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What are we trying to do Practical Performance Analyst – 9th June 2012

Agenda 

Who is a Practical Performance Analyst

What is all about

What is our Mission

Who is our audience

Why are we doing this

How can you help

Who is a practical performance analyst 

Let’s quickly define Performance Engineering 

Definition - Performance engineering within systems engineering, encompasses the set of roles, skills, activities, practices, tools, and deliverables applied at every phase of the Systems Development Life Cycle which ensures that a solution will be designed, implemented, and operationally supported to meet the non-functional performance requirements defined for the solution.

A Practising Performance Engineer performing one or a combination of the following roles 

Performance Architect

Performance Modeller

Capacity Planner

Capacity Manager

Performance Tester

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Architect

Diagnostics & Tuning Engineer

A Practical Performance Analyst is a practicing Performance Engineer with a practical point of view

A Practical Performance Analyst could potentially also be an individual who has been associated with Performance in one way or the other, has appreciation for the challenges of dealing with Performance and aspires to work in one of the areas mentioned above

What is all about 

Dispel the myth that Performance Engineering is rocket science

Create a Body Of Knowledge for Performance Engineering

Communicate Performance Engineering concepts using simple and lucid terminology

Define Performance Engineering processes and document re-useable process templates

Create a platform that engages industry experts

Give a voice to Performance Engineers around the world

Create a community where individuals with related interests can share their experiences and learn from others

Assist aspiring Performance Engineers understand career options

Give product vendors the ability to reach out to the community by participating in discussions, share information on product launches, offer preview of next generation products and get feedback from an invaluable focus group

Areas of focus across Performance Engineering 

Performance Requirements Gathering

Performance Modelling

Performance Testing

Performance Optimization, tuning & diagnostics

Performance Monitoring

Capacity Planning

Capacity Management

What is our mission 

Create a Body Of Knowledge (BoK) for Performance Engineering

Create awareness on the various facets of Performance Engineering across the SDLC

Create a bridge between Vendors and adopters of Performance Engineering related solutions

Offer un-biased views on products, technologies, concepts, paradigms related to Performance Engineering

Create a strong community with the intention of sharing knowledge and helping others learn

Assist to be Performance Engineers by providing them guidance on career options available

Creating a market for skills in the Performance Engineering space

Bring together industry experts to share knowledge and insight on significant issues of the day

Who is our audience 

Anyone who has some interests in one of the following areas as a stake holder, an advisor, a solution implementer or the Practical Performance Analyst himself 

Performance Requirements Gathering

Performance Modelling

Performance Optimization & Application Diagnostics

Performance Testing

Performance Monitoring

Capacity Planning

Capacity Management

Candidates who are interested in making a career in one of the above areas

Why are we doing this 

Dispel the myth that Performance Engineering is rocket science

Create a Body Of Knowledge (BoK) that can be refined and referenced over time

Bring together a community of individuals with similar interests to share and learn from each others experiences

Create a bridge between product vendors and product adopters

Help potential Practical Performance Analysts understand career options

Help experienced Practical Performance Analysts venture into other areas of Performance Engineering

Offer mentoring and guidance to individuals seeking to learn more about Performance Engineering

Advocate Proactive Performance Management across all clients

How can you help 

Each one of you can help in one of the following ways –

Site  Contribute to the Body Of Knowledge (BoK)  Contribute articles, product reviews, How-to’s, etc.  Contribute relevant articles and posts from other websites

Community  Offer mentoring to potential Practical Performance Analysts  Recruit other Practical Performance Analysts  Spread the word

Thank You

Our Mission at the Practical Performance Analyst  

This presentation covers our Mission, Goals, Objectives at the Practical Performance Analyst.

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