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APRIL 2014

>> APRIL 2 SAC meeting 6 p.m. 7-11 Remember Week 12 Prom After Prom at Alamo 18 Senior Boards 23 ACT testing 25 No School Teacher Comp Day

>> MAY 5-16 AP testing 7 SAC meeting 6 p.m. 5-23 IB testing 13-16 Senior Exams 19 Moving Up Ceremony 22 Graduation 9 a.m. 21,23,27-28 Underclassmen Final Exams Junior College Night Monday, April 7, 6-7:30 p.m. in the auditorium

A comprehensive college advising program designed to reduce the anxiety associated with the college admissions process.


Remember Week: April 7-11 Educators urge students to think, make smart decisions We are proud to announce that we are taking our traditional ‘Remember Assembly’ to the next level again this year! In the past we recognized the concerns that our students faced around the time of Prom and Graduation with an assembly for our whole school highlighting issues such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, texting and driving, bullying (cyber, physical, and emotional), making poor decisions with friends, challenges with relationships (peers, boyfriends, girlfriends, parents and teachers) or planning for a successful future. As a result of a school-wide survey by our Counseling Department, experiences throughout the year in our community, social trends emphasized by the TRHS Social Norm survey and information from the DCSD Health Department, it became apparent that we needed to address multiple topics, instead of holding one big event before Prom. Therefore, ThunderRidge will be presenting our third REMEMBER WEEK from April 7–11, 2014, with a theme for each day: Tuesday: TRHS freshmen/sophomores will remember “Cyber Safety.” During Seminar freshmen and sophomores will attend an assembly to hear Mrs. Karen Stienhauser, a local attorney specializing in Family Law and Criminal Defense for Juveniles, to discuss the laws behind cyber safety. The discussion will include cyber bullying and what are appropriate and inappropriate pictures and texts as well as the consequences of inappropriate cyber behavior. see story on next page

Remember Week Bell Schedule Monday – All Day Tuesday – Odd Day with Seminar *Freshman and Sophomore Assembly: Cyber Safety Wednesday – PLC/Even Day with Seminar/NO Access PLC 7:40-9 a.m. Period 2 9:05-10:08 a.m. Seminar 10:13-10:48 a.m. *Junior and Senior Assembly: Drug Awareness Period 4 10:53-11:58 a.m. Period 6 12:03-1:42 p.m. A Lunch B Lunch L=11:58-12:33 p.m. 6=12:03-1:07 p.m. 6=12:38-1:42 p.m. L=1:07-1:42 p.m. Period 8 1:47-2:50 p.m. Thursday – Odd Day Friday – Revised Even Day with Seminar

Period 2 7:40 - 8:56 a.m. Period 4 9:01 - 10:17 a.m. Seminar 10:22 - 11:32 a.m. School wide assembly – Be safe Period 6 Lunch A Lunch B L=11:32-12:12 p.m. 6=11:37-12:53 p.m. 6=12:12-1:28 p.m. L=12:53-1:28 p.m. Period 8 1:33 - 2:50 p.m.



<< ARTS 7

1991 WILDCAT RESERVE PARKWAY, HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO 80129 PHONE: 303-387-2000 FAX: 303-387-2001


Remember Week

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Wednesday: Juniors and Seniors will remember “Drug Awearness.” During this day, Mrs. Robin Glenn from the Arapahoe Mental Health Institution will talk to the juniors and seniors about drug awareness. She will focus on the effects of marijuana as well as how the most recent changes in state law apply to our students. Friday: TRHS will remember “Be Safe.” In this school wide assembly on Friday, there will be several speakers. We will have two police officers talk about the legal side of texting and driving. Barb Becker from the Arapahoe Mental Health Institution and Phyllis Harvey from the Douglas County Y.E.S.S. program will speak on bullying and suicide awareness. The discussion will focus on prevention and where teenagers can go for help. We are excited to be able to offer this opportunity to ThunderRidge High School students this year and look forward to empowering over 2,000 teenagers! Please remember if you do not want your child to take part in any of the activities, you should complete the ‘Parent OptOut’ form found on the TRHS website and mark it to the attention of Mr. David Weiss. Further questions or concerns can be addressed to Lisa Vogt (Student Government Lead Teacher) – see TRHS website for email addresses or phone numbers.

Spring Events at TRHS With spring comes the blossoming of activities at high school. Not only will there be a push for students to have a strong academic focus until the end, but everyone is encouraged to participate in the celebrations. A look at the upcoming events will explain why “spring forward” takes on a whole new meaning at ThunderRidge! This year, Prom will be held on Saturday, April 12. This event will be at Infinity Park in Glendale from 8 -11:30 p.m. The junior Student Government members have planned an evening that promises to be very memorable with the theme of ThunderRidge Chocolate Factory. IDs will be checked at the door to ensure a safe and memorable high school event. Tickets may be purchased online the week of April 1. Beginning April 7, tickets will only be available for purchase during lunch. ThunderRidge is lucky to have a strong parent support system that is busy planning this year’s After Prom. Alamo Cinema will be the place to be immediately following Prom on Saturday, April 12th from midnight to 4 a.m. Given all the plans that have gone into this event, students are sure to have a blast! Monday, April 21 is Senior Sneak Day. Details and information of the event will be presented in Seminar and on the TRHS website. This will prove to be a fabulous day that seniors won’t soon forget. Seniors will focus on Senior Boards on Friday, April 18. The boards is the culminating evaluation instrument to validate a senior student’s ability to research from a variety of media, write an analytical paper, design and complete a project, and teach others about the project in a formal presentation. The oral presentations are accompanied by a portfolio which seniors present to a board composed of school staff, parents and community members. The purpose of the Senior Project is to give students a chance to choose an area of study, to combine different disciplines, to explore new avenues in a productive manner, and at the same time, incorporate the philosophy of helping others and contributing to the community. Our annual Senior Banquet will be held on Wednesday, April 30 at Terrace Gardens in Ken Caryl. Doors will be open at 6:30 p.m. Dinner will start at 7 p.m. and will be followed by student speakers, performances, and the senior video. The cost will be $25 per person including students. Wrapping up the year will be the DECA and Student Government sponsored Last Blast for the entire student body. This fun celebration will be held on Monday, May 19 following Senior Check Out and the Moving Up Assembly. This event is a fantastic way to bring students together for one last Grizzly blast.

Important dates ACT Exam for Juniors - April 23: No school for 9th, 10th, and 12th graders. Graduation is May 22: Graduation information may be found at the TRHS website under the Student Tab, then Seniors.

2014 Student Check In:

Student Check In for the 2014 - 2015 school year will take place on Thursday, July 31, 2014 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


ACADEMICS <<<< SPOTLIGHT ON DECA Katie Kruse earn’s TRHS’s Apple Award nomination The Apple Awards are given to outstanding educators and other staff in the Douglas County School District and this year, Marketing Teacher Katie Kruse, earned ThunderRidge High School’s nominaton. Kruse is a part of the DECA program, and she previously was a part of the FBLA program from 2008 to 2013. She has been running the DECA program since 2011. DECA students present scenarios that mimic real world aspects at competitions, and they also use their marketing and business skills from this program to benefit the community. For example, DECA students organized Trick or Treat Street, Winterfest, and they promoted the “Pack the Gym” night at the Unified Grizzlies basketball game. Kruse, who attended high school at TRHS, felt absolutely honored to become a recipient for such an award. “It meant a lot to not only be nominated by the community members, initially, but it meant a tremendous amount to me to be selected by the TRHS staff to represent our school,” states Kruse. Any Douglas County School District staff member can be nominated by anyone. Nominations are sent to each school to be reviewed. Then the school staff votes for one of the top three. The top choice is selected as the School Apple Representative. The Apple representative submits their Apple Award application to the District to be reviewed and finalists are announced.

An interview with junior Conner Lake, a DECA State Champion What type of preparation did this require? It required a lot of practice and research on my part. Kruse helped us a lot with tests role plays, but she left is up to us to know our event. This really separated who really wanted to win and who was just there to socialize. How would you describe DECA in your own words? What do you do? A lot of people would say DECA is just another business club, but it’s much more than that. DECA promotes community service and helping others, you don’t have to compete to be a part of DECA. I personally compete and help out with activities such as Trick-or-Treat Street and the Unified Grizzly games. How does DECA benefit you? DECA not only improves my public speaking and presentation abilities, but it also allows me to get my community service hours. DECA is without a doubt, one of the best clubs at ThunderRidge. It supplies you with real life skills and the tools to succeed in life. What opportunities does DECA provide for you?


Not only does DECA provide life skills, but it also provides scholarships, networking opportunities, and chances for you to earn your community service. What are competitions like, and what does it feel like to be a State Champion? Competitions are some of the most school sanctioned activities at ThunderRidge. The actual DECA State Champions, Concompetitions make ner Lake and Quinn Tucker. up about one hour of the 3-5 days, the rest is filled with dinners to dances; it’s great. It’s weird knowing you’re the best in the state at something, how do you tell someone you’re the best Principles of Finance competitor? I’m not sure, but it’s pretty cool though.

ACADEMICS <<<< DECA students place well at State Competition The DECA State Conference was held at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs from Feb. 22-26. ThunderRidge High School had 52 students represented of 2,800 participants. They represented TRHS beautifully and we are so proud of them! DECA State Officer (a TRHS first!) Krishna Dholakiya: Social Media Director (he is a sophomore so this was a tremendous accomplishment and he will be a part of the state DECA â&#x20AC;&#x153;Action Teamâ&#x20AC;?) School Based Enterprise (School Store) Re-Certified at the Gold Level (highest that can be earned) - 3 students will be given spots to Nationals to compete in the SBE Academy (competition, workshops and individual certification exam) - Brenden Davis, Rachel DelToro, Becca Mowery and Krish Dholakiya were responsible for the 40 page written report that had to be submitted and reviewed for certification. Student qualifiers for Nationals in Atlanta, GA State Champions *Quinn Tucker: Principles of Hospitality and Tourism *Conner Lake: Principles of Finance Runner Up *Grant Hamilton: Automotive Marketing Services *Jenelle Weaver and Ryan Sepesy: Financial Literacy Promotional Plan *Madison Daniel: Principles of Hospitality and Tourism *Tyler Loptien and Austin Stover: Sports and Entertainment Team 3rd Place *Cariana Morales and Kaylee Thoutt: Buying and Merchandising Operations Research 5th Place *Krishna Dholakiya: Business Services Marketing *Brenden Davis and Ryan Sepesy: Finance Team *Lauren Murken: Principles of Marketing *Jenelle Weaver: Quick Serve Restaurant Management *Katie Hut and Chloe Moreau-Carrera: Travel and Tourism Team *Katie Furman and Abbie Boettcher: Public Relations Written Event Finalists: students who made finals (top 10 to 12) but did not qualify for Nationals. Abbie Boettcher and Anna Hamilton: Hospitality Services Team Katie Furman and Jack Adams: Buying and Merchandising Team Katie Kirelik and Rachel DelToro: Business Law and Ethics Team Nathan Moon: Food Marketing Becca Mowery: Human Resources Management Kathryn Vandewerker: Accounting Applications Colin McIllece: Principles of Business Administration David Vandewerker: Principles of Business Administration Matt Pochocki: Principles of Finance Matt MaCoy: Restaurant and Food Service Management Kathryn Vandewerker and Katie Kirelik: Community Service Written Plan Molly Whitefoot and Rachel DelToro: Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research Krishna Dholakiya and Becca Mowery: Learn and Earn Written Report Anna Hamilton and Austin Stover: Creative Marketing Written Project Honorable Mentions Cariana Morales: Hotel and Lodging Management Elizabeth Anderson: Business Services Marketing Marika Shanahan: Professional Selling Kyla MaCoy: Principles of Marketing A big THANK YOU to Gen Bennett, Jim Dollaghan, Aryann Roberts and Katy Waskey for helping chaperone this nearly 4 day event! Congratulations to all the students!



Seniors Senior Board Schedule Senior Boards are scheduled for Friday, April 18. The schedule for the Week of Senior Boards is as follows: Monday, April 14 – All Day Tuesday, April 15 – Revised Odd Day w/Seminar Wednesday, April 16 – Even Day w/ Access Thursday, April 17 – Odd Day Friday, April 18 – Revised Even Day - Senior Boards Period 2 7:40-8:26 a.m. (46 min) Period 4 8:31-9:17 a.m. (46 min) Period 6 9:22-10:08 a.m. (46 min) Period 8 10:13-11 a.m. (47 min) (Buses will depart at 11:10 a.m. for Underclassmen.) Seniors do not attend class. Senior Boards will begin after school at 12 p.m. Seniors are to check the schedule for their specific presentation times.

Senior Project & Boards on April 18 This is an exciting time in all of our classrooms as we once again embark on the Senior Project. The Senior Project is the cumulative evaluation of four years of hard work. It validates the graduate’s ability to read, write, and speak at the level necessary to take the next step to adulthood. The model project also validates the student’s abilities in project design, problem solving, time management, self- initiative, work ethic and life long learning skills. The Senior Project consists of a research paper on a self-selected topic, followed by a physical project or field- work. The final part consists of an oral presentation that synthesizes the first two components and is presented before a review board composed of school staff and community members called the Senior Boards. Friday, April 18, will be a milestone for ThunderRidge High School seniors. The senior class will be making presentations of their Senior Projects to the Senior Boards. In the past, it has been an extremely rewarding experience; so much so, we have many Senior Board members returning to serve again. If you would like to participate as a Senior Board judge, please contact Denise Orsini at or fill out the Senior Boards Judge form located on TRHS’s website.


Class of 2013: Senior Final Exam Schedule

**9th, 10th, and 11th graders have regularly scheduled classes** Once a senior has taken their regularly scheduled final for a course, they no longer need to attend that course. Monday, May 12 - Revised Odd w/Seminar Period 1- FINAL EXAM 7:40 – 9:05 a.m. Period 3- FINAL EXAM 9:10 – 10:35 a.m. Seminar 10:40 – 11:15 a.m. (Locker Clean Out for seniors) Period 5 11:20 a.m.– 1:20 p.m. Period 7 1:25 – 2:50 p.m. Seniors are expected to attend all day. Tuesday, May 13 – Even w/Access Access 7:35 – 8:15 a.m. Period 2-FINAL EXAM 8:20 –9:45 a.m. Period 4-FINAL EXAM 9:50 – 11:15 a.m. Period 6 11:20 a.m. – 1:20 p.m. Period 8 1:25 – 2:50 p.m. Seniors are expected to attend all day. Wednesday, May 14 – Odd Day Period 1 7:40 – 9:15 a.m. Period 3 9:20 – 10:55 a.m. Period 5-FINAL EXAM 11 a.m. -12:35 p.m. (B Lunch) or 11:35-1:10 (A Lunch) Period 7-FINAL EXAM 1:15 – 2:50 p.m. Seniors are only expected to attend 5th and 7th period for finals unless make-up finals need to be taken during other periods. Thursday, May 15 – Even Day Period 2 7:40 – 9:15 a.m. Period 4 9:20 – 10:55 a.m. Period 6-FINAL EXAM 11 a.m.-12:35 p.m. (B Lunch) or 11:35-1:10 p.m. (A Lunch) Period 8-FINAL EXAM 1:15 – 2:50 p.m. Seniors are only expected to attend 6th and 8th period for finals unless make-up finals need to be taken during other periods. Friday, May 17 – All Day Seniors – No school Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors attend an ALL DAY Schedule. Reminder: Turn in Textbooks to Lower C Hall. Please note, seniors with a conflict between the scheduled National AP Test time and a classroom final exam should take the AP Test at the scheduled time. Any missed final exams should be taken between Monday (5/12/14 and Thursday (5/15/14). It is the responsibility of the student to schedule the makeup time through the classroom teacher.

ACADEMICS <<<< IB Update

The Class of 2014 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme candidates have completed and documented the 150 hours for Creativity, Action, Service (CAS). They have also completed the 4,000 word Extended Essay (EE). These seniors will be presenting a Senior Project based as their CAS activities and/or the Extended Essay. They are in the midst of Internal Assessments that are submitted to IB, as well as preparing for the External Assessments that are taken during the month of May. The Assessments are sent to examiners across the world for grading. The results of those exams will be available to the students in July as well as the receipt of the International Baccalaureate Diploma. We are proud of their accomplishments and wish them the best as they move on to their next goals.

Registrar News Is your student attending a school other than TRHS in 2014-15?

If your child is leaving to attend another high school for the 2014-15 school year, please notify the ThunderRidge High School Registrar at Mrs. Kelling will explain the withdrawal process which includes the return of textbooks, paying fees and much more. Following this process will allow for a smooth transition to their new school.

Open Enrollment for the 2014 – 2015 School Year

The Open Enrollment Application window for the 2014 – 15 school year starts on April 15, 2014 and ends on Aug. 15, 2014. The Open Enrollment Application will be available on the main page of the ThunderRidge High School website beginning Tuesday, April 15. This is a paper process. Please print, complete and return the application to the TRHS Counseling Office. Applications will be processed in the order they are received. If you have moved from the TRHS area and would like your student to continue their education at TRHS, this process must be followed. For further information regarding Open Enrollment, please refer to the Douglas County School District Website or contact the TRHS Registrar at

Voter Registration

Due to changes in the Colorado Voter Registration Law, students age 16 and older are eligible to register to vote; though the student must be 18 on or before the election they intent to vote. If your student is interested in participating in this civic opportunity, please have them stop by the ThunderRidge High School Counseling Office to complete the Colorado Voter Registration Form. Forms must be completed, signed in person and submitted to Mrs. Kelling, TRHS Registrar. Any questions can be addressed to

BOOKKEEPING Reminders from the Finance office

• Please check your student’s fee account in Infinite Campus. All outstanding fees are now Past Due! • Personal check can no longer be accepted for the rest of the school year. Payments can be made online or at the Finance Office with cash or credit card. • Replacement costs for lost textbooks, library books or novels will post to student’s IC account after final exams. A list of books checked out in your student’s name may be obtained from Mrs. Anne Lane, the Textbook Manager. • Seniors with outstanding balances on their IC account may be in jeopardy of participating in graduation. • There are a limited number of extra yearbooks that will be available for sale on Tuesday, April 22 during A and B lunch. Payments will need to be made on that day in the form of cash or credit card in hand. The yearbooks will be sold on a first come, first serve basis until all books are sold. The cost on April 22 will be $75.


ACADEMICS <<<< ATHLETIC NEWS Heads Up! The truth about concussions

The national statistics on pediatric brain injuries are nothing short of alarming. Roughly 2-5% of the child population sustains a brain injury annually. To put the previous metric in perspective, it is expected that most public schools will have a head injury rate of 50 students every year. While head injuries are common, we still need to take them very seriously. In fact, several pediatricians consider brain injuries, even minor ones, the most significant public health issue of our time. A well-known and widespread type of brain injury is called a concussion. It is important to remember that a “concussion” is classified as a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). Although concussions are very familiar to most people, these injuries are sometimes linked to persistent problems. Due to new technology, we are beginning to understand that concussions and repeated mild head injuries can cause lasting neurological disorders. In brain injury cases, parents can play a pivotal role in their child’s recovery. If your child has a concussion it is helpful to follow these suggestions: 1. Remember that the vast majority of concussions will recover, but it may take up to 21 days or more. The amount of time necessary for children to recover is considerably more than once thought. Parents must understand the expected time frame for recovery and not try to push a child too quickly. 2. Always seek professional medical care if your child has a head injury—don’t rely on internet information or a friendly neighbor for advice. Call a doctor or nurse—all head injuries MUST be taken seriously! Do not fall into the trap, “Well I had a head injury and I’m okay.” 3. Students with head injuries are encouraged to rest both physically and cognitively for several days. After a concussion, injured children should be kept from physical activities for 7 days from “last reported symptom” and they must be cleared by a doctor to return to sports. 4. You absolutely must protect your child from having a second head injury while he or she is recovering from a first injury. Having two brain injuries in a short period of time may cause permanent damage or worse. 5. Children should not start academic work too soon after a head injury. Reading or writing too soon after an injury typically increases the recovery time. Students need a few days of “complete” cognitive rest post-injury. 6. Limit the amount of TV, social media, and computer time for your child during the recovery period. 7. Make sure your child is eating, drinking and sleeping well. Sleeping difficulties are common after an injury, but often overlooked. Also, the brain needs an enormous amount of moisture and children must be properly hydrated after an injury to heal efficiently. 8. Report any increase in symptoms after the injury to a doctor, especially headaches. A sudden increase in headaches may be extremely serious. In short, head injuries in children, even small ones, must be handled appropriately. Parents can no longer just say, “Oh it’s just a bump to the head.” Remember, a bump to the head may also be a trauma to a child’s brain. TRHS Head Injury Team David Whitelock, BA, ATR, ATC • Dianne Nugen, MS, BSN, RN • Tim Farrow, Ed.S, NCSP

ART NEWS The Douglas County District Art Show will be hosted by the Outlets at Castle Rock in an event tent in the parking lot close to I-25. The dates of the show are April 10 though April 13. The Opening Reception will be April 11 from 6 – 8 p.m. for Middle and High School students and families. The show will be taken down on April 13 after 4 p.m. The Continental League Art Show will be hosted by the Lone Tree Arts Center from April 2 – 15. The Reception will be April 15 from 5 – 7 p.m. The Arts Center is located at 10075 Commons St. in Lone Tree.


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