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Few hobbies can be as enjoyable one moment and as frustrating the next as golf. Golfers know a great putt can be quickly followed by a bad tee shot, and maintaining their composure through the highs and lows of the game is a key to success on the links. Maintaining that composure isn't always easy, even for the professionals. It's even more difficult for beginners, who quickly learn the game of golf involves more than just spending sunny weekend afternoons on pristine golf courses. In fact, golf can be quite demanding, and beginners would be wise to heed a few tips before hitting the course. • Don't commit to an expensive set of clubs right off the bat. Golf clubs can be very expensive, so beginners should buy an affordable secondhand set of clubs so they can get the hang of what they like before spending a lot of money. Visit a pro shop and explain that you are just a beginner. The shop will likely make some valuable suggestions and might even let you try out a pair of clubs. In addition, many driving ranges allow customers to rent clubs, and this can be a great and inexpensive way to find the right clubs for you. • Take lessons. Even the very best at self-teaching might find it extremely difficult to become a self-


taught golfer. When first trying your hand at golf, take some lessons and don't expect to be playing 18 holes any time soon. Before hitting the course, where you might be discouraged and you might frustrate those golfing behind you, learn the fundamentals by taking a few lessons at the driving range. Learn from a professional, who won't offer you any hidden secrets to golfing glory (there aren't any) but will offer sound advice on the game's fundamentals. • Take the game home with you. Beginners can even take advantage of golf's vast popularity by taking the game home with them. This doesn't mean building a putting green in your backyard. Rather, purchase some instructional DVDs to learn the game during your down time throughout the week. Many golfers don't have time to hit the links during the week, but they do have time to watch some DVDs when they get home from work. Such instructional DVDs can help you master your grip and stance, which you can then take with you to the course over the weekend. • Have fun. Golf is a fun game; it just takes time to hone your skills. But even if you aren't ready for the professional tour after your first few rounds, you can still have fun. Don't let some beginner's frustra-

tion, which every golfer experiences, ruin the fun of the game. Take note of your surroundings when you hit the links, and appreciate the time you're spending with your group.

If the game becomes more a source of frustration than fun, then take a break and put in some more work away from the course, be it at the driving range or studying at home.

It is essential to have a consistent stance… Every time you face the ball, in a practice session or a game situation, you should work with very precise markers. You will develop an appropriate routine for your style. Developing a routine requires that you pay attention and adjust your position for every shot. Once your routine is well-established, you only need to focus, because you will always be in the correct position. Unfortunately, many golfers hold the grip in the palm of their hands like a hammer. Instead, try holding it with your fingers. At the beginning, it will feel uncomfortable because it is unfamiliar. Of the three types of grips, one is as good as the other. Get curious and try them all. The right choice is a compromise between ease and result. The grip should suit the size of your hands and the length of your fingers. Holding your club incorrectly will affect the position of your club in some way. Before you even initiate a swing, this simple correction will reduce the risk of multiplying your mistakes. The two knuckles (index and major) on the top hand are an easy marker to check: the knuckles on the left hand for a right-handed golfer, for example. For a good stance, try these three important markers: • Align your feet, hips, and shoulders parallel to your target. • Position your ball near the middle for short irons, slightly toward the front foot for mid and long irons, and at the heel for the woods. (The front foot is closest to the target). • Place your ball proportionately to the length of your club. Place the tip of the grip so it reaches about mid-thigh. The longer the stem, the further you stand from the ball. A good golfer is a player who often replicates the same swing. Pay attention to your markers.

Golf Guide • May 19, 2013

I d l e C re e k G o l f C o u r s e (812) 299-GOLF (4653) 2013 Membership Fees & Rates Applicable for the 2013 Golfing Season Season Passes for the General Public: Individual Season Pass $900 Family Season Pass $1,700 Junior Season Pass $325 Senior Season Pass $575 Corporate Season Pass Call Ray Daily Green Fees: 9-Holes $20 $17

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Golf is a great game for building friendships, socializing, and forming business relationships. The greens are not just an ideal place to meet people who share the same passion; by golfing you can widen your circle of contacts and build trusting relation-

ships with clients and business partners. Whether you’re a manager of a large enterprise or just a salesperson starting your career, there’s no hierarchy on a golf course. The chairman of the board and the new office employee might very well

share the same golf cart, discuss many different subjects, and become loyal golf partners. A few golf games with potential clients could lead to interesting business opportunities in the short or long term. There’s no telling how many deals have been discussed between the first and eighteenth holes and then sealed over drinks at the club house. A golf tournament is a great opportunity to bring employees in the same office closer together and to meet people from surprisingly diverse back-

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Weekday Walk 18 -$14 Ride 18 - $25 Weekend Walk 18 - $19 Ride 18 - $30 ● Everyday After 4:30 - $20 Driving Range Bucket - $4

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Weekly Events M o n d a y – Men’s League 5pm, Women’s League 5pm, Separate leagues, one starts off the front nine, the other off the back Tuesday – Social Club 5 pm, Scramble format, great way to spend quality time with your loved one, family, or friends, the club also plays every other Sunday at 2pm Wednesday – Senior Choose up Scramble 9 am, (50 and up) Thursday – Mixed Couples Scrample 9am, You and your Spouse, significant other, or friend can play in a fun filled scramble

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Turkey Run Golf Estates Housing Lots Available 765 435 2048 35 min. North of Terre Haute, 5 miles east of Turkey Run State Park


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grounds. A simple golf game is often the perfect occasion to widen your social circle. Joining a golf club also allows you to develop a sense of belonging and strengthen ties with other members. Of course golf can have disadvantages for some of us, especially beginners. It can be a great sport but also a very frustrating one, so it’s always important to control your emotions. It is often said that the behavior of golfers on the course is a reflection of their true personality. So, you’d better make a good impression!

Adults who play golf know just how fun and frustrating the game can be. Whether you're a veteran golfer or someone just learning the links, golf can be challenging. But as exacting as the game can be, it also can be just as rewarding, even for kids. Children who embrace the game of golf will learn a host of lessons they can apply in all facets of life. A humbling game even for professional golfers, golf can teach kids lessons in humility and the value of persistence even when things aren't going your way. Golf is also a great way for parents to get kids off the couch and outdoors for some fun in the sun. Instead of spending summer afternoons in front of the television, kids who play golf are out patrolling pristine golf courses while getting some cardiovascular exercise along the way. Golf can also strengthen a child's hand-eye coordination, which can help them in other activities, including many different sports.

Though many people do not begin playing golf until they've reached adulthood, it's never too early for boys and girls to start learning the game of golf. Parents of preschoolers can start their kids off with a toddler play set. Though it's just a toy, a play set can help lay a solid foundation for future golfers. Kids who have watched Mom and Dad play golf or practice their swing can develop their own swings on their play set. As kids approach school age, don't overlook the nearby putt-putt or miniature golf range as a valuable teaching tool. Miniature golf clubs are small enough for many children to use comfortably, and kids can use miniature golf courses as a place to put any lessons or advice on putting to good use. What's more, a miniature golf course is more than just golf, with creative courses and other fun activities, so kids won't feel overwhelmed with golf. When kids move on from preschool to elementary school, some might want to tag along with Mom or Dad to the driving range. You should try to avoid overwhelming kids with too much instruction or information. Instead, keep things as simple as

possible, teaching them the basic swing and encouraging them no matter how quickly they adapt. As kids enter middle school and approach high school, those who are enjoying the game of golf can take advantage of the driving range if they haven't already begun to. A driving range typically has markers that indicate the distance of a regular hole, regardless of which tee you will play from on an actual golf course. Kids can aim for holes at shorter distances to learn how far their drives are going. You can then adjust the lessons you teach your children based on how far

youngsters can drive the ball. As a child gets closer to high school, you might want to buy the child his or her own set of clubs. Look for inexpensive clubs (oftentimes, thrift stores or other secondhand retailers have clubs for sale) because growing children will eventually grow out of their first set of clubs. When your child finds a set of clubs that suits him or her, teach the proper way to swing and consider signing up your son or daughter for lessons. Those first few lessons can prove invaluable, turning a pastime into a passion kids will carry with them throughout their lives.

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9 holes with Cart $17 9 holes with Cart $18 5

The driving range is where beginners learn the game, where average players perfect their strokes and where professionals correct their weaknesses. It is also where golfers should spend more time. Hitting balls is certainly less enjoyable than a round of golf on your favorite course in the company of friends. However, those baskets of practice balls are sure to be beneficial when playing your next round of golf. At the beginning of the season, be sure to practice first with your short irons.


Choose a target and try and hit some balls within a radius of ten or twenty yards. Do the same exercise with your other irons. Also plan a few sessions with your woods. Because a driving range is wide and obstacle free, players do not have to worry about hitting their balls into the lake to the right, into the

woods to the left or the sand trap in front of them. It is important, therefore, to decide on a target. Players should also take the time to relax and to concentrate on each stroke. Hitting a basket of balls is not a race against time!

Golf Guide • May 19, 2013

Good results on the driving range do not necessarily mean that you’ll knock off ten strokes from your score card during your next round of golf. If your practice session helped to improve just one aspect of your game, it’s very positive. Good golfers will tell you that you can never spend too much time on a driving range. It’s not surprising, therefore, that professionals return there time and again, even after playing five strokes under par.

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