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Skin Mirrors Stress

By Margaret Boyse, M.D.

There is often a clear, strong connection

wide range of effective medications are

between the beauty of our skin and our

available to treat acne, regardless of the

internal and external existence, our health

severity of the condition, and laser therapy

and well-being.

is another choice that is proving beneficial in some instances. Laser therapy also has

Stress can unquestionably be a killer and

been used successfully for some time

do untold damage to our physical and

to diminish or remove scarring that may

emotional selves, which are intimately

result from severe acne.

intertwined. To varying degrees, we all experience stress in our lives, and the

There are two sides of the same coin: if

condition of our skin – the body’s largest

someone is feeling burdensome levels of

organ – often mirrors the results.

stress in their lives, there will be evidence of that fact in the appearance and health

We consider stress to be a trigger or irritant

of their skin. In the same manner, an

for a range of skin problems, including

inflammatory skin disease, such as acne,

acne, hives, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea

for example, is by itself a highly stress-

and other conditions.

inducing event.

Dr. Margaret Boyse practices at Southern Dermatology & Skin Cancer & Skin Renewal Center. After earning her medical degree from the University of Texas, she completed her internship at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and residency at the University of Michigan. Special interests include: general adult and pediatric dermatology, dermatologic surgery, cosmetic dermatology and skin cancer. She is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology and North Carolina Medical Society. For more information, visit www.

Many of my patients get equally good results in reducing and managing stress

best for the individual.

Drossman Gastroenterology

Along with exercise to manage stress, I

55 Vilcom Center Drive Boyd Hall, Suite 110 Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Drossman Gastroenterology PLLC a patient-centered gastroenterology practice focusing on patients with difficult to diagnose and manage functional GI and motility disorders. The office is located within the multidisciplinary health care center, Chapel Hill Doctors. Dr. Douglas Drossman is joined by physician’s assistant, Kellie Bunn, PA-C. Appointments are scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday and most laboratory studies are available.


simply by walking, by doing yoga or Pilates, meditating or getting massages or some combination of therapies and activities. The important ingredient is the commitment to take charge of the issue of stress management in whatever ways work

often encourage patients to eat healthy foods, such as eggs, fish, nuts and fruits and vegetables. The combination of a good exercise-stress management program and a good diet is very powerful. I offer the same message for my teenage patients with acne, for patients with psoriasis, for obese patients and for those who simply want to improve the appearance of their skin. Acne, as we have observed many times, is too often a stressful blight on the lives of teenagers and even of some adults. A

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