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Practice Marketing

20 Powerful Reasons to Brand Your Practice Part 3 of 4 As we explored earlier in this series, your

By Wendy Coulter

recognize and remember it!

practice must differentiate its product or service from others and help build a col-

Be Recognized

lection of perceptions that will resonate

Recognition and memory of a brand is

with your patients in order to thrive and

key. Even with many dollars spent in ad-

grow. I continue with five more reasons to

vertising, sales conversion is not nearly as

brand your practice.

high without brand recall. A unique and creative brand story helps increase brand

Motivate Employees


A brand strategy can help employees better understand their responsibility in rep-

Probably some of the most recognizable

resenting the practice and contributing to

branding in history has been done by Mc-

its success. It helps them know how to act

Donald’s through the golden arches and

and how to meet goals.

Ronald McDonald, not to mention this memorable jingle: “two all-beef patties,

Apple’s brand strategy includes a state-

special sauce, lettuce, cheese…”

ment that, “People don’t come here to play it safe. They come here to swim in the

Communicate What Your Practice

deep end. They want their work to add up

Stands for

to something. Something big. Something

An effective brand story goes beyond

that couldn’t happen anywhere else.” This

features and benefits and communicates

brand statement helps the company at-

style and character, including values and

tract people who are motivated and who

business principles. Many take this a step

will, in turn, be loyal to the company.

further by committing to local charities or even global causes.

Create Consistency
 Practices with clear and consistent brand-

For example, TOM’s was founded with a

ing help patients know what to expect

mission to donate a pair of shoes to a per-

when they visit, which puts them at ease.

son in need for every pair it sells.

Wendy Coulter is president of Hummingbird Creative Group Inc. She is a graduate of the School of Design at North Carolina State University with degrees in architecture and industrial design and a minor in communications. She founded Hummingbird Creative Group in 1995, with a desire to put her ideas to work, creatively solving problems for small businesses. Hummingbird Creative Group is an award-winning, full-service branding agency that helps companies define brand strategy, develop sustainable brand messaging and implement marketing tactics through advertising, graphic design, sales enablement, public relations and online marketing services. Awards include “Pinnacle Business Award” from the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, as well as “Business of the Year,” “Employer of the Year” and “Successful Achievement” awards from the Cary Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Coulter was named a “Top 50 Entrepreneur,” “Woman Extraordinaire,” “Mover and Shaker” and “40 Under 40,” to name a few. She is active in a variety of community and civic endeavors and frequently presents on such topics as branding, marketing, advertising and design.

Ask patients why they first visited, why

Your brand story should be consistent across all media from your corporate

Establish a Strong Reputation

they come back and why they chose you

identity and advertising, to your website

Reputation really is what branding is.

over competitors. The answers to these

and phone etiquette. And, you need to be

Looking for the right brand message for

questions can help you form a brand

committed to consistency for a long time…

your practice? Look straight to your repu-

promise, and as you continue to live up to

Turns out, just when you are tiring of your

tation and build on that.

that promise, your brand will establish a strong reputation.

brand story, patients are just beginning to

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