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Herbs have been used for thousands of years to treat a large variety of health problems some of which include but are not limited to, allergies, high blood pressure, skin problems and even cancer. However, with today's modern medicine, some are left wondering, do herbs that cure cancer really exist? The fact is that about sixty-two percent of all the chemotherapy drugs are made from natural products. In addition, plants specifically, have been the basis of just about every new class of medication. When you use herbs that cure cancer in addition to allopathic treatment, it is known as complimentary therapy. You don't need to rely solely on herbs to heal you but, you can add natural defenses to your fight against the disease. So, how do you find the herbs that cure cancer? It is not a good idea to go about it on your own. You will need to consult a licensed herbalist or you can visit a naturopathic physician. Herbs do not have to be limited to curing cancer; they can be used for many other health problems as well. Take what you have learned from your health care professional to do research online, visit an herbal shop or a vitamin or health food store in order to find the herbs that you need. Traditional Chinese medicine has brought us many of the herbs that cure cancer. From this ancient form of medicine, we gain the knowledge of many different types of herbs. One herb that has cancer fighting properties and the ability to boost your immune system is called coriolis versicolor. It is better known as the turkey tall mushroom. This herb has not only been used for thousands of years, it has also been the topic of over four-hundred scientific studies to explore its effectiveness in fighting cancer. Many who are taking chemotherapy drugs find this herb's ability to boost the immune system particularly important. Another herb that has been used in Traditional Chinese medicine is known as coptis chinensis. Whether this plant is definitively an herb that will cure cancer is unknown at this time. However, some researchers at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center say it might. Under scientific study, this herb has shown good results in fighting gastric, breast, colon and hepatoma cancers. Since herbs have been used for thousands of years to fight many different health problems, why couldn't there be herbs that cure cancer? Many cancer patients proclaim the positive effects of herbs on their cancer. When herbs are used under the care and knowledge of your various doctors, including your oncologist, you are receiving an extra boost that modern medicine alone cannot give you. Remember not to take herbs or other natural treatments without talking to your health care provider especially if you are currently taking chemotherapy. Like mentioned above, many natural plants are used in making chemotherapy drugs. And the wrong mix of herbs can be just as harmful

as the right mix of herbs can be helpful.

Jason Cranston was born in the UK and became interested in roses very soon after acquiring an MBA in marketing. As an outgrowth of his passion for roses and his understanding of their medicinal properties, he has become an ardent enthusiast of alternative medicine especially herbalism and has created a new website dedicated to the properties of herbs that cure cancer as well as answering the question, "What are Herbs?" in greater detail in his e-book of the same name. Please visit for more information.

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==== ==== Check out this amazing natural cancer treatment. Natural Cancer Treatment ==== ====

The Cancer Treatment You Always Wanted  

The unique fundementals of naturally treating cancer.

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