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College Tribune | September 16 2008


nd Superheroes

mates and we have no money, so we decide to make a porno movie, with our friends and people we work with and it’s just hilarious. It’s a Kevin Smith movie, which is great, and not only is it hilarious, it’s pretty sick at times, but it’s very sweet though, a very romantic movie.”

“This is what we need to be doing, it’s just been easy and fun.Obviously I wouldn’t keep doing it if I didn’t enjoy it.” Rogen is set to become the next Hollywood Superhero, when he takes on the task of both writing and starring as The Green Hornet in the film of the same name. Once it was announced that Rogen was to take on this role, the actor realised he needed to get into shape in order to be more believeable as a Superhero. “I’ve been working out a bit for the last month or so, to get in shape for the Green Hornet, and it’s a bit of a pain in the ass, but you know, it’s gotta be done, I guess.” Rogen and co-writer Goldberg are well known for writing comedy, but what does that mean for The Green Hornet? Is it to be a comedy or an action movie? Rogen gives some insight into how he intends to script the Hornet; “There’ll definitely be comedic elements to the Green Hornet, but to us, when we start writing a movie we just think, ‘what has never really been done before’ and we always think action and comedy go beautifully together – from anything like Lethal Weapon to True Lies. So we think like, they’ve never really done that version of a superhero movie before, where it’s funny, but realistic and exciting and filled with action, and that could be great, so I think that’s what we’ll do, but it’s not strictly a comedy, it’s not like a spoof, it’ll be pretty much like Pineapple Express, now that I think of it.” Only 26 years of age, Rogen is one of the busiest actors in Hollywood at

the moment, having appeared in a total of seven films in 2008 and another four in the making for the next year and a half, yet Rogen claims he doesn’t find the work he does to be stressful. “For the most part, all the work I do is enjoyable. There’s moments of stress always, but I’d say a good deal of the time it’s exactly as much fun as it looks like in the movies. Pineapple Express was on a bit of a tight schedule, and it was a very cheap budget for an action movie, so that one was a bit stressful in the sense I would have liked a bit more time on it, but 95 per cent of the time it’s exactly as much fun as it looks like.” Rogen claims he’d like to take a break from working once the Green Hornet is filmed and considers returning to Ireland, “I’m going to shoot a movie with Judd and that’ll take about three months and then

we’ve got the Green Hornet, which is about another five months, so the next eight months is pretty scheduled. After that I don’t have any shit on the table, so I’d like to take a break – maybe I’ll come back to Dublin, I like it here.” “They’re isn’t anyone that I don’t get along with that I’ve worked with. We all get along, even now, I still see most of the Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared gang a lot. I suppose myself and Samm Levine (fellow Freaks and Geeks actor) have always had an odd relationship. We always had a kind of combatted relationship, but I love the guy – I just give him a lot of shit because he’s kind of obnoxious, but I definitely don’t hate anyone I’ve worked with,” muses Rogen. “The person I most enjoy working with is Evan; when me and Evan write together it’s the least work like thing of all the work things. Of all

the shit I get paid for, the work me and Evan do together alone in my house is by far the easiest and most enjoyable aspect.” Despite being a very talented script writer, Rogen doesn’t see himself branching out into writing novels as many of today’s film and tv writers attempt to do. “I don’t think I’d ever write a book, I think movies are enough of an outlet for me to express myself. Anyway, I don’t read books, so I couldn’t actually write one.” Rogen may not be interested in breaking into novels, but on six million dollars per movie, why would he?

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