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What are the reasons that led Cartier to renew its boutique in Geneva? The first reason is mainly the customers. We have the desire to serve Geneva's customers in the most appropriate way by providing a service that meets their expectations. The renewal of the Cartier boutique is a project that was started there several years. This is done in several steps with the last step being the reopening of the Cartier boutique on November 6. We tripled the sales floor, going from 166m2 to 715m2. We had both the desire to have a majestic shop and at the same time to retain the intimacy inherent to the jewellers we are. The goal was to bring the most favourable conditions for customers increasingly demanding. We are proud to present this new boutique: the quality of materials, finishes and investment and teamwork. This quite extraordinary project was the concentration of expertise and experts. How was the architect chosen? The architect of the concept, Bruno Moinard, made the design of Cartier boutiques with a special adaptation to Geneva’s boutique because it is unique in its rooms, its furniture and the number of pieces of fine jewellery. Then there is a whole new team consisting of an architect application, a foreman and also the Cartier International and Cartier Switzerland teams. It was a lot of work to complete this project, which was finally carried out in just a few months. The decision to renew the store in Geneva, was it a desire to be as spectacular as boutiques in Asia? It was mostly a desire to offer our customers a boutique up to their expectations; both the service acquisition of Cartier creations but also in the treatment of after sales service with a requirement of repairability for life. What will be the evolution for Cartier in the coming years? The evolution of Cartier Switzerland is an ambition. We must continue to grow the desirability of the house near the customers, with a constant focus on the customer, because this is what makes the prestige and the reputation of the Cartier house. Our desire is to continue the creative work. In fact, we talk about the Cartier house because each person has their own contribution. That begins by drawing the piece through the jeweller and watchmaker, who put the piece in volume to the seller which allows the customer to acquire the piece. How have you managed the transition during the work? During the work, we had a temporary shop on the 2nd floor of the same building with two grooms at the entrance to bring our customers upstairs. Our loyal customers know where the store was. They were welcomed by the director and deputy director who take part in the success of the store in Geneva. However, it is true that we have lost visibility on the street with passing customers or people walking on the « rue du Rhône ». These are the people we are pleased today to find.


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