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What was the assessment of 2013? The opening of the new Cartier boutique in due time will remain the highlight of this year. Apart from this new setting, we also had a lot of events of fine jewellery, like the one of Lisbon with international clients and a new collection of fine jewellery. On 2 December, the opening of the Cartier exhibition evening at the Grand Palais will take place in Paris. From December 4, you will see the largest exhibition ever organized by Cartier, at the request of the Grand Palais Museum. This exhibition will bring together more than 600 creations with archival drawings. In the process, other events will take place, such as the SIHH of Geneva in January and an event around the polo in Saint Moritz with Cartier as sponsor. What are the major factors that contributed to the new Cartier’s house to make it a new boutique of exception? Cartier had been present in Geneva since 1970. Under the same roof, we find the boutique and two workshops. The first workshop « Croissant de Genève », which is a test of both aesthetic and technical from Geneva, is where the Haute Horlogerie watches are assembled and adjusted. These watches are marked with the « Croissant de Genève », important evidence of quality of Haute Horlogerie. And, finally, a restoration workshop for "Cartier traditions." The activity "Cartier Traditions" focuses on sales of vintage before 1970. Both workshops have little or no visitors because they are reserved for VIPs. How has the house managed to take its image through time and the years? By remaining faithful to itself, protecting and developing expertise. Both in watchmaking and jewellery, Cartier protects crafts with jewellery school and watch training. This desire to continue its knowledge allows Cartier creations to be renewed. Cartier is faithful to its values. For us, we need to protect, develop and grow the treasure that older generations have given to us. In this way, we will in turn pass our pride on to future generations with a desire to enrol in time. Will the field of watchmaking always there for the future? At Cartier Switzerland, we believe in the watchmakers' future. The boutique in Geneva counts 715 watch references on display and also an entire collection of Haute Horlogerie. The house has launched two "concets watch" called "ID One" and "ID Two." The technical prowess of these watches will eventually be reintegrated into watches that are available in store. The goal is to be a pioneer in research and development. What are the projects planned in 2014? They arrive as opportunities. The first is to establish Geneva’s boutique in Switzerland and in Europe. There is also the desire to strengthen our reputation particularly in the Swiss German area.


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