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December 2019

Opportunities Guide

Four reasons to pursue careers in nursing Brandpoint

As time and technology reshape the workforce, most professionals are not in the position to choose one career or one track and stick with it until retirement. Nursing offers relevant, future-focused opportunities for people of all ages and levels of experience, from those re-entering the workforce or making a career change, to registered nurses pursuing further education. Below, you’ll find for four key reasons students are pursuing licensure or a degree in nursing (RN to BSN and beyond), shared by Dr. Bonnie Stegman of Maryville University.

1. Satisfaction If you are interested in making a direct impact on the lives of individuals and communities, you should consider nursing. It’s a rewarding career, according to nurses themselves 83 percent say they are satisfied with their career choice. Many find the job fulfilling on a personal level as caring for others is a hallmark of the profession. Nurses provide a great deal of personal contact and engagement with patients, a traditional role that has only become more important in today’s often-hectic healthcare environment. At the same time, nursing is an exciting and expanding field with new areas of focus and settings in which to practice. You have more options than ever before to pursue your individual interests and work at the cutting edge of healthcare.

primary care practices, hospitals or nursing homes. However, nursing offers many different paths to build and develop the specific track that’s right for you. It includes many different specialties, including areas relevant to our aging population, such as gerontology (focused on elderly patients) and genetics (patients with or at risk of hereditary diseases). You also can specialize in public health, working in nonprofit organizations, community health centers or governmental agencies. Across specialties and settings, you also can build on your experience caring for patients and transition into other areas, serving as an administrator or an educator, for example.

3. Flexibility The array of options and opportunities available within nursing means that you can pick what best fits your needs and preferences. For example, if family responsibilities mean you need to keep a 9-to-5, Monday-Friday schedule, some primary care or specialty practices can accommodate that. Through telehealth, you can provide patient care and education remotely, potentially creating opportunities across geographic areas and time zones. If you’re open to moving around, you might find work as a traveling nurse to be an interesting - and usually well paid - choice. And, this flexibility means you can adapt and shift your focus as you move through different stages and phases of life.

2. Wide-ranging opportunities 4. Demand and compenNursing often is associ- sation ated with foundational Nurses are in high healthcare settings such as demand nationwide, a

trend that shows no sign of slowing. That means you can expect competitive salaries and benefits. You’ll even find that employers are getting creative in how they recruit and incentivize new hires. Mercy Children’s Hospital in St. Louis created a seasonal staffing option, where nurses can opt to work a

full-time schedule from September to June, then take time off in the summer months while retaining their benefits - and a guaranteed job in the fall. It’s a valuable offering for anyone with childcare considerations. Other employers are providing financial incentives such as signing bonuses and tuition reim-

bursement. It’s an environment ripe with opportunity.

MAKE IT HAPPEN Once you decide to pursue your licensure or earn a nursing degree, you have a variety of educational options. It all starts with finding a program that offers a realistic path for

your existing schedule and responsibilities. Online programs typically are designed for flexibility. The online nursing offerings at Maryville University, for example, include an RN to BSN program with multiple start dates throughout the year that can be completed 100 percent online to help students balance work and school commitments. You also can find flexible options in on-campus programs as well. In addition to programs for full-time and transfer students, Maryville’s on-campus nursing options include a part-time evening and weekend program designed for working adults. As our population ages, career options in healthcare are predicted to expand and grow. Nursing is worth considering - a resilient and wide-ranging career field with significant opportunities, now and in the future. An affiliate of

Glenbeigh ACMC Healthcare System

COUNSELOR Behavioral Health Technician - 1 Behavioral Health Technician in an intensive treatment center working with at risk adolescent males. Rotating shift work, competitive starting salary, excellent benefits including tuition reimbursement. Applicants may also qualify for tuition forgiveness through government programs. Bachelors degree in social work, psychology, sociology or related field. Familiarity with behavioral modification, and treatment principles. Act 33 Clearance necessary.

Behavioral Health Technician - 2 Behavioral Health Technician -2 needed to work in a staff secured setting with male juvenile population of delinquent and dependent youth. This position requires an individual who is willing to assist in the implementation of a behavioral management system as well as security. A high school diploma is required as well as Act 33 and 34 clearances. Pay based on level of experience.

To apply please indicate position and E-mail resume to: ddick@gjr.org FAX to: 724-458-0912 Or mail to: Director of Human Resources George Jr. Republic, 233 GJR Rd. Grove City, PA. 16127

Glenbeigh Center of Rocky River is seeking a full-time counselor - Masters's level preferred - licensed by the Social Work Board or Ohio Chemical Dependency Board. Experience with Joint Commission charting expectations and insurance precerting a plus. Candidate must be team-oriented, have computer skills and willingness to work flexible hours, including evenings. Candidate must also have a strong foundation of knowledge of Chemical Dependency and the 12-step recovery program. Job duties consist of facilitating Intensive Outpatient Program groups and occasional Outpatient Aftercare groups, conducting chemical dependency evaluations and assisting as needed in other areas of patient care. Master's degree preferred. Independent Licensure or license-eligibility with Ohio Social work Board or Ohio Chemical Dependency Board required. EOE Please apply online at www.glenbeigh.com

December 2019

Opportunities Guide


Hiring the next-gen employee Advertising Multi-Media Sales Person Brandpoint

The U.S. workforce is in the midst of an influx with 65 million workers from Generation Z beginning to look for jobs, according to BridgeWorks Consulting. This group of workers, born after 1997, do not remember a time without the internet and have grown up in a post-2008 recession era of financial responsibility, meaning what motivates them differs greatly from previous generations. The combination of Gen Zers’ financially savvy, entrepreneurial spirit and their deeply rooted relationship with technology means employers need to reassess and diversify the ways they interact with and what they offer candidates. This also creates challenges in identifying the groups’ reason for choosing a field or job, placing the pressure on the hiring business or brand to stand out as an attractive experience. “With this generation, the onus is on employers to learn how to relate to and attract their next employees,” said Kristen Wahl, director of the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge, the current Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, General Motors and MathWorks. EcoCAR’s recent study of college students participating in the competition revealed two key insights that translate across industries and may help employers of all types better understand who their coworkers and employees of the future will be. TECH IS INTEGRAL TO ALL ASPECTS OF THEIR LIVES Gen Z hasn’t known a time without access to infinite information at their fingertips as smartphones debuted when many were infants. Easy access to information has allowed Gen Zers to be curious learners and interact with companies and

brands much earlier than generations past. The study shows job seekers are likely to engage with online articles (62 percent) and videos (61 percent) along with other content on social media, which can be a great starting point for hiring companies to build their relationship with the Gen Z workforce. These insights apply to all companies - from large national companies to local small businesses - and are easily attainable through a variety of online channels. “Our insights show interaction between Gen Z and employers must start before the next hiring cycle or career fairs,” said Wahl. “Employers of all sizes should be aware how their future employees interact with their brand before they are looking to hire.”

PERSONAL AND CAREER GROWTH ARE IMPERATIVE Gen Zers are seen as self-starters that take pride and responsibility for their own career paths with 76 percent believing they are culpable for driving their own career trajectory and 42 percent with hopes of selfemployment, according to Concordia University-St. Paul. The entrepreneurial work ethic and concerns of financial security can explain the emphasis placed on professional and personal growth. Our research shows young job seekers agree on the importance of career advancement opportunities (98 percent), competitive wages (97 percent) and personal learning and development opportunities (96 percent). Regardless of industry or job-level, Gen Zers see a link between personal and professional growth and seek employers who share that thinking. “Employers who can reach prospective job seekers early in their process and then deliver a fulfilling day-to-day experience with proper compensation will be prepared to both attract and retain the incoming wave of young workers,” said Wahl.

Are You Our Ideal Candidate? Are you Inquisitive? – Can you display a desire to learn about area businesses in order to develop print and/or digital campaign to help the business grow? It is very rewarding helping people grow their business. We’ll teach you what you need to know and how to be successful. You will also be more successful while helping others be successful. Pretty cool, huh? Candidates need to be organized. And I’m not just saying that because you read it in help wanted ads all the time. You have to juggle lots of things at once. Can you?

You have to be capable of managing time, schedules and deadlines. Are you motivated with a strong desire to be successful? Our sales people learn, know and understand the variety of products we offer. (We are not just the daily paper!) We distribute a variety of print products and provide access to the most visited website in Trumbull  .BIPOJOH CountJFT. We drive customer retention through excellent customer service and inperson visits on a regular basis.

You want to join our team? The position includes: • Competitive Compensation • Medical Insurance (including Dental and Vision) • Vacation • Holidays • 401K program • Mileage Reimbursement If you can juggle a variety of tasks at any point in time, thrive at being successful, while maintaining a sense of humor and a strong work ethic, we should meet. Send resume to:

MACHINISTS CNC and Manual Machinists needed in Hermitage, PA facility. Exceptional company benefits and guaranteed long term employment. Reply to: P. O. Box 393 • Wheatland, PA 16161

Harry Newman • Advertising Director Hnewman@tribtoday.com 240 Franklin St. SE Warren, OH 44483 330.841.1600


Opportunities Guide

December 2019

Transfer military skills to the corporate world StatePoint

A military background brings with it an ability to collaborate, problem-solve and thrive under pressure, making veterans wellpositioned to take on leadership roles in the corporate world. Having worked in the banking industry for more than 25 years and in his 30th year with the U.S. Army, Jerry Quinn is an example of someone who has maximized his military leadership skills in the corporate world. As senior vice president, and head of Enterprise Military Talent External Recruiting at Wells Fargo, Quinn also serves as chairman of the Association of Military Banks of America. To help make your transition from military service go smoothly, Quinn is offering the following tips and insights:

leadership principle,” Quinn said. “By understanding what your values, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses are, you can step into a leadership role that will allow you and your team to thrive.”  Know your organization Understand the ins and outs of the organization you work for or want to work for, including its vision, mission and objectives, as well as the company’s current capabilities and potential for growth.  Set the example “Leaders set the example by which others follow, so be sure to treat your team and customers with respect and gratitude, and always lead from the front,” Quinn said. “Being proud of what you do can be infectious.”

 Know yourself  Build a team committed to “Knowing yourself is a key excellence.

“Leaders set the example by which others follow, so be sure to treat your team and customers with respect and gratitude, and always lead from the front.” — Jer r y Q uinn, senior vice president, and head of Enterprise Military Talent External Recruiting at Wells Fargo

Good leaders attract good tal- ity,” Quinn said. ent and assist others in achieving their success. When bench Be valued marks are met, give the team the Consider specifically seeking credit — you aren’t a leader with- out positions with employers out them. who value the leadership, discipline and service record of mili Make and work your plan tary veterans, veterans with disWhen facing challenges, make abilities, National Guard memit your business to pull your bers, and Reservists, and then team through it. Stay disci- take advantage of any resources plined. If you have a deadline or offered by the company. The have made a promise, always existence of a military affairs program, such as the one estabdeliver on it. “Don’t let your activity dic- lished by Wells Fargo in 2012, is a tate your priorities; Your priori- good sign that a given employer ties need to dictate your activ- is committed to hiring and

retaining veteran team members. In the case of Wells Fargo, the company offers such resources as apprenticeships, internships, transition services and leadership training in an effort to help veterans translate existing skills to a new position and grow professionally. Wells Fargo also offers employee resource groups, financial education, military leave benefits and other programming designed to help veterans be successful. More information about making the transition from the military to the corporate world is available at wellsfargojobs.com /military. By honing in on the skills acquired during military service and seeking out tailored professional growth opportunities, those in the veteran community can maximize their leadership potential and thrive in the corporate world.

Would you like to work for the City of Youngstown or the Youngstown City Schools? The Youngstown Civil Service Commission tests for positions throughout the year. Go to youngstownohio.gov/employment to view current job postings or contact the office for more information.

7th Floor, City Hall • 26 South Phelps Street Youngstown, Ohio 44503 330.742.8798 youngstownohio.gov/civil_service

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Opportunities • December 2019  

Opportunities • December 2019

Opportunities • December 2019  

Opportunities • December 2019