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Volume 33 Issue 02


February 2013

In Celebration of Chinese New Year Kong Hei Fat Choi! New Year celebrations such as this remind us that China and the Philippines have more similarities than differences, more brotherhood than anything else. Several of our customs sprout from Chinese roots, and the age-old values of hard work, respect for our elders, and sense of duty to our country are common threads that run through the very soul of both nations. Truly, our kinship which spans millennia, reminds us that we can work harmoniously together to bring about economic prosperity, peaceful coexistence, and political stability in the country. Bound by our fraternal ties, let us work hard to ensure that nothing but good fortune and happiness may be shared by our succeeding generations. Happy New Year! Mabuhay tayong lahat! (Sgd.) Jejomar (Jojo) Binay Vice-President of the Philippines

Feeding America- APOGLA’s 1st Service Project in 2013 Once again APOGLA had proven the concern in the community by volunteering at the Los Angeles Regional Food bank assembling food packages for over 23,000 low income seniors, women with infants, and children in Los Angeles County. The food packages consist of food items like canned fruit, canned vegetables , rice, cereal and other non-perishable food items. This is APOGLA’s first service project in 2013 , once again Chaired by Sis. Auditor Malou Almadrones and now co-chaired by our generous Sister Hani Grace Arciga both from Chi Chapter. Sis Hani Grace donated TShirts for the said project that makes APOGLA distinct and easily identifiable

from amongst the other 200 volunteers in the Regional Food Bank. APOGLA felt the need of the community, and APOGLA delivered. By giving just a little of our time, we made a difference in our community. More or less 50 volunteers participated in the Feeding America service project from APOGLA and amongst the group of 200 volunteers were representatives from APO USA. A thank you letter was acknowledged from the office of the LA Regional Food Bank appreciating the great deeds we have done and once again inviting us for if not without our help they cannot serve the 23,000 low income family groups. by Sis. Malou Almadrones


President’s Message February is the month of romance and love. It is but fitting that everyone all over the world celebrate love as it makes the world go round. I personally believe it is one of the tenets of APO sisterly and brotherly love. And speaking of Valentine’s, let me congratulate Chairpersons Sis. Daemma Yazon and Sis. Hazel Salas for the huge success of the just concluded Ladies’ Night at Lola’s. The crowd was just right and manageable this year since we decided not to make it a fund raiser. This was how the original Ladies Night was intended to be. An event that simply says “Thank You” to the spouses for all their support in all our endless service projects and other endeavors. The end result was an orderly and intimate affair with everyone getting a table. The food was ecstatic and the place a delight! Our brods were in their “muy romantico” mood, thus encouraging the ladies to respond positively. And though I had to be in the Philippines at that time, gauging from the feedback, everybody had a nice time! * * * * * On Jan. 26, we have just concluded the FEEDING AMERICA PROJECT headed by Sis. Malou Almadrones. This is the second year we assembled and packed food packages for low income family in Los Angeles, together with other volunteer groups. We are reportedly getting better at it too! We learned from the Feeding America Personnel that our group by far has been able to pack 6,000+ packets in half a day as compared to the customary 5000+ packets. They confirm that the said output was a lot! APOGLA did it again! Who knows what record number we might have broken if we even skipped the endless picture taking of our “camerashy” members. Cheers to all the volunteers! It only shows how we can still multi-task and still have fun. After four hours of labor intensive activities, we had worked up a huge appetite. Together with 30 volunteers, we broke bread at Chinatown’s famous Mayflower Restaurant. * * * * * Now is the time to remove the clutter from your closets. Give your old clothes, other usable things and food items as donation to our Food and Clothing Drive for the needy headed by our beautiful SIS ANN ASUNCION. The deadline is to bring your donations by 3:30 pm on Feb. 23 at the Amon Residence so we could count, sort and ready them before the meeting at 6:30. Some items are going to be donated for the ACNA balikbayan boxes that our ACNA President Lito Tarculas is sending to the Philippines. Others would be kept for our upcoming project, Adopt-A-Sitio, headed by Bro. Roland Paras. Other items that are not usable in the Philippines will be donated locally. * * * * * You probably have heard of my quick visit to the Philippines to join in ETA’s 60th anniversary celebration. I truly did not regret the decision to leave my post for a week to join the festivities. The organizers did not leave any thing to chance and it really was a bash! Feb. 2 commenced a Welcome Party for all foreign contingents . On Feb. 6, Sis. Sally Licauco, an ETA APO

Alumni, sponsored a night of dancing and disco at 360 Club of the new Resorts World Casino (the Las Vegas of Manila). The next day was back to our alma mater for an art exhibit. On Friday, Feb. 8, we were teeing off at the Ryder Cup, the friendly competition between the (Talentadong/Adelantadong Pinoy (players made up of Phil. residents) and the American Idol (US/Foreign residents). Needless to say, the Adelantadong Pinoy won merely because of their sheer numbers and their miracle handicapping...(He! He!) Highlight of the celebration was the Feb. 9, Saturday Night Ball, where BRO. VP JOJO BINAY graced the occasion. He avidly declared his pride and joy of being an APO member to over 300 attendees. The Sword of Lafayette, the highest award given by Eta Chapter, was awarded to Bro. Manny Clarino for being the Eta Alumni President for 13 years. Another past recipient of this award was VP JEJOMAR BINAY. A Despedida Party was tendered for us on Sunday, Feb. 10 at the Ayala Alabang palatial residence of Bro. Tom Banguis. A band comprised of APO brods provided the music which added gaiety to the affair. It was a wonderful time to rekindle friendship with batch mates and old friends. Though the schedule was hectic, we had great fun! After the anniversary celebration, a medical-dental outreach program was scheduled to leave for Palawan and to render service to the needy. After all, we are a SERVICE Fraternity. * * * * * February is about to reach its conclusion. May I remind you to please make time to join us in our next GMM on March 23 at Bro. Vinz Argonza’s Home in the Palm Springs area. Golf will be scheduled. Not to forget the shoppers, Cabazon is on the way to the meeting. Also, if a little fun is your pleasure, you can set your sights on Morongo Casino. Announcement will be made soon via email. Sis. Amelia Melody Ang-Gayon President, 2013

Tribo ni Bado Newsletter is a monthly publication of the Alpha Phi Omega (Philippines) Greater Los Angeles exclusively for its members, families and friends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the writers, and are not intended to represent APOPGLA. Publisher/Editor Mishael “Boy” Medina Editorial Staff Toti Ayo • Ferdie Yambot Ann Asuncion• Marilou Almadrones Ed Romero • Fely Montecillo Art/Photos by Fancis Mejia • Sam Zamora • Sancho Sy Contributors Art Rivera • Amelia Melody Ang-Gayon Daemma Yazon


Board of Directors Corner Aaahhh, the lovely Month of February! We look to February as the month when Love, Hearts and Flowers are in bloom. On Valentine’s Day, prices of roses go sky high, restaurants are packed, love themed movies are aplenty, the airwaves play love songs and dedications and parks are filled with people walking hand in hand. What then is Love? Love is often associated with attraction, warmth or affection towards another person or thing. There is Love that is considered “Eros” (passionate, erotic, sexual), “Philia” (platonic, friendly), “Storge” (familial, brotherly) and “Agape,” (with compassion, with suffering and unconditional), the highest form of love. This is Christian Love. In Corinthians 13:1-13 it reads “Love is patient, love is kind, love is not jealous, it is not pompous, boastful or arrogant, it is not rude, love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable, love does not rejoice in wrongdoing but rejoices in truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. Love never fails; love is eternal. So Faith, Hope and Love remain; these three, but the greatest of these is Love.” On February 9, the 26th edition of The Ladies Night dubbed “An Evening of Wine and Roses” will be held at Lola’s in West Hollywood. There will be a sumptuous buffet dinner; entertainment, dancing, wine, roses and lots of love will permeate the air. Our thanks to Sisters Hazel and Daemma for their love and cares in making this a night to remember. We have come long way since the first Ladies Night was held during Christian David’s presidency in 1987. Eight couples from GLA and hundred others joined the Valentine’s Dinner and Dance at the Coconut Grove of the famous Ambassador Hotel in LA (where then Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated in 1968). We dined, wined and danced to the wonderful music of a full orchestra. Also, this month, Sister Ann leads the Food and Clothing Drive to benefit the less fortunate in the Philippines. Take time to consider sharing what you have and make a difference in the lives of others. So, during this lovely month of hearts and everyday for that matter, remember your loved ones, those that matter most and show them you care and that you love them. Life is a precious gift from God and all that is on earth, so take care of yourselves, take time to smell the roses, enjoy your friends, cherish every moment and remember these three little words “I Love You.” Here is wishing you all the best and don’t worry, “I love you, too!” Bro. Art Rivera COB, 2013


As you read this column, Bro. Ferdie Yambot would have been on his way to the Philippines to bury his fallen brother the late Atty. Dante Yambot who was gunned down in front of his home by an unknown assailant. As told us by Bro. Ferdie, his nephew even tried to run after the gunman! Just before Christmas, the brother -in-law of my landlady, William Arcenas, an Ex-ABC Barangay Captain from Nueva Ecija, was also gunned down in front of his home one early morning. Before the shooting, the would-be victim even talked to the killer and invited him in for coffee in his home. How many stories of such nature have we come across and have read about? How many families have suffered irreparable loss because of such crimes? Cases like these have become so numerous that we have lost count. But the case of Atty. Yambot has come closer to home. It has happened to a blood relative of our member! The questions are: How come the list of victims like this incident goes on endlessly? Why have criminals and gunsfor-hire become so brazen that they commit their crime even in broad daylight? Indeed, this is one sad commentary about the Phils.’ peace and order situation. It is even sadder commentary for those who keep the peace! Criminals go on with their evil deeds as they know they can get away with it. More crimes are unsolved than those that do get solved. People can only pray that the authorities devote their time and energy in solving crimes like these and apprehend these killers. The Phil. government obviously needs to work harder on the peace and order situation. Perhaps people action one day could wake them up and push them to act. Perhaps too, as APO has become an influential group to reckon with in the Philippines, we can start the ball rolling for extreme action to push the authorities to work that victims of crimes may get the JUSTICE they so deserve. # # # Fellow APOGLA members of the ETA Chapter led by Pres. Melody Ang- Gayon with BOD Chair Art Rivera, Sec. Bodjie Gapido, Brothers Reggie Martinez, Melvin Villaver and Sis. Eleanor Villaver, recently arrived from the Philippines as they attended the 60th anniversary celebration of their chapter last Feb. 2 to 10. According to Sis Melody the schedule was hectic but fun specially when they bonded once again with their batch mates in the campus where they used to be a fixed feature of. # # # BRO. EGAY NINOFRANCO, Beta 71, proudly announced that his fundraising project raffle for Bicol NA (Northern America) in preparation for next year’s International Convention to be held in you guessed it, Bicol, culminated in the drawing of the winners held last Saturday at the ADHC.Present to witness the raffle were ACNA PRES. BRO. LITO TARCULAS, and ELY AYAO, realtor and member of UNITED BICOLANDIA. The ff. were declared winners: BRO. NELSON PANTE - 1st Prize of $2,500, ANTONETTE MONTEGRANDE - 2nd Prize of $1,000. and BRO. BEN SABANGAN of APO NORCAL- 3rd Prize of $500. [See Goings on on pg 4]


Ladies Night @ Hollywood’s LOLA’S Bar and Restaurant

We would like to thank all who attended the Ladies Night at LOLA’s Bar & Restaurant in Hollywood last Feb 9, 2013. We had buffet dinner, serve with wine; the lovely ladies were given roses and we were entertained with a great singer, Jaimie. Brothers, sisters, husbands and wives participated in our parlor games like, popping the balloon behind ladies behind (butt), which Sis. Josie and Bro. Lito won. Bro. Rene and wife Winnie won breaking the eggs in between their legs. Hanging banana in between mans leg and a lady should catch it, was won by Sis. Grace who was able to GRAB the BANANA of Sis. Ellen’s guest. Finally; the winning couple who came in early are Sis. Ellen & her guest, they won a gift card from Chili’s restaurant. Thank you so much! for the success of this event. Your support was very much appreciated. We Love You! Sis. Daemma and Sis. Hazel.

[Goings on, from page 3]

CONSOLATION PRIZES of $100. each: Bro. Vic MANAOAG, APO MILAN, Bro. Tom Ferreras, Vancouver, BC, Brothers Mar Garchitorena, Rene Calvario and Oscar Angeles. Congratulations to all of you lucky WINNERS! # # # From the ALPHA CHAPTER, BRO. TONY AMON informed us that right now , the main concern of the TOFASS Committee is how to raise more funds so we’ll have a much improved TOFASS this year with a better and probably wider coverage. On the other hand, SIS. OPHEL AMON is busy as a bee nowadays contacting ALPHANS to join this year’s May 23 to 26 Bicol convention. She said 21 members from all over the globe have signified their interest to join the Bicol convention. Sis Ophel also informed us that a reunion for Alpha alumni has been set tentatively at La Playa in Cavite for June 1 & 2. Aside from the 21 Alphans coming from different parts of the globe, they will, of course be joined by ALPHANS residing in the Phils. Boy! Don’t you see me turning green with envy for all of you guys?


APOGLA Cares Blood is the way of LIFE (Private Blood Drive)

Volunteers Needed Job Position.......: Water Station Mile 13 Date..................: 03/17/2013 Time..................: 06:00 AM - 12:30 PM Location.............: Sunset Blvd west of N.Hayworth and N. Laurel. Coordinator........: Bro. Edgar Ninofranco 323-878-0650

Feeding America Pictures

“We bleed BLUE & GOLD . . . that is why we care !” WHAT: APOGLA Blood Drive Service Project/Picnic WHEN: April 20, 2013 (Sat.) from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM WHERE: LA PUENTE PARK 501 Glendora Avenue La Puente, CA 91744 WHO: All APO Brothers, Sisters, Family Members, & Friends willing & able to donate blood. WHY: Because it’s the right thing to do ! For Inquiries: (626)322-7548 Bro Shaney or email me @

Ladies Night Pictures


TREASURER’S REPORT 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. \9. 10. 11. 12.

Amon Ophel/Tony Ang Gayon Melody Angeles, Oca Arroyo, Geoffrey Bayani, Proceso Fajota, Nestor Flores, Rudy Galang Emma Garovillas, Ernie Miranda, Shane Paredes, Vic Pastores, Alexander

13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23.

Reyes, Ruel Rivera, Art Romero, Ed Rondilla, Dony Serrano, Eric Sy, Sancho Tarculas, Josie Tarculas Lito Tunque, Dom Yambot, Ferdie Yazon, Daemma Paid Members as of 2/5

Please send your $40.00 Membership Dues to: Josie Tarculas 12943 Bordeaux Court Moreno Valley, CA 92555 All checks must be made payable to - APOGLA.

IN MEMORIAM “APO-GLA 2002 Past President Bro. Manny Atienza passed away last February 4, 2013. He was one of a few that transcended APO leadership: as charter member of Gamma Epsilon in 1972, to his presidency of APO Learning Center in 2011. Brother Manny also founded and conceptualized Gamma Epsilon International (GEI) in 2000. His legacy of leadership lives with us all in the name of Alpha Phi Omega.”

On behalf of the entire APOGLA Family. We would like to express our condolences to the following: Bro. Jimmy Venturina, for the death of his mother, Dolores Venturina (83). Bro. Ferdie Yambot, for the death of his blood brother, Atty. Florante Yambot Bro. Ed Romero, for the death of his blood brother, Rodolfo L. Romero (69) Bro. Rudy and Becky Emperado, for the death of her father, Tomas Ramirez (87)

“Our prayers for the repose of their souls”

BIR THD AY BIRTHD THDA AR CALENDAR CALEND FEBR UAR Y 20 13 FEBRU ARY 2013 MEMBERS Marc BUNDALIAN 2-Feb Armand MENDOZA 3-Feb Jennifer EVANGELISTA 4-Feb Maria Lourdes DeLEON 9-Feb Alvin NONATO 11-Feb Bonjie INGCO 12-Feb Nestor JOVE 12-Feb Christina ABAD 16- Feb Caloy ENRIQUEZ 18-Feb Conrado LAZO 19-Feb Danilo MASAYA 19-Feb Marvin MARASIGAN 21-Feb Gerry ARANTE 24-Feb Beatriz VENTURA 24-Feb Dom PASCUA 26-Feb Alex EXCONDE 27-Feb Benito MORALES 28-Feb Pete Sillorequez 29-Feb SPOUSE Mercedes CABRAL 1-Feb Yolly ADRIANO 5-Feb MaRollygen POSADAS 5-Feb Precy MARTE 6-Feb Nida NONATO 9-Feb Roland ANG-GAYON 21-Feb Allyn PABLO 21-Feb Maria Paz UMALI 25-Feb Chiqui RAMOS 26-Feb KIDS Ardina MORALLOS 1-Feb Paulo CARBON 1-Feb Rheene YAMBOT 1-Feb Mathew J.MADRIGAL 2-Feb M. Margaret ROBLES 2-Feb Janine TARCULAS 2-Feb Bed FISICO 4-Feb Jonathan MADDELA 6-Feb Megan NINOFRANCO 6-Feb Jeffrey GOMEZ 7-Feb Dainty AMON 8-Feb Joseph DULDULAO 9-Feb Elena RONDILLA 10-Feb Janelle ALEJANDRIA 12-Feb Mikael A.ANG-GAYON 13-Feb Daryl AMON 13-Feb Joe COBARRUBIAS 17-Feb Josh PARAYNO 17-Feb KC INGCO 18-Feb James P. VALENTINO 18-Feb Jay H. VALENTINO 18-Feb Maan ALMADRONES 23-Feb Lean NOCHE 24-Feb John Howard PARAS 25-Feb Nicole ILAGAN 27-Feb Kayla WILLIAMS 27-Feb


G L A ’ s 1st General Membership Meeting Pictures

2ND GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING WHERE: Bro. Tony and Sis. Ophel Amon’s Residence 22761 Eccles Street West Hills, CA 91304 WHEN: Saturday, February 23, 2013 Time: 6:30 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. CONTACT PERSONS: Sis. Melody Ang-Gayon (323) 712-0212 Sis. Rachella Williams (310) 387-9575

Directions: From San Bernardino (East) Fwy 10 West, Merge onto Fwy 101 North (Ventura Fwy) Exit 27C * for Shoup Ave. Fwy 210 West to Fwy 134 West Merge to Fwy 101 North, Exit 27C * for Shoup Ave. Merge onto Ventura Blvd, Right onto Shoup Ave. Left onto Burbank Blvd, Right onto Fallbrook Ave. Right onto Eccles St. (Destination on Left) From Santa Clarita (North) Fwy 5 South, Merge Right onto Fwy 405 South (San Diego Fwy/Santa Monica), Exit 71 Merge onto Fway 118 West toward Simi Valley, Exit 34 for CA-27 S/ Topanga Canyon Blvd. Turn Left….Right onto Chase St. – Continue onto Eccles St. (Destination on Right)

Please Check Google Maps, Mapquest or Yahoo Maps for your detailed directions.

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Melody Ang-Gayon 1010 N. Central Ave.,#224 Glendale, Ca 91202

Area Coordinators Inland Empire: Rocky Marte Los Angeles: Rudy Flores San Fernando Valley: Bayani Valentino San Gabriel Valley: Sammie Zamora Orange/South Bay: Roland Paras Santa Clarita: Bonjie Ingco Antelope Valley: Tess Madrigal Ventura County: Chito Atangan

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Tribo ni Bado Newsletter is a monthly publication of Alpha Phi Omega Greater Los Angeles for news and activities of the association.