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A look at 2011:

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What if we got badges instead of job titles? The idea of badges for recognition isn't a new idea - however the idea of using badges in lieu of job titles was a different twist. Job titles imply job descriptions and well-structured roles, a lack of job titles implies a more chaotic and "do what needs to be done" culture. This wouldn't be the right system for all workplaces, but it does provide some entertaining food for thought.

Startup Outlook - 2011 Human Resources At the end of April, Silicon Valley Bank released their Startup Outlook 2011 Report and we were intrigued by the findings. The entire report is worth a read, but we pulled out a few key findings that were specific to HR, to create this infographic.

HR in Travel & Tourism We’re always interested in learning more about how HR works in specific industries, and so it was fascinating to dig into the numbers for the Travel & Tourism industry in Canada. It was interesting to learn that although there are significant differences in age composition of the industry (compared to labor force averages), these differences don’t hold true when looking at the industry from the lens of ethnic background.

Think Like a Designer: HR Lessons from Bruce Mau Design has the power to influence, to inform, and to inspire. But what can it teach? In 1998, Mau published his Incomplete Manifesto for Growth, outlining best practices in design and creativity. If these aren’t already informing your day-to-day work in human resources, they should start.

Think Like a Musician: HR Lessons from John Kao Music has the power to entertain, to ease, and to enchant. But what can it teach? John Kao began his career as a musician and academic, and has now become a best-selling author and an advisor to Hillary Clinton. He uses knowledge gleaned from his experience in improvisational jazz music to inform his philosophy and ideas. Innovation is critical to economic growth, so leading human resource managers must come to understand it.

Walking Out – How to Run a Smooth Exit Interview Employees and employers agree that exit interviews are incredibly useful (as illustrated below, three-quarters of executives say they "always" or "somewhat frequently" act on comments collected during exit interviews) and there are many tools available online to help you run an effective interview. Hopefully this summary gives you a good head start on the process if you don't already have your interviews formalized.

Common reasons for almost getting fired Knowing common reasons for people to get fired lets you know what to watch out for, and what to avoid. The infographic below explains how to write effective conduct warnings, and why some people can get away with anything.

HR Environmental Scan—Work hours around the world In July, we looked at overtime laws from around the world. In August, we pulled data from the OECD to find out which country has the longest average working day. Check out the results below.

How can social software get you fired? Social media is fast becoming a major business expense. But are its human resources, marketing, and public relations benefits offset by its impact on the working day? How serious are the risks of using social media?

Staff turnover costs big money for small businesses Sometimes you have to reduce expenses by laying-off workers. Replacing them later, though, can be costly for your HR department or small business. Whether it’s recruiting, onboarding, extra salary, or something else, hiring new staff isn’t cheap. Make sure you understand the entire financial picture before you move forward with staffing changes.

Human Resources Problems: When to hire an HR Manager The big companies you compete with often have dozens of HR staff. When's the right time for small and medium businesses to hire an HR manager? Let our handy infographic guide you:

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Recruiting through social media: Do Job Boards matter? The internet has all but eliminated the classified sections of newspapers. Will social media kill online job boards?

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