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Spiritual Origin of Mother’s Day Recently dubbed “Mother’s Day,” the highly traditional practice of honouring of Motherhood is rooted in antiquity, and past rituals that typically had strong symbolic and spiritual overtones; where societies tended to celebrate Goddesses and symbols rather than actual Mothers. The personal, human touch to Mother’s Day is a comparatively new phenomenon. The maternal objects of adoration ranged from mythological female deities to the Christian Church. Only in the last few centuries did celebrations of Motherhood develop a resolutely human focus.

For all of us, there’s that one special lady in our lives, who just can’t be replaced – Mom! Yes, right from the day we’re born, she’s the one who nurtures us, cares for us and loves us every waking moment. And so, for all that she does, she deserves to be pampered once in a while and there is no better opportunity to do this on Mothers’ day- a perfect reason to show your mother how much you care! It doesn’t have to be an extravagantly expensive celebration, over-the-top gifts and lavish parties, all that matters is your love and appreciation that will make her feel special. Celebrated on the 21st of March in the Arab world, this day is dedicated to honouring the millions of mothers across the region.

Time to Reflect and Rejoice Just as in the West, Arabs too take Mother’s Day as a time to reflect on the importance of mothers in their life. They celebrate the bond of love and dedication a mother shares with her children and family, without bounds or terms. Throughout history, mothers have made remarkable sacrifices for the well-being of their loved ones. Whether an adoptive mom or grandmother, mother or partner, the women who raise us show us that no hurdle is too high, and no dream is beyond our reach. So this day is earmarked for ruminating over all the troubles a mother takes while we are sick, battling through adversity in bringing us up and all the sacrifices she makes. Mother’s Day is the time to say a big thank you to mothers for all this and for being a constant guiding force in our lives, shaping our values, and setting us on the path to a limitless future. The tradition of giving gifts on Mother’s Day is rampant. People send cards, make meals, go shopping; all in all pamper their moms to the core. The whole idea is to thank her, to make her feel important on the day and be happy about mothering caring children. Although Arabs throughout the region have different feelings about Mother’s Day, many enjoy setting aside some time to celebrate their mothers wishing them “Eid omm sa’eed.”`

The Arab Mother’s Day The idea of celebrating Mother’s Day among the Arabs originated in Egypt at the hands of the brothers, Mustafa Ameen and Ali Ameen, the founders of the press house of ‘Akhbaar AlYawm’. Ali Ameen received a message from a mother in which she complained of her children’s harsh and insolent treatment, and how she suffered from their ingratitude. Coincidently, another mother visited Mustafa Ameen in his office and related to him her tragic story. The brothers found this appalling, and campaigned to have a Mother’s Day held in Egypt. In this respect, both Mustafa and Ali Ameen wrote in their famous column, ‘Fikrah’, a proposal to dedicate a day for mothers as a reminder of their favours, referring to the fact that this is practiced by the West, and that Islam encourages people to care for the mother. Subsequently, they received a lot of letters of encouragement. Some suggested assigning a whole week instead of only a day to the mother. Others rejected the idea under the pretext that caring for the mother should continue all year round and not only on one day. However, the majority of readers reinforced the idea of devoting one day, and chose March 21st to be Mother’s Day, which concurs with the vernal equinox (the first day of spring), in reference to its being a symbol of openness, purity and good feelings. Patently, the first official Mother’s Day in Egypt was held on March 21st 1956, and other Arab countries soon adopted the celebration of the holiday. Until now, this day is celebrated in different Arab countries via diverse forms of mass media, which depict ideal mothers who have led lives of struggle for their children’s interest in all respects, and honour them.

Mothers How we need our moms! This is a truth th most of us know intuitively. Nannies, babysitters and relatives might be terrific. But they just aren’t as terrific as Mom. Her nagging sure gets on your nerves, but doing without her is next to impossible; peerless, inimitable, irreplaceable, the one of a kind. Mothers are the superheroes, the hospitals, the finest five star restaurants, the nurturer, and the one that children can turn to at any given time; she’s a truest friend we have, when trouble thickens around us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; no matter what she’s always there to hold us tight. To be a mother is the most challenging and the most rewarding job in the world. But, do we ever question her value as a role model, caretaker, administer of hugs and band-aids? Do we ever appreciate her real commitment and hard work? Well honestly speaking, there is no way we can ever really thank our mother for all she does for us nevertheless we must make it a habit to keep reminding ourselves of the various sacrifices she made while raising us. Mothers’ Day is the best time to say in words how much you love and care for your mum. You needn’t splurge on anything to make it big. It’s all about doing something out of the ordinary, something to let her know that you’ve thought of her and how special she is to you. A hug, a kiss, a kind word or a quiet walk together can all make a mother’s spirits soar! Bloom celebrates motherhood with full fervour; right from pampering mommy dear to baking a Mother’s Day cake, we try to make it special for the mothers. Happy Mother’s Day! Drop us a word at bloom@qimqatar. com. Your feedback is always welcome. So be it science, technology, lifestyle or fashion take your pick right away. And Facebook users keep liking our page! Follow us on




New Moms Healthy eating for conception and pregnancy A healthy diet may help you conceive, and when you become pregnant, it helps support the development and wellbeing of your unborn baby and his or her future health. Weight gain in pregnancy Optimum weight gain in pregnancy depends on your prepregnancy weight. The baby and amniotic fluid are only a small part of the weight gain; the rest is an increase in the mother’s fat stores which provide an energy reserve for later breastfeeding.

Nutrients for pregnancy Energy: Most of the extra calories needed in pregnancy are required in the last three months. It’s estimated you need around 300 kcals extra each day. If you’re less active during the last three months of pregnancy, this may mean you need very little extra food, because you’re not expending as much energy. If you continue to stay active, a snack of a couple of slices of toast with spread and a glass of milk or yoghurt may be all you need.

Folic acid is easily lost during cooking, so steam vegetables or cook in only a little water for a short time to retain as much goodness as possible. Supermarkets and food manufacturers often identify good sources of folic acid with a special label. Iron: Your iron levels will be measured throughout pregnancy, and if they’re found to be low you’ll be prescribed an iron supplement. Pregnant women should try to maintain a good iron intake from their diet to obtain the other nutrients in these foods. Vitamin A: Too much vitamin A can build up in the liver and harm an unborn baby. So, although liver and liver products, such as paté and liver sausage, are good sources of iron, their high concentrations of vitamin A have led the UK Department of Health to advise pregnant women and women trying to conceive to avoid liver and liver products. Vitamin C: Eat plenty of vitamin C-rich foods to help you use iron effectively. Good sources include citrus fruits, blackcurrants, strawberries, kiwi fruit, peppers, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables.

Protein: Most people eat more than enough protein so there’s no need to increase your protein intake. Try to follow healthy eating principles and include some lean meat, fish or poultry, dairy products, grains, nuts and pulses in your meals.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D is essential for forming and maintaining healthy bones and teeth. It’s found in only a few foods, including fortified margarines and reduced-fat spreads, some fortified breakfast cereals, oily fish and meat. A small amount can also be found in milk and eggs. The body also makes vitamin D when the skin is exposed to sunlight.

Fibre: It’s particularly important to eat more fibre in pregnancy to avoid the common complaints of constipation and pile. Increase your fibre intake by eating fruit and vegetables, wholemeal bread and cereals, brown rice, wholemeal pasta and pulses. You should also drink more fluids because increasing fibre intake without enough liquid can make constipation worse.

Calcium: Your needs for calcium double during pregnancy, and are particularly high during the last ten weeks when calcium is being laid down in your baby’s bones. Your body adapts to absorb more calcium from foods eaten, so you don’t actually need to eat more of it in late pregnancy, as long as it’s present in your diet anyway.

Folic acid: Mothers who lack sufficient folic acid before conception and in early pregnancy are at increased risk of having a baby with a neural tube defect (NTD), such as spina bifida. From the moment you start trying to conceive until the end of week 12 of your pregnancy, you should take a daily 400 microgram supplement of folic acid. Women with a history of NTDs should be prescribed a 5mg supplement.

Continue to ensure your diet has milk and dairy foods such as cheese, yoghurt and fromage frais. Official advice is to have three servings every day – and typical servings include a glass of milk, milk with cereal, a small matchbox size chunk of hard cheese or a small pot of yoghurt. Other sources of calcium include bread, green vegetables, canned fish with soft, edible bones (salmon, sardines and pilchards), dried apricots, sesame seeds, tofu, fortified orange juice and fortified soya milk.

These supplements should be in addition to dietary intake, which should be about 200 micrograms per day. You can boost your folic acid intake by choosing foods such as:

What is a healthy diet during pregnancy?

With a few exceptions, you can continue to eat normally before and during pregnancy. A healthy diet includes regular meals and snacks, and a healthy eating regime contains: t

Plenty of starchy carbohydrates - bread, rice, pasta, breakfast cereals, chapattis, couscous and potatoes.


Plenty of fruit and vegetables - at least five portions a day.


Low or reduced fat dairy products such as milk, yoghurt, fromage frais and pasteurised cheeses.


Lean sources of protein, such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs (well-cooked), beans and pulses.


Not too many fat-rich and sugary foods.


At least eight medium glasses of fluid each day.


Very little or no alcohol.

The digestive system in pregnant women changes and becomes more efficient at absorbing certain nutrients. In fact, with only a few exceptions, most of the additional nutrient needs of pregnancy can be met by eating a well-balanced and varied diet. You don’t normally need to eat larger quantities of food.


Green leafy vegetables - cabbage, broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts, spring greens, kale, okra and fresh peas.


Pulses - chickpeas, black-eyed beans and lentils.


Fortified breakfast cereals.


Wholemeal and wholegrain breads and rolls or those fortified with folic acid.

How your weight affects your fertility If you’re exceptionally underweight, it can be more difficult to conceive. Being overweight may also cause problems, especially if you also suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome. Being overweight and pregnant also increases the risk of complications during pregnancy, birth and in the few days after the birth. The ideal weight range is usually calculated using the body mass index (BMI). A BMI between 18.5 to 25 is a healthy weight for most people and associated with relatively low risks. For people with a BMI over 30, even a small weight loss can greatly increase your ability to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. So, take steps either to lose or gain weight in a sensible and sustainable way before you become pregnant. Crash dieting is not good for your health, and limiting your range of foods may mean you go short of important nutrients. If you’re concerned about your weight, you may find it useful to speak to your doctor or a nurse for further advice. They can refer you if necessary to a specialist dietician.




Bake for

your Mom on Mother’s Day If you are still muddled about what mother’s day gift to give your mom, you will not have to go very far – a simple dish made by you will make her day. If your mom loves to bake, a perfect mother’s day gift would be to bake for her. Although the convenient choice is to simply buy your mom a box of her favourite muffins or cookies, your mother’s day gift will be more special if you bake the stuff yourself. If for example, the available ingredients are not available under her favourite colour or favourite flavour or frosting, place the baked goodies in a nice gift box. So come let’s surprise her by buying select baking ingredients and making your own cake for mother’s day with us.

Cool Cake for Mom

Chocolate-Espresso Roulade The rich cocoa and espresso flavours of this impressive and quick-to-prepare rolled cake will satisfy the chocoholic moms. Ingredients:

CAKE t t t t t t t t t

1/2 cup(s) cake flour, not self-rising 1/3 cup(s) unsweetened cocoa powder 3/4 teaspoon(s) baking powder 1/4 teaspoon(s) salt 5 large eggs, at room temperature, separated 3/4 cup(s) granulated sugar 2 tablespoon(s) instant espresso coffee powder 2 teaspoon(s) vanilla extract Confectioners’ sugar, for dusting

Cooking With Your Kids:

Making Cooking Fun!

FILLING t t t t t

Dad and company can make this creamy, foolproof confection on their own -- no oven (and no Mom) required! That’s because this cake “cooks” in the refrigerator. All you do is prepare a few ingredients. Ingredients: t 1 pound cake t 1 box of instant pudding t 1 cup whipped topping t Fruit (of your choice) t Mint sprigs (optional) t Chilled chocolate syrup Directions: t Slice the pound cake into several horizontal slices about an inch thick. t Prepare the pudding according to package directions. Mix the pudding with the whipped topping. t Chop up the fresh fruit you’ve chosen. t Layer the cake, fruit, and a little less than half of the pudding mixture in a loaf pan. Then top the cake with the remaining pudding. t Put the cake in the fridge for a couple of hours. When it’s chilled, decorate it. t Squeeze on a greeting with chilled chocolate syrup. Then serve Mom a sweet treat on her special day.

1 cup(s) heavy whipping cream, cold 1/4 cup(s) mascarpone cheese, or sour cream, cold 1/2 cup(s) confectioners’ sugar 1 tablespoon(s) instant espresso coffee powder 1 teaspoon(s) vanilla extract

GLAZE t t t t

1/2 cup(s) heavy whipping cream 6 ounce(s) semisweet chocolate, chopped 2 teaspoon(s) instant espresso coffee powder n 2 tablespoon(s) brown sugar, corn syrup, or dark corn syrup t Dark chocolate shavings, for garnish (optional) Directions: 0 t Cake: Heat oven to 400 degrees F. Line a 15 1/2 x 10 1/2 x 1-inch jelly roll pan with a non-stick foil. Combinee cake flour, cocoa powder, baking powder & salt in a small bowl. d t In a large bowl, beat egg whites with a handheld mixer. Gradually beat in 1/2 cup of the sugar untill incorporated. Continue to beat on high speed just untill stiff yet billowy peaks form. h t Using same beaters, beat egg yolks in a large bowl with the remaining 1/4 cup sugar, coffee powder & vanillaa until thickened, about 3 mins. Beat in flour mixturee until blended; stir one quarter of the beaten whitess into mixture to loosen. Fold in remaining whites untill incorporated. Spread in prepared pan; smooth the top.. Bake 12 minutes. Let cool 2 mins on wire rack. t Meanwhile, dust a clean towel with an even layer off confectioners’ sugar. Invert cake onto towel. Removee pan; peel off foil. Starting from a short end, roll up cakee tightly in towel; place seam side down on a wire rack to o cool completely. t Filling: Beat filling ingredients in a large bowl untill stiff peaks form. Unroll cake; spread evenly with filling,, leaving 1/2 inch plain cake at long sides of cake. Rolll up cake; place seam side down on cutting board. With h a serrated knife, trim both ends of cake roll. Place rolll on wire rack; cover with plastic wrap and chill 1 hour in n refrigerator. t Glaze: Combine ingredients in a small saucepan overr low heat until chocolate is melted and glaze is shinyy and smooth. Place cake on wire rack over waxed paper.. Pour glaze along top of cake roll, spreading glaze alongg sides and cut faces, to cover. Garnish top of cake with h chocolate shavings, if desired. Chill cake until glaze iss set. Cake can be refrigerated up to 6 hours before serving..

The advantages to starting your kids out early as kitchen helpers are numerous. For instance, the younger they are, the more fun they are likely to have. And developmentally, the mixing and measuring are great for learning. Moreover, kids who help in the kitchen get a sense of accomplishment. Letting your kids help prepare meals sends them the message that their contributions are important, as well as building positive associations about cooking and food. And the more they get involved now, the more likely they are to help out as they get older.




Use These Tips to Keep Your Kids Entertained and Happy :





Make sure the work surface is at a level your child can reach. Let your child sit on a stool or chair to reach the counter, or move the work to a lower table. Dress the part. Tie a big towel or small apron around your child, or dress him in an old shirt. This not only keeps him clean, it adds to his sense


of ceremony about the work at hand. Introduce your child to easy favourites. Making things your child likes to eat helps give him the idea that food is fun. Easy, rewarding recipes include lemonade, cookies, brownies, cakes, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and dips. Show them how to measure. Even if your child can’t fill a measuring spoon or cup on her own, you can demonstrate how it’s done and let her do the pouring into the bowl or pot. Give them the fun tasks. Let them squeeze lemons, sprinkle in cheese or spices, spread icing, or crack eggs. Involve your child in setting the table. Kids can set placemats, carry plates (preferably plastic), fold and place napkins on the table. Make clean-up fun. Your child can help wash or rinse dishes, dry pots with a towel, or sponge down a counter. Let him sweep up with a shorthandled broom and dustpan. This also teaches that cleaning up is part of the cooking process. Supervise. And handle anything to do with the stove, oven, or knives yourself.




Treat your Mom

this Mother’s Day Show your mom how special she is to you and your family by giving her the perfect Mother’s Day present. Mother’s Day, celebrated 21st March in the Middle East, is a day dedicated to mothers everywhere. It is their day to feel special and appreciated for the hard work and dedication they give to their family. Choose or create a gift that shows your mother how wonderful she is to you.

From biker moms to stepmoms—moms come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: a passionate devotion to their kids. So pick up one or all of these DVD’s, nuke some popcorn, and spend a relaxed with mom, this mother’s day.

Spa Day


Send her to the spa for a day of pampering. Spas and salons typically run specials that promote a personalized package designed specifically for her. Start her day with a facial that will remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate her face. Once she finishes her facial, send her to a masseuse for a relaxing body massage to work out any kinks and knots that she may have. Finish off her day with a manicure, pedicure and a new hairstyle.

Give her a little bling for her day. Personalized jewellery is always a hit. Contact a local jewellery designer to design a bracelet with her children’s names on it and coloured stones to represent their birthstones, or make your own. Other options to try with jewellery include the mother’s necklace and/or ring, which represent the children and their birthstones. If you are unsure of whether she would want the necklace or the ring, then give her a gift card to the store for her to choose herself.

Hobby-Related Gifts

Homemade Gifts

Surprise her with a new gift that promotes her hobby such as a kitchen appliance she has been eyeing for a while, or new running shoes that she really wants. Look to her hobbies and interests to pick an appropriate present. Moms need to be able to indulge in their favourite leisure activity and be given the time to do what it is they enjoy. If she likes to scrapbook then purchase some new paper and stamps for her to use and give her the day to catch up on her scrapbooking. Moms who enjoy reading may want a new book or e-reader and some time to start reading.

Shower her with homemade gifts. Typically given by younger children and personalized just for mom, homemade gifts are usually the best to give. Make her a card that expresses your love and thanks to her for being a fantastic mom and make her breakfast in bed. Other homemade gifts include a shower scrub with a recipe from Martha Stewart -mix body oil, sea salt or sugar and lemon zest in a jar with a lid until you reach a wet paste consistency.

Mother’s Day Flicks Kick back and watch one of these DVD’s with mom

Erin Brockovich

The Sound of Music



An unemployed single mom (Julia Roberts) becomes a legal assistant and almost singlehandedly brings down a California power company accused of polluting a city’s water supply. MPAA Rating: R for language Runtime: 2 hrs. 10 mins. Why Mom Will Love It: Because Erin is a tough negotiator who has nothing to lose and everything to win for the future of her kids.

Susan Sarandon is Jackie Harrison, a terminally-ill mom who decides to make the best of things and teach the new woman (Julia Roberts) in her ex-husband’s life how to be a good stepmom to her kids. MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for language and thematic elements. Runtime: 2 hrs. 5 mins. Why Mom Will Love It: It’s not so happy that the mom is dying in this movie, but Susan Sarandon’s Jackie Harrison still believes in celebrating her family’s time together, as she does in one scene where she joyously dances with her kids to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

Gentle Maria (Julie Andrews) leaves – ok, gets kicked out of – her post at an Austrian convent to become the governess to seven mischievous kids of a strict Naval officer widower (Christopher Plummer).

Vianne Rocher and her daughter, Anouk, are drifters who arrive in a small French village and open a chocolate shop during lent, shocking the devout villagers. But everyone soon finds that more than chocolate is brewing in the shop as the lives of the townspeople begin to change. MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13.

MPAA Rating: G

Runtime: 2 hrs. 1 min.

Runtime: 2 hrs. 54 mins.

Why Mom Will Love It: Vianne and Anouk are a dynamic mother-daughter duo who share a unique relationship that holds them together even in the face new challenges. And a little Johnny Depp as love-interest doesn’t hurt the film either!

Why Mom Will Love It: A mom doesn’t have to be biologically related in order to be a great caregiver. Just watch the touching scene where Maria comforts the kids with her “favorite things” and you’ll agree.





the new face of

motherhood Sarah Mascarenhas

Medical science has fostered important but contentious developments in the field of reproductive technology. Surrogate motherhood is one of many currently available forms of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) that have developed in response to the increasing number of individuals or couples who find themselves incapable to conceive a child on their own. Scientific advances have improved the surrogacy process, wherein one woman gives birth to another woman’s child. While surrogacy is far from new, a current form called “gestational surrogacy” has created a new area replete with both joys and problems. In this contemporary method of motherhood, a woman capable of producing eggs, but unable to incubate a child in her womb, cooperates with a woman who is willing to carry a fertilised embryo. Fertilisation of a harvested egg then occurs in a laboratory rather than in a human body. Doctors then implant the resulting foetus into the surrogate’s uterus. The demand for surrogate motherhood is created by a diagnosis of female infertility, although a woman need not be infertile in order to employ the services of a surrogate. Factors that have contributed to the popularisation of surrogate motherhood and other reproductive technologies are both medical and social in nature. The social factors that have resulted in an increase in the demand for reproductive technologies include the trend toward later marriages and the tendency for growing numbers of women to delay having children until later in their reproductive years.

The bond between a mother and her child are much deeper than just emotional heart strings. Pheromones are exchanged in the womb, through breastfeeding, and through other means of physical contact which create a lifelong bond between mothers and their children. Both humans and nonhumans use pheromones as a means of nonverbal communication and maternal ties. Pheromones also serve as identifiers. Mothers and children can recognize each other by the pheromones each emits. Fawns use these pheromones to identify their mothers among the female deer in the herd. A fawn may sniff the tarsal glands (located on the insides of the knees of the rear legs) of a number of females before finding the correct one. The pheromones that allow these fawns to recognize their mothers are the chemical makeup that they learn while still nestled in their mothers’ womb. Where Does the Bond Begin? Pheromones begin their mother-infant connection before the baby is ever born. While children are in the womb, they begin recognizing their mother’s pheromones: While hugged in the cosy, wet warmth of the womb, the foetus uses pheromones to communicate with its mother in a quiet code of chemical signals. This chemical link survives the baby’s birth so that a mother can identify her infant not only by his smell but also by his pheromones. Pheromones also help guide the infant’s mouth toward the nourishment of his mother’s breast. The olfactory sends messages to the growing foetus so that by the time the baby is born, he or she has spent the past several months getting to know the mother’s pheromone chemistry. What Role Does Breastfeeding Play? Breastfeeding plays a major part in the passing of pheromones from mother to child. It does not take a

What is Surrogacy? “Surrogate mother” refers to a woman who agrees to bear a child for a childless couple where the wife is infertile or incapable of bearing a child due to some physical problems. The process involves artificial insemination technology, whereby the husband’s sperm is transferred and the surrogate mother conceives the child. That is why the surrogate mother is considered as the biological mother of the child. However, in case of gestational surrogacy, the wife is fertile but is unable to give birth due to some medical implications, in-vitro fertilisation technology is used. The wife’s eggs and her husband’s sperm are used and the resulting embryo is transferred into the surrogate mother’s womb. Pros and Cons The concept of surrogate motherhood is gaining much popularity, as infertile couples are coming forward and acknowledging this concept wholeheartedly. Though it is an act of love, it also involves financial transaction. Surrogate mothers do charge for bearing a child in their wombs. The question that arises is what kind of women carries a child for a period and then hand over the baby after birth? Well, women – especially housewives or those who are living alone without their husbands do the job as a surrogate mother; the key motive being the need of financial assistance. Another vital reason for the rise in surrogacy is the advancement in

child very long to learn and become partial to his or her mother’s pheromones. At six days – some researchers say three days – awake babies can discriminate between their mother’s breasts and strange women based solely on their pheromones. While human babies have two breasts from which they are nursed equally, other nonhuman babies have several nipples to choose from and some will even favour one nipple over the rest. In this relationship, it is imperative that a baby can recognize his or her mother’s pheromones and that those pheromones remain the same. How Do Pheromones Influence Infants? A breastfed infant reaps more benefits than just being able to recognize his or her mother’s breast pheromones. Research shows that breast-fed infants also recognize their mother’s underarm pheromones, while bottle-fed do not. In fact, breastfeeding can influence what a child will look for in a mate when they are grown, studies have demonstrated. There is a chemical known as oxytocin which, according to Michelle Kodis, is the “cuddle chemical.” “When a mother hears her hungry baby cry, oxytocin intervenes, making her nipples erect and ready to pass the stream of milk so desired by the infant” (Kodis, 1998). This response ensures that the mother wants to nurse her baby as much as the baby wants her milk. How Do Pheromones Benefit the Mother? Pheromones are not only for the benefit of children; mothers also rely heavily on the unmistakable pheromones of their offspring. “Odours help nonhuman and human mothers bond to and identify their own infants. Human mothers, for example, regularly brush their noses into their baby’s hair so they can inhale its sweet odour as they cuddle it” (Kohl & Francoeur, 1995, p.128). Since babies are unable to care for themselves, pheromones signal to nonhuman mothers that they must

medical technology. It is more safe and successful unlike other techniques. In the past decade the success rate was only 40% but now with the advancement of IVF technology, the success rate has touched up to 70 to 90%. Yet there are some legal and ethical issues involved with surrogacy that exists. Legal procedure: The procedure for becoming a surrogate mother is complex. There are certain medical tests such as Hysteroscopy/ HCG or a hysterosalpingogram that are done to ensure if the fallopian tubes are clear or not; shape, size and physical conditions of the uterus and more. Before the fertilisation procedure, the surrogate mother should be aware of her legal rights and therefore, before signing a contract, legal counsel is inevitable. Ethical issues: The concept of Surrogacy brings along several controversies, though it wasn’t openly acceptable in the society initially, things seem to change with time. Some of the common concerns are mentioned below: t What if after the completion of the procedure, the surrogate mother decides not to hand over the baby to the childless couple? t Is it indecorous for a surrogate mother to abort the child as per her wish? t Is surrogacy conceived as baby selling? t What percentage of the society agrees with the concept of surrogacy? In spite of legal and ethical issues, surrogacy is a new hope for childless couples. Today, with greater acceptance of the practice and scientific advancement, more infertile women are having babies – thanks to surrogate mothers and advances in medical technology.

take care of their babies. After a ewe gives birth and nuzzles its newborn lamb, a chemical reward, a bonding hormone known as oxytocin, released in the mother’s brain tells her, ‘This particular lamb’s odour is important. Pay attention to it’. If it weren’t for this chemical bond, many nonhuman mothers may give birth and then go off and leave their young. It is also because of pheromones that mothers go into labour and feel the need to nurse. Oxytocin stimulates the contraction of the smooth muscle of the uterus during labour and facilitates milk flow during nursing. In a nutshell, this bond between a mother and child created by pheromones is not limited to a mother and her infant. It is a lifelong tie that cannot be broken; pheromones are constantly at work within all of us.




Tech Toys for the

Digital Diva Mom The Online Purchase Security System Prevent identify theft while shopping online with this must-have device that prevents your credit card number from being stored on your computer. To purchase an item, you just swipe your card which is then encrypted by this security system before it even reaches your computer. No need to manually type in your credit card number, the encrypted number appears instantly in the required box. Give her the gift of peace of mind with this trusty device.

Jewel Jet Steamer Allow your mom to keep her jewellery looking as sparkly, shiny and new as the day she bought them with this professional jet steamer. Without harsh chemicals or scrubbing, the pressurized steam from this machine can inject new life to her jewellery box.

iMPROV Electronics 8.5” Boogie Board Tablet The iMPROV Electronics 90057001 8.5” Boogie Board Writing Tablet is a pressure-sensitive LCD writing tablet that you can use for composing quick notes. It comes with a stainless steel stylus for creating your input and it also has a quick erase button to instantly reset everything you have written. Its casing and LCD is made from durable plastic material so it is safe to use even for kids. Your mom can utilize this writing tablet for home, office or just to doodle. In fact, she will never need a paper or pencil again.

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet

The Third Generation iPad Pick up the new iPad and suddenly, it’s clear. You’re actually touching your photos, reading a book, playing the piano. Nothing will come between your mom and what she loves. To make that hands-on experience even better, Apple’s made the fundamental elements of the iPad better — the display, the camera, the wireless connection. All of which makes the new, third-generation iPad capable of so much more than you ever imagined.

Amazon Kindle Fire

The Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet is a full-featured tablet with a vibrant 7-inch touch screen, built-in Wi-Fi, 16GB of built-in storage, and a microSD expansion slot. In addition to a full slate of books and magazines, it offers more than a thousand apps through its integrated (and growing) Nook Store and is optimized for Netflix and Hulu Plus video playback. The built-in Web browser works well and offers Flash support.

5 s p i t

Mixtape USB Drive

The Kindle Fire is a 7-inch tablet that links seamlessly with Amazon’s impressive collection of digital music, video, magazine, and book services in one easy-to-use package. It boasts a great Web browser, and its curated Android app store includes most of the big must-have apps (such as Netflix, Pandora, and Hulu). The Fire has an ultra-affordable price tag, and the screen quality is exceptional for the price.

to cleaner tech gadgets

Remember mixtapes? Are you old enough to say you nostalgically remember mixtapes? Well, for sure your mom b does. Now you can make your mom an awesome mixtape in digital form. It’s a one gigabyte USB drive that can hold 900 minutes of music, and it even includes a little cassette tape shaped holder to complete the tape illusion. Find it on Amazon.

Samsung MultiView Compact Digital Camera This camera is super because it’s got a 16 megapixel sensor, 5x optical zoom, HDMI and USB ports and even includes 10 megabytes of internal storage. That means it doesn’t need a microSD card, though there is room for one. But mostly, it’s notable because of the flexible screen that flips up so your mom can get the best angle for low or high angle shots.

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20 Minute Meals

Jamie Oliver Available for


This might seem obvious, but make sure everything is shut down and turned off before you start. Even though you won’t be dunking your precious laptop in water, you want to make sure that before you clean the outside, everything on the inside is protected.

Features include: t 60 quick and easy recipes. t Stunning step-by-step photography. t Over an hour of video hints and tips from Jamie, from knife skills to cooking the perfect pasta.


All you need is a soft cloth (microfiber is recommended) and distilled water, though you can add a bit of rubbing alcohol for disinfecting purposes (or for tough spots). If you want to be extra safe, you can purchase special tech cleaning wipes that will ensure you don’t damage your equipment.


Clean LCD screens with your damp cloth, but use a cotton swab for hard to reach spots, like keyboards and your mouse. It’s also helpful to flip your computer keyboard over and give it a shake. Just don’t be surprised when you see what comes out.


Organizing your files and photos might take a bit longer, but it’s worth the time and energy. Clear out programs you aren’t using (make sure to uninstall them) and ditch files, folders, and photos you don’t need. Upload photos and videos from your smart phone to the cloud (like Dropbox) or your hard drive. By doing this, your gadget will run much faster!


Don’t forget about your case. You can use your gadget cleaning solution for your cases and covers. Just be sure that they are dry before putting them back on. And of course, the best rule to actually keep your tech gadgets clean is to make sure that you don’t eat while using them and that you always have clean hands.

If you’re pressed for cooking time but need to whip up something healthy, gourmet and delicious, then Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals app is for you. The app contains 60 delectable recipes by the TV chef, paired with stunning full-screen photography. There’s also over an hour of quality video footage for those who wish to brush-up on their cooking techniques, with tutorials ranging from how to cook the perfect steak to basic knife skills.

t Handy shopping list feature, which sorts ingredients by aisle. t Recipes in metric and US imperial measures Jamie Oliver’s award winning 20-Minute Meals is available on Android, iPhone and the iPod Touch.




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inner beauty Dance is one of life’s true joys. It’s an expression of one’s self. It explores not only the ability of the human spirit to react to music, but also the beauty of the human body as it moulds to the sound and environment. Possessed by the beat, the thrill of music pumping loud enough to drown out everything, our body surrenders and seek refuge in our originality and power to reinvent ourselves. Creative dance is an expression of who we really are. It is an expression of true beauty, emotion and personality. Dance brings a different kind of contentment into the life of a woman. She realises her uniqueness in this form of art that encompasses all the aspects of mental, physical and spiritual awareness. The essence of dance is what brings out the inner beauty of a woman. It itself allows a woman to understand her body in a way that shows respect and true love to who she truly is as a woman.

“The dancer believes that his art has something to say which cannot be expressed in words or in any other way than by dancing... there are times when the simple dignity of movement can fulfil the function of a volume of words. There are movements which impinge upon the nerves with a strength that is incomparable, for movement has power to stir the senses and emotions, unique in itself. This is the dancer’s justification for being, and his reason for searching further for deeper aspects of his art.”

The universe of a woman is controlled only by her and the elements found within her universe are unique only to her. Combination of the elements helps a woman create her own dance style. So get down and find out what your hands, your shoulders, your elbows, knees and, most importantly, your hips and feet have to say about it. There is a dance only you can do, that exists only in you, here and now, always changing, always true!




A gift for every mom at Pari Gallery Check out the latest collection of accessories, perfumes & watches for the chic and stylish mother Salman’s Choice:

Cacharel : This Mother’s Day, Cacharel glorifies devotion of mothers with these accessory bracelets inspired by the Liberty style from the seventies and eighties, joyful and romantic years all mothers for sure remember. These bracelets are absolutely irresistible with their freshness and messages. They can be worn one at a time or several together for an original and individualistic look at a very accessible price!

Nina Ricci: Wristwatches by Nina Ricci occupy a special position in the market. This is not a fashion brand of mass segment, but a luxury jewellery brand. Flowing form, sensual elegance, softcut lines, elegant femininity and an unusual choice of materials (diamonds, steel, rubber) - so you can describe these Nina Ricci wrist watches.

Created by a master perfumer, each fragrance is unique and of highest quality. From a single line – called Salman’s Choice No.1, the brand has expanded to more than a dozen unique fragrances. With its first rate product line enjoyed by both loyal customers and those in search of divine scents, Salman’s Choice has truly become an “Oasis of great perfumes�. One should check out the latest edition for Mother’s Day!

Equss watches & accessories: Fresh, eye-catching designs have been applied to Equss watch collections and leather accessories, catering for consumers who are conscious of both quality and latest fashion trends. Their classic watches carry a touch of luxury, where their modern watches are fun, trendy and elegant.

Arabian Nights:

Paris Hilton: Every artist who has wandered through the Middle East and taken loving pleasure in the cultural works of the Arab tradition; all those who love Arabian culture, Arabian Nights is just for them; a perfume that is poetry!


The Swarovski collection of designer sunglasses features pure lines, slender frames and subtle styling and includes an assortment of eyewear in metal and acetate with colour and clear crystal accents.

Betty Barclay: The lifestyle brand Betty Barclay presents excitingly confident trends for the season. Care-free femininity and expressive fashion statements give the accessories a distinctive charm. Letter-sized bags made of elegant leather are experiencing a fabulous comeback in the Francesca line and give any outfit that sophisticated “million dollar look�.

Gianfranco Ferre: Gianfranco Ferre handbag comes in a variety of styles. Check out the gold metal logo on the front with flap magnetic closure, leather handbag with Ferre signature all over, black leather handle with silver metal, gold metal logo details on the front with top zipper closure and decorative buckles on the sides.


From rhinestones galore to chic metallic trim, the Paris Hilton Handbag collection will benefit anyone from a real celebutante to a celebutante in training. The whole collection is inspired by Paris’ personal taste: sweet and feminine, yet sexy and trendy. From the “of the moment� style savvy diva to the lady who loves the “classics,� Paris has a style for everyone.

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