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The Sonic Vista/Jaded Rebel alliance has been a long time in the making and the background work and experience of the founders cannot be underestimated. We’ve spent years preparing the groundwork and deciding on the right team and the right time to launch this innovative new partnership. Meet the team who have made this possible:

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Ken Foster Ken has been the label manager at Sonic Vista for the last 3 years. An experienced promoter and marketing guru with an eye for the unique and innovative side of the business. Ken ran the Strummer Live Music series in conjunction with his UK magazine and has been networking heavily with trade missions to Canada, Japan, France and numerous industry events in the UK. He has helped set up tours for Canadian artists in the UK and helped with the Canadian showcases at ITC in Manchester. Ken was a student in Manchester during the punk era and wrote music columns for the Student Newspaper. His main recollection of those days was seeing Joy Division and Iggy Pop at separate venues on the same night! You can contact Ken at

Brandon Vydelingum Coming from a musical background (his Dad was singer and guitarist in a band) Brandon was inspired to take up the drums and toured in the UK and overseas. He joined indie label Strictly Rhythm, managing the labels roster of artists & producing a few successful albums. Brandon has since been in sales & marketing for most of his career & has spent a large chunk of that working for the British Government setting government policy and also advising former prime minister Sir John Major. Brandon also spent 31/2 years working for the famous Ivy Restaurant Group which put him in direct contact with the aristocracy and the celebrity A-list. Contact Brandon at


Donna Danielli

A music lover from the first time she heard her brother’s copy of Led Zeppelin 4, Donna discovered that she had a knack for business (nominated for the Chamber of Commerce’s Business Woman of the Year Award), and has been a reporter for her local paper for almost a decade, at first specialising in political coverage and then in 2006, switching instead to music columnist for the paper with a bi-weekly column. A passionate advocate for volunteering within her community, Donna spends a great deal of time supporting local acts. She has been the entertainment co-ordinator for the Downtown Milton Street Festival for the past three years, which draws thousands of people to enjoy a wide range of performers on a four separate stages. She is the founder of an annual dinner/auction/ concert series, which has raised over $100,000 for the support of research into Lesch Nyhan disease, founded the concert series Halton Palooza and has run numerous other local events. Donna can be reached at


Hot on the heels of winning best metal act at the Ontario Independent Music Awards, SoKeY were interviewed on Indielove radio, and did a 3 track acoustic set which was fantastic & jumped their myspace views by close to a thousand. They have been asked to return for a second interview once the album is done. They will be featured in the Dec issue of Uncharted Sound e-Zine & play live on Uncharted Sound's new radio program which starts in Jan 09. They also have a gig at

the Reverb in Toronto which will be filmed & they will be interviewed on camera for an Uncharted Sounds podcast.....

Janine Farragher was also a winner taking the best pop EP in the Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards Online. We at Jaded Rebel would like to congratulate Janine on her much deserved win. Keep Hitting it Hard Janine.

NEWS FROM THE UK The most recent release on the Sonic Vista Recordings label is the eclectic debut album from Hullʼs Man-made Noise. The album has lotʼs of different sounds and influences, giving the undoubted songwriting ability of Terry Dunn an esoteric flavour. As well as all the usual physical and digital outlets the album can be purchased as download or 6 panel digipack CD at the Sonic Vista Recordings website

Following Steph Fraserʼs recent Canadian tour where she recorded tracks for her forthcoming album, sheʼs played 2 UK festivals and is now gearing up for more recording. The UK sessions are taking place at SV HQ in Hull and Spacehouse Studios in London.

Weʼre making a very excitement announcement regarding Sonic Vista and Jaded Rebel live on the BBC this Friday Nov 21st. The show can be heard live online at


Sonic Vista recently took part again in the BPI trade mission to Japan. The event took place in August while many of the Sonic Vista team were in Canada on the Steph Fraser tour. No fear though, our agent in Japan, Daniel Moran was on hand to meet aquaintances old and new in Tokyo. Dan

reported that the people he spoke to were all interested in Steph Fraser. We had a short film shown at the event which featured Steph, Eveline and Man-made Noise. The trip also provided some backstage passes to one of Japanʼs biggest festivals

Miltonʼs The Randalls are recording a new album at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton. Donna and the band are also starting to put together a Randalls UK tour for the last two weeks of October to coincide with the Liverpool Music Week event. Their encompass the virtues of classic rock while creating a sound unique unto its own, their powerful live performances including feature a vintage Wurlitzer organ which may prove difficult to get on the plane to the UK.

Weʼll also be attending an industry event in Manchester on the 25th November. This concerns the UKTI / AIM Trade Mission taking in all 3 events Canadian Music Week, New York and SXSW in March 2009. Weʼll be meeting Valerie Strand again from UKT&I Canada who is flying in for the meeting. Eveline are still promoting their excellend 2nd album ʻWaking Up Before Dawnʼ which has been critically acclaimed across Europe. They are currently on tour in Germany.

ʻSummersonicʼ so Dan got to rub shoulders with the likes of The Verve and Coldplay.

From our contacts and connections in Japan we are still considering what the best options are for us and weʼll hopefully have more news in the next newsletter.

janine farragher During SV始s last trip to Canada we were fortunate enough to catch up with Janine Farragher who is working with Jaded Rebel to further her career which has got of to a great start with awards and nominations coming her way at a very early stage in her career.

A silky smooth voice and music that's irresistibly catchy Janine Farragher is a name sure to be found on the lips of anyone who's anyone in the indie scene for years to come. With recent successes including a win for Best Pop EP" in the 2008 Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards and a nomination for Best Pop Artist in the 2008 Ontario Indie Music Awards, Farragher's unforgettable tunes are garnering much praise from within the music industry. However, it's the overwhelmingly positive response she receives from audiences at venues across the GTA including musical hotspots 'The Rivoli', 'The Silver Dollar Room', and 'The Gladstone Hotel', that leave no doubt she's on the right path. Her infectious pop-folk melodies, coupled with candid lyrics that manage to to leave an impression on just about everyone who hears them, have garnered enthusiastic praise and gained Farragher an ever-growing group of loyal

"A wise-beyond- her-years singer/songwriter... with talent that matches her desire to succeed" -Lorianna DeGiorgio, journalist, 'The Town Crier' fans. Farragher is currently heading back into the studio to record a brand new EP which promises to feature some of her most poignant tracks yet, masked with a hint of Farragher's signature humourous approach and accompanied by catchy tunes that will have you humming for days to come.

Her next appearance is Sunday December 14 at the Savannah Room, for a holidaythemed indie showcase, where all proceeds will be going to charity.

-Janine can be found on myspace ( and on facebook, where she has a group that helps to keep fans up-to-date with any developments (Janine Farragher's Music Group).

Janine performing at famous Rivoli in Toronto on November 5th. Pic courtesy Mikey Riot Photography

The Silver Dollar room Toronto on November 7th. Pic courtesy Mikey Riot Photography

Current Releases Man-made Noise The Debut Album

“I didnʼt really ever stop making music” explains ex-Ernest frontman, Terence James Dunn on the origins of his new solo project, Man Made Noise and itʼs gestation in the period following the break up of his former band, Ernest. Heʼs a man for who, it seems, making music is as necessary for him as breathing and eating is to the likes of you and I. “Iʼm always writing and recording so I had ideas sat at the back of my mind and on disc, which were kinda busting to get out and when we wrapped up the band, even before, it was a bit like a floodgate opening.”

For the last few years Mr Dunn proved he had a knack for penning a tune with psychedelic Hedon based rock outfit Ernest, creating huge sprawling rock-soundscapes filled with twists and turns as they took the listener on a musical journey. Now, as Man Made Noise his more sombre tunes conjure up images of a lone man in a recording studio, tormented and fractured after having to start all over again, after the demise of his last band. Which is bollocks

actually, but why let that stand in the way of such an excellent image! “We had essentially run our course as a band. Although we were in talks with a big label in Japan for licensing our forthcoming album, we werenʼt really seeing eye to eye on a lot of things, which often dissolved into petty disagreements and rages” explains Dunn about the split, “Itʼs something a lot of bands suffer from, so to preserve our friendship we decided to part company. We are all cracking mates still, which is a nice thing to be able to say”

Throughout this cd there are definite Eels influences, with a hint of sadness and introspection in Dunnʼs voice, the melancholic sound of Badly Drawn Boy happily sharing studio space with Ben Folds Five and Elliot Smith. His trademark cryptic turn of phrase within his lyrics shines through on every track, engaging the listener and urging them to bring their own ideas and interpretations to the songs. Lyrics that sounds both autobiographical and wide open to interpretation in the same instance, with Dunn tenderly proclaiming for example; “You had a little plastic pony hidden in your room, I took a match to itʼs mane just to smell the fumes” which appear on the quintessentially English, delicate piano-driven “Lead Balloon”. A track he is particularly proud of. “Iʼm not naturally a piano player

but Iʼve been teaching myself over the last few years” he says, “So to hear it committed to tape, sounding so atmospheric and sweet, was actually a joy. Its a simple track but it really captures my mood at the time.”

Another thing that strikes you about his new solo outing is the sheer expanse and ambition to his music. The sheer range of styles, skipping effortlessly from the soulful “Lead Balloon” to the proggy, funked-up bassline heavy “One Gallon Drum” all the way to the furious rock spirit of his newest track, “Photocopy Machine”. Not surprising for a man who is still in the middle of a round the world trip, hovering up new experiences in far-off lands. “The song styles vary so much that I thought I might have lost the continuity of the overall record” admits Dunn, “But that is what most people have appreciated and described as the most outstanding quality of the collection. I guess without the compromises you have to make in a band regarding other peoples opinions, the whole process quickens and the rate at which you can reach completion, improves in most instances”

Jason Karlson - Ten Foot City Magazine

Current Releases Steph Fraser Purple Sun EP

Itʼs only been two years since Steph Fraser started singing, but sheʼs already earned quite a reputation on the live circuit in advance of this, her debut EP. With strong, tuneful vocal melodies backed by a confident and accomplished guitar style, her self-written songs have earned her a big fanbase in her native Blackpool, as well as a growing following in Canada where she toured earlier this year. When she busked outside her local HMV on the CDʼs day of release in May, she went down so well that it ended up outselling its nearest rival by more than double, and last year she found herself playing at the Blackpool illuminations ceremony on a bill with Natalie Imbruglia and McFly! With plenty of shows and festival appearances scheduled in the UK (and Canada!) over the next few months, and with her career already off to a fine start, the Eva Cassidy inspired singer songwriter looks destined for great things.

Properganda Magazine Photo: Paul Degner


Waking Up Before Dawn

Apparently Robert Wyatt is rather fond of this Italian outfit who, suitably enough, have a real aura of ʻCanterbury sceneʼ about them – recalling, to this listeners ears at least, Caravanʼs If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You, with a healthy dose of Tortoise-esque post-rock. Given that Italy is home to some tremendous prog-rock type outfits (who understand prog in the noughties is about a good deal more than convoluted time signatures) this is perhaps not a huge surprise, but what is unexpected is the almost Nick Drake like beauty of some of the songs on offer here. Ray Harper - Total Music Magazine



How Key It Is (EP)

A clutch of intention laden chunks of grunge/metal provide a statement of intent from SoKeY which has already seen them winning best metal act at The Ontario Independent Music Awards. The debut album will be released in early 2009. KF

The Randalls Demoʼs

It's jangly, melodic but more rock than pop. 'Revolver' which won the 2007 Ontario Independent Music Awards, has an infectious bassline (Primal Scream/Stone Roses style). Ok you get the idea by now Roses, Beatles, a hint of Psychadelia and a whole clutch of original melodies. KF

Killing Me (Single)

Whilst not yet on the SV roster weʼre keeping tabs on the transatlantic band IT (pronounced ʻitʼ not I.T. Unashamedly citing prog as a big influence IT manage to sound completely relevant today, taking punk and metal references to explore contemporary political issues without pulling any punches. Killing me is from the forthcoming album ʻDepartureʼ. Watch the video here:

Ken Foster sets out his vision for the future of Sonic Vista and Jaded Rebel “Weʼre more of a co-operative than a traditional music business company” The last 3 years have been something of a learning curve for both Sonic Vista and myself.

Iʼve met so many people from the musicians standpoint (Clint Boon, Inspiral Carpets - Mike Joyce, The Smiths - Martin Coogan, The Mock Turtles) and Iʼve been in seminars with U2ʼs manager Paul McGuinness and Peter Gabriel (amongst others). My conclusion is that no-one had a clear idea about what direction the industry was going in and - most telling of all nobody seemed to know what to do about it.

Much of the talk was about downloading and online business models but the conclusion I came to was that all the traditional rules needed to be scrapped and a new start was needed, Literally from a clean first page.

The Payola problem is still an ever present carbuncle with Hunter S Thompsonʼs ʻPimps and Thievesʼ still running the show. Anyone who has ever tried to get some exposure with a major music publication or label will have surely met the payola wall. We mustnʼt concern ourselves with this as itʼs a dinosaur model. A powerful dinosaur mind you but still in itʼs death throes. Iʼve found that honesty, integrity and enthusiasm are far more important and respected virtues. This is why Sonic Vista and Jaded Rebel has and will continue to thrive. Our first consideration isnʼt the bottom line.

Itʼs a pre-requisite that bands who we work with share this philosophy. A philosophy of hard work and persistance.

We decided to look at the global opportunities for the label and have spent the last 2 1/2 years building up a network of contacts. Weʼve looked for partners who share our vision.

In Donna Danielli and Brandon Vydelingum weʼve found 2 individuals with many strengths but who importantly look at the business in exactly the same way as we do.

There are still massive opportunities to develop artists and to help them in many different ways. Steph Fraser has benefitted from our work massively in the last 12 months. Iʼm sure that when she signed to the label 12 months ago having done only a few local gigs, she wouldnʼt have believed she would have had a tour of Canada and critically acclaimed EP under her belt by now.

Similarly, although we have an agent in Japan we donʼt want to jump into bed with the first label or company that shows an interest. We want to nurture relationships and make sure we are dealing with like minded people before taking the plunge. Our contact in Tokyo (Dan Moran) is bi-lingual and we have had talks with all the major players and independents out there. We donʼt really have common ground with those companies who want the next hit single, preferring those who will listen to the music and judge it on itʼs own merits.

I get a lot of bands approaching us from the standpoint of “What can you do for us?” which immediately scores a negative. If they approch us by saying “What can we do together” theyʼre off to a much better start. I see it more as a co-operative than a traditional music company.

Jaded Rebel offers the flexibility to suit the individual artistsʼ needs. Not only a record label, it also offers touring services, booking, promotion and marketing as well as artist management, with a focus on artist development.

Essentially the first requirement is that we need to like the music. Itʼs a given that the artist must be passionate about the music so if weʼre equally enthusiastic about it then thatʼs a good starting point.

We donʼt promise to make anyone a star but we can do a lot of the stuff that releases the artist to concentrate on the music and if we do move into a profit situation we return the lionʼs share back to the artist.

We have an ambitious business plan that will see us becoming a significant force in music and any artist that comes along for the ride will be afforded passion and protection in equal measures.

To submit a demo to Sonic Vista please visit the website at and use our soundcloud submit function.

In the pipeline... The new album by Aron Paul is under construction in Southern Spain. Aron was a big figure in Manchesterʼs music community before emigrating in 2008.

Weʼve had tabs on Aron since he won the Strummer Live Music series back in 2006. You can see his winning performance here.

Aron Paul Gnu&The Shrew

His first independently released album ʻAngel Callingʼ was a revelation in chilled out acoustic soul and weʼre looking forward to releasing the new album in 2009.

Weʼve also had talks with Gnu & The Shrew, another Manchester band who also have connections with France and Berlin. Weʼll hopefully have more news on this in the next newsletter.

For our north-west UK readers thereʼs a great offer from our friends at one of Blackpoolʼs premier music venues The West Coast Rock Cafe. Gaynor Wynne sent us the following offer to make available to you:

We would like to offer you a permanent 10% discount at the West Coast Rock Cafe, Blackpool and Cleveleys.

To get your discount card email us at We will also send you a £5 voucher to spend at the West Coast. We have some great offers this winter including Half Price Burgers every Monday night! Also we are happy to make our venues available for students to hire for events and parties of all kinds. Phone me direct on 07903 324693 to discuss your requirements. Whether you want to put on your own band night,birthday party or raise money for a special cause we would love to help!

w ww.indielove .ca

send articles or queries to


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