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Reasons Why Diesel Generators Work Best for Emergency Preparation Emergency diesel generators are often the choice for government facilities and large commercial enterprises. The primary reasons are durability, efficiency, and the sheer might of the diesel engine. Diesel units may not be the most elegant standby gensets available, but they are the absolute workhorse of all the currently available options. As a result of design, diesel engines are very efficient. Much more so than traditional gas engines. Diesel engines are internal combustion engines, similar to gas engines, but the way they achieve that combustion is vastly different. Diesel combustion is achieved through compression rather than spark. Thus, there are no spark plugs in a diesel engine. The efficiency of these engines results in a lower cost per kilowatt hour even though diesel fuel is more costly than many other fuels. Essentially, emergency diesel generators provide the best of both worlds. The engine used to turn the alternator is very rugged and reliable, and the resulting watts produced by the generator come at a lower price due to increased efficiency. The modern diesel generators used throughout the world have come a long way in terms of noise and maintenance. On average, a modern diesel engine requires less maintenance than an equivalent gas engine. Diesel generators are still slightly more noisy than an equivalent sized gas generator, but the difference in noise levels should not be a major factor when deciding what to purchase. Many of these units can be fitted with a sound minimizing enclosure which helps reduce decibel levels. Most diesel generators used in utility power loss preparation are rarely needed, but essential nonetheless. Being caught without power can be devastating to a business or government entity. Lost worker productivity, whether in a commercial or government setting, is still a sunk cost. And for commercial enterprises, lost sales for even a day is unacceptable. Consider going with diesel when finally deciding to acquire that long needed emergency standby generator. Low maintenance and high efficiency makes a diesel genset the best possible option.

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