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news Volume 5, Issue 1 Spring 2012



Following an extensive search, the Board of Directors is proud to

This June, The Trevor Project is proud to unveil our newest life-saving initiative: NTL for youth who Need to Talk Live.

welcome Abbe Land as the Executive Director and CEO of The Trevor Project. As our valued supporters, volunteers and donors, we thank you very much for your on-going support throughout this process, and are very excited to introduce you to Abbe! Abbe comes to Trevor with a strong background as a health care leader and as an advocate for the LGBT community. She has a proven track record of growing health organizations in meaningful ways, including her most recent work as Co-CEO of The Saban Free Clinic in Los Angeles. The organization’s budget grew from $6 million to $16 million and 2 clinics were added under her leadership. We have faith in Abbe’s ability to apply that kind of success to The Trevor Project. We know her visionary leadership will be a tremendous asset to serving the growing needs of the LGBTQ youth who need us most. Along with her expertise in health care, Abbe also brings a wealth of public policy knowledge as a long-time elected official who champions the needs of youth. In the City of West Hollywood Abbe has served as an elected official from 19861997, both as a council member and twice as mayor. Abbe was re-elected to office in 2003 and is currently serving a 4-year term on the city council, having won re-election in March 2011. We are very proud to have selected Abbe Land as The Trevor Project’s new Executive Director and CEO. You have been a big part of the effort to find the right person to lead Trevor, as we serve LGBTQ youth in more locations and in more life-saving and life-affirming ways. We hope you will join all of us in welcoming Abbe to Trevor. -Ricky Strauss, Interim Chair of the Board

Find out more about Daniel Radcliffe’s new PSA for The Trevor Project on page 3. Photo by Paul Loverde

At The Trevor Project we celebrate help-seekers, and part of our job is to make asking for help easy and natural. That’s what NTL is about. It’s a way to let someone you are messaging or texting know that you need to talk live – right now – in person or on the phone.

When do you NTL?

If you’re messaging with a friend or colleague and the conversation gets emotional, heated or confusing, use NTL. With three simple letters, you let them know it’s time to talk live. Parents, have you ever received a troubling text during the school day, and then you don’t get the story? Text your child, “NTL?” and they’ll let you know if it’s ok to call or talk later. Sometimes we’re the ones who NTL. When life is challenging and it’s hard to see a way through, texting NTL to a friend, family member or counselor lets them know, “I need to talk live - right now.”

What can I do?

The Trevor Project launches NTL at Pride celebrations nationwide this June, (see “Show Your Pride” on page 7), but that’s just the start. To make it easier for LGBTQ youth to ask for and receive help, we need your ongoing support to move NTL into our regular lexicon. To get involved in spreading the message and to learn more, visit And if NTL could be a good fit for your company, contact Shawn Ingram (shawn. - Laura McGinnis, Communications Director


ABBE’S UPDATE I can’t tell you how excited I am to join the team here at The Trevor Project! My goals as Executive Director & CEO are to help Trevor meet the ever-changing needs of LGBTQ youth and work tirelessly towards our vision of a future where the possibilities, opportunities and dreams are the same for all youth regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Annually, over 30,000 LGBTQ youth in crisis call the Trevor Lifeline. Yet, we know that teens and young adults live online, and our newest project TrevorChat could easily grow to be our most utilized crisis service. Currently offered once a week, TrevorChat averages more than 200 conversations monthly. Among my first goals at Trevor is to increase our capacity on TrevorChat, by adding more counselors and more days of service by the end of July. We are also working to streamline our volunteer services process to make sure each of the hundreds of applicants fits into the life-saving and life-affirming program that is right for them. Your time and energy is valuable, and we are so grateful that you want to apply your skills to serving LGBTQ youth. We now have new staff and new tools specifically dedicated to volunteer management. Another important step in meeting the needs of at-risk LGBTQ youth has been to hire a Development Director to help us strategically grow our programs. Shawn Ingram comes to us with a strong background working with LGBTQ youth through The San Diego LGBT Center and later as the Executive Director of My Friend’s Place in Los Angeles. Most recently, Shawn served as Associate Director of Philanthropy for the Nature Conservancy in San Francisco. We are very excited to bring his energy, passion and skill to The Trevor Project.

This spring, The Trevor Project earned the highest rating from Charity Navigator, the nation’s premier charity evaluator highlighting the fine work of efficient, ethical, and open charities. We owe this honor in large part to our valued Friends of Trevor. When Peggy Rajski, James Lecesne, and Randy Stone founded The Trevor Project over thirteen years ago, they couldn’t have done it without friends. Because our friends – our strongest and most committed group of supporters – enable us to do so much, The Trevor Project has recently renamed the Circle of Hope to Friends of Trevor. Friends of Trevor is the signature giving-group supporting the lifesaving and life-affirming programs of The Trevor Project. Friends play a critical role in providing the financial leadership that makes Trevor’s work possible. This year, about one-third of The Trevor Project’s operating budget will be supported by Friends of Trevor. With our outstanding 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, you can be assured that The Trevor Project will not only be an appreciative friend, but one you can trust. We will strive to maintain a high level of fiscal responsibility to retain this honor from Charity Navigator. Thanks to the generous contributions of friends like you, Trevor continues to empower LGBTQ young people to make their lives better. Whether it’s through our crisis services, educational programs or online communities, LGBTQ youth in crisis can always find a friend in Trevor. - Laura McGinnis, Communications Director

Special THANKS to... Bears San Diego, Inc. Christie’s Entertainment Industry Foundation Ford Models GLINTA

This is just a small glimpse of what is happening at Trevor, and I can’t wait to tell you more. Please know I welcome your feedback, so please contact me through my blog on the Huffington Post, email or call 310-271-8845 ext. 223.

Novak, Druce + Quigg, LLP


Trevor NextGen New York – Spring Fling

Om in the Office Parliament Partners – Parliament House Scholastic Shannon Listol Wilson & Redeye Gravy Theatre Co. “Romeo & Juliet” Sullivan & Cromwell Variety Foundation, Inc. – Variety’s Power of Youth



TREVOR’S LATEST PSA This past February, our new public service announcement (PSA) featuring Daniel Radcliffe premiered on Fox during the network’s hit series “Glee.” The 30-second spot, which aired at no cost to the organization, empowers LGBTQ youth to call the Trevor Lifeline if they need support or are considering suicide. The spot has also run on Hulu in conjunction with this episode of “Glee.” When strong role models like Daniel say things like, “I believe that reaching out for help is the bravest thing a person can do,” youth listen. This is Daniel’s second PSA encouraging youth to call the Trevor Lifeline, and each time it airs, we know it is working. Call volume to the Trevor Lifeline and TrevorChat more than tripled the night Daniel’s PSA premiered, and has since maintained a higher average daily volume than the months prior to the PSA’s debut. This time last year, The Trevor Project honored Daniel with the Trevor Hero Award, and he continues to live up to that moniker, having been an exceptional advocate for Trevor and LGBTQ youth in crisis since 2009. To share our newest PSA with Daniel Radcliffe, visit We also have versions of the PSA for radio and television broadcast available on our website at -Jenessa Connor, Marketing Director Photo by Paul Loverde

LEADERSHIP TRAINING This past November, Trevor’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC) met at the generously donated offices of Davis, Polk & Wardwell in New York for their annual training. The YAC serves as a liaison between youth nationwide and The Trevor Project, as it relates to young people and the issues surrounding suicide, sexuality and gender identity. The YAC submits recommendations to The Trevor Project in an effort to increase Trevor visibility and best serve the LGBTQ youth population. Two firsts this year included the underwriting of this training by Toyota Motor Sales and Toyota Financial Services and holding the training in New York City. Twenty extraordinary young leaders from all over the country participated in a two-day intensive training. Trevor’s young ambassadors came from all regions of the country with diverse backgrounds, representing a wide spectrum of sexuality and gender identity. During introductions we asked each person why they joined the YAC. The overwhelming response was that members wanted to help spread the word about The Trevor Project’s programs in an effort to better support and improve the well-being of young LGBTQ people all over the country. The training combined ice-breakers and team building activities with interactive workshop sessions. We provided the YAC with training around volunteer recruitment and outreach, social networking, organizational messaging, public speaking, and advocacy. Throughout the training it was evident that there were twenty young experts in the room with a wealth of knowledge and experience to contribute. It was moving to see and hear about their experiences and aspirations to help LGBTQ people. During the last phase of the training, members participated in a strategic planning session and developed YAC guidelines that would help them to communicate and work most effectively together. A special treat was a surprise visit from Trevor supporter Daniel Radcliffe who stayed and participated in the cultural sensitivity training. Daniel then expressed how much he appreciated the work they were doing on behalf of The Trevor Project. The training was a huge success and we are very excited to work with the YAC and see all that they will accomplish this year! Special thanks to Toyota Motor Sales and Toyota Financial Services, and to Davis, Polk & Wardwell for their support of The Trevor Project! -Lizzie Dahll and Samantha Gerson, Program Interns Photo by Syd London


Trevor Hero

The Trevor Hero Award was presented to Lady Gaga. Alan Eustace, SVP of Knowledge accepted the Trevor 2020 Award for Google, Inc.

Trevor Live

Trevor Live, presented by Audi of America and ING, was a date to save on Dec. 4, 2011. Guests and Volunteers enjoy Trevor Live.



Trevor Live Backstage

Celebrities have fun backstage at Trevor Live, presented by Audi of America and ING.

Trevor NextGen NY’s Spring Fling

Youth Advisory Council

Trevor NextGen’s Spring Fling at the Bowery Hotel in New York took place on March 30, 2012.

Trevor’s Youth Advisory Council gathered for training in New York on November 11-13, 2011.

PHOTO CREDITS: Trevor Live Event Tim Stusiak Trevor Live Backstage Vanessa Preziose Photography Trevor NextGen NY’s Spring Fling Mark Feingenbaum Youth Advisory Committee Syd London



VolunCHEERS It’s been a wild ride for Chip Smith. A decade ago, he was serving a two-year Mormon mission in Argentina. Now he’s saving lives as a volunteer at the Harvey Milk Call Center in San Francisco.

Here at Trevor, we love our volunteers! Since February, we have trained dozens of dedicated volunteers to help provide our life-saving, life-affirming services on the Trevor Lifeline, TrevorChat, Ask Trevor, TrevorSpace, and as Lifeguard Workshop Facilitators. The most significant impact of this increased volunteer action is on TrevorChat, where we will be expanding our services this summer from one day to two: Fridays and Mondays. As an instant messaging program, many young people feel comfortable reaching out on TrevorChat, and we are working hard to make TrevorChat a 24/7 service. Our newest class of TrevorChat counselors is made up of volunteers from many different backgrounds who are located all over the country. No matter where a potential TrevorChat counselor lives, as long as they have their own computer, they can help us offer this vital crisis service. To maintain the highest levels of safety and service, the training and screening process for TrevorChat counselors is as rigorous as the Trevor Lifeline, and takes place over several days via interactive webinar. With hundreds of active Trevor volunteers, this summer we will launch a new volunteer portal to help manage schedules, share information and provide ongoing education. It’s really an exciting new feature, and we can’t wait to get it started! To find out more about volunteering and our training schedules, visit TheTrevorProject. org/Volunteers. -Sarina Aguirre, Sr. Community Engagement Manager

Originally from Long Beach, California, Chip grew up in a suburb of Dallas. “I realized I was attracted to guys when I was 15 or 16,” he said. “But I hoped it was just a phase, and that it would just go away when I went on my mission.” It didn’t, and Chip came out several years later, at age 25. Chip moved to the Bay Area in 2006 to work for the video gaming industry. While writing for in 2008, he came across a few articles about The Trevor Project. During the summer of 2011, a Facebook friend sent Chip a message about the new call center in SF, and Chip signed up to volunteer. “At first, it was a little daunting,” Chip admits. “But thanks to the training, you feel like you have the tools to help people with those problems. I like that we’re not on the call to tell people what to do, but to empower them to figure out the answers for themselves.” Chip has gone above and beyond in his service. Besides volunteering regularly in the call center, Chip also is part of our Mentor and Role Play Leader programs, taking on a leadership role and inspiring new crisis workers. Thanks to Chip for all the time he gives, the support he provides our new folks, and the empathy he brings to our callers. ~Kip Williams, Harvey Milk Call Center

SEATTLE LOVES The Trevor Project! Since mid-2011, the Trevor’s Seattle Ambassadors have been working hard to share the mission and services of The Trevor Project throughout their local and surrounding communities. This year, The Trevor Project has been chosen as a Grand Marshal for the 2012 Seattle Pride Parade for our cumulative and ongoing dedication to the local LGBTQ youth community. Realizing how crucial the work of The Trevor Project is, the Seattle Ambassadors have focused their recent efforts on establishing a presence in schools, letting all of their local youth know that Trevor is there to help and listen. In addition, Seattle Ambassadors and volunteers have been advocating for LGBTQ youth by cultivating relationships with local community organizations such as the Youth Suicide Prevention Program and the Seattle Safe Schools Coalition. With a core group of ten Ambassadors, and the help and support of local volunteers and allies, co-chairs Chuck Swenson and Debbie Rosenfelt are taking a stand for LGBTQ youth and bringing Trevor to the communities of Seattle. If you are interested in volunteering for Seattle events, joining the committee, or supporting The Trevor Project in Washington State, please email -Sarina Aguirre, Sr. Community Engagement Manager



STORIES From the Frontline Dear Trevor,

Dear Brandon,

My boyfriend’s mom found out that we are dating. For a while, she has held her tongue, but the last time I was in their house I hung around for a while. When he and I were hanging out in his room with the door shut. She just came in and kicked me out of the house! I never said anything back to her because I just couldn’t believe that she had actually done that. She told me, “My son is not gay... you don’t need to come over anymore... find someone else.”

Having a boyfriend whose mom does not accept his sexuality is difficult at any age, but especially when he is still living under her roof.

Long story short, she doesn’t like us being together. I can still come over to the house, but I just can’t go inside. He says she doesn’t hate me. So have you any clue what we could do to help her to see that being gay is not bad? Also she has a lesbian sister, but still hasn’t accepted her.

One important thing you should keep in mind is that this is your boyfriend’s mother. So while you can help your boyfriend, he is the one who has to convince her. Your boyfriend’s best option would probably be to contact his lesbian aunt and try to get her help. She could be an invaluable resource, not only for dealing with his mom but for the rest of the family. The most important thing you can do is be there for your boyfriend. Make sure he will be safe before you guys say anything to his mother. While being able to go into your boyfriends home would be nice, it is more important he is safe and has a place to live.

Signed, Brandon, 16, Selma, AL

SHOW YOUR PRIDE with The Trevor Project!

Sincerely, Trevor

Queer Youth Advocacy Day

Pride season is here and we want YOU to join The Trevor Project in celebrating all the fabulous and unique members of our diverse LGBTQ community. Throughout Pride, Trevor volunteers will be spreading the word about our new awareness campaign, NTL: Need to Talk Live. Stop by our booth and send a postcard to a friend, take a picture, get a button and sign up to get involved with Trevor. Join Trevor for Pride in: Chicago, IL Long Beach, CA Los Angeles, CA *Community Grand Marshal New York City, NY Philadelphia, PA Salt Lake City, UT San Diego, CA San Francisco, CA Seattle, WA *Grand Marshal Washington, DC If you are in one of these cities and want to march with Trevor in the parade or help us at a booth, we’d love to have you! To volunteer for Pride with Trevor, please email Not in one of these cities? You can show your Pride with Trevor no matter where you are. Visit to learn more.

On Annual Queer Youth Advocacy Day, students in California lobbied in Sacramento for two bills which would address safer schools and nondiscrimination policies. Trevor’s Education Manager, Arquimides Pacheco, supported students as they met with state officials to discuss the two bills and California’s newest LGBTQ laws.

-Sarina Aguirre, Sr. Community Engagement Manager


DIGITAL DESTINATIONS We have some exciting digital initiatives launching this summer! Trevor is providing several outlets for our virtual supporters to become further engaged with us. So when you’re done reading this newsletter, visit our social media pages to participate in the following activities. Just in time for the 2012 Pride season, you can order official Trevor gear to proudly show your support for LGBTQ youth! Trevor is offering official tees, tank-tops, wristbands, stickers and buttons through our website. Visit to place an order, and check back often as new stock is added. Speaking of Pride, no matter where you’re celebrating you can still participate in our Instagram Photo Contest, launching June 1. Every week throughout June and July, we will host a new weekly photo challenge and give away fabulous prizes! To enter, tag your Instagram photos with #trevorpride and visit to see the full list of photo challenges. Want to be part of Trevor’s new NTL campaign? We need your help to complete a digital photo mosaic, sponsored by Esurance. For every photo added to the mosaic, Esurance will make a donation to The Trevor Project! This campaign will run June 1-July 31, so please visit to participate and help us spread the word to NTL when you Need to Talk Live. Thanks for your ongoing support and don’t forget to visit us online! @trevorproject

-Ryan Lombardini, Digital Marketing Manager

SPRING FLING! This March, Trevor NextGen New York held their 3rd annual Spring Fling to support and raise awareness for The Trevor Project. Held at the Bowery Hotel, the event featured a live performance by Nick Adams from Broadway’s Priscilla Queen of the Desert, music by DJ Keo Nozari and a complimentary hosted bar by Absolut, MillerCoors, Ole Smokey Moonshine, and Barefoot Wines. The silent auction included roundtrip air tickets on JetBlue Airways and a full wardrobe from Behaviour, plus a raffle for a luxurious stay at Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Among Trevor’s more popular events, Spring Fling sold out in less than 12 hours. Trevor NextGen educated Spring Fling’s 600 guests about Trevor’s life-saving programs through streaming media on large screen televisions throughout the night and a Friends of Trevor station where everyone could learn more about Trevor and how to get involved and support the organization. NextGen would like to thank gold star sponsor Weil, Gotshal, and Manges, LLP, and silver star sponsors The Blackstone Foundation and HBO, as well as event co-chairs Matthew Schwartz and Colin Stayton, events Vice Chair Carlos Alvarado, and the more than 20 members of the Spring Fling planning team and 30 volunteers who worked incredibly hard to create such a successful event. For more information about Trevor NextGen and upcoming events, please contact us at -Matt Falber, Trevor NextGen New York



Members of Friends of Trevor annually support the important work of The Trevor Project by contributing $500 or more. Its members are committed to ensuring the health and well-being of our youth and the livelihood of the organization. This list represents donors through May 7, 2012. GUARDIAN $25,000 + Anonymous Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS David C. Bryan Ed Cauduro Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation Roland Emmerich Fast Retailing USA, Inc. Jodie Foster Kathy Griffin David H. Jacobs Matthew Jenner & Tom Wanless Sir Elton John & David Furnish Kim Kardashian Kathy Kwan & Alan Eustace Jon Murray & Harvey Reese Daniel Radcliffe Walter Schild & Dilson De Almeida Paul Singer Jeff R. Stone COUNSELOR $10,000 $24,999 Lisa Addeo The David Bohnett Foundation Gregory P. Cox, CFRE Elvis Duran Michael H. Epstein & Scott E. Schwimer Gregory Evans Ian Fette Robert Greenblatt Kathy Kinney Michael A. Leppen Jane Lynch & Lara Embry Kenneth B. Mehlman ROCKCARES: The Norris Rocaberte Family Foundation Frank Pond Adam Press Tom Rosato & Jack Garrity Douglas Gerard Vetter Peter Walsh Kevin Williamson ADVISOR $5,000 - $9,999 Timothy Aldrete George A. Bednar & Chip Wheeler Thomas A. Blount Jeremy Coleman & Trent Hurst Command Public Relations, Inc. Ryan Cotton DirecTV Nicholas Donatiello Clay Drinko Jennifer & Scott Frank Bill Frew Carson Gaspar Chelsea Handler Julie Harris & Amy Yoakum Steven Holley The Hollywood Charity Horse Show Jet Corp The Gwendolyn Jones Trust Steven King Jacob Klempner Brittany Larson Karen Lehner Pamela Levy Krisha Loftus Jerry Magar Patrick Mahanger & Kevin Baumlin Ginny McCulloh & Nancy Kohlreiter Frank & Theresa Morris Jim Murphy NBC Universal Daniel Nicoletta Michael O’Neil James F. Paolucci, Jr. Ramon Perez-Egana Monge, MD Sandra Poston & Scott McPhail* Alan Poul Grey Sample

Kristen R. Schon Neil Spisak The Staley Family Foundation John Steffens Colin Sterling Ricky Strauss* & Tom Newman David Suk David Van Oostendorp Nicolas Wauters Jeff Whaley MENTOR $2,500 - $4,999 Anonymous Chris Allieri* & Gene Fischer John Aylward Florence Azria Paris & Christopher Barclay Rick Bartalini Eric J. Barton Neil E. Beecher & Vern Richards Amber Benson Gregg Busch Lauren S. Carpenter Pam Clifford Warren Cohn Rodrigo Dillon Michael Dittbenner Keith Downs Michael Dudding Douglas Ferguson Tim Field, Ph.D. Michael J. Ford Ralph Furlo James Goldrick Dennis P. Grant Jeffrey Grossman David Hardy Anne Hathaway Robert Hawthorne Galen, Leah & Ben Hoskin Bret H. Hunter: A Law Corporation The It Gets Better Project Don J. Jerabek & Butler J. Rondeno Blanding U. Jones, MD Robyn M. King & Julie Van Dyne Sue Kroll Lisa Kudrow & Michel Stern Kyle D. Kusche Juan Lagorio George Larribas Peter Lease & Edward Wood Craig Leavitt Laurence Leive Robert Lekstrom Joshua and Sara Margulis & David McFarland & Stanislav Borisov The Morrison & Foerster Foundation Vaughn Murray Harley Neuman & Daniel Lam New York State Funeral Directors Barth Norton Jason R. Oclaray* Barry Pollard Scott Prevost Marquita M. Pring Profiles In History Ruben Ramirez* Chuck Ranberg & Bob Fisher Sherrie Richey Ashley N. Robinson Rocky Mountain Court System, Inc. RJ Rousso Andrew Silver & David McGrath Jeffrey Simpson Borja Sotomayor Kathleen & Bruce Stevens Stephen & Gail Stonehouse Ron Valdez Sara Jean & Alexei A. Van Ingen Leonard Woods World of Wonder Productions Nathaniel Yap

SUPPORTER $1,000 - $2,499 Anonymous Joshua Adams Stamos Akrivos Jac Alati Lora Alexander Jeffrey & Linda Allport Nancy Altobello Jirka Ambroz Garth Ancier Peter Apostolakis Jason Arbuckle & Mark Arena Wendy Armitage Jonathan Arnold Madelyn Arnold The Arnold Family Foundation Alan Arrigoni Dennis Arriola & Janet Winnick Jonathon Aubry Brian Avila Jay Ayers & Matthew Walker Richard Ayoub* & Nick Urbom Robbie Bagwell Christopher Baker John Barker Josh Barry & Philip Matthys Matthew Bassignani Sunny Bates Catherine Bauer Chris Beckmann Sabrina A. Beldner & Jessica Lewis James & Jane Berk Greg Berlanti Mitchell Berlin Brian Bish & Jack Winn Chris Blank Lori Blantin Joshua Bloch Chad Boettcher Robert Bofman Brian Bohl David Bolz David Bower Ben Boyd & Dennis Adamson Jesse Brandl Lisa Brende* Anne Bresler Richard A. Brome Brian Brookey & Kevin L. Cordova Linda Brosseau Robert Bruckert Bruvion Travel Todd Buchner James Burba & Bob Hayes Tom Burke & Steve Rostine Todd Burton Patrick Bynum Tim & Catherine Cadogan Denis Cagna & Carlos Medina Walter Cain Norman B. Callahan Ken Campbell* Andre Caraco* & David Azulay Chris Carolan John Carpenter Penny & Bruce Castleman Philip Chaffin Ravi Chandrasekaran & Kaela Chandrasekaran Michael Chisek Irene Chou Harry Clark Jason Cole Carl Coleman Chris Colfer David Crawford & Rick Klapak Jennifer Creegan Erik Cummings Dimitri Czupyco Cam Davis Camden Davis Bruce Davis & Rob Murray Raymond DeAngelo Julianne DeCaro Nicholas Dehnert Jason Denby

Richard Desroche The Grant and Virginia DeVaul Charitable Fund Kent Dillon Derrick Djang Daniel Dodgen Michael Donovan Brian J. Dorsey* Christian C. Dowell* Calen Drever Ian Dunn John Ealy Stuart Early Karl Eber Bryan Eckelmann David J. Edelsohn Daniel Edwards Jim Edwards David Edwards Max Ember Robert A. Ermanski David Etter Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Advent J. Scott Evans Joseph Eviatar & Eric Johnson John Fahr Merritt Farren & Michael Means Lynne H. Federman & Joseph Kord Michael Feldman & Art Jalandoni Jeffrey Fersch First Parish Church In Norwell Jeffrey Fishberger, M.D.* Ford Models, Inc. Page Foshee Carol Franger & Dan Ng Rick Frazier Michael Frese F. Mark Fucci Shawn Fultz Anthony Galloway Cynthia Gamble Albert Garcia Celina Gerbic Tony Giannini Howard Gold & Harold Bahr Oscar J. Gonzalez Thomas Gotlund Richard E. Gould, M.D. Charlie Grandinetti Bonnie Graves* & Adrian Sexton Lorraine C. Gray Donald Grimm GW LGBT Resource Center Sarah Haberman Ronald S. Haft Clayton Hagan Dino Hainline David Hall Simon Halls & Matt Bomer Van Hardison, Ph.D, R.N. W. David Hardy, M.D. Stefanie Harmon Jon Hartmere Craig Hartzman & James John Gordon Hawthorne Garrett Hayashida Robert Hayden, III Sean Hayes Thad Hayes Greg S. Heanue Mel Heifetz Allan Heinberg Andy Hendricks Jackie Henneberg Rodney Hill Stephen Hipp & Brian A. Rogers Barry Hoffman & Chris Larson James Holobaugh Robert W. Hornak Peter Ily Huemer Bradley Hull Antonia Hutt Thomas Iacovantuono ICON Foundation

Mark J. Idalski Brad Jacobson Jay Jeffers & Michael Purdy Jeffrey K. Jensen & Nicholas Jaggi Richard Johnson Mark Johnson Jay Johnson Pat Johnson Erik Jones Matthew Jozwiak Meredith Kadlec* & Michelle Paradise Barbara Kana Mark Kanemura Bob M. Kasunic Kayne Foundation John B. Kennedy Al Killen-Harvey D. Lance King Bruce King Patricia Kirsch Ajit J. Kokkat Jeffrey A. Kramer Nick Kurczewski & Matt Rosentein George Labella Sal Ladestro Philip Laffey Anthony Lakavage Renee & Carl Landegger Brian Langdon David Larsen Brenda K. Lawley Rick H. Lee Nancy Lee & Marie Wilson Jay Lesiger Reginald Lewis Michael Lewis Peter Lien Philip Linnard Shyrl L. Lorino Los Angeles Breakfast Club Foundation Russell Love John Lundsten Luan Luu & Huy Vo Mike Malone Chris D. Man & Adam T. Marquez Anthony Maniche Dominick Marangi Jhoni Marchinko The Grace R. and Alan D. Marcus Foundation Gina Mariko-Rosales MarkMonitor Marksmen Dennis Markus James Marlin Julie Marshall Tim Martinez Eric J. Maryanov & Richard Chambers Joff Masukawa Chris McClain Vincent McCormick Sean McGill Brian McGuire Sean R. McManus Darren McNelis Michael Medeiros & David Henry Jeff Meleski & Steven J. Markov Kim Memeger Eddie Mercado Paul Merrell Jose l. Minan Nadine Mirchandani The Misner Family Anil Mohin & John Scholz Eric Moreno Morrison Consulting John Morse


David Mortimer Roberto Munoz & Steve McCuen Robert Murphy Max Mutchnick & Erik Hyman Russ Nash Ed Neppl & Scott Mitchell Phu Ngo No California Rainbow Divers Christine North Megan O’Brien Lee Obrzut & Daniel Ling Gaynon & Linda Oclaray Lee O’Conner Jane O’Connor John O’Hara Renee Olstead Michael O’Malley O’Melveny & Myers LLP Paul Oppedisano Stephen Oremus Gary S. Orgel & Michael S. Burak Jonathan Oriole Susan Otto Randall Palmer Jack Pan Maulik Pancholy Richard & Karen Panse Paramount Pictures Richard & Ellen Passov Scott Patterson David Pennington Nicholas Pepper Mark Perin Mark Perrin The Jay & Rose Phillips Family Foundation Doug Piper & Scott E. Miller Kristina M. Pisanelli Tim Pittsford Memorial Fund Chris Pomeroy Tim Price David Pulley Kathryn M. Quigley Ranesh Ramanathan Joseph Redinger Jennifer Reinheimer Bjorn Rettig & Anja Rettig Rhino Entertainment Robert Rhodehamel & Dana Snyder David Richardson Bruce Richman Jon Richmond Henry Riley Richard L. Rivero Roaring Fork Gay & Lesbian Community Fund Frank M. Robinson Dianne Robinson Jonathan Rock & Patrick DelaCruz Brenda Rodriguez-Maldonado Luis Rodriguez-Villa Lou Romano Paul Rosenberg Frank Rorie & Dianne Molina* Matt Rudary Jason M. Rudman Jennifer Rumbach Donald Russell Brady Sandahl Adam Sanderson Arlene Sanford & Devra Lieb Dana Sari Vahan Saroians The Saver Family Sean Savery Robert Sbarbaro Matthew Schaab Lewis M. Scheinert & David Green Douglas Schiffman & Suzanne Schiffman Ernest Schmider Heidi Schulz & Michael Ryder Nick Seaver Philip Selway Brian Selznick


Bonnie Sheren Singhal & Company, Inc. Gregory Singleton J. Knighten Smit Jubal Smith Patrick Smith & Carter Covington David Sobottka Richard Sonenklar & Gregory Haynes Christi Sorrells Dan Spinello Jennifer Sporl St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church St. Pete Pride, Inc. David Stainton Andrew Stearn Steven Stepanian & Jeffrey Roy Chaz Stevens & Marty Kovacevich Christopher Stewart Eric Stine Jason Subia Michael Sucsy Damon Suden Stephen Sulecki Tim Sullivan Sibel Sunsar Jeffrey Sweat Gregory & Valerie Swisher Mike Syers & Darryl Hudak Taber Szuluk Patrick Tallarico George Tallichet Suzanne Taylor & Julie Rieger Brian J. Theobald & Scott DeShong Matthew Thompson & Christie Thomas Craig E. Thompson Lasse Thorenfeldt Tere Throenle-Somaini Heather Tom & Marie Tom Randy Trahan Michael Tsiang Paul Unson Alan Uphold & Jeff Olde Bert Vander Meeren Victor Vecchiariello Francis Voci Diane Wade Brian Walpole Timothy Walsh Owen J. Ward Jason Watters Lewis Weaser & Ed Fitzpatrick Justin Wee Gadi Weinreich Kenneth P. Werner Frederick Wertheim Keith Whelan Keola Whittaker Scott Widmeyer & Alan Yount David Williams Mark Wilson Jack Winn Jane Wishon Jeffrey Paul Wolff* Chuck Wood & Eric Overholtzer Steve Wood Eric Woodruff Christine Woods Jane Wu William Wuensche Jess Yescalis Cynthia Yeung Alex Yim MEMBER $500 - $999 Anonymous Hammon P. Acuna & Jeff Muehl Scott Adams Anthony J. Adelman Paul Adler Jordan Agee John Agnew Sarina Aguirre & Karen Smith John Alchin & Hal Marryatt


Tim Alevizos Chris Alexander Paige Allen David Ampleford David A. Anderson & Travis Oakden Zachary Antolak William Araiza Alex Araujo Scott Archimbaud Michael Arnold Angie Arrowood Robert Aspel Matt Austin Stace Baal Babyhead Productions, Inc. Bryn Bachman Joe Badera Adam Banks Juan Barajas Andrew Barak, M.D. Daniel Barakat Joseph Baran John Barba & Juan Carlos Rivas Jonathan Barnett Daniel Barnz Chris Barrett Robert B. Barrett Todd Bates Alvin H. Baum Daniel Bauman Edward F. Baxley & Jordan Godfrey Vanessa Benavides & Sheila Bryant Stephen Bennett & Craig Ferrier Cary Berglund Peter Berman Mark Berman Richard Bernstein Ronald Berry Robert Bethge Kevin Biersack & James Fulk Bo Billups Larry Blake Alexis Bleich Mike Bloch Harrison Bloom Scott Bloom Dave Bock Boenning & Scattergood, Inc. Mandy Boles David Bonavita & Jake Marsden Bruce G. Bonn Jason Bopp Todd Bouldin Paul Bower Melissa Bower Friends of Barbara Boxer Paul Bradshaw & Stacey Smith Travis Braha & Daniel Wismer Jennie Brandt & Victor Sahn John Breast Brian Breheny Jay Bridges Robert Britton Broadway Performing Arts, LLC Jacob Brooks-Harris John Brosnihan Bruce Brown Robert & Connie Brown Matthew M. Brown & James Gehering Macaulay Bruton & Wendy Satmary Shauna Bryce Dean Bryden Dan Bucatinsky David Buchan & Jeff Ryel Zechariah Burger John Burkhardt John Campbell Judith Campbell David F. Caracta Dave Castleman Scott Catto

Chris Cavanagh Benjamin Cave Alex Chang Clifton Chao Payas Chhetri Jeffrey Chin Chris Isaacson Presents, LLC Jason Cilo Michael Shane Clark Gary Clark & John Stankewitz Jason Clodfelter Bruce Cohen Joshua Cohen Michael Cohen John Cohn Nicholas Colletti Commonwealth Counseling Associates, PC Complete Internet Consulting, Inc. Richard S. Comras Eleonore Condo Nicholas S. Constantakis & Amadis Cruz-Gomez Jake Conway Catherine L. Cooke Shirley Cooper Catherine Cora Sandy & Rob Corddry Keith Courtney Nathan Coyle William Cram John Cramer & Eddie Munoz Michael Crane Alex Crohn Jeffrey B. Curbo Peter Dangerfield Wes Davey Jeff Davis Adrienne Day Kimberly Dean & Caroline Sherman Delta Lambda Phi National Social Fraternity Chad Demartino AJ Desjardins Phrank Devine Kerry Dietz John DiFiore & Ryan Ferrari Michele DiPietro Jeff Disney, M.D. Diversity Platinum Rewards, Inc. Shelly Dobson Anthony Dolce Rosa Dominguez Michael Donscheski Ron Dostal Michael Driscoll & Ben McOmber Brian Duck Duke OUTLaw Colin Dusenbury Ryan Dy Will Edwards Karl Eichelberger Alan Eisen Steven Eldredge Elliot Epstein Jeffrey Escabar Larry Evans Jason Fairchild Eric Fanning Fred Farris Omar Fattal Michael Faulkner Mary Jane Favazza Daniel M. Fawcett Douglas Fearing Steve & Pattie Fehr Michael Fernandes Joseph P. Figlow Ed Fink Steve & Andrea Fishberger Phillip Flavin John B. Fleming Anne Fletcher David Flugman Barrett Foa The Focal Point, LLC

Walter Foery & Ransom Wilson Patricia Foster Brian Fox Bryan Frank Bryan J. Franzen Paul Fulkerson Robert W. Funk Bryce W. Furness Daniel W. Gagen Julie Gaines Don Gaiser Kenny Gallagher Gregory Ganci Conor Gaughan Josh Gaunya Jaimie Gebler Steven Gee Charna Gerstenhaber Wendy Gillespie Gregory Gilmore Steven J. Goodwillie Willard B. Gorodner Mary & Jeff Gorski Jessica Graham Chris Graham & Mike Albo David M. Grant Brunson Green Barry Greenblatt Gerald & Darrell Greene Darrell Greene William Greene Jason Greif & Leanne Hamovich Jill Grey Deane Gross Warren Gump Maria Gust Khaled Habayeb David H. Haffenreffer & Lara Haffenreffer Joseph Halbach Geoff Hamill Christopher Handler Charles Hansen Conrad Hanson Kathryn Hansz Khaled Harbayeb Ryan Harlow-Nakano & Jeff Harlow-Nakano Michael P. Harrell Todd Harris Christopher Harris Amy Harris Nancy Hartunian Larry Hashbarger Eric Hassel James Hawley Jeffrey Heaphy Olaf Hedrich Debra Ann Herrick Cathy Heumann Robert C. Hickman Abraham Higginbotham & Steven Petrarca Jacob M. Hill Michael Hill Perez Hilton Terrance Hines Michael J.W. Hines J. Hobart & Mary S. Wilberding James Hoffbauer & Reuben Carranza Sara Hoffman Jeffrey Hoffman Hollis Stern Charitable Fund Michael Holloway Jason Hopwood Silvio Horta William A. Houlette Jason Howcroft Mark Howell Terry Huang Clifford Hurley The Imperial Court De San Diego, Inc. John Jablonski Brad Jakeman

Frank Jakka Melissa Jantzen Michael Jarvis, Ph.D. Sue Jeffers Jim Jenkins Lawrence T. Johnson & Vincent Cousineau Scott Johnson & Fredda Johnson Gregory Jones & Jonathan Howard Richard Kagan Matthew & Tamar Kane Mark Katz & Bob Goodman Christopher Keane Paul B. Kemble James Kennedy Keya Khayatian Kevin King Jon Kinnally & Chris Young David C. Kleiman Danielle Knight Alex Knight Paul Koenigsberg Justin Korczg David Koz Ram Krishnan Mike Kuczkowski Thomas Kula Andrew Kuziemko Julianne LaMarche Dennis Lamont Christopher Landon Russell James Landry Ryan Lapine Kathleen Larson Robert D. Lawrence Jeremiah T. Leamy Maye Lebby Tracy Leff Lyndsay Lehner Erik Lepis Steve Levine Mark Levine Mary Lewis Jeff Lex Joel Lichtenwalter Laura Light The Linden Bay Collaborative Andrew Z. Linsky Rebekah Lipsky Blake Little Matthew & Elizabeth Little Mark Lombardini & Cynthia Kim Dennis Lonergan & John Graves Ann Lopez Tom Lotito Paul & Kelly Lountzis Mike Lu Michael Lucas & Jason Sigala James Lundin Robert K. Lupton Brittney Lutters Karen Lyons May Maas Jill Macklem William Madway Deborah S. Magid Patrick Mahoney & John English Mal Warwick Associates John Malitzis Scott Malzahn Arvind Manocha & Gideon Malone Richard Markel Mark Markline Vicki Martin Darrin Martin Ricardo Martinez Brian J. Martinsen David Maschinot Melissa Mason Brian Matthew Melissa May-Broyles

Nathan Mayfield & Matt Theaker Christina McCarthy & Michael McCarthy Jerrod McClung Kip McClure Neil W. McDaniel & Amelia G. McDaniel Mary Elizabeth McGarry Peter McManus James McNamara Darren McRoy Medialink, LLC Melissa Medonca Svend Mejdal Melissa Mendonca Megan Menezes David Michaels Stephen Middlebrook Scott Milagro-Fotre Bernard Milan Trenton Miles Susan Miller James Miller Sara Minton & Laura Williams Brad Miyasato & Brad Duerre Sarah Moecker Carl B. Moellenberg Tomas Molina Nicholas Monje Joseph Montella Tony Montenieri Alain Montour Michael G. Moore Jahie Moore-Johnson Mark Morales & Michael Mirch Paula Morency Jason Mulgrew Paul Murphy Joseph Murray Kevin Myers Solmaz Nabipour & Lisa Brooks Dan Nance Michael Nardelli Roger Nassar Derek Naten National Business Insurance Agency Daniel S. Nelms James E. Nicolay & Patrick Kelly Pieter Noomen Bryan Noon NorCal PwC OPEN Robert Norris Michael J. Norton* Steve Nuskiewicz Janet OBrien Rachel O’Connor Ryan D. Offutt Mike Oh Fredric Ohm Nora Olsen Open Door Ministries Bryant Page Will Palley John Palmer Virginia Palmer Han Park Daniel Parker David A. Parker Marilyn Pate Michael Patrick Michael Paul Alex Paul David Paul Jamie Paul Catherine Paura Steven Pecoraro Jamie Pedroza & Jason Pedroza Gilbert Perez Marie Petulla Kevin Philip & Josh Miller Freddie Phillips Christy Phillips Anthony Phipps Jamie Pierce James Pierce & Richard Cresswell Ellen & John Pillsbury Pine Tree Foundation Matt Pisanelli

Susan B. Plum Vincent Pompei Carol Poole Barrett Porter Edward Potocek Kevin Potter Jeff Poulos Eric P. Pourmand Luke Powell Benjamin G. Presnell Pablo Prietto & Jon Bok Howard Pulchin Peggy Rajski* Josh Ramirez Deborah Randolph Jason Rath Philip Rathke Louis Re Red Hook Central School James Reese Luke Reichle Calvin Remsberg Rae Renney Stephen Resnick Jean Rhodes & Karl Dane Wittrup Richard Montgomery High School David Ridder Gregory Riggs Lisa Ripley Kathleen Rivera & Sally Lewis William Roberts Robin Roberts Barry Robertson & James Newton Dawn Robinson Julie A. Robinson & Christopher Robinson Amy Rodman Jason Rohloff Jason Romaine Lynne Rosenberg Paul Rosicker Michael A. Ross Bradley Ross Kamen Ross Jennifer Rowland Michelle Rowley RPM Designs John Rugg Ariel Ruiz Jerry Ruiz Raymond Russell William Ryan Scott Salik Brian Salzman Renato Sampaio Gumercindo Samson Ruben D. Sanchez Kerry Sarnoski Donna & Michael C. Sasso Lila Savada & Alan J. Savda Carleton Saxton Claire Scanlon Sarah A. Scanlon Dave Schaar Jason Schlachet Gene Schmidgall Nathan Schneiderman Mark J. Scott Jim Scott Curtis L. Scribner Jeff Sebak Gary Seiden Greg G. Seremetis Barry Shill Dennis Shine Brian Shipkin & Simona Masini Michael Shippy Mark Shortt Michael Shusman Mark Sikes Peter Silberman Frank Silverio Karla Simei Kimberly Simon Edward Simon Chad Simpson & Chad Corning Robert R. Sinacore Adam Singer Richard Skolnik

Robert Skversky Jonathan T. Smith Charles Smith Mel Smith & Dan Punt Carl Smith Janet Byrne Smith Christopher Smith & Mark Moreno Steven C. Smith Michael Sokol Catharine Soros & Jeffrey Soros Michael Sprague Shaun L. Staheli Michael Steigely & Enrique Vargas Willow Stelzer Dwight Sterling Michael Stevens David Straube & James D. Kloiber Michael Strich Leif Strickland Mary D. Stroup Sarah Stuart Eric Stupar Rich Sullivan Cecelia Sullivan Indraneel Sur Anthony Surratt Sally Susman Dominic Suszanski John Sykes Chandler M. Tagliabue & Paul J. Tagliabue Joseph Tague Nitsan Tal Anthony Tan & Jeff Brown Michael Tate Todd Tautfest Jason Taylor Travis Taylor Temple Emanu-el Barry & Jan Teter Kamalprit Thandi Cameron Thompson Jonathan Thompson Timbre Development Group, LLC Donald Tingle Henry Tirado Brian Tobin Fred Toczek Luis Tollinche Ziad Toubassy & Anthony Danna John Trammell Marcie Tran The Treadstone Group, Inc. Karen Trilevsky Tropical Rentals, Inc. Timothy Trotter

Steve Trowbridge & Joshua Gonzalez Adam Turnbull William Tuttle Unitarian Fellowship of Porterville Duane Vajgrt Nathan Van Dyke Scott Vandermyde Varian Medical System Scott Vaughn Peter Volberding Todd Wadzinski & Alexander Rea Mike Wald Jeffrey Walker Ryan Wallace R. Scott Wallis Justin L. Wanagel Jason Wanderer Kevin Watkins James Webb Eric A. Webber & Gerard C. Kraaijeveld Whitney B. Weber Kelly Wellman John & Marilyn Wells Aaron Wessels Brent Whaling Tom Whitman Mary & Tom Whitman Jud Whyte Shera Wiegler Jay Wiley Melville Willard Erika Willhite Justin Williams Joey Williams Anna Williams Philip Wimpenny Dan Winship Brian Winterfeldt & Omar Akrouk Noah E. Wood Paul Wood The Campers at The Woods Campground, Lehighton, PA Peter Yacobellis Mehmet Yalin Steve Yeager Hudson Young Gregory Zeleny David Zenker Angel Zhang Joseph Zibrak Allen G. Zippin & Charles E. Woods David Zucker & David Whiman

*Denotes member of the Board of Directors


The Circle of Life recognizes individuals who have created gifts to The Trevor Project through planned giving either in their estate planning or as a bequest: Anonymous Gregory Pierre Cox Brad L. Daily & J. David Richardson John P. Kefferstan David F. Lee III Michael Love Peace Rick & David McGilton-McGlamery Robert M. Neubauer Living Trust Arlene Reed Bequest Tithe on behalf of Hollywood Lutheran Church Charles Robbins Eleanor J. Ross Trust Aleida Estela Santiago Jeffrey Schiffman Brad St. Ores Valarie K. Westberg The Estate of Jimmie Wilson

If we have inadvertently omitted or incorrectly listed your name, please contact our Major Gifts Officer, Brian Davis, at (310) 271-8845 x257.



8704 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 200 West Hollywood, CA 90069 T 310.271.8845 F 310.271.8846 E



We extend our thanks to the following foundations that have provided general operating and program-related funding to The Trevor Project as of May 2012: $20,000 + Bank Of America The Bob Ross Foundation Ernest Lieblich Foundation Gesso Foundation The Helene Foundation Human Rights Campaign Foundation H Van Ameringen Foundation The R. Scott Hitt Foundation Small Change Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation Yahoo! Employee Foundation $10,000 - $19,999 Allinder-Anestis Family Charitable Anonymous Bank of New York Mellon Community Partnership Citi Trust Diving For Life, Inc. The Herbst Foundation, Inc. Kellogg’s Melcher Charitable Foundation Orchard Foundation Rainbow Endowment, Inc. Sheri and Les Biller Family Foundation $5,000 - $9,999 Anonymous The Barbara Epstein Foundation The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Disney VoluntEARS Community Fund Dyson Foundation

Employees Community Fund of Boeing California General Motors Foundation The Gwladys and John Zurlo Charitable Foundation Marshalls & The TJX Foundation Schnieders Family Foundation $1,000 - $4,999 BelleJARFoundation Bruce J. Heim Foundation The Daniel M. Neidich and Brooke Garber Foundation Diane and Howard Wohl Family Foundation, Inc. East Tennessee Foundation Entertainment Industry Foundation Equality California Institute Frieda C. Fox Foundation Grace Helen Spearman Charitable Foundation Horizons Foundation The Jay & Rose Phillips Family Foundation Kicking Assets Fund of the Tide Foundation Leslie Family Foundation Milton and Miriam Waldbaum Family Foundation US Bank

Abbe Land Executive Director & CEO ADMINISTRATION Richard Rocha Executive Assistant Porscha Ferguson Jr Staff Accountant Tracy Ferrell Database Administrator Brent Webster Receptionist PROGRAMS Phoenix Schneider Program Director Kelli Peterman Sr Crisis Services Manager Odalis Gonzalez Crisis Services Manager Brock Dumville Crisis Services Manager Suzie Rudloff Crisis Services Manager

Amit Routh Digital Crisis Services Manager Kip Williams Interim Crisis Services Manager Nathan Belyeu Sr Education Manager Wes Nemenz Education Manager

Rachel Lichtman Communications Associate MARKETING Jenessa Connor Marketing Director Ryan Lombardini Digital Marketing Manager Steven Hannigan Marketing Coordinator

Arquimides Pacheco Education Manager

DEVELOPMENT Shawn Ingram Development Director

Sarina Aguirre Sr. Community Engagement Manager

Brian Davis Major Gifts Officer

Sandra Leon Volunteer Coordinator Shirley Vilca Volunteer Coordinator COMMUNICATIONS Laura McGinnis Communications Director

Tom Dow Major Gifts Officer Kevin Holt Development Associate Jenifer Ortiz Events Director Amy Rangel Human Resources Manager

THE TREVOR BOARD OF DIRECTORS James Lecesne, Founder Peggy Rajski, Founder Randy Stone (1958-2007), Founder Ricky Strauss, Interim Chair Bonnie Graves, Interim Vice Chair Meredith Kadlec, Vice Chair Christian Dowell, Secretary Jason Oclaray, Treasurer

Chris Allieri David Anderson Richard Ayoub Dustin Lance Black Lisa Brende Ken Campbell Andre Caraco Brian Dorsey Al Duncan

Jeffrey Fishberger, M.D. Joel Flatow Michael A. Graham Bill Harrison Scott A. McPhail Dianne Molina Michael Norton Ruben Ramirez Jeffrey Paul Wolff

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