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Alex Tolstey

Born USSR Label: Where do you live now? Just moved back to Benicassim, Spain from Panama City in Panama Republic where I resided for the last 5 years. When did you first want to be a dj? 1987, I was 10 years old and I played my first dj set in my school’s disco. What music were you into then? Mainly heavy metal, pop, disco and early electro-break-dance. I discovered Electronic Music pretty late attending an ACID party while living at that time in Israel it was in ‘94. Has music always been a part of your life? Always was, is and will be, music is what moves me and guides me in everything I do. When did you set up Boshke Beats Records? In 2001. I decided to start with a plan of my own, had a vision of some special styles blend and it happened. Now we have a small but efficient and enthusiastic team of an amazing artists and djs. What has happened since then? I have defined Boshke sound, played some amazing parties and traveled the world with some incredible music and experiences, gained many fans, followers and supporters and had chance to meet and work with some of the most influential people in the genre.

What countries you enjoyed to play most? Well difficult question, but still my all times favorite is Japan, I played all over the country in many different cities on all kinds and dimensions of parties for many times, got very familiar with Japanese culture and simply felled in love with the country. Also enjoyed a lot to play in Brazil, one of the warmest and openminded crowds I ever played for! The recent discovery was Chile!, Panama- Archipelago festival, small party in the jungle on the island 350 miles away form the mainland‌it was nice!. I love it all you know, Israel, Austria, Panama recently, but the best gig was the one at BOOM festival 2012 in Portugal on their alternative Alchemy Circle stage, played just after Extrawelt live at those early morning hours, the sunrise, the dance floor energy and so many happy faces ripping the air with their hands, this full moon reflection in the lake in front of me and the rising sun behind me‌- it was a pure magic! Describe your sound now? Lysergic, offshore, raw, deep, spy techno, dirty house and vintage electronics no styles and definitions, a music that works just as well at peak times in large clubs as it does in the after hours in open air spaces, massive festivals or small private housepool events. What does the future hold? Continuing to play records at some of the best parties around, releasing the best music on Boshke Beats and its sub label Horns and Hoofs, working on Triangle Eyes project‌and enjoying life with a big Boshke smile!

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Interview tih Alex Tolstey at Mushroom Magazine , August 2012 =118763

Video from Boom festival 2012:

Triangle Eyes Live in Tel Aviv:

Compilation Discography: CHRONIKA chapter 1 Boshke Beats 2002 CHRONIKA chapter 2 Boshke Beats 2005 ABRACADABRA Horns and Hoofs 2006 CHRONIKA chapter 3 Boshke Beats 2008 CHRONIKA chapter 4 Boshke Beats 2012 Releases: The Delta (vs. Alex Tolstey ”Deep & Bleep” single /Boshke Beats 2012 Triangle Eyes” Mental Punch” /Soundmute Recordings 2012 The Rockitmen “Smoke Seducer”/Boshke Beats 2012 Triangle Eyes” Fourteen” /Boshke Beats 2012 Triangle Eyes” Sharpshooter”/Boshke Beats 2012 Adeway “Starter” Triangle Eyes Remix/ Boshke Beats 2012 Max Pollyul”Active Sbustance” Triangle Eyes Remix , Boshke Beats 2012 The Rockitmen ”Electro Hobbits” Horns and Hoofs 2010 Triple Distilled “Trespasser” EP Boshke Beats 2010 Max Pollyul”Movement Of Elephant” Triple Distilled Remix Horns & Hoofs 2010 The Rockitmen “Overhazed” Horns & Hoofs 2008 The Rockitmen”Ego Tripping” Boshke Beats 2008 The Rockitmen “Sweet Lies/XXX Press”/Gemini Records 12” 2007 La Baaz - The Rockitmen Remix/ Coldgroove Records 2006 The Delta “Hero FX” The Rockitmen remix, Boshke Beats 2005 Triple Distilled vs Fuzzion “Midnight Circulator” Boshke Beats 2005 Triple Distilled ”Hopping Adaggio” Boshke Beats 2003 Triple Distilled” Trespasser”/Horns and Hoofs 2002

Alex Tolstey presskit 2012  
Alex Tolstey presskit 2012  

DJ Alex Tolstey Alex Tolstey, Head of A&R and art director of Boshke Beats Records (Spain-Canada), label that blending techno with trance,...