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45 years

January USA 2013

of beauty

A 45-year beauty legacy belcorp, the amazing company that brings you the prestigious beauty brand l’bel, celebrates its 45th anniversary this year. established in 1967 in lima, peru, belcorp was built on the dream of visionary founder eduardo belmont. His dream was to bring the 800-992-lbel (5235)

luxurious beauty products of France to the women of Latin America (and later here to the U.S.) and to enable Beauty Advisors to be financially independent, offering them life-changing opportunities for their families and communities.


Today, present in 16 countries, Belcorp is the 10th largest direct selling company in the world, helping women realize their dreams of beauty, confidence and personal fulfillment. We are proud of our rich history as we celebrate 45 years of bringing the highest quality, scientifically proven, award winning, prestigious beauty products to millions of women and continue to change lives around the Americas. In this first month of the New Year, we feature the L’Bel top-selling favorites and introduce the long-awaited Concentré Yeux Global Treatment Cream for Eyes. We also spotlight “Cupid’s Pick” ideas for your early Valentine’s Day shopping, as well as our very best skin care, fragrance and personal care. And this is just the beginning—we’ll be celebrating with special offers and surprises all year long. Delighted to share our important milestone with you, we wish you a happy, healthy and beautiful 2013.

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Luxury skin care

Expert personal care

Advanced formula makeup

Exquisite fragrances

3 800-992-lbel (5235) 4

“A remarkable product. I’ve seen wonderful results and others have noticed, too.” w hi t ne y b ., ta m pa , f l

Proven Results with Concentré Total after the 4th week of use*


More hydration


More firmness


Fewer wrinkles


*Percentages of women who perceived the results of efficacy evaluated under dermatological supervision among 64 women between the ages of 35 and 55 years.

More radiance

1 ultimate favorite


So advanced, it is called the “global” treatment, developed by an eminent team of experts from two globally recognized European laboratories. This luxurious cream formula contains a regenerative collagen-building peptide to help combat the signs of aging, and maitake extract, which helps return energy and vitality to cells deep within the epidermis.

+ Clinically and dermatologically tested + Hypoallergenic + For all skin types + Innovative technology for the most complete anti-aging action


Concentré Total—one luxury product that fights multiple signs of aging

Concentré Total Global Facial Treatment Cream 1.7 oz. Code 03253 $89.00

Introducing! Concentré Total Yeux Our first global anti-aging eye treatment Turn the page to read about Concentré Total Yeux – plus a free gift!

5 800-992-lbel (5235)

Introducing ConcentrĂŠ Total Yeux


Now, the advanced technology and luxury of ConcentrĂŠ Total in a special formula for eyes A luxurious concentrate for the delicate eye contour, this light, delicately scented cream smoothes into your skin for an experience of absolute pleasure, bringing you more even, luminous skin around the eyes for a fresher, younger look.

89% less wrinkles* 80% more firmness* 93% reduction in the appearance of dark circles**


Combats multiple signs of aging in the eye area

100% more hydration* 100% more luminous skin* The Science Behind L’Bel See the difference

Glycated and damaged collagen

The problem: With age, the body’s collagen and elastin proteins combine with sugar proteins in an internal chemical reaction called glycation. This causes tough, tangled connective tissue visible on the skin as wrinkles. Glycation also contributes to a loss of elasticity and changes in the dermis associated with the aging process. The problem escalates when glycated tissues produce Aged Glycation End products (AGEs), generating large numbers of damaging free radicals.

Free Gift! The innovation: Deglicâge technology, a breakthrough that helps reverse skin’s damaged collagen fibers. This advanced formula, composed of the same anti-aging peptides and Maitake extract as Concentré Total, can reverse cumulative glycation damage, restoring the flexibility and functionality of skin tissue, leading to decreased wrinkles and firmer, more hydrated skin.

Collagen in good condition

Maitake has been known in Japan since ancient times as the “plant of immortality” because of its anti-aging properties. It helps return vitality and energy to the epidermis cells, encouraging the recovery of the skin’s original appearance. The exclusive L’Bel formula also includes vitamin PP, to provide a lightening effect, diminish dark circles and decongest puffiness.

*Percentage who perceived these improvements in efficacy with 50 women between 35 and 65 years in the Perception Lab. **Self-evaluation efficacy test with dermatological supervision in 50 women between 35 and 55 years old.

With your purchase of Concentré Yeux, get a full-sized Total Cils Multi-benefit Mascara in Noir or Brun .31 oz. Value: $19.00

Brun #95720

Noir #95721

Concentré Total Yeux Global Treatment Cream for the Eye Contour .52 oz. Price: $67.00 Total Value: $86.00

7 800-992-lbel (5235) 8

Clean skin is happy skin L’Bel cleansers and toners are pure pleasure

“By far the best makeup remover I have ever used. My skin has never felt better.” Kat i e M ., Mar i etta , G A


Gentle biphasic oil/waterbased formula is perfect for removing waterproof and long-lasting makeup.

Astringent balancing toner balances skin’s pH, gently tightens the appearance of pores and continues the purification process.

Favorite Cleansing Set Essential Moisturizing Eye and Face Makeup Remover Lotion 4.2 fl. oz. Essential Cleanser 3 fl. oz. Essential Toner 3 fl. oz.

Exfoliating cleanser helps remove dead skin cell buildup that can cause rough, uneven appearance. Natural botanicals help balance skin’s pH and purify pores.

Normal to Dry Skin Code 95711 Normal to Oily Skin Code 95709 Oily Skin Code 95712 Special Price: $28.50 Total Value: $36.00


Wrinkle tamers

Favorite line diminishers: Collagenesse Intensive and Rejuvenating Effect Corrector 800-992-lbel (5235)

For fast, real results, count on Collagenesse Intensive ampoules. Plump, fill and hydrate the skin with hyaluronic acid. Follow with the light-diffusing Rejuvenating Effect Corrector to minimize spots, shadows and dark circles.


Wrinkle Tamer Set

Collagenesse Intensive Advanced Double Fill Effect Treatment .28 fl. oz. Rejuvenating Effect Corrector in five shades .05 fl. oz.

Claire 1-2-3 #95722

Claire 4 #95723

Special Price: $53.00 Total Value: $69.00 Medium 5-6 #95724

Medium 7 #95726

Obscure 8-9 #95727

Spot check For Day Moisturizes and protects from the sun

Dermo Clarité Day Set Dermo Clarité Clarifying and Moisturizing Facial Lotion with SPF 30 1.0 fl. oz. Lip Moisturizer SPF 18 .14 oz. Code 95719 Special Price: $43.00 Total Value: $54.00

Proven results based on self-evaluation and dermatological testing*


Dermo Clarité for spots caused by sun, hormonal changes, age and acne

Impressive results obtained after only 14 days of combined usage of the Dermo Clarité Day and Night treatment products:

100% 100% 90% 88% 82% 90%

Saw a brighter, lighter skin

Felt a more hydrated and nourished skin

Observed a more uniform complexion Confirmed a decrease in the appearance of dark spots

Reported having perfect skin

AND after 28 days, Observed that this

*Percentage of 50 women evaluated between 25 and 55 years with spots on the face produced by sun, acne, and hormones who presented improvement in clinical evaluation by dermatologists and self-perception.

system prevents the appearance of new spots





Protect, hydrate, energize and revive


Regression 800-992-lbel (5235)

Favorite for great skin care in the 30’s


Regression Day Set

Regression Jour SPF 15 Protective Complex against the First Signs of Age Facial Day Cream or Lotion Lip Moisturizer SPF 18 .14 oz. Normal to Dry Skin Code 95715 Normal to Oily Skin Code 95713 Special Price: $41.00 Total Value: $52.00





Regenerate for a firmer appearance



Favorite for great skin care in the 40’s Suprémacie Day Set

Suprémacie NX Jour SPF 15 Replenishing Facial Day Cream or Lotion Lip Moisturizer SPF 18 .14 oz. Normal to Dry Skin Code 95717 Normal to Oily Skin Code 95716 Special Price: $45.00 Total Value: $56.00





Combat wrinkles, loss of elasticity

day 800-992-lbel (5235)



Favorite for great skin care in the 50’s and beyond Renovânce Day Set

Renovânce Jour SPF 15 Intensive Refining, Fortifying and Renewing Day Cream Lip Moisturizer SPF 18 .14 oz. Normal to Dry Skin Code 95718 Special Price: $48.00 Total Value: $60.00

See New Radiance 20%

Special Price off


A universal favorite: NeuviveSI

Proven results by second week

89% 92% 100%

Noticed their skin looked radiant*

+ Leaves skin radiant and free of rough spots + Safe and gentle + Clinically and dermatologically tested

Noticed their skin looked renewed*

Visibly perceived improved smoothness**

*Percentage of volunteers who totally agree or agree with statements. Results observed after 14 days of use among 55 women between ages 25 and 60. **Percentage of volunteers who presented improvement at the perceived evaluation of skin in comparison to the initial state of the skin. Results observed after 14 days of use among 55 women between ages 25 and 60.

NeuviveSI Renewing and Perfecting Facial Treatment Cream 1 fl. oz. Code 00727 Special Price: $35.00 Total Value: $44.00


Say it with color Dramatic eyes and how to get them 800-992-lbel (5235)

Vert Bois #95755


Illusion Violette #95751

“I love the high pigmentation of these eye shadows. The colors pop and last all day!�

Mystique Noir #95754

Marron Elegance #95752

R o bin S., C hi cago IL

Winter Wonder Set

Expressive XP Maximum Coverage Eye Shadow Quartet .15 oz. Inalterable XP Perfect Line Eyeliner in Noir .009 oz.

Vert Fantasie en Rose #95747

Feminin Couleur #95730

Reflets Dore #95736

Reflets Cuivre #95735

Terre Surrealiste #95743

Tabac Lumineuse #95741

Winter Times #95749

Velours de Couler #95744

Special Price: $23.00 Total Value: $34.00 Amazon Festival


Spring Fields Exotic Caves #95729 #95740

Marine #95734

Vert Dore #95745

Vert Nocturne #95748

Femme en Rose


Femme en Blue #95731

Go natural with mousse

Special Price





Favorite “no makeup” makeup foundation

Light-as-air mousse feels so comfortable, gives you a natural matte finish. Exclusive mineral formula with Vitamin E allows your skin to breathe. Fragrance free, it’s ideal for sensitive skin.

Effet Parfait Minéral Natural Skin Effect Mousse Foundation SPF 16 1 oz. Special Price: $18.00 Total Value: $24.00

Claire 1 #01547

Claire 2 #01670

Medium 6 #01672

Medium 7 #01733

Claire 3 #01549

Claire 4 #01674

Obscure 8 #01897

Obscure 9 #01673

Medium 5 #01545



Dermatologically tested

Sun Protection


Special Price




The best-dressed Vin #01361

Maximum moisture, sun protection and shine

Rojo Vif #01043

Mandarine #01329

Rouge Intense #01339

Rose Classique #00847 Fuchsia Brilliance #01358 Moka #01196 800-992-lbel (5235)

Mandarine #01329


Rouge IrrĂŠsistible SPF 17 Actually retexturizes lips and creates a protective barrier that banishes dryness, locks in moisture. A dozen dreamy colors .14 oz.

Capuccino #01359

Rose Natural #00819

Special Price: $12.00 Total Value: $15.00

Fuchsia Intense #00994 Rouge Brilliance #01335

lips of 2013

Special Price




Rouge Intense #01768

Café Succés #08444

Maximum plumping power, sun protection and glamour

Orange Delirant #01767

Rose d’Amour #08433

Rose Formidable #08434


Natural Persistant #08436

Violet Pourpre #01671

Fuchsia Splendide #08432

Rose Champagne #08988 Saumon Essentiel #01436 Marron Illimite #08442

Rouge Rubi #01273

Rouge Grandoise #08445

Rouge Amplifier XP SPF 15 Creamy collagen effect formula with lip amplifier microspheres for a full pout and high-style matte finish. 19 right-now shades .14 oz. Special Price: $10.40 Total Value: $13.00

Chocolat Majestic #08443

Corail Maximum #08437

Rose Femme #01769

Miel Enchanter #08438

Bourgogne Vif #01608

Rose Prodigeux #08439


Artful eyes 800-992-lbel (5235)

Gently glide-able liner and lash-loving mascara Artful Eyes Set Crayon Kohl XP Kohl Eyeliner .040 oz. Amplifiant Maximum Volume and Definition Mascara .35 oz. Special Price: $19.00 Total Value: $28.00

Brun #95757


Noir #95756

Dry skin rescue




well being

Hydra Calme Body Lotion

Special Price

Avoid winter skin Skin can feel dry and tight in winter for lots of reasons. Cold air outside. Heated air inside. Bitter winds. You don’t wear the same clothes in winter, so it’s time to switch your body lotion, too. Hydra Calme Intensive is the answer. Creamy and intensely hydrating, traps in moisture for soothing comfort

Hydra Calme Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion for Dry Skin 13.5 fl. oz. Code 00782 Special Price: $19.50 Total Value: $28.00


Trim it! 800-992-lbel (5235)

Post-holiday inches? Get a smaller waist with Performance


Performance Abdo Contractesse

1.9in. off abdomen area*

“It’s very good. In 3 weeks of use, I did reduce my tummy.” M in e rva H., Bro n x , NY

Performance Set

Abdo Contractesse Intensive Lipo Reducing Cream for Waist and Abdomen 6.7 fl. oz. Performance Soap Exfoliating Soap with Seaweed 3.5 oz.

well being

Helps reduce superficial fat deposits on abdomen and waist, firm sagging skin

Code 95766 Special Price: $35.00 Total Value: $46.00

Exfoliates, brightens, removes impurities and dead cells that dull the skin

Special! Performance Massage for $15.00 more! Purchase a Performance Set, and for just $15.00 more, receive a full sized Performance Massage Body Sculpting Massage Gel, which has a value of $35.00 Code 95767 Special Price: $50.00 Total Value: $81.00

*Dermatological tests conducted by a dermatologist in CLAIM- Argentina with results after 14, 21 and 28 days of use. Tested among 40 women between the ages of 25 and 45. During these tests, product was applied once a day.


Special Price




Power lotion

Suprémacie Body for hydration, radiance and deep nutrition

Advanced Formula Contour Lift Système: helps strengthen

skin’s natural web of tightening threads to make the structural support of the epidermis stronger, firmer, more flexible. Régénère Complex Corps: an effective 800-992-lbel (5235)

biotechnological complex with Flor D’Eclat that helps to diminish imperfections and rough spots, giving skin a luminous, radiant appearance.


Suprémacie Body Replenishing and Firming Body Lotion for Mature Skin 6.7 fl. oz. Code 00270 Special Price: $18.00 Total Value: $26.00

Advanced formula helps replenish mature skin with an intensive firming power. Marvelous moisture, luminosity and deep nourishment to help the body regain the harmony of its contours.

well being

Healthy hair

Ultra Nutritif for deep nutrition

Reconstruit to help control hair loss

Vitamins E and F and a host of antioxidants deeply nourish. Innovative formula repairs hair fiber and fortifies its structure, revitalizing damaged and/or brittle hair.

Helps improve strand density so hair can recover its natural life and volume. Biotynil formula aids in hair follicle production at the cellular level.

Ultra Nutritif Set

Reconstruit Set

Code 95760

Code 95758

Special Price: $21.00 Total Value: $28.00

Special Price: $21.00 Total Value: $28.00

Special! Ultra Nutritif for $8.00 more!

Special! Reconstruit for $10.00 more!

Purchase the Ultra Nutritif set, and for just $8.00 more, receive a full sized Ultra Nutritif Treatment. A value of $15.00

Purchase the Reconstruit Set, and for just $10.00 more, receive Reconstruit Treatment. A value of $20.00

Code 95761

Code 95759

Special Price: $29.00 Total Value: $43.00

Special Price: $31.00 Total Value: $48.00

Ultra Nutritif Shampoo Intensive Repair Shampoo for Damaged Hair 8.4 fl. oz. Ultra Nutritif Conditioner Intensive Repair Conditioner for Damaged Hair 8.4 fl. oz.

Reconstruit Shampoo Revitalizing Hair Loss Control Shampoo for Weak Hair 8.4 fl. oz. Reconstruit Conditioner Revitalizing Hair Loss Control Conditioner for Weak Hair 8.4 fl. oz.



Feminine, voluptuous, sensuous

Tahitian tiare, jasmine and iris with musk, amber and sandalwood. Green, exotic, warm.

“This is one of the few fragrances on the market that I like.” 800-992-lbel (5235)

Mithyka Set


Mithyka Eau de Parfum Atomiseur Pour Femme 1.7 fl. oz. Couleur Passion Eyeshadow Palette in Fleur Délicat .15 oz.

Ni co l e K ., Lak e l a nd, FL

Code 95770 Special Price: $53.00 Total Value: $71.00

cupid's pick

Free with Cupid’s Pick! This elegant gift bag is yours when you purchase this set.

L’Bel Femme

Joyful, authentic, optimistic

Precious florals of jasmine, white lily and orange blossom tinged with sparkling citrus.

L’Bel Femme Set

L’Bel Femme Eau de Parfum Atomiseur Pour Femme 1.7 fl. oz.

L’Bel Femme Eau de Parfum Atomiseur Pour Femme 1.7 fl. oz. Divinesse Lumisensse Moisturizing Body Lotion 6.7 fl. oz.

Code 11151 $45.00



Fragrant treasures for Valentine’s Day

Code 95771 Special Price: $46.00 Total Value: $63.00

cupid's pick

Free with Cupid’s Pick! This elegant gift bag is yours when you purchase this set.



Confident, elegant, masculine

An aromatic woody fragrance with a vibrant top note of cedar and powerful black leather notes.

Dieux Set 800-992-lbel (5235)

For your impeccable, sexy Valentine


Dieux Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Homme 3.4 fl. oz. L’Bel Homme Modeling Hair Gel 4.4 oz. Code 95774 Special Price: $45.00 Total Value: $60.00

cupid's pick

Free with Cupid’s Pick! This elegant gift bag is yours when you purchase this set.

Bleu Intense


A breaking wave of energy

cupid's pick

Brisk notes of the seashore blended with ginger, sage and spicy botanicals.

Bleu Intense Set

Spoil him on Valentine’s Day Bleu Intense Eau de Toilette Atomiseur Pour Homme 3.4 fl. oz. L’Bel Homme Eye Contour Gel .50 fl. oz. Code 95772 Special Price: $50.00 Total Value: $67.00

“Gave this to my husband. Such a nice, fresh fragrance for a man to wear.” Br end a l i s F., Bi rm i ngha m, AL

Free with Cupid’s Pick! This elegant gift bag is yours when you purchase this set.


L’Bel Homme is just for him 800-992-lbel (5235)

His favorite shampoo and facial lotion


L’Bel Homme Facial Lotion Helps reduce signs of fatigue and the appearance of wrinkles while maintaining skin’s hydration. Light refreshing texture absorbs rapidly.

L’Bel Homme Shampoo for Men Enriched with vitamins and botanicals. Strong enough to tackle a guy’s dandruff, gentle enough to use every day.

L’Bel Homme Set

L’Bel Homme Shampoo for Men 8.4 fl. oz. L’Bel Homme Facial Lotion 1.7 oz. Code 95769 Special Price: $32.00 Total Value: $44.00

Rose #02787

Prune #02791

Fuchsia #02790

Fraise #02792

Presition XP Precision Lipliner with maximum fill effect .009 fl. oz. Special Price: $8.00 Total Value: $12.00


Mauve #02788

Bourgogne #02789

New Year’s


Perfectisse Naturelle XP Loose Powder .59 oz.







Special Price: $15.00 Total Value: $23.00

Defini XP Soft and Long-Lasting Eyeliner .042 oz.

Delyr After Shave Lotion 3.4 fl. oz.

Special Price: $9.00 Total Value: $12.00

Code 01513 Special Price: $12.50 Total Value: $25.00

Négrillon #01197

Capuccino #01269

Blanc #01253

Platinage #01199

Bleu Marine #01227

Prairie #01252

Inalterable XP Perfect Line Eyeliner .009 oz. Special Price: $9.00 Total Value: $12.00 Extrême Intense After Shave Lotion 3.4 fl. oz.

Bleu Obscur #02720

Bleu Petrole #02718

Code 25466 Special Price: $11.50 Total Value: $23.00

Brun #02715

Dorée #02716

Noir #02719

Gris #02717

Perfecting Set for Brows .15 oz. Code 25831 Special Price: $19.00 Total Value: $27.00


Lovely hands Délice Almond or Chardonnay Treats

Buy 2, get




Délice Set for Hands

A pampering Valentine’s Day gift

cupid's pick

Délice Pour Les Mains Chardonnay Grape Moisturizing and Refreshing Hand Cream 2.5 fl. oz. (Two) Code 95764 Délice Pour Les Mains Almond Oil Intensive Moisturizing Hand Cream 2.5 fl. oz. (Two) Code 95762 Délice Pour Les Mains Chardonnay Grape 2.5 fl. oz. and Délice Pour Les Mains Almond Oil 2.5 fl. oz. (One of each) Code 95765 Special Price: $18.00 Total Value: $26.00

Free with Cupid’s Pick! This elegant gift bag is yours when you purchase this set.

Beauty Advisor

USA January 2013

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