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College Tribune | September 16 2008

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5 films to get you in the mood for... Starting College

Fun Being a stand up comedian wasn’t always Delamere’s dream. “When I was young, I always wanted to be a professional footballer for Liverpool. Other than that I just wanted to do the usual stuff like be a spaceman, explorer or a tennis player for about a week during Wimbledon every year.” “I suppose when I first saw standup, I knew that’s what I wanted to do but I didn’t connect there being job of doing it. I had seen it in the mid-nineties on TV, when I was watching stand-up shows with Ardal O’Hanlan and Tommy Tiernan on BBC.” Delamere claims to have many highlights of his career but has a special few that are his favourites. “I got into a lift with John Cleese in Montreal but some American bastard came in and stole the moment when he started talking to him.” “I looked at John Cleese as if to say ‘Tch, these people’ and I was trying to be cool even if it didn’t work at all. But, making John Cleese laugh at a press conference in Montreal was quite exhilarating I have to say. However, probably the best moment in my career was the first Vicar Street, it was great fun.” Lastly, he offers this advice to aspiring comedians. “Write and gig as much as you can. There’s no short cut really, you’ll learn everything on a stage. When you do die and you will die, oh God you will die, you’ll learn more from those times than anything else. However if you continually die, maybe you should get a job in the bank.” Neil Delamere will be performing at UCD on the 20th October at the Astra Hall.

Old school “All the fun of college, none of the education.” When Mitch leaves his girlfriend and moves into a house close to the local university, his friends throw a huge party in honour of his single status. The wild bash leads to the formation of a crude fraternity where age and academics are inconsequential. Old School embraces unabashed immaturity and shameless nudity much like the bawdy college movies of the ‘80s which makes it one of the giddiest college films. It also features one of the best renditions of Bonnie Tyler’s Turn Around you’ll ever hear.

Animal House   

Pick of the week

Hop on board

                                                                                                                   Set in Faber College in 1962 the basic motif is the alliance between Dean Vernon Wormer and the snooty Omega House. The Dean is also bent on destroying the Delta House which is so dreadful it will take anyone in. It is a hugely influential comedy from the ‘70s which set a very high bar for all comedy college flicks to follow. The plot is practically non-existent but because of the perpetual hilarious gags and John Belushi participation, it’s definitely worth the watch. Not to mention, nearly every scene has been ripped off by modern comedies.

PCU Plot: After buying a new and rare brand of drug, Pineapple Express, from his drug dealer, Dale Denton (Seth Rogen) witnesses a murder and panics, dropping his spliff, containing this rare stream of drug at the scene. Not knowing what to do, he returns to his drug dealer, Saul Silver (James Franco), to come up with a plan of action. Once Saul revals to Dale that the drug could easily be traced back to him, the two take to the road, as the villains attempt to track them down. As the situation spirals out of control and Dale and Saul consume more and more weed, hilarious, action packed, drug induced situations come to the fore and make for side splitting, laugh out loud, comedy moments. Add guns, grenades, high speed car chases, and torture to the mix, and what you get is the best action-comedy of the year.


pineapple express hhhhh Verdict: Pineapple Express is a must see for any fans of both Seth Rogen and James Franco. Both actors are top notch, as per usual, and the script written by Rogen and co-writer Evan Goldberg is on a par with their previous film, Superbad, which fast became a student favourite this time last year. In terms of the name of the movie, train fanatics will be dissapointed as this is an epic movie on the useage of drugs and not another adaptation of Thomas the Tank Engine. Cian Taaffe

A preppy high school senior visits Port Chester for the weekend, a college which is far too PC for its own good. He is mistakenly housed in The Pit, the most offensive house on campus with a slacker student called Droz, who disrupts political protests by throwing meat at vegan protesters. Every group is represented in the worst possible light and the film makes heavy use of the political correctness movement as a comedy device with its tagline

reading; “Flunk ‘em if they can’t take a joke.”

Road Trip “It’s not cheating if you live in different area codes, if you are too wasted to remember it, or if you are with two people at the same time because they cancel each other out. But it is definitely cheating if you videotape it and someone accidentally mails the tape to your girlfriend.” Josh has been with Tiffany forever so when they leave for different colleges, they make a shot at a long distance relationship. However, after a videotape of Josh hooking up with another girl is accidentally mailed to Tiffany, Josh is forced along with friends, on an 1800-mile event filled road trip to save his relationship. Tom Green also features as the slightly warped story-teller.

Dead Man on Campus                                                                                       A slacker student becomes a bad influence on his roommate, who after failing his classes is in danger of losing his scholarship. When they find out that if your roommate commits suicide, you get straight As for your grief, they go looking for the perfect candidate to move in. They reason if a student is going to kill himself anyway, he might as well do it in their room. Dead Man on Campus is an amusing dark comedy and a great way to see a black haired Z a c k f r o m Saved by the Bell flexing his acting skills.

Cathy Buckmaster

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Issue 1 - The Siren  

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