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Volume 2, Issue 1 - Summer 2008

“I’m Glad I Failed” Social Marketing Campaign The Trevor Project launched its first-ever social marketing campaign this month, to coincide with National Suicide Prevention Week, which runs Sept. 7 through 13 and is sponsored by the American Association of Suicidology. The “I’m Glad I Failed” campaign, developed by Better World Advertising, seeks to educate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth about The Trevor Helpline as a resource they can turn to and open the eyes of straight youth to the potentially life-shattering consequences of being disrespectful toward their LGBTQ peers. The campaign also aims to raise the consciousness of broader audiences to the harmful effects of intolerance. The series of print and online advertisements feature four young people, representing those who have attempted suicide because of prejudice and harassment, who are glad they did not complete suicide because their lives have since changed for the better. The campaign delivers the powerful message that the despair leading to suicide can be resolved in a way that leads to a happy and fulfilling life. “This campaign sends all young people the critically important message that homophobia and ignorance truly can lead a friend or peer to attempt suicide,” said Charles Robbins, executive director and CEO, The Trevor Project. “It speaks to youth at a relatable level and encourages them to be accepting and supportive toward one another in order to avoid a tragic loss of life.” We are working to continue obtaining placements of the “I’m Glad I Failed” vignettes in youth-friendly and LGBT-oriented media outlets and on Web sites throughout the country. The advertisements have already been placed in print publications including The Advocate, Cosmopolitan and IN Los Angeles with possible runs planned for Sports Illustrated Teen and Teen magazines. The online banner advertisements are currently running on nearly 40 Web sites and blogs, including,, and Continued on page 2

Trevor NY Raises Lifesaving Proceeds Trevor New York, our eighth annual summer gala, was a fun-filled evening of fabulous entertainment complete with extraordinary guests and the underlying heartfelt message of the need for The Trevor Project’s lifesaving programs. The June 30 event at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City was hosted by Alec Mapa, host of Transamerican Love Story and a recurring character on Ugly Betty. Heather Matarazzo, Stephen Schwartz and George Takei, who attended with his husband-to-be, Brad Altman, were among the 280 guests in attendance. The Colin Higgins Foundation presented the third annual Youth Courage Awards to Devon Beardon, Kyle Rapinan, and Perre Shelton – three remarkable young people who have triumphed over adversity as LGBTQ youth. Shelton received a standing ovation when he recited a powerful poem he wrote after accepting his award. We also presented our annual honoree awards at the gala, including the presentation to Alan Cumming of The Trevor Hero Award. In his acceptance remarks, Cumming said, “For a long time, I’ve admired the work of Continued on page 3



This fall is an exciting time for The Trevor Project as we recognize National Suicide Prevention Week, maximize exposure of our social marketing campaign and welcome new volunteer counselors to The Trevor Helpline. As we work to increase our organizational visibility, we know we can reach more young people than ever before who are in need of our important programs and lifesaving services. As you will read in this issue’s cover story, the “I’m Glad I Failed” campaign is an exciting way for us to reach out to youth while simultaneously creating awareness about the necessity of promoting acceptance and advocating suicide prevention among all people. Learn about how you can help us continue deploying the campaign in the “Ways to Support Trevor” box on the back of this issue. In addition to the launch of our new campaign, a few exciting Trevor events took place throughout the past few months. Read about the many ways our volunteers on the East Coast helped ensure the success of our summer gala, Trevor New York, as well as the premiere of Sordid Lives: The Series, which benefited Trevor (page four). In August, we hosted our inaugural summer women’s event in Los Angeles, allowing us to connect with nearly 100 women in the community (photos on page five). We also wrapped up Pride season this summer, creating a Trevor presence at 12 Pride festivals throughout the country (page three). We know we can count on you, our friends, constituents and supporters, to help us continue to spread the word about Trevor and reach as many young people as possible. If you are interested in making a donation, exploring volunteer opportunities or simply learning more about The Trevor Project, please visit our Web site at I hope to see you at one of our upcoming events (see the back page of this issue for dates). Thank you for being an ally to LGBTQ youth. All my best, Charles


“I’m Glad I Failed” Social Marketing Campaign Continued from page 1 Many local LGBTQ-focused outlets throughout the country have also stepped up and agreed to run the advertisements. “Obtaining advertising and editorial exposure for the campaign in these sorts of outlets ensures that we reach our target audiences through the very sources they look to for information on a regular basis,” said Jacqueline Wing, communications manager, The Trevor Project. “By simultaneously building a presence on social networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace and YouTube, we’re looking to reach young people in places where they gather and share ideas.” In addition, campaign posters are being distributed to school districts and educational institutions. The Los Angeles Unified School District, San Francisco Unified School District and Orange County School District have all distributed “I’m Glad I Failed” posters among their campuses to increase awareness among students. The GLSEN Jump Start Team received posters as well. This campaign has the power to help young people change the way they think and act toward one another. It helps LGBTQ youth to understand that The Trevor Helpline is a free and confidential service that offers hope and someone to talk to, 24/7. “Feeling that you could be rejected or hurt because of who you are can be devastating, especially for a young person,” said Wing-Sum Doud, a volunteer counselor on The Trevor Helpline. “We are often the only resource our callers feel they can turn to, which can mean the difference between life and death.” The “I’m Glad I Failed” campaign is especially vital because suicide is one of the top three killers of all young people and LGBTQ youth are up to four times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers. “These statistics are disheartening and difficult to hear, and the ‘I’m Glad I Failed’ campaign is one more way for The Trevor Project to take initiative and protect our youth from becoming tragic statistics,” said Robbins. “Young people need to understand that they can be resources and lifelines for one another through their words and actions.” It is important that as many young people as possible are exposed to the “I’m Glad I Failed” social marketing campaign. If you have friends or colleagues who may be interested in helping distribute the campaign, please let us know. We are always open to hearing ideas about additional avenues we could explore to reach youth as well. For more information about the campaign and to learn about ways you can help us proactively reach young people with campaign materials, please see the “Ways to Support Trevor” box on the back of this newsletter. Thank you for helping us to save young lives!

Trevor New York Continued from page 1

Our friends at the Colin Higgins Foundation

The Trevor Project Founders Peggy Rajski & James Lecesne with Alan Cumming

The Trevor Project and the support they give to America’s gay youth, so I’m really delighted and honored to be given this award by such a great organization. The Trevor Project really inspired me so this award truly is special, and I will continue to try and further their goals in my life and work.”

Trevor’s Pride

Pride-InA-Box program created a strong presence at 13 Pride festivals nationwide. Thanks to the efforts of 134 volunteers, we collected the names of more than 1,200 individuals interested in learning more about The Trevor Project. The Pride-In-A-Box kit includes Trevor organizational materials to enable volunteers to reach out to Pride attendees and promote the mission of The Trevor Project at events across the country.

Pride-In-A-Box was a unique opportunity for us to reach local communities and continue building our national presence as an organization. We plan to extend the program to even more Pride festivals next year. If you would like to volunteer for a Pride event in your area next year, please contact Alan Gordon, database and volunteer manager, at

The audience also enjoyed a fun, star-studded entertainment program. Duncan Sheik opened the show with a song from Spring Awakening, Sandra Bernhard performed a stand-up comedy act, and Idina Menzel treated attendees to songs from Rent and Wicked, as well as songs from her new album. All in all, Trevor New York raised nearly $175,000 and, just as importantly, greatly increased Trevor’s visibility and its coverage by mainstream media.

MTV network, The N, was presented with The Trevor Commitment Award for its positive portrayals of LGBTQ youth in programs such as Degrassi: The Next Generation and South of Nowhere. In accepting the award, Sarah Tomassi Lindman, senior vice president and general manager at The N said, “We are honored to receive The Trevor Commitment Award and hope that our work with The Trevor Project continues to help raise awareness for this important organization More than 238 media placements were achieved and create ways for young people to express their from national outlets including, Access Hollywood and USA Today. Many popular LGBTQ feelings and discover they are not alone.” blogs posted write-ups about the event, The evening also included a tribute to Randy Stone, including AfterElton, Kenneth Cole’s AWEARNESS beloved co-founder of The Trevor Project, who died Blog, NewNowNext and PinkBananaWorld. unexpectedly last year. A short video presentation Trevor New York was principally sponsored by was shown that honored Stone’s work, humor and Barefoot Wine, Extreme Drinks and Sellers Dorsey.

This Pride season, Trevor’s

Motor City Pride in Michigan was one of our most successful Pride-In-A-Box events this year, with a team of enthusiastic volunteers collecting more than 500 names for our database. Likewise, The Trevor Project successfully reached out to Pride crowds in Los Angeles and New York, where more than 70 people marched in the parades and handed out Trevor logo fans to keep the spectators cool!

endearing spirit. The video featured commentary from Stone’s good friend Jodie Foster, as well as fellow co-founders of the Trevor Project and Trevor filmmakers, Peggy Rajski and James Lecesne.

The Trevor Project participates at pride festivals nationwide

Trevor’s Pride-In-A-Box display at New Jersey’s Pride Festival

Trevor volunteers before the West Hollywood Pride parade

The ultimate Trevor fan

Volunteers help set-up before the festival

New Trevor supporters visit the info booth


VOLUNCHEERS Helpline Update The Randy Stone call centers on the East and West Coasts have remained busy training new Helpline counselors. The newest Helpline counselors from the West Coast spring training class have completed their first shifts and are now active on the Helpline. The West Coast also completed its ninth training course in August, graduating 11 trainees, increasing the number of active counselors to 75 by the end of September. In honor of National Suicide Prevention Week, Helpline counselors in Los Angeles as well as Trevor staff members will participate in the 2008 Out of the Darkness Community Walk on September 13 to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Meanwhile, the East Coast call center recently completed its fourth training during its first year of operations, welcoming nine new counselors to the Helpline. Coming from a widely diverse group of backgrounds including construction, teaching and fashion, these new counselors proved that they have what it takes to support young people in a time of need. The training was a huge success and we are particularly grateful to counselors from the first two New York classes who stepped up to be mentors and role play leaders for the new class. As the summer trainees begin listening in on calls this month, the Helpline in New York will add two additional shifts, bringing the East Coast call center to a total of nine shifts per week on all seven days.


Highlighting the contributions of Trevor’s Volunteers

SPOTLIGHT: Helpline Counselor Helpline counselor, role play leader, mentor, event volunteer: the list of hats that Adrienne Smith wears as a volunteer at The Trevor Project is exhaustive. Smith manages to be successful in each area she volunteers in. Dave Reynolds, our East Coast call center manager, wrote about his appreciation for Smith’s contributions: “We have a long list of positive attributes that we look for when choosing a Helpline counselor, and Adrienne possesses a remarkable number of them. She is calm and collected despite having taken more rescue and high risk calls than any other counselor in New York. Don’t let her quiet demeanor fool you; she gets on the phone and does amazing work with young people. She is one of the most reliable and consistently strong volunteers we have ever seen at the Helpline, and cares deeply for the organization, its mission and its work. In two words, she is an ‘invaluable asset.’ “Adrienne has volunteered as a role play leader and mentor for every training class since her own, usually participating in all four training sessions. She has developed a reputation for being a challenging role play leader, though all trainees agree that they are highly prepared to take calls on the Helpline after working with her. In addition to all of her hard work on the Helpline, Adrienne has also given presentations to young people in New York City, been an event volunteer for the Sordid Lives: The Series premiere and walked in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Out of The Darkness 20-mile walk for suicide prevention. She is every organization’s dream volunteer, and Trevor owes her a great deal.” The Trevor Project team is fortunate and grateful to have Adrienne Smith involved in so many of the areas we work in. Thank you, Adrienne!

Thank You, East Coast Volunteers! This summer, our team of East Coast volunteers stepped up to the plate to help with Trevor New York and the New York City premiere of Sordid Lives: The Series of which The Trevor Project was the beneficiary. At Trevor New York, 40 volunteers collectively contributed 98 hours on the day of the event. They helped with setting up, will call, the silent and live auctions, event flow and talent management. At the premiere of Sordid Lives: The Series, 12 dedicated volunteers assisted with various projects. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to ensure the success of both events!


Images from Trevor Events 1

Trevor NY - June 30 Our eighth annual summer gala, Trevor New York, was held at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City. A total of 280 guests attended the event, which was chaired by Brian Dorsey and Joel Flatow.



1. George Takei, Lisa Lampanelli, Brad Altman and Trevor supporters 2. Adamo Ruggiero 3. Idina Menzel 4. Trevor supporters 5. Guests at Trevor New York

Sordid Lives - July 15 3

The Trevor Project was the beneficiary of the New York City premiere of Sordid Lives: The Series on July 15. The event raised $35,000 for The Trevor Project.


6. Sordid Lives: The Series cast members with Charles Robbins and Trevor supporters

LA Women’s Event - August 17 Our inaugural women’s event was held at Blü Beverly Hills. Nearly 100 women attended to learn more about The Trevor Project’s programs and ways to become involved with the organization. 7 through 9. Trevor supporters



Photo Credits: The Trevor Project Trevor News Editors: Heidi Schulz and Al Duncan




... Dear Joan,

“Dear Trevor” is an anonymous online Question & Answer forum in which young people can ask non-urgent questions about issues related to sexual orientation and identity. Letters are posted on The Trevor Helpline’s Web site, By sharing these letters in a public forum, The Trevor Project hopes to reach out to young people to let them know they are not alone in their various struggles.


Dear Trevor, When I told my best friend that I am a lesbian, she didn’t believe me. She said that I’m only 13 and there’s no way I could know. The next day she was trying to hook me up with guys. I told her, “I told you I’m gay,” and she said, “you’re not.” I ran into the bathroom crying and missed my last class because of it. She hasn’t talked to me since, and she told my friends at school that I am a lesbian. Now nobody talks to me and I get freaky stares from everyone. Help me, please.

LGBTQ Youth News


You are a very special person, knowing who you are, and being able to be open with your best friend about being a lesbian. Many people aren’t able to do this until much later in their life, if at all. It’s really sad that your best friend wasn’t able to be more supportive of you and it’s understandable that her reaction would be so upsetting. When things are so hard, it’s really important that you have support and people you can talk to. It might be helpful to talk with other lesbian and gay young people. Is there a Gay-Straight Alliance at your school where you could meet other lesbian and gay students and get support? is a safe place where you can chat online with other lesbian and gay young people. Do you have some friends outside of school that you could talk to about all of the things going on at school? Is there a counselor at school that you could talk to about what’s been going on? You can also call The Trevor Helpline to speak with one of our counselors; they’re here for you 24/7. Just as it can take time for people to be accepting of their own sexual orientation, it can also take time for the people we care about to be accepting and supportive. Sometimes these people, including your best friend, may become more accepting. Just remember that we are always here for you at The Trevor Helpline for support, guidance and to talk about anything you’d like. -Trevor

Each quarter, Trevor News will include a sampling of stories from local and national media that cover issues affecting LGBTQ youth and which are relevant to Trevor’s mission.

California School District Seeks to Create Acceptance after Lawrence King’s Death

California Governor Schwarzenegger Supports Youth Suicide Prevention

The tragic school shooting in Oxnard, Calif. that claimed 14-year-old Lawrence King’s life has urged school administrators and students within the Hueneme School District in Oxnard to encourage acceptance. In July, the Hueneme School District board voted unanimously to pioneer a program that will encourage acceptance and teach students to seek adult assistance when needed. Developed by district officials, counselors and a mental health specialist, the pilot program will focus on sixth-graders, who are particularly vulnerable to peer pressure and bullying. The first phase of the program includes 12 weekly classroom sessions with videos and discussions facilitated by mental health professionals while the second phase facilitates small group discussions for students. We truly hope that students will learn to create safe, accepting environments for one another so that we never hear about a tragic death like Lawrence King’s again.

On July 18, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California signed the Jason Flatt Act, which seeks to help prevent youth suicide. The bill authorizes school districts to use a portion of their Professional Development Block Grant funding to pay for suicide prevention training for teachers. The bill is named for Jason Flatt, who completed suicide at age 16. “Losing even one young life to suicide is one too many - and that is why I signed the Jason Flatt Act today,” said Gov. Schwarzenegger in a statement. “It’s my sincere hope other states will follow our lead in helping ensure teachers across the nation are trained to recognize the warning signs of youth suicide.” The Trevor Project applauds Gov. Schwarzenegger for supporting suicide prevention initiatives in schools.

Trevor Needs You!

Leslie & Robin; Left to right: Brad, baby Gabriel, Richard & Matt

Circle of Hope Garden Party

The Trevor Project would like to expand our friend and fundraising events throughout the country. If you would like to host an event in your area, please contact us!

The fourth annual Circle of Hope Garden Party was held on May 18 and hosted by Circle of Hope member Suzanne Saperstein at Fleur de Lys in Beverly Hills. More than 200 guests enjoyed an afternoon of scrumptious food, refreshing cocktails and croquet. Inspiring remarks from our executive director, Charles Robbins, as well as board members Ron Valdez and Scott McPhail, accompanied a riveting story from Joel Acosta, a Helpline counselor in Los Angeles. The event raised more than $100,000 for The Trevor Project. We are grateful to all the individuals who renewed or joined the Circle of Hope at this wonderful, successful event.

Circle of Hope members play a critical role in providing the financial leadership that makes the work of The Trevor Project possible by donating $500 or more annually in non-event related contributions.

The donors listed below are current as of August 22, 2008. Guardian $25,000 + Anonymous Bryan Bantry The Calamus Foundation Ray & Dagmar Dolby Jodie Foster**

Counselor $10,000 – $24,999 Sheri & Les Biller Family Foundation David Bohnett Foundation The Helene Foundation David H. & Barbara M. Jacobs Foundation James Johnson & Paul Hokemeyer Kathy Kinney Paul Norris & Rock Rocaberte

Advisor $5,000 – $9,999

Ala Moana Property Development LLC** Tim Aldrete David Alexander & Kevin Cronin Deutsche Bank Jeffrey Epstein David Geffen Foundation Gesso Foundation Michael Graham*

Mentor $2,500 – $4,999

Jack Corwin Dilson DeAlmeida & Walter Schild Disney Cast Community Fund Greg Emmerth Douglas Ferguson Siana-Lea Gildard & Edgar Aguirre Darren Hayes Jacinto Hernandez & Charles Callahan Albert Hornberger

Supporter $1,000 – $2,499 Brian M. Agnew Jirka Ambroz Alan Arrigoni Richard Ayoub* Christopher J. Baker & Tim Smith Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith** Otho Behr III & Deborah Behr Jim Berk David Beugen & Joe Grandinetti Ray Bidenost Adam Blake Boswell The Brotman Foundation of California

David Rosen & Paul Reitz Jeffrey R. Stone** H. van Ameringen Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation

Frank Pond Joseph H. and Florence A. Roblee Foundation Small Change Foundation Ron Valdez* Jack C. Winn and Brian Bish* Washington Mutual Zarley Family Foundation

John McDonald & Rob Wright Rainbow Endowment Suzanne Saperstein Philip Selway Austin & Bill Smolka Quinn Taylor Andrew Tobias and Charles Nolan Don Zuidema, Alfredo Izaguirre & Mike McGinley

Brad Downs Tim Field, Ph.D. Brenda and Tom Freiberg Dennis Frisman & Robert Lauri D. Scott Gauch Ruben Gonzales & Joaquin Tamayo Stuart Gordon Dennis P. Grant Jill Grey Tim Gunn James Hancock & Stephen Mathis Hargrove Pierce Foundation James Harrington J. Ross Harris Greg Heanue Mark D. Heidel Mel Heifetz Michael Hershberger & Daniel Mitchell R. Glenn Hessel Mark Howard Michael Hyman Ralph Hymans Anthony T. Iler Jay Johnson & Tom Cashin Meredith Kadlec* Elizabeth Kelly Robb Kempken & Jeff Hobbs Dwight & Julie Kennedy Simon & Mali Kinberg Jonathan King Pat Kirsch Megan Knight Marty Kovacevich & Chaz Stevens Lisa Kudrow & Michel Stern Kyle Kusche Ricki Lake** Daniel Lam & Harley Neuman

George Larribas James Lecesne* Lauren E. Leichtman & Arthur E. Levine Michael Leppen William Lucia Kevin MacLellan & Brian Curran Christopher D. Man Sean Mc Manus* Bernard Milan Shannon Millard Doug Morton & Alexen KhimNg Max Mutchnick Mark Perin Dana Perlman & Hugh Kinsellagh Andrew Pham Sargent Pillsbury Steve Pollard C. Wight Reade Randy Reiff Brian Robinson Jeffrey Roy & Steve Stepanian Jerry Ruiz Dr. Cheryl Saban Kevin G. Schoeler & Philip van der Voet Heidi Schulz* & Michael Ryder Shaker Family Foundation Duncan Sheik David Allen Smith & Matthew Karimi Kevin Snow James Sullivan In Memory of Big Al Shore Patricia Veselich Wes Walraven Jeffrey Paul Wolff* Scott Zimmerman*

Member $500 – $999 Kicking Assets Fund of the Tides Foundation Mike Kirkeby Ned J. Lustbader* McPhail*/Poston Family David Mizener & Arturo Carillo Jason Oclaray* Rick & Ellen Passov** Charles Robbins & Damon Romine Ricky Strauss* & Tom Newman

Tammy Bruce Dan Bucatinsky James Burba & Bob Hayes Stephanie Caleb & Dean Sona** Centex Destination Properties** Yawar Charlie & Christopher Baker Warren Cohn Anthony Collerton Delaware Valley Legacy Fund Tom Devine & Rick Sickler David Dinielli Wendy Dio Padavona Disney Ears to You Grant Brian Dorsey* & Marty Sellers

Anonymous Lane Adams & Richard Savage Robbie Bagwell Leslie Barclay David Beard Michael Beary & Gary Gates William Bergens Albert Berger & Ellen Steloff David Brisbin Gerard Bross & Peter Griselda Mark Albert Berstein David C. Bryan Walter Cain Troy M. Cassel Paul Cavalli & Jack McKenney Kevin Chase Sophia Chauchard-Stuart Francis G. Clark & James A. Roper Dwight Coates, Jr. Jonathan Croy Lawrence Da Silva Alfred G. Duncan III* Matt Edwards Michael Epstein & Scott Schwimer Julio Robbie Fabian

Jean-Marc Frailong Shelley Freeman & Joni Rim Paul Fulkerson Gina Furth Mark Gaddis David Galgano Dr. Robin Gans PSY.D Michael Garcia Juan Garcia & David Freire Harry Gittelson Neil G. Giuliano Matthew Gloin & John Paul Motley Daniel & Rhoda Glickman Tracey Gluck Mark Gordon Marcie and Laurence Gottlieb Bonnie Graves* & Adrian Sexton Donald Gray Greater Milwaukee Foundation - Johnson and Pabst LGBT Humanity Fund Brunson Green Maria Gust David Guzman Jeff Haber Brad Harvey

Eric C. Hassel Christina Heiny** Kevin Henderson Debra Ann Herrick Hunter Hill Michael J.W. Hines Mary Hinkley David Hinton Jeffrey Hobgood Lorenzo Holguin Honu Group Realty** Mark Howell David Howerton Michael Hughes Eric Huizar Harvey Hurdle Paul Jaramillo R.M. Jarvis Brian Johnson Blanding U. Jones John Kannegieser Steven Kanner Barry Karas Robert Kasnic Mark Katz & Bob Goodman Michael Keeley Bryan Keller & Brian Baldwin Paul Kellogg & Jim Andre Bruce Klinger Henry Koelsch Kevin Korney Marc Korver & Steven Jones Donald S. Langworthy Kevin Lesser Pamela Liss-Burdett Jose Lugaro Jane Lynch Patrick Mahoney & John English Scott Mann Dominick Marangi & Matt Tumminello Arthur P. Martinez Eric Maryanov & Gene Hubert John C. McAllister Robert & Lynn McCormack Adam Moss & David Karza Charles Mostella Jeanne Murata** Jim Murphy* Kevin & Don Norte Steve Nuskiewicz Fred Ohm

Debi Olcese & Deborah Shapiro Jenifer Ortiz & Monica Taher John Palmer Richard & Karen Panse Jamie M. Paul Catherine Paura Mark Perrin Allison Herring Poster Brian N. Potter & Joey Pierre Stewart Powell Bryan Prado Rick Quezada & Philip Ybarra Peggy Rajski* Babs & Hal Reiff Charles Reynolds & Ellen Detlefsen Kathy Rivera & Sally Lewis Luis M. Rodriguez Villa Carol & Wayne Rogers David Salvaggio Brooks Shane Salzwedel Drew Samparani Kimihiro Sato Peter and Donna Schlessel David Schneiderman Erik William Smith Don Snyder & Scott Snussen Sue & Bob Spiegel Dr. Michael Frese & Howard Stahl Matthew Steiger The Streisand Foundation** Rich Sullivan Brian Theobald Julie Tokashiki The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation in Honor of Gary Trethaway Chris Verdugo & Jeff Kennedy Frank Voci Eric A. Webber & Gerard C. Kraaijeveld Thomas R. Weedon Steve Weisbart & Shami Arslanian Valarie Westberg Kate Wheatley* Tom Whitman Rob Wilcox William Wilson Martha Wing Kathleen Wood Ron Yerxa & Annette Ballester Ryan Zynger* & Justin Warren

The Circle of Life was established to recognize individuals who have created gifts to The Trevor Project through planned giving either in their estate planning or as a bequest. Gift in memory of

Aleida Estela Santiago Arlene Reed Bequest Tithe on behalf of Hollywood Lutheran Church Eleanor J. Ross Trust If we have inadvertently omitted or incorrectly listed your name, please contact Earl Plante at 310.271.8845. * Denotes Board Member ** Gift in memory of Randy Stone


Ways to Support Trevor Help Us Save Young Lives: Deploy the “I’m Glad I Failed” Campaign! The Trevor Project needs your help to deploy the artwork for the “I’m Glad I Failed” social marketing campaign! We need to place the print and online banner advertisements in publications and on Web sites across the country. Our primary focus is on youthoriented and/or LGBTQ-focused publications, Web sites and social networking communities. In addition, we would like to distribute as many campaign posters as possible to schools and school districts, universities, educational institutions and professional organizations. Please help us maximize exposure of this important campaign by reaching out to any personal or professional contacts you may have and asking them to publish the advertisements or hang the posters. Please direct any interested parties to the URL: in order to download pre-sized print and banner advertisements free of charge. Custom specs can be fulfilled as well by simply sending an e-mail to Jacqueline Wing, communications manager, at:

TREVOR EVENTS SEPTEMBER National Suicide Prevention Week September 7 through 13

Trevor Pool Party

September 14 Los Angeles, California

Circle of Hope Events September 22 New York, New York September 24 Washington, D.C.

OCTOBER Gay Days Anaheim at Disneyland October 3 through 5 Anaheim, California

DECEMBER Cracked Xmas 11

December 7 Los Angeles, California

We know we can count on you, our supporters and allies, to ensure “I’m Glad I Failed” is a huge success! Help earn valuable points for Trevor! The Trevor Project’s Business ExtrAA account number 786674. The Trevor Project

Administrative Offices 9056 Santa Monica Boulevard Suite 208 West Hollywood, California 90069 Telephone: 310.271.8845 Fax: 310.271.8846 Email:






Charles Robbins

Alan Gordon

Executive Director & CEO

Database & Volunteer Manager

Earl Plante

Dave Reynolds

Chief Development Officer

East Coast Call Center Manager

Phoenix Schneider, MSW

Michael Vacha Jr.

Siana-Lea Gildard

Ryan Lombardini

Jenifer Ortiz

Richard Rocha

Jacqueline Wing

Wing-Sum Doud, Erin English, Aneesh Sheth

Program Director

Institutional Giving Director Special Events Director Communications Manager

West Coast Call Center Manager Communications Associate Office Manager


Board of Directors James Lecesne Founder

Peggy Rajski Founder

Randy Stone

(1958-2007) Founder

Sean Mc Manus Chair

David McFarland Vice Chair

Ricky Strauss Vice Chair

Michael A. Graham Secretary

Jim Murphy Treasurer

David Anderson Richard Ayoub Brian Bish

Samuel Borelli Ken Campbell Brian Dorsey Al Duncan Jeffrey Fishberger, MD Bonnie Graves Ned J. Lustbader Meredith Kadlec Scott A. McPhail Jason Oclaray Sean Radford Heidi Schulz Ron Valdez Kate Wheatley Jeffrey Paul Wolff Scott Zimmerman Ryan Zynger


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