnout.

• Better transportation for all of Coquitlam, including the Evergreen Line. • Finding a solution for the United Boulevard Extension and North Fraser Perimeter Road projects. • Personal safety, Police and Fire protection. • Private property rights. • Advocating for the reduction of red tape and government bureaucracy. • City infrastructure- Road maintenance and paving • Revitalization programs. • Greater support for business, lower business property tax, and job creation. • Using her financial background to keep taxes low. • A strong program for family, sport and seniors facilities. • Increasing the opportunity to live, work and play in Coquitlam. • Supporting the Provincial Municipal Auditor General position. • The inclusion of the Westwood Golf and Country Club in Metro Vancouver’s Conservation/Recreation designation.

Re-elect Linda Reimer for Coquitlam Council B3-1410 Parkway Blvd. Box 62, Coquitlam P: 778-229-9951 F: 604-942-5343 E: W:


C6 Friday, November 11, 2011, Tri-City News



Lynch: City needs more businesses Who are you supporting for council? Councillors Lou Sekora, Neal Nicholson and Selina Robinson, and candidates Randy Delmonico, Fred Soofi and Vincent Wu.


“I think we’re doing a really, really good job at providing different types of homes. But the new residents need places to work so we need to be promoting, recruiting and retaining businesses and good-paying jobs here. And we have to provide the type of amenities that they want. We want to provide a complete community.”

Who are you being funded by? Businesses, individuals and CUPE.

What groups have endorsed you? New Westminster and District Labour Council, CUPE, Paramedics union Local 873.

Do you think your campaign got off to a bad start with the reception to your criticisms of Mayor Richard Stewart? No, I think when you’re telling things that are truthful, people respect that. I did not appreciate the spin that was put on my words and I’ve chosen to take the high road on that and not defend myself against things that I never said.

Do you want to clarify your comments? No, I don’t want to add any credibility to mistruths that have been circulated. Quite frankly, there have been a bunch of things happening in this campaign that I felt have been rather distasteful.

You have criticized the mayor’s leadership abilities. Why is that? I have not found Mr. Stewart to be decisive when he’s making decisions or providing leadership. There’s certain types of leadership that I would respect but we in the city do not need a figurehead or a ceremonial leader. We need someone who is going to be actually representing our city externally and we need someone who’s going to be in the meetings, chairing the meetings and providing direction.

Do you think you’ve been intentionally left out as chair of committees? There was an interview question three years ago when we were asked [by reporters] who we would like to see in the mayor’s seat. At the time, I made the comment, “Myself in three years.” Mr. Stewart took that as a direct challenge. He has made a conscientious decision to exclude me from any opportunities for me to show, as I have done in the previous six years, to my strong leadership capabilities and chairmanship.

You have studied the rules governing meetings but is it necessary for you to point out Robert’s Rules of Order to the chair during a policy debate? I believe Robert’s Rules of Order is a tool, not a weapon. I certainly have not brought


anything to anybody’s attention publicly unless it has been pretty grievous. And there have been some abuses. The chair is supposed to be respectful and allow different people to speak, and not play favourites and that, certainly, has not been happening.

As a city councillor, why do you claim the highest amount in expenses every year? It’s because of the way we report our expenses. There’s no way my expenses are going to be higher than the mayor’s when he’s been to Korea and China. My expenses are mainly attributed to my representation for the city on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. That is something council discussed several years ago. There is a standing resolution that authorizes my [FCM] expenses.

Coun. Lou Sekora supports you and he wants a zero-based budget. If elected mayor, would you adopt this policy? I have never said that is the only way we can manage our finances; however, that being said, if that’s what it takes in order for us to get our taxes under control, that is something I will look at.

How, as a potential mayor as well as a past director of Metro Vancouver’s Labour Relations

Bureau, will you keep the taxes down when the civic workers’ collective agreement is due to be re-negotiated? Are we going to see a 4% increase again next year for the employees? I don’t think so. I know what the labour bureau is looking at is between zero and 1%. That’s the starting post. The last three years, under Richard Stewart, we’ve had increases between 3% and 4%.

And with management to match. Well, that’s another issue that I have some discomfort with.

transportation system. You will probably recall when councillors went down to Portland and we explored the light-rail system. I can tell you from the impact on the community’s perspective, light rail seems to have less impact. It’s not as invasive. So my first choice would have been to go with a light-rail [system] as long as there was grade separation wherever there was interaction with the high-traffic volume. It’s worked very well, including in Calgary. That being said, we were told as a council that if we were to go with an elevated SkyTrain-type system, we would be able to get federal dollars to move the project forward. So we said, OK, fine, we’ll take an elevated system, if that’s what it takes to get something to the City Centre. But then there was the impasse on reaching the additional funding. It seems like we, as a city, have accommodated anybody’s proposal to try to make something happen and there has always been a reason why it doesn’t come forward.

Would you be in favour of Evergreen heading to Port Coquitlam rather than down Pinetree Way? There is a spur line that’s going to be done where the West Coast Express station is. I personally think the transportation system needs to go not just to PoCo but much further out in the [Fraser] Valley. However, I do feel that it is important for us to service the area up towards Douglas College because we have a lot of students up there and we have a lot of people who are going to be using the transportation system when we have festivals [at Town Centre Park].

The city is growing so fast. Do you think staff are overworked?

Speak up! You can comment on any story you read at

As a result, you may run into the risk of not being able to retain high-quality managers. That is the argument. But on the other hand, I’m also being told that whenever we consider that maybe somebody isn’t going to stay with the city that we have to give them a significant compensation package when they leave because of the difficulty of them getting another job.

If you had the choice to do it over again, what alignment and technology would you choose for the Evergreen Line? My first priority is to get some type of a

What’s your vision for Coquitlam if you’re elected mayor? I would like us to have more businesses that we’re able to rely on for taxation and jobs. I think we’re doing a really, really good job at providing different types of homes. But the new residents need places to work so we need to be promoting, recruiting and retaining businesses and good-paying jobs here. And we have to provide the type of amenities that they want. We want to provide a complete community.

Keeping Coquitlam Accountable • Balancing our needs & priorities to hold taxes down • Making bus service catch up to our needs • Keeping fire, police & city services in pace with development

RE-ELECT Neal NICHOLSON 604-688-3799 •

I think our staff work very hard. We are at the point that we’re having to bring on people on a temporary basis to get over the bulge that we’re having. We certainly don’t want to take on full-time employees for a temporary boom.

Tri-City News Friday, November 11, 2011, C7

Vote Craig HODGE About Craig Hodge. • Resident of Coquitlam for 46 years. • Appointed to the Riverview Lands Task Force. • Appointed by the mayor to the city’s Economic Development Committee and the Transportation and Safety Advisory Committee. • Director of The Coquitlam Foundation for three years. • Past president of the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce and served six years as a director of the BC Chamber of Commerce. • Chaired Coquitlam’s Traffic Calming Committee for two years. • Currently president of the Coquitlam Heritage Society, which runs Mackin House Museum. • Scout leader and soccer coach in Coquitlam and volunteer with Coquitlam’s Theatrix Youtheatre.

“I spent 36 years working as a photojournalist in Coquitlam and saw first hand the issues that affect our citizens. I was your eyes and ears in this community and now I will be a strong voice for you on Coquitlam City Council.”

“I was fortunate as a child to grow up in Coquitlam, buy a house here, work in my community, enjoy the recreational opportunities here and I want our children and future generations to be able to do the same.”




Public Safety

Over the next decade, Coquitlam will see unprecedented growth on Burke Mountain, and in Burquitlam, Austin Heights, Fraser Mills and Maillardville. We need to manage this growth to protect the environment and ensure today’s residents don’t see a drop in current services.

As a president of the Tri-Cities’ Chamber of Commerce — I publicly supported the construction of the Evergreen Line and improved bus service. I served on Coquitlam’s Transportation and Safety Advisory Committee so I understand how important it is to keep our residential streets quiet and safe as traffic increases around us.


Sixteen years ago, I served on the first Riverview Lands Task Force. I believe we have a unique opportunity to protect these beautiful, and historic grounds from future development while developing a world class mental health facility in the existing buildings.

Vote Craig

Taxes are increasing at a rate that is unsustainable and we must bring our expenses in line with our ability to pay. I support the appointment of a Municipal Auditor General to ensure that we are getting the best possible value for our tax dollar.

As the photojournalist at your community newspaper, I worked on the front lines with our emergency services and saw crime first hand. Residents need to feel safe in our community, so we must increase the number of uniformed police officers and their visibility as our population grows.


Coquitlam needs a more aggressive economic development plan that will help businesses prosper, expand our tax base and create good paying jobs for residents right here in Coquitlam.

HODGE FOR Coquitlam Council

| 604.945.0020 | |


C8 Friday, November 11, 2011, Tri-City News



Stewart: Working with neighbours Who are you supporting for council? [Long pause.] I’m dismayed with how divisive this is becoming for a council that needs to work together in the next term, so I’m reluctant to talk about that. I’m supporting the ones that aren’t running as a slate.


“I’ve gone to great lengths in the past three years to improve Coquitlam’s relationships in the region. It has worked. For example, the barriers for the Evergreen Line — a stalemate that has existed for 20 years, largely because of poor relationships — have been removed. We did that with the October vote.”

Who are you being funded by? Individuals, companies. I don’t have knowledge of the exact names. The only one I’m turning down money from is the unions we have to negotiate with because I’ve always felt it was too much of a conflict.

What groups do you have endorsements from? Currently, the Coquitlam firefighters’ union.

What do you think is the main difference between you and your opponent? Certainly, one of the main ones is independence. I really value that Coquitlam has avoided the party politics by and large, although this time, there is a distinct slate. Secondly, the proven results. Barrie’s been on council a long time. He’s not one to initiate policies or champion issues, whereas I feel that’s an important role for council members. I have taken many issues and pushed aggressively for solutions.

Why is he criticizing your leadership abilities? I’ll leave that to him.

How have you united council? The results are evident. We have more unanimous votes on issues. We have more consensus-based decisions. We have greater public consultation. And really, until this election campaign, Barrie ended the vote with all of council on almost everything.

You use Facebook often to let the community know about your mayoral activities. But you’ve also used the social media site to lash out at opposing councillors. Do you think that’s appropriate? I think social media, like any media, has allowed us to communicate and dialogue. I’m told that I use social media better than other local politicians. I recall an instance when all of council was frustrated by someone’s decision to vote the opposite of how he felt for political reasons. I’ve made no apologies for my distaste for the petty politics.

Why isn’t there more interaction with Port Coquitlam and Port Moody city councils? I want to see more of that because it’s not just more constructive but it’s invaluable in trying to advance the sub-region’s perspec-


tive at Metro Vancouver and with the province.

You are a director for Coquitlam on the Metro Vancouver board. From a regional standpoint, why are this city’s priorities always on the backburner? It is a question of both size and influence. I’ve gone to great lengths in the past three years to improve Coquitlam’s relationships in the region. It has worked. For example, the barriers for the Evergreen Line — a stalemate that has existed for 20 years, largely because of poor relationships — have been removed. We did that with the October vote. There are other regional issues that Coquitlam can take a bigger role in but only if we ensure that we work on our influence and relationships.

How confident are you that the Evergreen Line will be built in the next five years? 100%. All of council agrees. We’ve now removed the last barrier. The province has passed the legislation, supported by all parties. It is moving ahead with procurement. The environmental and engineering [work] is complete. The funding is all in place.

Residents have been very vocal this term, espe-

munity was getting a 4% raise. Whatever CUPE gets is our inflation rate. It has been frustrating, especially when the same people who voted against the budget voted in favour of the [CUPE] wage increase.

The cyclical reviews by management were effective but the cost-cutting and restructuring in some departments were very stressful on staff. How do you keep the morale up at city hall when you undertake these exercises? That is ultimately one of the biggest management challenges. I believe in management wandering around. I talk to our staff and I know the stresses that the review processes create. It’s necessary. There’s no question. I think the citizens agree that we make sure we’re doing the right things in the right way because every household does the same thing. They budget carefully. I’m an incredibly thrifty person. At the same time, we have some incredibly dedicated staff. The way that you move any organization forward is listening to the rank and file on their ideas.

You’re at a lot of events that you don’t have to be at, especially on weekends. Why?

I’ve lived all my life in Coquitlam and I passionately believe in this community. I wanted my first term as mayor to do an outstanding job and I think we did. I’m told cially at public hearings. Why is that? I did. I really appreciate when the public is Things like $50 million saved in capital engaged. We have tried to engage citizens projects — I can point to each of those dolmore than in the past. The webcasting of lars and say, “That’s a result of an initiative city council meetings and public hearings that I introduced.” We now have our conallow the public to really participate in a struction properly controlled. We’re ahead much greater way in the decisions the city of budget and on time with our projects. makes. When the public comes out for a sixWe’re creative and we’ve embraced environhour public hearing on the homeless shelter, mental initiatives that have that’s good news. I want those won us awards. I have a lot that meetings to be respectful but we can be proud of, these last I also want them to be full of three years. back-and-forth on the choices You can comment on But a great deal of work is that have to be made. any story you read at only partly done, and so I’m looking forward to completing The Ipsos Reid poll showed that much of what we’ve started residents are at their saturation and to move m forward this city that I grew point for property taxes. If you’re re-negotiating up in. the collective agreement with the union, how do

Speak up!

you keep taxes down, if re-elected?

It would be different if the union hadn’t received an increase in this past year. Or the past five years. But with a 4% CUPE wage increase for each of the last three years of my mandate, that was my biggest financial challenge at a time when no one in my com-

This is your race to lose. What will you do for employment if you’re not re-elected? I had a better job than this before, with much shorter hours. My wife pointed out that last year I finally made the same salary in absolute dollars as I made in 1994.

Find The Tri-City News at

Our Community • Your Voice X Sustainable Coquitlam X Livable Coquitlam

X Accessible Coquitlam X Welcoming Coquitlam

“Vincent will bring new ideas, positive leadership and a sense of values to Council.” Fin Donnelly MP New Westminster-Coquitlam & Port Moody



ELECT Vincent WU

Tri-City News Friday, November 11, 2011, C9

THERE’S NOBODY BETTER TO SPEAK FOR US! “40 years of public service”

RE-ELECT to Coquitlam Council

LOU SEKORA Independent Candidate Businessman and Former Citizenship Judge

Contact: 604-313-0500/604-941-7916 Email:

Lou does not believe in Party politics at City Hall. Lou knows all about his community and its needs. He will put the interests of Coquitlam residents first and he will fight for you as he has always done! Lou is a Proven Leader and your Strong Voice on Council! Coquitlam Council needs Leadership and Accountability. Northeast Coquitlam (Burke Mountain)

Budget We need to get back to a 0-based budget where the Mayor and Council set the annual budget before May 15, not in December as it has been done for the past few years. In order to prepare the budget, Mayor and Council need to know what the surplus in each department is (end of March) and what the property assessments are coming in at (around January 15). Once this information is known, the budget can be set. Taxpayers should be given this information so they can see where their money is being spent. If we don’t go back to a 0-based budget, then there will continue to be no control over the high tax increases. Mayor and Council know this, so where is the leadership and the accountability for taxpayers dollars.

Enough of Taxes, Taxes and More Taxes! This continual “tax gouging” must stop! Taxes have increased for residents and businesses annually. The mill rate is not set by Mayor and Council. It is set by Treasury to have big tax hikes each year. Lou knows that with a 0-based budget, our taxes would not be increased at the current rate and he continues to vote against these increases. There was a $3.4 million surplus in an account that should have been deferred to the budget and could have been allocated towards a new fire hall in Northeast Coquitlam (Burke Mountain) or to Maillardville Community Centre. Instead, Mayor and Council spent the money on items not in the current budget. This process is flawed and needs to be changed.


Place Maillardville Before the last civic election, the Mayor and Council promised this building would be replaced. There was even a $120,000.00 review done, showing support for this project and drawings that are now gathering dust as we move into yet another election. It’s been on the books for a long time but not on the Council Agenda. When Lou is re-elected he will make this a priority.

Austin Heights Lou supports the revitalization of Austin Heights but with the input and approval from residents. When re-elected, Lou will continue to be their strong voice on Council.

Full Service Gas Stations When Lou was Mayor, he made sure the gas stations were “full serve” in Coquitlam. Over the years, this decision has provided employment opportunities to youth and seniors. Many, many employees have thanked him.

Westwood Plateau Golf Course Lou believes this public golf course should remain the way residents wanted it. It was there when they bought their homes and it should stay this way.

Colony Farm

Lou knows we need rapid transit or skytrain to Coquitlam but at what expense! Currently, we are $600-800 million short. Approval of this expense only allows Transit to borrow the money, then comes the interest and another increase of about $23.00 per household. If this project is not a success to start with, taxes on businesses and residences will go up again. Lou believes that raising taxes is not the answer. The money should come from provincial carbon taxes and federal gas taxes. The Transit budget is out of sight. Let’s get all the facts before any approval is given. No more surprises!

Lou supports the residents of this fast growing area of Coquitlam who will need police and fire protection, sports fields and parks.

Lou believes that Colony Farm should not be commercialized. The land that is available should be set up for local residents to grow their own gardens with fresh vegetables and fruit.

Coquitlam Firefighters Local 1782 support Lou Sekora Municipal Auditor General Lou supports the appointment of a Municipal Auditor General.

If re-elected, Lou can and will continue to work with other elected representatives to make sound and positive decisions for the residents of Coquitlam as he has always done.


On Saturday, November 19, 2011 make your vote count.

For Council, RE-ELECT

SEKORA, Lou Businessman



C12 Friday, November 11, 2011, Tri-City News


Who are you supporting for mayor?

I’m not taking a public position on that.

Who are you being funded by?

I don’t have the details of all of that.

How would you characterize your first term on council?

It was a great learning experience, a wonderful experience. For the most part, I’m really happy about the way the city has progressed in the last three years. There’s been some great changes made, changes that provide better services to citizens, businesses and investors.

You have championed online voting, business and cutting bureaucracy. What’s next for you, if re-elected? We still have a lot of work to do with [reducing] bureaucracy at city hall. The economic development will be very interesting, too, especially with the coming of the Evergreen Line. I would also like more residents to work, live, play and learn in this community.


Age: 29 Number of years living in Coquitlam: 7 Occupation: senior partner of Domotics Systems Ltd. Civic committees and community volunteer work: Multiculturalism advisory committee (2010-’11); Festival Planners Network; SUCCESS; Tri-City Iranian Cultural Society (chair). Campaign funding: Low-income families, hard-working couples and small businesses.

When it comes to budgeting, are you more likely to support cutting services and staff in favour of keeping taxes low?

Poirier Sports and Leisure Complex. Evergreen Line. Customer-service improvements. The new City Centre library branch. The new King Edward Street overpass.

I am pro-small businesses. By fostering an environment to support small businesses, more jobs can be created and more people choose Coquitlam as their new destination.

I would like us to be even more businessfriendly. There was one decision made that I wasn’t pleased with regarding a badminton business to have a rezoning and OCP change in United Boulevard. We turned them down and they ended up relocating in Port Coquitlam. That’s an economic opportunity that we lost.

I would like to put more light on educational issues and promote school choices. ((Editor’s note:: City councils have no mandate to deal with public education. Schools are governed by the board of education ant the provincial education ministry.)

Age: 47

Who are you supporting for mayor? Barrie Lynch

Who is funding your campaign?

Many different sources: friends, businesses. My financial agent [husband Dan Robinson] is dealing with the cheques.

How would you characterize your first term on council?

A great learning experience and a real opportunity to see how decisions are made, how to make things work and how to move an agenda forward.

What is the perfect pesticide ban bylaw?

For me, it was really all about cosmetic pesticides. Spraying in order to beautify or maintaining a certain standard for a lawn or garden is a problem so while I think what we saw was sort of on the right track, I think it just got a little carried away.

Over the past three years, what do you see as council’s greatest accomplishment?

[The planned homeless shelter at] 3030 Gordon Ave. and the pesticide bylaw. If you recall three years ago, I couldn’t even get the conversation going. That’s a huge leap forward and I complimented council.

What can council do better next term?

Talking to our neighbours and partners, whether it’s Fraser Health, New Westminster, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, School District 43. I would really like to see us put energy into those relationships. I think that it impacts us when we compete with our neighbours rather than working collaboratively — then we all lose.

If you’re re-elected, would you accept a pay increase?

I actually think that we’re well paid [but] I think that when we’re looking at budgets, we would lead by example and hold the line on our pay.

for Coquitlam that you do...

Do you believe that Coquitlam residents are getting good value for their tax dollars?

In the past three years, what have been council’s greatest achievements?


wants the same things

Motivation, vision and transparency. As a small business operator and a former program manager in the not-for-profit social service sector, I truly understand the needs of both business and the community.

Do you still support giving non-resident business owners a vote in civic elections?

What does council have to do better?


What makes you stand out from other candidates?

I believe there have been several positive improvements made in the city of Coquitlam but I strongly believe there are still lots we need to work on such as reducing crime rate/ violence, traffic/traffic congestion, taxes and boosting economy and dealing with environmental issues.

Absolutely. I think that would be a very wise idea.

If you were elected, what services would you like to see added? What services would you like to see reduced or eliminated?


Who are you supporting for mayor? Barrie Lynch

Who are you being funded by? Myself.

You have consistently voted against the budgets. Is it because you didn’t like what was in them or because they weren’t zero-based?

Lately, $3.4 million was found to be a surplus. That should have been referred to budget time. There’s many, many things we need. We don’t know what the taxes will be or what other expenses there will be. It would have gone a long way to a new fire hall in northeast Coquitlam. We know that we need 10 to 20 firemen for northeast Coquitlam. I know we probably need policemen also.

You are a Metro Vancouver director for Coquitlam. What have you achieved on the board?

I’ve certainly been raising hell as far as the bureaucracy and the budget and a few other things. In matter of fact, they’re pushing for an incinerator and I said the tipping fees are going to go up by double or triple within the next five years.

You were the only council member to vote against the homeless shelter at 3030 Gordon Ave. Why?

Because the residents in the area didn’t want it. The fact is, the ideal place for it is Riverview Hospital. And you know what? Coun. Brent Asmundson brought in a notice of motion to have Royal Columbian Hospital on Riverview lands yet they said for a homeless shelter, there was no transportation. How silly is that?

In the past three years, what have been council’s greatest achievements?

The sports fields and the Poirier Sports and Leisure Complex. As far as the budget, the mayor and the councillors have been a total failure.

A safe Coquitlam • Providing our police and fire departments with the resources they need to be effective

An accessible Coquitlam • Keeping Coquitlam moving by easing traffic congestion and ensuring accessible and affordable public transportation

An active Coquitlam • Taking full advantage of our parks, and other recreational and cultural amenities

A sustainable Coquitlam • Responsible growth management of resources and infrastructure, including roads, services, facilities and green space • Equal distribution of resources for all areas of the city

An economically viable Coquitlam • Promoting our business community and providing opportunities for employment and economic growth

“I will work hard to make Coquitlam a safe, affordable and vibrant community with easy access to recreational and cultural amenities. That is my promise to you.” - Doug Macdonell

On Saturday November 19, put your vote to work for a better Coquitlam

Re-elect Doug Macdonell


Tri-City News Friday, November 11, 2011, C13


Are you ready to vote Nov. 19? Make sure Coquitlam residents hoping to cast a ballot in the upcoming civic election may want to make sure they qualify to vote before heading to the polls on Nov. 19. An eligible resident elector must be a Canadian citizen, 18 years of age and have lived in B.C. for at least six months and in PoCo for 30 days prior to the election. Those who are not on the voters list will need to register and can do so by bringing two pieces of identification or proof of residency documents to their polling station

on voting day. Those documents include: • B.C. driver’s licence; • B.C. identification card issued by the motor vehicles branch; • owner’s certificate of insurance and vehicle licence issued by ICBC; • CareCard; • Ministry of Social Development and Economic Security request for continued assistance form; • social insurance card; • Canadian citizenship card;

• valid Canadian passport; • current property tax notice; • credit card; • utility bill. A person who was registered to vote in a provincial election as of June 1, 2011 has automatically been added to the city’s voters list. Advance polling will take place in Coquitlam on: • Nov. 12: Pinetree community centre (1260 Pinetree Way), 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.;

• Nov. 16: Pinetree community centre, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; • Nov. 18: Poirier community centre, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Voting on general election day takes place in a variety of elementary and middle schools as well as Place Maillardville community centre. For more details on voting in Coquitlam, go to the city website (www.coquitlam. ca) and click on the “2011 General Local Election” Link.

m a l t i u q o C


t c e l e e R Gail


t c e l e e R Gerri


t c e l e e R Diane


KNOWLEDGE • EXPERIENCE • INTEGRITY ➤ A focus on Students ➤ Experienced School Trustee ➤ 28 year advocate for children and education in Coquitlam ➤ Working for Each Child’s Success


QUALIFIED - ENERGETIC An experienced School Trustee who wants Coquitlam to be the best place for students to learn in, teachers to teach in, and parents to be involved in their children’s education.


CHILD & YOUTH ADVOCATE • 6 years Experience as an Effective School Trustee • Cares About Your Issues and Will Work Hard • Proven Business Experience • Involved in the Community • Award Recipient for Community Service



C14 Friday, November 11, 2011, Tri-City News



Community involvement: Vice-chair of the parent advisory council; co-founder of; Heart and Stroke Foundation; SOS; Downtown Eastside homeless advocate.

Why are you running?

Because of our children’s secured future: 60% minority population has no representation but me; three out of four incumbents have no children in SD43 except me; I live in Coquitlam, not outside. I want to be elected by vote only, not acclaimed/ endorsed.

What are your qualifications?

I am a parent. I have a Masters in home economics. I have been a successful entrepreneur for 12 years and have been active in social work. I can speak six languages.

Top issues?

To elevate the declining math and science skills compared to international standards so that our students stay ahead globally. To harness the power of technology to cut cost and enhance learning. To utilize existing funds effectively and efficiently.

Number of years lived in the city: 28 (currently lives in East Sooke, on Vancouver Island, where she has resided for the last two years) Community involvement: Canvassing for charities; volunteering in schools; president of Parent Advisory Council at school and district levels; Coquitlam Foundation.

Why are you running?

I like being a school trustee. I believe it is important to make decisions supporting policies and programs that benefit our students, teachers, support staff and administrators. I would like to continue being a part of our board of education as we define and implement the province’s new education plan.

What are your qualifications?

I believe my years of involvement in Coquitlam school district testify to my dedication and interest in students and education. They have provided me with the knowledge and experience to make good decisions. I am trustworthy, honest, reliable and a good listener.

Top issues?

I wish to help define how the new education plan looks with a continued focus on improvement of student literacy, numeracy, graduation/completion rates and social responsibility skills. Directing funding to programs and policies that support the classroom is a priority of mine.



Occupation: Family support worker and executive director for Children of the Street Society

Occupation: retired business owner

Number of years lived in the city: 27

Community involvement: School trustee for 18 years; Coquitlam Foundation; Wellspring Foundation for Education in Rwanda; Alpha Program; Coquitlam Library Board; Girl Guide leader.

Community involvement: For the past 18 years, I have presented hundreds of workshops in classrooms on child and youth safety; member of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitors General’s Safe Communities Working Group for 10 years; Coquitlam Foundation.

Why are you running?

It gives me another opportunity to advocate for children and youth. SD43 is the leader in the province and it is a privilege to be part of such a committed group of professionals.

What are your qualifications?

I am a parent to eight children that have attended public school in SD43. I have been a school trustee for the past six years. I have been an owner/operator of a business in Coquitlam for 30 years.

Top issues?

To provide all learners their best opportunity to be successful.

Number of years lived in the city: 34

Why are you running?

I enjoy being able to positively influence the exceptional education that is available for students in SD43. I am passionate about every student having opportunities to succeed in academics, fine arts, sports, culture and community service. I want to continue working on the vision for our district: Learning without Boundaries.

Occupation: Retired Number of years lived in the city: 35 Community involvement: Coquitlam city councillor for 20 years; school trustee for 12 years; volunteer with Glen Pine and Dogwood pavilions; RCH board; GVRD director; youth service agency executive director.

Why are you running?

I have six of my seven grandchildren enrolled in Coquitlam schools and I enjoy trustee work promoting public education.

What are your qualifications?

I have three university degrees and have a proven record of community service for more than 30 years.

Top issues?

Although our district is rated number one in service to learners we still receive less educational funding for our 30,000 students than surrounding communities and that has to change.

Notes about the VoteSmart voters’ guide Q Text by Janis Warren Q Editing and design by

Richard Dal Monte Q Articles on the two mayoral candidates are based on interviews with them Q City council and school trustee candidate briefs are based on interviews and emailed questions Q Incumbents are shown with a bullet [•] after their names

CHECK US OUT ON ELECTION NIGHT Coquitlam voters wanting to keep track of who wins what jobs on election night, Nov. 19, should check in at after the polls close at 8 p.m. They can also go to the city website,


Number of years lived in the city: 9

Occupation: Retired medical office assistant



Occupation: Licensed realtor




I z a N r A A cil n u M Co S

lam t i u oq C r fo

604-4 475-7475

Araz@ www

What are your qualifications?

I have 18 years of experience as a school trustee. I owned and operated a very successful business for 15 years. I have a reputation for listening and welcoming community input in education.


Top issues?

The best use and fairest allocation of taxpayers’ dollars towards the classroom, equipping students with skills to succeed in a changing world, safe and healthy schools, and reducing costs by sharing community buildings, parks and fields are my priorities.

Vote for a Lively, Progressive and Affordable Coquitlam for Families and Businesses Vote Araz RISMANI on November 19

Tri-City News Friday, November 11, 2011, C15



Asmundson For Coquitlam City Councillor

VOTESMART20 11 C16 Friday, November 11, 2011, Tri-City News


Age: 22 Number of years living in Coquitlam: 16 Occupation: constituent assistant for a member of Parliament Civic committees and community volunteer work: Multiculturalism advisory committee; SFU and political organizations. Campaign funding: Friends and family.

What makes you stand out from other candidates?

Coquitlam is in need of new and fresh ideas. We need to expand our focus to include the next generation — my generation. We need to figure out a way to make Coquitlam a place where young adults can find work and start a family as opposed to moving to neighbouring cities.

Do you believe that Coquitlam residents are getting good value for their tax dollars? No. Too much money is being wasted in bureaucracy. We need to reduce wait times.

When it comes to budgeting, are you more likely to support cutting services and staff in favour of keeping taxes low? I will support programs that are affordable without putting a strain on Coquitlam residents. If elected, I will look at all the facts and numbers presented to me and make the best decision possible with the citizens in mind.

If you were elected, what services would you like to see added? What services would you like to see reduced or eliminated? The safety of our residents is incredibly important to me. We need to make sure that we are keeping up with our essential services.


Age: 61 Number of years living in Coquitlam: I have had a business in Coquitlam for 10 years. While I currently reside in Anmore, I have recently purchased a residence in Burquitlam and will be moving there soon. Occupation: owner/operator Pasta Polo Restaurant Civic committees and community volunteer work: Multi-cultural advisory committee; Coquitlam Foundation; Tri-Cities’ Chamber of Commerce; ArtsConnect; Homelessness Task Force; Share Society; PoCoMo Youth Services Society; Footprints. Campaign funding: Individuals and myself. I am not accepting any funding from developers or labour unions.

What makes you stand out from other candidates?

More than 30 years of experience as a small business owner/operator and very active in the community.

Do you believe that Coquitlam residents are getting good value for their tax dollars? I believe that we can get much better value by managing expenditures and balancing budgets, based on realistic projections.

When it comes to budgeting, are you more likely to support cutting services and staff in favour of keeping taxes low? I believe that we have the ability to maintain our experienced staff levels and ensure fair taxation by better management of our budgets based on realistic projections.

If you were elected, what services would you like to see added? What services would you like to see reduced or eliminated?

Better policy for affordable housing, construction of necessary sidewalks, crime prevention and public safety.


Age: 71 Number of years living in Coquitlam: 22 Occupation: businessman Civic committees and community volunteer work: PoCoMo Youth Services; Port Moody Heritage Society; RCMP Community Policing Speed Watch; Canadians Moving Beyond Money Society; Multicultural Advisory Committee of BC; Toastmasters International. Campaign funding: Family, friends and small businesses.

What makes you stand out from other candidates?

I am a unique brand of politician who does not make promises to please the present moment. My vision for Coquitlam is futuristic.

Do you believe that Coquitlam residents are getting good value for their tax dollars? Absolutely not. My property taxes have gone up 17% in the past three years and I have not seen one iota of improved services. My utility bills have gone up 35% for the same period. This is way more than the rate of inflation.

When it comes to budgeting, are you more likely to support cutting services and staff in favour of keeping taxes low? I am in favour of reducing red tape and waste in city administration and making the system more efficient.

If you were elected, what services would you like to see added? What services would you like to see reduced or eliminated? Improved transportation to new subdivisions. Accelerate progress getting the Evergreen Line built to Coquitlam. Planned infrastructure improvements and minimize “fight the fires,” Band Aid fixes.


Age: 59 Number of years living in Coquitlam: 15 Occupation: freelance writer Civic committee and community volunteer work: Multi-cultural advisory committee and economic development committee; Tri-City Asian Parent Association; Special Olympics BC; Canadian Cancer Society; Coquitlam Foundation. Campaign funding: Myself.

What makes you stand out from other candidates?

I believe I am the right choice for city councillor because I can carry on accountability, positive approach, fair and inclusive representation to the job.

Do you believe that Coquitlam residents are getting good value for their tax dollars? There are areas such as transportation challenges, affordable housing, pedestrian safety and multicultural accommodation that still need to improve.

When it comes to budgeting, are you more likely to support cutting services and staff in favour of keeping taxes low?

To keep taxes low does not necessitate cutting services and staff. I would like to see the council manage the budgeting issue based on thoughtful decisions and the needs of the majority of residents.

If you were elected, what services would you like to see added? What services would you like to see reduced or eliminated?

I would like to see recycling and garbage services improved. I also want parks, trails, green space and recreation opportunities to be added. On a responsive standpoint, I would consult and carefully assess before making any decision to reduce or eliminate services.


Last chance to listen – for voters & candidates

A number of Coquitlam community groups have already held allcandidates meetings so residents can hear directly from the people running for mayor, council and school board in the Nov. 19 civic elections. The final such meeting before general election day is set for this weekend. On Sunday, Nov. 13, Maillardville Residents’ Association will host an all-candidates meeting for Coquitlam mayoral and council contenders only. The question-and-answer action begins at 7 p.m. at Place Maillardville, 1200 Cartier Ave.

Issues that matter to


We need to keep our city an affordable place to live. Taxation levels must be kept affordable and at the same time keeping the services that make Coquitlam a great place to live.


Real transit solutions are needed like finally connecting Coquitlam to the Skytrain with the Evergreen Line and enhance existing bus services.


We need to ensure that recreation, sports and arts facilities keep pace with the growth of the city. Existing facilities need to be supported by City Hall so they can keep up their good work, and as we grow we need to build new facilities.


City Council should encourage meaningful input from citizens into the development of our city. Development on Burke Mountain and redevelopment of Austin heights and Burquitlam areas must involve citizens in shaping our city as we grow.

On November 19, elect

DELMONICO, Randy for Coquitlam City Council


Visit my website • Contact me at 604.941.3475

E L E C T Andy Wickey for Coquitlam City Council - NOV. 19

A new and independent voice on council

They say money doesn’t grow on trees... • Improve property/business tax balance & fiscal responsibility positioning our city for growth! • Development of 3, 5 & 10 year financial plans, anticipating economic highs & lows, encouraging regional cooperation. Planting the seeds for tomorrow’s growth: • Create an “office market” in Coquitlam, bringing jobs back home. • Industry & small business growth to transform from a bedroom community to an urban centre. • Attract sports-tourism & competitions with a hotel near the Town Centre sports fields. Charting a course for the future: • Make Translink more efficient & self-sufficient, with a long-term funding model. • Continue system integration & infrastructure upgrades to move people & commodities effectively. • Adding and improving green space for future generations. • Preparing new homes and buildings for electric vehicles. Everyone should have a place to call home: • Homelessness - Medical recovery & job training programs give hope & independence. • Young families - Create the conditions for affordable housing in Coquitlam. 604.464.1040

“Lest we forget.”

Tri-City News Friday, November 11, 2011, C17

On November 19 Re-Elect Selina Robinson I am the right choice for Coquitlam City Council I bring a fresh perspective and I believe in... • Collaboration • Evidence-Based Decision Making • Accountability • Accessible Government Please join me at my bi-annual Fireside Chat for informal conversation and a chance for me to hear directly from you. Thursday, November 17 - 7-8pm Coquitlam Library - Poirier (by the fireplace of course)

I hope to see you there! for platform details 604.729.0702

Its Important


SAT., NOVEMBER 19 8am-8pm

C18 Friday, November 11, 2011, Tri-City News

General Local Election 2011 NOTICE OF ELECTION BY VOTING Public Notice Is Hereby given to the electors of the City of Coquitlam that an election by voting is necessary to elect a Mayor, eight Councillors, and four School Trustees, and that the persons nominated as candidates and for whom votes will be received are:

Mayor - One (1) to be elected Usual Name Barrie Lynch Richard Stewart

Jurisdiction of Residence Coquitlam Coquitlam

Councillor - Eight (8) to be elected Usual Name Brent Asmundson Randy Delmonico Craig Hodge Doug Macdonell Massimo Mandarino Neal Nicholson Terry O’Neill Mae Reid Linda Reimer Araz Rismani Selina Robinson Lou Sekora Andy Shen Fred Soofi Andy Wickey Vincent Wu

Jurisdiction of Residence Coquitlam Coquitlam Coquitlam Coquitlam Coquitlam Coquitlam Coquitlam Coquitlam Coquitlam Coquitlam Coquitlam Coquitlam Coquitlam Anmore Coquitlam Coquitlam

School Trustee - Four (4) to be elected Usual Name Humera Ahsanullah Gail Alty Brian Robinson Diane Sowden Gerri Wallis

Jurisdiction of Residence Coquitlam East Sooke Coquitlam Coquitlam Coquitlam VOTER REGISTRATION

The list of registered electors for the City of Coquitlam has been produced on the basis of the most recent Provincial Voters’ List. If you have recently moved, or are not on the Provincial Voters’ List you may register at the time of voting if qualified. Please note, if you are registering at the time of voting you will be required to produce two pieces of identification that prove your residency and identity. For more information about valid forms of identification please contact the Election Office at 604-927-3025 or visit our website at

ELECTOR QUALIFICATIONS To qualify as a Resident Elector, you must meet all of the following requirements at the time of voting: • age 18 or older on or before General Voting Day; and • a Canadian citizen; and • a resident of British Columbia for at least 6 months immediately before the day of registration; and • a resident of the City of Coquitlam for at least 30 days immediately before the day of registration; and • not disqualified by any enactment from voting in an election or otherwise disqualified by law. To qualify as a Non-Resident Property Elector, you must meet all of the following requirements at the time of voting: • age 18 or older on or before General Voting Day; and • a Canadian citizen; and • a resident of British Columbia for at least 6 months immediately before the day of registration; and • a registered owner of real property in the City of Coquitlam for at least 30 days immediately before the day of registration; and • not entitled to register as a resident elector; and • not disqualified by any enactment from voting in an election or otherwise disqualified by law. The following special conditions determining eligibility apply to persons wishing to register as a Non-Resident Property Elector: • Only one person may vote per property. If several non-residents own a single piece of property, the owners must select one of the owners to vote. Written consent from the majority of those property owners not voting must be submitted to the Chief Election Officer. • A current title search is required as proof satisfactory that the applicant is entitled to register. • To be eligible to vote the non-resident property elector must first obtain a certificate from the Chief Election Officer at City Hall.

GENERAL VOTING DAY GENERAL VOTING DAY will be open to qualified electors of the City of Coquitlam on Saturday, November 19, 2011 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. at the following locations:


Alderson Elementary School, 825 Gauthier Avenue Banting Middle School, 820 Banting Street Bramblewood Elementary School, 2875 Panorama Drive Cape Horn Elementary School, 155 Finnigan Street Como Lake Middle School, 1121 King Albert Avenue Eagle Ridge Elementary School, 1215 Falcon Drive Glen Elementary School, 3064 Glen Drive Harbour View Elementary School, 960 Lillian Street Hillcrest Middle School, 2161 Regan Avenue Leigh Elementary School, 1230 Soball Road Lord Baden-Powell Elementary School, 450 Joyce Street Meadowbrook Elementary School, 900 Sharpe Street Montgomery Middle School, 1900 Edgewood Avenue Mountain View Elementary School, 740 Smith Avenue Mundy Road Elementary School, 2200 Austin Avenue Nestor Elementary School, 1266 Nestor Street Panorama Heights Elementary School, 1455 Johnson Street Pinetree Way Elementary School, 1420 Pinetree Way Place Maillardville Community Centre, 1200 Cartier Avenue Porter Elementary School, 728 Porter Street Ranch Park Elementary School, 2701 Spuraway Avenue River Springs Community Centre, 1950 Lodge Drive Riverview Park Elementary School, 700 Clearwater Way Walton Elementary School, 2960 Walton Avenue

 These locations are readily accessible for persons with physical disabilities. You may vote at any one of the above-noted locations. To find the voting place nearest to you please visit the City of Coquitlam’s web site at By logging on to our website you can view our map that shows all the voting places in your area.

SPECIAL VOTING OPPORTUNITIES The following special voting opportunities have been arranged: Location Foyer Maillard Parkwood Manor Residences at Belvedere Dufferin Care Centre Burquitlam Lions Centre L.J. Christmas Manor Madison Care Centre Lakeshore Care Centre Cartier House Care Facility

Date Wednesday, November 16, 2011 Wednesday, November 16, 2011 Wednesday, November 16, 2011 Wednesday, November 16, 2011 Wednesday, November 16, 2011 Wednesday, November 16, 2011 Friday, November 18, 2011 Friday, November 18, 2011 Friday, November 18, 2011

Time 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. 3:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Please note only those qualified electors who are residents of the facility at the time of voting may vote at a special voting opportunity.

ELECTION RESULTS Preliminary election results will be available after 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 19, 2011. Please visit the City’s website at Official election results will be declared no later than November 23, 2011.

ELECTION NEWS DIRECT EMAIL SERVICE The City of Coquitlam Direct Email Service e sends you election information direct to your home! Visit today and sign up to receive important updates and news on the 2011 General Local Election via email. Further information on the foregoing may be obtained by contacting the City of Coquitlam Election Office at 604-927-3025, by emailing or by visiting the City’s website at Lauren Hewson Chief Election Officer

Tri-City News Friday, November 11, 2011, C19

Elect on November 19

FRED SOOFI for Coquitlam City Council

ME FORWARD as a AM HONOURED TO PUT MY NA vember 19 Coquitlam candidate for City Council in the No municipal election. nity, businesses, and citizens I am ready to work with the commu sustainable city. As a City to make Coquitlam a fair, safe and rations cost effective and Councillor, I pledge to keep city ope rent. decision making public and transpa rator for the past 30 years, ope As a small business owner and needs facing all sectors of I have a clear understanding of the a balanced approach to City our community. I promise to bring ween the different sectors Council, one that builds bridges bet ure that we have strong in our community and works to ens


ANN KITCHING, former President of Port Moody Arts Centre Society college instructor and administrator (retired) “I am endorsing Fred SooďŹ as a potential Coquitlam Council member. Fred has supported so many projects in the Tri-Cities for well over the past decade. Without Fred’s dedication to Arts and Culture the Tri Cities could not have presented many of the activities we have all enjoyed and our communities are far richer for Fred’s involvement. Thank you Fred.â€?

FIN DONNELLY, Member of Parliament “Fred is a socially conscious businessperson who cares about community, the environment and future generations. Fred aims to bring a balanced approach to Council; that’s why I support him.�

GERRY NUTTALL, Port Moody City Councillor “If I had to describe Fred SooďŹ in a couple of words they are “Community Builderâ€?. His vision for development while respecting heritage and his compassion for those less fortunate in our society are qualities all City Councillors should possess. Any time a worthwhile cause needs support you can count on Fred being there, selessly lending a helping hand.â€?

PETER DENROCHE, President, Nuoors Coquitlam “I am pleased to support Fred SooďŹ as a candidate for Coquitlam City Council. As a business person in the Tri-Cities, I have had the opportunity to work with and get to know Fred. He is a man of integrity who is committed to bettering our community for both residents and business. I know Fred will do great things for the City of Coquitlam if elected.â€?

SARA ISMAILZAI, Long time Coquitlam resident and daycare assistant “With the city growing at such a fast rate, we are facing new challenges. On November 19th, I will be voting for Fred, as I believe in his innovative ideas when facing issues in our community.�

communities and strong businesses. With civic-minded businesses, responsive community organizations, and active and vibrant city. I am proud to residents, Coquitlam is a growing nity and hope to contribute to be a part of this progressive commu entative on City Council. our future development as a repres like to meet with me please If you have any questions or would email me at fsooďŹ t I hope I can count on your suppor on November 19th, 2011.

ďŹ o o S Fred

DIANE THORNE, Coquitlam-Maillardville MLA “I have known Fred SooďŹ for many years and was delighted when he made the decision to become a candidate for Council as I believe he will bring a completely new set of skills to the council table. As a successful member of the Coquitlam business community, Fred has assisted residents in many ways. He has served on the executive of the Chamber of Commerce, is a proud supporter and advocate for local non-proďŹ t charities and has always been a keen student of politics at all levels.â€?

KRYSTAL VRBA, President, Footprints Conservation Society “I would like to express my full endorsement for Fred SooďŹ to Coquitlam City Council. Fred has been an amazing support in our environmental efforts within the Coquitlam community. If Fred can offer a helping hand - he does. Fred is extremely proactive within our community. His focus is clear and he acts upon it to consistently create a positive result. Each time I have the pleasure to meet with Fred he shares ideas for the overall beneďŹ t of the community and I am 100% conďŹ dent in his ability to bring his ideas to fruition. Vote Fred SooďŹ to Coquitlam City Council!â€?

JEROME BOUVIER, Ex. Dir. PoCoMo Youth Services Society “Rare is the occurrence when you meet a person, especially a business owner, who is passionate about community and gives of himself and his business selessly. Fred believes in the grass roots of community and for any city to thrive and grow, it must nurture from the ground up. Without a strong foundation, families and businesses will not thrive. Fred has a vision, the passion and dedication to work towards that vision, and he leads by example. This is what our city needsâ€?

ROSS HARDIN, retired principal SD 43 (Coquitlam) “I am pleased to endorse Fred SooďŹ in his bid for Coquitlam City Council. My two children gained valuable experience working at his restaurant, and were treated respectfully and professionally. Fred has an outstanding sense of community and what it takes to build successful foundations. I am conďŹ dent that he will bring a strong and vibrant voice to the Coquitlam City Council.â€?

Community advocate with a strong track record

www.FredSooďŹ .ca

C20 Friday, November 11, 2011, Tri-City News



Strong Leadership. Proven Results.

In the past three years, Richard has delivered! The Evergreen Line

Controlling Taxes

Richard succeeded in ending the 20-year stalemate; with $1 billion in Federal and Provincial funding, the Evergreen Line is finally on track, and construction will begin within months.

Richard has controlled our costs – a difficult task in the context of a 4% annual wage increase contained in the CUPE union contract (expires this year). Richard will work to ensure the new contract is fair to both employees and taxpayers. Richard never takes political contributions from the unions we need to negotiate with.

$50 million in savings for Coquitlam Taxpayers Richard’s focus on prudent financial management has produced REAL results, including $32 million in Capital savings on new projects. Plus, improved relationships with senior governments produced $18 million in infrastructure grants for important local projects.

Public Safety Richard initiated a traffic safety program, beginning with elementary schools; more children can now safely walk to school. As well, Fire/Rescue improvements and a very successful Crime Reduction Strategy make our whole community safer.

Major Projects Under Budget The King Edward Overpass NOW OPEN, Town Centre Track and Field Facility $2 million under budget, Poirier Sports Centre Complex $10 million under budget and a year early. Plus, five years of paving completed in a single year.

Dedicated Leadership Richard instituted stringent cost control and budgeting procedures that are paying benefits to residents. Richard is at City Hall more than any previous Mayor, and his involvement throughout our community is well-known.

Some candidates talk about leadership Mayor Richard Stewart is a REAL LEADER “Richard does a great job for Coquitlam. He has tremendous leadership skills, and has a unique ability to work with people from across the entire political spectrum - left to right - in building consensus.” Bob McNary, Freeman of the City, volunteer with service clubs, Special Olympics, Coquitlam charities and arts/cultural organisations “We need Richard’s decision-making ability in the Mayor’s office. This is a great community, and Richard has what it takes to lead this community forward.” Lou Passaglia, BC Lions Football Legend and long time Coquitlam resident

“Richard’s leadership and communications skills and his pragmatic and balanced approach have provided real benefits at the regional level on transportation, planning, policing, and other issues, not only for his community but for the entire region. Coquitlam has been well-served by Richard’s leadership.” Dianne Watts, Surrey Mayor “Mayor Stewart has done a great job; he has our support.” Coquitlam Firefighters “Richard does a great job with so many groups, and has always given our veterans and our Legion excellent support. Coquitlam has good reason to be proud of the leadership it gets from Mayor Stewart.” Yetty and Elsley Foulds, Royal Canadian Legion

On November 19th let’s re-elect Mayor Richard Stewart Email: Phone: 604-469-6844 @mayorstewart Campaign Office: 2565 Barnet Hwy (at Falcon)

Richard believes in democracy and informed decisions; he has invited all Mayoral, Council & Trustee candidates to display their brochures at his campaign office. So, drop by to pick up campaign information to help you choose wisely. w

C10 Friday, November 11, 2011, Tri-City News

Tri-City News Friday, November 11, 2011, C11

Elect Barrie LYNCH as Coquitlam Mayor Barrie Lynch will provide Real leadership on issues. Taxes Property taxes need to be restrained and kept at a reasonable level. In the last term Barrie has voted against the budget because of rate increases and the budget process used. As a certified association executive (CAE) he understands the need to identify priorities within budget limits. As mayor he will be highly involved in providing stewardship for the process.

Transportation improvements for Coquitlam Coquitlam needs the Evergreen Line now. Growth without transportation improvements is not an appropriate goal. We must ensure our transportation needs are met. The Evergreen line will also serve regional needs. As mayor Barrie will establish better relationships with our neighbouring municipalities and other levels of government to move these initiatives forward.

Community and regional planning Coquitlam has adopted the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy. The next step is planning the Regional Context Statement which is a means of protecting council’s authority to make local planning decisions. Coquitlam needs to ensure the protection and enhancement of our natural areas in this process. Planning must also recognize the strength of a healthy business and commercial community. As mayor Barrie will include active participation of the residents of Coquitlam and listen & respond to their views.

Open government and communication Communication between city council and the residents needs to be a priority. Many residents are demanding more input and communication with their council. As mayor Barrie will improve communication with residents, fellow council members, other city councils and other levels of government. Barrie will implement an open door policy and have set days and times, where residents can drop in to see the mayor. All council will be invited to these sessions.

Environmental preservation Coquitlam is an environmental jewel located at the geographical centre of the lower mainland. As growth occurs the city must ensure we employ environmentally sustainable practices and encourage residents and businesses to also be environmentally friendly. As mayor Barrie will support smart growth and green initiatives.

Barrie Lynch supports safe streets and neighbourhoods. He was formerly a Justice of the Peace, Provincial Court of BC and also served as an auxiliary constable with the Coquitlam RCMP. In 1996 Barrie was presented with a ten year certificate of service from the Ministry of the Attorney General. As mayor Barrie will work with the citizens and the RCMP towards making safer neighbourhoods through a reduction in break and enter and property theft.

Recreation as a priority Maintenance and replacement of existing facilities in Coquitlam is important to support a healthy community. As Coquitlam grows we need to ensure parkland and recreation facilities are expanded. As mayor Barrie will direct that growth be managed and sustainable.

Barrie Lynch has the EXPERIENCE to lead Coquitlam. As a certified association executive, registered parliamentarian, a long-time Coquitlam resident and dedicated community worker Barrie Lynch joined City Council with the experience needed to be an effective member of City Council. As a highly involved member of City Council over the past nine years Barrie Lynch has increased his knowledge and experience in civic government issues. Barrie Lynch has served on many boards and committees including: • Livable & Leisure Services Standing Committee, Chair • Business & Economic Development Standing Committee, Vice Chair • Finance Standing Committee, Member

• Financial & Strategic Priorities Standing Committee, Member • Corporate & Protective Services Standing Committee, Member • Growth Management Standing Committee, Member • Administrative Services Committee, Vice Chair • Recreation, Sports and Cultural Standing Committee, Vice Chair • Community Capital Fund Committee, Member • Business & Economic Development Advisory Committee, Chair • Business & Economic Development Advisory, Vice Chair • Strategic Priorities, Administration and Protective Services Standing Committee, Member • Engineering, Utilities & Environment Standing Committee, Vice Chair • Land Use & Economic Development Standing Committee, Member • Maillardville Commercial & Cultural Revitalization Task Force, Vice Chair • Multiculturalism Advisory Committee, Vice Chair • ArtsConnect Board, Member • Standing Committee of the Whole, Member • Heritage Advisory Committee, Chair • Heritage Task Force, Chair • Olympic Organizing Task Force, Chair • Public Library Board, Chair & Council Representative • Parcel Tax Review Panel, Chair • Parcel Tax Review Panel, Vice Chair • Place des Arts, Council Representative • Place Maillardville Board, Council Representative • City/School Board Liaison Committee, Vice Chair • Coquitlam Youth Council, Council Representative • Disability Issues Advisory Committee, Chair • Municipal Insurance Association of BC, Council Alternate Delegate • Metro Vancouver Board, Director • Metro Vancouver Port Cities Committee, Member • Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley Regional Library Board, Alternate Member • Greater Vancouver Regional District Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee, Alternate Member • Greater Vancouver Regional District Board, Alternate Director • Greater Vancouver Regional District Labour Relations Bureau, Member • Federation of Canadian Municipalities Board of Directors and BC Caucus • Federation of Canadian Municipalities Crime Prevention and Community Safety Standing Committee, Member • Federation of Canadian Municipalities Municipal Finance Intergovernmental Arrangements Standing Committee, Member • Federation of Canadian Municipalities Intergovernmental Affairs Standing Committee, Member • E-Comm 911 Board of Directors, Director • E-Comm 911 Human Resources Committee, Member • E-Comm 911 Governance Committee, Member • E-Comm 911 Audit Committee, Member • Prior to being elected to City Council Barrie Lynch was active in the community for over 30 years, serving as president of New Horizons Residents Association, block watch captain and coach for Coquitlam Minor Football and Little League. • Barrie is a past chair of the Coquitlam Library Board and was a trustee for over eight years. He was a founding director of Public Library Interlink and served as president of the BC Library Trustees’ Association and president of the Canadian Library Trustees’ Association. • Barrie Lynch was formerly an officer with the St. John Ambulance Brigade.

Barrie Lynch is QUALIFIED to lead Coquitlam. • graduated from the Royal Roads University Master of Arts Leadership and Training Program – specialization in justice and public safety

Elect Barrie LYNCH

• graduated from the Simon Fraser University Bachelor of General Studies Program – extended minor in criminology • graduated from the Justice Institute of B.C. Paramedic Academy • graduated from the Justice Institute of B.C. Reserve Police Academy • graduated from the Douglas College Diploma of Criminology Program • graduated from the Douglas College Certificate of Criminal Justice Studies Program • graduated from the Douglas College Certificate of General Business • graduated from Douglas College Diploma of Criminology • graduated from Vancouver Community College Training Development Certificate • graduated from the Labour College of Canada Labour Studies Program • obtained the inter-provincial qualification as a journeyman in the trade of sheet metal • graduated from the National Association of Parliamentarians Professional Registered Parliamentarian Program • graduated from the Canadian Society of Association Executives’ Association Management Education Program Barrie Lynch received the: • 2002 Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal, Canadian Governors General • 2002 Honourary Life Membership, Coquitlam Public Library • 1999 Outstanding Library Trustee, American Library Trustees Association • 1995 Ten Year Certificate of Service, Ministry of Attorney General • 2011 Letter of Commendation from BC Ambulance Service

Barrie Lynch has a record of authentic LEADERSHIP. Barrie Lynch has lived in Coquitlam for 36 years and has raised his family here. In his three terms as city councillor Barrie Lynch has provided conscientious, considered and competent government decisions for the residents of Coquitlam. Barrie Lynch believes that the Mayor’s office needs listen to the community and to be responsive to those concerns. He also believes that council has a responsibility to represent and serve the residents and to provide leadership on the issues and the opportunities that the city encounters. In addition to representing Coquitlam residents on City Council Barrie Lynch represents Coquitlam City Council at the national level serving on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Standing Committee on Crime Prevention and Community Safety, Standing Committee on Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development, Standing Committee on Municipal Finance and Intergovernmental Arrangements, & Standing Committee on International Relations. He is a formerly a Director on the Metro Vancouver Board, member of the GVRD Water Committee and the Port Cities Committee. Barrie is currently serving on Labour Relations Bureau, Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee and is the Metro Vancouver alternate representative on the Fraser Valley Regional Library Board. He is serving a third term on the E-Comm Board of Directors representing Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, New Westminster, Port Moody and Belcarra. Barrie Lynch has been recognized for his ability to reach sound decisions based on research and facts, a skill that was refined through his experience as a Justice of the Peace for the City of Coquitlam. Barrie Lynch resigned his commission as a Justice of the Peace to launch his political career and has since retrained as a paramedic with the B.C. Ambulance Service in Metro Vancouver. Barrie Lynch is well known in the community for his commitment and involvement in community activities for over 33 years. Over this time he has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge about Coquitlam’s needs and the citizen’s desires. His view of Coquitlam ensures a strong community. Barrie Lynch is a REAL leader who is EXPERINCED and QUALIFIED. He has a proven record of 9 years of leadership, experience and community knowledge. To contact Barrie email or call cell 604-813-7407.

On November 19, 2011 vote for REAL leadership… vote for substance!

for Coquitlam Mayor

Barrie Lynch for Mayor because… Barrie continues to provide conscientious, considered and thoughtful solutions on Council. He has played a leadership role and shown good judgement in key decisions that have shaped our city. That's why I'm supporting Barrie for Mayor. Fin Donnelly, Member of Parliament, New Westminster-Coquitlam & Port Moody During the years I served with Barrie on Coquitlam Council, I always found it a pleasure to work with a politician who was professionally trained in Parliamentary Procedures. Since then Barrie has rounded out his impressive skills by completing a Masters Degree in Leadership. This is a person who is ready to bring people together and lead. I believe Barrie would be an excellent Mayor because he has a strong vision for the future and has always taken his responsibilities very seriously; he takes a studied approach to decision making, researching an issue before he takes a position; he loves his community, rarely missing a community event, large or small; he is always ready to help out community groups or individuals, if needed. Coquitlam would be well served with Barrie Lynch as its Mayor. Diane Thorne, Member of the Legislative Assembly, Maillardville and former Coquitlam Councillor Leadership is lacking in the Mayor’s office. The city needs a leader who can make decisions and who will be at city hall attending to business. Barrie is a decisive and hardworking member of council who I support as the next Mayor of Coquitlam. Former Mayor and current Coquitlam Councillor Lou Sekora Barrie will bring our council and city the leadership we need. Coquitlam Councillor Neal Nicholson Barrie's commitment to work with council members to identify ways to limit property taxes, address the growth of the city and to focus efforts on transportation needs tells me that Barrie is prepared to roll up his sleeves and get to work with others like me who are concerned with these issues. Coquitlam Councillor Selina Robinson I support Barrie Lynch for mayor of the city of Coquitlam because of his years of experience on council, his knowledge of the issues and his leadership capabilities. Coquitlam can benefit from this kind of leadership to move forward on the important issues before us. Randy Delmonico, Captain Burnaby Fire Department and Coquitlam Resident Barrie Lynch is a true people’s advocate. Through his work as a paramedic on the streets, Barrie has the true ability to listen to issues through all social groups. With his work in the community Barrie is in touch with all issues. He is a genuine person and will be one of the biggest assets as Mayor. Tracey Parent, Ambulance Paramedic serving Coquitlam Barrie has been a tireless advocate for the interests of Coquitlam residents for years. He brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to the community with a vision for growth by creating a strong community foundation. A foundation with fiscal responsibility that is crucial in these challenging economic times, and for the future of the city of Coquitlam. Jerome Bouvier, Coquitlam Resident We need a leader at City Hall that will listen to the concerns of residents; a leader who understands that representing the community they serve and protecting its constituents interests is why they hold office. Coquitlam needs a hard working, hands on, dedicated Mayor. Barrie Lynch has demonstrated his ability and dedication over three consecutive terms as Councillor. He has the respect of his peers in the city and in Metro Vancouver which is the key to moving projects like the Evergreen line forward. It’s time we had trustworthy, respectful and responsible leadership and that's why I support Barrie Lynch for Mayor." Todd Purves, 32 Year Resident and Austin Heights Neighbourhood Association Member Barrie Lynch has been a Registered Parliamentarian and Professional Presiding Officer for our organization for many years. His guidance and leadership when he presides over our annual general meetings and resolution sessions has transformed long and difficult meetings to smooth, efficient and effective ones. Sue Keenan, executive Director BC School Sports I strongly support Barrie Lynch for Mayor of Coquitlam. I have always found him to be extremely approachable and responsive to the needs of his constituents. His years of hard work and dedication to our community have helped make this city a great place to work, live and raise a family. With Barrie in the Mayor's office residents can rest easy knowing that they have a Mayor who is committed to public safety with the leadership experience to handle any crisis. Ryan Ackerman, Coquitlam Resident and Coquitlam Paramedic

YES Barrie, I will vote for you in the upcoming municipal elections on the 19th of Nov. 2011. When I heard that you have decided to run for Mayor, I immediately made up my mind to vote for you... I like your style and approach to the problems Coquitlam has. Ross Williams, retired senior citizen and 20 year resident of New Horizons, Coquitlam My association with Barrie began several years ago with Barrie's support of Eagle Ridge Hospital Auxiliary's fundraising events. Since 2005, in addition to Coquitlam Council duties, Barrie has served as parliamentarian and consultant to the British Columbia Association of Health-Care Auxiliaries (the coordinating body for hospital and health care auxiliaries). He was appointed as BCAHA's first Executive Director in January, 2011. In this role, Barrie has enhanced the effectiveness of BCAHA and provides both guidance and support for the work of the board and its committees. I continue to be impressed with Barrie’s leadership capabilities and ability to work effectively with our diverse group of board and member auxiliaries throughout the province. Barrie has been an outstanding member of council for the City of Coquitlam. He has the experience and demonstrated leadership qualities to lead Coquitlam as its next Mayor. Vivian Fraser, Past President, British Columbia Association of HealthCare Auxiliaries As a lifelong resident of the Tri-Cities and 6 year resident of Coquitlam, I am proud to support Barrie Lynch in his campaign to lead our great city. I know that Barrie cares about Coquitlam, its relationships with other municipalities and of course, its residents. As a Coquitlam City Councillor, Barrie has already been actively involved in moving our city forward for many, many years. Our city needs a true leader like Barrie, a Mayor to take Coquitlam to new heights. Allison Parsons, North East Coquitlam Resident As a small business owner and a former board member of the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce, I believe Barrie Lynch is a great choice for the Mayor of Coquitlam because Coquitlam needs civic leadership. He understands the needs of business and community, and he knows a strong business and a strong community go hand in hand. Fred Soofi, Owner Pasta Polo Restaurant I have known and worked with Councillor Lynch for 9 years and find him to be an outstanding councillor in his community. Barrie is dedicated and conscientious in every endeavor he takes on in his role as a city councillor. For these reasons, I am wholeheartedly endorsing Barrie for the position of Mayor, City of Coquitlam. Robert (Bob) Elliott, Councillor, City of Port Moody Over the last ten years, Barrie Lynch has been an instrumental part of St. John Ambulance Brigade. During his time as Divisional Staff Officer, Barrie volunteered his time, ensuring the safety of the Tri-Cities community. He used his exceptional first aid skills to treat and reassure injured members of the public at local events. He also used his natural leadership ability to mentor and encourage young volunteers to step up and make a difference in the community. On behalf of St. John Ambulance, I would like to offer our full support for councilor Barrie Lynch and his campaign for Mayor of Coquitlam. Kevin Hazelwood, RT(R), MRT, Superintendent, St. John Ambulance, Tri-Cities and Coquitlam Resident

We support Barrie Lynch’s candidacy for Mayor of Coquitlam. During his three terms as a member of city council he has demonstrated leadership and an ability to analyze complex problems facing the City and develop logical solutions for same. Barrie will contribute greatly to the good governance of our City. Dorrie and Bill Holmes, Coquitlam City Centre Residents, Retired and 42 year Residents of Coquitlam I have been a resident of North East Coquitlam for the past 22 years. During this time I have witnessed discussions by Council of many versions of the "official community plan" for the area. In these discussions I have always been impressed with Barrie's vision, leadership and balanced approach to the development and planning in the north east. I have contacted him several times to discuss the City's stewardship of the north east and he has always been responsive to my inquiries. John Strohmaier, Long Time North East Coquitlam Resident Barrie You will be an AWESOME Mayor for Coquitlam. Best wishes for a phenomenally successful campaign and your rightful seat in the Mayor's chair come November!!! Your leadership will be SUCH an asset to the residents of Coquitlam. Karen Rockwell, Councillor, City of Port Moody Barrie is an excellent leader and is always looking at the big picture. Darrell Penner, Councillor, City of Port Coquitlam I have known Barrie Lynch for more than a dozen years. First as a Professional Registered Parliamentarian, then as the President of the Parliamentarians Association of British Columbia and latterly when we served together on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Parliamentarians. I have found Barrie to be creative, efficient and most of all effective. As a Parliamentarian his skills as a talented presiding officer and his ability to focus on the key issues have often enabled him to transform a long difficult session into a productive meeting. With this skill set, combined with his ability to consult before acting, to listen empathetically and always to act in the best interest of his constituents will make Barrie an excellent Mayor for the City of Coquitlam. John F. Noonan, PRP and President, Parliamentarians Association of British Columbia I see that you are running for Mayor! You will be great! Karen Leibovici, First Vice-President, Federation of Canadian Municipalities I have worked with Barrie Lynch on several committees at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Barrie is thoughtful in his comments, he looks for opportunities to build partnerships as a way to get things done, working at the national level that is sometimes the only way to move issues forward. John Dooley, Mayor, City of Nelson Thank you Barrie, for your Community Spirit. Pippa VanVelzen Barrie has proven himself as a strong representative for Coquitlam residents. He is a strong voice for our region and is well respected across the region. Mike Farnworth, Member of the Legislative Assembly for Port Coquitlam Having worked with Barrie on the Boards of the Federation of Canadian Municcipalities and Metro Vancouver I know he woorkss hard and communicates well with othe o er cities and politicians. Vancoouvver Councillor Raym mondd Louie Barriee haas the experience and leeadeership capability. He deserrvess your vote. Vinceent Wu, W Former memb mberr of the City oof Coquitlam's C Multiccultturalism Advisory Comm mitttee Barriee haas always had a good relatioonshhip with our City and Council. I look forward to our futuree disscussions to bring our cities colllective needs to fruition. Waynne Wright, W Mayor, City of New Westm tminnster



Your guide to voting in Coquitlam on November 19, 2011.

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