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Trey Green – Writing Sample Written for JOMC 153 Reporting Course

Listen Up The arts at UNC-Chapel Hill have found a voice with the release of the campus’s first art magazine Uncharted. According to the magazine’s website, Uncharted’s name “comes from the abbreviation for ‘UNC Art Education’” and the magazine is “designed to enrich the arts education of students at UNC- Chapel Hill. “I first came up for the idea for an arts journal when I was starting my sophomore year last year. I wanted to work for an art magazine; however, I discovered Carolina had no publication focused solely on the arts,” says junior Allison Young. “A friend of mine suggested I apply for an APPLES grant. APPLES Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship has helped me start this venture by providing both monetary and educational resources.” Looking to bring attention to the thriving art scene in Chapel Hill and surrounding areas, the magazine contains sections devoted to visual arts, performing arts and music. Taking an unconventional approach to campus media, Uncharted will be released online on Wednesday, Dec. 3, through the magazine’s website rather than in print. The magazine’s website, which lists several of the performance organizations on campus, makes full use of online resources to expose students to campus art events. “Working with the PDF magazine will give students an opportunity to improve their journalistic skills in many areas, but Uncharted will also leave the discussion open to the student body as a whole by allowing anyone to submit work on our website,” says Young. “Uncharted will be more than just a journal. It will be a networking too.” Uncharted staff members are thrilled about the creation of the magazine, with some even using their personal blogs to promote the magazine. “I’m really excited about getting this thing going after so many failed attempts on a music magazine over the last few years,” says Uncharted writer Corey Inscoe in a blog entry dedicated to the magazine’s release. Only a year ago just the dream of a sophomore student, Uncharted now serves as a medium through which student artists can promote their craft, drawing attention to the vast artistic talent here at UNC-Chapel Hill. With a mission to “develop a greater collective awareness of and increased participation in the arts,” Uncharted stands as a fresh approach to the arts, shining a light on UNC-Chapel Hill’s occasionally overlooked arts community. - Treye Green

Listen Up  

Uncharted Arts Magazine launches on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill.

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