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In the space race, there were winners, losers, and casualties.

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Table of Contents

PHASE ONE... Executive summary... Positioning Statement... Marketing Pros and Cons... Synopsis... Target Audiences... Information...

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PHASE TWO... Film Festivals... Guerrilla Tactics... Pitch Letter... Press Release... Key Art...

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Table of Contents

PHASE THREE... Consumer Strategy... Consumer Timeline... Release and Distribution... Creative Strategy... Media Strategy... Research Methods... Promotions and Corporate Partnerships... Internet Marketing... Crew list... Cast List...

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Phase One:


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Executive Summary

Told mostly in flashbacks, ‘Into The Silent Sea’ is the story of a man stuck in space, who makes an unlikely acquaintance in his effort to get home. As a historical fiction with space as its backdrop, the film is beautifully shot and poignant. It will make a serious grab for awards come award season, and is cerebral and smart. Fans of historical dramas such as Apollo 13 will find themselves drawn to the mixture of exploration, love, loss, and ultimate hopelessness as we watch the protagonist struggle to make contact from outer space. The film challenges its audience by casting a USSR cosmonaut as its protagonist. As communist Russia has long been typecast as villainous and antithesis to America, this film shows the humanity that a group we once considered our enemies had. This plan has delved into the audiences of popular dramatic movies, as well as other audiences interested in space, science, and other scholarly pursuits, to tailor an approach that is not overwhelmingly ‘Hollywood’ while still appealing to film-goers. ‘Into the Silent Sea’ is sure to enthrall the viewer who wants more out of their film.

Positioning Statement

“Into the Silent Sea� explores the loneliness and helplessness of space in a unique way, while showing how crisis can bond two of the most unlikely comrades. It gives a fresh perspective on the USSR as not just faceless Communist enemies, but as people with lives and loves.

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Marketing Pros

Historical Fiction gives a lot of leeway with promotional partnerships to learning institutions, such as the Discovery Center in Santa Ana or any number of edutainment channels (History Channel, Discovery Channel, etc.) The film has great visuals of space, which can make up for its lack of action. The story is novel and unique, giving viewers a fresh perspective into the USSR circa the 1960s.

Marketing Cons

Americans are not receptive to Communists being treated as the ‘good guy,’ especially with our tenuous relationship with China. Remaining ‘Red Scare’ bias against USSR, Historical fiction isn’t the most exciting genre, and the film itself isn’t terribly exciting. Language barrier (some subtitles) will be a turn off.

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Alexander Mikhailov is a Russian pilot, just like his father. When he becomes bored of flying combat-less missions during the Cold War, he joins the Cosmonaut training program for a chance to be one of the first humans in space. During the training program, he meets Tanya, a beautiful fellow cosmonaut trainee with ambition that rivals his own. Flash-forward a few years: Alexander has been chosen to man the space capsule, and the mission seems routine until before his return to Earth, when his communications to the USSR are severed. The only signal he can pick up is the radio station of Alvaro Monti, an Italian radio manager, who might be the only person in the world who can help Alexander.

Primary Audience

PRIMARY: The Professors are our primary audience. Men, 35+, college-educated, history buffs, enjoy learning for recreation, upper-middle to upper income. High-minded individuals who have the disposable income to frequent movie theaters.

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Secondary and Tertiary Audiences

SECONDARY: The Dramatics: Women, 18+, college students/ graduates. Love dramatic movies and films about human relationships. TERTIARY: The Indies: Men, 18-35, college enrolled, interested in high-minded ideas.


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Genre: Historical Fiction Rating: PG-13/R Tagline: In the Space Race, there were winners, losers, and casualties.

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Phase Two:

Festival Strategy

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Film Festivals

The Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival

Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival in Seattle

Film Festivals

Manhattan Short Film Festival: San Francisco and Manhattan venues for screenings.

Burbank International Film Festival

Beverly Hills Film Festival

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Festival Guerrilla

MEET THE COSMONAUT Astronauts have always intrigued and inspired us, as a collective society. There’s something to their reflective helmets, streamlined cover-alls, and stark mono-chromatic stature that captivates our imagination and has inspired us to look upward. MEET THE COSMONAUT will find a cosmonaut, dressed in a stylized space suit found in the film, branded with the film insignias, at meet-and-greets around the cities in which the film screening is being submitted to. He will hand out tickets to the film, as well as branded merchandise. FLASH WARP DRIVE Space is fantastic. Space is mysterious. For as long as we have been a sentient species, we’ve always stared at the night skies with wonder. FLASH WARP DRIVE will cultivate these feelings of wonderment with a flashdrive given to movie-goers at the festival, which will come with a multiplicity of generated HD computer wallpapers featuring the iconic imagery of the astronaut lost in space, as well as a curated ‘soundtrack to space’ by our sound designer/composer. We also would include a download link so that patrons can download the film.

Pitch Letter and Press Release

Into the Silent Sea

661 809-5055

Into the Silent Sea

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661 809-5055

Dear Malcolm Breitman,

To Whom It May Concern,

“Into The Silent Sea” is a film about relationships between people, told through the lens of a cosmonaut. It features some powerful imagery and powerful performances, and the themes that tie the film together are very reminiscent.

The historical fiction of the space race and a stranded cosmonaut, “Into the Silent Sea,” will be making its worldwide premiere at the Philip K. Dick Sci-Fi Film Festival in 2013.

I encourage you to consider the film for your festival, as I believe that it perfectly encapsulates what you would find valuable in a submission. The drama is visceral, the relationships are relatable, and the energy on screen is kinetic and palpable. Festival patrons who attend your event would love to see not only the spectacle of the short film, but also the verisimilitude of the relationships. Enclosed is a copy of the film on DVD for your viewing pleasure. “Into the Silent Sea” should certainly be a contender for you festival, and I hope you enjoy the experience that viewing the film affords you. Thank you, and Enjoy!

“Into the Silent Sea” is the story of Alexander Mikhailov, a USSR cosmonaut who, upon being stranded in his space capsule with no communication to his home country, has to rely on an Italian radioman who serendipitiously picks up his signal. Flashbacks tell the complex story of his acceptance into the cosmonaut program, his love and rival in the program Tanya, and his family’s legacy that fueled his ambition. This original story was penned and directed by a gifted Chapman University Dodge Collge of Film and Media Arts student, Andrej Landin, and produced by Heather McBride, also of Chapman University. The film is wide in its scope, striking in its imagery, and relatable in its humanity. For more information, please contact:

Trevor M. Robertson | | 661 809-5055 Director of Publicity and Marketing for “Into the Silent Sea”

Trevor M. Robertson | | 661 809-5055 Director of Publicity and Marketing for “Into the Silent Sea”

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Key Art

In the space race, there were winners, losers, and casualties.



One Sheet

Key Art

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DVD Case & Disc INTO THE SILENT SEA In the Space Race, there were winners, losers, and casualties.


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Phase Three:

Consumer Strategy

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Consumer Strategy

“Into The Silent Sea� is a strong offering into the historical fiction genre; its blending of a fresh perspective on the space race, mixed with its ties to the human condition and the palpable drama of a man destined to die alone in space, make the era extremely personal and relatable. My challenge as a marketer is to make the historical fiction genre appealing to the masses by targeting The Professors, The Dramatics, and the Indies, our core demographics. This will be done by utilizing a holistic marketing approach, with engagements in the print, digital, social, and traditional medias. The evocative imagery of the Communist banner in crimson and gold, in conjunction with the movie’s title and a dark background, will be the unifying design elements of the campaign. Furthermore, the engagements will be creative and unique, used to inspire the type of grandeur and wonder that space itself ignites in us as a human race.


Overall A&R Budget: $17 million MEDIA: $14 million Print (Magazine): $5 million Print (Newspaper): $3 million Online: $2 million Outdoor: $4 million PARTNERSHIPS: $3 million Nat Geo Magazine/TV: $2 million Stumbleupon Partnership: $1 million

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Consumer Timeline


May 8th- 13th: Beverly Hills Film Festival Late May: Start blog content for online engagements from Stumbleupon, Reddit, and Buzzfeed


July: Exhibit begins in the Exploratorium in San Francisco July: Exhibit begins in the Discovery Center in Los Angeles August: Buzzfeed engagement begins.


September 4th – 8th: Burbank International Film Festival September 30th: Manhattan Short Film Festival (San Francisco screening) October 3rd: Manhattan Short Film Festival (The Bowery NYC Screening) Mid-October: National Geographic special airs. Early November: National Geographic issue is shipped out.

Consumer Timeline


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December 5th – 8th: Philip K. Dick Sci-Fi Film Festival Early-December: One Sheets are shipped to theaters. Trailers start playing at theaters in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Mid-December: Start outdoor advertising.


January 9th: Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival in Seattle January 10th: Release Date (LA)

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Release and Competiton

The film, being a more grounded, cerebral, dramatic affair, would do well with a January release, so that it has a chance to be taken seriously by audiences, critics, and perhaps even award judges. January 3 has one film, The Amityville Horror 2, opening, and the weekend after, January 10, has another film entitled Ghosts, which is also a horror film. Thus, January 10, looks like it would be an optimal weekend for release. The weekend after, Fox is releasing The Book Thief (drama), Sony is releasing No Good Deed (thriller), and Universal is releasing Ride Along (comedy). The Book Thief will be the primary competitor, due to the fact that it is a WWII drama about the Holocaust.


Into the Silent Sea is grounded in history and reality, therefore it’s not a very over-the-top film. It’s one that requires a studio that allows for a little bit more of a meandering style of storytelling, instead of the action-based attention grabbing of big tent pole and blockbuster films. Therefore, Fox Searchlight, Sony Picture Classics, and Focus Features would all be strong contenders as partnership production houses. With their experiences in treating cerebral, thought-provoking films with respect and working with directors to keep their vision intact.. Sony Picture Classics would be the preferred distribution company.

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Limited Release Sched.

LIMITED RELEASE: Due to the niche nature of the film, its genre, and the fact that it contains no celebrity actors or personnel, and that the film is dramatic, a limited platform release would benefit the film. Engagements would start in Los Angeles, to give the film momentum for awards season.

January 10th: 112 engagements January 17th: 250 engagements January 24th: 378 engagements January 31st: 506 engagements February 7th: 680 engagements February 14th: 730 engagements

Creative Strategy

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The USSR has been vilified as commiserating communists that are antithesis to what the United States stands for. Unfortunately, due to this brainwashing by the American government, people tend to forget that the USSR was filled with ambitious people looking to innovate, make the world better, and life their lives. This film adds life and humanity to a longstanding enemy of the United States. Using the unique and surreal backdrop of space, the film shows the loneliness of a man trapped and doomed, and capitalizes on the helplessness we all feel at some point in our lives.

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Creative List

TAGLINE: In the Space Race, there were winners, losers, and casualties. Materials list: Teaser trailer (:15) Promotional trailer – theater (:30) Promotional trailers – online (:15, :30, :60) Poster for cinemas Print advertisements Banner Advert – online

Creative Example


In the Space Race, there were winners, losers, and casualties.

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Media Strategy and Timeline

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Since the film has a threadbare budget, television will most likely not be used. Since it’s a historical fiction, the genre affords us to reach out in other medias, such as newspaper, magazines, online, and guerilla outdoor. Since our target demo is older and well-read, it would behoove the campaign to target newspaper and magazines, as well as pursue partnerships with more learning, high-concept publications, like National Geographic magazine, Science magazine, and a partnership with the Discovery center, as well us utilizing outdoor to appeal to LA audiences for the initial platform release.










Research Methods

Positioning Studies: The film is a complex one to market, so positioning studies to help hone in one which target audiences we are or aren’t reaching will be vital. Test Screenings: To determine the amount of engagements the film should initially take on, Test Screenings will be done. In addition, we will see how to market the film from this stage. Tracking Surveys: As the main competitor, The Book Thief, is similar in genre and scope, we will have to have name recognition before this film. Exit Surveys: This determines that our target audiences were the correct ones, whether they enjoy the movie or not. Also helps with marketing moving forward.

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Promotions and Corporate Tie-ins

Promotional Strategy: Due to the cerebral nature of the film, too many promotions would alienate our audience, thus we will use minimalist promotional strategy to reach each of our three target audiences. For The Professors, we will have a partnership deal with National Geographic that will highlight both the film, and the era it is based in. Nat Geo is the premiere source for recreational learners, which we believe would be the most interested in our film. Furthermore, Nat Geo magazines will be leveraged to ensure awareness in this key demographic. Next, for the Dramatics and the Indies, a series of web engagements with the website Stumbleupon, and, will raise awareness and drive engagement. We will also target families with engagements in the Discovery Center in LA, and the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

Promotion Details

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National Geographic: Since the movie is about the Space Race, we will have an issue of Nat Geo about the space race, from the perspective of the USSR, sponsored by our film. We will also have a special on the Nat Geo channel entitled “The Science of the Space Race,” which will tie into our Discovery Center partnership. Discovery Center/Exploratorium: In these hands-on science centers, we will have a sponsored exhibit called “The Science of the Space Race,” which will be a hybrid history/science lesson on the race to send a man into outer space. This exhibit will be aimed at families, with the specific goal of getting the parents of children to go see Into the Silent Sea. Stumbleupon: To reach the younger demographic, we will use a promotion with the popular web exploration site Stumbleupon, since this represents a younger demographic who still has a thirst for recreational learning. We will create a branded splash page and exploration interface overlay. Anyone who has one of their interests marked “Science,” “Philosophy,” “Space,” or similar tags, will stumble upon articles, blog posts, and websites specifically created for Into the Silent Sea, with prominent name placement.

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Internet Marketing

STRATEGY: In addition to partnering with Stumbleupon, partnerships with Reddit and Buzzfeed will boost our notoriety with the knowledge-minded internet crowd. Vimeo will be our primary launching pad for behind-thescenes footage, trailers, etc. due to its noteriety with filmmakers, innovators, and web ‘explorers,’ which will then be cross-posted to Youtube. The FunnyOrDie website has a webseries called Drunk History that would open us up to a completely new audience with a partnership, while still maintaining true to the film’s vision. Using traditional social tools, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and one newer, niche medium, Flickr.

Online Publicity

Reddit AMA: Reddit, one of the foremost social aggregate news sites, has a feature where famous people will answer questions from everyday users of the site. This is called Ask Me Anything, or colloquially known as AMA. This opens up doors to have the Director, Cast, or both, in separate instances, answer questions and connect with potential fans. Google+ Hang Out: In keeping with the theme of user-driven publicity, a Google+ hangout would be done with the cast and crew, allowing fans and users of Google+ to engage with the film.

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Online Media’s Drunk History: Though the film is very dramatic and somber, the partnership of Drunk History, a webseries in which a famous comedian gets very drunk and talks about a historical event, very easily ties in with the film’s historic-fiction genre. An episode of the series, sponsored by Into the Silent Sea, could be done about the real first man into orbit for the Soviets, or a Soviet scientist. Buzzfeed: One of the most popular user-generated social mediums on the planet, Buzzfeed will afford us a chance to appeal to the highschool to college aged crowd, as a smaller segment. A few branded articles, such as “10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Cold War,” would increase awareness while providing relevant and meaningful information.

Social Marketing

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Flickr: Into the Silent Sea will have a photo competition for non-professional photographers to capture images of the night sky, and post them in a contest to win a trip to Russia, in addition to seats at the premiere of the movie in LA. Facebook, Google+, Twitter: A standard social campaign will be enacted on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. With regular updates, behind-the-scenes content pulled from the Vimeo page, and features outlining the progress of the film, fans and users will be able to engage with the movie in a more hands-on role. Google+, being the social medium of choice for users employed in Scientific or Engineering professions, will be used heavily to appeal to this demographic.

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Direction and Screenplay: Andrej Landin Production: Heather McBride Cinematography: Benjamin Fischinger Soundtrack: Austin Ray Editing: Almog Avidan


Alexander Mikhailov: Vlad Sayenko Tanya: Tatiana DeKhtyar Alvaro: Doug De Santos General Kaminin: Roman Bellic

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Trevor Robertson's Entertainment Marketing Book  

A book outlining an entertainment marketing plan for the senior thesis film Into the Silent Sea from Chapman University, which won top prize...