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Volume 3, Issue 1 - Winter 2010

CRACKED XMAS 12 LEAVES GUESTS INSPIRED Nearly 1,000 guests enjoyed an evening

of irreverent comedy, musical performances and awards on Dec. 6 during Cracked Xmas 12 at The Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. But The Trevor Project’s largest annual fundraiser was more than just an evening of fabulous entertainment with a star-studded guest list. In addition to the lineup of hilarious comediennes and incredible musical sets, guests heard inspiring stories from several remarkable people. Ernesto Dominguez, The Trevor Project’s own Youth Advisory Council (YAC) member, spoke to the audience about his experience as a queer young person who battled depression and thoughts of suicide. He said that calling The Trevor Helpline ultimately saved his life. Ernesto’s story was one of coming full circle with The Trevor Project, from calling the helpline for support in his time of crisis to his current role on the YAC. Another deeply moving moment at Cracked Xmas 12 was Kimra Martin’s story about her son Ben, who tragically died by suicide last year. Although Kimra was accepting of her son and loved him as he was, she said that Ben needed more than that. She told the audience she wished Ben had known about The Trevor Project, as she believes it could have saved his life. Both Kimra and Ernesto received standing ovations after speaking; their dedication as advocates for LGBTQ youth greatly moved the audience. Award presentations were also an important part of the evening, with Neil Patrick Harris receiving The Trevor Life Award and AT&T receiving The Trevor Hope Award. “Being the real me has turned out quite swell,” said Neil as he accepted his award. “This lifetime award makes me feel very proud but very old,” he added with a smile. Other highlights from the show included musical performances by Vanessa Carlton, Marc Shaiman and the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, and comedy sets by Carol Leifer and hostess Caroline Rhea. Cracked Xmas 12 was chaired by Jeffrey Paul Wolff and Scott Zimmerman. The event raised more than $420,000 for The Trevor Project.

Dustin Lance Black and Neil Patrick Harris Join Board of Directors The Trevor Project is pleased to announce

the addition of two prominent new members to its Board of Directors. Academy Award®-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and Emmy Award®-nominated actor Neil Patrick Harris were elected to the Board in January. Black and Harris are ardent supporters of The Trevor Project. Both attended the Circle of Hope Garden Party last year, and Black was the recipient of the Trevor Hero Award at Trevor New York in June. “All of the work we’re doing today to win LGBT equality is for these young people’s futures. So it is vital that we ensure they survive today’s challenges so they might know tomorrow’s freedoms,” said Black. Neil Patrick Harris, a friend of The Trevor Project’s late co-founder Randy Stone, was presented with The Trevor Life Award at Cracked Xmas 12 in December. Both awards annually honor individuals who are inspirations to LGBTQ youth. “I hope that my involvement with The Trevor Project will help bring attention to the need for effective crisis and suicide prevention services for LGBTQ youth nationwide,” said Harris. The Trevor Project’s 30-person Board of Directors unites leaders from diverse personal and professional backgrounds to govern the organization and help further its mission and financial goals.



Saving Young Lives, One Mile at a Time Anthony Fleming is a native New Yorker who now lives in Chicago. When he isn’t working as a human resources generalist, baking cupcakes or playing video games, Anthony enjoys running marathons. In order to make his latest race even more worthwhile, Anthony decided to fundraise for The Trevor Project while training for the Chicago Marathon.

Happy New Year! 2010 is already off to a great start at The Trevor Project as we look forward to implementing innovative technologies that will help us reach out to more LGBTQ youth than ever before. We know that saving young lives takes ingenuity. With the influence of social media and emerging technologies growing more powerful each day, we have done our best to build a strong presence online. In fact, membership on TrevorSpace, our own social networking platform for LGBTQ youth, has skyrocketed to more than 7,500 young people since its launch in October 2008. We’ve also utilized Facebook and Twitter to keep supporters abreast of our updates and youth aware of our programs. And now, when a young person is experiencing a crisis or needs to connect with a counselor, help is not only one phone call away – it’s one click away. By logging on to our Web site, LGBTQ youth who don’t feel comfortable calling The Trevor Helpline or can’t safely access a phone can virtually chat with a trained counselor online. “TrevorChat” will allow us to reach youth through the technology they’re most familiar with and instantly connect them with resources in their communities. To learn more about TrevorChat, read the story on page three for details. If you’re interested in how we’re advocating for public policies that benefit LGBTQ youth, check out page three for a synopsis of our advocacy work at local and federal levels. Or, let our incredible supporter Anthony Fleming inspire you to give back while getting fit this year – he fundraised for The Trevor Project as he trained to run the Chicago Marathon (page two)! As we prepare for “Trevor 3.0” in 2010, we thank you, as always, for your support that makes all of this important work possible. Best of luck for a prosperous year! All my best, Charles


“When I realized that the marathon fell on National Coming Out Day, everything just fell into place,” said Anthony. “I thought: ‘let me gay it up!’” Encouraging others to pledge money to his fundraising efforts, Anthony promised to dye his hair hot pink, spray glitter all over his body and run the entire marathon with “Happy Coming Out Day” written in rainbow paint across his bare chest while wearing silver hot pants and a rainbow flag cape. “Fortunately,” he said, “I raised $1,000 by the time of the marathon – an amount that only guaranteed pink hair!” Anthony’s participation in the Chicago Marathon was preceded by months of rigorous training and many physical therapy sessions for a sports injury acquired during a previous marathon. His mental and physical strength carried him through 43 miles per week during training, while music carried him through 26.2 miles on marathon day. “My iPod hit the GLEE cast version of Don’t Stop Believin’, and that really kept me going,” he said. “I listened to it three times in a row!” Anthony’s tremendous act of kindness was dedicated to his former co-worker who died by suicide, whom he refers to as “Trevor.” Anthony hopes that initiating dialogues with youth may help them know that they are not alone. “I’d hate to see the world lose another person like the wonderful young man that I knew,” said Anthony. “It’s such a tragic and painful loss.” > To learn more about Anthony’s experience, visit TrevorBLOG at:

Trevor in the News! The Trevor Project enjoyed a tremendous increase in visibility last year. In addition to event-related media coverage in top entertainment outlets, the organization also received a great deal of mainstream press.

Following an in-depth article about LGBTQ youth coming out in middle school in a Sept. issue of The New York Times Magazine, The Trevor Project board member and psychiatrist Dr. Jeffrey Fishberger responded to questions submitted by readers about anxiety, depression, bullying and suicide prevention among LGBTQ youth for The New York Times health blog. On the broadcast front, an Oct. episode of The Dr. Phil Show featured a young bisexual woman and her mother who was not accepting of her daughter’s sexual orientation. Dr. Phil himself quoted statistics provided by The Trevor Project about the increased risks for suicide attempts by LGBTQ youth. Reaching parents across the country, Parenting magazine included a five-page feature story about children and sexuality in its Dec. issue. Entitled Walking to a Different Beat, the article tackled issues surrounding children and sexuality, offering extensive information from The Trevor Project. All in all, The Trevor Project received nearly 200 non-event-related press “hits” throughout the year 2009!

With TrevorChat, Help is Just a Click Away The Trevor Project launches new instant messaging service TrevorChat is launching in March 2010 in order to reach out to youth where they spend most of their time: online. TrevorChat is a new, live messaging capability that will be available to LGBTQ youth with just a click of a mouse. With communication channels and service options developing quickly, The Trevor Project aims to stay up to date with the practices and needs of young people. The Trevor Project is one of the first crisis helplines in the country to roll out this innovative support tool. To access TrevorChat, youth will only need to visit The Trevor Project’s homepage and click on a box that will connect them immediately with a counselor on shift. When it initially launches, TrevorChat will only be available during after school hours, as program staff and counselors gauge how much

interest there is in youth using it and train more counselors to manage the software. Select helpline counselors who are already trained on the helpline will receive additional training in order to respond live to young people on TrevorChat as virtual helpline counselors. Once a chat is initiated by a young person on TrevorChat, the virtual helpline counselor will be able to quickly respond while also having access to an abundance of references for the youth right at their fingertips. TrevorChat will also make emergency interventions or “rescues” one step easier, as well as provide automatic chat transcripts and simply organize chat statistics and caller demographics. Recently, The Trevor Project was reminded of the pressing need to reach out to diverse youth communities. Thus, TrevorChat will also benefit

hearing impaired young people and people with disabilities that may prevent them from talking or listening on The Trevor Helpline. A recent letter sent to “Dear Trevor” read: “I have been trying to find a place that a deaf gay guy like me has to talk, and phones do not work for me.” With TrevorChat, young people like this 17-year-old from New Mexico will have a place to share their experiences and access Trevor’s team of counselors.


Trevor’s LGBTQ Youth Advocacy Reaches New Heights The Trevor Project has been working

hard at the state and federal levels urging lawmakers to pass measures that promote the acceptance and safety of LGBTQ youth and raise awareness about the specific challenges they encounter in their communities. In November, The Trevor Project took part in the National Alliance to End Homelessness’ National Advisory Council on LGBTQ Homeless Youth. Sessions were spent highlighting the policy and funding agenda for services targeted at homeless LGBTQ youth – 62% of whom will attempt suicide at least once. Between one-third and one-quarter of all homeless youth identify as LGBTQ, and The Trevor Project is committed to serving the needs of this vulnerable and often overlooked population. In December, The Trevor Project headed to Sacramento for the California LGBT Health and Human Services Network Briefing on LGBT Health. This network, spearheaded by the Equality California Institute, is a statewide coalition composed of LGBT

and ally organizations providing non-HIV/AIDS health and human services to LGBT Californians and their families. California lawmakers, their staff members, LGBT health professionals and network members filled the briefing hall to capacity. The briefing included speakers from UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute, San Francisco’s LyonMartin Health Center, Mental Health America of Northern California and a presentation from esteemed LGBT researcher Caitlin Ryan, among others. Lawmakers left the briefing equipped with information from The Trevor Project about its work with LGBTQ youth in the state of California and throughout the country.

and supported. The Trevor Project will work to ensure that this office is LGBTQ-inclusive from its inception and that it prioritizes the mental health and suicide prevention needs of LGBTQ youth. The Trevor Project will continue working closely with local and federal lawmakers and its partner organizations to advocate for inclusive policies and initiatives that benefit the lives of LGBTQ youth, and ensure all young people have access to the mental health resources they need.

On the federal level, The Trevor Project is pleased to announce that funding has been secured to open an Office of Adolescent Health within the Department of Health and Human Services. This is a measure that The Trevor Project, along with hundreds of other organizations, has advocated for


VOLUNCHEERS Program Update All of The Trevor Project’s core programs

have grown tremendously in the last year. In fact, call volume on The Trevor Helpline nearly doubled in 2009. In October alone (the month of National Coming Out Day), 150 volunteer counselors fielded nearly 3,000 calls – a record high. The most common presenting problems reported by youth who call the helpline continue to be depression, anxiety, isolation and confusion surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity. This speaks to the need for The Trevor Project to equip young people nationwide as “lifeguards” for one another, empowering them with the skills to recognize the warning signs of depression and suicide and effectively intervene when a friend or peer is in crisis. In 2009, 60 Lifeguard Workshops were conducted by trained facilitators from The Trevor Project in seven different states. In addition, Survival Kits were distributed to educators in all 50 states, encouraging the integration of LGBTQinclusive suicide prevention curriculum in schools. Dozens of workshops are currently being coordinated for 2010, and Survival Kit distribution is expected to increase this year as well. Throughout the year, various members of The Trevor Project’s Youth Advisory Council conducted the Lifeguard Workshop in their local schools and at various youth-focused organizations in their communities. These dedicated young leaders from diverse geographic locations have helped educate students in non-urban areas of the country about the unique experiences of LGBTQ youth and how these experiences relate to depression and suicide. The program team is now busy preparing to train new classes of helpline counselors in both Los

Highlighting the contributions of Trevor’s volunteers

SPOTLIGHT: Michael Zinkovitch Michael Zinkovitch has come a long way from

directing cars at his first volunteer event with The Trevor Project. Four and a half years of dedication later, Michael most recently served as the volunteer chair for Cracked Xmas 12, where he recruited and managed 200 other volunteers at the event. “Until Trevor, my experience volunteering usually involved writing a check. I wanted something more real and hands-on, and this organization fit so perfectly,” he said. “I fortunately had a very accepting family when I came out. I can’t imagine growing up and not having some place to turn to for help and guidance. Helping to get the word out to those young adults made me feel like I was really making a difference in the community.” Of all the guests at Cracked Xmas 12, Michael says his favorite presenter was Kimra Martin, a mother who spoke about losing her son to suicide just months before the gala. “Her courage to stand up and tell her story was incredible and reinforced why we are here,” said Michael. For Michael, the biggest challenge at Cracked Xmas is usually “keeping everyone busy and feeling like they are needed.” But it’s all worth it in the end to him. “My favorite part is to see the finished product and appreciate all the work it took to get there,” he said. Michael is originally from Washington, D.C. When he is not volunteering for The Trevor Project or working at the UCLA School of Medicine, he enjoys spending time with his partner, Chris, their two dogs and two cats, cooking, camping and practicing photography. Special thanks to Michael for all of his outstanding service to The Trevor Project!

Angeles and New York City and ensuring the safe and effective use of The Trevor Project’s newest technological program for LGBTQ youth, TrevorChat. The Trevor Project also continues to influence litigation that impacts LGBTQ youth at local and national levels through its advocacy and public policy work.

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering with any of The Trevor Project’s programs, please visit the Web site at: and click on “Volunteer” to learn more about all of the programs and volunteer opportunities.

Hats Off to the Volunteers at Cracked Xmas! A great deal of the success of Cracked Xmas 12 can be attributed to the hard work,

dedication and flexibility of approximately 200 amazing volunteers. Led by Volunteer Chair Michael Zinkovitch (see Spotlight above), the committed team of event volunteers worked on nearly every aspect of the event, from assembling VIP gift bags to escorting celebrities down the red carpet to manning will call and assisting with the silent auction. Volunteers also helped set up at The Wiltern prior to the event, stayed late for disassembly and were on hand at the VIP After Party Dessert Bash to ensure guests had a top-notch event experience from start to finish. Thank you to all of the event volunteers at Cracked Xmas 12 who donated hundreds of hours collectively! Fall 2009 New York Helpline Counselor Training Class




Images from Cracked Xmas 12










Cracked Xmas - December 6 The 12th annual fundraiser, Cracked Xmas, was held at The Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. It was an evening of irreverent comedy, musical performances and awards. Nearly 1,000 guests attended the event, which was chaired by Jeffrey Paul Wolff and Scott Zimmerman. Read the cover story for a complete recap of the event. 1. Executive Director Charles Robbins with Survivor host, Jeff Probst 2. Khloe and Kim Kardashian with Kelly Osbourne 3. 2009 Colin Higgins Youth Courage Award winners 4. Marc Shaiman performs a tribute to Neil Patrick Harris 5. Board Chair Sean McManus is honored by Trevor co-founders Peggy Rajski and James Lecesne 6. Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles perform 7. Executive Director Charles Robbins with Glee cast members Chris Colfer, Jenna Ushkowitz, Kevin McHale and Cory Monteith 8. Kimra Martin, mother of Benjamin Gilbert who died by suicide 9. Neil Patrick Harris, Trevor Life Award recipient 10. Comedienne Carol Leifer 11. Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles

Photo Credits: David Walega and The Trevor Project Trevor News Editors: Al Duncan, Ryan Lombardini, Heidi Schulz and Jacqueline Wing


Stories from the


Since its inception in 1998, counselors on The Trevor Helpline have fielded hundreds of thousands of calls from young people in crisis. In 2009, call volume on the helpline reached an all-time high, with approximately 30,000 calls fielded by the dedicated helpline counselors. No call to The Trevor Helpline is ever the same. Below are selections from two recent call reports, demonstrating the unique and complex issues that LGBTQ youth report experiencing. ALIAS: Patrick AGE: 14 STATE: OH Patrick was feeling suicidal, but didn’t have a specific plan to act on his suicidal ideations. He was upset because his parents divorced and his family members were blaming him for the divorce. Patrick mentioned that he came out six months ago. His friends took it well, but some classmates have harassed him both verbally and physically. Patrick said school officials have not done anything to stop the harassment. His mother is very supportive of his sexual orientation, but his father has used anti-gay terms and screamed at him as well as physically assaulted him. He told his mother about the abuse from his father, and she said that she understands and that everything will be okay, but has not taken action to stop it. Patrick also told his therapist about his abusive father, but the therapist has not reported the abuse as far as he knows. Patrick was leery of reporting and talking to the police about this. Patrick said he felt overwhelmed with fear, guilt and pain. He has a group of 10 close, supportive friends, but he feels awkward talking about

the abuse to them. He stated that he plays piano and enjoys reading, and says these things make him feel better when he’s down. Patrick described his relationship with his mother as close, and said he was close to his father before he came out, but now has no relationship with him. The helpline counselor listened, reflected Patrick’s feelings and explained that being gay was okay. The counselor helped Patrick identify alternatives to suicide and ways to confront the abuse from his father. The counselor encouraged Patrick to tell his mom and friends’ families (whom he said he was close to) about his suicidal feelings and more details about the abuse. At the end of the call, Patrick said he felt much better and thanked the counselor. He promised to call back if he felt suicidal again. ALIAS: Nicole AGE: 11 STATE: CA Nicole called The Trevor Helpline to talk to someone since she felt unable to talk to anyone in her family. Nicole started the call by expressing feelings of frustration over being treated like she is “crazy.” After allowing Nicole to voice her frustrations, the counselor learned that Nicole had previously attempted suicide when she was just eight years old, and that she has been in therapy since then. As the call progressed, the counselor also learned that Nicole lives with her extended family and had not seen her mother in several years. This family situation led Nicole to feel like an outcast as well as unwanted and unloved. Nicole identified herself as bisexual, but expressed feelings of insecurity at having never before dated anyone. Nicole also disclosed that she is frequently called a “freak” due to scarring on her body which makes her “lash out” and get into frequent physical altercations. Nicole admitted to feeling powerless to her rage and acknowledged that she wants to learn and grow in more productive ways. The counselor helped Nicole identify friends and family members that would encourage and support her positive attributes. After speaking for some time, Nicole began to laugh and look forward to creating a new perspective. Nicole said that she would call again if she ever felt angry or alone and thanked The Trevor Helpline for being there for her when she needed to express herself.

Palette Fund Internship Program Investing in the next generation of leaders in the LGBTQ movement is a top

priority for The Trevor Project. Thus, The Trevor Project is proud to announce the launch of The Palette Fund Internship Program. Made possible by a $25,000 grant from The Palette Fund, a philanthropic organization that honors the legacy of Rand Harlan Skolnick through collaborative grantmaking and programs that value human rights and education, this innovative program is designed to provide annual internships to LGBTQ youth who are interested in pursuing a career in the LGBTQ movement. The Palette Fund Internship Program provides the opportunity for up to five young people to work in the development, communications and program departments at The Trevor Project. The interns actively participate in the organization’s


day-to-day operations, and the program provides them with leadership development as tomorrow’s LGBTQ leaders. As the need for The Trevor Project’s programs and services continues to grow, interns play an integral role in supporting the lifesaving work of the organization. “Working at The Trevor Project has challenged and inspired me, and made me grow both personally and professionally,” said Genevieve Sublette, a Palette Fund intern in The Trevor Project’s program department. “Never before have I worked with such an amazing group of staff and volunteers; I’m lucky that there was a place for me here.” The Trevor Project will continually recruit a diverse pool of intern applicants, paying special attention to ensuring diversity in gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity among its intern

classes. Interns work at The Trevor Project’s national headquarters in West Hollywood, Calif., and its Randy Stone East Coast Call Center in New York, NY. The first class of Palette Fund interns at The Trevor Project includes: Justin De Los Santos (program), Wing-Sum Doud (development), Rene Melara (program), KB Perry (communications) and Genevieve Sublette (program). “Encouraging the next generation of leaders in the LGBTQ movement is important,” said Terrence Meck, executive director, The Palette Fund. “The Palette Fund is proud to support The Trevor Project as it provides unique opportunities for young people to gain professional experience while serving the community.”

Circle of Hope members play a critical role in providing the financial leadership that makes the work of The Trevor Project possible by donating $500 or more annually in non-event related contributions. The donors listed below are current as of December 31, 2009.

Guardian $25,000 +

Bryan Bantry Jodie Foster Daniel Radcliffe Bill and Austin Smolka Jeffrey R. Stone

Counselor $10,000 - $24,999

Tim Aldrete Brian Bish* & Jack Winn Cold Stream Productions Credit Suisse Gregory Evans Kathy Kinney Frank Pond Walter Schild & Dilson De Almeida Quinn Taylor Jennifer & Anthony Zuiker

Advisor $5,000 - $9,999

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Inc. Andrew Cohen Sacha Baron Cohen Jeffrey Epstein Jennifer & Scott Frank Anne Hathaway Michael A. Graham* Gary Hand Jim Hodges JSY Enterprises Steven King Michael Leppen Kyle McCarthy Ricky Strauss* & Tom Newman Barbara A. & Steve Young

Mentor $2,500 - $4,999

Keith Aldridge & Jonathan Roberts Alicia & Michele Celmer Jack Corwin Nicholas Donatiello Jr. Marvin Dorson Thomas B. Eich Douglas Ferguson The Flag Art Foundation Anthony Fleming Siana-Lea Gildard & Edgar Aguirre Dennis P. Grant Ronald Holliman & David Rosen Robyn King Kyle D. Kusche George Larribas & Ed Hornberger William Lucia Cindy McCain Meghan McCain David McGrath & Andrew Silver McPhail*/Poston Family Harley Neuman & Daniel Lam Jason R. Oclaray* Earl L. Plante Charles Robbins & Damon Romine RJ Rousso Tara Sandler Heidi Schulz* & Michael Ryder Philip Selway Erik William Smith Kelly Stanphill Ron Valdez* Douglas Gerard Vetter

Supporter $1,000 - $2,499

Lewis Adams & Anthony Vigliotta Stamos Akrivos Christopher Allieri* & Gene Fischer Ezra Alvarez Jirka Ambroz Anonymous Alan Arrigoni Richard Ayoub* Christopher Baker Scott Baker & Jason West Otho & Deborah S. Behr Mark Berman Bradly Bessey & Frank Sanchez David Beugen & Joe Grandinetti David Bolz Lisa Brende* James Burba & Bob Hayes Denis Cagna & Carlos Medina Paul G. Cavalli & Jack F. McKenney Yawar Charlie Sophia Chauchard-Stuart Warren Cohn* Jeremy Coleman Mark Consuelos Alan Del Castillo David C. Dinielli Brian J. Dorsey* David J. Edelsohn Tim Field Ph.D. Jeffrey Fishberger, M.D.* Rick Frazier Brenda and Tom Freiberg Lee B. Friend Gregory Ganci Anthony Glomski & Joel Townley Ruben Gonzales & Joaquin Tamayo Bonnie Graves* & Adrian Sexton Joshua Greer David Guzman Gary L. Hansel & James Hernandez Neil Patrick Harris* & David Burtka Darren Hayes Greg S. Heanue Mark D. Heidel Debra Ann Herrick Michael Hershberger & Daniel Mitchell R. Glenn Hessel Mark Howell Michael Hyman Meredith Kadlec* & Michelle Paradise William Kaiser Steven Kanner Bryan T. Keller & Brian Baldwin Robb Kempken & Jeff Hobbs Jon Kinnally Patricia Kirsch Phillip Kleweno & Alain Verscheure Ricki Lake Rick H. Lee Simon S. Leo & Mark P. Bement Jonathan Lewis Dennis Lonergan & John Graves Jane Lynch Joseph B. Lynn Mich Lyon

Stephen F. Macias & James Carroll Christopher D. Man Sean R. Mc Manus* McDermott, Will & Emery LLP Jeff Meleski & Steven J. Markov David Mizener & Arturo Carrillo Javier E. Morgado Jim Morris Jim Murphy Max Mutchnick & Erik Hyman Nifty Archive Alliance Barth Norton Michael J. Norton Gaynon & Linda Oclaray Gary Orgel Jeff Paramore & Jonathan Smith Richard & Ellen Passov Mark Perin Kevin Piper Steve Pollard Sean Radford Ruben Ramirez* Erik & Ranesh Ramanathan Randy Reiff William Resnick & Doug Cordell Rashad Robinson Luis Rodriguez-Villa Stephen Roselius Chris Salgardo Gumercindo Samson Kimihiro Sato Matthew & Nancy Saver Kevin Schoeler & Philip van der Voet Jeff Shade Duncan Sheik Frank Silverio Clay Smith David Stainton Steven Stepanian & Jeffrey Roy Mark Stephanz Stephen & Gail Stonehouse Karen Trilevsky Matthew Tumminello & Dominick Marangi David Varner Eric A. Webber & Gerard C. Kraaijeveld Bryce West Jeff Whaley Jeffrey Paul Wolff* Steve Wood Scott Zimmerman*

Members $500-$999

Barbara Abis Mark Addison Moiz Alladina David Allen & Matthew Karimi Jason Arbuckle Adrian Armas Matt Austin Robbie Bagwell Adam Banks Joseph Baran William C. Bergens Albert Berger & Ellen Steloff Anthony Bianchi Gary Bitner David Bonavita & Jake Marsden Robert & Connie Brown Macaulay Bruton David C. Bryan Jeep Bryant David Buchan & Jeff Ryel Walter Cain Hector Camacho Andrew Cannava Tom Cashin & Jay Johnson Dwight Coates Jr. Heather Cohen Peter Cole & Robert Talbot Paul Colichman Troup Coronado Erica Courtney Kevin M. Cronin & David Alexander

Armand Cucciniello Eric D’Arbeloff & Howard Cohen David Bohnett Foundation Kenneth Davis & Cameron Davis Charlie Dawson Jonathan Deason Didier Debaud Gary DeLossa Michael Donscheski Christian C. Dowell Brad R. Downs Michael J. Doyle & Bret Kobler Joseph & Maggie Drake Clay Drinko Nancy Dubuc Al Duncan* Eddie Egan & David O’ Connor Robert A. Ermanski Linda & Alfred Espinoza Erik Feig Steve & Andrea Fishberger Raymund Flandez Joel Flatow* John B. Fleming FootageBank, Inc. David Frankel Paul Fulkerson David Galgano Karyn & Justin Gallen Chris Garvin & Todd G. Sears Conor Gaughan Danny R. Gibson-Weinberger & William E. Weinberger Neil Giuliano Daniel & Rhoda Glickman Stephen Golemme Oscar J. Gonzalez Mary & Jeff Gorski Jeffrey Grossman Erik Groves & Shayne Brakefield Maria Gust Dino Hainline William E. Hall Conrad Hanson Michael Harrell William Harrison Ryan Hart Eric Hassel Kevin Henderson Cathy Heumann Aaron Hicklin Wayne Hill Michael J.W. Hines Jeffrey Hoffman Jean Horowitz Helen Hunt Elizabeth Huntley & Linda Ketner Clifford Hurley Antonia Hutt The Imperial Court de San Diego Stephen Jarchow Michael Jarvis Ph.D. Jeffrey Jensen Blanding U. Jones Robert M. Kasunic Mark Katz & Bob Goodman Keith Kauhanen & James Petrone Billy Kelly Richard A. Keyes & John A. Wagner Colin Kim Yoga Bruce King Jonathan King Henry Koelsch Paul Kolpin Marty Kovacevich & Chaz Stevens Peter W. Kraus M.D. Lisa Kudrow & Michel Stern Rocky & Trinette La Fleur Nancy Lee Kevin Lesser Joel Lichtenwalter John & Melissa Linden Mark Lombardini & Cynthia Kim Paul & Kelly Lountzis Stephen Lucin

Ned J. Lustbader John Lyons Patrick Mahoney & John English Donato & Markes Marangi Jhoni Marchinko Kimra & Chuck Martin Eric J. Maryanov & Gene Hubert Peter McNamara Darren McNelis Shawn McPherson H. Christopher Meade Michael Medeiros & David Henry Lou Anne Mele Steve Mele Bernard Milan Carl Moellenberg Anil Mohin & John Scholz Vizhier & Andy Mooney Jonathan Morris Adam Moss & David Karza John Mullican & John Squatritto Solmaz Nabipour National Business Insurance Agency Dan Neisen & Spencer Yu New Hope Chamber Of Commerce Robert Newhart Tracy C. Nickl Darrell Nooner Stephen Nuskiewicz Milena O’Hara Patrick Owen & Mark Anton John Palmer Paradise Spirits Robert Parker Jamie Paul Catherine Paura Mark Perrin Kevin Philip Dr. Joseph H. Phillips Brian N. Potter & Joey Pierre Bryan Prado Pablo Prietto Richard Raddon Peggy Rajski* Charles A. Ranberg & Bob Fisher Charles Reynolds & Ellen Detlefsen Mika & Thomas Q. Reynolds Stephen Reynolds Christopher Rice Kathleen Rivera & Sally Lewis Lorna Robbins Robert Holgate Philanthropic Fund Diane Robinson Carol & Wayne Rogers Elias Rojas

Frank Rorie & Dianne Molina RPM Designs Scott Salik David W. Salvaggio Brian Salzman Ruben D. Sanchez Donna & Michael C. Sasso David Schneiderman & Bob Nitkin Booh Schut Ezra Shalam Dr. Ronald Shaw Neal E. Sheldon Robyn Shepherd Caroline Sherman & Kimberly Dean Catherine Shitara Chad Simpson & Chad Corning Richard Skolnik Steven C. Smith Justin Sobodash St. Nicks Howard Stahl & Dr. Michael Frese Andrew Stearn Michael Steigely Alan M. Strasburg Kip Stratte-McClure Leif Strickland James Sullivan Janeen M. Sullivan Stephen Szymanski Dominick & Sally Taglialatella Anthony Tan & Jeff Brown Barry & Jan Teter Stephen Theiss Brian J. Theobald David Thorpe Brian Tobin Jamie Towey Roger Tuttle Lee Tyson Jorge Valencia Scott Vaughan Bruce Vaughn Meredith Vieira Frank Voci Diane E. Wade Jason Wanderer Steve Weisbart & Shami Arslanian Thomas & Nancy Wheatley Kate Wheatley Cetrulo Mary & Tom Whitman Tom Whitman Keola Whittaker Scott Widmeyer Martha Wing Kathleen Wood Douglas Wright Mehmet Yalin Rachel Zoe & Rodger Berman Ryan Zynger & Justin Warren

Foundations We extend our thanks to the following foundations that have provided general operating and program-related funding to The Trevor Project:

$20,000 +

$5,000 - $9,999

Anonymous AT&T Foundation The Calamus Foundation H. van Ameringen Foundation The Palette Fund Wells Fargo Foundation Zarley Family Foundation

Barbara Epstein Foundation The David Geffen Foundation Gesso Foundation Bruce J. Heim Foundation Johnson Family Foundation KTLA-TV Charities Fund of the McCormick Foundation

$10,000 - $19,999

$1,000 - $4,999

The Sheri and Les Biller Family Foundation The Helene Foundation David H. & Barbara M. Jacobs Foundation Rainbow Endowment Joseph H. and Florence A. Roblee Foundation Small Change Foundation

Delaware Valley Legacy Fund Disney EARS to You Program Employee Community Fund of Boeing California Ronald S. Haft Foundation Tim Hardaway Foundation Kicking Assets Fund of the Tides Foundation The Livney Foundation National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Lloyd Russell Foundation

* Denotes Board Member


Special thanks!

Corporate Partners

We would like to acknowledge the following for their recent fundraising efforts on behalf of The Trevor Project:

We are grateful to the following corporations for their generous support of The Trevor Project’s programs:

Chris Dax, Macy’s I.N.C. Men’s OUT Event, West Hollywood, CA Ken Hunt and John Cassese, Circle of Hope Soiree, New York, NY Lane Janger, 12 Bars of Christmas, West Hollywood, CA Joe Kimmer and Buffalo Wild Wings, Geneva, IL LASC & Clear Channel Radio LA, Halloween Carnivale, West Hollywood, CA Mark Liddell, Exposed book launch in New York City & Los Angeles Jose Marrero, Broadway Christmas III, Orlando, FL Alexis Bong Monsanto, Passion Revealed Fashion Show, Los Angeles, CA Ken St. Pierre & Ron deHarte, San Diego Pride/Milk Money, San Diego, CA Carrick Sears, Thunderbird Fundraiser, AZ Dr. Ron Shaw, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Chris Smith, Forbidden Nightclub Weekend of Saving Young Lives, Phoenix, AZ Steel Gym, Date Auction at Vlada, New York, NY

$20,000 +

Event Sponsors

Rockstar Turner Broadcasting

$10,000 - $19,999

$5,000 - $9,999

Chicago Mercantile Exchange Stark Services Time Inc. - Instyle

The Bank of New York Mellon

Circle of Life The Circle of Life was established to recognize individuals who have created gifts to The Trevor Project through planned giving either in their estate planning or as a bequest. Brad L. Daily and J. David Richardson Rick and David McGilton-McGlamery Arlene Reed Bequest Tithe on behalf of Hollywood Lutheran Church

Eleanor J. Ross Trust Aleida Estela Santiago Valarie K. Westberg

If we have inadvertently omitted or incorrectly listed your name, please contact Scott Meckling at 310.271.8845 x257.

The Trevor Project would like to acknowledge the following corporate sponsors for their generosity and support in 2009:

TREVOR EVENTS FEBRUARY Ambassador’s Council Event February 19, Washington, D.C.

MARCH Oscar Night 2010 March 7, West Hollywood, CA

Taste on Melrose March 25, West Hollywood, CA

MAY Circle of Hope Reception Los Angeles, CA

Trevor Desert Pool & Garden Party May 30, Palm Springs, CA

JUNE Trevor NY June 28, New York, NY Visit for a complete events listing.

Help earn valuable points for Trevor! The Trevor Project’s Business ExtrAA account number: 786674

Select The Trevor Project in Orbitz’ LGBT and HIV/AIDS charity promotion and we’ll receive a donation every time you book a hotel or vacation package for two or more nights through March 31, 2010.

The Trevor Project

9056 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 208 West Hollywood, CA 90069 Telephone: 310.271.8845 / Fax: 310.271.8846 Email:


Charles Robbins

Siana-Lea Gildard

Executive Director & CEO

Institutional Giving Director

Phoenix Schneider, M.S.W.

Scott Meckling

Program Director

Major Gifts Officer

Dave Reynolds, M.P.H., C.P.H.

Jenifer Ortiz

Advocacy and Education Manager

Special Events Director

Michael Vacha Jr.

Erin English

West Coast Call Center Manager

Database/Volunteer Coordinator

Kelli Peterman

Richard Rocha

Jacqueline Wing

Wing-Sum Doud, Rene Melara, KB Perry, Justin DeLos Santos, Genevieve Sublette

East Coast Call Center Manager Communications Director

Ryan Lombardini

Digital & Social Marketing Manager

Board of Directors James Lecesne Founder

Peggy Rajski Founder

Randy Stone

(1958-2007) Founder

Sean Mc Manus Chair

David McFarland Vice Chair

Ricky Strauss Vice Chair

Michael A. Graham Secretary

Jason Oclaray Treasurer

Chris Allieri David Anderson Richard Ayoub Brian Bish

Administrative Assistant

Palette Fund Interns

Scott Boute Dustin Lance Black Lisa Brende Ken Campbell Warren Cohn Brian Dorsey Al Duncan Jeffrey Fishberger, M.D. Joel Flatow Bonnie Graves Neil Patrick Harris Meredith Kadlec Scott A. McPhail Ruben Ramirez Jamie T. Ranieri Heidi Schulz Ron Valdez Jeffrey Paul Wolff Scott Zimmerman


Trevor News - Winter 2010  

Winter 2010 - Volume 3, Issue 1 of our triannual newsletter. This issue contains articles on The Trevor Project's Cracked Xmas event, Trevor...

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