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Dear Wabash Valley Resident, During the holiday season, the Wabash Valley Community Foundation is continuing to fulfill its mission of engaging people, building resources and strengthening community by releasing the 2012 Holiday Wish List. The 2012 Holiday Wish List is a compilation of 64 nonprofit organizations and over 250 wishes to be fulfilled in Clay, Sullivan and Vigo counties. Each organization is featured under one of the three counties served by the Community Foundation and has listed three wishes of varying amounts that will be beneficial to the organization during the holiday season. The 2012 Holiday Wish List SURYLGHVDQRSSRUWXQLW\IRULQGLYLGXDOVWRSXUFKDVHDJLIW³LQKRQRURI´DIULend or family member during the month of December. This guide may also be used for general holiday giving or year-end charitable giving. +RZWRIXOILOODQRUJDQL]DWLRQ¶VZLVK 1. Browse the 2012 Holiday Wish List UHYLHZLQJRUJDQL]DWLRQV¶VWDWements and wishes of varying amounts. 2. Select the wish that honors your friend or family member, or best meets your charitable giving goals. 3. Complete the 2012 Holiday Wish List Order Form. Be sure to include: a. Your contact information ± We will send you a gift receipt for your charitable giving. b. Contact information of the person being honored ± We will prepare a holiday card to notify this person about the organization and the gift in their name. We can mail this holiday card to the honored person on your behalf or forward it to you to personally deliver. c. Organization and wish ± We will notify the organization of the gift, the donor, and the honored person. 4. Return the 2012 Holiday Wish List Order Form along with your check payable to the Wabash Valley Community Foundation by December 20th to receive a personalized holiday card in time for the holidays. The Community Foundation will forward the gift to the organization, including the name of the donor and the name of the person being honored. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Wabash Valley Community Foundation at (812)232-2234. Have a wonderful holiday season! Beth Tevlin ± Executive Director Kelli Miller ± Program Director Elizabeth Scamihorn ± Program Associate Scott Williams ± Development Director Kate Kollinger ± Financial Administrator Kathy Davis ± Administrative Assistant Sarah Glendening ± Resource Compilation/Marketing Intern Katelynn Moats ± Administrative Support/Special Events Intern Aerial Kirchoff ± Administrative Support Intern Britany Dean ± Public Relations/Marketing Intern

2012 Holiday Wish List