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The Magazine made by the community with the community for the community.


I’ve learned a lot of things since starting Wizards Unite. For starters I’ve definitely learned how to balance the schedule of being a teenager, student, author, website designer, and adventurous monster killing wizard; the latter being the most fun usually. Perhaps the most valuable thing I’ve learned is the rarity of a great online community. It’s often taken for granted how well the Wizard101 community works together, we are often described as more of a family than anything else, which I find great. I believe great community members make a community, it doesn’t matter what type of game or movie or book you’re gathered around, but it matters what type of people you have, and how real and beneficial they can be to your community. The Wizard101 community is probably the kindest most helpful group I’ve ever met. I mean, who else can calmly trade bundles worth around $40 and think it’s nothing? This very community togetherness is what drove me to make this magazine. I don’t need another news source; after all, I run the largest unofficial Wizard101 site I know. This magazine serves a different purpose than delivering news; it delivers you, the community. My goal for this publication is to share the community as a whole, and its creations and ideas. I hope that this magazine will encourage people to enjoy other’s community contributions and show off some of their own talents, as this magazine will feature commentary, art, writing, and advice from real people in our very real and very amazing community. So, without further ado: the magazine made by the community with the community for the community, #WUNation. -Ian StormStaff

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A Picture is worth a thousand words and in the case of fan art, thousands of words. The spiral is filled with hundreds of artists and amazing screenshots, each with a story to tell and a world to share. Send in your screenshot and tell #WUNation your story.


Quite a few Players are also aspiring authors who hope to one day be published in the real world. Until they get there they write some pretty amazing fan fiction about Wizard101. Do you write fan fiction? Want to be published for others to read? Send it in to us!


Prominent members of the community are looked up to Ask a Wizard for their expansive knowledge of the games they play. We hope to give you the opportunity to ask them for a grain of this advice. Does Friendly Necromancer use Fruity loops to make his killer remixes? What’s Paige’s favorite housing glitch? What IS the Ninja Bunny Lord anyways? Now’s your chance! Ask us a question and we’ll do our best to contact this wizard and get what you’re looking for!