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Dr. Shaikh thinks the addition of inpatient services in Clayton is a plus for his patients, many of whom are retirees. “The campus is easy to get in and out of,” he says. “They don’t have to travel as far, nor sit for hours in an emergency department.” Maternity services are a great addition, too, for the many young people in the Clayton area, he says. In fact, 26 percent of residents living in the zip code have children. The internist also likes the option of having the hospital’s ancillary services close by. And the hospital is ideal for patients with chest pain who need observation, he says. The hospital has four acuity-adaptable beds and six progressive care beds that will eventually transition into an intensive care unit. A Draw for Other Businesses In the five years since opening, Johnston Health Clayton has attracted other businesses to the strip along N.C. 42 West, including a nursing home, an assisted-living center and offices for physicians and other health care-related services.

The three-story atrium of Johnston Health Clayton’s new hospital features plenty of natural light and unique lighting features.

While commercial development of late has been off, Mr. Lee says, residential development has been on fire. “If you could snap your fingers today and suddenly finish all of the projects in the pipeline, I think the population here could grow 50 percent.” The 2013/2014 census puts Clayton’s population at 16,116 residents, which is a 131 percent increase from 10 years ago. The population of the larger trade area six miles around Clayton is 52,840. Also notable, 68 percent of Clayton residents are employed, and the median family income is $62,951. As for the house hunters, Mr. Lee says many are retirees who are following their children. They are mostly from Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Ohio. “And they’re all very interested in medical care,” he adds. “I tell them we have the best right here in Clayton, and they’re impressed.”


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Comprehensive Health Care Services The following is a list of services available at Johnston Health Clayton. Cardiovascular Services • Adult and pediatric electrocardiology (EKG or ECG) • Holter monitoring • Event monitoring • Ambulatory cardiac telemetry • Adult and pediatric echocardiography • Transesophageal echocardiography • Cardiac stress testing • Vascular ultrasound • Non-invasive vascular studies • Electroencephalography (EEG) • Home-sleep testing Radiology • Diagnostic imaging • Computed tomography (CT) scan • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) • Ultrasound • Mammography • Bone density • Interventional radiology • Nuclear medicine Respiratory Care 24/7 • Inpatient bronchoscopy • Pulmonary function testing

Pharmacy and Lab 24/7 Surgical Services • General • Orthopedic • Ear nose and throat • Gynecology • Vascular • Ophthalmology • Podiatry • Thoracic • Neurology • Elective endoscopy Behavioral Health •P  atients presenting to the emergency department are triaged for medical issues and physiological problems. •O  nce medical issues are stabilized or treatment is under way, behavioral health screening is done by the ED provider in collaboration with the behavioral health screener. • If admission is needed, the on-call psychiatrist will be contacted for admission acceptance, and transport orders will be given to the ED nurse in charge. Labor and Delivery

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