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ask anna Hi Anna, What is the difference between BB and CC creams? – Rachel • BB CREAM BB cream “Beauty Balm,” first hit the Asian market a few years ago and due to the popularity it has since made its way to the US and beyond! A new favorite by makeup artists and beauty gurus, BB typically provides SPF protection and antioxidants to the skin. There are several different versions on the market all of which contain their own unique concoction of skin beneficial ingredients. BB creams vary in coverage depending on the brand but are generally lighter than CC creams. • CC CREAM CC Cream “complexion corrector” has a more of a whipped, light, fluffy feel and finish-kind as compared to BB Creams. They typically do not have the variety of skin care ingredients found in BB Cream as the intent of CC creams is more to cover and conceal skin imperfections. Overall, the main- yet subtle- difference between the two creams is their amount of coverage. The prices, shade variety and SPF value of each is practically equal. So if you’re looking to cover acne scars, dark marks, redness or existing blemishes, choose a CC cream. If your main concern is simply using a product easier to apply than foundation that will also provide benefits and a bit of coverage, stick with a BB cream instead. Anna Porrazzo owns Synergy Spa & Aesthetics in Raleigh and teaches corrective makeup and innovative skin care to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, estheticians and spa owners worldwide. Email your questions to askanna@trianglestyle.com fall | 73

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