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September 2013

Happy New Year! We celebrated Christmas in August on the last Sunday of August and had a wonderful response with our Christmas tree ornaments. Thank you to all who contributed. Jefferson School students and our food panrty both received much needed support and the Office and Building say 'thank you' too!. Now we can say, 'Happy New Year!' on the first Sunday in September. Or at least it is 'Happy New Program Year!' In the life of the Church we celebrate three 'new years' every year. We have the traditional version on January 1; the liturgical year version on the first Sunday of Advent; and the logical one -- the first Sunday of September when we begin new programs with new energy! All of that said, September 1 brings a tiny but huge change to our worship experience. Based upon the responses to a congregational survey, the Diaconate established a new Sunday morning schedule. 9:30 am 10:15 am 10:30 am 11:00 am 11:30 am

Adult Study (this will begin in October) Choir Warm-up Worship Service Children will leave during worship and attend Sunday School (starting on Sept 8) Fellowship Time

We will also be looking at some new programs. Plans are being made for a monthly activity for our young people with the hope that we can provide them with fun, fellowship, and opportunities for service to our wider community. We hope to help them gain a better understanding of why Wright Church is important in our lives and the life of our community. In addition, in response to Walter John Boris' challenge, we are undertaking a series of conversations around the theme of 'Open and Affirming'. Open and Affirming (ONA) is the designation in the United Church of Christ for those churches that have made a formal statement that they welcome men and women of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. Wright Church has never gone through this process although there is some collective memory about making or not making a decision back in 2001. A lot has changed since then, both within the congregation and in the world. We see a much greater acceptance of homosexuality in daily life. It is even more acceptable just to use the word! Within the United Church of Christ, we ordained the first 'out' gay man in 1973. Many, if not most, of our UCC clergy have no hesitation to perform marriage ceremonies for gay men and women. We know that Wright Church has gay and lesbian members and many of our members can identify family, friends, and neighbors who are gay. Walter John reminded us that ONA status is an important factor in the decision process of pastors seeking a new position. It's time for us to have a loving and candid conversation about whether or not we really are open and affirming toward all people. We will not rush this process and will take all of the time needed to help our members understand what ONA status could mean in the life of Wright Church. After the study, conversation, and reflection process, a congregational meeting will be held to vote on whether or not Wright Church should adopt ONA as a statement of church policy. If you are interested in serving on a work group that will guide the ONA process, talk with Will Patterson or Cynthia Brandt. If you would like more information, you can talk with Rev Cynthia and/or visit the UCC website: Please see page 3 for a personal comment from Rev. Brandt on ONA.

Reports and Meetings Notes from the Board "Dear God, we ask for strength and your blessings as we face change in our lives and in the life of your Church. Help us listen to you, as we seek to transform our lives and our world so we may better serve you. We ask your guidance as we make decisions and take risks in our everyday lives, and the life of your Church. We know you want us to find you and we pray we will find you." Seeking to find and follow God’s path, we conducted the business of the Church. Open and Affirming. What does this mean? We have decided it is time for our Church to re-visit the issue of becoming Open and Affirming. We are looking for someone who is moved to lead the process as our Church examines this sensitive topic. Many of us recall difficult discussions around this topic which occurred years ago. We are asking now if we have changed and if we are a different Church. If anyone is so moved to direct and guide this process, please talk with Rev Cynthia. We have information from the UCC as to how to conduct this process. Is there anyone with technical ability who could assist in resolving the problems we are having with our microphones and sound system? We would welcome your assistance. Our Church is moving into our fall season. Soon Sunday School will begin. We welcome children of all ages. Enjoy the last days of summer, for these days will pass.

Church Missions Bench Supper Update The September supper will be Thursday, September 26 beginning at 6:00 pm. If you are interested in cooking for one of our suppers (your menu choice) please contact Julie Patterson. Sign-up sheets that are located up and down stairs the Sunday before the dinner for those who want to help with prep, cooking, serving, and clean up. We continue to thank the following local businesses for their kind donations: Elliott Law Firm, Rose Hill Coin and Jewelry, Anytime Lock and Key.

Pilgrim Cove Raffle The raffle raised $491.00 with the camp scholarship going to Linda Corder of McCall UCC, the afghan st going to Nina Sanderson of Boise 1 , and the Pilgrim Camp t-shirt going to Oledeen Bermensolo st of Mt. Home 1 UCC. Thanks to everyone

who participated. BUGS

The BUGS classes have finished for the season. They will be having their Harvest Dinner bash "Under the Big Tent" on Friday evening, Sept. 13. The Farm stand will be open on Wednesdays beginning around 10 am. A group called "Fund for Idaho will be using the "big" tent on Sat. Sept. 14.

Need a Name Tag?

Respectfully submitted, Will Patterson, Board Chair

Search Committee Update Your Settled Pastor Search Committee is hard at work. We are now reviewing the profiles of pastors from across the country who have an interest in coming to Wright Community Congregational United Church of Christ. We continue to be excited as we move forward. Watch the bulletin board downstairs for more information. Carl Van Slyke, Chairperson

Need a name tag to hang in our new beautiful name tag holder – just fill out a pew card and put it in the offering plate on any Sunday or leave a note on Robin's desk.

From the Pastor: A Personal Note on ONA I need to let you know that I have very strong personal views on the Open and Affirming question. Let me share with you a bit of my personal history so that you have a better understanding of why I think and feel as I do. My story begins with Bill, my older cousin. My family is from the San Francisco area and Bill was a podiatrist in San Francisco. I speak in the past tense because he died in 1978 from lung cancer. Bill was gay. That was something we all knew about but never talked about. This is one of the great regrets in my life. Because we never talked about it, my family never really acknowledged who Bill was and that we loved him just as he was. And Bill was a funny, loving, sassy guy. We used the cover of silence to show our acceptance but, really, can't that silence also be interpreted as rejection? Bill lived under the cloud of silence all his life and into his death. My second story is simple but horrifying. Between my junior and senior years of college in 1968, one of the university professors put a shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. He had propositioned a young man. What he did was wrong but it shouldn't have cost him his life. My third story is complex. In 1972, I sat with Bill Johnson as he waited for the decision of the Church and Ministry Committee of the Northern California Conference of the United Church of Christ. He was a gay man who came out of the closet before seeking ordination in the UCC. He knew he was taking a great risk by telling the truth. They turned him down. I then drove Bill to the scheduled meeting of the Church Council of my home church in San Carlos. Bill had been a seminary intern at the church who worked with the youth groups and was greatly loved. He told the Council what had happened and asked for their help. The Council voted unanimously to support Bill and a year-long process began in which the Association was asked to approve him for ordination which they did. He was ordained in the San Carlos church in 1973. Bill was the first openly gay person ordained in the Christian Church in hundreds of years. Today, sexual orientation is no longer a factor in the ordination decision process in the United Church of Christ. I firmly believe that all churches should be open and affirming towards all people regardless of their sexual orientation. I don't believe being gay is a life style or a choice; I don't believe there is such a thing as a 'gay community'; I don't believe gays deserve 'special' treatment or rights. I do believe that gay men and lesbian women are created in God's image; I believe they are the beloved of God just like me; I believe that the Church should welcome and celebrate all people as the children of God and we cannot/should not turn anyone away. This is my story. I know that my personal path is different from yours and we might disagree on some of the issues involved but that doesn't mean we can't share in a wholesome and loving dialogue. In the weeks to come, I hope you will share your story with me. All that being said, the decision of the congregation about becoming an ONA church is not my decision. It is yours. It may be a rough road, it may be smooth, but we will all be called upon to ease one another's burdens and not place stumbling blocks down along the way. I pray that we can begin this discussion with love, forbearance, and humility. I pray that we can end it with gratitude and unity. Cynthia Brandt Interim Minister

September Worship Team Lay Worship Leader Carl Van Slyke and Jack Wenske Ushers Frank Capshaw, Bob Smith, John Shockley, and Clay Shockley Care Givers Ron and Syl Apperson Altar Care Meredith Pond Communion Servers Dwain Baxter, Anne Schnebly, Lois Taylor, Marilyn Williams Greeters Fellowship Hosts Flowers Sept 1 Carol Rivers and Mary Pond The Parsons The Parsons Sept 8 Will and Shirley Spiva Sign-up needed Carol Rivers in celebration of Audrey Beckstead's birthday Sept 15 Mike and Kim Smith Potluck under the tent Chuck and Meredith Pond Sept 22 Janice Aagaard & Lois Taylor Sign-up needed Sign-up needed Sept 29 Frank & Jama Capshaw Sign-up needed Sign-up needed

Celebrations in September

Fellowship Activities Upcoming Schedule First Thursdays at 1:00 pm: Sept. 5: Escape into Danger, by Sophia Williams. Oct 3: An Enduring Legacy, the story of the Basques in Idaho, by John and Mark Bieter. All are welcome to come and enjoy a cup of tea and interesting discussion.

Women's Fellowship The Women's Fellowship begins again on th September 4 with a conversation about the women prisoners of the Old Penitentary.There are some harrowing stories to be told that you will not want to miss. Join us at 1:00 pm for dessert and those who got their just desserts. Janice Aagaard, President The Lunch Bunch will gather on Thursday, September 12 at 1:00 at Fresh Off the Hook. It is located at 507 N. Milwaukee (between Ross & Target). Please contact Pat Robb to RSVP or for more information.

Birthdays: Meredith Pond- Sept 7; Audrey Beckstead- 10; Kim Salwasser-Smith- 12; Sierra Hunt- 13; Anne Schnebly- 20; Syl Apperson- 21; Laura Shockley- 22; Lois Wade- 24; Amy Linkert26. Anniversaries: Jane and Tom Eubanks-Sept. 1; Willard and Bethene Dykes- 4; Al and Susan Busche-4; Gil and Dorothy Haskins- 28; George and Nancy Miller- 29

Bible Study Having laughed our way through the summer, we will now turn our attention to the Book of Revelation. Certainly one of the most complicated and vexing books in the Bible, we will spend a few weeks unraveling the mysteries of this enigma. If you are interested in wrestling with Revelations, contact the office to order a book, Journeys Through Revelations: Apocalyptic Hope for Today, $8.00. The Amazon summary says, In recent years, an enormous prophecy industry has marketed frightening images and interpretations of the book of Revelation, leaving many Christians intimidated by this amazing, often misunderstood, book. Although brimming with mysterious symbolism, Revelation ultimately is a book of hope that sustains those who are oppressed. In the nine lessons of this Bible study, Barbara Rossing leads us to a renewed creation in which God comes to live with us on earth. This hope-filled vision speaks to us in the midst of the urgent crises of our day. In a time when all creation stands at a turning point, Revelation can help guide the choices we make as we seek to live into the renewal that God promises for our world.

The Singles will be going to dinner and a movie at the Northern Lights Theater at Karcher Mall in Nampa. The date and time are to be announced. In October we will have our annual Halloween costume party at the home of Rev. Cynthia Brandt. Please call Carol Rivers with questions or to RSVP.

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Labor Day

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Labor Day

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10:30 Bible Study SH 1:00 Lunch Bunch @ Fresh Off The Hook


10:30 Worship Under the Tent 11:30 Potluck

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BUGS set up Harvest Dinner

BUGS HARVEST DINNER Outside on the lawn

Fund for Idaho Outside on the lawn








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CPC Conference begins in Pendleton, OR

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