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*The Congregation stands

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession


* Closing Hymn: 592 I, The Lord Of Sea And Sky Ravel Board meets April 27 at 7.30 p.m.

We Draw Near to God Prelude



Lenten Choral Benediction “Walk Worthy “ (Choir & Congregation) See Insert

Call to Worship *Opening Hymn: 359 The Great Physician Prayers of Approach & Confession & Assurance of Pardon

A cordial welcome is extended to our visitors this morning. Please stay for a time of fellowship after the service.

The Lord's Prayer : 831 Lenten Reading Joyce Stuart * Hymn: 307 God of the Sparrow

TriTri-Church Announcements

Our Ushers today: Merv & May McCleery Ushers next week: Jack & Lorna White Our Fellowship hosts: Melba Shaver, Nita Campbell Fellowship Hosts next week: Lorna White, Dorine Bourque

TCW presents an evening of Cards, Games and Desserts April 26, 2011 Dessert: 7:00 p.m. Cards and Games: 8:00 p.m. Everyone Welcome – Tickets: $8.00 We are also looking for donations for our lucky draw table. Elections Canada will be holding elections on May 2 and Ravel Church Properties will be the polling station for this riding. Anyone interested in working on election day is asked to contact Elections Canada at 1-866-281-5126 Requirements are as follows: 18 years of age, a Canadian citizen, residing in this riding.

We Listen to God's Word The Written Word of God read by: Michelle Tin Old Testament:

Ezekiel 37: 1-14 (OT 806)


John 11: 1-45 (NT 104)

Prayer Hymn: 401 O spirit of the living God Sermon:

Iona Announcements Japan Relief Through the generosity of Iona members we received $670 which was forwarded to PWS&D this past week.

“Can We Live Again?”

Ascription of Glory Anthem: ♪ ( for Choir & Congregation)

Upcoming Events Please see the sheet inserted in the pew leaflet for upcoming events, and retain this for future use.

308 “ Lord Of All Being, Throned Afar ” (Congregation to join in on verse 3 and 5 )

We Respond to God Announcements We present our gifts to God *Doxology: 830 & Prayer of Dedication *Hymn: 603 Lord of the Living

PWS&D is looking for a program co-ordinator. Information has been posted about this position on the bulletin board if anyone interested.

Parish Nursing Upcoming Activities provided by Mosaic Health Care: • TIPS Health & Wellness Fair: “Fit Spring Into Your Life” Show Thurs., Apr. 28/11 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. • Parkinson’s Society: “Get It On Time” & Philips Lifeline Fri., Apr. 29/11 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. RSVP by Apr. 21/11 See bulletins boards as above for details.


Community Events 1080 Finch Avenue East, North York, Ontario M2J 2X2 E-mail: Web Page:

Theological Colleges: St. Andrew’s Hall Our gifts to Presbyterians Sharing support three Presbyterian Colleges in Canada: Presbyterian College in Montreal, Knox College in Toronto, and St. Andrew’s Hall in Vancouver. Through its teaching charter with Vancouver School of Theology, St. Andrew’s Hall teaches theology and prepares candidates within the Presbyterian Church of Canada for ministry. It offers several programs for people seeking ordination to ministry, desiring a deepening of faith, or pursuing a degree in theology. Through 93 housing units, it provides hospitality for full-time students during the academic year. A team of five chaplains offer advice, support, Bible studies and other programs to residents, including programs in Mandarin and Korean. Let us pray for St. Andrew’s Hall as it seeks to be a welcoming presence on the campus of a secular university and actively works to strengthen its outreach to the wider community.

The Rolling Stones An Easter Sunrise Service Sunday, April 24th 6: 30 a.m. Dundas Square

Minister: Rev. James F. Biggs Church: (416) 494-2442 Home: (905) 428- 0505 Jim’s Cell: (905) 709-0642 Director of Music: Robert Williams

*********** Movies to Move You: “Into The Lenten Desert” Beaches Presbyterian Church Sunday Evenings: Mar 13th through May 1st at 7:00 p.m. ************* Creating a Bold New Future “Changing the dream of the modern world” Saturday April 16th 9am-1:30pm St John’s Presbyterian Church 415 Broadview at Simpson To Register: 416-466-7476 Please see the bulletin board for more details on each of the above upcoming events.


April 10th, 2011 Lent V