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2011-12 Volume 42

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his year we decided to take the yearbook in an entirely new direction, revamping it to bring in more creativity to each page. This task, while exciting, was no easy feat. No one on the staff had any prior experience with anything like this, so we were basically having to start from scratch, teaching ourselves how to produce a yearbook as we went along. I would like to thank the entire Précis staff for their unflagging enthusiasm & work ethic. This project would not have been possible without their full support. Mrs. Barlow has been the Précis sponsor for the last two years, & there are few people who can claim the level of dedication that she has brought to the table. Mrs. Barlow, I cannot thank you enough for all of your help. Anna Grace & I have been working together on the Précis staff together for the past three years. We have gone from being the only two sophomores on the staff, too scared to really voice our opinion, to being the editors, in charge of the entire book, hosting the pageant in front of the entire school & their parents. Anna Grace... Its been a pleasure. To everyone looking through this yearbook, I hope you enjoy reading it. I hope that we have captured the action of the year. I hope you will be able to look back at this book twenty years from now & smile at the memories you have made in this place. A précis is a summary, & I hope that our hard work has produced a book that is just that, a highlight real of the 2011-2012 year at Jackson Prep.

Re-read, Re-write, Reproof, Rework, Reprint. -Evans


his year has been stressful, exciting, & memorable. We edited the 2011-2012 Précis to be refreshing & noteworthy. I hope you get as much joy from reading it as we did creating it. At the beginning of the year, our small staff decided to take on more than we thought we could handle. Evans, Mrs. Barlow, & I decided to completely renovate this volume of Précis, & our supportive staff eagerly took on the task. As my last year at Prep has come to an end, I have realized how important all of my teachers, friends, & family are. I truly appreciate all that each of you has done for me. I would also like to sincerely thank my hard-working staff for their devotion; it was essential in the creation of this annual. Every member of the staff went above & beyond to create this unique book, & I would especially like to thank Maison Lowery. Maison, there is no way we could have made it through this year without your moral support, unfailing aid, & optimistic attitude. To our other Senior staff members, you also deserve recognition for your diligence & enthusiasm. To Evans, I am so glad that we've had this opportunity to grow closer over the past 3 years, I'll miss working with you! To Mrs. Barlow, thank you for putting up with the drama & stress that comes from working with an all girls staff. We all appreciate all that you do! Thank y'all for helping make this an unforgettable experience. Yearbook has consumed my spare time for the past 3 years; I will miss designing spreads, planning the pageant, having an excuse to have my camera all the time, & our Précis parties more than any of you can imagine. To the student body, especially the class of 2012, thank you for allowing us to tell your stories. I hope that we captured your many memories & created something that you will always be able to look back on with a smile. This is a book of pictures, a volume to capture the personalities of our student body, & a keepsake to preserve them for years & years to come. Remember,

Take Note.

-Anna Grace

Jackson Prep



Jackson Prep

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Trends & Travel

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Trendspotting TV TIME. This year TV played a big part in our lives. Modern Family made us all die out laughing on Wednesday nights. Gossip Girl made us anticipate every Monday. Above all it gave us a much needed break from our school work.

red lipstick. Below, K. Kennedy models the ever-so-popular trend.

FOUR SQUARE. A popular game from childhood that the senior boys brought back this year was Four Square. The school has many natural four square courts particularly by the front entrance of the senior high & a concrete patch attached to Patriot Avenue. TECHNOLOGY IN THE CLASSROOM. This year the seniors had the privilege of bringing their own electronic devices into the classroom. They used them to take notes & to complete classroom projects that required Internet access. Alex Wood & Nico Juncos demonstrate how they often used their laptops.


Jackson Prep

Student Life

Peru. First Presbyterian Church takes

ISRAEL. This picture was taken where Jesus prayed in the garden that is commonly know as the Garden of Gethsamene. It was a very moving & memorable experience for senior Christian Gautier (below) who went to Israel on a mission trip.

a mission trip to Peru every summer. Taylor Byrd & Caroline May are pictured above holding adorable Peruvian children while flashing big smiles. Each summer many Jackson Prep students go to Peru with First Presbyterian Church.

The River Hills Cabana. Daniel Ellison

Letters from...

makes a fan out of the sign in wrist bands while ready & alert on duty guarding & saving lives.

This year, Jackson Prep students spent their breaks going on many different By Avery Burns adventures. Here are their stories:

Guatemala. This past

summer, the Varsity girls basketball team took a trip to Guatemala City & the surrounding areas. They went to bond as a team & to learn about the local culture. The girls played against many teams though out the trip & learned many lessons about basketball & life. The especially enjoyed playing with the local children.

Eastover. Some of

the 10th grade girls entertained themselves over the summer by having a giant slippin' slide in the middle of Eastover.

Student Life

Jackson Prep


SPAIN. For the

Viva Espa単a

Spring Travel

third summer in a row, Prep's Spanish department took a group of kids to study at the University o Salamanca. The group toured Spain as the gained college credits.

New Yo rk wh

ere dre a



re ma an


ill ts w ligh Big ew

Student Life

fe br

't d can

Jackson Prep

No w yo u're i

ll make you


ou in' y s noth here' of, T


nN ew Yor k Th ese str ee ts




kng xué lái fng wèi bì wú yn CHINA: During Spring Break, for the first time in Prep history, Mrs. Zhu took a group of students to China. The group toured Beijing & the surrounding areas. The trip really opened their eyes to different cultures & they had a enjoyed the differences very much. The trip was a great success & many hope it will become a tradition.

ITALY: Mr. Hogue & Mr. Devine took a group of students to Italy during spring break. As documented by the photos, they explored the “ins & the outs” of the Coliseum & the ruins of Pompeii. Olivia D. said, “It was a great trip; we learned a lot (about food & fashion) & met many people (like the spicy spaghetti guys). We all agreed it was the trip of a lifetime.”

Di dove è?- Italy

Student Life

Jackson Prep


Grease: The Musical

Tell Me About It, Stud!

By Elizabeth Parker

BEHIND THE SCENES. Brooks Davenport steps into the spotlight as a member of the set crew that played a crucial role in the production of “Grease.”

Backstage Pass with Scotty Wofford

With 2 long months of preparation, Seniors Scotty Wofford & Zac Zachow spent much of their 1st semester working hard as stage managers. During her time back stage, Scotty says that she most enjoyed wearing the headsets & being in charge of the set, crew, & cast while they were backstage. If the opportunity presented itself, Scotty claims that she would gladly be a stage manager again, but only if she had the same cast. She also wanted to convey this message to all future stage managers: “Speak up, stay organized, let them know you are in charge. You should comanage with someone you are really good friends with & have fun!”

Done it, Said it, Noted, Quoted.


Jackson Prep

Student Life

Just 3 nights, 3 performances, 3 chances to take the crowd away, but the amount of work that goes into those 6 hours is staggering. Choral Director & Chair of Performing Arts, Diane Holbert & Director of Drama, Kenneth McDade, set a grueling pace starting practices, which sometimes lasted as long as 3 hours, 2 months prior to the show. Though only the main cast was required for most practices, everyone in the musical had to put in the hours. As Kelsey Fuller would tell you, “We practiced 24/7 all day, every day!” Though the practices were hard, the cast thoroughly enjoyed the time spent on the production. This musical was very different from past performances at Prep. “It wasn’t as Disney, & was more fun & less serious,” says Helen House. From the pranks (the boys giving Eric Wegener a wedgie) to making new friends to learning & performing the cast’s favorite song the “Hand-Jive”, the group had a blast & put on an incredibly successful show.

SING IT! Seniors Kristen Walker & Joy Waller awe the audience with their singing talents.

KEEP THAT ELVIS FAR FROM ME! Pink Ladies Helen House, Peyton Swanson, K.K. Ross, & Heather Higginbotham dance & sing while making fun of “Sandra Dee” in the unforgettable sleepover scene.

BORN TO HAND-JIVE! During the dance competition, the cast, including Sydney-Kirk Patti & Eric Wegener, brought back the Hand Jive!

ON THEIR TOES Georgia Dewey, Evelyn Field, & Kristin Thornton anxiously observe as the dance contest begins with Lawson Marchetti & the band performing “Blue Moon.”

CHICK MAGNET! J. D. Polk & L. Griffin steal the spot light in the famous finale of the dance-off. THEY GO TOGETHER. J. D. Polk & Anna Lauren Gathings go together on stage like ramma lamma ka dingity ding da dong.

YOU'RE THE ONE THAT I WANT! Anna Lauren Gathings gets lifted during the final scene of “Grease.”

BEAUTY SCHOOL DROP OUT. Victoria Holmes portrays Frenchie's guardian angel & sings her advice.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Remember when K. K. Ross had to eat twinkies in every scene during practice to “get the feel of it?” GUYS & GALS, GATHER AROUND! Robert Waller, as Vince Fontaine, & Nathan Brown, as Johnny Casino, entertain the audience with their comedic additions to the Rydell High dance contest.

FANTASTIC FINALE! Peyton Swanson, Helen House, & Griffin Schrock during the final scenes of the wildly successful musical.

Student Life

Jackson Prep



K.K. Ross

Dayne Truong

C. Mounger

Robert Frey & Amy Woods

D. H. Brister, K.K. Ross, C. Wooley, & Alex Goldstein

M.H. Sinyard & S. Rankin

Alice in Wonderland

By Ann Hilton Buckner

Across the Board... The Chessboard!

This year the drama department daringly decided to put on Lewis Carroll's “Alice in Wonderland.“ Leading this crazy dash through such a bizarre place, for her first time ever in a lead role, was Anna Grace Stout, bringing to life the young Alice. She led the audience on a thrilling hour-long romp. The entire cast began their practice for this masterpiece the week before spring break. Throughout the production, the loyal set crew was always there when they were most needed, & the cast took notice describing them as “the unequivocal best” & “stupendously dependable.” Our Drama Force (a coalition of Mr. McDade, Mr. Gross, & hardworking parents) took an audacious approach to traditional stage set-up. Vibrant backgrounds were cast on screens by powerful projectors (a technological leap in the theatre). Other highlights of the play were the fantastic & often amusing costumes. From the Mad Hatter's crazy checkered pants & over-sized hat, to the mouse's cute & fuzzy ears, the costumes were as interesting & diverse as the actors in them. Some of the most entertaining get-ups were worn by Robert Frey (the mellow caterpillar), Solomon Keys (an overly sensitive Humpty Dumpty), & by Elizabeth Garland & Medley Wohner (those crazy, creepy cats). Who could forget the viscous & horrifying K.K. Ross as the Queen of Hearts?! The play was a huge hit, a colossal carousal, an enthralling epic, & left the audience wanting more WONDERLAND!

Done It. Said It. Noted. Quoted


Jackson Prep

Student Life

Zac Zachow & Elizabeth Garland

N. Brown, A.G. Stout, & S. Rankin

Peyton Swanson & Nick Weaver

A. G. Stout & J. Aron

C. Mounger & D. Truong

Emily Evans & Anna Grace Stout

Solomon Keys

A.G. Stout & A. Reed

“We're ALL mad here.” Student Life

Jackson Prep



Maddie Blakeney

t r u o C . C . H

Homecoming Queen Taylor Byrd

t Horsley e r a g r a M By

Jamey Pope Georgia Dewey

Senior Maids Sydney-Kirk Patti

Haley Adams


Jackson Prep

Student Life

Sydney Crawley

Sidney Lampton

Annie Carpenter

Catherine Archer

Student Life

Jackson Prep


Homecoming Candids


Jackson Prep

Student Life

Blast From The Past

Student Life

Jackson Prep


Prep in the News & Events

News Travels Fast By Mary Morgan Haire

ARTISTIC DISCOVERY CONTEST. Mandie Cox won the contest, which is sponsored by the members of th US House of Representatives. Gregg Harper presented Mandie with her award, and her artwork will be displayed in the US Capitol.

DISTINGUISHED YOUNG WOMEN. Avery Burns won the title of 2013 Hinds County Distinguished Young Women Program, and is shown here with her little sis, Sarah Neal Secrest.

SCHOLASTIC ART AWARDS. Sarah Santucci and Mary-Hannah Smith earned national recognition for their works of art in the Scholastic Art & Writing Competition. Smith received a gold key and Santucci received a silver key. They were both invited to the Awards Ceremony at Carnegie Hall.

SENIOR EAGLE SCOUTS. Row 1: Austin Pinkerton, Thompson Moore, Cole McPherson, & Zac Zachow. Row 2: Jay Vise, Nelson Parker, Pratt Rogers, John-David Polk, Ross Taylor, & Thomas Dunbar.


Jackson Prep

Student Life

JUNIOR SENATE PAGE. Jackson Prep sophomore Trey Ivison served as a volunteer Junior Senate Page for Lt. Governor Tate Reeves.

Junior Class Garage Sale 5.






1. F. Word, C. Morgan, N. Simrall, W. Graves, & W. Kerce. 2. Row 1: R. Wilkinson, E. Crutcher, O. Dulaney, K. Buckels, M. M. Haire, L. Anthony, & E. Shapley. Row 2: D. Ellison, B. Simpson, J. Heidelberg, P. Walters, M. Lewis, A. Holiman, L. Fitzgerald, & J. Samson 3. G. Baird delivering a blessing box .4. C. Brantley & M. S. Hurst 5. D. Welch, W. Smith, & J. Abraham. 6. S. Ozier 7. J. Renfrow, L. Simmons, L. Lamar, & H. Primos 8. K. Noblin & A. Spencer 9. K. Culbertson & G. Baird. 10. E. Crutcher & E. Shapley. 11. W. Dunbar.

This year's junior class went above & beyond, earning over $38,000 which set a new school record. They donated a portion of the proceeds to the Neighborhood Christian Center & Bethany Adoption Services. Additionally they were able to give away 8 blessing boxes filled with unsold merchandise to different organizations around Jackson. Grace Baird & Madeline Porter were the student chairmen who, along with Mrs. Dewey & Mrs. Baird, coordinated the entire garage sale. Many other students also took on leadership roles, serving as chairmen of various subcommittees.






Done it. Said it. Noted. Quoted. Student Life

Jackson Prep


Events Honduras Fund Raiser By Elizabeth Parker

This spring break, Sarah Neal Secrest went to Guiamaca, Honduras on a medical mission trip with her father. Her father is a surgeon, & they went down there to perform surgical operations on the Hondurans & visit orphanages. Before going down to Guiamaca, Sarah Neal watched multiple informational videos & saw how poor the hospital where her father would be operating was, & she decided she would help them. Sarah Neal & her friends came up with the idea to hold a fundraiser concert & donate all of the money raised to the hospital. To publicize, she made posters & hung them on all the doors of Prep. Sarah Neal also made a Facebook group & had everyone tweet about it. At the concert, she was able to raise $800. Baptist saw that she had raised the money & offered to donate $500 to the cause. Sarah Neal was able to raise $1,300 total, & all of the money went to Baptist Medical Missionary International & is being used in the hospital. This shows how one person can make a huge difference in the world. Done It. Said It. Noted. Quoted.






2012 Billboard Music Awards 2


1. Lawson Marchetti “Earth Angel” & “Rumor Has It” with back up from Molly Gunn & Caroline Swazye 2. Paul Vegas Ott with Sydney-Kirk Patti “Remind Me” 3 & 4. Anna Lauren Gathings & Evelyn Field “You & I” 5. Georgia Dewey “Don't Know Why” 6. Cindy Tseng “Viva La Vida” 4


Jackson Prep

Student Life


7. Sydney-Kirk Patti “Dear Diamond” 8 & 9. Sean O'Hara, Gray Secrest, & Catie McAllister “My Morning Jacket” 10. Patrick Mink 11 & 12. Joe Marchetti, Robert Waller, & Jack Heidelberg (Not Pictured) “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” 13. Helen House “Someone Like You” & “Unwritten” 6




You Are Cordially Invited to “An Enchanted Evening” 1





8 6




They walked out of the rain & across the wooden floor to find a pulsing beat accompanying the already full dance floor. The enchanted themed decorations glittered around the room, attracting everyone imaginable, & at the front of the crowd, behind the turntables & speakers, stood the DJ, choosing his music with the audience in mind. Throughout the night, during every song, there was always a crowd on the dance floor. This year the sophomores & seniors were all invited to the Sub-Débutante Ball, & with the combination of good music & ample food & drink, courtesy of the Sub-Deb committee, the night was a blazing success. Photos courtesy of Lisa Patti. 1. Kendall Simpson, Emily Pyron, & Madison Welch. 2. Carter Osbourne & Anna Grace Buchanan. 3. Caroline Coggin, Elizabeth Parker, Janie Matthews, Madeleine Griffin, & Elise Brewer. 4. Corrie Ray & Grant Lamb. 5. Kendall Szilasi, Madeline Barnett, Sims Tullos, & Madeline Mangum. 6. Daniel Trussell & Taylor Strickland. 7. Madison Newcomb & Olivia Robinson. 8. Nathan Brown & Sydney Kirk Patti. 9. Madison Portie & Austin Pinkerton. 10. Caroline Daggett & Alex Robinson. Top photo: Paul Vegas Ott, Nathan Brown, Campbell Vise, William Pringle, Gilbert Omobude, & Trey Ivison

Student Life

Jackson Prep








1. E. Khandekar 2. M. Lowery 3. T. Moore 4. W. Kendall 5. J. Humphries 6. D. Bourne 7.T. Dunbar 8. M. Mangum 9. Dr. Nealy 10. A. Carpenter & B. Brewer






Meet the Arts... A.M. Dulaney & W. Hays

Cooper Manning

H. Higginbotham, P. Swanson, K.K. Ross, A.L. Gathings, K. Simpson, & H. House


Jackson Prep

Student Life

G. Schrock, C. Ball, J.D. Polk, Z. Watson, & T. Higginbotham



SENYA WEEK: that blast of free, yummy food where SENYAS sit around laughing & chilling & reminiscing about all those crazy ackward days from 3rd grade to Junior High (&, for some, Senior High). When this year's SENYAS walked into the luxurious MPR, they were into a world of iPhones. The theme was “The World is Your Apple, Enjoy Every Bite.” Pictures, pictures, & more pictures filled the screens. From chubby babies to messy toddlers, from dirty kindergarteners to “cool” fifth graders, from dorky seventh graders to the present SENYAS, the class of 2012 appeared to be a spiffy looking class. The SENYAS laughed at the memories the pictures brought back, the memories of the “awkward stages”, the embarrassing outfit choices & things they had done in years past. The SENYAS went gaga over the adorable, fun reflections of long ago. Of course, what's a party without a photobooth?! SENYAS piled in & “cheesed” for a quick, goofy pic. There were game stations placed throughout the MPR, with each game being an iPhone app come to life. From the unforgettable Angry Birds Station to Bowling, the apps were a huge hit. Done it. Said it. Noted. Quoted.

New Awards

Best Dressed: Caroline Dagget & Evan Chouteau

Precis staff added some “NEW” stellar awards for the 2012 pageant: Best Dressed, Dynamic Duo, Most Expressive, & Most Comedic. And the winners are:

Dynamic Duo: Ann Fairly Barnett & David Bourne

Most Expressive Girl: Anna Marie Dulaney

Most Comedic Boy: Eric Field

Student Life

Jackson Prep


Mr. & Miss Jackson Prep

Thomas Dunbar & Ann Walton Stringer

Thomas Dunbar is the son of Tom & Mary

Dunbar. Thomas has participated in sports all of his years at Prep including basketball, track, & tennis. Thomas has been a member of the National Honor Society since 10th grade & Junior Classical League. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing & playing ping-pong. Thomas is a member of First Presbyterian Church.

Ann Walton Stringer is the daughter of

Lynn and Jane Stringer. Ann Walton has been a member of the Student Council all of her Prep career & this year served as the student body president. She has been a Varsity Cheerleader since 10th grade and is an active member of Service Club. Ann Walton is a member of the National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends. Ann Walton is a member of First Presbyterian Church.


Jackson Prep

Student Life

Who's Who


Most Intellectual

Most Talented

Jamie Aron & Jay Vise

Vivian Paris & Benjamin Smith

Anna Lauren Gathings & Peter Mills

Most School Spirited


Most Athletic

Most Versatile

Taylor Byrd & Patrick Johnson

Sims Tullos & Jay Coleman

Ann Fairly Barnett & Hughes Koury

Laurel Bane & Whit Kendall

Most Likely to Succeed Mr. & Miss Sophomore Class Mr. & Miss Junior Class Ashton Reed & Austin Draughn

Andrew Davidson & Madeline Waller

Grace Baird & Matthew Boulanger

Most Charming

Collins Mounger & Sean O'Hara

Mr. & Miss Senior Class Sidney Lampton & Gage Ray

Student Life

Jackson Prep


Beauties & Beaux & Favorites

Stephen Schneider & Annie Carpenter

Beauties & Beaux

Kirby Parker & Frances Carter

Cooper Simmons & Melissa Archer

Cody Becker & Catherine Archer

David Huffman & Ariel Cheng


Jackson Prep

Student Life

Zach Newman & Ashley Anne Peeples

Most Handsome & Most Beautiful Carter Thigpen & Madelaine Mangum

Grayson Lamb & Lindsey Fuller

Senior Class Favorites! By Sidney Lampton

Top Row : Thompson Moore, Pratt Rogers, Douglas Haick, Will Puckett, Kyle Kennedy, Joe Humphries, Zack Watson, Zac Zachow. Bottom Row: Haley Adams, Laura Meyers, Maison Lowery, Olivia Robinson, Catie McCallister, Anna Wright, Kelsey Jones, Keeley Kennedy.

MMXII 2012 Précis Pageant Entertainment Collins Mounger & Jamie Aron: “Time of your life” Heather Higginbotham: “Think of Me” Kirby Parker, Samuel Parish, Ariel Cheng, & Katherine Thiel: “Rolling in the Deep” Sean O'Hara, Ariel Cheng, Perry Townsend, Catie McCallister: “Under Pressure” Anna Lauren Gathings, KK Ross, Peyton Swanson, Zack Watson, John David Polk, Connor Ball, & Will Harris: “21 Guns”.

Student Life

Jackson Prep


The Roaring 20's


By Avery Burns 28

Jackson Prep

Student Life


2. 1. A. F. Barnett & D. Bourne 2. S. Ozier & G. Baird 3. M. Molapo & R. Chandler 4. Katherine Thiel 5. C. Becker & M. Boulanger 6. S. Wofford, M. Wohner, E. Garland, C. Harris, A. Reed 3. & N. Davant 7. J. Reeves & K. Gautier 8. A. Cheng & C. Wooley 9. A. Pinkerton & M. Portie 10. L. Meyers, Z. Newman, A. A. Peoples, & K. Kennedy 11. R. Buchanan & A. Harrison







8. 9.



This year, prom was held at the Duling School Auditorium in Fondren on March 23, 2012 from 8 until 12 p.m. The prom committee, made up of the school life section of the student council, planned the once in a lifetime night for the Senior class. The “Roaring Twenties” was the theme, & many found it appropriate to dress in theme with “flapper” dresses & the occasional top hat. The decorations were up to par with the time period theme as well: the food was all black & white, the lights were sultry, & the chandeliers were glamorous. According to Senior Laurel Bane, “The bowls with gold fish in them were really awesome & I had fun boogieing down to the band.” Katie Wegener & Whit Kendall were voted this year's prom King & Queen by their peers. They were awarded with a flapper head band & a special top hat, & the band recognized them with a fantastic performance of another oldie. The band made last year's prom so enjoyable that some of the seniors demanded they be hired again for this year's prom. The tradition is sure to be carried on, seeing as many juniors are excited about the band too. “The band was really great! I loved how they were so upbeat & energetic,” stated junior Melissa Braun. Overall, the theme proved to be fantastic & the Prom committee couldn't have made it any better.



12. Gracie McDaniel, Annie Carpenter & Anna Lauren Gathings 13. John Abraham & Caroline Brantley 14. Kendall Szilasi, Harlee Hinton, Olivia Robinson, Anna Wright,& 13. Sims Tullos Student Life

Jackson Prep


Student Life Candids


Jackson Prep

Student Life

Student Life

Jackson Prep



Student Council Math & Science Clubs NHS & NJHS Patriot League Community Service Club Chess Club Foreign Language Week Quiz Bowl Debate Model Security Council Mock Trial JYA & Youth Leg PrĂŠcis Earthwinds Sentry Global Leadership Institute Band Reveillon Fusion Drama Club Organizational Candids

34 36 38 40 41 43 44 46 47 48 49 50 52 53 54 56 58 60 62 63 64

Student Council




Student Council Members Know How To Get Things Done: 1. Organization is the key.

Ashton Reed organizes the supplies before the annual schoo supplies sale that the student council manages. 2. Have fun with t. As she organizes the Homecoming Tshirts sold by the student council, Amelia Weatherly strikes a pose for the photographer. 3. Keep Busy. Sidney Lampton 4. gathers binders in order to keep things moving smoothly. 4. Just Smile Corrie Ray & Sarah Neal Seacrest help fill out supply order forms.

MADAME PRESIDENTS A word from the wise:

Done it, Said it, Noted, Quoted.


Jackson Prep


Student Body President Ann Walton Stringer & Junior High Student Body President Kennady Galloway look back on their experiences as president. Both agree that their incredible sponsors immensely helped them do all that they were required to do. According to Kennady, “working with Mrs. Tatum is amazing. She is one of the Greats!” Ann Walton was also full of praise for Coach Malcolm Saxon, she said, “He is really fun & he knows how to get the job done while having fun.” Kennady says that her favorite event was working with the Animal Rescue League & petting the puppies. Ann Walton believes that the CRAVE this year was the most exciting event that she helped organize. Kennady & Ann Walton both agreed that Carl Hatten, Sarah Kennedy Duncan, & Zac Zachow were some of their favorite council members they had the opportunity to work with. Both Madame Presidents did an exceptional job completing this year's tasks & the student council looks forward to another busy 2012-13 with next year's leaders.

Hail to the Chiefs

This year's JH & SH student councils have had great success within our school community. The year's accomplishments included new events & projects along with the traditional annual events. The SH Student Council begins each year with a team strategy meeting in the summer where the crew takes part in team building exercises. The council members all have to name their favorite food & favorite movie, while trying to break the ice. Coach Saxon also had the team play “Never Have I Ever” & many other team bonding games. As the year progressed, the events the council chose to organize ranged from new & inventive tasks, such as the Crave, to annual events, such as the Crawfish Boil. As Coach Saxon looked back on the year he said, “My favorite event we do each year is Candle Lighters. It is an event that makes the kids feel great about themselves.” The SH Student Council put on traditional events such as the Crawfish Boil, Candle Lighters, the school supplies sale, & the Madison Central Swap. This year they also organized a CRAVE Dance Party after a basketball game. Feeling the effects of a successful project, Coach Saxon ended the night with a few great dance moves. Coach Saxon also said, “As sponsor for two years, I think we have tried hard to help make Prep a better place for the rest of the student body & leave a lasting legacy for years to come.” The JH Student Council also had a rewarding year as they were able to keep in touch with their Mustard Seed friends from the past few years. Mrs. Carolyn Tatum also looked back on the year fondly & said, “My favorite group to be involved with is the Mustard Seed. We were able to put on a Valentine's Day party for them this year. It really means a lot to us.” Mrs. Tatum has been the sponsor for many years now, but she was new to working with the Bethany Adoption Services. They provided money for the service to use for their own purposes. In years past they focused on bringing specific products & things for the charities to use, but this year was focused on fund raising for the charity.

By Laurel Bane

1. ORDER! JH Student Council members sit quietly as their meeting begins. 2. LISTEN UP. Mrs. Wiandt & Mrs. Tatum take charge of the students. 3. GET READY. Students file into the meeting.





Jackson Prep


Math & Science Clubs 1.


2011-12 MU ALPHA THETA WINNERS. The 1st place winners at Mu Alpha Theta Convention, MSMS Math Convention, & 7th & 8th grade Math Counts competition. Row 1: Rachel Carlton, Elliot Weill, Ariel Cheng, Jordan Barclay, Jamie Aron, Sarah Addison Philips, Amy Woods, Olivia Dulaney, Sara Bolen, Ann Walton Stringer, Frances Carter, & Cindy Tseng. Row 2: Kaitlyn Myers, Gracie Hubacek, Emily Graham, Charles McEuen, Michael Lewis, Allen Holiman, Chandler Pride, Hollis Burrow, Jamey McDowell, Paul Vegas Ott, & Sarah Santucci. Row 3: Crayton Bowie, Ben Clark, Peyton Parker, Carter Osborne, J.C. Pride, Josh Aron, µMallory 1. J.C. Pride McLemore, Robert Tramel, Sam Ozier, 2. Sarah Santucci Nabhan Karim, Zack Watson, Will 3. Zack Watson, Austin Pinkerton, & Ann Keeler, Will Meadows, Austin Pinkerton, Walton Stringer. & Elkin Crews.



4. Emily Graham & Gracie Hubacek 5. Josh Aron 6. Z. Watson, C. Archer, Mrs. Van Uden, E. Evans, A.W. Stringer, M. McLemore, A. Pinkerton, & A. Cheng. 7. Robert Tramel 8. Claire McDowell & Kyle Culbertson 9. Mr. David Ollar

AP Bio & AP Environmental


The AP Biology & AP Environmental Science(APES) classes had a lot of fun this year performing different experiments. APES went to the Pearl River to take water samples & examine them. AP Bio attempted to hatch chickens with an incubator. They named their chicks, anxiously awaited their “hatchday,” & mourned when none of them actually hatched. Each of the senior classes had a lot of fun getting out of the classroom to participate in great learning experiences, thanks to their wonderful teachers.


Jackson Prep


AP Bio Chicks

CHICK HEAVEN. E. Evans, K. Thiel, & M. Molapo crack open their unhatched eggs to see if their experiment was even remotely successful. Their expressions tell all.

WHO'S YOUR DADDY? T. Dunbar proudly holds up his egg.





9. 6.

“For the math department, winning the MSMS competition, Mu Alpha Theta Sweepstakes, & Math Counts was like winning the football, soccer, & basketball State Championships. We've had a tremendous competitive season.� Sponsor of Mu Alpha Theta, Kimberly Van Uden, was fired up about the recent victories. The teams traveled almost three hours to Columbus, MS to compete in the MSMS math tournament. They reigned supreme in the whole competition, placing first in Algebra I, Algebra II, & Pre-Calculus. The Mu Alpha Theta convention was held this year at the Hilton Hotel in Jackson. Prep's mathletes placed first in Geometry & Advanced Algebra. Ben Clark was placed first for his test in Geometry at MSMS & Mu Alpha Theta, & Jamey McDowell was named first for his Pre-Calculus test at MSMS & his Advanced Algebra test at Mu Alpha Theta. They had an incredibly successful math season of which we are all very proud.

By Mary Stewart Hurst

TESTIN' THE WATERS. Kristen Massey examines her water samples.

AP ENVIRONMENTAL CLASS. R. Owen, M. Lowery, F. Carter, S. Lampton, K. Massey, C. Thigpen, J. Gunn, W. Kendall go on a field trip to test river water for AP Environmental.

WADIN' IN THE DEEP. C. Thigpen & W. Kendall wade into the water to collect river samples for testing. Organizations

Jackson Prep


Setting the Standard


By Natalie Davant

SUCCESS. Haley Litchliter proudly accepts her certificate from Mrs. Trudy Powers at the NJHS induction ceremony.

OFFICERS OF NJHS. Karl Hatten: Secretary; Carson Easterling: Vice President; Clair McDowell: President; Holt Crews: Chaplain.

CELEBRATE. Adam Crawford, Healy Vise, Crayton Bowie, Weslee-Parks Patti, Sydney Mann, Jacob Whitaker, Vann Crawford, & John Keeler after the induction ceremony.

The National Junior Honor Society is the organization consisting of 8th & 9th graders who have distinguished themselves through their scholarly efforts. Students are chosen to participate in this organization based on their display of outstanding qualities in leadership, character, service, & scholarship. The students have worked hard & have proved themselves to be noteworthy, & continue to do so with their many service projects. These service projects not only benefit the school, but they also help the community.

SCHOLARS. James Gathings & Sydney-Kirk Patti were inducted to the National Honor Society this year.


HONORABLE. Elise Brewer & Amy Woods are excited to be part of the 4 National Honor Society.





1. Kaitlyn Myers & Morgan Hydrick. 2. Sarah Adison Phillips, Will Meadows, & Elizabeth Thiel. 3. William Townsend & Paul Vegas Ott. 4. Cara Lee Crawford, Mary Hannah Smith, & Anna Grace Buchanan. 5. Sarah Neal Secrest, Molly Gun, & Claire Robinson.


Jackson Prep



(3) (2) (5)


(7) (6)



This year's NHS officers consisted of the illustrious President Zac Zachow, the scholarly Vice President Ariel Cheng, the tenacious Junior Vice President Sara Bolen, the ballin' Treasurer Sidney Lampton, & the exceptional Secretary Mary Morgan Haire. The sponsor for this year was the magnificent Marsha Hobbs.

The National Honor Society is for the students in High School that have proved themselves to be the best of the best at Jackson Prep. In addition to being fantastic students, they constantly gave back to the community with their multitude of service projects. On top of that, they proved they know how to have fun with their annual trips to booming metropolitan cities & the colleges near them. This year they lived it up in San Francisco, seeing the sights & smelling the smells. They ranged all over the city, from Ghirardelli Square to Haight-Ashbury, the mecca of all things counter-culture. They also visited Alcatraz, the Palace of Fine Arts, Lombard Street, San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, wild sea lions, & Chuck Wehr. Ms. Marsha Hobbs & Dr. Lisa Whitney were the chaperons for this wonderful adventure & the students all agree it was a trip they will never forget. 1. Robert Mounger 2. NHS students pose in front of the San Francisco skyline. 3. J. McDowell, M. Horsley, E. Horsley, R. Clay, Z. Zachow, & R. Carlton. 4. R. Wilkinson & J. McDowell 5. Dr. L. Whitney & Mrs. M. Hobbs 6. Z. Zachow 7. F. Miskelly, E. Horsley, M. Horsley, & C. May. 8. Reed Clay 9. W. O'Mara, R. Mounger, W. Wells, T. Joyner. Organizations

Jackson Prep


Patriot League & Community Service Club

Student Ambassadors By Brittany Threadgill

This year, Patriot League had a great list of accomplishments. While You Are Prep is the main activity, they also helped with Hoops & Scoops & other tours & events throughout the year. Patriot League members serve as ambassadors to the school, helping give tours to prospective students & aid Mrs. Morton when she needs a few extra hands. Mrs. Lesley Morton & Coach Malcolm Saxon are the sponsors of this group. They organize the students in the League, ensuring YELLOW TEAM. Meagan Robinson led DOTS. Cara Lee Crawford & Claire everything gets done that is needed to her yellow team through the activities. Robinson cheered their team on through the activities. make the league's events the successes that they always are.

You Are Prep is the main event put on by the “Patriot Leaguers.� It is where they can really shine. They guide 6th graders who will be joining the Prep family in their 7th grade year through orientation. The event started with a short meeting with Mrs. Morton before the future Prep students were split into groups with 2 or 3 Patriot League members serving as group leaders. The Junior High cheerleaders performed before the groups play field games, which were led by Coach Horner. After the games were finished, the rising 7th graders & the Patriot League members ate pizza & continued to get to know one another. By the end of the day, the upcoming 7th graders had their nerves put at ease & became extremely excited about coming to Prep in the fall. Every year You Are Prep is a huge success, & this year was no different.


Jackson Prep


ORANGE TEAM. Elise Brewer & Sarah Neal Secrest & their team took a break from the activities to pose for the camera.

Catherine Archer

Anna Frances Robinson

Mary Morgan Haire

Constructing a Better World, One Person at a Time GRUB. CS Club collected food boxes for NCC which included ingredients for a Thanksgiving meal. TOYS 4 TOTS. The Junior High collected toys during the Christmas season for underprivileged kids.

CASEY. Once a month, Prep high school students went to Casey Elementary & created a recess program for second & third graders. Activities included: dancing, playing basketball, football, & other games.

COAT DRIVE & ANGEL TREE. Other projects for this school year were the coat drive & Angel Tree. For the coat drive, students brought old coats for the National Coat Drive headed by Robin Roberts to be given to the homeless. Allie Hobby & Catherine Archer led the school in the annual Angel Tree project which collected toys for children less fortunate.

This year the Community Service Club accomplished a lot more than they ever imagined was possible at the beginning of the year. Cindy Townsend served as the sponsor this year. Neighborhood Christian Center (NCC) was the club's community partner. The members of the club brought money for clean water, bought Christmas presents for Angel Tree, filled food boxes for NCC, bought educational CD's for NCC, & volunteered at Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Casey Elementary School, Little Lighthouse, Mississippi Food Network, & the Salvation Army. The club also hosted a Christmas party in which they wore tacky Christmas sweaters for a competition, & Frances Carter was chosen as the winner. At the meetings each month, different members of the club shared their stories about the ways in which they had been making a difference this year & the relationships they built. The stories were very heartwarming, & they reminded the club members of the many joys they could get from serving the community. Having people share their stories had a great impact on the audience. It motivated the listeners to do their own volunteering. Community Service Club changed a lot this year, & the students were able to make a fantastic impact on the community. The Service Club had an eventful year & many of the students realized the importance of volunteering. Most plan to continue to stay involved. Even many of the graduating seniors plan to be involved in their college communities. The values learned in Community Service Club will stick with the students as they mature.

NCC TUTORS. Peyton Walker, Katie Coit, & Tilak Patel were involved in the NCC tutoring program. Students went to NCC every Monday & Tuesday to help local kids complete their homework. Organizations

Jackson Prep


Harry Potter & Chess Clubs

WE WANT YOU FOR DUMBLEDORE'S ARMY Register at The Room of Requirement 42

Dr. Whitney's Room

Chess Mate By Margaret Horsley



“Watching students get excited about chess club & watching them grow from interested & engaged beginners to chess players” Paul Smith, chess club sponsor, said when asked about his favorite part of the club. “It has become popular because students not only get to develop their analytical skills but they also get to take away a sense of satisfaction when finished.” When asked about the most memorable moment of the year Dr. Smith decided it was when 10th grader, Read Carlton, went undefeated at the State Championship in the individual title, giving the team their 7th state championship win. While the club has grown to 106 students during the past 3 years, Smith says that he will not interfere with the growth rate. “I have all types of students who play in the chess club. Some students come once a month, because of other clubs or organizations, while others come every day, so my room only has around 20 people at most in it each day.” When asked about the competitions, Smith said the competition is “grueling” & that they ”are normally all day events & last from about 9a.m. to 6p.m.” Robert Frey, Read Carlton, Jamey McDowell, Sam Ozier, Ross Chandler, Nico Juncos, Alex Wood, & Arthur Rankin led the club as the team captains through an exciting year finishing with 28 wins & a state championship. Done it, Said it, Noted, Quoted.

4 3


1. Luke Wise & Ross Chandler 2. William Townsend 3. James Martin 4. Arthur Rankin & Read Carlton 5. Nico Juncos, Jamey McDowell, & Sam Ozier 6. Cade Hood, Lance Martin, Gilbert Omobude, & Josh Samander

55 What is your favorite Chess piece? “Pawn” Who is your Queen? “Miranda Kerr” Why do you think Chess was invented? “It was invented for aristocrats to be entertained.” If you were not playing chess, what would you do? “I would spend my activity period in the lunch room.” all courtesy of Alex Wood


Jackson Prep


Spanish--------Latin--------French---------Greek--------Mandarin Chinese

Foreign Language week

Foreign Language Week 2





4 4

1. Caroline Coggin. 2. Hughes Koury. 3. Kassidy Gautier, Katie Carter, & Lexi Dodd. 4. The Mariachi Band. 5. Carson Bailey. 6. Stephanie Barone. 7. Bray Koury & Abbie Johnson. 8. Jack Heidelberg, & Amelia Weatherly. 9. Anna Barrett. 10. Dayne Truong, Benjamin Smith, & Madeline Porter. 11. Brittany Nuyguen.








Jackson Prep



16 15





12. Maya Humphrey. 13. Coach Caton, Benjamin Smith, & Taylor Strickland. 14. Stephanie Barone & Abbie Johnson. 15. Sarah Beth Rotolo & Benjamin Smith. 16. Parker McGowan. 17. French Club. 18. John William Creel & James Gathings. 19. Sarah Adison Philips & Ty Thompson. 20. Carter Osborne. 21. Alex Wilkes. 22. James Gathings.


This year World Language Week took place from January 17-20. Students paraded around school in foreign dress, acted out ancient myths, and crafted arts in the warm January sun. A gigantic red dragon zipped around the halls and avenues of Prep, lurching the school into the eastern world of China. Origami & Chinese name symbols littered 18 the halls after activity period. Latin day was paired with the food day for all of the languages, & during each class period, students filled the MPR to devour the foods they made from foreign recipes: tacos, enchiladas, guacamole, humus, olives, baguettes, croissants, & more! During activity period, Latin students fought as gods & goddesses, battling each other with swords, tridents, & shields. French day was next & the students prepared a winter carnival with tray races & an appearance from Frosty. On the final day, Spanish day, students made tissue paper flowers & piñatas while listening to the mariachi band. The week was a successful mixture of world languages and cultures. 20 By Mary Stewart Hurst





Jackson Prep


Battle of the Brains

Quiz Bowl & Debate

By Natalie Davant

RACK YOUR BRAIN. Sarah Santucci has been a valuable asset to Quiz Bowl team for 3 years, Paul Vegas Ott has been a member for 2 years, & Sarah Adison Phillips joined the team this year.

If you want to know random but important facts, ask the students on the Quiz Bowl team because they will most likely know the answers. This year's Quiz Bowl team, under the leadership of Nathan Devine, participated in numerous tournaments throughout Mississippi & the Southern region. They competed at Madison Central, Saint Andrews, the University of Mississippi, & in the MAIS tournament that was hosted by Prep. This year, the team had a great opportunity to travel to South Carolina for a regional tournament. The MAIS tournament was a great success & an improvement for the team. They were successful in the tournament & qualified to go to Nationals. The team is comprised of students from the 7th, 8th, 10th,11th, & 12th grades. Three new people joined Quiz Bowl this year & proved to be great benefits to the already intelligent team. The Quiz Bowl students diligently practice every Friday morning in order to strengthen their skills in all types of categories.

SARAH SANTUCCI & SARAH ADISON PHILLIPS BUZZ-IN THEIR ANSWERS The MAIS tournament is coming up, & I know the team has been practicing very hard. What is the team's goal for this competition? SARAH: “We plan to annihilate all of the inferior

competitors, including JA. This would qualify us for Nationals during the summer.”

What type of questions are usually asked at competitions? SARAH ADISON: “There are many different

categories of questions that are asked. Sometimes there will be a set of questions where all the answers start with a certain letter. The categories range from sports to history, geography, literature, pop culture, & a wide variety of mythologies.” SARAH: “They run the gamut from quantum spins to MIND STRENGTH. Students buzz-in early Friday morning to test their deodorant commercials. There are almost always too many literature questions for my taste.” knowledge in all the Quiz Bowl categories to prepare for their Done it, Said it, Noted, Quoted.

TIME? Mr. Nathan Devine manages the timer in a practice round one Friday morning.


Jackson Prep

DEEP THOUGHT. Crayton Bowie tries to think of the answer to the question.


upcoming competitions. This year the Quiz Bowl veterans helped to train the new members.

WITHIN YOU, YOUNG ONE, THE FORCE IS STRONG. Wesley Roberson listens intently as Mr. Devine coaches him.

Persuasion Think you're good at procrastination? You've got nothing on the debate team!

OPPONENT READY? Jesse Cox successfully argues against her opponent's case.

By Natalie Davant

Thirty minutes until your first round & you haven't written your cases? No worries. If there is one thing Seniors Mandie Cox, Anna Grace Stout, & Jamie Aron have learned, it is to pull a case together at the last minute. Public Forum debaters Jamie Aron & Anna Grace Stout have been known to go into a round with unwritten cases & false “evidence” & come out on top! When one joins the debate team, he or she learns that a key to survival is procrastination. At Prep, the underclassmen members are taught early on to handle themselves well in their rounds & to appear confident while presenting their arguments. Some may argue that a key to becoming a pro-debater is learning NOT to procrastinate, but the seniors of the past & present know this is not true. Those who are able to handle their last minute troubles develop important skills & eventually are able to use them in order to become debaters worthy of being associated with the best. Among these few is junior Jessie Cox, who qualified for Nationals this year. Jessie traveled to Washington, D.C., in order to compete in a Lincoln Douglas debate round. Jessie's older sister, Mandie, also is an important part of the debate team. Mandie is a Public Forum debater, a Lincoln Douglas debater, & has been the presiding officer of many sessions of Congress, a new individual event. With the success of Prep's debaters, this has been a memorable year for the team.

NICKNAMES FOR TEAMMATES Joseph Garland- Jofi Jessie Cox- Jezkah Bug Mary Hailey SinyardMary Hay Mary Ellen DeatonMellon Leslie Woods- Lez Gracie Hubacek- Mini Claire Miss Baker- Mom, Nanny Bakums, & Granny Bake

CONCENTRATION. This is Mary Hailey's

first year to be involved with the Debate Team, and she loves it! She especially enjoys the competitions where she likes “conversing with the people from other schools about the debate cases.”


What do you like most about debate?


GRACIE HUBACEK : “My favorite part of debate is speaking with a purpose.”

Why did you join the debate team?

LESLIE WOODS : “A couple of my friends got me interested, & after going to a few practices to see what debate was all about, I really liked it.” MANDIE COX: “My sister, Jessie, & I decided to join at the beginning of high school, & we never seem to be able to get away from it. Plus, what do I have to do with my weekends other than go to debate tournaments?” Done it. Said it. Noted. Quoted.


Nick Weaver presents his case to the team during an after school practice. 2. JUDGE READY? Miss Baker has been helping with the Debate Team for two years now. Last year, she was the assistant coach, but she has now taken over the position of head coach. 3. THE JOKER. Goofing off at Debate tournaments is normal for junior Joseph Garland.

2 Organizations

Jackson Prep


FIRST WITNESS TO THE STAND. It was no surprise to anyone that Nick Weaver excelled during his first year of Mock Trial. POWER TEAM. Members of the Red team, M. E. Deaton, M. Portie, C.

Mock Trial & Model Security Council

State Your Verdict

Hubacek, N. Weaver, J. Cox, Mrs. Flynt, & Z. Zachow, take a moment to allow the photographer to capture their memories & excitement.


Lawyer, Lead Counsel, & Co-Captain Hardworking

Now Zac Zachow is the captain, & he has led the recruitment of many members. His hope is that many future students can experience Mock Trial & enjoy it as much as he did. He said his favorite part ”was tearing the crossing lawyer apart. (It) didn't always happen, but when the lawyer thought they knew all the angles, & we know one more, it's oh-so-fun to see them sweat.”

CALL YOUR WITNESS TO THE STAND. Madison Portie, Jessie Cox, & Gracie Hubacek prepare to prosecute their case in the trial.

Jackson Prep


Rob ert


& outstanding senior Madison Portie began this Mock Trial year unlike any other member. She began it by discussing debate strategies with her mom. Madison & her equally wonderful mother, who is a lawyer & served as a coach, were a power team that played an important role in the group's success. Madison was a member of the red team, & of excitement. However, it they came in fifth place in the statewide competition. Madison definitely wouldn't be the same without having a strong team to gives the following advice to future participants: “After a few work & share the win with.” Jessie years, you get the hang of it, but & the other influential junior one thing never changes. You've members will need to be ready to got to know your case before you take the lead once this year's seniors leave. They will have to even know what part you're carry on the tradition of the past & playing. If you know the facts, then you know how to work the spend much of their time trying to convince others to join, just as case on either side.” Zac convinced Jessie to join.


By Mary Morgan Haire

There were thirteen Mock Trial Participants this year. Although this is an unlucky number, the team was the polar opposite of unlucky. Thanks to the efforts of their sponsors & law advisers, both teams were successful. Their sponsors, Mrs. Laura Flint & Mr. Spencer Powers, along side lawyers Mr. Hester, Mrs. Portie, Mr. Bell, & Mr. Kipp, spent countless hours guiding these exemplary students to success. Practices were held three nights a week during December & January & were spent dissecting cases to develop original arguments. The fantastic lawyers involved helped JESSIE COX ZAC ZACHOW the students to create original Lawyer & Lead Counsel Lawyer, Witness, & A Junior, Jessie Cox's intelligence, Captain Zac's advice? “Just do arguments to blindside the opposing Mock Trial group. Their dedication, & wit are what make it. We're in recruitment mode time was well spent as both teams her a crucial member of the team. year round & if we think you'd made it through the regional She is also member of the speech make a good addition, we don't & debate team, & her interests in give up.” Zac knows this will competition & competed at the these activities led her to join state competition. Both teams always be a part of the team Mock Trial. Not only does she received numerbecause it was how the team bring talent to the team, she also operated when he was just a 9th ous awards & brings a passion. “I joined grader. He was one of the the red team because I fell in love with the students the team believed would placed fifth in court room; the hours of planning be a good addition, & they gave the state. all pay off for those few moments him no choice but to sign up.

LAST EFFORT. An Ocelot grips the Mock Trial gavel. This exemplifies Zac Zachow's constant effort to recruit future members. Even as a senior, he is not giving up on his mission to show people what they are missing out on.

REAL LIFE AMBASSADOR. J. Aron, Z. Zachow, F. Carter, S. Wofford, A. G. Stout, M. Portie, J. Garland, M. Mangum, A. Wright, A. Pinkerton, & D. Bourne with the Croatian Ambassador to the United Nations & his wife.

Taking Care of Business

Model Security Council. Three simple words that exemplify the hard work & the fun of an event that is organized by one knowledgeable sponsor & attended by many enthusiastic students. The mock United Nations debates take place at Mississippi State University & lasts two days. Before attending the trip, ten Jackson Prep seniors & Joseph Garland were assigned a country & had to write a resolution from their country's viewpoint. This year, three countries with veto power over the resolutions were assigned to Prep. They were Russia (Jamie Aron), China(Zac Zachow & Joseph Garland), & the United States (Scotty Wofford & Madison Portie). Although everyone was not assigned a country with veto power, everyone put their best foot forward & argued their country's beliefs. Prep students took care of business, & then rewarded themselves. Frances Carter's favorite part about the trip was “getting a bunch of junk food one night & 7 2 3 5 1 then going to a late night movie.� Other participants most memorable part was meeting the Croatian Ambassador to the United Nations & asking him questions about his job. No matter what 4 6 they remember best, it is easily said that this year's trip was a 8 blast all thanks to Mrs. Lou (1)RUSSIA. Jamie Aron Ann McKibben & Mrs. Anna plays a fantastic Russian in sessions. Freundt. Fun was had, She is not reserved when it comes to resolutions were debated, & voicing the views of her country. awards were won. Davis (2) BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA. Austin Pinkerton & Davis Bourne received Bourne, Austin Pinkerton, & Z. recognition for their well-written resolution. (3&4) CHINA. Zac Zachow & Joseph Garland Zachow were all recognized brought along a mascot to represent their country. (5) GOD BLESS AMERICA. Scotty Wofford & for their outstanding work. Madison Portie attended sessions representing the beliefs of America. (6) LEBANON. Anna With students & teachers like Grace Stout & Frances Carter enjoyed their weekend at MSU debating resolutions from the these, there is no way this trip viewpoint of Lebanon. (7)GERMANY. Anna Wright & Madeline Mangum represented their could have been anything less assigned country well with a well-written resolution. (8) REPRESENT. Jamie Aron instructs the than successful. Croatian Ambassador to the UN on how to ring Mississippi State's famous cowbell. Done it. Said it. Noted. Quoted. MOCK TRIAL TEAMS. Row 1: Gracie Hubacek, Jessie Cox, Madison Portie, Zac Zachow, Burney Threadgill, Ross Hester, & Austin Pinkerton. Row 2: Claire Hubacek, Nick Weaver, James Martin, Robert Frey, Luke Wise, & Read Carlton.


Jackson Prep


he e

Youth Legislature

MADAME CHAIR. Ariel Cheng takes charge of her committee as they begin debating bills.

STATE STREET SWAGGER. Collins Mounger, Catherine Archer, Sidney Lampton, & Taylor Byrd on their way to sessions in the MS Capitol.

Amending Amendments “I look forward to Youth Legislature every single year. I really enjoy the debates, the people, & the atmosphere of downtown,” stated senior Anna Grace Stout. Many who attend Youth Legislature attended Junior Youth Assembly (JYA) as junior high students & fall in love with the experience. At the conference, Prep students are known for being actively involved in the debate, & every year there are students who receive great accord for their accomplishments. This year Ariel Cheng, Chris Lewis, & Zac Zachow served as committee chairs, Anna Grace Stout was the House Messenger, & Jessie Cox was appointed as an officer for next year's session. Although these roles are important, the role of a delegate, a lobbyist, & a press member are all equally vital. The members of the Press work hard to produce a newspaper with events from the day to capture the memories, & Prep always sends students to participate in this. The lobbyists & delegates work hard to prepare bills & learn proper parliamentary procedure, & pass bills through committees & both chambers. All who have attended as delegates agree that speaking for the first time is intimidating, but once you really get into the debate on the controversial bills, the fun begins. One of the many perks of Youth Leg is the fact that chambers take place in The Capitol buildings in the House of Representatives Chamber & the Senate Chamber, & it is not uncommon to have actual politicians drop in & watch the debate. Youth Leg is not just about passing one's bill. It is about meeting students from other schools, getting involved in controversial political debates, & making sure all bills are 100% error free before they reach Youth Governor's desk. One of the unique characteristics about this year's assembly is the delegate's ability to create so many amendments for such short bills. The phrase “amending amendments to amendments” may come to mind for some. This phrase, “division,” & other Youth Leg jargon will forever be imprinted on the minds of those who attended any Youth Leg session. This is especially true of this year's assembly, an assembly that was filled with rushed, heavily amended, & controversial debate. All who participate in Youth Leg will always have a special place in their heart for politics, the downtown Jackson Marriott, & political procedure. Done it. Said it. Noted. Quoted. By Avery Burns


Jackson Prep


SPEAK YOUR MIND. Kelsey Jones promotes her bill in front of the House

Read Carlton

MEET THE PRESS. Press CALL ME. Kirby Parker & Zac Zachow member G. McDaniel works hold up a sign intended to distract the hard to create the daily speaker. Youth Leg Newspaper.

Jessie Cox, Vivian Paris, & Claire Hubacek

Chris Lewis

'ELLO GOVNA. C. Archer in downtown Jackson near the Governor's Mansion.

Collins Mounger & Sidney Lampton

“Democracy Must Be Learned By Each Generation�

Junior Youth Assembly took place at the Old Capitol Museum for the first time ever this year. There, the Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann spoke to the Junior High students during the banquet. JYA is run by the YMCA & is a program that sparks students' enthusiasm for speaking their mind. The students attend a two day session in downtown Jackson where they are taught proper parliamentary procedure, learn to debate, & present bills that they composed to the committees & chambers to which they are assigned. In order to attend JYA, students must first apply. This exclusive experience is highly enriching & participation should be a goal of all interested & hardworking Junior High students. All who attend go home with new knowledge, friends, & confidence. Molly Haire

Anna Wise

Martha Rayner

H. Herrin, A. Harnon & O. Brown

Maddie Diket Organizations

Jackson Prep


Précis & Earthwinds

SOPHOMORES. Ann Hilton Buckner & Elizabeth Parker were our token sophomores this year.

NEW TO THE CREW: B. Threadgill & N. Davant

“FOUL & DISGUSTING”: Margaret Horsley & Laurel Bane

PHOTOSHOP MASTERS: Mary Stewart Hurst & Mary Morgan Haire teamed up & became pros at Photoshop.

** PRÉCIS: Meet the Yearbook Staff **

The 2012 yearbook class consisted of 12 fabulous girls & their lovely sponsor, Lena Barlow. Each person on the staff has a specific role. The sophomores, Elizabeth Parker & Ann Hilton Buckner took on the usual sophomore duties. They were “Vana Whites” at the Pageant & were assigned some of the more dull pages to design. Also new to the staff were seniors Brittany Threadgill & Natalie Davant. They were fast to catch on to the ways of the yearbook & brought much enthusiasm to the class. Margaret Horsley & Laurel Bane brought some sass & were constantly battling. Our Photoshop masters were Mary Morgan Haire & Mary Stewart Hurst. They cropped & edited nearly all of our pictures to perfection. Staying up late to meet dead lines & always editing pages were our fearless editors, Evans Horsley & Anna Grace Stout. Along side them was our sponsor Mrs. Lena Barlow. Avery Burns obsessed over Gossip Girl while Maison Lowery was obsessing over food. That concludes our in-class staff, but this year, we also had Sidney Lampton & Zac Zachow helping out with pages & pictures. When looking back on this class, I know the greatest memory for us all with be our famous Précis parties. This exclusive event includes chips, salsa, queso, occasionally Chick-fil-a, & Mary Morgan's famous cookies. This year, we even had a Hunger Games themed party, & Elizabeth Parker made special cookies just for the event. The stress of creating a 208 page book in only one school year definitely makes us deserve those fun days. Throughout the year, Précis works relentlessly to try & include as many people in the yearbook as possible. After photos are compiled, the creation of the yearbook can begin. All the work takes place in the Précis room where the other publications, Earthwinds & Sentry, also work. All year long, these other publications try to prove that they are better than Précis. It is a dispute that may never be resolved, but there is no question that Précis is the best looking class. There is not even any competition. Sorry, Sentry. 8-) DONE IT, SAID IT. NOTED, QUOTED.

GOSSIP GIRL OBSESSED! Avery Burns shows off the Précis computer backgrounds. Other class obsessions that were included were The Voice, The Hunger Games, Food, & Boys.

SPONSOR: Mrs. Barlow!!!

THE OTHERS: EDITORS CORNER: Anna Grace Stout & Evans Horsley get a shout-out for being the best editors ever!!


Jackson Prep


Our out-of-class contributors were S. Lampton & Z. Zachow.

FOOD: Maison Lowery & class fight over chips like it's the real life Hunger Games.

** Earthwinds: Volume 41 **

“Earthwinds is off the chain” commented the Sponsor, Dr. Paul Smith. Dr. Smith led the 2011-12 Earthwinds staff & kept them very busy all year. “First semester is tough. We have to create all the poetry & prose that we use in the magazine,” said Melissa Archer. The first project on the agenda after those tedious class work assignments was the Earthwinds Photo Contest. Many students submit their photos for the chance to win the top honors in the contest. When asked about the contest, Reagan Owen said, “What do I think about the photo contest? Well, Taylor Byrd blew them out of the water!” The photos can claim first through third or honorable mention prizes. Some of these photos can also make it into the Earthwinds literary & art journal. The magazine is the main & most time consuming project the class tackles. Throughout the school year, the class writes poetry & short stories, & later chooses the best ones to go into the magazine. The big event for the class is the Earthwinds Coffeehouse. It showcases the hard work of the Earthwinds staff & is always loved by the students. With impeccable talents featured & coffee for the viewers, this year was again very successful. Ann Fairly Barnett commented that “It was a fun time & the GRAND UNVEILING of THE magazine.” Madison Portie agreed on the success of the event but added “It was HOT. ” Each staff member had a specific role in the day. Melissa was the MC for the event, introducing poetry readings & musical acts. Reagan & Madison took control of the coffee selling while Rachel & Ann Fairly created instant poetry for paying students. Musical acts had to tryout to play at this event & only the most talented made it to the show. “The entertainment was awesome this year. There was a lot of variety & everyone really stepped up to the plate & did a great job!” stated Madison. The class agreed that it was an all round great year. Rachel Carlton, the lone junior, is to take over next year. Looking to the future, Rachel commented, “I just hope that next year will be as fun as this year.”


OUT OF THE BOOK: Some of the Creators Favorite Works The Hierarchy of Punctuation In the hierarchy of punctuation, a comma is a weeknight fight, a semi-colon is someone sleeping on the couch; a dash is an agreement to separateand a period is a nasty divorce resulting in sole custody. By Melissa Archer: Editor in Chief

Bottle caps, old yearbooks, 1980's prom dress---dilapidated and used up antiques. By Reagan Owen: Art & Photography Editor Blue Jello I love the viscosity of jello, the way it suspends my childhood perfectly between its teal-tinged edges, how it lets light play with my memories, but keeps them within the confines. I love the viscosity of jello. By Madison Portie: Prose Editor

Road Signs

Your short relies and your impatient eyes tell me that this bridge has long been iced over. By Rachel Carlton: Assistant Poetry Editor Sitting With You Winter comes in November winds at night time. In the day, the leftover leaves falling slow past your hair, the soft hue of dusky sunlight, make me feel warmer. By Ann Fairly Barnett: Poetry Editor


Jackson Prep




By Ann Hilton Buckner



(2) (1)



What Really Goes On In Sentry?

(1) Kristen Massey (2) Brad Brewer & Austin Rayner (3) Tyler Hays & Cooper Simmons (4) Josiah Harper & Harrison Putt

“Sentry is full of life changing memories & newfound facts,� says Junior staff member, Wirt Dunbar. Everyone knows that the Sentry staff has an abundance of inside jokes that come from the time they spend together during directed study & 5th period, but not everyone has the privilege of understanding their closeness. During their time together, they voice their opinions & put their ideas into action as they produce their 6 annual issues. The student body thoroughly enjoys the issues of Sentry & we often cannot wait to get out of class to skim through the pages that are filled with the staff's entertaining opinion pieces. Kristen Massey & Jay Vise, the editors this year, did their best to keep the staff on task & inline, but this was no easy task. Throughout the many issues of The Sentry, the staff never failed to bring the students what they needed to know about sports, movies, teachers, students, & the staff's opinions. When the staff was not creating the next issue, they enjoyed waging the friendly war with the other publication staffs & listening to Mr. Hughes & William Mercier share their advice. Despite all the other activities the staff participated in, they always managed to produce a successful & entertaining newspaper.


Jackson Prep


Sentry Staff 2011-2012 Editors-in-Chief Jay Vise & Kristen Massey Entertainment Editors Joe Humphries, William Mercier, & Harrison Putt Managing Editor Jesse Pound

Photography Editors Wirt Dunbar & Austin Rayner Graphics Editor William Mercier

Sports Editors Brad Brewer, Ariel Cheng, Out-of-class Contributions & Sarah Mapp Cooper Simmons Business Managers Advisor Josiah Harper Mr. Lain Hughes & Tyler Hays

“A normal day is spent arguing about Ole Miss & State.” - Brad Brewer

Quote; “Josiah Harper.” -Tyler Hays

Opinion Editors Evan Chouteau & Josiah Harper

Memory: “The best part is listening to William Mercier and Master Hughes talk everyday.” -Wirt Dunbar

Quote: “Butchering the Blues.” -Josiah Harper

Quote: “I'm a frat star.” -Jay Vise Organizations

Jackson Prep


Global Leadership Institute PREParing STUDENTS for REAL LIFE and SERVICE By: Elizabeth Parker “The Global Leadership Institute exists to encourage the personal growth and development of leadership skills in students. Students develop habits during their teenage years that accompany them throughout their lifetime. By participating in the Institute, students will be challenged to look inwardly to discover important truths about their giftedness, nature, and personality. Students will also be challenged to look beyond themselves to discover ways they can make a difference in their community and the world at large. As the Institute Director, I count it a privilege to help develop the ultimate potential of each Prep student.” says Cindy Townsend. The program was started in 2009 when Cindy Townsend moved here from Texas. Jackson Prep is transforming its future by securing the capital funds to complete as many components of the school's master plan as possible. The Centre for Arts and Leadership is the focal point of the next phase, which includes the addition of a state-of-the-art auditorium and the conversion of the current auditorium into a multi-use venue for the Global Leadership Institute and other programs. The Global Leadership Institute, and other initiatives to develop leaders at Jackson Prep, are crucial to the growth of our students, Mississippi's future leaders.

“Leaders shape our world in every conceivable way. At Jackson Prep, we aim to prepare young people for lives of distinction as worldclass leaders. The Global Leadership Institute, under the talented direction of Cindy Townsend, is going to set the standard for leadership development among secondary schools. I'm excited for Prep and even more thrilled for our students, for whom this will be a tremendous opportunity.” Susan R. Lindsay, Head of School


Jackson Prep







7 8 6 1. Chris Waddell, the first paraplegic to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, spoke to the students at Jackson Prep recently on his “Name Tags” teenage educattional tour across America. He is also the most highly decorated male skier in Paralympic Games history. Waddell encouraged the students to have an “overcomer” spirit and to look for opportunities to excel no matter the circumstance. He challenged the students to “climb their mountain” and to discover their ultimate potential. Shown (from left, back) Noah Sasser, Kennady Galloway, Anna Kate Williams, Ann Clardy Bryd; (front) Madeleine Porter, Chris Waddell. 2. Dewey Phillip “Phil” Bryant (born December 9, 1954) is an American politician from Mississippi. Bryant is the 64th and current Governor of Mississippi, having defeated the Democratic Party candidate, Johnny DuPree in the 2011 general election. He previously served as the 31st Lieutenant Governor of Mississippi, having defeated the Democratic Party candidate, Representative Jamie Franks, in the 2007 general election. On November 8, 2011, he was elected Governor of Mississippi and assumed office on January 10, 2012.Pictured here is Phil Bryant, Mrs. Sherye Green, Whit Kendall, & Gage Ray 3. Jamey Pope & Taylor Stickland talk at a forum about their dream to help the people of Guatemala. 4. Sarah Neal Secrest & Mrs. Cindy Townsend share Sarah Neal's fundraiser that raised money for the Baptist Hospital in Guatemala. 5. Bill Buckley was an Honorable mention All-American football player at Mississippi State University where he held single-season and career receiving records for Touch Downs until it was broken by Eric Moulds. Also a First Team All-Southeastern Conference receiver, Bill led the SEC in receiving for two years and was drafted by the New York Jets. He has coached football on the high school and college levels for 12 years, most recently in the 2009 season at Mississippi College. He has been a Fellowship of Christian Athletes staff member for 16 years. Bill has authored Nine Week War which follows the Gulf Coast Community College’s season, which took them to win the National Championship, and The Right to Lead which is a leadership manual for team character study. From prodigal son to Christian coach and minister, Bill’s life story has inspired many to live whole-heartedly for God.Pictured with Bill Buckley is Chance Robinson. 6. (Back Row, Left) Sam Fulton, Hudson Little, Gregor Patti, Barrett Bufkin, Mary Dunbar, Bailey Mangum, Kendall Causey, Maddie Dyess, Jay Adams-Rucker, Lauran Henderson, Noah Sasser, Sarah Tillery, Holly Welch, & Ann Clardy Bryd (Middle Row, Left) Alexiss Bentley, Ann Leighton Malouf, Grace Goulay, Katie Newton, Mrs. Cindy Townsend, Anna Kate Williams, Shelby Wilson, & Shelby Killough (Bottom Row, Left) Emily Clair Herring, Gunar Robinson, Margaret Dent, & Alden McInnis 7. Phil Bryant & Kennedy Galloway pose for a photo after he spoke to the Junior High. 8. Susan R. Lindsay, Head of School, talked about becoming better leaders to the Sophomore class of 2014.

Taking students on a journey, within themselves and beyond themselves. Organizations

Jackson Prep




By Sidney Lampton

band members tell all. what they will never

forget & what we never knew.

KINCAIDISMS: Junior trumpet player, Lake Weston, will never forget all of Kincaid's wonderful advice known as “Kincaidisms.”An example? “A moment on your lips, forever on your hips.” ver the past few years, the band has rapidly added members. Gone are the days when band would have been considered “geeky.” Now, outsiders looking at the band see a group of people who know how to put on a performance & have fun while doing it. The band leads our student section at sporting events, ratcheting up the intensity every time the drum line beats out the music to our favorite cheers. With all of the fun it is obvious they are having, is it really any wonder everyone always says they wish they were in the band? Of PICKING FAVORITES. New course, joining does not come without a price as Zac Zachow has informed us. “I've band member Senior clarinet been through 4 band directors, 6 years, & tormented as a new band member. If you're player, Collins “Big C” an underclassmen, you have to undergo all kinds of torment - all in good fun, of course. Mounger (above) is obsessed Once you make it to high school, you get to return the years of torment to the new with saxophone player James members.” However, Zachow claims that, as he “was the only cool Junior High kid,” he Wolfe. When asked why she was rarely tormented, so, he claims not to dish out much tormenting now that he is older. loved James, Collins As the band continues to grow, the new members can look forward to the good-natured responded, ”Look at those torment from the upperclassmen & the fun they will have performing at Pep Rallies & dimples!!!” Done it, Said it, Noted, Quoted games. VETERAN. DIRTY LITTLE PASSION. Senior French Junior Joe SECRETS.


Horn player, Zac Zachow (left), has been a band member since he was in the 7th grade. With his experience & skills, he helped lead the group to a very fun & successful season.


Jackson Prep


When band member Evan Chouteau was asked about the bus rides to & from games, the yearbook staff found that some stories are better left untold.

Marchetti exemplifies what all band members have - a passion & love for what they do.

FRIDAYS. We all know band has the best costumes every week. R. Tramel (left) & J. Heidelberg always look up to par in their outfits & band attire.

GAME TIME. Z. Zachow, E. Chouteau, J. Marchetti, & R. Waller prepare for their half time performance. EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT. Jack Huang & Drew Kincaid trumpet like champs during one of the band's stellar performances.

Band Jargon: Taddy Cochrin

OEC, Across the Street, Chicken Fried Rice!


Caroline Fuller

Sahil Singh

Read Carlton: “Sergeant Tot” Patrick Mink: “Sloth” Zac Zachow: “ZEZ” Robert Tramel: “Bobby” Drew Kincaid: “Little Kincaid” Sam Parrish: “Sammy Panda” Lane Fitzgerald: “too good at sax to have a nickname” Jordan Barclay: “Barclay” Joe Marchetti: “Machete”

John!!! John!!! John!!! Aunt Jemima's Old Fashioned Pancakes! Take Note!

“HAVE FUN.” - KINCAid “You're SO 2000 & LATE”

Lets Go Boogie Down, HUH! Hey babyyy, i wanna know-ohoh-oh, if you'll be my girl!

Savannah Hunter, Shelby Pinnix, & Brianne Powers Organizations

Jackson Prep



live in living

COLOR MAKING AN IMPRESSION. C. Harris & A. Osborne appear in their colorful costumes for the conclusion of the show.

The Senior High Showchoir, Réveillon, had a wonderful competition season this year. Their sponsor, Mrs. Dianne Holbert, worked long and hard on their competition show. She said the theme of the show was “Live in Living Color.” Mrs Holbert explained, “I got the theme for the show when I went & saw the musical Catch Me if You Can.” Mrs. Holbert also complimented the impressive hard work Réveillon has done. She was especially impressed by the improvement of the ten new boys that joined the showchoir this year. Not only is the showchoir nationally ranked, but because Réveillon won Grand Champion at the Mississippi Showchoir Invitational, they are the best showchoir in the state. With two-&-a-half hour practice four days out “This teachable moment” of the week, these titles are hard earned & well deserved. Réveillon has forty-four members this year. “Audience There are twenty-four girls and twenty boys. The dance of one” captains this year were John-David Polk, Anna Marie Dulaney, Emily Evans, & Zack Watson. Joy Waller, Anna Lauren Gathings, Heather Higginbotham, Peyton Swanson, KK Ross, & Kristen Walker headed the “Be a man.” Philanthropic Team, a group who plan events to keep choir morale up. Senior, Anna Marie Dulaney says, “Showchoir has taught me how to be a leader in so many ways which will help me in the future. Being one of the first people that started this program & having “Don't make made it this far in four years makes me proud to be a part of such a great program. We come together me go there! everyday to do an activity that we love and have a ...She went passion for. I just want to thank Mrs. Holbert for all that she has taught us in these past four years.” there.”


By Natalie Davant


Jackson Prep


“Don't make me stand on my head and spit nickels.”

THE FINAL COUNT -DOWN. Senior girls, J. Waller, K. K. Ross, A. L. Gathings, H. Higginbotham, K. Walker, & P. Swanson are recognized at the Choir Showcase. CAPTAIN ZACK SPARROW. Zack Watson captivates the audience & guides the choir crew through another successful voyage on stage. FLYING COLORS. K. Walker & H. House showcase their talent when they perform for the school.


Done It. Said It Noted. Quoted.

BEAUTIFUL BALLAD. E. Box, W. Harris, & E. Thiel sing their hearts out in hopes of winning the competition.


C. Hoffmann, T. Duckworth, & E. Wegener try to impress the judges with their dancing.


PASSION. During a competition, James Gathings sings & dances with a passion for performing.

Dulaney, Paul Vegas Ott, & Kelsey Fuller practice their singing during a dress rehearsal.

BACKSTAGE. The set crew, C. Sapen, C. L. Crawford, A. Woods, & K. Crotwell, get ready for the show with C. Ball. DANCING QUEEN. Molly Gun practices the girls' number in order to perfect it for RĂŠveillon's next competition.

Evelyn Field

Gilbert Omobude

Competitions & Awards South Jones Showchoir Competition Second Runner Up Mississippi Showchoir Competition Grand Champion, Best Vocals, Best Visual, & Best Show Design South Central Classic Third Runner-Up Petal Showchoir Invitational First Runner Up, Best Choreography, & Best Show Design Fame Nationals in Orlando, FL First Runner-Up, Best Vocals, Best Female Soloist within a show- Evelyn Field

K. Thornton & W. Meadows

Competition Line-Up Lights True Colors/Fly, Fly Away Joy Waller, Solo Something's Got a Hold on Me Evelyn Field, Solo Who Loves You Pretty Baby Bright Lights Connor Ball, Ty Higginbotham, Wilson Hays, & John-David Polk, Soloists Live in Living Color Zack Watson, Solo

Photos courtesy of Mrs. Lisa Patti Organizations

Jackson Prep


Fusion & Drama Club

Jazz Hands

Competitive Show line-up

by Natalie Davant

I Was Here Madeline Parker, Solo Wonder Why Claire Parrish & Camille Hood, Soloists I Hope You Dance Tuxedo Junction Victoria Holmes, Solo Firework Sylvia Hartung, Solo

Competitions & Awards South Jones Showchoir Competition Second Place Solo Competition Winner- Victoria Holmes

M. Diket & M.H. Moss

J.C. Pride

Mississippi Showchoir Competition South Central Classic

Solo Competition Winner- Victoria Holmes Petal Showchoir Classic- Third Place

This year's Junior High Showchoir, Fusion, continued to grow in talent as they approached their fourth year. During competition season, Fusion had practices during the week, & with the help of their sponsor, Mrs. Susan Cokely, they were able to perfect their singing & choreography. Fusion had a new choreographer Madeline Parker come & teach the showchoir their dances for the show. Mrs. Cokely said the performance's theme this year was “making a difference.” Their opening number is Lady Antebellum's “I Was Here,” which is about leaving your mark on the world. Simmons Barazza said, “I hope next year's group does even better than we did.” Overall, Fusion had a great year & they are hoping to have an equally successful season next year.


Jackson Prep

Victoria Holmes

E. Heidelberg & L. Clarke

Photos courtesy of Mrs. Lisa Patti

B. Munn, G. Fike, & S. Burran


Sylvia Hartung


Claire Claire Parrish Parish

Jake Ray & Gracie Tew

M. Rayner, A. Wise, & M. Haire

Cue the Lights

By Natalie Davant

One Act Cast & Crew. Row 1: Rachel Carlton, Zac Zachow, Mary Hailey Sinyard, Lexie Griffin, & Ariel Cheng. Row 2: Dayne Truong, Anna Grace Stout, Madison Portie, Peyton Swanson, Caroline Harris, Emily Evans, Heather Higginbotham, Catie McAllister, Ms. B.J. Jenkins, & Reed Carlton. Row 3: Kaitlyn Myers, Elizabeth Thiel, Mr. Kenneth McDade, Gracie Hubacek, Will Meadows, Evelyn Field, Anna Marie Dulaney, Nathan Brown, Emily Box, Solomon Keys, Alex Goldstein, Karson Crotwell, K.K. Ross, Mr. Nathan Devine, Katherine Thiel, & Will Harris.

(1) N. Brown & M. Portie (2) (2) E. Thiel, D. Truong, & E. Field (3) E. Graham & K. Meyers


This year, the Drama Club performed many successful shows. All members of the Drama Club had the opportunity to participate in the One Act performance, “The 39 Steps.” One Act traveled to Mississippi State University for a competition & from there advanced to the Mississippi Theatre Association Festival in Gulfport, Mississippi. At these competitions, 3 of our students recieved great honors. Nathan Brown, Gracie Hubacek, & Elizabeth Thiel were awarded the All Star Acting Award. The cast & crew have many memorable moments that happened during practice as well as competitions. Ariel Cheng was able to go to the beach for the 1st time when they went to Gulfport. Madison Portie said, “My most memorable moment is when Nathan Brown & I were doing the kissing scene for 3 minutes because we never got the cue to stop.” Being stabbed in the back during the One Act was Katherine Thiel's most memorable moment. After finding out what the One Act was, Madison Portie said “I was very anxious to do 'The 39 Steps!' It is my all time favorite play. I had seen it twice before & I was ecstatic to do a show that I loved show much.” It can easily be said that the entire cast was ecstatic to be able to perform such a fantastic show. They enjoyed it so much that it was not uncommon for any one of the members to be able to recite certain lines word-for-word,even months after their performance. The show was a great success this year, & they look forward to another unforgettable show next year.

Ladies & Gentlemen, The 39 Steps!



with Katherine Thiel & Madison Portie When did rehearsals begin? Scotty Wofford Madison Portie: “We started a few weeks before our 1st performance & had a total of 13 rehearsals before the competition. We rehearsed for about 2 hours each time.” Did you do anything special before you went on stage? Katherine Thiel: “I always told myself that I wasn't going to hurt myself on stage & that I wouldn't trip or anything. I also had to laugh about the funny parts before I went on stage so that I didn't laugh when I actually was saying them in front of an audience.” What was it like to perform in front of so many people? Katherine Thiel- “When you're acting, people see the show. They see the character not their friend on stage. It's so much fun showing off what you have worked so hard on to people who are also interested in theater.” What was the most challenging part of One Act? Madison Portie- “My character because I'm nothing like Pamela. It was really hard to be that scared, timid, non-aggressive person.” Do you have any advice about managing your time? Madison Portie- “Get everything done ahead of time, especially if you've got a college application or a project that needs to be submitted over the Internet while you're at the competition. Doing Calculus on set doesn't really help your artistic spirit.”


K. Thiel, K.K. Ross & P. Swanson

Anna Grace Stout & Cast

W. Harris

W. Meadows Zac Zachow N. Brown

Solomon Keys

Lexie Griffin

& K. Thiel

Dayne Truong

Done it, Said it, Noted, Quoted.


Jackson Prep


Organizations Candids


Jackson Prep



Jackson Prep



JV Cheer Varsity Cheer Pacer Pep Squad Spirit Fastpitch Softball Cross Country Golf Swim Team 7th Grade Football JV Football Varsity Football Volleyball 7th Grade Basketball 8th Grade Basketball JV Girls' Basketball JV Boys' Basketball Varstiy Girls' Basketball Varsity Boys' Basketball Girls' Soccer Boys' Soccer Track Tennis Baseball Athletic Candids

68 70 72 74 75 76 78 80 82 84 86 88 92 93 94 96 97 98 100 102 104 106 108 110 112

JV Cheer Kara Cook

Go, Fight,


by Ann Hilton Buckner

Long practices, football & basketball games, pep rallies, . . . the list goes on & on, but what does it really take to be a cheerleader?

To be a cheerleader, it takes a little of everything. The five main ingredients are natural talent, a great smile, contagious enthusiasm, a voice that won't give out, and a killer toe touch. This year, the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders were led by Captain Ellie Wells, Co- Captain Addison Smith, and sponsor Susan Cokely. The squad enjoyed cheering for both the football and basketball teams this year. According to Ellie Wells, “The most memorable game this year was the exciting game against JA.� The cheerleaders learned a total of four dance routines, practiced to perfect them, and performed them regularly throughout the year. Every Wednesday night the cheerleaders also fed the JV football team to get them ready for their next game. Without the many talents of the cheerleaders, Prep's sports teams would not have that special added support.

M E E T :

The Squad Captain Ellie Wells Co -Captain Addison Smith 9th graders: Mae Mae Cook Sylvia Hartung Ashley Johnston Bray Koury 8th graders: Kara Cook Elizabeth Glaze Mollie Griffin Sydney Mann Clayton Noblin Caroline Peeples Mae Mae Walker 68

Jackson Prep


(1) (2)


Get pumped!


(1)E. Glaze. (2)M.M. Cook (3)B. Koury (4)A. Smith (5) JV Cheerleaders perform at a pep rally to inspire the students for the upcoming game. (6)A. Johnson (7)C. Noblin & K. Cook

The cheerleaders pull out their best stunts in order to get the crowd to make some noise.



(6) (7)

If you're a Patriot fan, stand up & clap your hands!!! (6) Clayton Noblin (7) Ashley Johnston (8) Addison Smith (9) Bray Koury

(6) (7)


(10) The cheerleaders inspire the team at the pep rally.


(11) Caroline Peeples



(11) Athletics

(12) The JV Cheerleaders perform their dance.

Jackson Prep


Varsity Cheer

Cheer Cheer For Our Patriots So True... By Mary Stewart Hurst

“We have the same DNA.” “I need my retainer!!” “Be Significant!” I GOT THE BABY!! C. May, K. Kennedy, & L. Steed celebrate Mardi Gras during homeroom. WE'RE NUMBER ONE. Senior Ashley Anne Peeples leads the team & students in a cheer to inspire the football team. HIGH V. At the 1st game of the season, S. Watson, L. Steed, & C. May perform their wellrehearsed cheer to entertain the crowd during half-time. BABY, I JUST WANNA DANCE. The squad awes the crowd with their up-beat routine during halftime.


Jackson Prep


“In the 9th grade, I broke my nose while we were stunting. Annie fell on my face. I am not sure which is more memorable, that or the Y'all vs. Us game, though the Y'all vs. Us game was definitely more enjoyable,” says the co-captain of the squad, Ann Walton Stringer. The team operates year-round, providing food, signs, and inspiration for all of the sports here at Prep. If you see a painted sign anywhere in the school, whether it be for football, basketball, soccer, baseball, debate, or chess, it was a product of the cheerleaders' hard work. The work load for the leaders of the squad was huge but “definitely worth it” says Captain Shelby Sumner, and she “loved every minute of cheering this year!” Accompanying the squad to the nearly 80 sporting events at which they cheered was the school mascot, Patriot Man Jay Coleman, who has performed his job with gusto since the 11th grade. The squad has always practiced nearly every day, but this year was the 1st year that they had a stunting coach. According to Ann Walton, “That's why all of our stunts this year were so freakin' awesome!” After practice, and often during school, the girls would retreat to their special secret hideout, “Torcedor,”, a supply closet with bean bags and food. There was an air vent in this room that provided them with access to Coach Fryant's room. The cheerleaders could see into his room, but the class could not see into Torcedor, so the girls would often slip notes into the class. One day they heard drilling coming from Coach Fryant's room. His class removed the vent, turned it around, and re-screwed it into the wall. Now, the cheerleaders cannot see into his room and Coach Fryant's class can see into Torcedor. Outside of practice, making signs, and lounging in Torcedor, the cheerleaders have several other traditions. Every year, the girls participate in the Sara Elizabeth Shelton walk for Cystic Fibrosis, take a beach trip, spend the night together outside of Hinds County on Fight Night, and feed the football team hamburgers every Thursday after football practice. They are the power force behind the support for everyone at the school. Done it, Said it, Noted, Quoted.



1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Shelby Sumner Sydney Watson Carly Causey 3 Kelly Kennedy Reagan Owen K. Cook & A.F. Robinson

LOOK AT ME NOW. On nerd day, the male cheerleaders perform at a pep rally after the cheerleaders helped them come up with a dance.

WE'RE SOARING, FLYING. Patriot Man, Jay Coleman, is thrown into the air in a basket toss by the male cheerleaders.




LAYOUT. Junior Melissa Braun shows off the product of her hard work during a complicated tumbling pass.

HANDS UP. Towards the end of the game, Falon Miskelly does her best to excite the crowd & inspire the team. LET'S GET FIRED UP. A.W. Stringer, C. May, K. Kennedy, & R. Owen stunt for the crowd.

LOUD & PROUD. The always energetic CoCaptain ,Ann Walton Stringer, strikes a pose in her shutter shades at a football game.


Jackson Prep


Pacers Remember When... the Pacers practiced all of June from 6-8 in the morning, and 1 afternoon the officers called an extra practice but it was really initiation? How at the end of July everyone went to Pacer beach? and then, when school started, they practiced every afternoon, except for Tuesdays, which were in the gym before school? How, on Wednesday afternoons they all painted shirts for that week's pep rally? Then, on Fridays, the practices were all worth it, because the Pacers got to perform? How they all came to school dressed up, and got out of third period early to prepare for their unforgettable performances? Then, when everyone was ready, they had circle, and Katie Wegener and Collins Mounger were the sparkles? Then, how on Friday nights they had to be at the school at 6 AM to have another circle, get their flags, and march into the stadium with the band? How, at the end of the 1st quarter, they all left the stands to go stretch and line up by Mary Morgan Haire to perform? Then, at half time they marched out on the field as the worldfamous, award winning, BCS Bowl bound, JACKSON PREP PACERS?!


Cheer, cheer for the patriots so true; Wearing our colors red & blue; Fighting men with loyalty; Leading our team to


victory! Whether the odds be great or small; Patriots so true will win over over all. Fight with might & never die; (3) (4) (5) (2) (1)

(1) Senior pacers at the Championship pep rally. (2) Senior pacers at a football game. (3) K. Kennedy, K. Wegener, P. Causey, H. Adams, T. Byrd, & L. Bane (4) L. Myers, K. Kennedy, & L. Bane (5) J. Markow, L. Fuller, P. Causey, T. Byrd, & K. Jones


march onward to victory! Cheer, cheer for the patriots so true; wearing our colors red & blue; Fighting men with

(6)Seniors (7)Juniors (8)Keely's pose (9)Seniors (10)K. Wegener, A. Harrison, A.G. Buchanan, M. Mangum, & B. Blackmon (11)The Pacers wait in the tunnel to walk onto the field pre-game.


(8) (6) (7) (9) loyalty; Leading our team to victory! Whether the odds be great or small; Patriots so true will win over all. Fight with (12) The Pacers walk onto the field (11) Patriots, Patriots Are You Ready? to line up for the team to run through. (13) Cheerleaders wrap the Pacers in streamers while they wait to release their balloons when the team runs through. (14) The Pacers are renowned for their pristine precision in their dances and their white gloves.

(12) (10) (13) might & never die; March onward to victory! Cheer, cheer for the patriots so true; wearing our colors red & blue;




Fighting men with loyalty; Leading our team to victory! Whether the odds be great or small; Patriots so true will win over


Jackson Prep





(19) (21)


The Pacers danced at half time of the BCS National Championship game in the Superdome on January 9, 2012. They were asked to perform their signature bow and leg ripples as the finale of the halftime show. They spent three days in New Orleans practicing the routine with the other 200 dancers. Monday morning, the day of the game, they had a dress rehearsal in the Superdome with the band, flag girls, and baton twirlers. Every night, they were able to go out to eat and shop in New Orleans.

(16) The Pacers in the Sugar Mill, where they watched the game. (17) Dress rehearsal in the Superdome. (18-19) The Pacers perform their famous leg and bow ripples. (20) T. Byrd, A. L. Gathings, & M. Mangum (21) Senior Pacers (22) Seniors and Mrs. McKibben in New Orleans.


“ If I had a time machine, I would go back to 10th grade so that I could be a PACER for 3 more years.� -Katie Wegener Done it, Said it, Noted, Quoted.

Taylor Byrd 1st Lieutenant

What will you remember most about this year as a Pacer? What I will remember most about this year is when Mr. Crim announced me as Taylor T. Byrd for the first time and I almost toppled over on the football field.

Haley Adams

Lindsey Fuller

What is the best part about being captain? What is the hardest part? The best part is being called out at all of the football games and being able to say that I lead this very talented group of girls. The hardest part is disciplining while having fun.

What is the tryout process for officer like?


2nd Lieutenant

It was very exciting and a bonding experience for the seven of us that tried out. The whole process, though, was very nerve racking and a little stressful. It was my first time to mix music and make up a dance on my own. Overall, it was filled with a little stress, some thought and hard work, and a whole lot of fun!


Jackson Prep


We are JP!

Pep Squad & Spirit

Pep it Up!

By Mary Stewart Hurst

This year, any 6th or 7th grade girl with a passion for cheerleading or dance was given the option of joining Pep Squad. Dana Herring spent her 1st year as their sponsor supervising practices & helping the girls with their dances & cheers. Anna Kate Williams(7th grade) said that Pep Squad was “a really fun way to be around friends & support the football team.” As always, 7th graders are required to choose between many options during their elective period. They are allowed to choose between different sports & fitness, depending on the season. The girls who joined Pep Squad have a passion for supporting their team through wins & losses. At the end of the football season, the girls had become closer, made many memories with new & old friends, & they look forward to future chances to support the sports teams.

PRETTY PATRIOTS. S. Stump & S. Shive enjoy the sunshine while they cheer on their team to victory!

ROCK. Anne Rivers Mounger “rocks steady” for her Patriot players.

PRIMP IT UP. E.J. Heidelberg & A.R. Mounger fix their ribbons as they prepare to cheer.

Done it, Said it, Noted, Quoted.

RED HOT. Grace Gourlay cheers on the 6th & 7th grade football players on a hot September afternoon

EVERYBODY ON THIS SIDE. S. Killough, S. Wheat, & C. Martin perform one of their cheers to excite the crowd & inspire the football team.


Jackson Prep


PHOTO OP. M. Dent, B. Mangum, M. Sapen, & M. Cole during their break from cheering on the team.

We've Got Spirit, How 'bout you?

“We would buy materials to make spirit sticks for the girls every week!” Millie Waller's favorite memory about being captain was rewarding the girls for working especially hard by making them a spirit stick. Each of the captains, Millie, Caroline Jones, & Claire Kullman picked a different girl every week & gave her a spirit stick. The winner would be announced at practice, & she'd get to keep the spirit stick for a week. All 3 captains enjoyed the spirit stick process, making up dances, & mixing the music. Claire's favorite song to dance to was “Pick Up the Phone” by Dragonette. Caroline said, “Being captain was challenging, but in the end, it was something that I loved doing. It was hard to be in charge, but it made me realized how much work goes into being captain.” At practice with the 42 8th & 9th graders, it was occasionally hard to be patient, but the sponsor, Mrs. Welch, could not have done a better job. It was agreed by all that performing & meeting so many new friends is what made the experience as much fun as it was. By Mary Stewart Hurst Caroline Jones

Millie Waller

Molly Terry

Claire Kullman Athletics

Jackson Prep




e u g Lea

n w O r i e h T of




“I started playing softball when I was 4 years old, & I have been playing ever since. I love it!” Senior Regan Crain joined Prep's softball team during her 7th grade year. When asked about her most memorable game experience, she said, “When we won the championship game 10th grade year, most definitely!” This year, Regan, as the only Senior, lead the team through a very fun, relaxed, & successful season. The girls won their games against both Jackson Academy & Presbyterian Christian School. The team practiced throughout the summer, & their final game was in September. Regan & the other upperclassmen became great role models to the younger players & lead the team through the season.

st Hur t r wa Ste y r Ma By:

Done it, Said it, Noted, Quoted.

Meagan Robinson

Madison Weeks


Jackson Prep


Morgan Litchliter

Marion Andress

Madison Welch

Hannah Higginbotham


Most Valuable Player:

Meagan Robinson

Most Improved: Rebekah Crain & Madison Weeks

Best Offensive Player: Meagan Robinson

Best Defensive Player: Mallory Robinson

Team Captain: Regan Crain

Impact Player: Morgan Litchliter

Patriot Award: Ashley Johnston

Coaches Award:

SAY CHEESE! R. Crain, R. Crain, M. Andress, A. Johnston, & M. Welch smile after one of their fun night time games.

Madison Welch

Rookie of the Year:

Marion Andress

PROUD. The Varsity softball team stands with hand over heart as the National Anthem plays over the speakers. Morgan Litchliter

Rebekah Crain

Ashley Johnston

Mallory Robinson Athletics

Jackson Prep


Cross Country

The Power of The Pack:

JPCC 2011- Legacy of the Leftovers

by Maison Lowery

REMEMBER WHEN? Remember all those practices in the heat? The accelerade and the day the girls jumped in the pool to cool off? Or when the seniors got to jump in the lake at the last meet? and Of course we must remember the new addition to the CC family with the birth of Millie Saxon! Remember the death hill to finish on at Choctaw trials? Remember morning runs and the catfish loop? What about the yoga or frisbee days and the power dinner at Coach Saxon's house? Lets not forget Luke's double broken arm tragedy. And guys, I know you will always remember “CALFS & QUADS!!” said by O. Daniels before every practice... good times. The team road tripped to the Columbia and PCS invitationals with very memorable bus rides but the top races to recall were when the boys won our very own Prep invitational and the girls came out with a victory at the JA inviational. Done it, Said it, Noted, Quoted.

“ My favorite memory of morning runs were the days we got to play Ultimate Frisbee!” - Kennaday Galloway 78

Jackson Prep


“One morning we did yoga but my favorite day was when we jumped in the pool!” -Courtney Newsome


STATS: At the 2011 State Meet, both girls and boys teams finished a strong 2nd. Runners Frances Carter, Kennady Galloway, Courtney Newsome, Maison Lowery, Julian Owen, and Alex Russell finished in the top 10 and were named as part of the all-state team. TEAM AWARDS: MVP- Julian Owen & Maison Lowery MOST IMPROVED- Kirby Parker & Kennady Galloway PATRIOT AWARD- Jay Coleman & Frances Carter AMY DAVIS RUTHERFORD AWARD - Alex Russell & Betsy Cunningham

TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: 1. Have long strides and pump those arms for super speed!

2. You might be running alone, but it's still a team sport. Work together!

Joseph Garland

Jay Coleman

B. Womack & A.L. Courtney

Hanson Woo

3. Intimidate your opponent with your fierce game face!

4. Run together. Coach Saxon says, “There is power in the pack.”

5. It helps to be the best looking team as well as the fastest.

6. Being in the heat all day, it's important to to stay hydrated.

Jamey McDowell

7. Always look towards the finish line!... Never back!

S. Killough, M. Dunbar, & C. Pringle

B. Cunningham & K.C. .Jones

8. Run with a good attitude and have fun with friends!

9. Always listen to the coaches. Trust them. They know what they are doing!

Leland Meadows

AL Malouf & C. Causey

Brent Hall

10. Don't take it too seriously and be ready for a snap shot photo! Athletics

Jackson Prep




By Margaret horsley

“This year has been easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy,”jokes Keaton Cook while



talking to Coach Biggs about the lemon juice she & Captain Evans Horsley squirted in their hair before each tournament.“ Our team is rock solid, a whole bunch of winners,” says player Margaret Milner. Lamar Phillips, who kept the team's camaraderie up with a quick quote before every game, warned all future opponents that they “are cruisin' for a bruisin'.” As for the boys, they spent their season having a good time & hitting clubs. With the South State & numerous other tournament wins under their belt, the boys had a very successful year. Senior Kirby Parker reminisces on the year saying, “I've enjoyed being around these guys this year. If I had the chance to do it again, I would. As for the younger players on the team, they are full of so much talent & contributed a lot this year. I expect great things from them in the future.” Doug Haick ends the season bittersweetly, commenting, “I am glad to be a part of this team & it was a lot of fun. I'm disappointed we didn't win State, but we had a good year overall.” RIGHT PAGE: 1. Team photo 2. Team photo 3. Blaire Stockett 4. Evans Horsley, Keaton Cook & Nell Bradford 5. Margaret Horsley 6. Evans Horsley, Margaret Horslely, & Keaton Cook 7. Evans Horsley 8. Blaire Stockett 9. Nell Bradford & Evans Horsley 10. Lamar Phillips 11. Keaton Cook 12. Margaret Milner

Done It. Said It. Noted. Quoted





(9) (7) (8)



Jackson Prep









(16) (18)


(20) (22) (21)

Team Medalist:

Girls: Blaire Stockett Boys: Haynes Horsley

Team Captains:

Kirby Parker & Douglas Haick

13. Team Photo 14. A-Team photo 15. Haynes Horsley 16. Cecil Wegener 17. Kirby Parker & Douglas Haick 18. Will Gordon Ferguson & Bailey Marble. 19. E. Wegener, L. Barraza, C. Miller, & R. Huffman 20. Rob Huffman 21. Kirby Parker 22. Team eating at CCJ 23. Douglas Haick 24. Landon Barraza

(23) (24)


Jackson Prep


Swim Team


REACHING FOR GOALS: SWIM TEAM WINS 38th CONSECUTIVE TITLE ATHLETE PROFILE: New Kids Make A SPLASH! Swimmers Jonathan Zhu & Hannah Adams, both new to Prep this year, dominated in the pool. They told us about their swimming background & what makes them tick. DONE IT, SAID IT, NOTED, QUOTED. Grade: 9th Specialty Stoke: Breast stroke Multi-Talented: Jonathan, along with being a star swimmer, is a part of the JP Baseball team. Pre-Game: Before every race, Jonathan takes the time to say a prayer. How It All Got Started: Jonathan began swimming for the Mississippi Makos swim team when he was seven years old.

Grade: 7th Specialty Stroke: Breaststroke Outside Help: Hannah is a member of Mississippi Makos Swim team. She practices six days a week. Hopes For the Future: She plans to swim throughout both HS & college. Favorite Aquatic Animal: Dolphin Pre-Race Rituals: Hannah likes to eat a lot of sugar before her races.

SENYA SWIMMAS!! Seniors give advice for these younger swimmers

“ALWAYS touch with 2 hands.” - Ross Taylor 82

Jackson Prep


“ NEVER give up! No matter what happens.” - Karson Crotwell

“SMILE whether you win or lose!” - Caroline Daggett

“Go into the pool hard, come out wet.” - Jay Coleman




The IM (Individual Medley)







PLAY BY PLAY! 1. FIRST- PRE GAME! We stretch. (Nico Juncos) 2. TAKE the plunge. Dive in! (Maggie Leech) 3. LAP 1: Butterfly (Kyle Crotwell) 4. LAP 2: Backstroke (William Leech) 5.FAST turns (Tate Miller) 6. LAP 3: Breaststroke (Katie Flannigan)7. LAP 4: Freestyle (Hollis Burrow) 8. FINISH!! (Georgia Dewey)


JP's success comes with their combo of talent and teamwork.



VETERAN Coach Dr. Nealey says, “I LOVE SWIM TEAM.“


Jackson Prep


7th Grade Football

Rookies of the Year By Elizabeth Parker

The 2011-2012 6th & 7th grade football team had an excellent season. This year's team of 54 young men was coached by Brandt Walker, assisted by Chad Biggs, Jonathan Branch, Tait Hendrix, & managed by David Bankswith. The players all previously attended many different schools, including our rival, Jackson Academy. The majority of the team came from First Presbyterian Day School, & it was agreed by all, no matter their background, that their favorite game was the JA game. When asked about the difference between playing for Prep & playing for JA, Brady Culbertson said, “Its much better at Prep because you don't have to play on the same team as the JA kids.” Many of the young men did what they could to win, including lifting weights, even when it was not required. Even though the football players were not allowed to talk to the Pep Squad girls during the game, they would always try. They all agreed it was embarrassing when they got caught doing this. John Nix Aldridge said is favorite coach was “Coach Biggs because he's a hoss!” Many of the young football players are excited about playing Varsity football so they can play with the big boys. The ritual before every game is to pray & thank God that they are able to play. Overall, the football team had a successful season.

Done it. Said it. Noted. Quoted. 1. HOLD EM' BACK! Braiden Guinn is holding back the JA enemy. 2. SHOVE IT! Will Massey grabs the opposite player by the shoulders. 3. BOOM! Prep attacks the opposing team! 4. WATER BREAK. At a break the team gets water while the coaches go over another play. 5.THROW IT FAR! Jake Newsome gets ready to throw a pass. 1




Jackson Prep






1 1. DEFENSE LINE! Prep attacks JA at full speed. 2. PUSH IT! Gregory Oden holds back his opposer. 3. TEXAS HOLD 'EM! Jack Holiman holds off the Offense. 2

4.HIKE! The team lines up on defense against JA. 7

5.INTERCEPTION! Prep intercepts the ball from JA in mid-air! 6.THE HULK! Nevin Wells is ready to tackle his opponent! 7. GOD BLESS AMERICA! Jacob Crawley, William Purvis, Jared Dodd, & the rest of the team stand for 3 the prayer & National Anthem.



4 Athletics

Jackson Prep


Junior Varsity Football The Junior Varsity Football team won the South AAA Championship once again. The team, made up of 8th & 9th graders, worked their way to a 7-0 season. The JV Football team practiced hard every day after school to get back to the Championship. The team played their toughest games against Parklane, Starkville, & JA.

Thursday Night Lights

By Ann Hilton Buckner

Player Profile: Jake Mangum

“I liked having a perfect season,�said Jake Mangum when asked about the season in general. Mangum, who wears number 12 on the football field, plays wide receiver & defensive back. He is in the 9th grade & is one of the leaders of the JV team. His favorite memory of the season would have to be beating JA to win the South AAA Championship title. Jake has played football since 7th grade at Prep. At the awards banquet following the 2011 season, Jake's teammates voted him their Best Defensive Back.


Jackson Prep


Coach Thompson: the man behind the


magic. Marcus Thompson has been the head coach of the JV Football team for 7 years & has a total record of 49-4. Throughout the years, the Junior Varsity team has won 7 South AAA Championships. When asked about the most important game of the 2011 season, Coach Thompson said, “We preach that the most important game is the one we are playing each particular week.� Coach Thompson also said the most important part of the job is to build relationships with his players. Coach Thompson's goal for each year is to make a positive impact on the young mens' lives. Done it. Said it Noted. Quoted.





Men in Blue


(7) (8)

(1) R. McGraw (2) P. Caracci (3) C. Geary (4) P. Parker

(5) Line up (6) K. Hatten (7) S. Eaton (8) G. Wood

Team Huddle

Football Awards Best Offensive Back Gene Wood Best Defensive Back Jake Mangum Impact Award Adam Stovall

Best Offensive Lineman Josh Aron

Best Defensive Lineman Brock Newman Most Valuable Player Ian McGraw

Captains Gene Wood, Ian McGraw, Noah Tidwell, & Rivers McGraw

Best Wide Receiver Parker Caracci Best Linebacker Ian McGraw Patriot Award Noah Tidwell


Jackson Prep


Varsity Football


Team Motto: BE


The Varsity Football team had a great season this year. They were led by Coach Black, Coach Crosby, Coach Brewer, Coach Biggs, Coach Heavener, & Coach Burke. This year's team had a record of 9 wins and 3 losses, & they played in the Championship game, which was held at Mississippi College. They began practicing last spring & continued practicing through the hot summer heat. When asked about spring & summer practices, junior football player, Hollis Burrow said, “We had that awesome practice while it was blizzarding. It was like the Green Bay Packers. As far as hot summer practice goes, let's just say there is nothing like some good old fashioned water.� With the excruciating heat this year, the team learned a lot about dedication. The football team weathered the hard practices & made it through a tough & eventful season.


Done it. Said it. Noted. Quoted.


Jackson Prep



Hey Now,





A lot can happen between

You're an All-Star



This year, Whit Kendall, Zach Newman, & Gage Ray were chosen as All-Stars. (1) C. Thigpen, (2) H. McGraw (3) These guys, along with other guys from different schools, practiced together & W. Kendall (4) S. G. Lamb hung out together for a week. At the end of the week, they played in an All(5) R. Buchanan & C. Simmons Star game against the North team. “It was a big honor to be chosen to represent Prep at the game,� said Whit Kendall. He also said his favorite part WHIT KENDALL ZACH NEWMAN would have to be meeting all the guys & making new friends that he probably never would have met otherwise. When asked his favorite part about the experience, Gage said that his favorite part was when the whole team went to a movie & Baskin Robbins almost every night to get to know each other better. Overall, the experience was unforgettable & the boys would gladly do it again. WILL PUCKETT



Jackson Prep


Season Highlights: “Story time” - Robert Frey “Getting to know the seniors, juniors, & coaches, & learning how the system works” - Andrew Davidson “Weights” - Brooks Davenport “Burger Night” - Ross Hester


(5) 90

Jackson Prep






(4) (1) GET SERIOUS. Coach Black tells his boys how to handle the next play. (2)THIRST QUENCHED? Wilson Williams rehydrates on the sidelines. (3)LISTEN UP! Coach Crosby talks to the boys about what tactic to take in the next play. (4)WE ARE JP. The view from the Prep bleachers as the game begins. (5) DRIVE. Sean O'Hara runs the ball down the field. (6) DETERMINATION. John Gathings gets his game face on as he prepares for the rest of the game. (7) SNAP. Robert Frey snaps the ball to his teammates.

2011-2012 Varsity Football Team

JACKSON PREP 2011 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM and CHEERLEADERS Row 1: Hamel McGraw, Cooper Simmons, Thompson Moore, Cade Hood, Wade Meena, Ross Renfrow, Westin Graves, Whit Kendall, William Mounger, Will Puckett, Wesley Kerce & Tyler Coleman. Row 2: Richard Baird, Ryan Buchanan, Mac Baird, William Pringle, Carter Thigpen, Sean O'Hara, Eric Wegener, Charlie Pringle, Justin Renfrow, Jake Williams, Charles McEuen, Newell Simrall & Chris Johnson. Row 3: Zach Williams, James Gathings, Jackson Gunn, Joseph Cook, Jay Vise, Ty Higginbotham, Kyle Kennedy, Conner Ball, Will Keeler, Grayson Lamb, Luke Simmons, Grant Lamb, Jesse Pound & Chandler Pride. Row 4: Damion Bryant, Zach Newman, Andrew Davidson, Harrison Putt, Kyle Crotwell, Josh Samander, Wilson Williams, Austin Churchill, Jamie Finch, Parker Stevens, Robert Frey, Paul Vegas Ott, Austin Pinkerton, Hollis Burrow & Griffin Schrock. Row 5: Brady Culbertson, Gage Ray, Brady Eaves, Campbell Vise, Ross Hester, Joe Humphries, (Londyn Steed, Annie Carpenter, Ashley Anne Peeples, Shelby Sumner, Reagan Owen, Ann Walton Stringer, Sydney Watson,) Brooks Davenport, Wilson Hays, Tyler Duckworth, Evan McKinley, & John Gathings. Row 6: Lance Martin, Carter Osborne, Ross Chandler, Clay Wooley, Jake Muse, Cossar Morgan, (Anna Frances Robinson, Keaton Cook, Caroline May, Falon Miskelly, Carly Causey, Kelly Kennedy, Lamar Phillips, Melissa Braun,) J.C. Davidson, Reid Patterson, James Young, Furlow Word, William Townsend & Gilbert Omobude. Row 7: Brent Heavener, Nick Brewer, Head Coach Ricky Black, Will Crosby, Chad Biggs, & Rusty Burke.

Team Awards: MV Back: MV Receiver: MV Back: MV Linebacker: MVP Offense: Special Team Award: LaCoste Academic Award:

Offensive Awards

Ryan buchanan Grayson Lamb

MV Lineman:

Sean O'Hara Will Puckett Thompson Moore Hamel McGraw

MV Lineman:

Gage Ray

Defensive Awards

Carter Thigpen Jay Vise

Zach Newman

Buddy Crosby MVP: MVP Defense: Dr. Walter Shelton Award: Special Recognition:


Cooper Simmons Whit Kendall Chandler Pride Whit Kendall Will Puckett Kyle Kennedy

Jackson Prep


8th Grade Basketball

4. 5.

1. 6.




Boys & Girls

“I will never forget when I broke a girls nose in the JA game. I jumped up to get the rebound & came down pretty hard. My elbow hit her in the face, giving her a black eye & breaking her nose! She even had to have surgery,” said Haley Litchliter regarding her most memorable moment of the season. McKenzie Robinson said that she would never forget the team's chant they yelled before every game, “The whole team got into a huddle and yelled, 'We're gonna win, win, win! We're gonna win, win, win! We're gonna win, win, win!' getting louder each time.” Haynes Horsley said, “The bank is always open on Sunday!”, a phrase they would yell every time someone made a bank shot in a game. Walker Wilbanks said that he would never forget how all the guys yelled, “And one!” every time someone shot, not caring whether or not there was actually a foul. The girls & boys both agreed it was a good season and are looking forward to next year's competition in ninth grade. This year there were thirty-eight total players, and the girls & boys were each split into two teams. The girls into a blue team & a white team and the boys into a red team & a white team. They practiced during fifth period every day. The girls were coached by Laurie Wyatt & Cory Caton, & the boys were coached by David Horner & Jon Marcus Duncan.

TAKE IT DOWN THE COURT. Point guard, Grant Robinson, dribbles the ball down court.

SMILE. H. Higginbotham, M. Abraham, E. Ellison, M. Merrell, & M. Merrell. SITTIN' THE BENCH. P. Harrison, G. Robinson, A. Crawford, & W. Wilbanks take a break and watch their teammates.

DOUBLE TEAMING. M. Robinson & K. Harmon guard a Hillcrest player.


Jackson Prep


DRIBBLE DRIBBLE. C. Noblin takes the ball down the court.

DEFENSE. The girl's white team sets up to defend against Hillcrest.

1. McKenzie Robinson shoots a free throw. 2. Healy Vise passes the ball to Grant Robinson. 3. Mollie Griffin defending a Hillcrest player. 4. Clayton Noblin shoots a free throw. 5. Grant Robinson defends an MRA player. 6. The girls' white team playing Hillcrest. 7. Healy Vise shoots a free throw.

Dribble, Dribble, Shoot!

Records: Boys Red 7-7; Boys White 7-7; Girls Blue 8-3; Girls White 9-2 By Mary Morgan Haire

2011-2012 8th BOYS' BASKETBALL RED TEAM. Row 1 (l to r) Peyton Harrison, Jacob McNeely, Grant Robinson, Walker Wilbanks, Adam Crawford, Row 2 (l to r) Coach Jon Marcus Duncan, Mitch Redding, Zach Gay, Luke Templeton, Healey Vise, Coach David Horner

2011-2012 8th BOYS' BASKETBALL WHITE TEAM. Row 1 (l to r) Seth Lenoir, Cole Swayze, Vann Crawford, Creed Franklin, Graham Eklund, Row 2 (l to r) Coach Jon Marcus Duncan, Haynes Horsley, Matthew Clay, Jake Ray, Taylor Wallace, Coach David Horner

2011-2012 8th GIRLS' BASKETBALL WHITE TEAM. Row 1 (l to r) Sydney Mann, Courtney Burrow, Caroline Peeples, Beth Graeber, Kelsey Harmon, Row 2 (l to r) Kelley Frances Henley, McKenzie Robinson, Mary Anna Brand, Haley Litchliter, Olivia Baker

2011-2012 8th GIRLS' BASKETBALL BLUE TEAM. Row 1 (l to r) Olivia Brown, Mallory Abraham, Clayton Noblin, Hannah Higginbotham, Mollie Griffin, Row 2 (l to r) Cameron Lee Trussell, Marie Merrell, Kristina Zouboukos, Mollie Merrell, Emily Ellison


Jackson Prep


JV Basketball

JV Girls' Basketball By Sidney Lampton

“Our practices consisted of running, cartwheels, running, & more running,” said Ainsley Smith. It comes as no surprise then that Addison Smith claims the team’s most feared word was “baseline.” One day, in a fit of rage, Coach Hatch put all of the balls away, never to be touched during practice. Instead, the girls were made to run 86 touches. Though the work was hard, the team still managed to thoroughly enjoy themselves, throwing parties, joking around on bus rides, & giving each other weird nicknames (like astronaut for Riley Kellum). While the team’s captain, Marion Manning, was telling the team to “get focused,” Kathryn Bickerstaff was questioning the availability of food. Even Coach Hatch had to yield to the team’s fun loving personalities, asking “how can I get mad at that face?” whenever Ashley Johnston fouled. Learning to be a team goes beyond the basketball court. This team experienced this aspect of sports this year, learning to have fun while working hard. 1. Riley Kellum 2. Addison Smith 3. Maley Lawrence 4. Katie Carter 5. Kathryn Bickerstaff 6. A. Smith, K. Bickerstaff, M. Price, R. Kellum, & L. Dodd 7. Lexi Dodd 8. M. Price, M.C. Bludge, A. Smith, M. Lawrence, L. Dodd, K. Bickerstaff, R. Kellum, K. Carter, & M. Manning

“Our team is white lightning plus one.” - Lexi Dodd 3 2

AWARDS MVP: Kathryn Bickerstaff Best Offensive Player: Addison Smith Best Defensive Player: Riley Kellum Patriot Award: Ashley Johnston Team Captain: Marion Manning Most Improved Player: Katie Carter

1 4

“Gingers do have souls!” -Katie Carter






Jackson Prep


JV Boys' Basketball By Sidney Lampton

This year the JV team had a wonderful season & were led to an exciting victory in the championship game by their dedicated head coach, Chris Moore, & intrepid assistant coach, Hollis Burrow. They ended the season with an impressive record of 19-6; however, this year was not just about great wins. The team had fun together, on & off the court. According to Ben Clark, “that's just how we roll.” Memories were made -- from Camp Geary's favorite win in the first game of the season against JA, to singing “Silent Night” in the locker room after beating Hillcrest. Coach Moore is adamant that they play ball better than they sing, but quite a few players say that Gene Wood has the voice of an angel. They have played hundreds of pick up games, half-court shot competitions, games of Tips, & the occasional Knock-Out game simply because they love the basketball. It's their dedication & solid team relationship that got them all the way to the championship.



MVP: Gene Wood Impact Award: Adam Stovall Best Defensive Player: Ben Clark Patriot Award: Carl Upton Best Offensive Player: Camp Geary 3 Row 1: Gene Wood, Tolar Purvis, Camp Geary, Sam Heidelberg, & Jeremy Morgan. Row 2: Coach Moore, Carl Upton, Peyton Parker, Josh Pound, Nick Elrod, Adam Stovall, Case Woodward, Thomas Phillips, Stewart Eaton, Ben Clark, Hollis Burrow, & Rusty Burke.


2 5


“Walk in with SWAG!” -Coach Moore

1. GO FOR IT. Case Woodward scores a layup. 2.BLOCK IT OUT. Camp Geary keeps the other team from scoring. 3. YOU GOT THIS. Gene Wood goes up strong for a layup. 4. GET READY. Peyton Parker & Nick Elrod listen as Coach Moore goes over the strategy. 5. THE CLOCK IS TICKING. Ben Clark waits for the ball to come back in-play. 6. HOLD ON. Josh Pound protects the ball when he comes down with the rebound.

Done It. Said It. Noted. Quoted. Athletics

Jackson Prep


Varsity Girls Basketball

I'm a Hedgehog. By Margaret Horsley

1. Maison Lowery 2. Evans Horsley 3. Laurel Bane From above left, Sarah Bolen From above right Ann Hilton Buckner

Estamos Inapropiados.



Sara. Beach Ball.

Young Love

The Face Game.

C. May Courtney Newsome

“The Family” Guat's up? 2


1 98

Jackson Prep


Keavy Noblin.



“Play hard. Play as a team. Play with great effort. Play to represent.”-Coach Hatch “Cut off their cheeks & wear them as hats.”-Madeline Waller “Yeah...We eat lunch together.”-Georgia Dewey

This Year We:

Done it, said it, noted, quoted.

1. went to Guatemala 2. made it to Overalls 3. had Laurel Bane, Evans Horsley, & Maison Lowery as our Seniors 4. finished PCS, JA, Brookhaven, Mt. Salus & ERA's seasons 5. made the Sophomores eat bologna 6. let Waller make immature jokes in the huddle 7. watched Laurel set the record for most points scored by girl in Prep history (1,654pts.) 8. voted Maggie Leech MVP (#maggiescoming) 9. had a record of 29-11 overall & 11-1 in Conference 10. played Catch Phrase... a lot 11. had a random dance party in the locker room 12. watched Evans & Laurel in their All-Star Game 13. made fun of Coach Hatch's phobia of “clinging clothing” 14. watched Evans get “tinkled/tee teed” (compliments of Laurel Bane) on by a baby in Guatemala 15. watched Laurel & Sara beat up Margaret with a beach ball in Guatemala 16. watched Evans take out 2 PCS players 17. listened to chaplain Georgia Dewey's prayers 18. joined the Sophomores in creating a “Salad Dressing Secret Code” 19. watched the posts defeat Coach Wyatt's umbrellas 20. were reffed by a man who incidentally shaved his legs & wore SHORT shorts


Jackson Prep


Varsity Boys' Basketball (right) Thomas Dunbar. (below) The team cheers on John Sharp Howie.

STATS: First Time to Win a State Championship Since 1998 De Graeber:111 three pointers Josh Williams: 20.9 average points per game & a total of 814 points Thomas Dunbar: 219 rebounds, 81 offensive, & 138 defensive The team: 6191 total points (below) D. Graeber & G. Ray


OVER & OUT. Wirt Dunbar

“This year was great,” stated sophomore John Sharp Howie, & that is exactly what it was for the Varsity Boys' Basketball team. The final game was full of tension, missed shots, & tough fouls. The game went back & forth until the very end, but they prevailed, coming out on top with a score of 50-45, taking the guys all the way to the Golden Ball Trophy. The boys won the Overall State Championship for the 1st time in 14 years. They ended with a record of 38-1, becoming AAA State champs along the way. The boys were coached this year by head coach David Horner & Assistant Chris Moore. This past summer was the 6th year that Coach David Horner has taken the team on a mission trip to Guatemala. “Guatever...,” De Graeber was heard saying throughout the season, reminding them of their trip where they went to play a few games & share their faith with the children in orphanages & schools. On the trip & throughout the season, the team made many memories & became state champs; to say the least, it was a great year for the Jackson Prep Varsity Boys' Basketball team. #wirtswag.

Right: De Graeber & Whit Kendall celebrate on March 3rd after the Over-All State Championship vs. Marshall Academy at the Mississippi College Gym.


Jackson Prep


“I swear I just poured water on myself.” -Thomas Dunbar

throw DOWN “Do it BIG.” - T. Dunbar & W. Smith

Ryan Buchanan

Austin Rayner

“Have fun, be yourself, & have fun.” -Cade Noble done it, said it, noted, quoted.

By Avery Burns

Wic Smith

De Graeber

Josh Williams Athletics

Jackson Prep


Girls' Soccer

All In.

By Ann Hilton Buckner 102

Jackson Prep


Don't Stop Believin'. The Girls' Soccer teams were led by Coach Jon Marcus Duncan, Coach Kate Carter, and Coach Jay Liles. The girls worked extremely hard by practicing during the spring of 2011 and hitting the field hard in the months of June and July. Their 18-2-2 record earned them a AAA State Championship where they defeated PCS to win. While talking with Coach Duncan he said, “We played 3 of the best teams in the state during playoff week, had 2 overtime victories, and a come-frombehind victory against Pillow.� The team went all out for every game by having themes. Some of the themes were Black Out Night, Pink Night for Breast Cancer Awareness Night, Save the Earth Day, and Salute our Troops Day.


Varsity Girls Soccer Awards

MVP: Georgia Dewey Best Offense: Keavy Noblin Best Defense: Ann Hilton Buckner Patriot Award: Jonlyn Reeves Most Improved: Kaylie Reeves

18 Wins 2 Losses 2 Ties

Prep defeats JA 4 to 3 in a must-win 1st round playoff game.

Junior Varsity Soccer Awards Best Offense: Olivia Brown Best Defense: Kara Cook Patriot Award: Rivers Mounger Most Improved: Blair Stockett

My Favorite Memory Was...

All Conference Players: Kate Culbertson Ann Hilton Buckner Keavy Noblin Georgia Dewey Jonlyn Reeves

1) Winning the Championship- Jonlyn Reeves 2) Jogging Jay- Caroline Hannon 3) Going ALL IN!- Georgia Dewey 4) Meeting the Kate Carter- Keavy Noblin 5) Jammin' to Don't Stop Believin'- Maggie Leech 6) Getting the Championship Rings- AH Buckner 7) Journey performance- Grace Baird 8) Team's Bieber Fever- Madeleine Griffin

Done it. Said it. Noted. Quoted.

Prep defeats PCS 2 to 1 in the championship to bring the South AAA title back to Prep.

The Fans

The students showed their support for the team by cooking out and watching the JA game.

Jackson Prep students showed their support this year by cooking out at multiple home soccer games. The biggest crowd showed up at the Prep vs. JA must-win playoff game. The most loyal fans showed up in Hattiesburg on October 8, 2011 to watch the Patriots win their first State Championship in 2 years.

Jackson Prep Lady Patriots Soccer Team

2011 AAA State Champions Athletics

Jackson Prep


Boys' Soccer

Go For It


From grueling practices to chilly winter games, this season has been filled with true teamwork & dedication. Though the Jackson Prep Boys Soccer Team has been known for their tremendous amount of talent, they did not leave the score up to luck, practicing hard every day. The team was led by seniors Watson Lewis, Joe Humphries, Michael Boulanger, Nico Juncos, Kyle Kennedy, Charlie Pringle, Sean O'Hara, & Cooper Simmons. They led their team well & left a lasting legacy of great love for the sport. The seniors created many memorable moments that helped make this year extra special for the team. All of the hard practices paid off in the end. The team went into the playoffs 1st seed. They defeated Mag Heights & MRA on their home field to advance to the championship game against Jackson Academy, to be played at Raider Park. Prep's team had already beaten the Raiders previously in the season & went in very confident. With about 10 minutes left to play, neither of the teams had scored. It was looking like overtime was inevitable when center-back Cooper Simmons kicked the ball 80 yards. It rolled away from the Raider goalie & into the goal! Cooper Simmons says, “Scoring the goal obviously felt awesome, but more than anything I had an overwhelming feeling of relief. I was astonished when I saw the video later that week.� Prep went on to win this game 1-0 making their team back-to-back champions. In addition to defeating Jackson Academy, the team went undefeated in the MAIS & nearly had a perfect record for the whole season.

By Laurel Bane


Jackson Prep


A Moment With Duncan:

Coach John Marcus Duncan has coached soccer at Prep for many years. Each team has its own vibe, & this year was no different. Duncan said, “This year's motto was stay focused, stay intense, play with urgency.” He also said, “Both Jackson Academy victories & the Clinton victory were all very special. This team has lived up to expectations. They made me proud.”

J.C. Pride Charlie Pringle

TEAM TIME: “Coco Turtle...Hard, Hard Shell...Knife of Coco... Won't Hurt Me!”- the Pre-Game Chant “We could use more kickturns”- Joe Humphries

Watson Lewis

“I like it...I like it a lot”- Sean O'Hara “Team MT”- Michael Thomas Boulanger “Jodi loves Chanchi”

John Abraham

“Whatcha see?” “Go hard on da paint!” “Team JSD.”-Joe Humphries


Two of Prep's shining stars are headed to college to play soccer. Michael Thomas Boulanger is headed to Delta State University to play in their competitive soccer program. He says, “I have prepared my whole life for this & I will thrive at the next level.” Michael is excited & leaves the future members of the Prep soccer team with a few words: “Just go for it!” Nico Juncos is headed to Lyon College in Batesville, Arkansas. He will be playing in the NAIA division. Nico has been constantly improving & looks forward to playing at a higher caliber. Nico says to the future members of the Prep soccer team, “Train hard, train daily, & always go 100% when playing. Just get noticed.”

Sean O'Hara

J. Humphries & K. Kennedy

Westin Graves

Daniel Ellison Athletics

Jackson Prep




RECAP: The 2012 Track team had a very successful season. Both the boys' & girls' teams worked extremely hard all

season & had great results. They competed in meets at Jackson Academy, PCS, Prep, & MRA against teams from all around the state. There was a lot of pressure going into the season after having won last year (Back to Back for girls & a three peat for the boys team). Without question, the goal was to win the overall AAA title once again. Both JV Teams won the title of South AAA State Champions. The Varsity Girls' Team won both the South AAA title & later the overall AAA State title for the 3rd consecutive year . The boys were 2nd in the South AAA meet & 3rd in the Overall. The boy's team came up slightly short of their main goal of winning but still managed to keep their rival JA from winning the title.

Sydney Mann E. Shapley

Jonlyn Reeves

Jacob McNeely

Carter Osborne

Wade Meena

DISTANCE: Distance running is not for the weak. It takes lots of endurance & will power. This year, Prep's distance team represented. Their constant struggle to beat PCS at the end of the year stood as motivation during all of the hard workouts throughout the season. Distance races include the mile, 2 mile, 800, & 2 mile relay. The girls' varsity distance pack included Maison Lowery, Frances Carter, Courtney Newsome, & Kennady Galloway. 3 out of 4 won in the top 3 of their races. Kennady was 2nd in the two mile, Courtney was 2nd in the 800 & Frances was 3rd in the 800. The boys' team had a larger pack. Alex Russell qualified in the 2 mile along with Wirt Dunbar in the 400. Silver was awarded to Thomas Dunbar in both the 800 & the 2 mile relay. Thomas Dunbar

Wirt Dunbar

M. Lowery & K. Galloway


FIELD EVENTS: Field is a variety of specialized events that to win, you have to be born with. The events include: throwing the discus & shot put, long jumping, high jump, triple jump, & pole vault. For Prep, field went well this year. On the girls' side, there were qualifiers in every event & a state champion triple jumper Elizabeth Shapley. “I was happy for a personal victory, but I was more excited that I could help the team get in a great position to win the Overall Title!” stated Shapley. Along with triple jump, pole vault was a new event for the girls, but Jonlyn Reeves & Sydney Mann were fearless firsts in the history of Prep to compete for a state title in pole vault. They took on the event & both placed in the Overall Meet. On the boys' side, Jake Muse & Joshua Weill dominated pole vault. Jake won 1st & Joshua received 3rd at the Overall Meet. When asked about the event Joshua said he enjoyed it because “You're basically flying & defying gravity. It's awesome!” Throwers that qualified this year were Evan McKinley, Mallory Robinson, & Megan Robinson.

Jackson Prep


A. Russell

J. S. Howie

C. Newsome

Frances Carter


by Maison Lowery

COACHES: The track teams were both pushed & motivated this

Coach Caton

Coach Burke

year by their outstanding coaches. Shown to the left are 3 of the girls coaches: Head Coach Cory Caton, Trainer Rusty Burke & Assistant Coach Will Crosby. Helping both the girls' & boys' teams was distance coach Malcolm Saxon. Head Coach for the boys was Marcus Thompson, assisted by Coach Jones & Coach Walker. Coach Walker will be taking over as the Head Girls' Coach next season. Though all were very sad to see Coach Caton go, there are high hopes & much faith that Coach Walker will lead the girls to victory once again.


Coach Crosby

Clayton Noblin

These events are the most exciting to watch & the most fun to run. There are many that participate but few who stand out. Prep had a 300 hurdler champion for both the boys and girls: Ty Higginbotham & Keavy Noblin (K. Noblin also won the 100 hurdlers & 200 dash). Other hurdlers were Jacob McNeely, Westin Graves & Riley Kellum. Champion relays were the girls 4x100 relay & 4x400 relay. These relays were composed of many 8th graders who moved up & competed in the varsity races. Boys relays also competed well & had some junior varsity runners, such as Ian McGraw, move up as well. Overall these runners had an outstanding & fast year. O. Brown

Team Awards: Junior High Girls

Westin Graves

MVP- Riley Kellum Patriot Award- Haley Litchliter Most Valuable Distance- Kennady Galloway Best in Field- Mallory Robinson Most Valuable Sprinter/ Hurdler- Olivia Brown

I. McGraw

P. Caracci & R. McGraw

Junior Varsity Boys

MVP- Ian McGraw Patroit Award- Rhodes Skelton Most Valauble Distance- Alex Russell Best in Field- Camp Geary Best Sprinter- Rivers McGraw Best Hurdler- Jacob McNeely

Keavy Noblin

Varsity Girls

MVP & 300H AAA State Record & School Record (45.82) - Keavy Noblin Patriot Award- Frances Carter Most Valuable Distance- Maison Lowery Best in Field & Triple Jump AAA State, Overall State, and School Record (35.10 Âź ) - Elizabeth Shapley Most Valuable Sprinter/ Hurdler- Evans Horsley

Riley Kellum

Varsity Boys

J. Cook & J. Seto

E. Horsley

Haley Litchliter

MVP- Thomas Dunbar Patriot Award- Evan McKinley Most Valuable Distance- Wirt Dunbar Best in Field- Jake Muse Most Valuable Sprinter- Hamel McGraw Best Hurdler- Ty Higginbotham


Jackson Prep



Just Got Served

By Sidney Lampton

This year's tennis team had a remarkable season with head coach Rachel Causey & assistant coach Jonathan Branch. They ended their season with the only loss going to Ocean Springs High School. The girls' team won both the South & the State AAA Championships for the tenth year in a row. The boys' team won South AAA & came in second place at State. Both had amazing seasons, traveling to Memphis, Brookhaven, Hattiesburg, & Starkville. The “B-Team” never lost a match! The team was led by seniors, Michael Thomas Boulanger, Alex Wood, Thomas Dunbar, Hughes Koury, Brad Brewer, Tyler Hays, Pauline Causey, Keely Kennedy, & Sidney Lampton. One big change to the tennis team was the addition of the “racquets,” tennis cheerleaders that supplied snacks & encouraging notes. They always pumped up the team, whether it be with a perfectly chilled Tab for Keely or a massive basket of goodies for everyone else, they were always there to lend support. The best moments of this year were watching Cody & Hughes play doubles as Bray shouted “encouragements,” going to Waffle House& seeing Trey flirt for free bacon, discussing Thomas' big life changes, hearing Boulanger pray, seeing Cindy win the best manager Done it. Said it. Noted. Quoted. award, & listening to Tyler try to convince Thomas to go to Ole Miss.

“You never realize what you've got till its gone”- Wirt Dunbar




6 4

C Team: Keely Kennedy & Sidney Lampton


“Dear Baby Jesus” -MT 10 9 8

”Beauty comes in all ages.” -Thomas Dunbar 108


Jackson Prep


1. Robert Mounger 2. Hughes Koury 3. A. Wood, T. Ivison, K. Galloway, B. Wilkinson, C Garroway, A. Muse, A. Johnson, T. Joyner, C. Porter, & M. Price 4. Brad Brewer 5. Thomas Dunbar 6. Bray Koury 7. Kendall Causey 8. Brittany Wilkinson & Audrey Muse 9. Sydney Turnage 10. Cody Becker








18 19

20 Awards Senior High MVP: Pauline Causey & Robert Mounger

Most Improved:

Cassidy Turnage & Brad Brewer

Impact Award: 11. Wirt Dunbar 12. Keely Kennedy 13. Myers Mercier, Miranda Price, Kennady Galloway, & Brittany Wilkinson 14. Taylor Patterson 15. Trey Ivison 16. Tyler Hays 17. Cassidy Turnage 18. Alex Wood 19. Michael Thomas Boulanger 20. Sidney Lampton 21. John Puckett & Daniel Trussell

Macy Price & Alex Wood


Patriot Award:

Taylor Patterson & Thomas Dunbar

Coaches Award:

Keely Kennedy, Sidney Lampton, & Tyler Hays


Junior High

Bray Koury & Holman Buchanan

Most Improved:

Sydney Turnage, Miranda Price, & Wesley Roberson

Patriot Award:

Kennady Galloway & Ellis Abdo Athletics

Jackson Prep


Varsity Baseball

Think Outside of By Margaret Horsley

The baseball team's camaraderie this year was excellent. Though they may not have always agreed on everything, they all concurred that Coach Box's quotes were the comical highlight of the season. From “k” to speeches about his former players, Caleb Barlow & Luke Maddox, the team always found a way to laugh. Done it. Said it. Noted. Quoted.

Why did you Choose “I made it” by Kevin Rudolph (featuring Lil Wayne) for your runout song? - “As a young chap, I always wanted to be a JP baseball pitcher, & once I was, I knew that I had finally made it.” -Cade Noble

Who is your favorite senior on the baseball team? Why? - “Carter Thigpen, because he is always doing something funny.” -Austin Rayner What's your favorite Coach Box quote? - “Caleb Barlow/Luke Maddox...” -Jake Mangum



What's the deal with the scooters? - “Its a quicky way to get places” -Furlow Word

Most Memorable Quote: (3)

Photos Left Page: 1. Carter Thigpen 2. Whit Kendall & Will Puckett 3. David Huffman


Jackson Prep


“Laser...Pedria...Show...Laser....Show...” - Courtesy of Ross Renfrow “Tate, I swear if you come to my house tonight & take your shirt off, I would make $500.” -Courtesy of Will Puckett “Stay hot dirty.” - Courtesy of Wesley Kerce

This Season... Most Outstanding Player: Will Puckett Most Valuable Offensive Player: Will Puckett Most Valuable Defensive Player: David Huffman Most Valuable Pitcher: Will Puckett Most Valuable Newcomer: Jake Mangum Mike Kinnison Patriot Award: 2012 seniors MAIS AAA South Conference Player of the Year: Will Puckett First Team MAIS South All-Conference: David Huffman, Cade Noble, & Carter Thigpen Second Team MAIS South All-Conference: Christian Hughes, Grayson Lamb, Jake Mangum, William Mounger, & Ross Renfrow.











(13) (12) Photos Right Page: 1. Hill Garbo 2. Campbell Vice, Cade Noble, & Jake Mangum 3. Stephen Schneider 4. Wesley Kerce 5. John Gathings 6. Ross Renfrow 7. Rob Huffman & Tyler Coleman 8. Christian Hughes 9. Furlow Word 10. Noah Hughes 11. William Mounger 12. Coach Box 13. Grayson Lamb


the “Box” Athletics

Jackson Prep


Athletic Candids


Jackson Prep



Jackson Prep



Jackson Prep

Star Students National Merrit Hall of Fame Senior High Class Day Senior High Honors Forum Junior High Class Day Junior High Honors Forum 6th Grade Events Academics Candids

116 117 118 120 124 126 128 130 132

National Merit Scholars & STAR Sudents National Merit Finalists

Kristen Massey

Ariel Cheng

Austin Pinkerton

Ashton Reed

Jamie Aron Commended Scholar


Jackson Prep


Mallory McLemore

Katherine Thiel

Thomas Dunbar Commended Scholar

Kirby Parker

Jay Vise

Star Students

When I found out that I was a STAR student, I was completely floored. I could not believe it! But I really got excited when I found out I could pick a teacher, and I automatically knew who I was going to pick. It was without a doubt. I wanted to pick Ms. Freundt. She is the real deal. She tells her opinion, but she also emphasizes that everyone has an opinion, and you have to respect other people’s opinions. Her class is fun and enjoyable. When she teaches, she does not just teach about a book or a short story, she teaches about life and humanity and all the things that we go through. She taught me last year how to decide who I am and who I want to be. She is just amazing. But most importantly, Mrs. Freundt is like a mom away from home. She is there to put me in line when I need to be put in line, but she also has my back, and I really appreciate her. So, Ms. Anna Freundt.

Jamie Aron & Mrs. Anna Freundt When I first came to Jackson Prep in the seventh grade, I walked into a room in the junior high and met this huge, frightening man who promptly regarded us all as Cro-Magnons and was incredibly intimidating. On top of that, he was weird – he factored the number of dashes between mile markers, was obsessed with Warren Buffett, and couldn’t get enough of sports. Slowly, we all came to love him. First, I was swayed by the incentives for succeeding in his class – money, candy, chips – but soon he became my favorite teacher. I’m sure you can all guess who this is. When it came time for me to pick my STAR teacher, I immediately thought of Mr. Dave Ollar. Thank you Mr. Ollar for all you’ve done for me.

Ariel Cheng & Mr. Dave Ollar I want to thank my STAR teacher, Mr. Lain Hughes, for everything that he has done for me. Over the last two years, I have gotten to know him through the Sentry & as my history teacher. Mr. Hughes is an excellent instructor & I learned so much from him during my history course & also found him to be the “punniest” man I have ever met. But I feel that he had an even larger impact on me while working on the Sentry. I cannot think of anyone who would be a better sponsor for the school newspaper than Mr. Hughes. He really lets it be the students' paper, & we are the ones responsible for its production. I have learned so much about organization & responsibility from him. Mr. Hughes also frequently has tidbits of advice that I am very fortunate to have learned from him. Thank you Mr. Hughes for everything; you have been an incredible role model for me.

Jay Vise & Mr. Lain Hughes Academics

Jackson Prep


Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame



“May the beloved of the Lord dwell in security by Him; who shields him all the day, and he dwells between His shoulders.” -Deuteronomy 33:12

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Gandhi “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” -Vince Lombardi

“Storms make oaks take roots.” -Proverb

“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” -Bill Cosby

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and make a trail.” -Harold R. McAlindon

“You can do anything, but not everything.” -David Allen

“It is a mistake to look too far ahead. The chain of destiny can only be grasped one link at a time.” -Winston Churchill

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” -Maya Angelou

“If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever.” -Winnie the Pooh

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” -Eleanor Roosevelt “What we do in life echoes in eternity.” -Maximus

“I just like to smile, smiling's my favorite.” -Elf



”Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ: By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.” -Romans 5:1-2

“Just one thing: live your life in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ. Then, whether I come and see you or am absent, I will hear about you that you are standing firm in one spirit, with one mind, working side by side for the faith of the gospel, not being frightened in any way by your opponents. This is evidence of their destruction, but of you deliverance. -Phillippians 1:27-28

“do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known to God.' -Philippians 4:6 “casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.” -1 Peter 5:7 “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” -Matthew 11:28 “Life is a marathon, not a sprint.” -Anonymous


Jackson Prep


“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” -John Wooden “Leaders are made. They are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.” -Vince Lombardi “Understanding is the greatest thing in the world.” -Ricky Black

Class of 2012 MAISON LOWERY “Jesus is the same today, yesterday, and forever.” -Hebrews 13:8 “There are only two ways to live. One as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.” -Albert Einstein “Explore your curiosity; follow your excitement.” -Duncan Berry “You don't know what tomorrow holds, but you do know who holds tomorrow.” -Anonymous “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” -Henry David Thoreau “God is our harness. Even when you are not holding on to him, He will never let go or let you fall.” -Ellie Holcomb

ANN WALTON STRINGER “You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.” -Winston Churchill “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under Heaven.” -Ecclesiastics 3:1 “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” -John Wooden “Let them know you realize that life goes fast. It's hard to make the good things last. Realize the sun doesn't go down. It's just an illusion caused by the world spinning around.” -The Flaming Lips

ZAC ZACHOW “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the things you did do. So throw off the bowlines! Sail away from the safe harbor! Catch the trade winds in your sails! Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain “It's the honest ones you've got to look out for because you never know when they're going to do something incredibly stupid.” -Captain Jack Sparrow “Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.” -Oscar Wilde “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” -Helen Keller


Jackson Prep


Senior High Class Day

AMERICAN LEGION: Taylor Byrd, Evans Horsley, & Sidney Lampton.

UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSPPI SCHOLARSHIPS: Carter Thigpen, Thompson Moore, Maison Lowery, Sidney Lampton, Laurel Bane, Madeleine Barnette, Cody Becker, Ariel Cheng, Jackson Gunn, Ann Walton Stringer, Pauline Causey, Alex Robinson, Anna Wright, Will Mercier, Kyle Kennedy, Grayson Lamb, Caroline Daggett, Regan Crain, De Graeber, Brad Brewer, Perry Townsend, Jake Muse, Laura Myers, Lauren Malone, Mollie McGowan, Olivia Robinson, Anna Grace Stout, Heather Higginbotham, Madeline Holiman, Keely Kennedy, Julia Markow, Shelby Sumner, Taylor Byrd, Katie Wegener, Vivian Paris, Collins Mounger, Ross Taylor, William Mounger, Cooper Simmons, Stephanie Barone, Peyton Swanson, Madison Portie, Ashley Anne Peeples, Darden Veazey, Zach Newman, Sean O'Hara, & Perry Townsend.

PRESIDENTIAL SCHOLAR NOMINEES: Jamie Aron, Ariel Cheng, Evans Horsley, Mallory McLemore, & Jay Vise. Semi-Finalist: Jay Vise

HEAD OF SCHOOL SERVICE AWARD: Benjamin Smith, Catherine Archer, & Gage Ray


Jackson Prep


MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIPS: Catherine Archer, Anna Lauren Gathings, Anna Marie Dulaney, Natalie Davant, Caroline Harris, Reagan Owen, Zack Watson, Cole McPherson, Hughes Koury, Nelson Parker, Lindsey Fuller, Mallory McLemore, Jamie Aron, Kelsey Jones, Frances Carter, David Huffman, Will Puckett, Whit Kendall, Gage Ray, John-David Polk, Austin Draughn, & Kristen Massey.

DANFORTH AWARD: Kirby Parker, Jamie Aron, & Zack Watson.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Madelaine Mangum, Lauren Malone, Julia Markow, Natalie Davant, Caroline Harris, & Mandie Cox.

VAL & SAL: Zack Watson & Jamie Aron

OUT OF STATE SCHOLARSHIPS: Mosa Molapo, Nico Juncos, Katherine Thiel, Kirby Parker, Watson Lewis, Evans Horsley, Austin Pinkerton, Nabhan Karim, Ashton Reed, Lexie Griffin, Scotty Wofford, Owen Daniels, Emily Evans, & Medley Wohner.




SENTRY SERVICE AWARD: Jay Vise & Kristen Massey


Jackson Prep


CLASSICAL HERITAGE DIPLOMA (left): Sean O'Hara, Owen Daniels, Ariel Cheng, & Austin Draughn.

THE NATIONAL FRENCH EXAM AWARDS (below): Benjamin Smith & Stephanie Barone

THE NATIONAL SPANISH EXAM AWARDS (right): Mosa Molapo, Ashton Reed, Emily Evans, & William Mercier. THE NATIONAL GREEK EXAM HIGHEST HONORS (right): Owen Daniels

1 SENIOR SERVICE AWARD (below): Laurel Bane, Jay Vise, & Emily Evans.

MAIS ACADEMIC BETTERMENT COMPETITION AWARD (below): Zack Watson, Jay Vise, Watson Lewis, Zac Zachow, Jamie Aron, Caroline Daggett, Evans Horsely, Mallory McLemore, & Katie Wegener.


3 Hall of Fame: 1. Whit Kendall 2. Frances Carter 3. Ann Walton Stringer 4. Ariel Cheng 5. Maison Lowery 6. Zac Zachow 7. Thomas Dunbar



Jackson Prep





NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED CHORAL AWARD (right): Joy Waller, Zack Watson, & Emily Evans.

CHORAL PERFORMANCE AWARD (above): Anna Marie Dulaney, JohnDavid Polk, & Heather Higginbotham.

2012 PRÉCIS SERVICE AWARD (left): Maison Lowery, Laurel Bane, Evans Horsely, & Anna Grace Stout.


STUDENT COUNCIL SERVICE AWARD (above): Ann Walton Stringer

FACULTY SCHOOL SERVICE (below): Kelsey Jones & Collins Mounger (not pictured: Sims Tullos)

GRADES OF 95 & ABOVE AVERAGE: Frances Carter, Zack Watson, & Jamie Aron

NATIONAL FLORENSICS LEAGUE (below): Ariel Cheng, Zac Zachow, Jame Aron, Anna Grace Stout, Madison Portie, & Mandie Cox.

BOYS & GIRLS CLUB AWARD (below): Mandie Cox


Jackson Prep


SH Honors Forum

SH Honors Forum

By Mary Morgan Haire


ALA-LA-MISS. Sarah Santucci-1st Place, Carter Osborne-2nd Place, & Paul Vegas Ott-3rd Place.


DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Rachel Wilkinson & Michael Lewis were chosen based on their honor, service, courage, leadership, & patriotism.

ABC PARTICIPANTS. Row 1: S. Santucci, A. G. Buchanan, E. Brewer, G. Hubacek, M. Hydrick, & S. A. Phillips. Row 2: P. V. Ott, C. Ball, R. Frey, M. Lewis, J. McDowell, & S. Ozier.

NSE GOLD MEDALISTS. Row 1: S. Santucci, A. G. Buchanan, E. Brewer, S. Crawley, M. Price, & C. Tseng. Row 2: O. Dulaney, M. M. Haire, J. Garland, W. Skelton, C. Garraway, T. Joyner, & R. Tramel. Row 3: M. Baird, C. Pride, H. Burrow, & S. Ozier.

TRENT LOTT LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE. Sarah Santucci was selected to attend the July session.

JESSE HOWELL AWARD. Sara Bolen was awarded this based on her scholarship, strong moral character, participation in school activities, & involvement in the community.

RHODES COLLEGE BOOK AWARD. Cady Porter was chosen based on her exemplary record in community service.


Jackson Prep


NLE GOLD MEDALISTS. A. Rankin, R. Frey, J. Gathings, R. Carlton, S. A. Phillips, L. Wise, A. Holiman, & J. Pound.

THE MISSISSIPPI GOVERNOR'S SCHOOL. Rachel Carlton & Sarah Santucci will attend this summer.

SUBJECT AREA AWARDS. Row 1: E. Brewer-Spanish 2, K. Campbell-Geometry, T. Strickland-French 1, M. RobinsonEnglish 11, S. Crawley-Algebra 2, E. Field-Showchoir, M. S. Hurst-Honors Latin 3, & G. Hubacek-Honors Algebra 2. Row 2: A. G. Buchanan-English 10, M. Hydrick-Honors English 10, S. A. Phillips-Latin 2, M. H. Smith-Art 2, S. Bolen-AP Language & Comp., W. Williams-US History, R. Tramel-Chemistry 1, & J. Cook-Art 1. Row 3: M. E. Deaton-History of the Church, M. Williams-English 10 Resource, A. Holiman-AP US History, C. Pride-Honors Pre-Calculus, C. Wooley-American Legal Systems, P. V. Ott-Honors Chemistry 1, & S. Ozier-Honors Physics. Row 4: S. Santucci-AP Calculus BC, R. FreyClassical Philosophy, W. O'mara-Biology 1, R. Carlton-Band, A. Rankin-Modern World History, & J. Garland-Film.

HONOR ROLL. The following 10-11 graders earned a 95 or above in all subjects for the entire year. Row 1: E. Brewer, S. Crawley, A. G. Buchanan, G. Hubacek, A. Woods, M. Hydrick, S. K. Patti, & S. A. Phillips. Row 2: O. Dulaney, T. Patterson, C. Garraway, R. Frey, P. V. Ott, S. Santucci, & R. Carlton. Row 3: S. Bolen, R. Tramel, H. Burrow, W. Keeler, & S. Ozier. GOLD & PLATINUM SERICE AWARD. Row 1: T. Patel, S. K. Patti, T. Strickland, J. Cox, & J. Patch. Row 2: C. Hubacek, L. Anthony, A. L. Beneke, C. Porter, & M. S. Hurst.

PRESIDENT'S VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARD. Row 1: S. K. Patti, J. Cox, & M. M. Haire. Row 2: L. Anthony, A. L. Beneke, C. Porter, & M. S. Hurst.


Jackson Prep


Junior High Class Day

THE AMERICAN LEGION AWARD. Kennady Galloway & Gene Wood.

By Ann Hilton Buckner

THE DANFORTH AWARD. Sarah Kennedy Duncan & Holt Crews.

NATIONAL SPANISH EXAM GOLD AWARD. Kennady Galloway, Tad Cochrane, & Miranda Price.


Jackson Prep


STUDENT COUNCIL SERVICE AWARD. Camille Hood & Sarah Kennedy Duncan.

NATIONAL LATIN GOLD AWARD. Ben Van Pelt & Claire McDowell.

ABC COMPETITION STATE RECOGNITION. Ben Van Pelt, Ben Clark, Carson Easterling, Kennady Galloway, Claire McDowell, Miranda Price, Parker McGowan, & Karl Hatten.

95 OR ABOVE IN 1st 3 TERMS. Holt Crews, Karl Hatten, Bray Koury, Kennady Galloway, Caroline Jones, Tad Cochrane, & Jonathan Zhu.

95 OR ABOVE GRADES 7-9. Claire McDowell

SUBJECT AREA. (Back) David Velazquez, Alex Russell, Parker McGowan, Ben Van Pelt, Kristian Crotwell, Tad Cochrane, Ian McGraw, & Jonathon Zhu. (Front) Ann Irvin Armstrong, Lauren Herring, Caroline Cotton, Jennifer Roberts, Rebecca Garcia, Claire Parrish, Claire McDowell, Kennady Galloway, Carson Easterling, Miranda Price, & Mpho Molapo.


Jackson Prep


JH Honors Forum


7 t h

G r a d e


AMC (10).

Elkin Crews (1st Place Winner)

L to R: Sarah Riley Jicka, Isaac Clapp, Wesley Roberson, & Lawson Marchetti

L to R: Isaac Clapp, Robert Wasson, & Wesley Roberson



L to R: Elkin Crews, Jack Holiman, Wesley Roberson, & Adam Cochrane

Anna Kate Williams


Standing L to R: Paul Andress William Leech, Wesley Roberson. Sitting L to R: Ellis Abdo Sarah Riley Jicka, Sarah Beth Wiandt, Elkin Crews. NOT pictured: Madeline Porter (Patriot Singer Award).


Jackson Prep


L to R: Peyton Harrison & Crayton Bowie

H o r s l e y


Top Left: Crayton Bowie, J.C. Pride, & Anna Miller Rebich. Bottom: Kara Cook, & Mary Katherine Gowdy.


G r a d e

M a r g a r e t

L to R: J.C. Pride & Weslee-Parks Patti

AMC 8.

8 t h

B y


Back Left: M.Clay, C. Watson, M.Robinson, C. McGehee. Middle: J.C. Pride, A. Wise C.Fuller, W.P. Patti. Front: K. Cook, O. Flynt, M. K. Gowdy. NOT Pictured: S. Rankin & M. Rayner.


L to R: Jack Huang, Seth Lenoir, Elliot Weill, J.C. Pride, & Crayton Bowie


(L to R): J.C. Pride, Anna Wise, Mary Katherine Gowdy, Kelley Frances Henley



Hannah Herrin

Jackson Prep


6th Grade Events & Candids

Sexto DĂ­a Fiesta de Grado

Every year during the beginning of May the 6th graders have Fiesta Day. The day represents the coming together of a group of kids who share a special bond. With such a small class, there is a limited number of students who can lay claim to being a part of this spectacular group. The celebration is a time for the class to come together, enjoy each other, & take a break from studying hard. The day starts off with a t-shirt signing to help the kids remember each other in the future. They then proceed to arts & crafts, face painting, & outdoor games. Finally, the 6th grade students are graced with the festive tunes of the Mariachi band that seems to frequently appear on Prep's campus. The day is full of fun; many memories are made & laughs can be heard throughout Patriot Avenue. From walking up the stairs to the classrooms above the library to getting dismissed at 2:45 each afternoon to having party days, the class will never be able to forget the wonderful times they had their first year at Prep. Done It. Said It. Noted. Quoted. By Avery Burns


Jackson Prep



Jackson Prep


Academic Candids


Jackson Prep



Jackson Prep



Faculty 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade Senior Candids Senior Portraits Senior Class Picture Top 12 Most Memorable Moments Senior Advice Column If You Really Knew Me... Graduation That Was Then...This is Now Index Colophon

136 140 142 146 150 154 158 162 164 187 188 189 190 192 194 196 206

Faculty & Staff

The Powers That Be

By Evans Horsley & Anna Grace Stout




“Use your brain!”

cheesy jokes

counseling experience

AMIABILITY elasticity











impossible deadlines help fanaticism




coarseness individuality SWAG skill personality

mannerisms 136

Jackson Prep



love benevolence


disorganization ABSURD EXTRA CREDIT


















tests BRILLIANCE gruelingguidance



strict guidelines


ability to take a punch nuggets

capability aptitude


GIFT properness

Diann Arinder Misty Arrant Stephanie Baker Donnie Bane Merita Bane Lena Barlow Chad Biggs

Laura Bishop Ricky Black Katie Bonds Crisler Boone Chuck Box Nell Bradford Jonathan Branch

Nick Brewer Denny Britt Beth Broocks Cindy Brooks Rusty Burke Lauri Byrd Angie Campbell

Cory Caton Tracye Clair Willie Clincy Susan Cokely Seguaya Coleman Norma Cox Will Crosby

Gail Derryberry Nathan Devine Jon Marcus Duncan Suzanne Eskrigge Zere Ezaz Beth Fike Laura Flint

Elizabeth Franklin Capriest Frazier Anna Freundt Paul Fryant Helen Graham Julia Grant Catherine Gray

Sherye Green Amber Griffis Bobby Gross Reta Haire Amanda Hatch Leah Heath Brent Heavener

Tait Hendrix Dana Herring Tiffany Hill Marsha Hobbs David Hogue Dianne Holbert Barbie Hood


Jackson Prep


David Horner Lain Hughes B.J. Jenkins K. C. Jones Lucia Jones Nancy Jones Kurt Jordan

Steve Kincaid Rebecca King Vicki King Lucia Lalor Jane Leech Laura Lindell Susan Lindsay

Addie Louis Emily Lynch Meredith May Kenneth McDade Lou Ann McKibben Trudy McLaurin Sarah McMillan

Sapna Michael Chris Moore Lesley Morton Krishaun Muldrow Delores Navarrete Luke Nealey Shilo Nichols

Gary Noble Dave Ollar

METHOD BEHIND THE MADNESS. With all of the technological advancements, teachers have had to learn to adapt their teaching styles & make changes in the classroom. Is it worth it?

Lee Ozier Wanda Park

Jeanne Marie Peet Jennifer Powers

A new method of teaching, reverse learning, has evolved through the use of the Internet. Some teachers are requiring their students to visit a virtual classroom at home in order to learn their lessons through videos & web assigns so that they can accomplish more during the school year. While many teachers are jumping on this bandwagon, there are also many who believe that they can provide more for their students through the use of good old-fashioned notetaking & homework without using advanced technology. We have interviewed more than a dozen teachers to get their opinions on the new advancements. Are they beneficial? Will students be more prepared than ever for life after high school? Examine their opinions & decide for yourself. Are all of the changes worth it? “I think it has benefited the math & science classrooms, but it's been a problematic fit in english & history courses.”-Mr. Nathan Devine

30% Spencer Powers Trudy Powers


love it. like it.

think we should leave it.

Powers Family Portrait


Jackson Prep


Teacher Survey


“I think the students are excited about it & see more ways to be productive.” -Mrs. Marsha Hobbs “That's the future; we don't really have much of a choice. Jackson Prep is always moving forward, & I think the second year of laptop use will be better. I'm more concerned about cellphone usage being distracting than laptops to be honest.” -Mr. Lee Ozier

“The potential is there, for sure. They are helpful, but they can also be distracting. In my particular class they were quite useful.” - Coach Malcom Saxon.

Sophie Randolph Allyn Ray Allison Reeves Lynda Richardson Norwood Sanders Trina Sapen Malcolm Saxon

Sarah Scruggs Lisa Shive Carolyn Sisk Paul Smith Marti Sorey Bobby Spann Robert Sproles

Priscilla Stewart Angela Stigger Carolyn Tatum Marcus Thompson Sherry Thopson Cindy Townsend Hunter Upchurch

Kimberly Van Uden Lee Waits Becky Walker Brandt Walker Robbin Ward Maret Watson Vianne Welch

Lisa Whitney Amy Wiandt Gloria Williams Laurie Wyatt Jane Zhu

They have school spirit.

Teachers. They're just like YOU!

They have technical difficulties.

Kenneth McDade & Nathan Devine

They text at school.

Tracye Claire Brent Heavener

They enjoy sports.

They're overloaded with work.

Spencer Powers

Sarah Scruggs

B.J. Jenkins

Lucia Lalor Tait Hendrix

Paul Fryant

They have trouble reading.

Chris Moore

They know how to strike a pose.

Lisa Shive

They have bad days. :( They get camera shy. People

Jackson Prep


6th Grade

Little People BIG World by Avery Burns

“It's a semicomma.”-Camille Grady “There is a lizard in the light bulb.”- Kirk McGehee “Just minus it out.” -Nevin Wells

“Chaaaa; Oh! Chaos.”Zoie Cain

Laurel Evans

Grayson Shealy

Mary Patterson Hester, Lindsey Howard, Shelby Quinn Andress, & Laurel Evans

Sidney Wheat & Alex Reichle Lawson Yelverton & Jewels Faulkner Tauzin

Miranda Davis, Stewart Shive, Madison Elise Land, & Hannah Bryan


Jackson Prep


Emme Aldridge Shelby Quinn Andress Seth Bailey Zoie Cain Phoebe Carlton Tynes Carroll Jacob Cokely

Kole Crotwell Miranda Davis Laurel Evans Chloe Fortner Camille Grady Anna Rose Harris Mary Patterson Hester

Lindsey Howard Cara Irby Remi Koestler Dakota Kraus Madison Elise Land Courtney Latham Alex Mangieri

Andrew McCaa Kirk McGehee Hannah O'Bryan Katie Rose O'Quinn Alex Reichle Grayson Shealy Stewart Shive

Jewels Faulkner Tauzin Robert Tyson Nevin Wells Sidney Wheat Alex White Jamison White Landon Wilbanks

“H. I. E. - Human Interaction Environment.”

Lawson Yelverton

- Nevin Wells C. Latham & A. R. Harris

Cara Irby & Madison Elise Land

Kole Crotwell


Jackson Prep


7th grade

New Kids On The Block By Ann Hilton Buckner & Natalie Davant

Sarah Selby Jennings

E. Brantley & A.R. Watson

Ann Clardy Byrd

E. Heidelberg & M. Henderson

Lawson Marchetti

Hayes Newcomb & Ian Bruce 142

Jackson Prep


Ellis Abdo Ryan Ables Hannah Adams Jay Adams-Rucker Paul Andress John-Nix Arledge Charlie Arnold

Jacob Aron David Banks Michael Ian Batol Alexiss Bentley Isabelle Box Eliza Brantley Ian Bruce

Holman Buchanan Barrett Bufkin Ann Clardy Byrd Kendall Causey Grace Childers Isaac Clapp Adam Cochrane

Madison Cole Kennedy Cowart Jacob Crawley Elkin Crews Balie Crim Brady Culbertson Jack Davis

Jordan Davis McKenzie Davis Margaret Dent Jared Dodd Hays Dubberly Mary Dunbar Maddie Dyess

Rosemary Ferguson Tate Fowler Reese Friday Sam Fulton Logan Gage John Phillip Gathings Grace Gebhart

Grace Gourlay Connor Graham R.J. Green Lauren Groebe Braiden Guinn Brent Hall Nichol Hart

Holt Hederman Emily Heidelberg Lauren Henderson McKenzie Henderson Emily Claire Herring Jack Reynolds Holiman Addison Hughes


Jackson Prep


Cortes Jackson John Jeffreys Sarah Selby Jennings Sarah Riley Jicka Mollie Jones Olivia Jones Shelby Killough

Deen Finch Knotts Keeton Landfair William Leech Hudson Little Brock Loposer Ann Bradley Maloney Ann Leighton Malouf

Bailey Mangum Lawson Marchetti Abigail Martin Carley Martin Will Massey Gracie McCraney Alden McInnis

Andrews McIntyre Brendon McLeod Leland Meadows Emily Michael Joshua Michael Charlie Miller London Miskelly

Anne Rivers Mounger Matthew Myers Will Nall Hayes Newcomb Jake Newsome Katie Newton Gregory Oden



THINGS YOU LEARN AS A 7TH GRADER: 1. Don't forget your keycard. 2. Whether or not you've got a tough stomach (Thanks to Mrs. Tatum's Life Science “Ebola” documentary). 3. Don't mess with the 9th graders. 4. How to play “Math Basketball” with Mrs. Welch. 5. What excuses to use when you're late to class. 6. How to procrastinate & still make your deadline. 3 7. How to multi-task. 8. Your way around the school (hopefully you won't walk into the wrong class. Again.) 9. Life “nuggets” from Coach Saxon in Character Development. 10. How to handle the stress of exams. 11. How to write your first research paper. 12. How to navigate Mrs. Arinder's vast library. 2


Jackson Prep


Ethan Oxley Kennedi Pass Olivia Patch Hunter Patterson Gregor Patti Tripp Perkins Jackson Phillips

Shelby Pinnix Hannah Plunkett Madeleine Porter JoJo Pound Brianne Powers Caroline Pringle Christopher Puckett

William Purvis Macy Richardson Wesley Roberson Gunar Robinson Marion Sapen Noah Sasser Easton Sheffield

Sarah Helen Skelton Clancy Smith Blair Stockett Maggie Strickland Shelby Stump Sarah Tillery Dylan Torrence

Joseph Upton Ally Walker Caroline Walker Ava Burton Waller Lauren Warwick Lindsay Warwick Robert Wasson

Anne Regan Watson Cecil Wegener Holly Welch Sarah Beth Wiandt Brittany Wilkinson Anna Kate Williams Wesley Williams

Michael Wilson Shelby Wilson Jack Young



1. Emily Michael 2. Hays Dubberly 3. Jared Dodd 4. Sarah Beth Wiandt 5. Gunnar Robinson &William Leech


Jackson Prep


8th Grade

The Awkward Years

By Sidney Lampton & Brittany Threadgill

What has been your most awkward experience at Prep? “Walking into the wrong class.” -SUSAN RANKIN

J. Bojeun

“Big Sis, Little Sis” -LUCI MOORE

A. Joyner

“Mrs. Tatum's reproductive lesson.” -JACOB WHITAKER

“I ran into a pole once.” -DANIEL BRISTER


Extremely Awkward:

M. Diket and H. Herrin


Jackson Prep



Could be worse:

Sitting in the hallway before the bell

W. Wilbanks

G.B Fike

Mallory Abraham Valerie Bagwell Dees Baker Olivia Baker Carly Barnett Tommie Jo Barnett Caroline Barnette

Jackson Bates James Bojeun Crayton Bowie Emily Box Mary Anna Brand Daniel Hayes Brister Olivia Brown

Luke Buffington Sara Burran Courtney Burrow Griffin Callender Logan Clark Matthew Clay Kara Cook

Leigh Ashley Courtney Adam Crawford Vann Crawford Madison Diket Griffin Draughn Ross Edwards Graham Eklund

Emily Ellison Worth Eskrigge George B Fike Olivia Flynt Creed Franklin Sarah Love Frey Caroline Fuller

William Garrard Zachary Gay Elizabeth Glaze Mary Katherine Gowdy Stuart Grady Beth Graeber Mollie Griffin

T. K. Griffis Robby Gross Molly Haire Avery Harmon Brooke Harmon Kelsey Harmon Peyton Harrison

Kelley Frances Henley Hannah Herrin Hannah Higginbotham Susanna Hill Mackensie Hobson Emily Holmes Haynes Horsley


Jackson Prep


Jack Huang Savannah Hunter Anna Jordan Alex Joyner John Keeler Xavier Keys Drew Kincaid

Thomas Kirby Seth Lenoir Haley Litchliter Luke Lofton Julia Lott Sydney Mann Sarah Mapp

Kellie McCaa Claire McGehee Jacob McNeely Lee Meena Marie Merrell Mollie Merrell Tate Miller

Luci Moore Sam Mosley Brianna Munn Clayton Noblin Ashley O'Mara Weslee-Parks Patti Caroline Peeples


2 3 6






Jackson Prep


1. D. Kincaid, W. Garrard, & J. Wooley 2. K. Harmon, H. Litchliter 3. M. Abraham, S. Burran, & W.P. Patti 4. E. Ellison 5. T. Tyree, & N. Slack 6. E. Glaze 7. J. Bates, M. Redding, V. Crawford, B. Sullivan, & D. Baker 8. J. Huang & S. Grady

J.C. Pride Susan Rankin Jake Ray Martha Rayner Anna Miller Rebich Mitch Redding Spencer Reed

Anna Rachel Roberts Grant Robinson McKenzie Robinson Thomas Rogers Spencer Sasser Mary Grace Simpson Sahil Singh

Rebecca Sistrunk Noah Slack Bryan Sullivan Cole Swayze Luke Templeton Leah Thomas Cameron Lee Trussell

Tyler Tyree Alex Uschmann Healy Vise Mary Faser Walker Taylor Wallace Conner Watson John Watson

Elliot Weill Jacob Whitaker Walker Wilbanks John Wilson Anna Wise Brooke Womack John Wooley

Kristina Zouboukos




9. A. O'Mara, H. Horsley, J. Ray, M.


Merrell, M. Griffin, C. Noblin, & B. Graeber

10. M. Robinson, M. Haire, R. Sistrunk, A. Wise, M. Rayner 11. A.R. Roberts 12. L. Thomas & T.J. Barnett


Jackson Prep


h g i H a y n u J e h t f o s a y Sen 9th Grade

Elizabeth Parker & y le rs o H et ar By Marg

1. Max Hardeman 2. Addison Smith 3. Camp Geary 4. John William Creel 5. Abbie Johnson 6. Kathryn Bickerstaff & Adam Field 2 1

6 5 4 3


n to a E n t r to a a w E t te r a S w i” te -S im asshhemee” ““SSha rly

Weathe e c a ll a W .” h g tty tou “I guess I'm pre Jackson Prep


* * * * * * * * * * * * * ********

Ebony Aiken Marion Andress Ann Irvin Armstrong Josh Aron Allen Barbour Jordan Barclay Simmons Barraza

Emily Rose Bauer Sam Berry Kathryn Bickerstaff Trey Box Damion Bryant Mary Claire Burge Betsy Byrd

Parker Caracci Katie Carter Ross Carter Ben Clark Tad Cochrane Mae Mae Cook Caroline Cotten

Benton Cox John William Creel Holt Crews Kristian Crotwell Kyle Culbertson Megan Dallas Joey Deaton

Hayes Dent Lexi Dodd Matthew Drennen Sarah Kennedy Duncan Carson Easterling Stewart Eaton Nick Elrod

Will Gordon Ferguson Adam Field Katie Flannigan Kennady Galloway Hill Garbo Rebecca Garcia Caroline Gault

Kassidy Gautier Camp Geary Mary Parker Geddie Caroline Hannon Max Hardeman Sylvia Hartung Karl Hatten

Eliza Heidelberg Sam Heidelberg Lauren Herring Victoria Holmes Camille Hood Noah Hughes Nina Humphrey


Jackson Prep


Abbie Johnson Lizzy Johnson Ashley Johnston Caroline Jones Elizabeth Jones Riley Kellum Bray Koury

Claire Kullman Maley Lawrence Jake Mangum Marion Manning Bailey Marble Clark Massey Jack McBride

Claire McDowell Parker McGowan Ian McGraw Rivers McGraw Madeline McPherson Mpho Molapo Harrison Moore

Jeremy Morgan Mary Hastings Moss Audrey Muse Brock Newman Jean-Nicolette Nixon Emily Owen Daniel Palmer

Madeline Parker Peyton Parker Claire Parrish Ian Payne Thomas Phillips Harrison Porter Joshua Pound

Miranda Price Tolar Purvis Mary Julia Rawson Jennifer Roberts Mallory Robinson Alex Russell Rhodes Skelton

Addison Smith Ainsley Smith Dotsie Stevens Adam Stovall Anna Grace Teal Molly Terry Gracie Tew

Ty Thompson Noah Tidwell Sydney Turnage Carl Upton Ben Van Pelt David Velazquez Jaden Walker


Jackson Prep


Millie Waller Tyler Wann Wade Ward Wallace Weatherly Madison Weeks Ellie Wells James Wolfe

Hanson Woo Gene Wood Case Woodward Chadwick Word Madeline Wyatt Jonathan Zhu

Iwhom f you could marry one Senior High student, would you choose? “Cade Noble”-multiple 9th grade girls 1

W hat are you most looking forward about being in the Senior High next year?


“Sick nasty dress up days”- Matthew Drennen (a.k.a. Drenndog)

W ho is the coolest Senior High student you know? “Jesse Pound” -Josh Pound 2

1. Tad Cochrane 2. Holt Crews 3. Gene Wood & Adam Stovall 4. Claire Kullman 5. Mae Mae Cook





Jackson Prep




10th Grade



6 2

By Mary Morgan Haire & Mary Stewart Hurst 9






Jackson Prep


11 13


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Griffin Shrock Maya Humphrey Wilson Hays Janie Matthews W. Townsend & W. Skelton Kyle Thigpen Madeline Waller M. Griffin, A.H. Buckner, & J. Pope 9. E. Parker & M. Mercier 10. Tyler Duckworth 11. C. Robinson & R. Huffman 12. Lamar Phillips 13. Sydney Watson 14. Carter Osborne

Taylor Arnold Mac Baird Beth Baker Conner Ball Cody Beatus Sam Boone Elise Brewer

Nathan Brown Zane Bruce Anna Grace Buchanan Ann Hilton Buckner Kristen Campbell Read Carlton Courtney Carpenter

Jay Casano Carly Causey Caroline Coggin Christian Coker Tyler Coleman Joseph Cook Keaton Cook

Rebekah Crain Cara Lee Crawford Brooks Davenport Andrew Davidson J.C. Davidson Nic Davis Kelli DeFoe

Mason Draughn Tyler Duckworth Brady Eaves Max Erlich Jamie Finch Robert Frey Kelsey Fuller

Spencer Gage James Gathings Alex Goldstein Emily Graham Madeleine Griffin Molly Gunn Bryan Hall

Will Harris Wilson Hays Ross Hester Ty Higginbotham Collin Hoffmann Cade Hood Helen House

John Sharp Howie Gracie Hubacek Rob Huffman Maya Humphrey Morgan Hydrick Trey Ivison William Johnson


Jackson Prep


Thomas Joyner Will Keeler Grant Lamb Jake Lee James Martin Lance Martin Janie Matthews

Caroline May Nicole McCaa Will Meadows Myers Mercier Margaret Milner Falon Miskelly Robert Mounger

Kaitlyn Myers Courtney Newsome Gates Nigreville Will O'Mara Gilbert Omobude Carter Osborne Paul Vegas Ott

Lea Lea Otts Elizabeth Parker Jessica Patch

Prem Patel Reid Patterson Sydney-Kirk Patti

Lamar Phillips Sarah Adison Phillips Jamey Pope

Cady Porter Jesse Pound Truett Primos William Pringle John Puckett Julia Putt Emily Pyron

Arthur Rankin Corrie Ray Morgan Reeves Anna Frances Robinson Chance Robinson Claire Robinson Anagrace Salem


Jackson Prep


Josh Samander Callie Sapen Griffin Schrock Sarah Neal Secrest Kendall Simpson Mary Hailey Sinyard Wilkes Skelton

Will Skelton Mary-Hannah Smith Taylor Strickland Caroline Swayze Cille Taylor Elizabeth Thiel Kyle Thigpen

David Thompson Kristin Thornton Burney Threadgill William Townsend Daniel Trussell Max Uschmann Campbell Vise

Elizabeth Walker Peyton Walker Madeline Waller Sydney Watson Madeline Webb Eric Wegener Madison Vivian Welch

West Wells Alex Wilks Megan Williams Zach Williams Luke Wise Catherine Wohner Amy Woods

Leslie Woods James Young

meet the:


1. Mary Hailey Sinyard--80's Day 2. Will Harris--College Game Day 3. Trey Ivison--Blast From the Past Costume Contest 4. Nathan Brown--just being Nathan 5. Sarah Neal Secrest-Whiteout pep-rally 6. Callie Sapen--Nerd Day


Jackson Prep


11th Grade

JUNIOR JUNCTION By Laurel Bane & Maison Lowery

Want to be able to talk to a Junior?


“HECKKKKKK! Not gonna

“Neice!”-very nice

“Riskin'”-living life on the

“Bookin'”-hustling from

lie, but...(insert truth here)”

edge (noun form: “risker”)

“Randomers”-everyone can technically be referred to as a “randomer,” but especially if they're “AWK!”

“Joker”-someone who FAILS at being funny


unbelievable occurance

point A to point B (in espanol: libro)

“AH'YEE'YEE”-random noise. Used when P.U.M.P.E.D.

“You, sir”-We're not sure... just ask Jake Williams.

“Ragin'”-getting ANGRY!!!! “I CRAVE it”-another word for “love”


Jackson Prep


John Abraham Laura Anthony Addison Arledge Carson Bailey Grace Baird Richard Baird Arden Barnett

Landon Barraza Ashley Lane Beneke Avery Biggs Bonnie Blackmon Maddie Blakeney Sara Bolen Matthew Boulanger

Caroline Brantley Melissa Braun Madison Brock Ryan Buchanan Kari Ann Buckels Sarah Anne Buffington Avery Burns

Hollis Burrow Rachel Carlton Reed Clay Katie Coit Jessie Cox Sydney Crawley Kyle Crotwell

Emily Crutcher Kate Culbertson Betsy Cunningham Mary Ellen Deaton Georgia Dewey Olivia Dulaney Wirt Dunbar

Daniel Ellison Evelyn Field Lane Fitzgerald Joseph Garland Caroline Garraway John Gathings Westin Graves

Mary Morgan Haire Ashleigh Harrison Jack Heidelberg Allie Hobby Allen Holiman Margaret Horsley Joe Howard

Claire Hubacek Christian Hughes Mary Stewart Hurst Christopher Johnson Kelly Kennedy Wesley Kerce Solomon Keys


Jackson Prep


Luke Lamar Stephen Latham Maggie Leech Christopher Lewis Michael Lewis Morgan Litchliter Joe Marchetti

Jamey McDowell Charles McEuen Hamel McGraw


Jamie McInvale Evan McKinley Wade Meena

Rick Melson Patrick Mink Cossar Morgan


SNAP! Trey Moss Brittany Nguyen Cade Noble Keavy Noblin Addy Osborne Julian Owen Sam Ozier

Tilak Patel Taylor Patterson Emily Payne Madeline Porter Macy Price Chandler Pride Houston Primos

Harrison Putt Austin Rayner Addie Reeves Kaylie Reeves Justin Renfrow Meagan Robinson John Rogers

Jordan Samson Sarah Santucci Jonathan Seto Elizabeth Shapley Luke Simmons Brad Simpson Newell Simrall


Jackson Prep


Bailey Smith Wic Smith Allen Spencer Londyn Steed Parker Stevens Hayden Strickland Anna Rose Templeton

Anna Kate Terry Navneet Thind Caleb Tidwell Robert Tramel Dayne Truong Cassidy Turnage Robert Waller

Porter Walters Amelia Weatherly Nick Weaver Joshua Weill David Welch Lake Weston Rachel Wilkinson

“Have fun, be yourself, crack a smile. ”

Jake Williams Josh Williams Wilson Williams Clay Wooley Furlow Word






“Being a Junior is awesome. If I'm lying, you can fry me up and call me a biscuit.” -Wilson “Woody” Williams




Jackson Prep


Senior Candids


Jackson Prep



Jackson Prep


Senior Portraits

CLASS OF 2012 Adrian Haley Adams

Catherine Conner Archer

University of Mississippi

Pacer (10-12), Pacer Captain (12), Silver Key-Art (10), Mu Alpha Theta (11-12), Harry Potter Club (10-12), Powderpuff (10-12), Spanish Club (9-11), Young Life (10-12), Community Service Club (9-11), Honorable Mention - Art (10), Club Ezaz (10,12), Peru (10). “Baby Geeg” & “Are those real turtles?” -CA, MA, LM. “Love, it will not betray you, dismay you, or enslave you: it will set you free” -Mumford & Sons.

Mississippi State University

National Honor Society (10-12), Pacer (10-12), Junior Classical League (9-12), Mu Alpha Theta (10-12), Beauty (12), Junior Class VP (11), Homecoming Maid (11,12), Nenon Bible Study (Life), “Shake Senora”- ML, MA. “YA-YA!” -SL, MA. “How are the puppies?” -FC, MA, LM. “Coookie-cooola” -SL. “That's not me...” -HA. “Hello, pet” -MA. “Onety one, I have a bomb” -TB. ”Breathe, Breathe in the air, set your intentions, dream with care” -ZR. Romans 12:12. Colossians 3:15. Psalms 90:14.

Mary Melissa Archer Mississippi State University

Youth Leg (12), Beauty (12), Three Silver Keys-Art (11), JCL (10-12), Earthwinds (11-12), Pacer Manager (12), Club Ezaz (10,12). “Are those real turtles?” -HA, CA, LM. “YA-YA” SL, CA. “Shake Senora” -ML,CA. “Can you hear the drums, Fernado?” -ABBA, CA. “I would rather place my focus on the reasons we were blessed” -Xavier Rudd. “As you set set out for Ithaka hope the voyage is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery” -Cavafy.


Jackson Prep


Jamie Alexander Aron

Mississippi State University

National Honor Society (10-12), Mu Alpha Theta (10-12), Debate (10-12), Spanish Club (9-12), Model Security Council (10-12), Student Council (9-12), Cum Laude Society (11-12), Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (10-12), Commended Scholar, Jesse Howell Award, Danforth Award, Eudora Welty Award, STAR Student. “The secret to life: show up”- AF. “Shutka” -PS. “Use your brain!” -DN. “When in doubt...” -ZZ. “What it is, is this” -DE. “That's what she said” -AP Bio. Matthew 6:34

Daniel Morgan Baker, Jr.

Laurel Leigh Bane

University of Mississippi

Most Athletic (12), Miss Junior University of Southern Class (11), H.C. Court (10), Mississippi Basketball (7-12), Pacer (11-12), National Spanish Exam- Premio de PFL, Soccer (8-9), Précis (11-12), Bronce (10) & Honorable Mention Student Council (10-12), Service (11), Spanish Club (10-12), Club (9,12), Tennis Manager (12), Potions. “Call me. Tickle me.” -SP. Patriot League, FCA, Harry Potter “God must be really good at Club (10-12), Younglife (10-12), Punnett Squares” -AD. “Avacadro's Nenon Bible Study (life), Team number” -Anonymous. Ezaz (10,12). “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” -RWE. “Yeah, I just put a dip in!” -FC. “See you in Heaven” -J. “Tank Time”, “18,19” & “Oozie Patrol” KK. Matthew 5:14. Romans 3:23

Ann Fairly Barnett

Madeleine Graham Barnette

Earthwinds (12), Pacer manager (11-12), The Sloshies, JCL, Asian Club, Four Square Snobs, Dynamic Duo with D-Beaux, MBRC, Greek Dudes. “Or whatever.” & “Butter Medallions” -AB. “Weapon ganas stingray kills my heart” -DB. “I know, I'm a drama queen.” -EK. “Don't believe everything you see or hear; only believe those things that you can legitimately prove beyond all reasonable doubt” -DB. “PANTS, PANTS, PANTS...” - Everybody.

Scholastics Gold Key & Honorable Mention, People's Choice Award, Spanish Club (9-11), Honor Roll (9-12), Manager of R2V, EOC, Who Dat Nation, Dippin' Daisy Rescue Team, Boomtown. “Hush girl” -MM, ST. “Part it like the Red Sea” -MM, ST, OR, HH. “Goat Rammit” -MM. “Lets get weird” -ZN, KK, CM. “If you want this pony, I'll put it in your trunk.”-ZN.

University of Southern Mississippi

University of Mississippi

Stephanie Wesley Barone University of Mississippi

French Club (11-12), Spanish Club (12), Drama Club (12), Mu Alpha Theta (12), National Honor Society (11-12), Asian Club (12), Cum Laude Society. “I love purple”-The awesomest person ever! “NBD” -ZZ. “That's too rich!” -EG “It's easier to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission” -The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Cherry Anna Barrett University of Mississippi

Pacer Manger (12), Asian Club President (12), Spanish Club (1011), Harry Potter Club (10-12), Patriot League (10-12). “Ruchi”CM. “Big Mutna”-HA. “What is that? I think it might be a...Butter Medallion.”-AFB. “It is better to live one day as a tiger than to live for a thousand years as a sheep.”-Tibetan Proverb.


Jackson Prep


Cody Donald Becker

Nathaniel Bernheim

Cross Country (10-12), Tennis (9-12), Swim Team (7-12), Track (12), Male Cheerleader (12), Beau (12), FBGM ('93-'12). “Fear the beard” -AC. “I bet I looked fat” & “G.A.” -TB, LF, GM. “FBGM” -HK, MB, EDF, ST, OR, DH, JV.

Chess Club (10-12), Archery (11-12), Fencing (10-11), Dueling (LIFE).

University of Mississippi

Michael Thomas Boulanger, Jr.

Charles Davis Bourne Millsaps College

The Sloshies (12), Four Square Snobs (12), Potions (9-12), Serving Justice (12), DSAT (10). “Don't be mean. It's bad” -KYB. “What it do?” “You're not allowed to use Bible verses” -Ester 2:19. “HEY EUGENE!” -Brixton. “PANTS!”, “Syrups” SLB.

Delta State University

Varsity Soccer Team (7-12), AllStar Soccer Team, All State Soccer, Cross Country (7-9).

Savannah Lea Brantley

Bradford Clark Brewer

Cross Country (11), Diamond Girl (10-12), Spanish Club (10-11), Community Service Club (10-12), Mu Alpha Theta (11-12), Basketball Manager (11). “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment” -Emerson. “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” -CoCo Chanel. Psalm 73:26. “My flesh in my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart & my portion forever.”

Varsity Tennis Team (7-12), AAA State Tennis Champion (10-12), Most Improved-Tennis (10), Impact Tennis Award (11), Young Life (10-12), NJHS (8-9), Mu Alpha Theta (11), Male Cheerleader (12), Homecoming Escort (12), Sentry (11-12). “Don't make me put my hands on you” -SLS. “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop & look around once in a while, you could miss it” -FB.

University of Mississippi


Jackson Prep


University of Mississippi

Helen Taylor Byrd

University of Mississippi

Pacer (10-12) -1st Lt (12), Précis Staff (11), Italian Exchange (11), Homecoming Maid (11), Homecoming Queen (12), Mu Alpha Theta (10-12), Student Council (8,10-12), Youth Legislature (10-12), FCA, SES Scholarship Recipient, Friendliest, PFL, Service Club (9-12), Model Security Council (11), Metro Christian Living Leader (12). Matthew 6:19-20, 1 Peter 5. Colossians 3:12-17.

Mary Annette Carpenter

University of Mississippi

Cheerleader (7-12), Big Brother Big Sister (12), Beauty (12), Homecoming Court (12), Younglife (10-12), Spanish Club (9-11), Golf Manager (12), NDX (life), EOCing with Nattison. “Lawlz” -MN. “I'm so dumb I scare myself” -MH. “I'm obsessed with you” -MN. “I mean, It's just highschool.” -ALG, HK. “We have the same DNA.” -KW, SS, ALG, AWS, AAP.

Frances Belle Carter

Pauline Elizabeth Causey

Cross Country (9-12), Track (712), Basketball (7-11), Cum Laude Society (11-12), Mu Alpha Theta (10-12), National Honor Society (10-12), Student Council (10-12), Beauty (12). “Do you take debit?” -EH. “She has Tourette's” -ML. “Is this on?” -MS. “If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world” -C.S. Lewis. Jeremiah 29:11.

Varsity Tennis (7-12) - MVP (11), Patriot Award (9,10), Captain (12), Five-time State AAA Tennis Champion (7-11), Community Service Club (10-12) - Bronze Award (10,11), Pacer (11-12), Cross Country (8-10), Honor Roll (9-11), Spanish Club (9-10), Spanish Award (9), Salvation Army (11), NCC Tutor (9-12), FCA (10-12), Powder Puff (10-12), Younglife (10-11), Student Council (9-10), Casey Elementary P.E.(12). “Crystalz” -AW, MH. “What's a limit?” -MN. “Nascar” AC. John 15.

Mississippi State University

University of Mississippi

Ross Hastings Chandler

Hinds Community College Mississippi State University

Chess Team (7-12), Varsity Football Team (10-12), Arm Wrestling (7-12).

Ariel Jill Cheng

University of Mississippi

Beauty (12), National Honor Society (10-12) - Secretary (11) & Senior Vice President (12), Mu Alpha Theta (10-12) - Junior Vice President (11), President(12), Senior Class Vice President (12), Sentry (12), Mock Trial (12), One Act (12), Cum Laude (11-12), JCL (9-12) - Scriba (11) & Consul (12), Youth Leg (10-12), Reveillon (910), National Merit Finalist (12). “Batfork” -JF, JS. “Tricks up my sleeve” -TD. “Omegahhh” -SMO, AFB, SB.


Jackson Prep


Evan Lawrence Chouteau

University of Mississippi

Best Dressed, Sentry (12), Resource (10-12), Denim Dan, Debate (12). “Give me the gun, Pa. It's my dog.” -Air Bud. “Charles Stephen Stack, Jr” & ”Spa-ghett” -Spagett. “It's better to burn out than to fade away.” -Neil Young. “He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.” -Dr. Samuel Johnson. “Watch now I'm gonna slide.” -T-Rex.

Austin Rayborn Churchill

Mississippi State University

Football (7-12), Baseball (7-9), Track and Field (7-12). “Pauline, you have nice knees.” -OD. “Douglas Haick shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.” -Devine. “Slinging Weight” -CM. “Let's get wierd” -ZN. “You don't throw rocks out of anger, you throw them out of kindness.” -Mr. Hogue.

Jay Anderson Coleman

Amanda Delaney Cox

Mississippi State University

Mississippi University for Women

Most School Spirited, Cross Country (8-12), JCL (11-12), Patriot Man (11-12), Four Square Snobs (12), The Sloshies. “You would be the funniest fat kid” -Pinky. “I got her number & walked away feeling like a champ” & “I don't like yoga...I can't flexible” -OD. “I'm not going to be sarcastic this year” -Coach Saxon.

Swim Team (7-12), Sub Deb (1012), Service Club (9-12), Service Club VP (12), Presidential Volunteer Service (9-12), Community Service Award (9-12), Spanish Club (11-12), Debate (912), Crown Club (12), Asian Club (10-11), HP Club (10-12), Juniorettes (12), Wizard of Oz (9), Youth Leg (11-12), Side-Walk Art (10-12), Earthwinds Photo (10), People's Choice Art (9-10), Goodwill & Boys & Girls Club Volunteer of the Year(11, 12). “Make smart decisions. Don't do anything I wouldn't do” -SB.

Christina Regan Crain University of Mississippi

Fast Pitch (7-12), Basketball (78), Girls Service Club (9), Community Service Club (1012), Mu Alpha Theta (11-12), Diamond Girl (10-12), National Spanish Exam Bronze/Silver Award (9-10), Community Service Silver Award (11), Spanish Club (9-10). Jeremiah 29:11 ”You can turn off the sun, but I'm still gonna shine” -Anonymous.


Jackson Prep


Karson Elizabeth Crotwell

Mississippi State University

Swim Team (7-12), Showchoir, Performing Arts. “How do you say “taco” in espanol?” -KR. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” -Philippians 4:13

Caroline McIntire Daggett

Owen Henry Daniels Samford University

(7-10,12), Cross Country University of Mississippi Track (7-12), Track MVP (9), Most Cum Laude Society (11-12), Valuable Distance (8,10), CC National Honor Society (12), Mu Patriot Award (10), Classical Alpha Theta (11-12), Service Club Heritage Degree, Junior Classical (11-12), Youth Legislature, Cross League (9-12), Chess Club (11Country (12), Swim Team (12). 12), Corona Lawea. ”To give “Be the change you wish to see in anything less than your best is to the world” -Mahatma Gandhi. sacrifice the gift.” & “Some people may beat me, but they are going to have to bleed to do it.” -Steve Prefontaine.

Natalie Loran Davant

Thomas Austin Draughn

Mississippi State University

NHS (10-12), Honor Roll (9-12), Spanish Club (9-12), NSE Award (10-11), Community Service Club (9-12), -Awards (9-12), US President's Service Award (11), Reveillon (10), Précis (12). “'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you & not harm you, plans to give you a hope & a future.'” -Jeremiah 29:11. “You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, & smarter than you think.” -Christopher Robin. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Mississippi State University

JCL, Asian Club, Chess Club, JCL Consol (10), National Greek Exam (11), Honor Roll (10-11), Classical Heritage Program (9-12). “Sure” -KG. “Living is for quitters” -AP. “Avacadro's Number” -MB. “I wish I was a little bit Autistic” -SP. “I'm approaching alpha” & “Who cares, it's only money” - AR.

Anna Marie Dulaney Thomas Yerger Dunbar

Mississippi State University

Show Choir (9-12) - Outstanding Choreography (10) & Best Showmanship (11), NHS (12), AllState Show Choir (12), Most Expressive, Spanish Club (9-11), Drama Club (10-12), Patriot League (9-12), Musicals (9-12). “Great dancers are not great because of their technique. They are great because of their passion” - Anonymous. “Beyond Done!”-KG. “We live there!”Showchoir Kids. “Hey sassy!” -PC. “Live as though Christ died yesterday, rose from the grave today, and is coming back tomorrow” -Theodore Epp.

Washington & Lee University

Mr. Jackson Prep, Varsity Track Team (10-12), Tennis Team (1012), Basketball Team (7-12), EOC (Life), Eagle Scout. “I'm playing papi jump!” -TH. ”Do it big” -WS. “Last night..” -RT. “I have way too many quotes from Charlie” -TD.


Jackson Prep


Emily Kathleen Evans Georgia Institute of Technology

Réveillon (9-12), Debate (10), Musicals & Plays (9-12), Spanish Club, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, MSMS-5th place Calculus (12). “Because the wind is high, it blows my mind” -The Beatles. “SelfEsteem High Five” -CM.

Eric Daniel Field

University of Mississippi

Most Comedic (12), Soccer (9-10), Male Cheerleader (12), Spanish Club (10), Football (7-8), FBGM (12), Biology Subject Choice Award (10). “Cop” -DH. “Hush girl.” -ST. “Heheheheheh” -OR. “Fear the beard.” -AC. “BRAAAADDYY” -AW. “I just get awesome.” -JV.

Lindsey Ann Fuller

Mary Elizabeth Wells Garland

Mississippi State University

Pacer (10-12), Chi Alpha Mu (8-9), Young Life, Peru, Art Club, Harry Potter Club, Spanish Club (10-12), National Spanish Honor Society (10-12), NDX (Life). “Put a bird on it” -MA. “I'm so highschool” -GM. “Once you go bouge, you never go back” -MT. “I reek of party” -MN. “Key fairy...You're in!” -GM. “Be strong & courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” -Joshua 1:9

Mississippi State Universit

Community Service Club (10-12), Asian Club (12), Drama Club (1112), Peter Pan (11), Grease (12), Alice in Wonderland (12), Mississippi Children's Museum Youth Ambassador. “Words are s powerful they should only be used to bless, to heal, & to prosper.” -Sue Henry. “But God demonstrates his own love for u i this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” -Romans 15:8

Anna Lauren Gathings

Mississippi State University

Most Charming, Miss Sophomore Class, Réveillon (10-12), Pacer (1112), Grease (12), Beauty & the Beast (11), Cinderella (10), Patriot League (11-12), Community Service Club (10-12), Prep Players, Spanish Club, Honor Roll, NDX (Life). “For I know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him and live according to his purpose” Romans 8:28 “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” -Jeremiah 29:11


Jackson Prep


Kristian Donovan Gautier Mississippi College

Male Cheerleader, FBCJ Youth Group, Mission Work (Israel & Choir Tours around the US), Community Service (Mustard Seed), Senior Skit, Scholastic Silver Awards. “CH!,” “Butterballs,” “You're SO mad.” -AR, JD, JW, AD, SP. “Broncee”, “The Gringandidum” -JR. “Can I have some gum?” - everyone at Prep. “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Proverbs 4:23

Dewitt Love Graeber University of Mississippi

Basketball (7-12), All-Conference Basketball Player (11-12), All-Star Basketball (12), Golf Team (8-11), Soccer Team (8-9). “I came up with that,” “Can I see your homework?” -GL. “I love you Whait Whait,” “Brick-squad,” “I couldn't even feel it.” -EF. “Defensive MVP” -JV. “I like boys” CS. “DHMF” -DH. “Sandcat,” “Jellybean,” “Meooow Pow.”- SS.

Summerlin Elizabeth Gray University of Mississippi

Spanish Club (9-11), Community Service Club (10-12), Youth Legislature (12), Powderpuff (11), Subdeb (10,12). “This water is so wet!” -MH. “I can't wait to see the president's heads carved into the grand canyon” -KJ. “In this world, you will have trouble, but take heart. For I have overcome the world.” -John 16:33

Alexa Carol Griffin

Paul Jackson Gunn

Texas Christian University

University of Mississippi

Revellion (9-12), Plays (9-12), Musicals (9-12), One Act (10-12), Honor Roll (9-12), National Spanish Exam Silver Award (1011), Community Service Bronze (10-11), MS Youth Volunteer of the Year (11), MS All-State Showchoir (12). “Pour Macow. All the pine cones drop on him” -AP English 12. “I'm not going to quote 'quotetastic'” -ZZ. “Not all treasure is silver & gold, mate” Captain Jack Sparrow.

Football (7-12), Baseball (8-11), Mu Alpha Theta (10-12), NHS (1012), Sociedad Honoria Hispanica (10-12), Spanish Club (10-11), NSE Excellente Award (9-10), National Junior Honor Society (9), FCA (9-12), Honor Roll (7-12), Silver Key (10), Community Service Award (9), The WOLFPACK (12), The sporting Clay Club (7-12). ”That's Spooky!” -JM. “Well done is better than well said.” -Ben Franklin. “Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming” -John Wooden.

Edward Douglas Haick Josiah Bentley Harper University of Mississippi

Young Life, Community Service Club, Golf (7-12), Basketball (711), Class Favorite (12), Golf State Champion (10). “For a little guy, I have big arms.” -DH., OR, CB, MB, ST, EF.

University of Mississippi

Youth Legislature (10-12), Community Service Club (10-11), Sentry (10-12), Mr. Powers Math Class (12), Accounting Award (12), The Committee (11), Archery (10), FBGM Indoor Soccer (12). “My mother taught me to treat women with respect” -Chris Brown. “Your mom is as real as the plants in my dad's office” -WM. “Annieee!” -OD. “Nuggs” -Coach Saxon. “S.A.D” -SP.


Jackson Prep


Caroline Noelle Harris

Mississippi State University

Réveillon (11-12), One Act (12), Musicals (11), Community Service Club (11-12), Spanish Club (1112), Academic Excellence Award (11), Community Service Award (11), Ruth Smith Singing Award (11). Voice Lessons. “Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God.” -Ronald Reagan. “The Lord is my strength & my song.” -Exodus 15:2 “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; & for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone” -Audrey Hepburn

James Tyler Hays

University of Mississippi

Sentry (10-12), Cross Country (9-11), FPDS Football (5-6), Powers Math (12), Tennis (7-12), Basketball (7), Patriot League (10). “Just because there is a goalie doesn't mean you can't score” -CP. “Somebody needs to tell that kid whats up.” -MB. “The junction has more tradition than the grove.” -JG. “Maggie come home!” -CP. That doesn't make sense.” -HP.

Heather Lyn Higginbotham

Harlee Dees Hinton University of Mississippi

Soccer (7-10), Track (7-11), Gold Community Service Award (9), Spanish Club (9-11), Community Service Club (11-12), Patriot League (10-12), Young Life (1012), Dippin' Daisy Rescue Team (11-12). “Today is the first day of the rest of your life, make the most of it” -Tay Gillesbie. “Hush Girl” -ST, MM. “Let me see you FOP!” -AW, DV, MM, OR. “Goat Rammit” -MB, MM.

University of Mississippi

Basketball (9), Réveillon (9-12), Drama Club (9-12), Wizard of Oz (9), Cinderella (10), Man Who Came to Dinner (10), Beauty & the Beast (11), Peter Pan (11), Grease (12), One Act (11-12). “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you & not harm you, plans to give you a hope & a future.” -Jeremiah 29:11 “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'.” -Audrey Hepburn. “There is only one happiness in life: to love & be loved.” -George Sand.

Madeline Byrd Holiman Evans Fuller Horsely University of Mississippi

Community Service Club (10-12), French Club (9-12), Powderpuff (10-11), Sub Deb (10 & 12), Diamond Girl (10 & 12). “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” -1 Peter 4:8 “He's a purebred” - KJ & JM.


Jackson Prep


University of Alabama

Varsity Basketball (10-12), Track (7-12), Golf (11-12), Swim team (7-12), National Honor Society (10-12), Mu Alpha Theta (10-12), Cum Laude, Précis Yearbook (1012), AP Scholar, Harry Potter Club (10-12). “Just because someone is smart, it doesn't mean that they think” -M. “Always feed the Good Wolf” -Native American Medicine Man. “W” -MH & HH. “Polar bears are invisible” -AH.

David Anthony Huffman

Joseph Lee Humphries University of Mississippi

(7-12), Soccer (10-12), Mississippi State University Football Debate (12), Sentry (12), Baseball (8-12), Football (7-9), Junior Classical League (10-12), Basketball (7-9), Track (7-10), Pokemon Master, Gamer 4 life, Tips Club (12), Brick Squad (12), R2V(12). Red Rockets (10-12), Beau (12), Junior Classical League Voodoo Fest (10-12), Wakarusa (10-11), Honor Roll (7-12), (11), Bonnaroo (12). “Spa-ghett.” Community Service Club (11-12), “Hey Boom” - AI. “Give me the Mu Alpha Theta (11-12), Young gun, Pa. It's my dog.”-My Dog Skip Life (10-12), BWW (12). “Deuces” “Yooogirl” -ZN. “Football season is - HH. “Who's the funniest person over.” -HT. “Birds don't fly far you know? Besides me of from the flock.” “How come I end course” -GL. “I'm not even in my up where I started?” -anonymous. own mind” -BP. “Out of my way, peasant” -JD. “Hey y'all” -OR. “My dang levis are too tight” -WP.

Anthony Allen Inzinna

Patrick Killis Johnson

Basketball (7), Asian Club (12), LB in the CC. “Baby want shrimp, baby get shrimp” -PT. “Crawfish pie, gumbo small” -GS.

Friendliest (12), Harry Potter Club Co-founder, Sitting in the attic, AP Art, Office Worker, Living next door to Frances. “Have you seen the Bathroom?” -PT. “No Pa, thats my dog. Let me shoot it” -Clifford. “I've got to let the brown goose loose.” -PT.

University of Mississippi

University of Mississippi

Kelsey Brooke Jones

Nicholas Damian Juncos

Pacer (10-12), MS Youth Legislature (12), Diamond Girl (10), Tennis team (7-9), Tennis manager (10-11), Mu Alpha Theta (10-12), Junior Classical League (9-10), Powder Puff (1012), Jackson Symphony League (10,12), Young Life (10-12), Community Service Club (10-12), Featured Artist (9), Girl Scout Gold Award, Honor Roll (9-11), Class Favorite. “Call unto me, & I will answer thee, & snow thee great & mighty things, which though knowest not.” -Jeremiah 33:3 “All our dreams can come true” -Walt Disney.

Mu Alpha Theta (10-12), Algebra Team (9), Trigonometry Team (11), Silver Medal-National Spanish Exam (9), Geometry Subject Area Award (10), Honor Roll (10), Swim Team (9-12), Cross Country (8-11), Track & Field (9-12), Varsity Soccer Team (10-12), All Conference Soccer Award (11-12).

Mississippi State University

Lyon College


Jackson Prep


Nabhan Karim

Whitaker Roberts Kendall

Honor Roll (7-12), Mu Alpha Theta (10-12), NHS (10-12), Cum Laude Association (11-12), Latin I Subject Award, Chess Club (8-11), Debate (11), Four Square Snobs (12). “Paint thinner is like blood thinner, except for paint” -WL. “The only reason some people get lost in thought in because it's unfamiliar territory” -PF. “You lied to me. You said my father was my father but my uncle is my father. MY FATHER IS MY UNCLE!” -Buster Bluth. “The fox knows many tricks; the hedgehog only one; one good one” -Archilochus.

Most Athletic (12), Walter Shelton Scholarship (12), Wendy's Heisman (12), NHS (10-12), Mu Alpha Theta (10-12), FCA (1012), Community Service Club (10-12)-Pres (12), Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (11), Basketball (7-10,12), Baseball (8-12), Football (7-12), All-Star & Captain (12), Cum Laude (12). “I know where I come from, how 'bout you?” & “These boots” -EC. “Defensive MVP” -JV. “I like it like that” -CN. “When I read Paradise Lost, I thought of Boston. I lost paradise” -MTB.

Case Western Reserve University

Keely Grace Kennedy

Mississippi State University

Kyle Ross Kennedy

University of Mississippi

University of Mississippi

Pacer (10-12), PFL, Tennis Team (9-12), Diamond Girl (12), Class Favorite (12), Mu Alpha Theta (11-12), NHS (9-12), HC Maid (10), Patriot League, Service Club, Italian Exchange (11), National Spanish Honor Society, Honor Roll, Powder Puff Champs (1112). “Poolside Y'all” -KJ. “Nubbin is a habit” -CM. “Pepper Anna Pepper Ann!!!” -ALG. “Don't be sad its over. Be glad it happened” Dr. Seuss. “& no matter what dreams you're chasing, never get above your raising, may the simple things be amazing, on the journey of your life” -Jake Owen. Proverbs 16:9.

Football (7-12), Soccer (7-12), Baseball (8-10), Basketball (7-9), All-Conference Soccer (12), MAIS All-Star-Soccer (12), National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, FGA (10-12), Class Favorite (12). “Lets get wierd” -CM, ZN. '”OG just took me for a ride last night & wouldnt let go” -ZN. “Dang good puddin” -AC. “College” -NS. Philippians 4:13.

Ekhlaas Ahmed Khandekar Mississippi College

Chess Club (9-11), Four Square Snobs (12), Four Square Ace (12), Muslim Club (9-12), Brown Club (9-12). “Your booty is like a lucious apple” -AFB. “Are you raw doging it?” -KP.


Jackson Prep


Robert Hughes Koury University of Mississippi

Football (7-11), Tennis (7-12), Spanish Club (9-12), National Spanish Exam Award (11), Big Brother Big Sister (11-12), Service Club (10-12), “A” Average Award (9-11). “Hush girl” -ST. “Cops” -DH. “hehehehehehehehe, sleepy girl!” -OR. “I'm in the cave” -MB. “Might as well” -OR.

Grayson Harris Lamb University of Mississippi

Baseball (8-12), Basketball (7-9), Beau (12), Football (7-12), Track (7-10), Best Receiver (12), Young Life (10-11), 1st team AllConference (12), Terrorism in 21st Century Subject Award (11), All-Conference Honorable Mention (11), FGA (10-12), BWW (12), EOC (10-12), Yall vs. Us (11), TIPS (12), Honor Roll (7-10), Most Valuable Sprinter (9). “Didn't even feel it” - EF. “For a little guy I have big arms” -DH. “Fear the beard” -AC. ”#Dougswag” -Everyone. “My dang Levis are too tight” -WP. “Y'all I'm hanging out with Kristen tonight” -DG.

Sidney Elaine Lampton

University of Mississippi

Student Council (10-12), Senior Class President (12), NHS (10-12) -Treasurer (12), Honor Roll (9-12), Tennis (7-12), Basketball (7-11) -Student Assistant (12), H.C. Maid (12), Miss Senior Class, Lauren Ann Clement AP Art Award, Nenon Bible Study (Life). “Frances always wins” -FC. “C Team”- KK. “YA-YA” -MA. “I just threw your keys out the window” -LB. “Which one is Hugo?” -ML. 2 Timothy 2:22

Maison Lowery

John Watson Lewis

University of Mississippi

University of Alabama

Basketball (7-12), Swim Team (712), Cross Country (7-12) - MVP (8-12), Track (7-12), Student Council (10-12), Précis Staff (1112), Community Service Club(1012) - Enthusiast & Officer (12), Wendy's Heisman Award, Class Favorite, Young Life (10-12), FCA (8-12), Nenon Bible Study (Life), Good For One Hug (10-12). “FRANCES ALWAYS WINS”- FC. “Stop it you monster!”- LM. “See you in September!”-AW. “I got her number and walked away feeling like a champ” - OD. Phil. 4:13. Hebrews 13:8.

JCL (9-12), Soccer (7-12), Asian Club (10), Chess Club (10-11), Four Square Snobs (12), Senator in JCL (9-12), Religion Table (10). “No! I am not a cat!” -EK. “I am not a crook” -Richard Nixon. “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” -Carl Sagan. “There are a few very small compatible changes- I really doubt most people will run into them” Stephen Wolfram. “Everybody talks about the weather, but no body does anything about it” -Mark Twain.

Lauren Elisabeth Malone

Madelaine Breland Mangum

Service Club (10-12), Spanish Club (9-12), AP Class Rep. (12), Youth Leg (12), Powder Puff (10-12), Diamond Girls (11,12), JP Spain Trip (12), NSE Bronze Award (10,11), Community Service Award (10,11), Asian Club (12). “Homeboy” -MM. “Free Powers.” “Scotland” -AFB. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” -Philippians 4:13

Pacer (11-12), Soccer (8-10), Basketball (7-10), Young Life (1112), Service Club (10-12), Spanish Club, Diamond Girl, Modern Security Council, Most Beautiful, Powder Puff (11-12), JP Spain Trip (11), Big Bro/Big Sis. Dippin' Daisy Rescue Team, Dream Team. “Lemme soo you FOP” -HH, AW, OR, DV. “My Levi's are too tight” -WP. “I got nine” -AW,MP. “Hush girl” -ST. “Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love” -Mother Teresa.

University of Mississippi

University of Mississippi


Jackson Prep


Julia Saunders Markow

Kristen Leigh Massey

Pacer (10-12), Community Service (10-12), NCC Tutor (912), MS Children's Museum Youth Ambassador (10-12), Spanish Club (9-10), Diamond Girl (10), Community Service Awards, First Presbyterian Church, Powder Puff. “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars” -Les Brown. “In kindergarten, she cut my hair! & I never got a million dollars...” -MH. “I'm feelin' like a Martha today!” -KJ. “What lies behind us & what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” -Anonymous. Psalm 121:3.

National Merit Finalist (12), Sentry Staff (10-12) - Editor (12), Presidential Service Award (11), HOBY Leadership Ambassador (10), Accounting Award (11), National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Spanish Honor Society, Harry Potter Club. “Mountains are what I define them as” -Grendel. “That's the funny thing about arriving somewhere... once you're there, the only thing you can really do is leave again” -Brandon Sanderson. “Take what you can have. Rejoice in what you can save, & do not mourn your losses too long” - Robert Jordan.

University of Mississippi

Cathryn Cheryl McAllister

Mississippi State University

Christina Grace McDaniel

University of Southern Mississippi

University of Mississippi

Art Club (9), Student Council (9), Service Club (9-10), Patriot League (10-12), Diamond Girl (1012), Tennis Manager (11,12), Spanish Club (9-11), Youth Leg (11-12), Sub Deb (10,12), Young Life (10-12), NDX ('94-'12). “Pepper Ann” -ALG, KK, KW, LF. “GA” -LF, TB, CB. “Lawlz” -MN, ALG, LF, AC. “I swear the aliens built the pyramids” -SB, SBR, AC, MN.

Mississippi Girl Choir (9yrs), Réveillon (9-11), Proud member of David Bowie Face, Class Favorite, Italian Exchange Club, Community Service Award. “Lexie can I?” -Everyone. “L-O-V-E. LUV! That's what I say” -Homeless man. “Huh-huh” -KKR. “Ruchi!” -AB. “Ariel Cheng, oooohhhh yeah!”- everyone “I didn't do anything!” & “I never said that!” -EK.

Mollie McGowan

University of Mississippi

National Honor Society (10-12), Mu Alpha Theta (10-12), Harry Potter Club (10-12), Spanish Club (11-12), Revo girls (8), Asian Club (12). “Revo girls” -AC, TB, MB. “Thecret” -LL. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you & not harm you, plans to give you hope & a future.” -Jeremiah 29:11


Jackson Prep


Mallory Anne McLemore Mississippi State University

Top 25 Students to Change the World, National Merit Finalist, Cum Laude Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society. “All out dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” -Walt Disney. “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds” -Albert Einstein. “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed” -Theodore Roosevelt.

Cole Harris McPherson Mississippi State University

Track, Cross Country, Chess Club, Bowling Club, Spanish Club, Community Service Club, Eagle Scout. “Fear the beard” -AC. “Lets get weird” -ZN. “OG Mudbone” -ZN. “It looked like a 3D bear attack.” -EC. “To understand the world, you must first understand a place like Mississippi” -Faulkner. “Love the life you live; live the life you love.” -Bob Marley.

William Felder Mercier

University of Mississippi

Debate (10-11), Latin Exam Cum Laude (9), NSE Premio Bronze (10,11), Habitat for Humanity (11), Honor Roll (10-12), Boys State (11). “That which does not kill me makes me stronger” - Nietzche

Mosa David Molapo

Peterson Walker Mills

Palm Beach Atlantic University

Mississippi State University

Most Charming, Baseball Manager (12), Hunting, Fishing, & Hiking. “Fear the Beard.” -AC.

Réveillon (10-11). Honor Roll (10-11). Sociedad Honoraria Hiispanica (11-12). Parkour. “Life experience is the best teacher.” -DeVille Vannik. “Choose not to fall.” -Daniel Ilabaca.

John Thompson Cossar Moore

University of Mississippi

Football (11-12) -All District (12), Basketball (10), Track(7-12). Most Valuable Linebacker (12), Young Life (10-12), Eagle Scout. “What's the smell?” -BW. “Watch out for that cop on the left” -DH. “Hunads, Hunads” -ST.

Collins Hartfield Mounger

University of Mississippi

Most Versatile, Pacer (10-12), Band (12), Mu Alpha Theta (1112), Community Service Club (1012)- President (12), FCA (10-12), Big Brother Big Sister (10-12), Young Life, Nenon Bible Study (Life), Harry Potter Club (10-12), Swim Team (7-12), Good For One Hug (10-12). “Help me I'm poor” -BM. “FRANCES ALWAYS WINS” -FC. “Access denied!” -TB, HA, FC, BT. Romans 12:12.


Jackson Prep


William Malcolm Mounger III

University of Mississippi

Baseball (8-12), Football (7-12), Basketball (7), The Wolfpack (12), Mu Alpha Theta (10-11), Call of Duty Gamer (10-12). “That's spooky!” -JM. “I have pretty big arms for such a small guy” -DH. “Bondurant” -CP. “Schmow!” -SS. “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” -anonymous.

Jacob Frederick Muse University of Mississippi

National Honor Society (10-12), National Junior High Society (89), Mu Alpha Theta (10-11), Young Life (11-12), Football (712), Baseball (7-9), Track (7-12), Junior Classical League (9-10), Fellowship of Christian Athletes (9-12), Wolfpack (12). “I'm the last bondurant” -CP. “Spooky summer sausage” -JG. “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path & leave a trail” -Waldo Emerson.

Laura Elizabeth Myers

Madison Ruffin Newcomb

University of Mississippi

Pacer (10-12), Community Service Club (9-12), Community Service Bronze Award (9-11), Harry Potter Club (10-12), Patriot League (10-12), Powder Puff (10-12), Senior Class Favorite, Spanish Club (10). “Be strong & courageous! Don't be afraid or discouraged for the Lord your God is with you where ever you go.” -Joshua 1:19 “You think I'm kidding, but I'm not” -HA, CA, MA. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, thats why it's called the present” -Winnie the Pooh.

University of Mississippi

Community Service Club (12), French Club (9-11), Patriot League (10-12), LAWLZ, EOC, Senior Service Project, NDX (life), Dynamic Duo with Hughes Koury. “I'm obsessed with you” -AC. “SOS! Trapped in a ditch” -MB. “My legs are flat” -HK. “Nirvana” - AC. “I'm so dumb I scare myself” -MH.

Zachary Ellis Newman Kacey Lane O'Donnell University of Mississippi

Football (7-12), Football Allstar (12), Beau (12). “No age is underage” -EC.


Jackson Prep


Mississippi State University

Fencing, Archery, Honor Roll, Harry Potter Club. “Was that a squirrel?” -NB. “Don't say sorry. She is trying to kill you.” -Richard Jones. “I have called you by name; you are mine.” -Isaiah 43:1

Sean Michael O'Hara University of Mississippi

Bowling Club (9-life), Red Rockets (10-11), The Ice-Man Cometh (12), L.B.G.C.C.C (12), Sackatizing (1012). “Strawberry Hulk! Oh my Glock!” -AI. “OMEHGAH” -AFB. “Rebel Ride” -GS. “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture” -Zappa “In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes” -Andy Warhol. “Who's this jabroni?” -SMO.

Reagan Elise Owen

Mississippi State University

Cheerleader (8-12), Peter Pan, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Bronze Community Service Award (10), Softball (7-11), Drama Award (9), Silver Key (12), NSE Silver Award (10), English Award (10). “Christianity is a world that is a great sculptor's shop. We are the statues & there's a rumor going around the shop that some of us are some day going to come alive” -C.S. Lewis. “All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost” -J.R.R Tolkien.

Vivian Bardin Paris

Kirby Graham Parker

JP & US Senate Page Honor Roll, Scholastics Gold & Silver Key, American Vision Award, Youth Legislator Delegate, US Senate Page School Yearbook Committee, Spanish Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Art Club, Diamond Girl, Big Brother Big Sister, National Honor Society. “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” “Be strong & courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.” -Deuteronomy 31:6

Student Body Secretary, Golf (7-12), Cross Country (11-12), National Honor Society (10-12), Mu Alpha Theta (10-12), Youth Legislature (9-12) Cum Laud Society (12), Four Square Snobs (12). “Take some notes” -ML. “Things just got really awkward really fast” -OD. “I run McAlister's” -TD. “Get the net” DK. “The less you want, the more you have” -WSP.

University of Mississippi

University of Alabama

Nelson Phillip Parker

Mississippi State University

Basketball (10-12), Eagle Scout, Junior Classical League (9-10), Track (10, 12). “I'm the defensive MVP” -JV. “Careful, there are Skittles in there” -The Hangover.

Samuel Richardson Parrish Mississippi College

Chess team, Band, Community Service Club, Football (7-10), Eagle Scout. “Dude, let's Coexist” -AD. “Tickle me” -AR. “No” -MB, JW. “Zelda Church” -anonymous. “Let's call him...Sarge” -Anonymous. “'For I know the plans I have for you', declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper, plans to give you hope and a future.'” -Jeremiah 29:11 “Senya Sam” -JR. “Panda” -AR.


Jackson Prep


Pritesh Kiran Patel

Ashley Anne Peeples

“In the joy of others, lies our own” -Anonymous. “Please let me be me & let me do my thing” -Lil Wayne.

Cheerleader (8-12), Beauty (12), Youth Legislature (12), Community Service Club (9-12), Blair E. Batson Volunteer (1112), Community Service Bronze Award (10) & Silver Award (11), Diamond Girl (10), FCA (10-12), Powder Puff (10-12), Spanish Club (9-10), Harry Potter Club (10), NSE Award (9), HOPE (11), Honor Roll, Sub Deb (10,12). “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! For I have overcome the world” -John 16:33.

University of Mississippi

University of Mississippi

Austin Alan Pinkerton

John-David Matthew Polk

University of Alabama

Football (9-12), Ultimate Rallying (11-12), Mu Alpha Theta (9-12), NHS (9-12), Four Square Snobs (9-12). “But then again, why would I be Hitler's mistress?” -AD. “Knowlton but net” -Knowlton Bourne. “He should go eat some like...tooth brush or something” -DB.

Mississippi State University

Pacer Manager (9-12), French Club (9-10), Show Choir (9-12), Track (7-9), Cross Country (7-9), Honor Roll (7-12), Boys State (11), Musicals (7-12), Peter Pan (11), Parkour (9-12), Freerunning (912), Tricking (9-12). “Oh...” -KG. “CH!” -KG, JW, AR. “Brotha!” -EW. “I mean I'm done” -KG. “I'm not gonna go there...” -DH. “Stay Positive” -KM. “If you're afraid to fall, you fall because you're afraid. Everything is a choice” -DI. “Baby Gale!!!” -AMD, KW.

Mary Madison Portie University of Mississippi

NHS, Rankin County Crown Club President, One Acts, Rankin County Distinguished Young Woman (12), NCTE Writing Competition Winner in Mississippi, Mock Trial (10-12), Youth Leg (10-12), Model Security Council (12). “In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on” -Robert Frost. “My candle burns at both ends; It will not last the night; But ah, my foes, & oh, my friends it gives a lovely light!” -Edna St. Vincent Millay. “Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened.” -Dr. Seuss.


Jackson Prep


Charles Kistner Pringle III

University of Mississippi

Football (7-12), MAIS All-District Team (Defense), Soccer (12), Basketball (12), Hustle award (9), Younglife (10),, FCA.

William Ashton Puckett

Mississippi State University

Baseball (8-12), Football (10-12), Best Defensive Lineman (11-12), Newcomer Award -Baseball (11), Walter Shelton Award (12), Team Captain (12), Tips (12), BWW (12), Mr. Power's Math Class (12), All-Star Football & Baseball (11-12), Young Life (1012). “Hey there you” & “I'm from Bolton” -WK. “Jim Crow laws” -JV. “Cash” -SS. “Rita!” -Everyone. “Swag” -GL.

Gage Wright Ray

Mississippi State University

Mr. Senior Class, Baseball (8-9), Football (7-12), Soccer (7-8), Honor Roll (7-12), Basketball Captain (12), All-Star Team (12), FCA (10-12), Walter Shelton Award, Coaches' Award (11), MAIS All District Team (11-12), Most Valuable Offense Lineman (12). “I'm defensive MVP.” -JV. “If don't get like ten followers after this battle I'm going to be disappointed.” -TD. “Maggie come home.” -CP. “I'm living the dream.” -PR. 2 Corinthians 10:31.

Jonlyn Anne Reeves

Ashton Elise Reed Auburn University

National Merit Finalist, Cum Laude Society (11-12), NHS (1012), Mu Alpha Theta(10-12), Service Club (9-12), Most Likely to Succeed, Student Council (812), Spanish Club (10-12), Treasurer (11), Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (10-12), President (12), JCL (10-11), President's Volunteer Service Award (11), Reservior YMCA Seibukan (12). “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people” -Eleanor Roosevelt. Proverbs 16:9.

University of Mississippi

Soccer Team (7-12), Soccer Championship (12), Track Team (7-10), Basketball Team (7-9), Diamond Girl (11). “Everything happens for a reason.” “You go Glenn Coacoa, good for you Glenn Coacoa.” “Brockney in the the grigandedum” -KG.

Charles Ross Renfrow

Mississippi State University

Football (7-12), Spanish Club, Art (10-11), Baseball (8-12), Basketball (7), Atlantis (11-12), Doe Commander (10-12), SFL (10-12). “Guys, there's a cop” DH. “Get you some” -CM. “Defensive MVP” -JV. “Lotta boot left to fill” -EC. “I know where I come from” -WK, EC. “When I read Paradise Lost, I started thinking about Bolton” MB.

Alex Stephen Robinson

University of Mississippi

FBCJ Youth Group, Ultimate Frisbee, Wakeboarding, Rallying with Davis & Austin, Doing bad things, DSAT, Resource Geometry Award, Badminton Club, Gatorade Pong. “Souls are overrated,” “God must be really good at punnett squares,” & Souls are overrated” -AD. “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for & assurance of what we do not see.” -Hebrews 11:1. “I've always wanted to be a little bit autistic.” -SP “ Sure” -KG. “It's fun to do bad things.” -MD. “Too hott” -SP. People

Jackson Prep


Olivia Ann Robinson University of Mississippi

Community Service Club, NHS, Big Brother Big Sister, Dream Team FBGM, Diamond Girl, Young Life, Powderpuff, Class Favorite, Coach Branch's 1st draft study hall pick. “Hush girl” -MM. “KISSES” -HK, EF. “I just get awesome” -JV. “Lets get weird” -Anonymous. “I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh. It's probably the most important thing in a person.” -Audrey Hepburn.

Steven Pratt Rogers

University of Mississippi

Eagle Scout, Basketball (7-9), Track (10), Class Favorite, Tips Club (12), BWW (12), Spanish Award (9-11), EOC (10-12). “Free Powers” -Everyone. “Sneaking into the country back then was like doing drugs is today “ -KW. “Pratt, you're hott” -Everyone. “Hashtag LAWLZ” -MN.

Sarah Katherine Ross

Sarah Elizabeth Rotolo

University of Mississippi

University of Arkansas

Drama Club (10-12), Musicals (912), Plays (10-12), One Act (1112), Church leader (9-12), Algebra I Award, Algebra II Award. “As for me, I look to the Lord for his help. I wait confidently for God to save me & my Lord will certainly hear me. Do not gloat over me my enemies! For though I fall, I will rise again. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord himself will be my night” -Micah 7:7-8.

French Club (9-12) -President (12), Basketball Manager (11-12), Young Life (10-12), Student Council (9), Art Club (9). “Be strong & courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9.

Stephen Lewis Schneider

William Cooper Simmons

Baseball (8-12), Basketball (7-9), Tips (12), Cross Country (7-9), Beau (12). “Bricksquad” -EF.

Football (7-12), Special Teams Award (11-12), Buddy Crosby MVP- Football (12), Basketball (7-9), Soccer (7-12), Most Improved (9), All-Star Soccer & All-Conference Soccer (12), Baseball (8-9), Track (7-11), “Nah, I'm hanging out with Kristen tonight” -DG. “I'm the Defensive MVP” & “Tuoe” -JV. “Just because theres a goalie doesn't mean you can't score” CP. “You're all WASPs” -WM. “The junction has more tradition than the grove.”- JG.

Mississippi State University


Jackson Prep


University of Mississippi

Benjamin Walker Smith Mississippi College

Most Talented (12), Intern at Operation Shoestring (11-12), Asian Club (11-12), National French Exam 1st place (11), Prep's Got Talent Top 3 Contender, Précis Pageant (1112). “Turn in your senior quotes!” -Précis Staff “Magnus Swagnus” Ephesians 5:8

Anna Grace Stout

University of Mississippi

Junior Classical League (9-12), National Forensics League (10-12), Community Service Club (9-12), Youth Leg. (8-12), Model Security Council (12), Secretary of State Intern (11-12), Girls State, DAR Citizenship Award, Drama I Subject Choice Award, One Act (12), Junior Ambassador, Alice in Wonderland (12) , Peter Pan (11), Précis (10-12). “When in doubt” -ZZ. “Anaway, what is it, is this” -Dr. Ezaz. “DASH.” “Magnus Puella, let's go to Saigon.” Benjamin. “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people” -Eleanor Roosevelt. Matthew 6:26. “The falcon has landed, & the fat man walks alone.” -Speech Class

Ann Walton Stringer

Shelby Neal Sumner University of Mississippi

Cheerleader (8-12) - Head Cheerleader (9,12) , Community Service Club (10-12), Spanish Club (10-11), National Spanish Exam Bronze Medal (10), Community Service Award (1112), Diamond Girls (10-12). “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us.” -Ephesians 3:20.

University of Mississippi

Cheerleader (9-12) - Co-Captain (12), Student Council (7-12), Student Council President (9,12) - Student Council VP (11), National Honor Society (912), Mu Alpha Theta (9-12), Basketball (7-11), Softball (711), Mathlete (7-12), HP Club (10-12), Spanish Club (9-12). “Do you have any money?” -JS. “Ooh you monster” -LM. “Eat it” -ML. “We have the same DNA”Anonymous. “If they offer you a donut, you can't take the donut” -Anonymous.

Peyton Elizabeth Swanson

University of Mississippi

Réveillon (10-12), Grease (12), Peter Pan (11), Beauty & the Beast (11), A Midsummer Night's Dream (9), Drama Club (10-12), National Honor Society (10-12), Mu Alpha Theta (10-12), Patriot League (10-12). “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” -John 16:33. “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened” -Dr. Seuss.

Kendall Alexandria Szilasi

Texas Christian University

National Honor Society (10-12), Mu Alpha Theta (11), Spanish Club (10-11), Tennis (7-11), MVP (7,9), Impact Player (11), State Champions (7-11), Diamond Girl (11-12), Powderpuff (10-12), Honor Roll (9-12), National Spanish Honors Society (9-11), Scholastic Art Award, Silver Key (11), Sub-deb (10,12). “Pity the gods no longer divine, pity the night the stars lose their shine” Dana Gioia. “Nada es verdad ni mentira, todo depende del cristal con que se mira” Anonymous. People

Jackson Prep


Ross Morgan Taylor

Katherine Adele Thiel

Junior Classical League (9-10), Track (7), Football (7), Cross Country (7-8), MPSA Overall State Spelling Bee (8). “I like turtles” & “Hey, wanna go burn some squids?” -EF. “You go from this hash to this hash...get it hash to hash” -CB.

Réveillon (9-12), Swim Team (712), Softball (9), Basketball (9), Drama (9-12), National Honor Society (10-12), Mu Alpha Theta (10-12), One Act (11-12), Cum Laude Society (11-12), Musicals (9-12), Pacer (10), French Club (9-10), Musicals (9-12), Silver Key (10-11), Sidewalk Art Contest1st Place (11), People's Choice Art Award (11), ABC Biology -1st in the state (9).“It's kind of fun to do the impossible” -Walt Disney. “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” -Beatles. “Allons-y!” -DT

University of Mississippi


Carter Lee Thigpen

Brittany Meade Threadgill

University of Mississippi Most Handsome (12), Beau (12), Football (10-12), Baseball (10-12), Basketball (7-10), FCA (10-12), Service Club (10-12), National Honor Society (10-12), Mu Alpha Theta (10-12), Mr. Sophomore Class (10) , Doe Commander (10-12), SFL (1012). “Your gonna wake up dead” -WP.

University of Mississippi

Community Service Club (1112), -Officer (12) & Enthusiast (12), Homecoming Committee (10-12), Blair E. Batson Project Manager (11-12), Batson Vounteer (11-12), Metro Christian Living Leaders of the Future (12), Jr. Class Garage Sale Staffing Chairman (11), Patriot League (11-12), Spanish Club (9-11), Student Council (10-12), Diamond Girl (10), Précis (12). “Access Denied” -FC. Proverbs 16:9. Psalm 34. 2 Corinthians 12:9-10.

Perry Alexander Townsend

University of Mississippi

Art Award (10), Asian Club (1012), Gamer (life), Messing with Priscilla (life), B-dubs, Dubbin, Eat, Sleep, Repeat, brushing the mane, LBGC in the CC, Angry Chair. “This b is crunchy” -Anonymous. “This is balogna” -Dr. Nealy. “It's my dog Paw, let me shoot it” -Lassie.


Jackson Prep


Elizabeth Sims Tullos Auburn University

Young Life (10-12), National Honor Society (10-12), Spanish Honor Society (10-12), Patriot League (10-12), Dippin' Daisy Rescue Team, Student Council (12), Most School Spirited, Dream Team, Occupy Wall Street (12), Dream Team (12), Senior Service Project, Class President (7). “Huneds, Huneds” -TM. “All you touch & all you see is all your life will ever be” -Pink Floyd. “I scare everyone away” & “Might as well” -OR. “Are you taking a bag?” -MM.

Anne Darden Veazey University of Mississippi

National Honor Society (10-12), Chi Alpha Mu (10-12), National Spanish Honor Society (10-12), Piano, Work, Honor Roll (7-12), Spanish Club (10-12), Soccer (710), Tutoring kids in Canton. “Where's the JD?” -WP. Romans 12:12, Hebrews 11:1, 1 Corinthians 13:4.

James Wilbourn Vise, Jr.

Vanderbilt University

Sarah E. Shelton Scholarship, Most Intellectual (12), Blitz 16 Scholar-Athlete (12), Football (712), National Merit Finalist, Lacoste Academic Award (12), Baseball (8-12), Cum Laude Society (11-12), Mu Alpha Theta (10-12), NHS (10-12), FBGM (12life), BWW (12).“#Dougswag” -12th grade. “Fear the beard” AC. “Beef stew, it's what's for dinner” -SS. “Bricksquad” -EF. “Shut up Donnie. You're out of your element” -Big Lebowski. “When your dog dies, get a new puppy” -Dad. 'Hush girl” -ST.

Kristen Renee Walker

Joy Louise Waller Mississippi College

Reveillon Show Choir (9-12), Youth Legislature (8-11), Patriot League (10), Cross Country (9). “Ch!” -KG, AR, JDP. “Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith & in purity” -1 Timothy 4:12. “You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble & surround me with songs of deliverance.” -Psalm 32:7.

Mississippi State University

Patriot League (10-12), Service Club (9-12), Asian Club, French Club (10-12), Beauty & the Beast (11), Wizard of Oz (9), Grease (12), Cinderella (10), Community Service Bronze Award, Showchoir (9-12), Most Dedicated Showchoir Member Award. “#Showchoirproblems”. “Boom” “For this God will be our God forever & ever; He will be our guide even until the end” -Psalm 48:18.

Steven Zachary Watson

Laura Kathryn Wegener

Student Council (8-12), National Honor Society (10-12), Réveillon (10-12), Class Favorite (12), Service Club (10-12), Junior Classical League (8-12), Cum Laude (11-12), Musicals (9-12), Mu Alpha Theta (10-12). Valedictorian. “And whatever you do in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father, through Him” -Colossians 3:17.

Pacer (10-12), Cheerleader (9), National Honor Society (10-12), Mu Alpha Theta (10-12), Cum Laude (11-12), Honor Roll (10-12), Service Club (11-12), Patriot League (11-12), ABC Test (10,12), Community Service Award (10-12), NSE medalist (9-11), Blair E. Batson Volunteer (1012), Chi Alpha Mu (8-9), Peru (9-12), Youth Ambassador (11-12), NJHS (89), Sub Deb, Honorary NDX, Spanish Club, Harry Potter Club, Pacer Sparkle (12).

Mississippi State University

University of Mississippi


Jackson Prep


Mary Scott Wofford Louisiana State University

Mississippi Girl Choir, The Bells of Charlemont, The Man Who Came to Dinner, The 39 Steps, Peter Pan, Beauty & the Beast, Grease, Cinderella, Wizard of Oz, The Committee, French Club VP, Drama Club Pres., National Honor Society. “Don't wish to be anything but what you are, & try to be that perfectly” -St. Francis de Sale. “I only hope we don't lose sight of one thing -that it was all started by a mouse” -Walt Disney. “Do one thing every day that scares you” -Eleanor Roosevelt.

Margee Medley Wohner Loyola University

Cinderella (10), Peter Pan (11), Grease (12), Alice in Wonderland (12), Mock Trial (11), Asian Club (12), Patriot League (9-12), Drama Club (12). “We should come home from adventures, & perils, & discoveries every day with new experience & character” -Henry David Thoreau. “I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it” Rosalia de Castro.

Anna Reid Wright

Alexander William Wood

University of Mississippi

Tennis (7), Pacer (11-12), National Honor Society (10-12), Mu Alpha Theta (10-12), Diamond Girl (10-12), Model Security Council (12), Dippin' Daisy Rescue Team (11-12), National Spanish Honors Society (10-11), Spanish Club (9-12), Young Life (10-12), Powder Puff Champs (11-12). “I got nine” -MM. “Let me see you fop” -HH, MM. OR, DV. “Annis” EF. “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you & not to harm you, plans to give you hope & a future” -Jeremiah 29:11.

University of Mississippi

Chess Club (10-12), Youth Legislature (12), French Club (1012), Soccer (10-12), Tennis (1112), Piano, Halo Reach Pro (life). “If dogs were Pokemon, then would Michael Vick be a Pokemon Master?” -Bo Burnham “My new girlfriend calls me a stalker... Well, she's not actually my girlfriend....yet” -Daniel Tosh. “Let's drill another one deep in them.” -JH.

Zachary Eugene Zachow

Georgia Institute of Technology

Stage Crew/Manager, Youth Legislature (8-12), Mock Trial (812), One Act (11-12), Best Death Scene at One Act, Band (7-12), Hall of Fame. “A ship on the harbor is a safe one, but that's not what ships are for” Anonymous. “Ding!” -AGS. “You're so quotastic” -LG. “My body is Reddy” -BAND.

Class of 2012 Hours Spent at Jackson Prep: 7560+ hours 134 Graduates 8 National Merit Finalist & Semi-Finalist 71% of class Received Merit Based Scholarships $6.67 Million in Scholarships Offered $2.93 Million in Scholarships Accepted 96% Qualified for MTAG/ MESG Awards 27% Qualified for Eminent Scholars Grant




Jackson Prep



Jackson Prep


Top 12 Most Memorable Moments and Senior Advice Column 1. Nathaniel Bernheim's epic battles on Patriot Avenue for all the students to watch.


Wobble flash mob during the Double Day pep rally.

3. JA Raiders create a new rap song. 4. Texting Ring Gets Caught by the masterful detective, Malcolm Saxon. 5. Girls Varsity Soccer Team Wins Championship.

6. Reveillon wins Grand Champion. 7. Boys Basketball Team wins a state championship. 8. The Girl's Track Team wins the state championship.

9. Boys Soccer Team Wins State Championship. 10. Mr. Devine decides to rock the mustache look. 11. Cindy Tseng joins the Jackson Prep most of the 2011-2012 school

12. Mrs. Townsend takes a tumble. 188

Jackson Prep


Community for year. By Laurel Bane

Senior Advice Column

by Maison Lowery

survival kit. general but helpful information Find a good friend in high school, one whom you can trust & grow with. Expand your circle of friends. Don't judge a book by its cover because you would be surprised at how many cool people there are at Prep that you have never met! Get Involved! Find something you are passionate about. There truly is a place for everyone at Prep. Find something you love & stick to it! Dare to be different!! Stick up for what you believe in. You would be shocked at how much respect you can earn from staying away from certain temptations.

just for fun.

tips on the fun aspects of high school!

Underclassmen Guide to High school ...

been there, done that. senior's wisdom passed down SPEAKING TRUTHS: “You are never too cool for four square” Ekhlass Khandekar “BEWARE: Senioritis is a real disease”Medley Wohner “Go to Murrah” - Hughes Koury “Never listen to Hughes”- Madison Newcomb “Put a passcode on your phone” - FBGM “Boys have swag, men have class”- JD Polk CLASSES: “Everyone should take Coach Saxon's Boot Camp (Financial Management)” Owen Daniels. “Take AB Calculus rather than Applied” Brittany Threadgill “Don't buy a chemistry book for Mrs. Heath's class”- Brad Brewer JUNIOR SHOUT-OUT: “There are two rules for surviving high school. Number One: Never tell all that you know...” - Joe Marchetti.

LUNCH BUNCH: You can't go wrong with a chicken wrap for lunch. If you're interested in the hot meal, turkey & dressing or red beans & rice days are both fan favorites. As far as senior lunch, Grants is definitely the place to go! If you don't like that kind of food, try Firehouse Subs or Scholztsky's Deli. But I recommend NOT going to a Mexican restaurant. YOUNG LIFE: Young Life is where it's at! Its a great fun place with friends & fellowship. Everyone should go to Young Life camp if you get the chance. You won't regret it! SCHOOL SPIRIT: The more dressed up you get for a pep rally, the more fun the day will be! Get into the themes! Support your fellow classmates in all aspects of school whether it' s in sports or the arts. It's always a nice gesture to acknowledge someone's hard work!


Jackson Prep


If You Really Knew Me... 4.






If You Really Knew Me... By Mary Morgan Haire

What is the one thing that you will never forget about Prep?



Jackson Prep

25% 8%

Nathaniel's Duels At Lunch

Y'all Vs. US

“'d know that I am paranoid that every mirror is a two way mirror & that i am scared of being buried alive.” -Sims Tullos

“'d know that I open

Mr. Powers' Class

things with my left hand even though I'm right-

4% 20% 3% 15%


handed & I'm a STUD.”

The Caleb Barlow Catch


#Mercier quotes

Cruising the East

-Pratt Rogers

“'d know that I break dance in the shower.” -Jamie Aron (1) Row 1: Z. Zachow. Row 2: N. Davant, S. Barone, L. Griffin, & O. Daniels. Row 3: Z. Watson, A.G. Stout, N. Karim, M. Portie, A. Pinkerton, J. Coleman, & S. O'Hara. (2) Row 1: L. Myers, A. Barrett, & S. Lampton. Row 2: A. W. Stringer, C. Archer, M. Lowery, M. Archer, C. Mounger, & J. Coleman. (3)The Seniors at the pep rally for the JA game. (4)G. McDaniel & S. B. Rotolo. (5) Senior Skit (6) G. Lamb, J. Coleman, S. O'Hara, & A. Pinkerton.

“'d know that I once killed 2 deer with 1 shot.”

“'d know that I love One Republic & I'm OBSESSED with penguins.” -Natalie Davant

“'d know that I weighed 5 pounds when I was born.” -Gage Ray

“'d know that I LOVE country music but can rap every word to oxy cotton.” -Katie Wegener

-Tyler Hays

Ready to Run. Seniors C. Becker, K. Parker, F. Carter, M. Lowery, J. Coleman, & O. Daniels stop to take a picture before the JP cross country invitational.

-Melissa Archer

Fierce. M. Newcomb, K. Gautier, A. Robinson, & L. Fuller strike a pose after one of the football games.

“'d know that I am often described as REFRESHING.” -Cole McPherson

“'d know that I play Halo Reach professionally & that I think Daniel Tosh is AWESOME.” - Alex Wood

“'d know that I HATE airplanes & that I LOVE cats.”

“'d know that I love to watch South Park.” -Ross Chandler

“'d know that Johnny Depp is my favorite actor & that I have double-jointed arms.” -Lexie Griffin

“'d know that I love deep sea fishing & that my name means honey-bee.”

-Darden Veazey

Back To The 80's. C. Mounger, S. Lampton, & L. Bane at the 80's themed pep rally.

Sharp Dressed Man. R. Taylor, S.

Schneider, C. Simmons, N. Parker, P. Rogers, J. Gunn, G. Ray, T. Dunbar, B. Brewer, & W. Mounger get ready for the Homecoming Dance.

“'d know that I love to four wheel at high speeds over bumps so that I go airborne.” -Kacey O'Donnel

“'d know that I can make a clover with my tongue & that I have half of a fake front tooth. ” -Kendall Szilasi


Jackson Prep



Class of 2012 By Margaret Horsley




(1) O. Daniels, T. Dunbar, B. Brewer, R. Chandler, & A. Wood. (2) C. Archer, M. Archer, H. Adams, & L. Myers. (3) P. Causey, M. Porter, A. Weatherly, & J. Markow. (4) Charlie Pringle & Cody Becker (5) Mrs. Scruggs & Kirby Parker (6) The seniors prepare to board the buses that will drive them to their destinations. (7). A. Wood, R. Chandler, J. Harper, & N. Juncos. (8) Jay Coleman (9) T. Moore, C. Pringle, A. Peeples, C. Thigpen, K. Jones, R. Renfrow, S. Sumner, P. Mills, K. Kennedy, W. Kendall, & W. Puckett. 10. Patrick Johnson & Abbie Johnson 11. N. Davant, A.G. Stout, F. Carter, & J. Aron.

Jackson Prep










9 11

After a morning brunch at The South in which the class of 2012 was addressed by fellow classmates Patrick Johnson & Kendall Szilasi, the seniors headed to Thalia Mara Hall to do a run-through of the graduation ceremony, a task that only took an hour & a half. Then it was back home to await the moment the 134 classmates would don their caps & gowns. Following this collage of celebratory picture taking, formal ceremonial walking complete with piano music & speeches, was Grad Night. The seniors left the graduation ceremony in three gigantic buses set on a course for dinner at a castle. After a delicious dinner in “Great Britain,” the class was sent off to ready themselves for the “Olympics”, discovering the identity of their country & changing into their athletic apparel. The “Olympic” games (a series of relays & other fun activities) was hosted at the Kendall's farm in Bolton. After this tiring event, the seniors were taken to a dance in “Italy” & then to breakfast in “Paris.” During the breakfast, which was hosted at the Mounger's house, a video of the seniors was projected for them to watch, topping of a very memorable night.

(12) D. Huffman & K. Szilasi. (13) K. O'Donnell (14) S. Gray & M. Holiman. (15) W. Mounger (16) E. Field (17) The seniors enjoy fireworks on Grad Night. (18) M. Lowery, H. Adams, & A. W. Stringer. (19) The seniors at the “Italian Rave.” (20) C. Harris, N. Davant, & M. Wohner. (21) J. Humphries & A Inzinna. (22) P. Swanson, K. Thiel, & L. Griffin. (23) A. A. Peeples (24) W. Kendall (25) N. Karim, S. O'Hara, & P. Johnson (26) L. Fuller (27) O. Robinson (28) A. Churchill (29) C. Daggett

A Night to Remember... 13





19 18






27 24





Grad Night People

Jackson Prep


That Was Then...


Jackson Prep


...This Is Now


Jackson Prep



COMMUNITY SERVICE CLUB. Row 1; M.S. Hurst, C. Porter, S.K. Patti, E. Graham, M.M. Haire, L. Anthony, L. Woods, M.H. Sinyard, A. Reed, K. Walker, K. Jones, M. Mangum, C. Mounger, W. Kendall, M. Lowery, B. Threadgill, M. Cox, K. Campbell, F. Carter, A.W. Stringer, & C. Archer. Row 2; M. Griffin, E. Parker, C. Coggin M. Litchliter, O. Dulaney, A. Beneke, S. Crawley, A. Burns, R. Wilkinson, S. Bolen, R. Crain, H. Adams, M. Webb, K. Wegener, C. Daggett, P. Causey, A. Wright, O. Robinson, L. Myers, A.A. Peeples, S. Sumner, A.C. Byrd. Row 3; J. Matthews, C. Hood, B. Cunningham, E. Crutcher, K. Coit, M. Braun, G. Baird, J. Cook, S.A. Phillips, J. Putt, B. Baker, C.L. Crawford, R. Crain, G. McDaniel, C. Ray, T. Strickland, P. Walker, C. Wohner, J. Pope, A.F. Robinson. Row 4; R. Hester, W. Keeler, K.A. Buckels, M. Robinson, N. Davant, C. Harris, E. Garland, A. Spencer, A.K. Terry, M. Porter, A. Weatherly, E. Shapley, L. Bane, M. Milner, C. Bailey, S.N. Secrest, E. Walker, C. Carly, E/ Pyron. Row 5; A. Goldstein, K. Defoe, A. Woods, M. Hydrick, G. Hubacek, M. Humphrey, L.L. Otts, W. Johnston, H. Burrow, C. McEuen, K. Parker, H. Koury, M. Newcomb, S. Brantley, B. Blackmon, K. Culbertson, M. Horsley, E. Field, C. Hubacek. Row 6; G. Omobude, W. Townsend, D. Haick, C. Becker, D. Ellison, S. Schneider, C. Thigpen, T. Dunbar.


Abdo, Ellis 93, 109, 143, 203 Ables, Ryan 93, 143 Abraham, John 19, 29, 105, 159 Abraham, Mallory 94, 95, 113, 147, 148 Adams, Haley 14, 27, 73, 164 Adams, Hannah 82, 143 Adams-Rucker, Jay 57, 143 Ahmed, Ekhlaas 174 Aiken, Ebony 151, 197 Alan, Austin 180 Aldridge, Emme 141 Aldridge, John Nix 84 Alexander, Jamie 164 Allen, Anthony 173 Allen, David 118 Anderson, Jay 168 Andress, Marion 76, 77, 151 Andress, Paul 93, 143 Andress, Shelby 140, 141 Angelou, Maya 118 Anthony, David 173 Anthony, Laura 19, 125, 158, 159, 196 Archer, Catherine 14, 26, 36, 40, 41, 50, 51, 120, 164, 190, 192, 196 Archer, Melissa 26, 53, 164, 190, 191, 192, 206 Arinder, Diann 137, 144 Arledge, Addison 31, 158, 159 Arledge, John-Nix 93, 143 Armstrong, Ann Irvin 92, 127, 151 Arnold, Charlie 93, 143 Arnold, Taylor 155 Aron, Jacob 93, 143 Aron, Jamie 25, 27, 36, 47, 49, 116, 117, 120, 121, 122, 123, 163, 164, 190, 196 Aron, Josh 36, 87, 151 Arrant, Misty 137 Ashton, William 181 Athletics, Jackson Prep 92 Austin, Thomas 169 Awards, MESG 186


DEBATE. Row 1: J. Garland, A.G. Stout, J. Aron, M. Cox, J. Cox, N. Weaver. Row 2; Dr. Z. Ezaz, G. Hubacek, Miss S. Baker, L. Woods, M.H. Sinyard.

JH YOUTH LEGISLATOR. Row 1: R. Ward, K. Galloway, S. Green, K. F. Henley, L. Thomas, A. Wise, O. Brown, A. Harmon, M. Haire, M. Rayner, S. K. Duncan, M. Diket, J. Leech, M. Saxon.


Jackson Prep


Bagwell, Valerie 147 Bailey, Carson 44, 159, 196 Bailey, Seth 141 Baird, Grace 19, 25, 28, 31, 102, 103, 158, 159, 196 Baird, Mac 91, 124, 155 Baird, Richard 91, 159 Baker, Beth 155, 196 Baker, Dees 147, 148 Baker, Morgan 163 Baker, Olivia 95, 147 Baker, Stephanie 47, 137 Ball, Conner 22, 27, 61, 91, 124, 155, 197 Bane, Donnie 137 Bane, Laurel 15, 17, 25, 52, 72, 73, 98, 99, 120, 122, 123, 165, 191, 196, 207 Bane, Merita 137 Banks, David 84, 93, 143 Baraza, Landon 31 Barazza, Simmons 62 Barbour, Allen 151, 205 Barclay, Jordan 36, 59, 151 Bardin, Vivian 179 Barlow, Caleb 110

Barlow, Lena 3, 52, 137 Barnett, Ann Fairly 23, 25, 28, 53, 162, 165 Barnett, Arden 159 Barnett, Carly 147 Barnett, Fairly 53 Barnett, Madeline 21 Barnett, Tommie Jo 147, 197 Barnette, Caroline 147 Barnette, Madeleine 120, 165 Barone, Stephanie 3, 44, 45, 120, 122, 165, 190 Barraza, Landon 81, 159, 205 Barraza, Simmons 151, 197 Barrett, Anna 44, 165, 190 Basketball, JV Boys 67, 97, 202 Basketball, JV Girls 67, 96, 202 Basketball, Varsity Boys' 67, 100 Basketball, Varstiy Girls' 67 Bates, Jackson 147 Batol, Michael Ian 143 Bauer, Emily Rose 151 Beatus, Cody 30, 155 Becker, Cody 26, 28, 78, 108, 120, 166, 191, 192, 196, 203 Beneke, Ashley Lane 125, 158, 159, 196 Bentley, Alexiss 57, 143 Bentley, Josiah 171 Bernheim, Nathaniel 166, 188 Berry, Duncan 119 Berry, Sam 151 Bickerstaff, Kathryn 96, 107, 150, 151, 204 Biggs, Avery 159 Biggs, Chad 80, 84, 88, 91, 137 Biology, The AP 36 Bishop, Laura 137 Black, Ricky 88, 90, 118, 137 Blackmon, Bonnie 72, 159, 196 Blakeney, Maddie 14, 159 Bluth, Buster 174 Bojeun, James 146, 147 Bolen, S. 125, 196 Bolen, Sara 31, 36, 39, 98, 124, 159, 161 Bonds, Katie 137 Boone, Crisler 137 Boone, Sam 155, 197 Boulanger, Matthew 25, 28, 158, 159 Boulanger, Michael 28, 104, 105, 108, 109, 163, 166, 203 Bourne, Davis 22, 23, 28, 49, 166 Bowie, Crayton 36, 38, 46, 129, 147 Box, Chuck 110, 111, 137 Box, Emily 61, 63, 147 Box, Isabelle 93, 143 Boys, Cross Country 201 Boys, Junior Varsity 107 Boys, Soccer JV 200 Boys, Soccer V 200 BOYS, TENNIS 203 Boys, Track JV 203 Boys, Track V 203 Boys, Varsity 107 Boys', Varsity 100 Bradford, Nell 80, 137 Branch, Jonathan 84, 108, 137, 182, 203 Brand, Mary Anna 95, 147 Brantley, Caroline 19, 159, 161 Brantley, Eliza 93, 142, 143 Brantley, Savannah Lea 166, 196 Braun, Melissa 17, 29, 91, 159, 196, 204 Break, During Spring 9 Breland, Madelaine 175

Brewer, Brad 22, 54, 55, 108, 109, 120, 166, 189, 191, 192, 203 Brewer, Elise 21, 38, 40, 124, 125, 155 Brewer, Nick 88, 91, 137 Brister, Daniel Hayes 12, 146, 147 Britt, Denny 137 Brock, Madison 159 Broocks, Beth 137 Brooke, Kelsey 173 Brooks, Cindy 137 Brown, Chris 171 Brown, Les 176 Brown, Nathan 11, 13, 21, 63, 155, 157, 197 Brown, Olivia 51, 95, 103, 107, 147, 196, 204 Bruce, Ian 142, 143 Bruce, Zane 155 Bryan, Hannah 140 Bryant, Damion 91, 151 Bryant, Phil 57 Bryd, Ann Clardy 57 Buchanan, Anna Grace 21, 38, 72, 124, 125, 155 Buchanan, Holman 93, 109, 143, 203 Buchanan, Ryan 28, 29, 89, 91, 101, 158, 159, 205 Buckels, Kari Ann 19, 159, 196 Buckley, Bill 57 Buckner, Ann Hilton 52, 68, 98, 103, 154, 155, 207 Buffett, Warren 117 Buffington, Luke 147 Buffington, Sarah Anne 159 Bufkin, Barrett 57, 143 Burge, Mary Claire 151 Burke, Rusty 91, 97, 107, 137, 204 Burnham, Bo 186 Burns, Avery 18, 52, 140, 159, 196, 207 Burns, Mrs. Whitney 206 Burran, Sara 147 Burrow, Courtney 95, 147 Burrow, Hollis 36, 83, 88, 91, 97, 124, 125, 159, 196 Byrd, Ann Clardy 93, 142, 143 Byrd, Betsy 92, 151 Byrd, Lauri 137 Byrd, Madeline 172 Byrd, Taylor 7, 14, 25, 27, 50, 53, 72, 73, 120, 167, 206


Cain, Zoie 140, 141 Callender, Griffin 147 Campbell, Angie 137 Campbell, Kristen 155, 196 Caracci, Parker 87, 107, 151, 203, 204 Carlton, Phoebe 141 Carlton, R. 39, 124, 125, 197 Carlton, Rachel 30, 36, 53, 63, 159 Carlton, Read 43, 49, 51, 59, 63, 155 Carol, Alexa 171 Carpenter, Annie 14, 22, 26, 29, 71, 91, 163, 205 Carpenter, Courtney 155 Carpenter, Mary Annette 167 Carroll, Tynes 141 Carroll's, Lewis 12 Carter, Frances 26, 36, 37, 41, 49, 78, 79, 106, 118, 120, 122, 123, 163, 167, 191, 192, 196, 204, 208 Carter, Katie 44, 92, 96, 150, 151

Carter, Ross 151, 204 Casano, Jay 155 Caton, Cory 45, 94, 107, 137, 204 Causey, Carly 71, 79, 91, 155, 197, 203 Causey, Kendall 57, 93, 108, 143, 203 Causey, Pauline 72, 108, 109, 120, 167, 192, 196, 203 Causey, Rachel 108, 203 Chandler, Ross 28, 43, 91, 167, 191, 192 Cheng, Ariel 26, 27, 28, 36, 50, 55, 63, 116, 117, 118, 120, 122, 123, 167, 176 Cheryl, Cathryn 176 Childers, Grace 93, 143 Choreography, Best 61 Chouteau, Evan 17, 23, 55, 58, 59, 168, 197 Churchill, Austin 30, 91, 168, 192 Churchill, Winston 118, 119, 208 Clair, Tracye 137, 139 Clapp, Isaac 128, 143 Clark, Ben 36, 37, 97, 127, 151 Clark, Bradford 166 Clark, G. Ben 97 Clark, Logan 62, 147, 197 Clay, Matthew 95, 147, 204 Clay, Reed 39, 159 Clincy, Willie 137 Cochrane, Adam 128, 143 Cochrane, Tad 59, 126, 127, 151, 153, 197 Coggin, Caroline 21, 44, 155, 196 Coit, Katie 41, 159, 196 Cokely, Jacob 141 Cokely, Susan 62, 68, 137 Coker, Christian 155, 203 Cole, Madison 74, 93, 143 Coleman, Jay 25, 71, 79, 82, 113, 168, 188, 190, 191, 192 Coleman, Tyler 91, 111, 155, 205 Competition, Writing 18 Conner, Catherine 164 Cook, Joseph 91, 107, 155, 196, 203 Cook, Kara 68, 103, 129, 147 Cook, Keaton 69, 71, 80, 91, 129, 155 Cook, Mae Mae 68, 69, 151, 153 Cooper, William 182 Cossar, John Thompson 177 Cotten, Caroline 127, 151 Courtney, Leigh Ashley 79, 147 Cowart, Kennedy 143 Cox, Amanda Delaney 168 Cox, Benton 151 Cox, Jessie 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 125, 159, 196, 204 Cox, Mandie 18, 47, 121, 123, 196 Cox, Norma 137 Crain, Rebekah 77, 155 Crain, Regan 76, 77, 120, 168 Crawford, Adam 94, 95, 147 Crawford, Cara Lee 38, 61, 155, 197 Crawford, E. Adam 38 Crawford, Vann 38, 95, 147, 148 Crawley, Jacob 85, 93, 143 Crawley, Sydney 14, 30, 124, 125, 159, 161, 196 Creel, John William 45, 150, 151 Crews, Elkin 36, 93, 128, 143, 205 Crews, Holt 38, 126, 127, 151, 153, 205 Crim, Balie 93, 143 Crosby, Will 88, 90, 91, 107, 137 Crotwell, Karson 63, 82, 162, 168, 197 Crotwell, Kole 141 Crotwell, Kristian 127, 151

FUSION. Row 5: H. Herrin, G. B Fike, L. Clark, J. Ray, K. Hatten, J.C. Pride, K. Zouboukos Row 4: L. Thomas, S. L. Frey, M. G. Simpson, M. Haire, M. H. Moss, J. Walker, R. Sistrunk, G. Tew Row 3: A. Wise, S. K. Duncan, V. Holmes, K. Flannigan, C. Hood, C. Parrish, A. M. Rebich, E. Heidelberg, E. Box Row 2: C. McGeehee, S. Burran, M. Diket, S. Barraza, M. Parker, S. Hartung, M. Waller, J.-N. Nixon, E. Aiken, C. Gault Row 1: A. Ushmann, T. J. Barnett, B. Harmon, O. Flynt, M. Rayner, A. Harmon, B. Munn, A. Jordan, S. Mapp

REVEILLON. Row 1: (from left, row 4)B. Davenport, E. Graham, E. Wegener, K. Simpson, W. Williams, C. Causey, L. Martin, C. Hoffmann; (row 3) A. Davidson, C. Swayze, C. L. Crawford, A. Woods, Sam Boone, Nathan Brown, Helen House, Kristen Thornton, Conner Ball, Karson Crotwell, Elizabeth Thiel, Sydney-Kirk Patti, and Tyler Duckworth; (row 2) James Gathings, Griffin Schrock, Kelsey Fuller, Will Harris, Addy Osborne, Ty Higginbotham, Sydney Watson, John-David Polk, Emily Evans, Anna Marie Dulaney, Zack Watson, Evelyn Field, Wilson Hays, Caroline Harris, Gilbert Omobude, Molly Gunn, Will Meadows, and Paul Vegas Ott: (row 1) Katherine Thiel , KK Ross, Lexie Griffin, Heather Higginbotham, Joy Waller, Anna Lauren Gathings, Peyton Swanson, and Kristen Walker.

BAND. Front: P. Mink, J. Heidelberg, L. Fitzgerald, T. Cochrane, J. Wolfe, J. Marchetti, D. Truong, R. Carlton, D. Kincaid, R. Gross. Back: R. Tramel, S. Mapp, E. Chouteau, C. Fuller, S. Hunter, T. Kirby, R. Waller, B. Powers, Z. Zachow, S. Singh, S. Pinnix, C. Mounger.


Jackson Prep


Crotwell, Kyle 83, 91, 159 Crutcher, Emily 19, 159, 196 Culbertson, Brady 84, 91, 143 Culbertson, Kate 19, 103, 159, 196, 205 Culbertson, Kyle 36, 151 Cunningham, Betsy 79, 159

JV CHEER. Row 3 (l to r): C. Peeples, M. Griffin, E. Holmes, M. M. Cook, A. R. Roberts, B. Koury. Row 2 (l to r): K.Cook, S. Mann, M. M. Walker, C. Noblin, E. Glaze. Row 1 (l to r): A. Johnston, E. Wells, A. Smith, S. Hartung.

V CHEER. Row 3 (l to r): A. F. Robinson, C. Causey, F. Miskelly, C. May, K. Cook, S. Watson, L. Phillips. Row 2 (l to r): A. A. Peeples; A. W. Stringer, CoCaptain; A.Carpenter; S. Sumner, Captain; R.Owen. Row 1 (l to r): K. Kennedy, L. Steed, M. Braun.

PACERS. Row 5 (l to r): A. Burns, C. Archer, L. Bane, K. Kennedy. Row 4: A. Arledge, M. M. Haire, A. Weatherly, C. Mounger, J. S. Markow, A. L. Gathings, T. Patterson, C. Bailey, M. Porter. Row 3 (l to r): K. Wegener, M. Mangum, A. Hobby, M. Leech, A. Wright, B. Blackmon, P. Causey, R. Wilkinson, H. House, L. Myers, E. Brewer, C. Garraway. Row 2: M. Blakeney, A. Harrison, C. Swayze, A. G. Buchanan, M. Milner, A. K. Terry, K. Jones, S. N. Secrest. Row 1: T. Byrd, 1st Lt; H. Adams, Captain; L.Fuller, 2nd Lt.

PEP SQUAD. Row 4, from left, M. Sapen, G. Childers, S. Killough, C. Irby, A. Bentley, K. Newton, S. Stump, C. Pringle, B. Stockett, I. Box, A. R. Watson, E. Brantley, R. Ferguson; Row 3: A. Martin, G. Gourlay, M. Dent, J. Adams-Rucker, H. Welch, M. Dyess, A. McInnis, G. McCraney, J. Davis, L. Miskelly, L. Warwick, A. C. Byrd; Row 2: A. B. Maloney, C. Martin, B. Mangum, A. K. Williams, S. Wheat, L. Warwick, B. Wilkinson, S. Wilson, A. Waller, M. Cole, A. Walker; Row 1: K. R. O'Quinn, G. Gebhart, E. C. Herring, A. R. Mounger, E. Heidelberg, S. Shive, S. S. Jennings, M. Henderson, M. P. Hester, L. Yelverton, L. Howard, E.Aldridge.


Jackson Prep



Daggett, Caroline 21, 23, 82, 113, 120, 122, 192, 196 Dallas, Megan 151 Dance, Hope You 62 Daniel, Eric 170 Daniels, Owen 78, 121, 122, 169, 189, 190, 191, 192, 208 Darden, Anne 185 Davant, Natalie 3, 28, 52, 62, 120, 121, 142, 169, 190, 191, 192, 195, 196 Davenport, Brooks 10, 90, 91, 155, 197 David, John 180 Davidson, Andrew 25, 90, 91, 155, 197 Davidson, J.c. 91, 155 Davis, Charles Rosa 166 Davis, Jack 93, 143 Davis, Jordan 93, 143 Davis, McKenzie 93, 143 Davis, Miranda 140, 141 Deaton, Joey 151 Deaton, Mary Ellen 47, 48, 125, 159 Dees, Harlee 172 DeFoe, Kelli 155, 196 Delaney, Amanda 168 Dent, Hayes 151 Dent, Margaret 57, 74, 143 Derryberry, Gail 137 Devine, Nathan 9, 46, 63, 137, 138, 139, 188 Dewey, Georgia 11, 14, 16, 19, 20, 83, 99, 103, 158, 159, 204 Diket, Madison 51, 62, 146, 147, 196, 197 Dodd, Jared 85, 93, 143, 145 Dodd, Lexi 44, 96, 151, 204 Donald, Cody 166 Done, Get Things 34 Donovan, Kristian 170 Douglas, Edward 171 Draughn, Austin 25, 120, 122, 169 Draughn, Darla 23 Draughn, Griffin 147, 203 Draughn, Mason 155, 203 Drennen, Matthew 151, 153 Dubberly, Hays 93, 143, 145 Duckworth, Tyler 61, 91, 133, 154, 155, 197 Dulaney, Anna Marie 22, 23, 60, 61, 63, 120, 123, 169, 197 Dulaney, Olivia 19, 31, 36, 124, 125, 159, 196 Dunbar, Mary 24, 57, 79, 93, 143 Dunbar, Thomas 18, 22, 24, 36, 100, 101, 106, 108, 109, 116, 118, 122, 169, 191, 192, 196, 203 Dunbar, T. Wirt 100 Dunbar, Wirt 19, 54, 55, 106, 107, 108, 109, 124, 159, 203 Duncan, Jon Marcus 94, 102, 136, 137 Duncan, Sarah Kennedy 34, 126, 151, 196, 197 DuPree, Johnny 57 Dyess, Maddie 57, 93, 143


Easterling, Carson 38, 127, 151, 204 Eaton, Stewart 87, 97, 150, 151, 203, 204 Eaves, Brady 91, 155 Edwards, Ross 147, 204 Eklund, Graham 95, 147, 203, 204 Ellis, Zachary 178 Ellison, Daniel 7, 19, 105, 159, 161, 196, 203 Ellison, Emily 94, 95, 147, 148 Elrod, Nick 97, 151, 204 Erlich, Max 155 Eskrigge, Suzanne 137 Eskrigge, Worth 147, 203, 204 Eugene, Zachary 186 Evans, Emily 13, 36, 60, 63, 121, 122, 123, 170, 197 Evans, Laurel 140, 141 Ezaz, Zere 137, 183, 196


Felder, William 177 Felker, Coach Lauren 92 Ferguson, Rosemary 93, 143 Ferguson, Will Gordon 81, 151 Field, Adam 150, 151, 205 Field, Eric 23, 170 Field, Evelyn 11, 20, 61, 63, 159, 197 Fike, Beth 137 Fike, George B 62, 147, 197 Finch, Jamie 91, 155 Fitzgerald, Lane 19, 59, 159, 197 Flannigan, Katie 83, 151, 197 Flint, Laura 48, 137 Flynt, Olivia 129, 147, 197 Fontaine, Vince 11 Foot, William 88 Football, Varsity 67, 88 Force, Our Drama 12 Fortner, Chloe 141 Fowler, Tate 93, 143 Franklin, Creed 95, 147, 204 Franklin, Elizabeth 137 Frederick, Jacob 178 Freundt, Anna 117, 137 Frey, Robert 12, 43, 48, 49, 90, 91, 124, 125, 155 Frey, Sarah Love 147, 197 Fryant, Paul 70, 137, 139 Fuller, Caroline 59, 147, 197 Fuller, Evans 172 Fuller, Kelsey 61, 155, 197 Fuller, Lindsey 26, 59, 72, 73, 120, 170, 191, 192 Fulton, Sam 57, 93, 143


Gage, Logan 93, 143 Gage, Spencer 155 Galloway, Kennady 57, 78, 79, 106, 107, 109, 126, 127, 151, 196, 203, 204 Garbo, Hill 111, 150, 151, 204, 205 Garcia, Rebecca 127, 151 Garland, Elizabeth 12, 13, 28, 196 Garland, Joseph 47, 49, 79, 124, 159, 196 Garrard, William 147, 148, 204 Garraway, Caroline 124, 125, 158, 159, 203 Gathings, Anna Lauren 11, 20, 22, 25, 27, 29, 60, 73, 120, 170, 197

Gathings, James 45, 61, 91, 155, 197 Gathings, John 91, 111, 159 Gathings, John Phillip 93, 143 Gault, Caroline 151 Gautier, Kassidy 28, 44, 151, 191 Gautier, Kristian 7, 28, 162, 170, 191 Gay, Zachary 95, 147, 204 Geary, Camp 87, 97, 107, 132, 150, 151, 203 Gebhart, Grace 143 Geddie, Mary Parker 151 Glaze, Elizabeth 68, 69, 147, 148 Goldstein, Alex 12, 63, 155, 196 GOLF, BOYS 205 Gourlay, Grace 57, 74, 143 Gowdy, Mary Katherine 129, 147 Grace, Anna 3, 183 Grace, Christina 176 Grace, Keely 174 Grady, Camille 140, 141 Grady, Stuart 147, 148 Graeber, Beth 95, 147, 149, 204 Graeber, De 31, 100, 101, 120, 163, 171 Graham, Connor 93, 143 Graham, Emily 36, 63, 155, 196, 197 Graham, Helen 137 Graham, Kirby 179 Graham, Madeleine 165 Grant, Julia 137 Graves, Westin 19, 91, 107, 159, 161, 203 Gray, Catherine 137 Gray, Summerlin Elizabeth 171, 192 Green, R. J. 93, 143 Green, Sherye 57, 137, 196 Griffin, Lexie 11, 63, 121, 163, 171, 190, 191, 192, 197 Griffin, Madeleine 21, 103, 149, 154, 155, 196 Griffin, Mollie 68, 95, 147 Griffis, Amber 137 Griffis, T. K. 147, 204 Groebe, Lauren 93, 143 Gross, Bobby 12, 137 Gross, Robby 147, 197 Guinn, Braiden 84, 93, 143 Gunn, Jackson 15, 37, 91, 120, 171, 191 Gunn, Molly 20, 155, 197


Haick, Douglas 27, 80, 81, 168, 171, 196, 205, 208 Haire, Mary Morgan 19, 40, 52, 72, 124, 125, 159, 207 Haire, Molly 51, 147 Haire, Reta 137 Haley, Adrian 164 Hall, Brent 79, 143 Hall, Bryan 155 Hangover, The 179 Hannon, Caroline 151 Hardeman, Max 150, 151 Harmon, Avery 147, 196, 197 Harmon, Brooke 147, 197 Harmon, Kelsey 94, 95, 147, 148 Harper, Gregg 18 Harper, Josiah 54, 55, 171, 192 Harris, Anna Rose 141 Harris, Caroline 3, 63, 120, 121, 172, 197 Harris, Cole 177 Harris, Grayson 175 Harris, Will 27, 61, 63, 155, 197 Harrison, Ashleigh 28, 29, 72, 158, 159

Harrison, Peyton 94, 95, 129, 147, 203 Hart, Nichol 93, 143, 203 Hartfield, Collins 177 Hartung, Sylvia 62, 68, 151, 197 Hastings, Ross 167 Hatch, Coach 96, 99, 137 Hatten, Karl 34, 38, 87, 127, 151, 197 Hay, Mary 47 Hays, Tyler 54, 55, 108, 109, 172, 191, 203 Hays, Wilson 22, 61, 91, 154, 155, 197 Heath, Leah 137 Heavener, Brent 88, 91, 137, 139 Hederman, Holt 93, 143, 205 Heidelberg, Eliza 151 Heidelberg, Emily 143 Heidelberg, Jack 17, 19, 44, 59, 65, 159, 197 Heidelberg, Sam 97, 151 Henderson, Lauren 57, 93, 143 Henderson, McKenzie 142, 143 Hendrix, Tait 83, 84, 137, 139, 204 Henley, Kelley Frances 95, 113, 129, 147, 196, 204 Henry, Owen 169 Henry, Sue 170 Herrin, Hannah 51, 129, 146, 147, 197 Herring, Dana 74, 137 Herring, Emily Claire 57, 143 Herring, Lauren 127, 151 Hester, Mary Patterson 140, 141 Hester, Ross 49, 90, 91, 155, 196 Higginbotham, Hannah 22, 60, 76, 94, 95, 147, 204 Higginbotham, Heather 10, 22, 27, 60, 63, 120, 123, 172, 197 Higginbotham, Ty 22, 61, 91, 155, 197 Hill, Susanna 147 Hill, Tiffany 137 Hilton, S. Ann 52 Hinton, Harlee 29, 172 History, W. Williams-US 125 Hobbs, Marsha 39, 137, 138 Hobby, Allie 31, 41, 159 Hobson, Mackensie 147 Hoffmann, Collin 61, 155, 197 Hogue, David 9, 137, 168 Holbert, Dianne 10, 60, 137 Holcomb, Ellie 119 Holiman, Allen 19, 36, 124, 159 Holiman, Jack Reynolds 93, 128, 143 Holiman, Madeline 120, 172, 192 Holly, Sarah 57 Holmes, Emily 147 Holmes, Victoria 11, 62, 151, 197 Hood, Barbie 137 Hood, Cade 43, 91, 155 Hood, Camille 62, 126, 151 Horner, David 40, 94, 95, 100, 138 Horsley, Evans 39, 52, 80, 98, 99, 107, 120, 121, 172, 204, 207 Horsley, Haynes 81, 94, 95, 147, 149, 205 Horsley, Margaret 14, 15, 28, 31, 39, 43, 52, 64, 68, 69, 80, 81, 86, 87, 98, 99, 102, 103, 110, 111, 112, 113, 133, 150, 153, 159, 161, 192, 193, 196, 204, 206, 207 House, Helen 10, 11, 20, 22, 60, 155, 197 Howard, Joe 159 Howard, Lindsey 140, 141 Howie, John Sharp 31, 100, 106, 155, 203 Huang, Jack 59, 129, 148 Hubacek, Claire 48, 49, 51, 125, 159, 196 Hubacek, Gracie 36, 47, 48, 49, 63, 124, 125, 155, 196

SPIRIT. Row 1: Row 3 (l to r): O. Brown, E. Jones, K. Flannigan, O. Flynt, M. Terry, S. K. Duncan, R. Sistrunk, K. McCaa, S. Hunter, A. I. Armstrong, E. Heidelberg, C. Gault. Row 2 (l to r): M. H. Moss, C. McGehee, M. Merrell, M. Merrell, C. Kullman, A. Jordan, K. F. Henley, S. L. Frey, A. Uschmann, D. Stevens, E. Ellison. Row 1 (l to r): M. Parker, C. Hood, J.-N. Nixon, C. Jones, S. Barraza, C. Cotten, K. Zouboukos, L. Dodd, M. Robinson, M. Waller, S. Mapp, B. Womack., V. Bagwell, E. Box, K. Galloway, C. McDowell, S. Rankin, A. M.Rebich

JV SOFTBALL. Row 3 (l to r): P. Fryant, A. Johnston, A. K.Williams, S. Wilson, S. Mann, M. Weeks, C. Caton. Row 2 (l to r): H. Litchliter, H. Higginbotham, C. L. Trussell, K. Harmon, S.Hill, J. Davis. Row 1 (l to r): M. Andress, O. Jones, W.-P. Patti, E. Brantley, I. Box.

V SOFTBALL. Row 1: R. Crain, M. Andress, S. Mann, C.L. Trussel, Row 2: H. Higginbotham, R. Crain, M. Weeks, M. Robinson, A. Johnston, Row 3: P. Fryant, M. Litchliter, H. Litchliter, M.A. Brand, M. Robinson, M. Welch, C. Caton

VOLLEYBALL. Row 1: M. Manning, M.H. Moss, L. Herring, Row 2: E. Pyron, D. Truong, T. Strickland, J. Matthews, Row 3: L. Felker, M.E. Deaton, A.L. Beneke, E. Parker, C. Taylor


Jackson Prep


JV GIRLS SOCCER. Row 1: S.H. Skelton, E. Ellison, K. Cook, M. Henderson. A. Hughes, S.S. Jennings, B. Stockett, A. R. Mounger, A.L. Malouf, Row 2: J.M. Duncan, C. Peeples, M. Griffin, L. Miskelly, H. Higginbotham, S. Wilson, O. Brown, A. Joyner, L. Groebe

Huffman, David 26, 110, 111, 120, 132, 173, 192, 205 Huffman, Rob 81, 111, 154, 155, 205 Hughes, Addison 93, 143 Hughes, Christian 111, 159, 205 Hughes, Lain 54, 55, 117, 138, 206 Hughes, Noah 111, 151, 203, 204, 205 Hughes, Robert 174 Humphrey, Maya 45, 154, 155, 196 Humphrey, Nina 151 Humphries, Joe 22, 27, 55, 91, 104, 105, 173, 192 Hunter, Savannah 59, 148, 197 Hurst, Mary Stewart 19, 52, 76, 125, 154, 159, 196, 207 Hydrick, Morgan 38, 124, 125, 155, 196


Ilabaca, Daniel 177 Institute, Global Leadership 33, 56 Invited, Cordially 21 Inzinna, Anthony 163, 173, 192 Irby, Cara 141 Ivison, Trey 18, 21, 108, 109, 155, 203

V GIRLS SOCCER. Row 1: K. Noblin, K. Reeves, M.C. Burge, G. Baird, C. Ray, C. Noblin, B. Graeber, M. Reeves, C. Easterling, M. Dallas, M. Lawrence, Row 2: Coach J.M. Duncan, K. Bickerstaff, F. Miskelly, A.H. Buckner, C. Hannon, G. Dewey, M. Leech, J. Reeves, M. Robinson, M. Griffin, E. Shapley

JV BOYS SOCCER. Row 1: Row 2 (l to ): J. M. Duncan, C. Bowie, J. McNeely, T. K. Griffis, B. Clark, I. McGraw, J. Ray, T. Wallace, J. C. Pride, K. Culbertson, G. Draughn, H. Patterson, J. Branch Row 1 (l to r): P. Harrison, B. Culbertson, G. Robinson, B. Hall, T. Fowler, B. Loposer, L. Meadows, S. Reed, B. McLeod, J.Crawley

V BOYS SOCCER. Row 1: Row 3 (l to r): J.M. Duncan, J. Humphries, B. Simpson, S. Ozier, W. Lewis, J. C. Pride, K. Kennedy, C. Simmons, J. Abraham, R. Melson, B. Hall, J. Liles, J. Branch, Row 2 (l to r): M. Boulanger, W. Pringle, S. O'Hara, J. McDowell, R. Tramel, C. McEuen, G. Lamb, M.T. Boulanger, P. Caracci, W. Graves Row 1 (l to r ): J. Cook, N. Juncos, D. Ellison, C. Pringle, C. Pride, R. Mounger, R. Carter, D. Trussell, M. Draughn


Jackson Prep



Jackson, Cortes 93, 144 Jackson, Paul 171 James, Nathaniel 166 Jeffreys, John 93, 144 Jenkins, B.j. 138, 139 Jennings, Sarah Selby 93, 142, 144 JH, Youth Legislator 196 Jicka, Sarah Riley 93, 128, 144 Johnson, Abbie 44, 45, 69, 150, 152, 192, 203 Johnson, Christopher 91, 159 Johnson, Lizzy 152 Johnson, Patrick 25, 173, 192 Johnson, William 124, 155 Johnston, Ashley 68, 69, 77, 96, 152, 204 Jones, Caroline 75, 127, 152 Jones, Elizabeth 152 Jones, Kelsey 27, 51, 72, 120, 123, 138, 163, 173, 192, 196 Jones, Lucia 138 Jones, Mollie 144 Jones, Nancy 138 Jones, Olivia 93, 144 Jones, Richard 178 Jordan, Anna 148, 197 Jordan, Kurt 138 Jordan, Robert 176 Joyner, Alex 146, 148 Joyner, Thomas 31, 39, 108, 124, 156, 203 Juncos, Nico 6, 43, 83, 104, 105, 121, 173, 192 Junior, S. The 41 JV, Cheer 198 JV, Football 201 JV, Softball 199


Karim, Nabhan 36, 86, 121, 162, 174, 190, 192 Keeler, John 38, 148 Keeler, Will 91, 125, 156, 196 Kellum, Riley 96, 107, 150, 152, 204 Kendall, Whit 22, 25, 29, 37, 57, 89, 91, 100,

110, 118, 120, 122, 163, 174, 192, 196, 205 Kennedy, Keely 6, 16, 27, 28, 70, 71, 72, 73, 105, 108, 109, 120, 133, 162, 174, 192, 203 Kennedy, Kelly 71, 91, 159 Kennedy, Kyle 27, 91, 104, 120, 174 Kerce, Wesley 19, 91, 110, 111, 159, 205 Kerr, Miranda 43 Keys, Solomon 12, 13, 63, 159, 161 Keys, Xavier 148 Khandekar, Ekhlaas Ahmed 22, 174 Khandekar, Ekhlass 189 Killis, Patrick 173 Killough, Shelby 57, 74, 79, 144 Kincaid, Drew 59, 148, 197, 204 Kincaid, Steve 59, 138 King, Vicki 138, 206, 207 Kipp, Mr. 48 Kirby, Thomas 148, 197 Knotts, Deen Finch 144 Koestler, Remi 141 Koury, Bray 44, 68, 69, 108, 109, 127, 152, 203 Koury, Hughes 25, 44, 108, 120, 174, 178, 189, 196, 203 Kraus, Dakota 141 Kullman, Claire 75, 152, 153


Lalor, Lucia 138, 139 Lamar, Luke 19, 160 Lamb, Grant 21, 91, 156 Lamb, Grayson 26, 89, 91, 111, 120, 175, 190 Lampton, Sidney 14, 25, 34, 37, 39, 50, 52, 108, 109, 120, 121, 190, 191, 203, 207 Land, Madison Elise 140, 141 Landfair, Keeton 93, 144 Lane, Ashley 92 Lane, Kacey 178 Latham, Courtney 141 Latham, Stephen 160 Lawrence, Evan 168 Lawrence, Maley 96, 152, 204 Lea, Savannah 166 LEADERSHIP, TRENT LOTT 124 LEAGUE, NATIONAL FLORENSICS 123 Lee, Carter 184 Lee, Jake 156 Lee, Joseph 173 Lee, S. Cara 40 Leech, Jane 138, 196 Leech, Maggie 83, 103, 160 Leech, William 83, 93, 144, 145 Legal, C. Wooley-American 125 LEGISLATOR, JH YOUTH 196 Leigh, Kristen 176 Leigh, Laurel 165 Lenoir, Seth 95, 129, 148 Lewis, Christopher 50, 51, 160, 203 Lewis, John Watson 175 Lewis, Michael 19, 31, 36, 124, 160 Lewis, Stephen 167, 179, 182 Lewis, Watson 104, 121, 122 LIFE, YOUNG 189 Lindell, Laura 138 Lindsay, Susan 56, 57, 138 Litchliter, Haley 94, 95, 107, 148, 204 Litchliter, Morgan 76, 77, 160, 196, 204 Lofton, Luke 148 Loposer, Brock 93, 144

Loran, Natalie 169 Lott, Julia 148 Louis, Addie 138 Louise, Joy 185 Lowery, Maison 3, 22, 27, 37, 52, 53, 78, 79, 98, 99, 106, 107, 113, 119, 120, 122, 123, 158, 175, 189, 190, 191, 192, 196, 204 Lyn, Heather 172 Lynch, Emily 138


Madison, Mary 180 Malcolm, William 178 Malone, Lauren 120, 121, 163 Maloney, Ann Bradley 144 Malouf, Ann Leighton 57, 79, 144, 204 Mangieri, Alex 141 Mangum, Bailey 57, 74, 93, 144 Mangum, Jake 86, 87, 110, 111, 152, 203, 204, 205 Mangum, Madelaine 21, 22, 26, 27, 49, 72, 73, 121, 162, 175, 196 Mann, Sydney 38, 68, 95, 106, 148, 204 Manning, Marion 92, 96, 152, 204 Mapp, Sarah 55, 148, 197 Marble, Bailey 81, 152, 205 Marchetti, Joe 20, 58, 59, 158, 160, 189, 197, 208 Marchetti, Lawson 11, 20, 93, 128, 142, 144 Marcus, Coach Jon 95, 102, 105 Markow, Julia 31, 72, 73, 120, 121, 163, 176, 192 Martin, Abigail 144 Martin, Carley 74, 93, 144 Martin, James 43, 49, 156, 203 Martin, Lance 43, 91, 156, 197 Massey, Clark 152 Massey, Kristen 37, 54, 55, 116, 120, 121, 176 Massey, Will 84, 93, 144 Matthews, Janie 21, 92, 154, 156, 196 May, Caroline 7, 39, 70, 71, 91, 98, 132, 156 May, Meredith 138 McAlindon, Harold R. 118 McAllister, Catie 20, 63, 176 McBride, Jack 152 McCaa, Andrew 141 McCaa, Kellie 148 McCaa, Nicole 156 McCraney, Gracie 93, 144 McDade, Kenneth 10, 12, 63, 138, 139, 206 McDaniel, Gracie 16, 29, 51, 176, 190, 196 McDowell, Claire 36, 126, 127, 152 McDowell, Jamey 36, 37, 39, 43, 59, 79, 124, 160 McEuen, Charles 36, 91, 160, 196 McGehee, Claire 129, 148, 197 McGehee, Kirk 140, 141 McGowan, Mollie 120, 176 McGowan, Parker 45, 127, 152 McGraw, Hamel 89, 91, 107, 160 McGraw, Ian 87, 107, 127, 152, 203, 204 McGraw, Rivers 87, 107, 152, 203, 204 McInnis, Alden 57, 93, 144 McIntire, Caroline 169 McIntyre, Andrews 93, 144 McInvale, Jamie 160 McKibben, Lou Ann 49, 73, 138 McKinley, Evan 91, 160, 203 McLaurin, Trudy 138

McLemore, Mallory 36, 116, 120, 122, 176 McLeod, Brendon 93, 144 McMillan, Sarah 138 McNeely, Jacob 95, 106, 107, 148, 203 McPherson, Cole 18, 30, 120, 177, 191 McPherson, Madeline 152 Meade, Brittany 184 Meadows, Leland 79, 144 Meadows, Will 36, 38, 61, 63, 156, 197 Medley, Margee 186 Meena, Lee 148 Meena, Wade 91, 106, 160, 203 Melson, Rick 160 Members, Student Council 34 Mercier, Myers 109, 154, 156, 203 Mercier, Will 54, 55, 120, 122, 177 Merrell, Marie 95, 148 Merrell, Mollie 95, 148 Meyers, Laura 27, 28 Michael, Emily 144, 145 Michael, Joshua 144 Michael, Sapna 138 Michael, Sean 179 Miller, Charlie 81, 93, 144, 205 Miller, Tate 83, 148, 204 Mills, Peterson Walker 25, 177, 192 Milner, Margaret 80, 156, 196 Mink, Patrick 20, 59, 158, 160, 197 Miskelly, Falon 39, 71, 91, 156 Miskelly, London 93, 144 Molapo, Mosa 28, 36, 121, 122, 127, 152, 177 Moore, Chris 97, 100, 138, 139 Moore, Harrison 152, 205 Moore, Luci 146, 148 Moore, Thompson 18, 22, 27, 91, 120, 192 Morgan, Cossar 19, 91, 160, 203 Morgan, Daniel 165 Morgan, Jeremy 97, 152 Morgan, P. Mary 124 Morgan, Ross 184 Morgan Jr., Daniel 165 Morton, Lesley 40, 138 Mosa, David 177 Mosley, Sam 148 Moss, Mary Hastings 62, 152, 197 Moss, Trey 160 Moulds, Eric 57 Mounger, Anne Rivers 74, 144 Mounger, Collins 12, 13, 25, 27, 50, 51, 72, 120, 123, 177, 190, 191, 196, 197 Mounger, Rivers 39, 74, 103, 203 Mounger, Robert 39, 108, 109, 156 Mounger, William 91, 111, 120, 178, 191, 192, 205 Muldrow, Krishaun 138 Munn, Brianna 62, 148, 197 Muse, Audrey 108, 152, 203 Muse, Jake 91, 106, 107, 120, 178, 203 Myers, Kaitlyn 36, 38, 63, 156 Myers, Laura 72, 120, 178, 190, 196 Myers, Matthew 93, 144


Nall, Will 93, 144 Navarrete, Delores 138 Neal, Shelby 183 Nealey, Luke 2, 22, 83, 138, 184, 208 Newcomb, Hayes 142, 144

CROSS COUNTRY GIRLS. back left: M. Saxon, L. Woods, A.B. Maloney, M. Merrell, M. Lowery, F. Carter, B. Cunningham, C. Newsom, K.C. Jones; (middle): A.M. Rebich, A. Martin, M. Merrell, K.F. Henley, J. Matthews, S. Killough; (front) R. Ferguson, M. Richardson, K. Galloway, M. Dunbar, K. Causey, A.L. Malouf, C. Pringle

CROSS COUNTRY BOYS. back left: M. Saxon, M. Drennen, R. Skelton, J. Owen, W. Leech, B. Simpson, C. Becker, A. Russell, J. Martin, K.C. Jones; (middle) W. Harris, J. Marchetti, K. Parker, A. Holiman, C. Coker, W. Meadows, I. Payne; (front) G. Oden, W. Roberson, L. Wise, J. Coleman, J. McDowell, L. Meadows, T. Cochrane, L. Gage, H. Woo.

JV FOOTBALL. Row 9 (l to r): T. Hendrix, B. Walker, J. Branch, M. Thompson. Row 8 (l to r): B. Koury, C. Noblin, C. Peeples, M. M. Cook, S. Mann, K. Cook, M. Griffin, E. Holmes, M. M. Walker, E. Glaze, A. R. Roberts, A. Johnston, E. Wells, A. Smith, S.Hartung. Row 7 (l to r): C. Crotwell, X. Keys, C. Geary, G. Callendar, T. Kirby, T.K. Griffis, R. Edwards, H. Vise. Row 6 (l to r): L. Meena, W. Weatherly, S. Sasser, W. Wilbanks, W. Ward, S. Eaton, R. Gross, T. Wallace, N. Slack. Row 5 (l to r): A. Crawford, D. Kincaid, V. Crawford, S. Mosley, J. Aron, H. Crews, B. Newman, J.C. Pride, M. Clay, J. Wooley. Row 4 (l to r): G. B Fike, R. McGraw, M. Redding, J. Ray, J. Wilson, C. Upton, G. Robinson, J. Keeler, J. Whitaker, T. Phillips. Row 3 (l to ): J. Zhu, C. Henry, G. Eklund, I. McGraw, M. Hardeman, R. Carter, W. Garrard, H. Dent, A. Field, B.Sullivan. Row 2 (l to r): L. Templeton, J. Mangum, K. Culbertson, C. Franklin, W. Eskrigge, B. Henry, H. Garbo, H. Horsley, H. Moore. Row 1 (l to r): A. Stovall, N. Hughes, J. McNeely, N. Tidwell, Z. Gay, C. Swayze, P. Caracci, P. Parker, J. Pound, Gene Wood.


Jackson Prep


JV GIRLS BASKETBALL. Row 1: K. Bickerstaff, A. Johnston, A. Smith, M.C. Burge, A. Smith, M. Price, Row 2: Coach L. Wyatt, M. Manning, L. Dodd, C. Cotten, R. Kellum, K. Carter, M. Lawrence, C. Hannon, Coach A. Hatch

Newcomb, Madison 21, 178, 189, 191, 196 Newman, Brock 87, 152, 204 Newman, Zach 26, 28, 89, 91, 120, 178 Newsome, Courtney 78, 79, 98, 106, 156, 204 Newsome, Jake 84, 93, 144 Newton, Katie 57, 144 Nguyen, Brittany 160 Nichols, Shilo 138 Nigreville, Gates 156, 205 Nixon, Jean-Nicolette 152, 197 Noble, Cade 101, 110, 111, 153, 160, 205 Noble, Gary 138 Noblin, Clayton 68, 69, 94, 95, 107, 148, 149, 204 Noblin, Keavy 17, 19, 98, 103, 107, 160, 204 Noelle, Caroline 172 Nuyguen, Brittany 44


V GIRLS BASKETBALL. Row 1: E. Pyron, F. Miskelly, K. Noblin, C. Newsome, A.H. Buckner, M. Litchliter, M. Lowery, E. Horsley, Row 2: L. Wyatt, S. Lampton, L. Bane, M. Waller, S. Bolen, C. May, M. Horsley, M. Leech, G. Dewey, C. Taylor, M. Williams, A. Hatch

JV BOYS BASKETBALL. Row 1: T. Purvis, T. Phillips, C. Woodward, B. Clark, C. Upton, J. Pound, G. Wood, A. Stovall, Row 2: P. Parker, S. Eaton, N. Elrod, C. Geary, C. Word, S. Heidelberg, J. Morgan, C. Moore

V BOYS BASKETBALL. Row 1: J.S. Howie, W. Townsend, T. Coleman, W. Dunbar, D. Graeber, W. Smith, K. Thigpen, C. Noble, C. Osbourne, W. Keeler, Row 2: D. Horner, S. Ozier, J. Abraham, A. Rayner, R. Baird, J. Williams, R. Buchanan, W. Kendall, G. Ray, T. Dunbar, J. Young, M. Lewis, H. Burrow, C. Moore


Jackson Prep


O'Bryan, Hannah 141 Ocelot, An 48 Oden, Gregory 85, 93, 144 O'Donnel, Kacey 178, 191, 192 O'Hara, Sean 20, 25, 27, 30, 90, 91, 104, 105, 120, 122, 132, 179, 190, 192 O'Mara, Ashley 148, 149 O'Mara, Will 30, 39, 156 Omobude, Gilbert 21, 43, 61, 91, 156, 196, 197 O'Quinn, Katie Rose 141 Osborne, Addy 60, 158, 160, 197 Osborne, Carter 21, 45, 91, 106, 124, 154, 156, 203 Ott, Paul Vegas 20, 21, 36, 38, 46, 61, 91, 124, 125, 156, 197 Otts, Lea Lea 156, 196 Owen, Emily 113, 152, 204 Owen, Jake 174 Owen, Julian 79, 158, 160 Owen, Reagan 37, 53, 71, 91, 120, 163, 179 Oxley, Ethan 93, 145 Ozier, Lee 138 Ozier, Sam 19, 28, 36, 43, 124, 125, 160, 203


Palmer, Daniel 152 Paris, Vivian 25, 51, 120, 163, 179 Parish, Claire 62 Parish, Samuel 27 Park, Wanda 138 Parker, Elizabeth 21, 52, 56, 92, 150, 154, 156, 196, 207 Parker, Kirby 26, 27, 51, 78, 81, 116, 121, 179, 191, 192, 196, 205 Parker, Madeline 62, 152, 197, 204 Parker, Nelson 18, 120, 179, 191 Parker, Peyton 36, 87, 97, 152, 204 Parrish, Claire 62, 127, 152, 197 Parrish, Sam 59, 179 Patch, Jessica 125, 156 Patch, Olivia 145 Patel, Prem 156 Patel, Pritesh Kiran 180 Patel, Tilak 41, 125, 160 Patterson, Hunter 93, 145 Patterson, Reid 91, 156 Patterson, Taylor 16, 109, 125, 158, 160, 203 Patti, Gregor 57, 93, 145

Patti, Lisa 21, 61, 62 Patti, Sydney-Kirk 11, 14, 20, 21, 38, 125, 156, 197 Patti, Weslee-Parks 38, 129, 148 Payne, Emily 160 Payne, Ian 152 Peeples, Ashley Anne 26, 70, 91, 120, 180, 192, 196 Peeples, Caroline 68, 69, 95, 148 Peet, Jeanne Marie 138 Perkins, Tripp 145 Philips, Sarah Addison 36 Phillip, Dewey 57 Phillip, Nelson 179 Phillips, Jackson 93, 145 Phillips, Lamar 80, 91, 154, 156 Phillips, Sarah Adison 38, 46, 124, 125, 156 Phillips, Thomas 97, 152, 205 Pinkerton, Austin 18, 21, 28, 36, 49, 91, 116, 121, 180, 190 Pinnix, Shelby 59, 145, 197 Plunkett, Hannah 145 Polk, John-David 11, 18, 22, 27, 60, 61, 120, 123, 189, 197 Polk, Matthew 180 Pope, Jamey 14, 57, 154, 156, 196 Porter, Cady 124, 125, 156, 196, 203 Porter, Harrison 152 Porter, Madeleine 57, 145 Porter, Madeline 19, 44, 128, 160 Portie, Madison 3, 21, 28, 48, 49, 53, 63, 120, 123, 180, 190 Pound, Jesse 55, 91, 153, 156 Pound, JoJo 93, 145 Pound, Joshua 97, 107, 152, 153 Powers, Brianne 59, 145, 197 Powers, Jennifer 138 Powers, Spencer 17, 138, 139 Powers, Trudy 138 Pratt, Steven 182 Prefontaine, Steve 169 Price, Macy 109, 158, 160 Price, Miranda 109, 126, 127, 152 Pride, Chandler 36, 62, 91, 105, 124, 129, 149, 160, 161, 197 Pride, J.c. 149 Primos, Houston 19, 160 Primos, Truett 156 Pringle, Caroline 93, 145 Pringle, Charlie 91, 104, 105, 192 Pringle, William 21, 91, 156 Puckett, Chris 93, 145, 203 Puckett, John 109, 156, 203 Puckett, Will 27, 89, 91, 110, 111, 120, 181, 205, 208 Purvis, Tolar 97, 152 Purvis, William 93, 145 Putt, Harrison 54, 55, 91, 160 Putt, Julia 156, 196 Pyron, Emily 21, 92, 156


Randolph, Sophie 139 Rankin, Arthur 43, 124, 156 Rankin, Susan 12, 13, 129, 146, 149 Rawson, Mary Julia 152 Ray, Allyn 139 Ray, Corrie 21, 156, 196 Ray, Gage 25, 57, 89, 91, 100, 120, 191 Ray, Jake 95, 149, 197

Rayborn, Austin 168 Rayner, Austin 54, 55, 101, 110, 160, 205 Rayner, Martha 51, 62, 129, 149, 196, 197 Reagan, Ronald 172 Rebich, Anna Miller 129, 149, 197 Redding, Mitch 95, 148, 149, 203, 204 Reed, Ashton 3, 13, 25, 28, 34, 116, 121, 122, 181, 195, 196 Reed, Spencer 149 Reeves, Addie 160 Reeves, Allison 139 Reeves, Jonyln 28, 102, 103, 106, 162, 181 Reeves, Kaylie 102, 103, 160 Reeves, Morgan 156 Regan, Christina 168 Reichle, Alex 140, 141 Reid, Anna 186 Renee, Kristen 185 Renfrow, Justin 19, 91, 160, 205 Renfrow, Ross 91, 110, 111, 192 Richardson, Lynda 139 Richardson, Macy 93, 145 Roberson, Wesley 93, 109, 128, 145, 203 Roberts, Anna Rachel 149 Roberts, Jennifer 127, 152 Roberts, Robin 41, 149 Robinson, Alex 21, 120, 162, 191 Robinson, Anna Frances 40, 91, 156 Robinson, Chance 57, 154, 156 Robinson, Claire 38, 40, 156 Robinson, Grant 94, 95, 149 Robinson, Gunar 57, 145 Robinson, Mallory 77, 106, 152 Robinson, McKenzie 94, 95, 149 Robinson, Meagan 40, 76, 77, 106, 160 Robinson, Olivia 21, 27, 29, 120, 182, 192, 196 Rogers, John 158, 160, 161 Rogers, Pratt 18, 27, 182, 190, 191 Rogers, Thomas 149 Ross, K. K. 11, 27, 60, 197 Ross, Kyle 174 Ross, Sarah Katherine 182 Rotolo, Sarah Beth 45, 182, 190 Rucker, Jay Adams- 57 Rudd, Xavier 164 Rudolph, Kevin 110 Ruffin, Madison 178 Russell, Alex 79, 106, 107, 113, 127, 152, 203


Salem, Anagrace 156 Samander, Josh 43, 91, 157, 205 Samson, Jordan 19, 160 Samuel, Richardson 179 Sand, George 172 Sanders, Norwood 139 Sanderson, Brandon 176 Santucci, Sarah 18, 36, 46, 124, 125, 132, 160 Sapen, Callie 61, 157 Sapen, Marion 74, 145 Sapen, Trina 139 Sasser, Noah 57, 93, 145 Sasser, Spencer 149 Saunders, Julia 176 Saxon, Malcolm 34, 35, 40, 79, 107, 138, 139, 144, 168, 171, 188, 196, 203, 204 Schneider, Stephen 26, 111, 182, 191, 196, 205 Schrock, Griffin 11, 22, 91, 157, 197

Scott, Mary 186 Scruggs, Sarah 17, 139, 192 Secrest, Sarah Neal 18, 20, 38, 40, 57, 73, 157, 196 Sentry, The 54 Seto, Jonathan 107, 133, 160, 203 Shapley, Elizabeth 19, 106, 107, 160, 196, 204 Shealy, Grayson 140, 141 Sheffield, Easton 93, 145 Shive, Lisa 139 Shive, Stewart 74, 140, 141 Shoestring, Operation 183 Shrock, Griffin 154 Simmons, Cooper 26, 54, 55, 89, 91, 104, 120, 191 Simmons, Luke 19, 91, 160 Simpson, Brad 19, 113, 160 Simpson, Kendall 21, 22, 157, 197 Simpson, Mary Grace 149, 197 Simrall, Newell 19, 91, 160 Sims, Elizabeth 184 Singh, Sahil 59, 149, 197 Sinyard, Mary Hailey 12, 47, 63, 157, 196 Sisk, Carolyn 139 Sistrunk, Rebecca 149, 197 Skelton, Rhodes 152, 203 Skelton, Sarah Helen 93, 145 Skelton, Wilkes 157 Skelton, Will 157 Slack, Noah 148, 149, 204 Smith, Addison 68, 69, 96, 150, 152 Smith, Ainsley 96, 152 Smith, Bailey 161 Smith, Benjamin 25, 45, 120, 122, 183 Smith, Clancy 93, 145 Smith, Dr. Paul 43, 53 Smith, H. 204 Smith, Mary-Hannah 18, 38, 157 Smith, Paul 43, 139 Smith, Wic 19, 101, 161 Soccer, Boys' 67, 104 Sorey, Marti 139 Spann, Bobby 139 Spencer, Allen 17, 19, 158, 161, 196 Sproles, Robert 139 Stack, Jr, Charles Stephen 168 Steed, Londyn 70, 91, 161 Stephen, Alex 181 Stevens, Dotsie 152 Stevens, Parker 91, 161, 203 Stewart, Priscilla 139 Stickland, Taylor 57 Stigger, Angela 139 Stockett, Blair 80, 81, 93, 103, 145 Stout, Anna Grace 12, 13, 47, 49, 50, 52, 63, 120, 123, 136, 183, 190, 192, 196, 207 Stovall, Adam 87, 97, 152, 153, 204 Strickland, Hayden 161, 205 Strickland, Maggie 93, 145 Strickland, Taylor 21, 92, 125, 157, 196 Stringer, Ann Walton 24, 34, 36, 70, 71, 91, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123, 183, 190, 192, 196 Stump, Shelby 74, 93, 145 Sullivan, Bryan 148, 149, 203 Sumner, Shelby 70, 71, 91, 120, 183, 192, 196 Swanson, Peyton 10, 11, 13, 22, 27, 60, 63, 120, 183, 192, 197 Swayze, Caroline 157

TENNIS BOYS. Row 1: (back, from left) J. Branch, A. Wood, C. Becker, H. Koury, R. Mounger, T. Joyner, J. Puckett, R. Causey; (middle) J. Martin, M.T. Boulanger, W. Dunbar, H. Buchanan, B. Brewer, T. Hays, T. Dunbar; (front) T. Ivison, D. Trussell, N. Hart, W. Roberson, E. Abdo, C. Puckett

TENNIS GIRLS. Row 1: (back, from left) J. Branch, A. Johnson, M. Mercier, P. Causey, K. Kennedy, M. Price, R. Causey; (middle) B. Wilkinson, C. Garraway, C. Turnage, S. Turnage, A. Muse, M. Price, S. Lampton; (front) C. Porter, C. Causey, T. Patterson, K. Causey, B. Koury, K. Galloway.

JV BOYS TRACK. (back, from left) B. Walker, S. Eaton, A. Russell, T. Wallace, C. Geary, G. Wood, N. Hughes, M. Saxon; (middle) R. Skelton, W. Eskrigge, P. Caracci, R. McGraw, J. Mangum, I. McGraw, M. Thompson; (front) M. Redding, J. McNeely, P. Harrison, G. Eklund, B. Sullivan, G. Draughn, W. Wilbanks.

V BOYS TRACK. (back, from left) M. Saxon, C. Osborne, P. Stevens, W. Meena, T. Dunbar, J. Williams, S. Ozier, J. Williams, E. McKinley, B. Walker; (middle) C. Morgan, W. Townsend, W. Dunbar, J. Weill, W. Graves, J. Cook, M. Draughn, C. Lewis, M. Thompson; (front) R. Tramel, J. Owen, L. Wise, J. S. Howie, D. Ellison, C. Coker, J. Seto. Not pictured: J. Muse


Jackson Prep


Swayze, Cole 95, 149 Szilasi, Kendall 21, 29, 183, 191, 192


JV GIRLS TRACK. (back, from left) M. Saxon, R. Burke, A. L. Malouf, C. Easterling, M. Lawrence, H. Higginbotham, M. Merrell, E. Owen, L. Dodd, T. Miller, A. Johnston, C. Caton; (middle) M. Merrell, K. Galloway, M. Parker, O. Brown, K. Bickerstaff, S. Mann, C. Noblin, R. Kellum, M. Robinson; (front) M. Manning, B. Graeber, M. Weeks, C.Hannon, H. Litchliter, K. F. Henley.

V GIRLS TRACK. (back, from left) M. Saxon, R. Burke, C. Newsome, A. F. Robinson, G. Dewey, M. Horsley, E. Horsley, F. Carter, M. Lowery, K. Noblin, C. Caton; (middle) M. Litchliter, M. Braun, J. Cox, M. Robinson, M. Robinson, E. Shapley, O. Brown, R. Kellum; (front) M.-H. Smith, K. Galloway, C. Noblin, S. Mann, H. Litchliter, A. Johnston.

8TH GRADE BASEBALL. Row1:(back, from left) C. Watson, C. Franklin, W. Garrard, W. Eskrigge, C. Swayze,T. Hendrix; (middle) Z. Gay, M. Redding, R. Edwards, G. Eklund, W. Wilbanks, D. Kincaid; (front) H. Vise, T. Wallace, L. Templeton, M. Clay, T. K. Griffis, N. Slack.

Tatum, Carolyn 34, 35, 139, 146 Taylor, Cille 92, 157 Taylor, Helen 167 Taylor, Ross 18, 30, 82, 120, 184, 191 Teal, Anna Grace 152 Templeton, Anna Rose 161 Templeton, Luke 95, 149, 204 Terry, Anna Kate 73, 161, 196 Terry, Molly 75, 92, 152 Theta, Mu Alpha 24, 36, 37, 164, 165, 166, 167, 168, 169, 170, 171, 172, 173, 174, 176, 177, 178, 179, 180, 181, 183, 184, 185, 186 Thiel, Elizabeth 38, 61, 63, 157, 197 Thiel, Katherine 3, 27, 28, 36, 63, 116, 121, 184, 192, 197 Thigpen, Carter 26, 37, 89, 91, 110, 111, 120, 163, 184, 196, 205 Thigpen, Kyle 154, 157 Thind, Navneet 161 Thomas, Leah 149, 196, 197 Thomas, Michael 166 Thompson, David 157 Thompson, John 177 Thompson, Marcus 87, 107, 139, 203 Thompson, Ty 45, 152 Thopson, Sherry 139 Thornton, Kristin 11, 61, 157, 197 Threadgill, Brittany 52, 146, 184, 189, 196 Threadgill, Burney 49, 157 Tidwell, Caleb 161 Tidwell, Noah 87, 152, 204 Tillery, Sarah 57, 93, 145 Torrence, Dylan 93, 145 Townsend, Cindy 41, 56, 57, 139, 188 Townsend, Perry 27, 30, 31, 120, 162, 184 Townsend, William 38, 43, 91, 154, 157, 196, 203 Tramel, Robert 36, 59, 124, 125, 161, 197, 203 Truong, Dayne 12, 13, 44, 63, 92, 161, 197 Trussell, Cameron Lee 95, 149 Trussell, Daniel 21, 109, 157, 203 Tseng, Cindy 20, 36, 124, 188 Tullos, Sims 21, 25, 29, 123, 184, 190 Turnage, Cassidy 109, 161, 203 Turnage, Sydney 108, 109, 152, 203 Tyler, James 172 Tyree, Tyler 148, 149 Tyson, Robert 141


Upchurch, Hunter 139 Upton, Carl 97, 152 Upton, Joseph 93, 145 Uschmann, Alex 149 Uschmann, Max 157

9TH GRADE BASEBALL. Row1: (back, from left) N. Tidwell, P. Parker, H. Garbo, S. Eaton, I. McGraw; (middle) B. Newman, R. McGraw, J. Mangum, P. Caracci, R. Carter; (front) G. Wood, N. Hughes, A. Stovall, N. Elrod, J. Zhu.


Jackson Prep



Van Pelt, Ben 126, 127, 152 Van Uden, Kimberly 36, 37, 139 Veazey, Darden 120, 185, 191 Velazquez, David 127, 152 Vice, Campbell 111

Vise, Campbell 21, 91, 157, 205 Vise, Healy 38, 95, 149, 204 Vise, Jay 18, 25, 54, 55, 88, 91, 116, 117, 120, 121, 122, 163, 205


Waddell, Chris 57 Waits, Lee 139 Wal, Ann 24 Walker, Ally 93, 145 Walker, Becky 139 Walker, Benjamin 183 Walker, Brandt 84, 139 Walker, Caroline 145 Walker, Elizabeth 157, 196 Walker, Jaden 152, 197 Walker, Kristen 60, 185, 196, 197 Walker, Mae Mae 68 Walker, Mary Faser 149 Walker, Peterson 177 Walker, Peyton 41, 157 Wallace, Taylor 95, 149, 203, 204 Waller, Ava 93, 145 Waller, Joy 10, 60, 61, 123, 185, 197 Waller, Madeline 25, 99, 154, 157 Waller, Millie 75, 153 Waller, Robert 11, 20, 59, 158, 161, 197 Walters, Porter 19, 161 Walton, Ann 24, 34, 70, 183 Wann, Tyler 153 Ward, Robbin 139, 196 Ward, Wade 153 Warwick, Lauren 92, 93, 145 Warwick, Lindsay 93, 145 Wasson, Robert 128, 145 Watson, Anne Regan 93, 142, 145 Watson, Conner 129, 149, 204 Watson, John 149, 175 Watson, Maret 139 Watson, Sydney 70, 71, 91, 154, 157, 197 Watson, Zack 22, 27, 36, 60, 61, 120, 121, 122, 123, 185, 190, 197 Weatherly, Amelia 16, 34, 161, 192, 196 Weatherly, Wallace 150, 153 Weaver, Nick 13, 47, 48, 49, 65, 161, 196 Webb, Madeline 157, 196 Weeks, Madison 76, 77, 112, 153, 204 Wegener, Cecil 81, 93, 145, 205 Wegener, Eric 10, 11, 61, 81, 91, 157, 197, 205 Wegener, Katie 29, 72, 73, 120, 122, 185, 191, 196 Wehr, Chuck 39 Weill, Elliot 36, 129, 149 Weill, Joshua 106, 161, 203 Welch, David 19, 161 Welch, Holly 57, 145 Welch, Madison 21, 76, 77, 157 Welch, Tillery 57 Welch, Vianne 75, 139, 144 Wells, Ellie 68, 153 Wells, Mary Elizabeth 170 Wells, Nevin 85, 140, 141 Wells, West 39, 157 Wesley, Stephanie 165 Weston, Lake 58, 161 Wheat, Sidney 74, 140, 141 Whitaker, Jacob 38, 146, 149 White, Alex 141 White, Jamison 141

Whitney, Lisa 39, 139 Wiandt, Amy 35, 139 Wiandt, Sarah Beth 128, 145 Wilbanks, Landon 141 Wilbanks, Walker 94, 95, 146, 149, 203, 204 Wilbourn, James 185 Wilbourn Jr., James 185 Wilde, Oscar 119 Wilkes, Alex 45 Wilkinson, Brittany 108, 109, 145, 203 Wilkinson, Rachel 19, 39, 124, 161, 196 Wilks, Alex 157 William, Alexander 186 William, Paul Andress 128 Williams, Anna Kate 57, 74, 93, 128, 145 Williams, Gloria 139 Williams, Jake 91, 158, 161, 203 Williams, Josh 100, 101, 161 Williams, Megan 157 Williams, Wesley 93, 145 Williams, Wilson 90, 91, 161 Williams, Zach 91, 157, 205 Wilson, John 149 Wilson, Michael 93, 145 Wilson, Shelby 57, 93, 145 Wise, Anna 51, 62, 129, 149, 196, 197 Wise, Luke 43, 49, 78, 124, 157, 203 Wofford, Scotty 10, 28, 49, 63, 121, 186 Wohner, Catherine 157, 196 Wohner, Medley 12, 28, 121, 186, 189, 192 Wolfe, James 58, 153, 197 Wolfram, Stephen 175 Womack, Brooke 79, 149 Woo, Hanson 79, 153 Wood, Alex 6, 43, 108, 109, 186, 191, 192, 203 Wood, Gene 87, 97, 126, 150, 153, 203, 204 Woods, Amy 12, 36, 38, 61, 125, 157, 196, 197 Woods, Leslie 47, 157, 196 Woodward, Case 97, 153, 205 Wooley, Clay 12, 28, 91, 132, 158, 161 Wooley, John 148, 149 Word, Chadwick 153 Word, Furlow 19, 91, 110, 111, 161, 205 Wright, Anna 27, 29, 49, 120, 186, 196 Wright, Gage 181 Wyatt, Laurie 94, 139 Wyatt, Madeline 153

V BASEBALL. Row 1: R. Huffman, C. Noble, D. Huffman, T. Coleman, H. Garbo, N. Hughes, W. Skelton, W. Mounger, G. Lamb; Row 2: W. Kerce, R.Renfrow, W. Puckett, W. Kendall, R. Buchanan, J. Gathings, J. Vise, C. Vise, J. Samander ; (front) J. Mangum, C. Thigpen, G. Nigreville, F. Word, A. Rayner, C. Hughes, H. Strickland, Z. Williams, S. Schneider

BOYS GOLF. Row 1:(back, from left) A. Field, J. Renfrow, W.G. Ferguson, A. Barbour, E. Wegener, H. Horsley, H. Moore; (middle) H. Crews, B. Marble, C. Wegener, C. Miller, H. Hederman, E. Crews, C. Woodward, K. Culbertson, T. Phillips; (front) L. Barraza, K. Parker, A. Carpenter, D. Haick, R. Huffman.


Yelverton, Lawson 140, 141 Yerger, Thomas 169 Young, Jack 145 Young, James 91, 157


Zachary, Steven 185 Zachow, Zac 3, 10, 13, 18, 27, 34, 39, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 58, 59, 63, 119, 121, 122, 123, 186, 190, 197, 206, 208 Zhu, Jane 9, 139 Zhu, Jonathan 82, 127, 153 Zouboukos, Kristina 95, 149


Jackson Prep


Colophon T

here are 208 pages in this book, each of which takes an average of 16 hours of work to complete. The staff has to create a layout, choose the right pictures from the nearly 7000 available photos, & then compile all of this information in a visually pleasing manner. As if all that work was not enough, this year's theme required much more. This book is made to be more aesthetically pleasing & more memorable; inspired by the distinct designs & extensive content in magazines, we made each page different from any other & included more information through interviews. Inspired by the decision that there would be an interview on every page & the Jackson Prep Band's drum line song, we entitled the theme “Take Note.” So, as you looked through the book now, & as you look through it in the future, we hope you enjoy the unique features of this book. Including these features was no small task, especially considering that there are only 13 members on the staff, so it is with an enormous level of gratitude that we extend our thanks to several outside sources who helped us complete this these tasks. First, we would like to thank those who allowed us to use their photographs. Thank you, Elizabeth Nenon for the donation of a number of fabulous photographs from various events, Mrs. Helen Lewis for volunteering your high-grade photos, Mr. Hubert Worley for the group & team pictures, Emma Lou Horrell for the Senior portraits, Mrs. Vicki King for giving us access to her great compilation of photos, & the many contributors from the student body. Having the professional pictures gave us all that we needed, but having the pictures from the students gave the book personality. Zac Zachow, Melissa Archer, Taylor Byrd, & the Sentry staff, you all were a tremendous help. Other than the photographers, we always need another pair of eyes to help us, & we would especially like to thank Mr. Spencer Powers. It is important to have help from othes because this allows us to better capture the social aspects of school, & we are extremely grateful for their aid, as well as the aid of everyone else. It is not just with the annual that we received help. Every year the staff is tasked with putting on the massive production that is the Précis Pageant Award Ceremony. In order to pull this off, we have to design & decorate the stage, create a video, compose a script, & handle all of the voting for the awards. We would like to thank Mrs. Whitney Burns, Mr. Lain Hughes, & Mr. Kenneth McDade for making these tasks easier for us. Mrs. Burns was instrumental in the decoration of the stage & lobby & we appreciate the time she spent with us & her great eye for design. Mr. Hughes & Mr. McDade helped us write the script & we owe them a great deal of thanks for helping us put our ideas together to make the pageant more entertaining. We thank you all for your support. Normally, creating a yearbook & designing a pageant are not easy tasks, but this year, we expected to have a much harder time than usual. The fact that we completely remastered the yearbook this year, only had 13 girls on staff, & made some additions to the pageant did not make these tasks any easier. All of the people who helped us made our job much easier, & we cannot properly express our gratitude. Thank you all.


Jackson Prep

TAKE NOTE. Volume: 42 Typography: Body Types are in AHJ Opus Size 11. Folios are in AHJ Unitus Cond Size 16. Subheadings are in AHJ Unitus Cond LH Light Size 24. Captions are in AHJ Opus Size 11. The entire book was produced using hjedesign. Copies: 875 Publisher: Herff Jones Staff Number: 13 Photography: Emma Lou Horrell, Hubert Worley, Vicki King, Nenon Photography, & the Jackson Prep Student Body.





Jackson Prep


“ Don’t be sad it’s over. Be glad it happened.” – Dr. Seuss


“Use your brain!” – Dr. Nealy “My body is Reddy.” – Band

“When in doubt…” – Zac Zachow

“As you set out for Ithaka, hope the voyage is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery”–Cavafy “My Levi’s are too tight.” – Will Puckett

“Give me the gun, Pa. It's my dog.”

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi “Fear the Beard.” “Yesterday is history, tomorrow “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan is a mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the “Lets get weird.” present.” – Winnie the Pooh

“Shoot!”-AS “Bang!”-MM

“If you find a fork in the road, take it.” – Yogi Berra

“ What lies behind us & what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Anonymous


one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.” – Zappa

“Love the life you live. Live the life you love.” – Bob Marley

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” – Theodore Roosevelt

“Storms make oaks like roots.”-Proverb

“I got her number and walked away feeling like a champ.” – Owen Daniels

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path & leave a trail.” – Emerson

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“FRANCES #Dougswag ALWAYS WINS!”- F. Carter

“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.” – Rosalia de Castro “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Anonymous

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” – Audrey Hepburn

“It is a mistake to look too far ahead. The chain of destiny can only be grasped one link at a time.” – Winston Churchill

“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” – John Wooden

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make the most of it.” – Tay Gillesbie

“Don’t be mean. It’s bad.” – KYB

“I’m defensive MVP.”–JV

“The only reason some people get lost in thought is because it’s unfamiliar territory.” – Yogi Berra

“I only hope we don’t lose sight of one thing—that it was all started by a mouse.”-Walt Disney “There are two rules for surviving high school. Number One: Never tell all that you know…” – Joe Marchetti

“Let them know you realize that life goes fast. It’s hard to make the good things last. Realize the sun doesn’t go down. It’s just an illusion caused by the world spinning around.” – The Flaming Lips

“Watch out for the cop on the left.” – Douglas Haick



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